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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 26, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. a merry mess. tens of thousands left without power on a bitter cold christmas day, from michigan to maine, as motels and shelters fill up. meanwhile, record heat. hot winds in the west spark growing wildfires there. ginger zee here, with both extremes. breaking overnight. the first images in nearly two years of this american worker kidnapped by al qaeda in pakistan. his plea to the president to bring him home. and present fail. u.p.s. and fedex saying this morning a perfect storm of problems made them miss their christmas deadline for thousands. angry customers are lashing out about the broken promises that left empty spaces under trees. ♪ i'm a survivor
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and dream come true. the amazing moment beyonce makes this little girl's wish for a song with the queen a reality. the emotional moment that brought the superstar to tears. and a good thursday morning to all of you. we do hope for those who celebrate it, you had a wonderful christmas yesterday. as robin and george enjoy some well-earned time off. many happy faces there, under the tree for me, including sarina, who may still be opening presents, very well. >> a great day for my family as well. merry christmas, everybody. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> it's like a birthday, all week. >> let's keep it going. >> it's certainly not over for the millions who now may be trudging back to the stores with returns this morning because they don't want to regift. more on that, later, as well. we're going to tell you what you
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need to know about the best after-christmas deals. the savings bigger than ever. >> and there are some major deals out there. we'll get to that. and a holiday cruise nightmare. a christmas on ice for dozens of tourists stuck in the ice on their way home from antarctica. they went looking for icebergs and they found them. the race to rescue them is on. and right now, right here at home, ginger zee is in because we begin with a cold and dark christmas. no lights shining on the tree for 500,000 people thanks to a powerful ice storm. ginger, i know you have all of the latest and what we can expect coming down the road. >> that's the thing. you're out of power for days. imagine you're sitting there and waiting for them to turn back on. but christmas by candlelight, not because you wanted it. and not only is it the no electricity thing. but look at what temperatures are like this morning. so many thousands don't have power. the temperature feels like 22 in pittsburgh. it feels like 16 in detroit. that's where most of the issue was. from central michigan up to parts of western new york and new england, still no power.
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5 in minneapolis and the other side of the country, far from perfect on this christmas, too. santa ana winds. record highs and wildfires. christmas in the dark. >> no heat. no lights. no nothing. >> reporter: from michigan, all the way to maine. >> this is probably the worst time of year to have something like this happen. >> reporter: tens of thousands still without power this morning. >> these kids up here, just trying to stay warm. >> reporter: and it wasn't just christmas. the lights have been out since last weekend's storm. >> we want to get people their power. it's cold. it's christmas. >> reporter: no electricity, plus subfreezing temps caused many a canceled holiday. >> we were supposed to have christmas here. now, we can't get people to our house. >> reporter: from lansing to flint, michigan, hotels and motels sold out. forcing families to flock to shelters. >> we're in a great place with great people. they've gone above and beyond to help us out. >> there were presents under the tree.
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>> reporter: emergency crews spent the holiday working, nonstop. >> lack of sleep. rough. the elements are tough. >> reporter: on the west coast, wildfires flaring. in southern california, the santa ana winds causing record heat, forcing wind gusts from 50 to 70 miles per hour. out there in the west, a few santa ana issues we'll be talking about throughout the show. a return to milder weather. don't get too excited. this is just about freezing, you guys. for all those folks who need it to melt, the temperatures will at least get to freezing in the next couple of days. >> a measure of good news. we appreciate that. with all of the bad weather, there were empty spaces under the trees, thanks to a christmas day nightmare. a foul-up by fedex and u.p.s. thousands of presents weren't under the trees where they should be. the shipping companies said bad weather and overloaded systems caused the breakdowns that now has customers now seeing red. rob nelson has more on this. good morning to you, rob.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, josh. all across the country at shipping centers just like this one behind me in downtown manhattan, it is going to be a very busy day. companies trying to get back on track, after some delays that some folks said ruined their christmas. frustration across the country is clear. u.p.s. and fedex packages were delayed, ruining christmas for thousands of customers. with one customer tweeting, due to u.p.s. being awful, my mom did not get all the gifts she wanted to give for christmas. looks like christmas is next week. another tweeted, thanks, u.p.s., for ruining christmas. does a promised delivery date not mean anything to you? officials will not say the exact number of packages that didn't make it. but they are giving a santa-worthy list of reasons. incorrect projections about the volume of this year's business. more options online that increased shipping demand. and icy weather, that slowed air travel in parts of the country. despite those factors, curt
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cohen, the ceo of u.p.s., spoke earlier this month to cnbc about the decision not to increase the number of seasonal workers from last year's 55,000. >> we continue to become more efficient and use technology on the ground for routing and scheduling, so we can meet increased demands. >> reporter: both companies say the normal delivery schedules will resume in full force this morning. one u.p.s. official blamed, quote, a perfect storm of factors for its problems this year. but that did little to soothe irritated customers. >> i've been waiting since christmas eve. nothing is going to be under the tree. >> reporter: now, the company, fedex, also took some heat on twitter the last few days. but officials there say of the nearly 300 million packages they shipped between thanksgiving and christmas, only a very few actually were delayed. lara? >> all right, rob. now, we turn to the latest on the deadline for americans to sign up for health insurance through the federal obamacare program.
