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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> mr. president, it's unanimous >> within minutes joel keller fired a shot at unions a plan to pursue a ballot measure banning public transit strikes.. >> i got here 19 years ago if someone put that before the board boy have said not no, but hell no. but after 19 years i've come to the conclusion our riders deserve better than what is happened in the last six months. >> i'm just so discouraged by your conduct. >> union leaders say they felt detrayed by a man they used to skr a friend. >> i think attention is on bart now for mistakes made during negotiations and willful things they've done. >> i understand this is a shock to the union leadership. i expect they'll do everything they said they'll do. >> keller's comments as negotiators for bart and unions
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with the table a building away. >> four days of meetings between union and bart negotiators have yet to produce a compromise. another round of talks set for friday morning. >> the national transportation safety board issued urgent new recommendations for railways as consider the country two. men killed while inspecting the tracks between walnut creek and pleasant hill. the national transportation safety board said all rail transit agencies should require workers to carry a warning device for device that can send a signal to trains. they also said rules that allow workers to work without safety protections should be rescinded. >> oakland police officers
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serving a search warrant found what looks to be a dog fighting operation. these are pictures of a few dogs found the animals discovered inside of a home in east oakland. one officer was bitten as he was collecting dogs. >> 11 pit mixes, fighting equipment, training apparatus. weight belts, weight vests. tread mills. medication. syringes things like that. real classic dog fighting operation. >> some dogs showed signs of abuse no arrests have been made the investigation continues. >> developing news in oakland a girl's family continues to wait to meet administrators after being promise that had discussion would start an hour ago the 13-year-old, jahi mcmath suffer aid heart attack after having tonsiled removed. doctors restarted her heart but she was declared brain dead her family delivered a kwlert to
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the hospital today. >> we'd like to have a new tryings tube or g tube for nutrition also they don't make moves until after christmas if they do so, please notify us within 48 hours so we can seek an injunction to stop them. >> the sfaem trying to get medical opinions from experts not connected to her care. those doctors need to see her medical records. >> there are dozens of target stores and chances are they were hit by hackers that help self selves to shopper's personal information this, could have happened to you. carolyn, it's alarming. >> it is. if you did any holiday shopping at this target. 1800
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nationwide retailer is acknowledging that an alarming security breech may have compromised your personal information. >> i thought ways probably going to be one of the 40 million. >> on black friday, she bought a barbie dream house. >> there were charges that they'd declined >> they think she's part of the massive security preach. sunday, december 15th. >> you have to be aware. but what are you going to do? it's just how people are. in the economy z everything. >> the nation's second largest discount retailer says the breeched information came from the stores not online. and
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included name, number, expiration date and three digit security code. >> target chairman issued an apology today saying we take this matter very seriously and working with law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice. >> details are going to be about whether you know there is error, rules and laws relating to privacy, violated? >> will you continue to shop at target? >> of course. i might just use cash in the future. >> wow. >> this is upsetting for many of
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us. >> yes. there is a silver lining here. and that is your liability is just 50s fdz reported 50 hours you spot it. $500 twon months. most major retailers will wave that liability and how you've been victimized? i want you to go to annual credit and start looking for sus spishus charges and debts. correct the and file a fraud report. you
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only only have to contact one of them. finally report to local police and ftc. good news is that social security not attached to your credit card making identity theft unlikely. if you want, companies will be advertising heavily. and we have important links for you. >> we can do something? >> absolutely. you can protect yourself. laws are there for you. and >> well, take a look at what happened when a suspected drunk driver crashed into a gas station in oakland residents were evacuated twice,
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one after the accident then a second time when a leak was detected. suspected bank robber made a court appearance today. the 60-year-old resident was shot after supposedly robbing a novato bank. he has prior convictions and he got the name because he wore a knit cap with a cotton ball on it during alleged robberies a woman pleaded not guilty after being charged with killing a teenager. >> police claim she slammed into a minivan in september. a 16-year-old died in that crash. her attorneys say she may have
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blacked out behind the wheel. >> california public utilities commission more than doubled a fine against pg&e for faulty pipeline records in san carl why is -- carlos. customers say the decision is justified. >> we're talking about a pattern of pg&e not being trust worthy when it comes to pipeline inspection and we're concerned about that. >> in october, the public utilities commission proposed a $6.8 million fine but today decided it should be greater to serve as a deterrent in the future. >> the permanent fix is now in
