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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 21, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, the nightmare before christmas. heavy snow, ice, flooding, thunderstorms and possible tornadoes will make for big trouble for millions of travelers this weekend. who will get the worst of this storm? high drama. right now, way above the earth, astronauts on an urgent mission, taking a risky spacewalk to repair the international space station. what nasa worries could go wrong. the instant hero. a beer delivery man making his rounds, spots trouble and springs into action to help a car full of kids. what he did to save the day. shopping surprise. beyonce drops in on walmart. mingling with customers and spreading loads of holiday cheer. >> merry, merry christmas.
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from beyonce. >> what she did next that drove holiday shoppers wild. good morning, everybody. i'm trying to put myself in the shoes of those walmart shoppers in boston. you're loading detergent in your cart. and here comes beyonce walking down the aisle. coming up, the gift she gave hundreds of people in that store. and the shopping she did for herself. >> all i'm saying is thank goodness there was a camera there. i don't think anybody would have believed somebody calling them and saying, guess who i just saw here. >> there are cell phone cameras everywhere now. we caught it from multiple angles. >> she never ceases to surprise us. four people were arrested in a deadly carjacking at a mall in new jersey last week. a man was shot right in the head right in front of his wife as they were getting their
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christmas gifts into their car. a devastating story. we have breaking news on that, as well. >> update on that coming up. also coming up, new developments in the uproar over the controversial comments from the poultry patriarch on "duck dynasty." why a&e is now getting death threats. we're going to start with the latest on this dangerous storm on the first official day of winter. 24 states in the crosshairs right now. we're talking snow, wind, ice, flooding and tornadoes. and the timing could not be trickier. 95 million americans are expected to be driving or flying somewhere for christmas. we want to welcome damon lane, the chief meteorologist at our abc oklahoma city affiliate, koco. damon is tracking it all. good to have you here. >> great to be here. it's a mess as we look into the oklahoma city metro. freezing rain falling overnight. and as we look at this picture from norman, oklahoma, shows that ice accumulating on the tree limbs there. and this is all part of an even bigger winter storm that's crippling much of the nation. for many americans, christmas travel is looking to be messy
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and cold. >> we expect it to get a lot worse. with the snow coming tomorrow. >> reporter: the storm is threatening to wreak havoc for the nearly 95 million people taking to the streets and skies. with ice and snow already delaying 9,100 flights and littering highways with wrecked cars. >> if you're traveling, you're going to want to go early. for some people who can't make that decision, it's going to be a gamble. >> reporter: in the northwest, snow and slick roads led to this ten-vehicle pileup in washington. icy conditions in kansas caused multiple cars to lose control and flip. and it's only expected to get worse. overnight, ice in oklahoma was the cause of a deadly pileup. it knocked out power to nearly 3,000 homes and left everything from cars to christmas decorations encased in ice. in maine, residents are rushing to clear their roofs to prevent them from collapsing. >> if it's going to be one or the other, i'd rather have the snow. the ice, it's a lot harder to deal with. >> reporter: workers in iowa,
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wisconsin and michigan prep roadways for drivers braving the blinding snow. while echoing the same message, be safe. >> it's extremely important to drive carefully, drive slow, drive defensively. >> you would rather have snow than ice. we're going to see this ice stretching from oklahoma city to tulsa, all the way around columbia. and later this evening, headed towards new england. hazardous roads, power outages can be expected. the snow side to the storm will stretch from wichita, des moines, milwaukee. we're talking about six to ten inches of snow. and then, there's a severe side to this storm system, as well. a moderate risk for severe weather. we're talking about the threat for tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds from jackson, mississippi, as you go up towards memphis, as well. it looks like could be a busy day for the first day of winter. bianna? >> welcome to winter, indeed. damon, welcome to you. great to have you here with us. thanks.