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there's been a surge this week, causing extensive delays on the website. now, the white house has extended the deadline again. jon karl is with the president, who is vacationing in hawaii. what are you hearing about the latest extension and how it works? >> reporter: it's really a soft extension or a partial extension. what officials are saying is if you went on the website and you can prove you tried to enroll before the deadline, but they will give you some extra time or extra help but this is the third time, at leif the third time they've had to extend the deadline. the reason is the incredible surge in traffic. monday, they had 2 million on the website. but this late in the game the website is still not working the way it's supposed to be working. >> at least they know if they
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start to the process, they will be able to finish it. tell me about p president obama, we're told he went to visit with the troops? >> they had a good time. they went out to a marine base and spent time with the troops, stuck around about two hours taking individual photos with 580 different service members. the president placed calls to service members stationed all around the world. all right. thank you, jon karl. it's time for the rest of the news with dan harris. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to start with the breaking news overnight about that american held captive by al qaeda. this newly released video appears to show the government contractor warren weinstein appealing directly to president obama for help. muhammad lila reports on the new urgency in this case. >> my name is warren weinstein. i'm addressing this video to president obama. >> reporter: it's the first proof in more than a year that
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kidnapped american warren weinstein is still alive. >> mr. obama, you're a family man. and so, you understand the deep mental anxiety and anguish that i have been experiencing. >> reporter: al qaeda has released this letter allegedly handwritten by weinstein, pleading, given my age and my health, i don't have time on my side. the state department has not confirmed the authenticity of the video or the letter. the 72-year-old was kidnapped from his home more than two years ago, in the pakistani city of lahore, where he was working for u.s. aid. since then, american officials believe he's been held by al qaeda's new leader, between afghanistan and pakistan. suffering from a heart condition, weinstein might not longer be healthy. with the clock ticking he ends this video with an emotional message to his wife and his family. >> i think of each and every one
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of them, every moment of every day of my captivity. >> reporter: muhammad lila, abc news, in london. also breaking overnight, violence erupting on the streets of thailand. police firing teargas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters who were trying to disrupt the upcoming elections one officer was killed. and back in this country, a fire that killed three children in louisiana may have been caused by a space heater. authorities say the family was using candles to stay warm. and the smoke detector was not working. an ugly christmas outside of a florida movie theater. a brawl erupting involving 600 people in jacksonville. it started when teenagers tried to enter that theater without paying. here's an interesting story. mcdonald's has shut down a website that warned its employees about the dangers of eating fast food. this was an internal corporate website that included a picture of a burger and fries with the caption, unhealthy choice. mcdonald's says information on
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the site was taken out of context and created, quote, unwarranted scrutiny. and finally, many of us are familiar with that sinking feeling you get on the road, you look in the rear-view and you see the cops are pulling you over. what if instead of handing you a ticket, they give you a lottery ticket? that's what happened in melbourne, florida, where police decided to pull a christmas stunt. the officers bought scratchoffs with their own money. in an attempt to spread holiday cheer while promoting traffic safety. they did hand out warnings to people who were actually speeding. and they tell us, they were greeted with a lot of surprised looks. >> people were pulled over for actually speeding? >> yes. and handed a lottery ticket. with a warning. >> they were taking a chance. >> exactly. rolling the dice. >> yeah. terrific, dan. thanks. now, to dozens of passengers, tourists, explorers, scientists, all stranded at sea, on a cruise ship, stuck in ice on the edge of antarctica.