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place for those cracked bolts on the new bay bridge. today abc7 news got a look at this finished work, ask he caught up with a lawmaker who wants to hold accountable. >> after a boot ride, caltrans look a look at the water for the new bay bridge >> the device in the middle here is where broken bolts were >> only twie fix them is putting clamps from the out siechld now they're in place. >> if there is a major event now, these devices, they'd work as they're supposed to work. >> in a major earthquake the bridge needs to be able to wiggle. these devices here are are what keeps a bridge from wiggling too much. so while fixing this, they stuck shims in to make sure the bridge didn't
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wiggle more than it's supposed tochlt now, replacing bolts, shims have come out. now, all that is left are holes. and the saddles just like bolts before them are now mostly in place with concrete. >> this is concrete blister. inside is a -- quite a bit of rebar. >> one politician wants to make sure nobody covers up the root of the problem. >> just spent $25 million because someone allowed this to happen. tell ming someone should be held accountable. >> the state senator has launched an investigation. he's looking into allegations the bolts were mishand yeld, and allowed to sit in standing water, there are is concern other bolts could have been weakened. saying people paid for the bridge and deserve to know everything. >> people make mistakes we should tell them about it this,
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is bigger than just bolts. >> at the bay bridge, abc # news. >> still ahead here at 6:00 we're going to be live with some last minute power shoppers and nonstop shopping you can do between now and christmas. >> i'm spencer christian. windy spots around the bay area and temperatures dropping sharply. >> michael finney back with a look at local ride sharing service. what happens if you don't pay the fare? >> and a bay area girl gets a wish to become a super
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>> tonight a mendocino county judge decided a pass around the town of willis can go forward. opponents claimed caltrans has not done proper reviews and isn't doing enough to restore damage however, a judge ruled in caltrans favor throwing that case out of court. >> a few major retailers will be open all the way through christmas eve. you're a brave
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woman, leanne. >> this is a they'rathon session, if you will. i don't know, probably not. >> macy's will open at 7:00 in the morning. >> lots of jobs are not 9:00 to 5:00 anymore. now listening to the z.there are moms that like to shop when it's not crazy. >> it's a good opportunity for those who complained our late thanksgiving made for a shorter holiday season. >> made me nervous. >> the extended hours have an impact on other business back
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after thises. stanley owns this hot dog stantd. >> it's very busy. next five days are the busiest for the year for us >> retailers on track to meet the holiday sales forecast. subjecting a growth of 3.9%. now, westfield san francisco center is testing something new called digital store fronts. shopp shoppers check out on phones, pay no shipping and get next day delivery. >> that is giving that kind of immediacy. >> looking ahead on new year's eve, trains run until 3:00 a.m
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for new year's eve partiers. some will skip embarcadero after 8:00 p.m . going home, go back on the train at the station you got off. >> good advice. >> from bat kid to wonder girl another super hero though. ed time in vallejo this, is 10-year-old monica roama. now in remission. a nonprofit group want owed do something special for her, since wonder woman is her favorite the community and school came out to celebrate. >> there is a need to celebrate smg somebody in this town. someone who is amazing and she's one. >> other hand in hand
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fighting crime. >> speaking of granting wishes santa making a mrash in san francisco. check out the jolly old elf diving into the coral reef tank at california kad my of sciences this is the fifth straight year santa has gone in for a dip. kids just delighted to see him. they got to ask questions about the fish. some threw in gift requests. the dive continues twice per day until christmas eve. only down side, mrs. clause not thrilled with the suit getting that wet. >> i know. and it's shrinks, she says. >> yes. >> well, we're going to wear this weekend well. things are mild as winter arrives believe it or not it's going to get warmer. clear skies across the bay area now. chilly in spots and going to get chillier later into evening hours but winds
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diminishing over the bay area, down south, southern part of the state looking at active weather with showers across southern california from coast to inland some heavy activity near pine valley. snow over the higher elevations down south. advisory remains in effect around 20 to 30 miles per hour. and this is winning to wind down. calm over in concord and napa. gusts 28 miles per hour in fairfield. winds normal. a live view from our camera here is 52
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in san francisco. looking west, clear skies 60 looking over san francisco, forecast features, clear, chilly overnight. milder weather arrives saturday. it's winter arriving saturday morning at 9:11. satellite shows a cold air spilling down in breezy conditions. winds continue to diminish overnight into tomorrow we'll have a dry pattern continuing into the first week of winter. so no rain in sight
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for the bay area. here is a look at projected high temperatures for san jose. high temperatures into mid-60s in san jose. going to be mild but tonight chilly. low 30s and upper 20s in inland valleys. here is the avment mid-60s across seven day period beginning saturday. that will be inland low 60s on the coast. and rain insight. >> coming up next, fight against
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animal cruelty on the farm. >> two major
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>> gap confirmed it is suspending items made by angora after a investigation by petea.