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we're going to turn to the high drama happening right now at the international space station. a dangerous spacewalk this morning to fix the crucial cooling system. and abc's mike boettcher has the latest on how the risky repair is going from inside the johnson space center in houston. good morning to you, mike. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. i'm inside the mockup of the international space station at the johnson space center in houston. and this is the airlock module, that astronauts use to train for spacewalks. this is the compartment they will enter the vacuum of space to fix their alien spacecraft. the mission is critical. fix a failed cooling system that keeps the space station functioning. a repair that nasa says cannot wait, despite concerns about another possible problem. a spacesuit failure. it sounds to me like it's like doing a ballet with a washing machine. >> it's true. we're here -- it has to be really, really graceful. >> reporter: veteran american spacewalker, rick mastracchio
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will be teamed with rookie michael hopkins during the delicate operation. tracy caldwell-dyson replaced the same pump during spacewalks three years ago. >> you have this really important task. and when you realize that it's just the two of you, out in the vacuum of space, your own breath becomes something very loud inside your helmet. >> reporter: complicating matters is the potential of water collecting in their space helmets. a problem that came close to drowning an italian astronaut during a spacewalk last july. >> my head is really wet. >> reporter: nasa is not sure what is causing the problem. but in typical nasa fashion, engineers came up with two ingenious fixes. an absorbant pad placed inside the helmet. and a 20-inch plastic tube that would allow spacewalkers to breathe air from the bottom of their suits. spacewalks only look easy. >> the anticipation of knowing
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what it feels like to actually be outside in the vacuum of space, to have something between you and the earth, but your visor. >> reporter: at this moment, the astronauts are still in this space lock. when they do walk, it could last up to seven hours. and is the first of possibly three walks to repair their station. dan? >> mike boettcher inside the mockup of the international space station. mike, thank you. we're learning more about how thieves are using all that credit card information stolen from target. it turns out, a large number of the 40 million cards are now being sold on the black market. this, as investigators step up their efforts. and target launches a big p.r. blitz aimed at, understandably, angry customers. reena ninan is all over the story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i haven't even started my christmas shopping yet. >> really? >> reporter: no. this is one of the worst weekends to kind of hear about this. if you think there aren't any fraud charges on my card, i must be in the clear, authorities say the stolen target cards may be among the millions being swiped
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in the final christmas shopping crush. four days before christmas, credit card theft alert. abc news has learned fake cards with credit card numbers stolen from target's recent data breach are now flooding the black market. >> the credit cards, once they're harvested are dispersed worldwide and are distributed through online organized crime. >> reporter: new york police forces telling abc news, the stolen card information is selling in batches of 1 million cards at a time. >> once the information is stolen, they work globally with other cyber thieves who distribute the cards who turn data into money. >> reporter: missy says a charge at walgreens tipped her off to fraud on her card. >> i didn't go to walgreens. i would never spend $250 in walgreens. that got my attention. >> reporter: how does the stolen data get into the black market? it's surprisingly similar to melissa mccarthy's card
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duplicating setup, in "identity thieves." it's like getting a new room key at a hotel front desk, they swipe it on a blank card. your credit card, now, can be used anywhere. >> it's devastating. it's scary knowing, well, if they have my information, who else got it? >> reporter: the new york police department retrieved 39 gift card bonus card numbers in an arrest on thursday. those account numbers right now being run through the secret service database to see if they match the stolen target cards. the new york attorney general's offering free credit checks for new york residents. and target knows this is a p.r. disaster. they're giving 10% to everyone this saturday and sunday. but someone's going to have to eat this. the fraud charges. and one thing credit card companies do is jack up the interest rates. ultimately, it comes back to the consumers. i'm sorry. your christmas gift will be late this year from me. >> you better get shopping, right now. >> i'm going, after the show. >> this couldn't have happened at a worse time of the year for target.
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we're going to turn to breaking news involving a deadly carjacking less than a week ago. a $40,000 reward was offered for the killers who shot a man out shopping with his wife at a mall in new jersey. wabc tv's matt kozar has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, prosecutors briefing the media on the four suspects that were taken into custody. >> we extend our condolences, all of us do, to the friedman family. and we hope that today's step is in the process beginning to heal. >> reporter: 30-year-old dustin friedland was shot and killed at the short hill mall parking garage in new jersey. he was with his wife. they had just finished holiday shopping. they had returned to their range rover when the car was carjacked. the two carjackers fled in the suv. the range rover was found behind an abandoned house in newark the next day. friedland's family has been demanding justice.