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three ice breaker ships are now rushing to this very remote location for a rescue operation. gio benitez is here with the latest. gio, i think we can say careful what you wish for. >> reporter: what a mess. good morning to you, josh. the ship is too far from land for a regular rescue. the ice breakers are their only hope. the crew sent a distress call christmas morning. passengers trapped for the holiday on a frozen cruise. this morning, 74 passengers aboard this polar expedition vessel are waiting for ice breakers to free the ship. just take a look at the ice in front of the bow. >> the vessel hasn't moved for the last two days. we're surrounded by sea ice. we just can't get through. >> reporter: the passengers and crew are trapped in one of the coldest and windiest locations on earth. this, after spending three weeks at sea, on an antarctic adventure. >> exploring amongst the sea ice. we just got up really close to this berg. >> reporter: watch expedition leader, chris turney, was excited to reach the frozen waters.
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>> it's the 14th of december of 2013. and the expedition has finally made it to the ice. look at our view. >> reporter: just days later, he would be describing a technical meltdown. trouble was close. >> we got hit by a terrible blizzard and lost our communications, didn't we? >> we sure did. >> reporter: the ship is stuck off the coast of antarctica. in the commonwealth bay. those heavy winds making it feel, at times, like it's 9 degrees. >> we have wind speeds on average of 50 kilometers an hour, reaching in excess of 70 kilometers an hour. >> reporter: the tourists and researchers are on a trip to visit famous buildings built 100 years ago. for polar exploration. you can see them right there. >> we've just reached the hut. let's go in and take a look. >> reporter: meanwhile, extreme weather could make any rescue effort lengthy and difficult. >> quite strong winds and blizzard-type conditions. that's something we have to wait and see until the vessels arrive.
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>> reporter: the closest ice breaker rescue ship is a chinese crew. but french and australian rescuers are also on the way. let's hope, josh and lara, they are free by new year's eve. >> all right. we are just going to leave the "love boat" jokes on the table. >> yes, 100%. >> thank you, gio. now that all the christmas presents have been unwrapped, for many people it's time for the race to return. and hunt for clearance sales. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: get ready for more hustle and bustle, as america goes returning. taking back all those gifts that don't fit. or you just don't want. >> we have seen a move towards return policies over the holidays. that's something that will help us out this week. >> reporter: before you go, retail experts say, take a few minutes and do your homework. a recent study ranked return policies. among the most lenient, costco, nordstrom and walmart. the most restrictive, sears and best buy. and another thing to look for today, more of the megadiscounts.
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>> all you know, you're getting a very good deal because the week after christmas, retailers want to go through merchandise in order to transition to the next season's goods. >> macy's after-christmas one-day sale thursday. with incredible door-busters. >> reporter: offering so-called year-end deals of up to 70%, 60%, 50% off. old navy's after-holiday deal, 60% online and up to 75 in store. >> i've been shopping for everybody else, now it's my turn. >> reporter: the sales are so good because the pre-christmas shopping season has been so disappointing. >> my sense is they have too much inventory. we're seeing a lot of inventory-driven discounts right now. >> reporter: last week, in-store retail sales were down 3.1%. foot traffic fell 21% since last year. even the one bright spot, online shopping, expected to be up nearly 14% this year, is being soured. with u.p.s. saying it expects to ship 15% more returns.
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so, i'm here at a best buy. these stores open nationwide from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. at night. they've extended that return window to january 15th. everywhere, retailers are counting on us to work off our christmas calories with some power shopping. lara? >> linzie looks civilized. not for long. >> a few more moments, actually. >> yes. we're going to turn to a very merry royal christmas. the first for 5-month-old prince george. the queen spoke about her great grandson and future king during her annual christmas message where -- look at that -- we saw a little video of the littlest prince. lama hasan has the story from london. >> reporter: the never before seen video shows the royal daddy bouncing george up and down during his christening. and his mom trying to keep his hand out of his mouth. the video, part of the queen's annual christmas day message.
