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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 23, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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have a wonderful monday, everyone. making news in america this morning -- extreme weather on another busy travel day. deadly flooding, snow, and ice. today, drenching rain after the shorts and t-shirt weather in the northeast. bull's eye bandits. credit card numbers stolen at target showing up on the black market. outrage as customers stay away from the retailer on the busiest shopping weekend of the year. the show goes on. overnight, a big announcement about the billion-dollar movie franchise, the film family still mourning the loss of paul walker. the countdown is on. the clock is ticking. we have your last-minute shopping guide. stores open around the clock. where you can find the very best deals. good monday morning. we begin with the dangerous
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storm moving from the midwest into the east just as millions are hitting the roads and the malls. >> the latest radar shows heavy rain and snow from the deep south all the way to new england. the temperatures will plunge through the day from record highs back into the 30s. with more, here's abc's kristin fisher. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people are without power this morning from maine to michigan. it's the worst ice storm to hit the region since 1998. taking down trees and power lines. >> just the ice going against each other, it sounds like a train going by. >> reporter: it could be days before all the power is restored, which means many families are worried they could be spending christmas in the dark. meanwhile, hundreds of flights have been canceled and thousands delayed as this monster storm moves across the country. indiana, flash floods swept away dozens of homes. for rebecca, the only thing spared was the family christmas tree. >> we have nothing. we don't know where we're going to go.
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>> reporter: in oklahoma, huge sheets of ice came close to hitting shoppers at a busy outdoor mall. no one there was hurt. but at least nine deaths are being blamed on this storm. in kentucky, three people were killed when rising waters washed away this suv. in ohio, an entire retirement home evacuated. firefighters rescues residents by raft. >> it leaked into my door. >> i grabbed my grandmother, her dog, and my great cousin. >> reporter: in the mid-atlantic, the weather was making different headlines. record-setting temperatures with highs in the 70s and christmas just two days away. >> it doesn't feel like christmas to a point, but it's great for the golfers. >> reporter: that warmth won't last long. today, temperatures are expected to plunge 20 to 40 degrees. from the southwest all the way up to the northeast. kristin fisher, abc news, washington. >> kristin, thank you. we knew it was too good to be true. the heavy winter coats will make a return to new york. >> jim dickey has the forecast. good morning, jim.
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>> good morning, john and diand. still seeing some soaking rainfall here today. this all as much colder air is moving in out of the north and west, running into the record warmth in place through the week end. as those air masses collide, rain will stretch from boston into new york city, d.c., philadelphia. we're going to see more freezing rain across portions of new england. that rain stretches further south ward, along the eastern seaboard, all the way down into the gulf of mexico. john and diana, back to you. >> jim, thank you. the other major story this morning. there are reports that credit cards with the stolen numbers of target customers are now showing up on the black market. the retailers' across-the-board deals this weekend not enough. >> and now limits on how much some customers are spend at target. abc's aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: it's the busiest shopping weekend of the year. and more fallout of the security breach in target stores nationwide. now the largest bank in the u.s., jpmorgan chase says it's
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putting limits on those who shopped at target between november 27th and december 15th. that's when store officials say as many as 40 million accounts were compromised. nearly 2 million chase debit card holders who shopped there during that time are being told they can only wrist draw $100 on their debit cards on any one day and limit total purchases to $300 a day. chase say this is is a precaution to protect customers from criminal activity. >> chase is the grinch that stole christmas from families all across america. they're doing it to protect themselves and they're holding people's monies hostage. >> reporter: a target spokeswoman telling abc news that the company has enacted more fraud protection and is answering customers' questions. adding our customers need to continue the be vigilant and we're working to help them report issues. it's an all-out effort to salvage a holiday nightmare. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles.