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his uncle told abc news, quote, i don't want to hear how we need to show them compassion. that dilutes the fact that they committed murder. dan? bianna? >> thank you. and now, to washington. president obama off on his christmas vacation with his family now in hawaii, after holding a news conference, wrapping up, what even he admits has been a very tough year. the low light of which was the disastrous rollout of abc news' jeff zeleny is at the white house covering. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. you're right. president obama and his family arrived in honolulu early this morning. it's safe to say it's a much-needed rest from a rough and rocky year here in washington. this morning, president obama's agenda is filled with sun and relaxation. before leaving the white house friday night, he was focused on damage control. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> has this been the worst year of your presidency? >> that's not how i think about it. if i was interested in polling,
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i wouldn't have run for president. >> reporter: even as he tried talking up the economy -- >> i firmly believe that 2014 can be a breakthrough year for america. >> reporter: he couldn't escape the fallout from the health care law. >> the fact is, it didn't happen in the first month. the first six weeks, in a way that was at all acceptable. and since i'm in charge, obviously, we've screwed it up. >> reporter: a blunt admission. but the president also defended the law. he says 1 million people have signed up for private insurance since october 1st. and more than 500,000 so far this month. >> but i've also got to wake up in the morning and make sure that i do better the next day. and that we keep moving forward. >> reporter: but his approval ratings have fallen to their lowest point. a far cry from the confidence that opened his second term. >> the end of the year is always a good time to reflect and see, what can you do better next year? that's how i intend to approach
7:13 am
it. i'm sure that i will have even better ideas after a couple days of sleep and sun. >> reporter: if president obama's fifth year was difficult, his aides here tell me they know next year will be even more challenging. it's an election year. republicans eager to seize on all his troubles, trying to win back control of the senate, which would complicate his second term and his legacy. dan and bianna? >> and of course, second terms are always difficult. jeff zeleny, thank you. let's get the other top stories developing this morning. for that, we turn to ron claiborne. hey, ron. >> wedding bells for same-sex couples in utah. a federal judge struck down utah's same-sex marriage ban, declaring it unconstitutional. thereby legalizing gay unions in that state. seth anderson and his partner were among the first gay couples to wed on friday. that's the day the judge issued his ruling. the state attorney general's office is requesting an
7:14 am
emergency stay to stop the marriages from continuing. and in colorado, a candlelight vigil for the high school student shot by a fellow student last week. claire davis was shot in the head by karl pierson during that incident at arapahoe high school in colorado. he was heavily armed when he stormed the school. the target, the school librarian who had disciplined him. and encouraging news about air travel during this busiest travel season of the year. a new government report says flight delays among major airlines have dropped 33%. that's from 2012. it does not include late arrivals for flights by the regional partners of the airlines. those count for about one-quarter of all flights. canada is one step closer to legalizing prostitution. canada's supreme court ruled in a the current anti-prostitution laws in that country are unconstitutional. the plaintiffs, three sex trade workers had claimed the law make it dangerous for them to do their work. canada's parliament has now one year to come up with a law to regulate the sex trade in a way
7:15 am
that it is constitutional, or that will make prostitution legal throughout canada. and a delivery man on the island of maui is being hailed as a hero. he was dropping off some beverages when he saw a car rolling into a busy intersection, after hearing screams coming from inside the car. he ran to the car, jumped inside and pulled the emergency brake. checked on the kids who were inside that vehicle. then, calmly went back to work. >> i'm assuming a parent wasn't in the car. >> there wasn't a parent in the car. and the kids couldn't drive the car. they were too young to operate the vehicle. >> one could argue, that by the very act of delivering beer, he was already a hero. >> there you go. >> i thought ron would make that argument. >> i'm putting this in theoretical terms. i have a story that ron will very much relate to. we're entering prime time for procrastination. we're entering the final weekend before christmas. and there's a mixture of fear
7:16 am
and determination at the mall. linzie janis has been mingling with last-minute shoppers and has more, now, on where to find a bargain. can you help ron? >> are you done with your christmas shopping? >> i was done a while ago. >> what a braggart. >> reporter: goody two-shoes, isn't he? >> i don't believe him. >> i may or may not be telling the truth. >> reporter: today is the second-biggest day for christmas shopping after black friday. and attention all your last-minute shoppers. there's plenty of deals to be had. with only four days left until christmas, plus a bout of freezing weather, shoppers are scrambling. luckily for present procrastinators, so are retailers, desperate to shift all of that inventory. >> shoppers can expect to see two things this weekend. one, a lot of discounts. and two, a lot of different perks available online. >> reporter: where should we look for the best deals? we asked the experts. their number one tip, go for the items retailers want to get rid of most.