7:17 am
george's proud, great grandma, couldn't resist speaking about the new apple of her eye. >> the arrival of a baby gives everyone the chance to contemplate the future, with renewed happiness and hope. for the new parents, life will never be quite the same again. >> reporter: their little bundle of joy, however, was absent during the chilly traditional walk to the church service. but his beaming parents, william and kate, holding hands, smiling and waving to the thousands who turned up in the cold to see them. >> kate and william said they had a lovely morning with prince george. it had been a fantastic christmas. and kate also told people that george was more interested in the wrapping than the presents. >> reporter: harry was also there, sporting a ginger beard left over from his an arctic adventure. he was stepping out solo, despite rumors of a serious girlfriend spending the holidays with him.
7:18 am
with little george in tow, that makes four generations of royals all united under the queen's roof in sandringham for the holidays. just in time for the boxing day hunt. >> it's a significant event. because it's very traditional. the men do the shooting. and the women generally tend to be there socializing. >> reporter: one royal watcher told us, the royals love this annual tradition of going on a boxing day shoot, which is today. action-packed day, hunting pheasants. then they go to a nearby barn for lunch, but they won't be feasting on the game they shot. oh, no. their lunch is prepared for them, naturally. >> of course. >> thank you. good luck on the boxing day shoot, i suppose. >> yeah. >> good luck to the pheasants, too. good luck to everybody. everybody involved. all right? better luck to the pheasants. ginger, do we have any luck in our forecast, at least in parts of the country? >> parts of the country, yes. but not the parts i'm going to talk about. my dad, i just talked to him yesterday, in michigan. he said, we're good with winter. that's it. i'm happy.
7:19 am
and i think a lot of people feeling this way. look at this. i'm going to show you the snow that's going to clip across, just a little. if you get another dusting in madison, wisconsin, okay. 2 inches in grand rapids. 2.9, in erie. and some parts of maine could get up to 6 inch was that little piece of energy that slips in. but look at this. in the gulf, much different. 78, orlando. storms popping up in parts of southern texas, too.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. another day of spare the air, 19th so far this season, our fifth consecutive day of record warmth. a dry cold front will slip through friday, bringing us a few more clouds and our highs dip temporarily because it will be sunny and warmer into the new year. today 68 in oakland. probably the best chance of a record high. mid to upper 60s under almost total sunshine. accuweather seven-day forecast, >> i'm not full of just bad news. mild in denver, 51. that's not so bad. for a couple days, they stay mild. >> thank you, ginger. for a couple days. coming up here, the tiffany executive with a secret life as a jewelry thief. she was accused of stealing $1 million worth of jewelry. from the world-famous store. and a major touchdown for football legend joe namath's daughter. how she reunited with her beloved dog after five years. and flying high with this daredevil supermodel.
7:21 am
how she became one of the best b.a.s.e. jumpers on earth. and beyonce, bringing joy to a little girl who deserves it. o deserves it. for how long? 30 days? 300 days? 3,000 days? the answer is... 3,000 days. because of gasoline's high energy density, your car doesn't have to carry as much fuel compared to other energy sources. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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sleep number. comfort individualized. using stilts to take down the lights? not good. going to the kmart winter sales event? good. get up to 60% off winter apparel, and shop your way members get 10% back in points. kmart. get in. get more. good morning. i'm eric thomas. the rush to deliver is on for u.p.s. and fed ex after they failed to deliver thousands of packages for christmas. they blame it on icy weather and a big boost in online shopping orders that overwhelmed them.
7:25 am
u.p.s. and fed ex are both apologizing. officials won't say the exact number of packages that didn't get there in time. amazon is offering to refund shipping charges and offering a $20 gift card to those who were impacted by the delays. delays on the road this morning, leyla. >> pretty holiday light out there. we don't see too many accidents, just a couple fender benders here and there and a bit of congestion. all in all, not too much. one of our favorite apps, we have a crash reported by one of our wazers. this is along northbound 680 near bollinger canyon. sounds like it's minor accident not blocking any lanes. eric?