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peta claims in chien yat fur is ripped out by hand from the hides of rabbits. today, safeway said it's begun to eliminate pork coming from farms where pregnant pigs are confined to gestation stages a flood of facebook stock about to hit the market. facebook issuing $4 billion worth of class a stock tomorrow. more than half coming from b shares which have ten times more voting power, home sales down, unemployment, up, but stock market did not overreact. dow jones went up 11 points. >> and darton restaurant said it
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plans to sell or spin off red lobster chain and also suspended opening of all new olive garden restaurants and limit new long horn steak houses. >> you may want to toast to water millions of us drink in the bay area because today is the 100th anniversary of the creation of the hetch hetchy reservoir. the pen used to sign the act went on display this morning at city hall the act placed a dam on the river, flooding the hetch hetchy river. >> nice to have that. >> well, more still to come here tonight at 6:00 just ahead a real life drama inside of a london theater. what happens when the ceiling collapsed. >> and a new report on the way muslims being are being treated
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in schools around the country. a popular ride sharing is
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good evening, in london survivors of a roof collapse in a theater there crediting emergency responders for getting everyone out alive. 45 minutes into a performance, the ceiling suddenly gave way. 76 were treated for injuries seven are said to be in serious condition. >> it's people have been injured. >> we're watching the show. and about a third in, people started leaving. and the slope came up. i realized the ceiling is falling in. >> investigators stress here there is no sign of the criminal
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act. waits built in 1901 but no reported issues. >> a report out tonight reveals a disturbing trend in school bullying involving muslim students in california. the saying one in five muslim students suffer bullying because of their religion. one family is sharing their story with us >>. this 15-year-old and her mother won'ting for get a bullying incident at high school neeft side union district. it didn't involve a student but one of her teachers. >> ways chatting and my teacher turns to me and said i'm going to rip that thing off your head the whole class is silent. and shocked. >> the teacher talking about her hijab, a head scarf. she told her principal p who called a meeting with the family and
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teacher. >> that is something people don't joke about. it's a sensitive thing. >> a complaint was made to the bay area chapter, resulting innocence activity training for the staff. the superintendent told us the teacher in question was disciplined. the episode now part of a report on bullying of muslim students in california. >> what we discovered is that 50% of the students you know one out of every two, reported that they had been teased on account of being muslim. >> the report found one in five students were unsure about participating in discussions on islam. others unsure if teachers respected their religions. >> we hurt in pain. then, anger. and well, we've got to do something about this. a plan of action. >> her mother was happy about how the school handled this
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incident. >> support brings more education to schools, and they hope every school district in california will take a look at it. >> one of the oldest churches in california has been found financially liable for inappropriate behavior of a former chief counselor. he was fired three times by church on the hill yet the church recommended him for the day care job. church on the hill ordered to pay 17.5% of a million dollar verdict. >> and there is pressure for cell phone manufacturers to install kill switches a bill being introduced to require smart phones to have these kill switches. that makes
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them inoperable. gascone says phone carriers are resisting. >> they refuse that on the forms we're using. they've chosen to put profit over people. >> california bill is the first in the nation the fcc commission estimates one in three robberies in the united states involve a phone. >> michael finney joins us with a look at a ride sharing service. >> what could happen
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you see cars with a fuzzy pink mustache >> it's a enblem for a service called lift. >> michael finney said that may not be so voluntary. >> this viewer said she couldn't get a driver to pick her up. she posted a complaint and boy was she surprised at the company's
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reply. >> it's one of the newest ways to get around san francisco. tap an app get hooked up with a driver. >> then, tells you how long it will take for the driver to get to you. >> karen was a big fan of lift, a popular service, you can't miss with those bright pink mustaches stuck to the hoods. >> it's good. ways able to pay what i think they deserve >> lift is billed with a friend with a car. rides start with a fist bump and end with a suggested donation. >> if it came up to $28, $25 then i would deduct about $five >> karen says on long rides say often paid a little less amount charged to her account. then one day she noticed something odd >> every time, i it sed no drivers available. >> for months she says she couldn't get a ride on lift
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she posted this complaint. she was shocked at reply.. >> i feel like i was punished for not giving suggested rate. >> lift told her prior low donations may make it more difficult for to you be paired with drivers if you'd like to adjust your donations feel free to e mail. not only that, karen later notice aid warning on her receipt. it says low donations may make it hard for you to get rides in the future. >> your low balling them, you know? that is why you're not getting picked up. >> lift emphasizes payments are voluntary. hearing terms of service it says you may elect to make a donation for the ride the decision whether to make a donation and amount of the donation is at your sole discretion. it is one way lift avoids being regulated as taxi services. state regulators ruled
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they can be treated instead as networking companies. sharon find out she can decide what to pay but a driver can decide whether to pick her up. >> i feel pressured well, if i don't give suggested rate from now on, then, i'll be blocked. >> she contacted seven on your side we asked lift about it. the company did not respond our request for interview, however, a spokesperson tells us drivers are concerned about covering costs, they can set a threshold for accepting passengers based on payment history. the driver may decide only to take passengers paying at least 90% of the suggested donations. lift matches them with passengers who meet that threshold. lift also tells us the app was not blocking the request, when she tried recently she did get a
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ride offer and she says she got it quickly. >> all right. thank you. >> sure. >> still to come here tonight at 6:00 news about hospitals. >> they're using a second set of eyes to wa [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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patients being treated in insensitive care with k.sometimes mean the difference between life scomb death. one group is providing a second set of eyes to watch over the patients. >> st. luke handles thousands of cases per year. monitoring is a challenge. >> i can be at the bed side when a patient is there. >> st. lukes is located in the
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mission district, patients are being monitored by a second team across town. >> dr. thomas shaughnessy is director of a high tech nerve center that tracks patients providing everything >> and that translates into about one intervention every 20 minutes. >> information flows into individual stations via high speed streaming. monica is a nurse. >> i can see the lab results and the ekg, the patients themselves.