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this is an important day for the president's health care plan. shoppers must sign up today if they want to be covered by insurance on january 1st. officials say the trouble-plagued website can handle any last-minute rush. the administration set a goal of 7 million signed up by march. well, on friday, the president announced on friday that they hit the 1 million mark. meanwhile, the president told congress he may take further military action in the violence-plagued area of south sudan. troops were deployed there to help evacuate americans this weekend. about 400 americans were evacuated. meanwhile, thousands of civilians have been hoping to be air-lifted to safety. they're fleeing intense violence between government troops and rebels. 70 u.s. sailors who claim they were sickened by radiation from the fukushima nuclear plant are preparing to sue the tokyo electric company. the sailers were aboard the "uss ronald reagan" after the nuclear
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disaster. many say they're suffering from thyroid disorders and cancer as a result. the pentagon says the crew members were not exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. a flight leaving south africa ended before it left for london. after a mishap on the ground. the british airways 747 was taxiing into position when the wing sliced through a building. no injuries. one passenger tweeted that the first class passengers got to evacuate before the others. a pedestrian was rescued after being hit by a commuter train in oregon. the man either walked or ran in front of the train as it approached the station. rescue crews had to use air bags and jacks to lift the train off the victim in order to save his life. it's not known how badly he's hurt. utah at the center of a fight over same-sex marriages over the weekend. on friday, a judge overturned utah's ban on those marriages. gay couples lined up for licenses. this morning, a judge will consider arguments on whether a hold should be put on his ruling. a federal 'peels court denied the hold on the ruling last
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night. president obama and the vacationing first family took a break from the beach by taking if a college basketball game. they were there to support craig robinson, the first lady's brother. clearly, some members of the family would have preferred to be back on the beach. check out the glare from dad. many of us have certainly seen that before. everyone was yawning. >> dad is all about the ball game. the girls are not digging it. >> mom, girls, not interested. >> come on, get them some peanuts and cracker jacks for crying out loud. coming up, procrastinators we have all the details you need. plus, the "duck dynasty" debate comes to cracker barrel. and a golden retriever's trip almost tragic. but this, a happy ending. but this, a happy ending.
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welcome back. it's crunch time. just two days until christmas. it's not just shoppers in a frenzy this year. vaels off because of the bad weather. there are more discounts this year. online customers have until today to order if the the they want the presents by christmas. check websites for the deadlines. shoppers will be able to find "duck dynasty" items at cracker barrel stores. the restaurant chain has apologized by offending loyal customers in the first place. they were removed after fill robertson's anti-gay remarks. a major deal for am. china mobile is going to sell the iphone. apple's growth rate has been
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slowing and market share slipping. china mobile's 7 million subscribers could change that. the number of unruly passengers skyrocketing. the airlines want help. there were 12 time as many incidents as four years ago. there will be an international can frens in march to discuss new rules. the hobbit sequel held off the anchorman sequel this weekend. anchorman 2 did better on friday. smaug was smug with $21.5 million. anchor man 2, $26.8 million and frozen iced the third spot with $19 million. next on this monday morning, the tweet seen around the world that cost her her job while she was on an 11-hour flight. and peyton manning shows once again why he's a touchdown king.
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to recommend sensodyne repair & protect. [ cheers ] oh, yeah, that's the stuff. with that, flint, michigan's tallest building no more. you have to love the implosion. diana, are you a fan? >> oh, yeah, boom goes the dynamite. >> i give it an 8. >> an 8? >> it has to come perfectly down. it leaned to the left. >> that gets a 20.5 if it was by design. moving on now for a look at the morning road conditions. could be snowy surfaces in northern new england, the great lakes, the pacific northwest. watch for washouts in the south from missouri to ohio. if you're flying, airport delays possible in atlanta, charlotte, washington,
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philadelphia, new york, and boston. a young public relations executive is doing dam control. at the start of a long flight to her native johannesburg, south africa, she made a disparaging comment about aids in africa. >> she tweeted. i'm going to africa. hope i don't get aids. just kidding, i'm white. by in the time she landed, she was fired. she's now apologized saying she's ashamed. that brings us to in the facebook question of the day. have you ever regretted something that you have shared on social media. we can't wait to hear about your confession at atm a suspect in custody after a terrifying kidnapping ordeal in fee neex. an 8-year-old girl was captured while she rode her bike. she was able to run into the
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arms of waiting police officers. neighbors who saw that child being taken alerted the police officer who happened to be in the neighborhood at that time. wild scenes over the week end from stores selling the newest model of nike's air jordans. several brawls were reported around the country. including this one, pretty graphic, in stockton, california. those new jordans are selling for $185. tough to watch. looks like beyonce was taking a swipe at amazon and target when she turned up at a walmart this weekend. the two big retailers have refused to sell her latest cd because she released it on itunes first. probably no coincidence that she put a copy of the cd in her walmart cart. she offered to pay $50 toward every customer's purr chance. a 16-year-old has her glass sz to thank for being alive. a bullet came through her home