7:17 am
like anything cold weather-related. sweaters, hats, coats. a late start to the cold led to a surplus. menswear, shirts, ties. a lack of must-have colors left buyers uninspired. and toys, they're a bit like food. after christmas, they will be past their sell-by dates. speaking of toys, toys "r" us, just one of the many retailers catering to last-minute shoppers. the toy chain will be opened for 87 uninterrupted hours, starting today through 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. and sofa shoppers, this one's for you. bloomingdale's and macy's, two of the stores that will ship your online gifts free by christmas, as long as you order by the end of today. lucky for me the stores are open late. i've been procrastinating and i need to get my friends at "gma" some gifts. ♪
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for our dan. it kind of says ron to me. thinking of bianna. damon. sara's new office. all done. and with plenty of time to spare. here we go. thanks very much. thank you. a lot of stuff for 100 bucks. not only did i get all my gifts for under 100 bucks, i did it in a half hour. >> you have skills. >> open them. >> that's mine. >> that's yours. >> i even got one for myself. i love that you got two things for my office. my smelly office. this is a lavender thing. and a picture frame. >> look what i got. a cocktail shaker. >> oh, whoa. >> this is so nice. >> thank you. >> when i want a martini and bianna wants a cosmo, we can each have one. >> anybody who knows ron -- what
7:19 am
did you get? >> dan, what did you get? >> i got cat bookends. >> why did you get cat bookends? >> because you're a danimal. >> because i'm a danimal. >> it's a jewelry box. these are for our producers, john and tracy. and they're wet. latte for john. >> someone else did shopping other than linzie. beyonce did some shopping. celebrities, of course, have to go christmas shopping. that included queen b. herself. beyonce shocked her fans when she showed up at a walmart store in massachusetts last night. shoppers doing double, maybe even triple takes. and she made the holidays bright for a lot of people. abc's gio benitez has more. >> attention walmart shoppers. >> reporter: overnight, beyonce surprising her fans once again. >> it's beyonce.
7:20 am
>> reporter: stopping by a walmart outside of boston to bring holiday cheer. >> for everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. >> reporter: the superstar, purchasing $50 gift cards for 750 shoppers. almost $38,000 worth of gifts. enclosed with an envelope that read, happy holidays from beyonce. pushing the cart up and down the aisle, beyonce bought her self-titled album. >> this is exciting. >> reporter: one week after she shocked fans by secretly releasing it on itunes. the singer was hands-on with the crowd. and couldn't keep her hands off this little one. >> want to give me a hug? what a sweetie pie you are. >> reporter: she bought a few gifts for her own daughter, 23-month-old blue ivy. >> this will be cute for her. my baby. >> reporter: before wishing everyone a happy holiday. >> merry, merry christmas from
7:21 am
beyonce. >> reporter: wouldn't you love to be in that store? by the way, this comes just days after another retail giant, target, refused to carry beyonce's new album because it had been released online first, suggesting that could hurt sales. walmart clearly welcomed it with open arms. dan and bianna? >> i don't get that reception when i go to walmart. >> shockingly. shockingly. start handing out $50 gift cards. and get a very good reception. >> yeah. time, now, for a check of the weather. and back over to meteorologist damon lane of koco, channel 5 in oklahoma city. damon? >> good morning. great to be here. while they're dealing with an ice storm in the middle of america, dealing with quite a bit of heavy rainfall. as we look at indianapolis, louisville, down to little rock. we're talking about inches of rain for today. and that certainly will lead to a flooding risk. also dealing with, hey, winter begins today. it felt like winter a long time ago across much of the united states. 12:11 is when you can expect winter to officially arrive on
7:22 am
the east coast. record warmth to the east and in the southeast. washington, orlando, raleigh, >> much rather deal with the 70s than the 20s in the middle of america right now. >> absolutely. >> damon lane. it sounds like a superhero name. >> it does. linzie brought us cat bookends. you brought warm weather. you win. >> i heard my name mentioned in that christmas story.