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>> it includes specially trained physicians that are available if there are specialists that aren't available. >> look at the settings and patients. look at me and nurses. and help us reset the vent later. >> he points to successes battling conditions common to patients and says cases of accep accepts -- sepsis dropped by a third. saved lives with the help of a shadow team watching over some of the bay area's most vulnerable patients. >> and we have a late development tonight. the family of a 13 wroerl-year-old girl kept alive on life support says the hospital is refusing to let them spend christmas with her.
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jahi mcmath's family held a news conference following their meeting with administrators in oakland. they say the hospital called their daughter dead and wants to take her off life support. the family says the hospital is refusing to release jahi's medical records or allow her to be examined by an outside doctor. the attorney will go to dourt try to get an injunction. jahi suffered a heart attack after having her tonsiled removed she was declared brain dead wednesday, we're following this story closely. we'll have more for you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> very difficult situation. turning our attention to spencer christian. >> live doppler seven hd, clear skies right now, state wide, mainly sunny skies and mild with exception of the northwestern corner. here in the bay area,
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cold morning start we'll have milder weather with high temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. most inland locations will see at least 60 degrees and here is the accu-weather forecast. saturday is the first day of winter. lows and low 60s on the coast. >> winter is the new spring. >> exactly. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> interesting news out of 49ers. >> what a noise. >> a noise going on. is he staying and going? is there anything happening here? what is up on rumors? the coach issues a warning with help from judge
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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all sorts of chatter about jim harbaugh right now. their reports and owner jed york who is openingly talking about a contract. all this is on the table today. he said he wants to remain 49 do you have snefdz in judge judy's court hearsay is not add missible evidence. i think we can agree that an unnamed source is hearsay. i see. i see, unnamed sources related to many
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of these topics. >> beware of unnamed sources. beware of unnamed surses. speak with foshthsed tongues i watch a lot of judge juddy >> i peel like i'm back in a journalism class. joe montana will not be on hand to watch the final game but says there are family conflicts. current 49ers look back with yut most resfekt for niner legends who created a legacy of greatness. >> way that this owner feels like these organizations, to put work in ask one of the championships i'm going to say any of those things we'll have
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you know. so we want to leave on a good note. >> christmas has come early for warriors. san an tonno without the big three. parker is out with an injury on video provided by warriors >> a great job so they have injuries they play as well as you know players for some reason, they feel like they stand up more than they do. >> this according to a list of nails from adidas and nba top spot belongs to
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lebron james. kobe bryant and carmelo anthony round out the top five. years hosting lakers on saturday. kobe bryant back to spectator mode. kobe just came back from surgery missed eight months now fractured a bone at the top of his shin. just below his left knee. he expected to be out for a a.prochlly six weeks. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you >> join me tonight at 9:00 no need to be lonely in space new astronauts can carry on a conversation, and more, then mcdonalds super sized problem. what to do with 10 million
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pounds of frozen chicken wings that won't sell >> a charlie brown christmas followed by looking back in with celebrities >> abc7 news bay area, shot neces is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team.
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okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a law student from minneapolis, minnesota... a retired high-school english teacher from marietta, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, a graduate student of engineering and law from northville, michigan... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. one of the things we are discovering in recent "jeopardy!" programs is that the wagering in final jeopardy! is very, very important, because on so many of our programs recently,
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the players are missing the finals. varun became champion -- made a savvy wager. what will happen today against jenna and mary? let's start finding out. welcome aboard. here we go. jeopardy! round. these categories... little bit of everything. alex: yes, indeed. varun, start. let's go to map quest for $200. incorporated as a city in 1853, it's on the shores of lake winnebago b'gosh. varun. what is oshkosh? right. map quest for $400. but will it play in this city, originally a settlement called fort crevecoeur? mary. what is peoria? yes. map quest for $600. antelope island, oddly home to a herd of wild buffalo,


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