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and her glasses slowed it down just enough so it didn't penetrate her head so it could have been fatal. >> i could have been dead. i'm glad that the glasses saved me. i just wish that this never happened. >> six other people were in the house at the time. nobody else was hit. her family says they have nothing to do with gangs. a happy ending for a money mixup at a florida restaurant. >> the waitress found $1,000 in cash at a table. she ran after a customer. it wasn't his money. it was another customer's. when he realized the mistake, he gave to it the owner. who then gave it all to the waitress. >> and the guy in the middle of the mixup, he gave the waitress 100 bucks too. >> merry christmas. to the nfl. the san francisco 49ers are hoping to close out their famous
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candlestick park with a win tonight against the falcons. >> as for yesterday's actions, here's our guys at espn. good morning, america. welcome inside "sportscenter." the cowboys are not making life easy on their fans. they went down to the wire again this time in washington. tony romo. rain falling early. fourth quarter. fourth and goal from the 10, the season, perhaps, on the line. romo scrambles to find demarco murray. murray's first career receiving touchdown in the nfl. cowboys come back to beat the redskins, 24-23. they'll play the eagles next sunday night for the nfc east crown. cam newton and the panthers hosting the saints. they win, they clinch a spot. and cam newton delivers. to domenik hixon. the panthers clinch a spot. the saints can get in with a win
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next week. tom brady and the patriots. blount is in. he'll give a little ray lewis with some flair. patriots win, 41-7. peyton manning breaks tom brady's record for most touchdown passes in the season. that's his 51st with 4:28 to go sunday against the houston texans. that's all the time we have for now. for more highlights, check out a live "sportscenter" at 9:00 a.m. now for a very cold rescue by brave firefighters. this happened near boston. >> the dog's name, crosby. he was trapped about 50 yards from shore. a firefighter in a survival suit made his way out there. >> he grabbed crosby, brought her to shore, they wrapped her
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up. job well done. >> crosby's like, just another day at the office. >> oh, she was ready to go back to shore. >> well done. up next, fans will get to see paul walker's last film. his friend and costar vin diesel making a big announcement overnight. and a lot of laughs on saturday night live.
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all right, time to check "the pulse." we grin with breaking news about the debut of "fast & furious 7." >> vin diesel says the movie will be out in april of 2015 and will include scenes shot with walker. the studio had halted shooting
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after walker's death. a couple used leftover moving boxes to re-create scenes from famous films. this one is alien. >> this one, han solo and princess leia. you have to love the light saber. the whole thing out of cardboard. cue the scary music. the child is clearly being menaced by -- >> a shark. >> that would be "jaws." >> all of the stuff made from the leftover boxes from their move and blankets. they're buying nothing. >> the kid is my favorite captain. captain quinn. >> look at his face. so perfect. >> you're in the cage, cage go ifs the water, shork goes in the water. people are still talking about "saturday night live." >> some great moments. justin timberlake and jimmy
4:24 am
fall fallon. he couldn't hold it together when j.t. did his best fallon. check it out. >> so great. so great, my man. steve -- [ laughter ] steve, there's only one way for man to be really sexy. >> what's that? >> be justin timberlake. [ cheers and applause ] >> i have always said the funniest thing about jimmy fallon is that he can always laugh about himself. madonna stopped by. paul mccartney. he sang have yourself a merry little christmas. >> one of the gibbs came by from the bee gees as well.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 4:28. hope you got your christmas shopping done. obviously, matt didn't. >> we will check with mike nicco and the good news headed tout christmas shopping you do not have rain but the bad news is you do not have any rain. >> big topic over the weekend, the rain and lack of snow. the fact that we will not see any until at least 2014. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd you can see how quiet it is with a few clouds off the peninsula coast but, otherwise, it is a know go as far as clouds. we will have a few passing high clouds and sun passing the
4:29 am
embarcadero. we will have sun later this afternoon. 62 to 66 is the temperature inland and an the bay and 60 to 62 at the coast. another "spare the air" day with more on that in a minute. leyla gulen? >> good morning, mike, went to the beach yesterday. how about that? on the 2nd day of winter. we have construction to get you going this morning if you are traveling along the bay bridge, headed in the westbound direction, from the incline to the first tower. there will be a couple of lanes blocked and it will last until 5:00 this morning. as we look at drive time traffic 580 from tracy to dublin is 23 minutes from highway 4, and antioch to concord 15 minutes and northbound 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 16 minutes. eric? >> developing news, lawyers for oakland children's hospital and the brain dead 8th grader are in court to decide would should investigate what went so
4:30 am
tragically rock with the routine surgery. we have the latest from children's hospital. >> good morning, the family announced over the weekend they would have a manner and rally at the same time they are expected to appear in court this morning, in superior court. they announced this over the weekend and that is because they say they need to draw attention to jahi mcmath's case who was pronounced brain dead and by medical examiners remains on a ventilator. the family is expected to appear in court this morning with representatives from children's hospital to announce the name of the independent doctor to provide a medical opinion on her condition. a superior court rules on friday that jahi mcmath could rain on a ventilator and receive i.v. fluid tomorrow while a neurologist examines her for brain activity. her mother is asking for more time. >> you don't need a judge to tell you, you are wrong.


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