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good morning. 7:28 on this thursday. out of novato, your fog is lifting because your temperature is still around the freezing mark. we were worried about black ice for a long time, but that's probably behind us. temperatures below freezing up there, getting closer around concord. 48, san francisco. check out all
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory take a look at these amazing pictures. this woman really is on the edge of glory. she's a supermodel who happens to moonlight as the ultimate daredevil when she's not walking the runway. and coming up, we are going to fly with her. >> no, we're not. >> okay. we're going to enjoy -- >> we're going to watch her. >> we say good morning, america. so hoping that your christmas was wonderful. >> indeed, we are. robin and george, at home, having some time off, to be sure. and speaking of great christmases, we do hope everybody had one. a holiday miracle for the daughter of football legend joe namath. you see her there with dear, old dad. we're going the tell you how the dog that she lost five years
7:31 am
ago, made it all the way home. all the way across the state of florida, in fact. and a reunion story you are not going to believe. >> love it. >> they make movies about this kind of stuff. also coming up, the pure joy of a little girl whose wish was to take the stage with beyonce. and it came true. we have an amazing duet to show you. we dare you not to get choked up when you see this story. >> it really is a beautiful story. then, there's the conundrum of regifting. can you do it? how do you get away with it? there are apparently some tricks and some tips. and we've got them for you, coming up, josh. >> what is this regifting you speak of? i know not of it. not a bit. first, a former tiffany executive accused of stealing more than $1 million of jewelry. a judge has sentenced her to a year in prison. and john muller has more on this stunning case. >> reporter: they called it
7:32 am
"operation breakfast at tiffany." but it played out like a real-life version of "the heist." one of tiffany's brightest diamonds, a woman that worked there for 22 years, is headed to prison. >> i'm crazy about tiffany's. >> reporter: turns out holly golightly isn't the only one. meet ingrid lederhaas-okun, who made $360,000 a year. but this morning, the high-end executive won't be staring at luxury jewelry. she'll have to settle for iron bars. a judge has sentenced ingrid to a year and a day behind bars after she pled guilty to one count of interstate transportation of stolen property. court documents reveal she stole more than $1.2 million in jewelry from the company. >> seemed she had been hiding the crimes for years. taking an item here. making sure that they weren't too expensive. so, they set off alarms. >> reporter: her lawyer says it began in 2005, when ingrid was
7:33 am
given permission to use jewelry for work-related events. showing to manufacturers or g getting estimates on their value. she continued to steal pieces for years. including diamond, platinum and gold bracelets, earrings and pendants. prosecutors said she resold the items to an international jewel dealer for a million dollars. >> she could have faced up to ten years. and the judge showed lenience. >> she lost her job last february before the thefts even came to light. besides the one year in prison, she has been ordered to forfeit $2 million. and pay another $2 million in restitution. josh? >> she did not get away with that. now, we turn to a holiday season miracle. the daughter of football great joe namath getting the best present she could ever hope for. she has been reunited with her doggy. and here's the deal. five years after it went missing. abc's matt gutman has all of the details. >> reporter: for joe namath's
7:34 am
daughter, jessica, this is a christmas gift wrapped in fur. >> it was the phone call i had been waiting for for five years. >> reporter: jessica's tula vanished five years ago, when she was a year-old pup. >> it was heartbreaking for everyone. and to see how jessica felt. it was tough. >> reporter: her sports legend dad also posted a $2,000 reward. even consulted psychics. >> i immediately got out of the car and ran over to the dog. and luckily, it didn't jet off. >> reporter: but santa came in the form of michael, a chef in st. petersburg, florida, 200 miles away. >> my vet was five minutes away. i'm hoping there's a microchip. and he scanned it and a chip beeped. >> reporter: what did you have to do to pick your jaw up off the table? >> where can i meet you? how is she? >> reporter: they met in the middle of the state, a place
7:35 am
aptly named yeehaw junction. tula was found five years ago by a family with two kids. that family moved to the tampa area but never took the dog to the vet. last week, the family lost tula. michael found her whimpering and took her to the vet. >> we got a name. six or seven phone numbers to call. they either didn't know who the dog was or it was a disconnected number. >> reporter: but michael wouldn't quit. ultimately tracking jessica down on facebook. >> going the extra distance, extra yards to check on the dog. >> reporter: now, a new generation of namaths, jessica's 3-year-old daughter, gets to walk tula into the sunset. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, jupiter, florida. >> 34 years of dog life. there's some stories to be told. >> i propose all happy reunions should take place at yeehaw junction. >> reunion capital of the world.