7:23 am
there's a present waiting for me somewhere. i'm going to find it. >> you can share the cocktails that ron got. >> nice. a little sparkly. coming up on "gma," dishing out -- dishing it out. celebrity chef nigella lawson hitting back after two of her assistants were found not guilty of stealing her money. can she rehab her tarnished image? plus, ruffled feathers. the "duck dynasty" cast threatens to walk off and end the reality show unless phil robertson is brought back. what a&e is saying after getting death threats. >> this story is really heating up. also coming up in "pop news" this morning, a new way to enjoy one of the most viral videos of the year. checking back with the fox and his friends. coming up here on "gma." keep it here on this very busy saturday morning. we're back in just a few minutes. ♪ [ woman ] "the levian family have been masters of jewelry design for centuries."
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[ brina ] something extra -- now rewarding over 1 million members. ♪ you're a good girl i know you want it ♪ ♪ i know you want it i know you want it ♪ ♪ you're a good girl blurring the lines between amateur and professional. the list of the top karaoke songs that you love to sing. or maybe butcher. i'm going to save myself and not attempt to sing like i did last week. >> here's the thing. i think the most beautiful thing about that video, is he wearing a bluetooth? that is awesome. i've heard it said that bluetooth is the new mullet. and by the way, he is wearing a bluetooth, right? that is beautiful. i can't wait to see more of that coming up in "pop news." we have other things to tell you about on this saturday, december 21st. also coming up, "duck dynasty." death threats. the controversy over the hit reality show, turning ugly this morning. first, celebrity chef
7:31 am
nigella lawson, cooking up her next move. her two personal assistants just acquitted in court, claiming they had approval to wrack up $1 million in spending just to keep quiet about lawson's alleged drug abuse. >> all eyes on nigella as she goes into full-on damage control. lama hasan has been following this case since day one. >> reporter: it was a dramatic end to a dramatic trial. a trial that was meant to be about fraud. instead, unraveling a slew of secrets. >> my coffee ice cream. >> reporter: nigella lawson and ex-husband, multimillionaire, charles saatchi, have taken their former assistants to court, accusing them of swindling more than $1 million of their money. the prosecution arguing they spent that money without permission and were guilty of, quote, a greedy and fraudulent free-for-all. then came the allegations of drug use, with an e-mail, written by saatchi, read out in
7:32 am
court, calling her high-jella. saying, quote, you were so off your head on drugs that you allowed the sisters to spend whatever they like. and yes, i believe every word they have said. saatchi took the stand saying he never saw her take drugs. and that e-mail was, quote, nasty. nigella's explosive testimony followed. forcing her to admit she used cocaine seven times during her life. and, quote, smoked the odd joint. the sisters fought back. claiming it was more frequent. >> this has been a long, hard fight, played out in the gaze of the world's media. >> reporter: the sisters pleading not guilty. their defense saying it is inconceivable that nigella did not know about their spending. it all came down to the assistants' word against their former bosses. and the jury believed the sisters. issuing a scathing statement, nigella hit back saying, quote, i'm disappointed but unsurprised by this verdict. adding, the jury was faced with a ridiculous sideshow of false
7:33 am
allegations about drug use, which made focus on the actual criminal trial impossible. so, will the cook who brought us these delicious dishes be forced to throw in the towel? >> the good news for nigella is this trial happened in england and not the u.s. and i think she'll be able to come to the u.s. and, quote/unquote, start fresh. >> reporter: nigella will be back on our tv screens, hosting abc's "the taste," in january. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> i think the good news for nigella is that the trial is over now. >> and martha stewart bounced back. nigella will probably be fine. time for a final check of the morning top stories. we're going to turn back to ron. >> hi, again. bianna, and dan. sara haines. hi. how are you? good morning, everyone. in the news, a risky emergency spacewalk is under way right now in an effort to repair the international space station. nasa ordered the walk to fix a problem with the space station's cooling system.