7:36 am
>> we're on it. >> yeehaw junction. >> absolutely. a supermodel. they say she moonlights as a daredevil. >> only makes sense. >> when she's not wearing couture, she's usually wearing a parachute, for some reason. abc's aditi roy has much more on a stunning beauty for whom the sky is barely the limit. >> reporter: her face belongs on magazine covers. but modeling is her most exciting job. >> i like to dress up and do makeup sometimes. but not every day. >> reporter: her real passion, stunts. >> i'm better on jumps. i want to do action sports. >> reporter: this video for grind tv shows her doing what she loves most. anything that defies death and gravity. >> i have about 8,000 skydives. and i love to fly in my wingsuit. >> reporter: the italian beauty trades in her couture for a wingsuit. and she wears both well. manchido is one of the best wing
7:37 am
suit fliers in the world. holds three freestyle world records. and worked on the blockbuster, "iron man 3." she has weathered some bumpy landings. her chute didn't open on six skydives. >> it's not that big deal. it gives you a little burst of adrenaline when happens. especially with the wing suit because you're spinning into the lines. >> reporter: she has even taken her thrill-seeking from the skies to the seas. >> i started scuba diving in 2,000. and i saw sharks in the water. i just love them. i love animals in general. and they are underwater animals are my favorite. >> reporter: a supermodel with many superpowers. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. sharks in their habitat, i can understand. birds in their habitat, i cannot
7:38 am
understand. she is skydived some 8,000 times. she says she gets scared before every jump. there is something working. >> she still looks gorgeous while doing it. >> a girl after my own heart. love her. ginger, that is a shot after my own heart. >> there you go. >> can i show you this? this is san diego. >> yes, it is. >> san diego, of course, it is. we have to take the ah moment. if you're one of those freezing or just got power back, ah. ah. that's san diego, california, everyone. and, yes, they were warmer than they should be yesterday. and many places. long beach, california, had a record high of 82 yesterday. the mild air is going to stick with you if you're in san diego. 76. los angeles at 80. san francisco, 65. up to seattle, just a little warmer, 48. 64 for vegas. phoenix, 71. the mild air in the southwest, eventually slightly gets pushed to the east. look at us, getting up to 47. that will melt some things for folks that need it. a little higher north. chicago gets up to 37.
7:39 am
they really have had such a struggle getting above freezing for the last month. and you look at dallas and raleigh, both. raleigh this morning with some freezing rain. good morning. i'm mike nicco. near record high temperatures and poor air quality once again. we'll have low to mid-60s at the coast, mild to upper 60s around the bay. slightly cool we are a dry >> this weather report brought to you by folgers. josh, i'm going to tweet that to you. >> i miss you, pacific. see you soon. and look at anchorage getting up there to 8. >> balmy. coming up, beyonce, making a little girl's dream come true. what it was like to be face-to-face on stage with her idol. >> magic. and then, a mother-to-be's painful revelation. saying she didn't feel a connection to the baby growing
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get this plastic tote for just $9.00 at lowe's. ♪ welcome back. 7:43. the superstar taking her stop into a world it's an unforgettable night -- unforgettable night for one fan.
7:44 am
reena ninen has the story. >> how many surprises can one superstar eke out in one night. >> she's wrapping it all up with a sweet serenade so moving even she had a hard time fighting back tears. >> reporter: it was a life-long dream many thought this 12-year-old would never see. this girl suffered from a rare type of bone cancer and one of the deadliest. what a thrill to have a chance to see her idol, beyonce, in concert in las vegas. just watches as beyonce, makes it so much more. ♪
7:45 am
♪ come on ♪ come on sing with me baby, it's you ♪ ♪ baby, it's you ♪ now that you're out of my life ♪ ♪ i'm so much better ♪ i'm a survivor i'm not gonna give up ♪ ♪ i'm not gonna stop i'm gonna work harder ♪ ♪ i'm a survivor i'm gonna make it ♪ >> reporter: the whole audience agreed. taylon is the embodiment of a survivor. she is a survivor to all of us. and thanks to great organizations like make-a-wish and philanthropy program partnerships made this happen for taylon and for her mom. >> so good of beyonce. she constantly is giving back. >> merry christmas to that little girl. >> yep. absolutely. thanks, reena. >> you bet.
7:46 am
coming up, everybody, an exclusive look inside one of the castles that inspired the hit show "downton abbey." it is, i dare say, your all-access pass. do you hear the excitement in this woman's voice. >> it was also amy's summer. also, the politics of this thing called regifting, i know not of. we'll tell you how to do it without getting caught. oh, you mean -- also, a "play of the day." let's just say, a holiday surprise, unlike any other. go nowhere.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> first of all, great to be back. great to see all you guys. >> great to be here. welcome back. >> sara jessen, asking me about the squint in my eyes. that alarm came fast and furious. >> it's a glimmer. >> isn't that a thing? >> a certain glimmer. >> yes. >> squinching. >> you are -- the king of the squinch. >> all right. let's get to the surprise, shall we? a wonderful story. you know, these get us every time. it's the taylor family who didn't expect to see private first class hunter taylor home for christmas this year. take a look at a moment that they will not forget. >> we're outside gate four, getting ready to head in. my family doesn't know. we were about to cut for a commercial break.
7:51 am
that's when it's going to happen. they're sitting right over there. they have no idea. >> do we have the moment? okay. let's get to it. they're at a hockey game. they just thought they were there to be recognized as military families who didn't have loved ones with them. at least until this. >> i just want to say hi to my family from afghanistan. let you know that i love you. i miss you. and i'll see you soon. by the way, go, hawks. >> thank you, chicago blackhawks. and merry christmas. happy, happy holidays. i cannot imagine what that must be like. also allows us a special chance to thank all of our servicemen and women who maybe couldn't spend these holidays with their
7:52 am
loved ones. they'll be home soon. >> go, hawks, indeed. using stilts to take down the lights? not good. going to the kmart winter sales event? good. get up to 60% off winter apparel, and shop your way members get 10% back in points. kmart. get in. get more.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. the family of an oakland girl who's on life support could decide today whether to appeal a judge's ruling to remove her breathing tubes. they have until monday to appeal. the 13-year-old was left brain-dead by complications from a routine tonsillectomy. mike is here with the forecast. >> ready for new record-high temperatures? 68 in oakland, that's a record high. most of us in the mid to upper 60s, 7 to 11 zeegs above average with hazy sunshine everywhere thanks to a spare the air day. no burning of wood. slightly cooler tomorrow, dry all seven days. leyla?
7:57 am
a fender bernld on the nimitz approaching oakland airport northbound along 808 up to aladdin avenue. not causing any delays. otherwise, quiet in the bay area, holiday light commute. eric? the news continues now with "good morning amer
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we still have holiday fever. your favorite stars nighty or nice? we have "people" magazine's hot list for the year. everybody's thought about it. regifting. is it a christmas do or don't? we have the funniest present fails you'll ever see. and just in time for its blockbuster premiere, duke, duchesses and "downton abbey." amy robach gets an exclusive tour behind castle doors. as we say -- >> good morning, america. spirited group joining us
8:01 am
here. >> brave, too. >> this morning. and a happy day after christmas to all of you. george and robin are off this morning, enjoying some very well-earned time away from the program. we have a cast of thousands, no less. >> we do, indeed. i'm so excited to be with you all. and i'm excited about this, amy. if you love "downton abbey," amy's here to tell us about her first-ever primetime special. two hours. >> no pressure. no pressure at all. >> for fans of the show, what a treat to go behind the scenes exclusively of that hugely popular show. >> i argue that even if you aren't fans of the show, who isn't slightly intrigued by british royalty and the aristocracy. i got to meet some irish royals. we will show you what i uncovered on their lifestyle. being royal isn't what it used to be. it's a lot harder than you might think. >> oh, stop. >> it is.
8:02 am
>> it's tough to be royal. >> argyle socks, really? >> they're working the gift shops, though. and they opened up their castle. it's really interesting. >> working the shops. real jobs? >> that's interesting. >> i'm excited to see this. also coming up, one mom's honest revelation about what it's like to have a baby when you're not really a baby person. and how her little one's arrival changed her life. it's a fascinating story. we'll be talking about that, coming up. it's something we have to discuss on the program, the feelings and connections. we have giant presents on the desk. it's the day after christmas. if you celebrate it, we hope you had a good one. let's be honest, some of you probably waking up with some less-than-perfect gifts, shall we say. >> no. >> mine are all perfect, honey. >> yeah. >> perfection. >> mine, too. right. so, but no. in these boxes, we do, in fact, have some of the best of the worst in gift fails.