7:34 am
breaking news out of africa. two u.s. military airport was hit by ground fire in the nation of south sudan. three service members have reportedly been wounded. the servicemen were in the region were responding to an outbreak of violence in that country. and a possible break for the bikers involved in that motorcycle road rage incident right here in new york city. ten motorcyclists, one of them an undercover police officer, may have charges reduced from assault to attempted assault, because the wounds sustained by the beating victim are healing. prosecutors are reportedly offering the defendants a plea deal. no word whether that deal offer has been accepted yet. and finally, a dramatic boat rescue off the coast of australia. two men whose boat started taking on water were stranded for 15 hours in dangerous waters, clinging to a cooler to stay afloat. a helicopter rescue crew spotted the boaters eventually and hoisted them to safety. the men are now recovering in the hospital. time, now, for weather. and back to damon lane, from
7:35 am
koco, channel 5 in oklahoma city. damon? >> yeah, good morning. watching the middle of america very closely as we continue to see the, freezing rain. we are watching even that heavy rain making its way from oklahoma city across arkansas, up into the ohio valley. but again, this is going to be a messy part of the country for today. if you are traveling. look at this video coming in from around the oklahoma city metro. overnight, you can see there's quite a bit of ice on the roads there. that's leading to a lot of slick conditions. cars having a difficult time traveling along i-40. as we look down to the south, up to the north, we're going to continue to see that rain make its way through the east and up to the northeast, throughout the afternoon. again, it's going to be a very wet travel day. and an icy travel day from oklahoma city to tulsa, columbia, as you make your way to new england by this evening. and overnight, we're talking about hazardous roads, power outages with all that ice. there's also going to be a snow side to this, as well. many inches of snow across kansas, iowa and up to milwaukee again. the middle of america will
7:36 am
certainly have all of the wintry weather. and we're talking about the southeast, dealing with severe weather. tornadoes, hail, and damaging winds. >> that weather report brought to you by home depot. >> damon, thank you. >> thanks, damon. coming up on "gma," death threats, online petitions. the latest fallout from the "duck dynasty" controversy. and harry potter returning. j.k. rowling reveals her new plans for the boy wizard. let's do confidence. let's do, how did you know? let's see what's in santa's bag,
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the controversy over a hit reality show, taken to a disturbing, new level this
7:41 am
morning. >> a&e network is receiving death threats, following their decision to suspend the star of "duck dynasty," over his comments about homosexuality. the family's loyalty to their patriarch runs deep. and so does the loyalty of fans and sponsors. abc's matt gutman has the latest details. >> reporter: they're tv's first family of reality. but these stars are refusing to duck and cover. new accusations flying faster than clay pigeons for the hunting family. the latest, condemning this newly surfaced clip of phil robertson, giving a fiery sermon in 2010. >> women with women, men with men, they committed indecent acts with one another. >> reporter: those comments made before "duck dynasty" became the most-watched reality show ever. but following the incendiary comments robertson made to "gq" magazine, about homosexuality and the treatment of african-americans during the era of jim crow laws in the south.
7:42 am
while comedian jon stewart made light of things. >> i'd assumed it was a show where ducks re-enacted the show "dynasty." which would have a huge gay audience. >> reporter: this is no laughing matter for a&e, which has ridden the "duck dynasty" juggernaut. those harry mugs are said to be worth $400 million in merchandising alone. now, the robertson family is threatening to walk back into the bayou. in a statement saying, in part, as a family we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. and neither can some supporters. sponsor, underarmour, has decided not to drop the robertsons. phil's publisher, simon & schuster, also holding fast. a&e, which is partly owned by abc, is not getting that kind of support.
7:43 am
the channel says it has received death threats from fans. >> a&e did what they needed to do. but they are in a tough position. fans of the show are upset. they're citing freedom of speech. and saying he should be a able to say whatever he wants. >> reporter: on the internet, patricians popping up. 13 of them saying phil robertson should be reinstated on alone. and the facebook patrician to boycott a&e, over 1.4 million likes and counting. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> not bad, boys. >> that's fancy shooting down there. >> they said if anything were to divide them up, they would quit the show. and looks like they're living up to their word. this has sparked a nationwide debate. >> absolutely. >> our thanks to matt gutman for that. and coming up on "good morning america," the family, who are a bunch of real christmas cards. how they are burning up the internet with a little help from, none other than miley cyrus.
7:44 am
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it's techno time. that means sara haines and "pop news." >> i have it playing in the back of my jacket. >> your theme song. >> it works. harry potter is getting more crowded. a new edition is being written about the boy wizard. but now on stage. j.k. rowling is working on a play that's a prequel before harry attended the hogwarts school to develop his special power. rowling says the play will explore the previously untold story of harry's early years as an orphan. the play are open in london. but there's no word on a debut date. and there's news about one of the biggest viral videos of the year. ♪ what does the fox say
7:49 am
>> "what does the fox say" is closing in on 300 million youtube hits. yes. 300 million. and the new children's book based on it has just debuted on "the new york times" best seller list. i'll bet a lot of kids will be finding that under the christmas tree. >> my 5-year-old niece has a "what does the fox say" t-shirt that apparently she won't take off. >> the cutest little fox ever. >> adorable. >> yeah. next up, now to a musical family, who doesn't just mail their christmas cards. they perform them. check out the family's cover of miley cyrus' "we can't stop." ♪ the halls all decked in holly ♪ and we won't >> look at the dad. ♪ gingerbread house >> i love families that have a sense of humor like this. >> i'm not sure they're kidding.
7:50 am
>> yeah, right. >> i don't know. between this family and the pajama family. >> the jingle. >> the kids don't know what they're in for, though. >> can you imagine your parents doing that? >> absolutely. >> it explains so much right now. >> next week's viral video. >> exactly. speaking of more music, some songs you love to listen to. some songs you love to sing. especially if you've had a few too many. anything from ron over there? you ever karaoke? >> i don't. public service. >> popular karaoke songs of the year. number one spot, pink's "just give me a reason." following a duo of songs from beyonce. "listen" and "love on top." also up there, "blurred lines," by robin thicke. we dug around the internet for classic examples. take a listen. ♪ i know you want it i know you want it ♪ ♪ i know you want it >> is there a twerker behind
7:51 am
him? >> here's more. ♪ we'll be counting the sun >> where did you find these? >> these were actually "time" magazine's top karaoke songs. it was a list by "time" magazine. i didn't really love the list. it didn't have any bon jovi, pat benatar. >> these are of this year. >> yeah, but i mean -- you have to be -- never mind. >> i have to be honest. there may have been one or two times when i've done "listen" in the mirror. >> in the mirror? but not at a karaoke bar? >> i haven't been to a karaoke bar recently. >> you were singing "just give me a reason." coming up on "gma," bianna will be giving a gift to you. ♪ don't stop believing
7:52 am
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gentlemen, with her rendition of journey's "don't stop believing," bianna golodryga. >> catch it on youtube. damon, it was so great to have you here. see you tomorrow. have a great day. >> this will be done. >> this will be done. >> a good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. in about an hour the church will host a toy give away for families in need. last year they gave away nearly 10,000 toys in the give away. this year they are joining with toy company zinga for the event.
7:57 am
it's in the tenderloin district. saint anthony's foundation in san francisco will hold their family curbside donation drive this weekend. subside donations will be accepted at 9:00 this morning in saint anthony's which is located golden gate avenue in curb street. saint anthony with be collecting items and food for those in need. it continues through tuesday. on this morning, oakland will hold a ceremony of appreciation for the eucalyptus tree that fell during high winds last month. the nearly 150-year-old tree located on lakeside drive measures 125 feet tall. 55 miles an hour winds brought the tree down on november 21st due to fire safety hazard, crews will begin trimming the branches this week. here's a look at the forecast. >> good morning. we are looking at sunny conditions and about an hour or so from winter. we are in the upper 40s in san francisco. 41 in oakland with 50 at the coast. a little more wind out there,
7:58 am
allowing for the temperatures to city up this morning. not as cold as we could be. napa just getting beyond freezing at 35 and 38 in concord. so we are looking at a sunny and dry day across the state with numbers in the mid-60s through the valley. even back home we are looking at mid-60s here. matt. >> letter. thanks, lisa. next, breaking news. bart and it's two largest unions have agreed to a new tentative contract. how the two sides finally resolved their dispute over a contract provision. and an exclusive one-on-one interview with the mother of the jahi mcmath,
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm in for state march. bart and it's unions reached a tentative agreement on their contract dispute. i have a copy on my ipad. the agreement was reached early this morning. you see the signatures from both sides. there are several signatures on this document. it is dated 12-21-13. something you won't see is the issue that started the latest debit. right here you can see this is the aden dump for the section 9.1 for the family leave act. the section used to have something saying that workers


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