8:03 am
>> that's a gift. >> if these are real, "gma" viewers e-mailed the worst gifts ever. we'll get into that later. right now, we want to get to dan harris. >> i'm going to regift this to you. thank you, lara. >> give us the top headlines. >> let's start with the deep freeze that ginger has been telling us about all morning. nice of you, ginger. tens of thousands of people from michigan to maine, still don't have power this morning, after that weekend ice storm. some of the hardest-hit areas could get another six inches of snow today, making conditions extra challenging for those utility crews who have been working nonstop. it could be another week before power is fully restored in some spots. u.p.s. and fedex blaming the weather and a last-minute crush of shopping to prevent presents from being delivered on-time. u.p.s. has brought in extra workers to sort packages for delivery today and tomorrow. a new plea for help this morning from an american held
8:04 am
hostage by al qaeda. from n this video, released overnight. 72-year-old warren weinstein says he feels, quote, totally abandoned and forgotten by the u.s. the state department has yet to authenticate the video. weinstein was kidnapped in pakistan in 2011. these are the first images we've seen from him in more than a year. and look at this dramatic video from los angeles on the freeway. a driver trapped after his car burst into flames. rescued by two good samaritans. and an off-duty police officer who happened to be passing by. the officer jumped over the highway median to get to the car in time. the driver and the officer suffered from some minor burns. but everybody is okay. we don't know yet what led to the crash that caused that fire. meantime, crews are racing to contain a wildfire that broke out northwest of los angeles. the state of california is, today, under a red flag warning because of the dry, windy conditions. and finally, what may be
8:05 am
video proof of santa claus this morning. a family in georgia set up a camera to record wild life in their backyard. but along with the foxes and coyotes and deer, they captured a creature on christmas eve. it appears to be santa himself, hanging out near the chimney before he suddenly disappears. can you see it? it's a little tough to see. but apparently -- >> seeing it now. >> some figure near the chimney. is it the real thing? you be the judge. >> of course. >> we report. you decide. >> wow. >> i had carrots in my yard. >> clearly, you are not royalty. >> not. lots to get to, ginger. look how white that picture is. >> i know. as a meteorologist, you afternoon get pictures from friends. hey, it's snowing in pennsylvania. yeah. it is. it's snowing in pennsylvania. it sure is. it's december 26th.
8:06 am
but you have to check with samantha early on. that was from harrisburg. as the low tracks across, some folks in the northeast will wake up to some snow or get some later this afternoon. not going to be very heavy. there's the highs behind it. it doesn't get warm until closer to the weekend. and the pacific northwest, very quickly, stagnant air along with the milder good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. another day of spare the air, 19th so far this season, our fifth consecutive day of record warmth. a dry cold front will slip through friday, bringing us a few more clouds and our highs dip temporarily because it will be sunny and warmer into the new year. today 68 in oakland. probably the best chance of a record high. mid to upper 60s under almost total sunshine. accuweather seven-day forecast, only low to mid-60s >> even if it is just a light dusting, the roads get slick very quickly.
8:07 am
as everyone's going to shop, be careful. >> yes. >> great advice. ginger, thank you so much. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," why was bono busking on christmas eve? plus, the art of regifting. how to get away with it without getting caught. and then, we're going behind the scenes of the castle that inspired "downton abbey." we're meeting real-life royals. amy robach has that. and so much more coming up on "good morning america," here in times square. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells so cold sores heal fast.
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meals are simply better with a dollop of daisy. ♪ using stilts to take down the lights? not good. going to the kmart winter sales event? good. get up to 60% off winter apparel, and shop your way members get 10% back in points. kmart. get in. get more.
8:10 am
♪ maybe i'm wrong ♪ ♪ and nobody ever says goodbye ♪ ♪
8:11 am
♪ in the morning son real quick, virtual vacation. that's chris powell. he is surfing and playing guitar, all at the same time. >> it's unfair, really. unfair that somebody is that talented. >> being towed, as if it matters. a multicamera shoot, too. i'll take that weather. i'm in, lara. >> i have three questions, though. the guitar, the salt water. i digress. sorry. let's get to "pop news." maybe you got u2 music in your stocking. or maybe bono live in a free, miniconcert. that's what folks in ireland were treated to christmas eve. bono, singing christmas songs like "merry christmas, everyone." >> this is outside?
8:12 am
>> this is outside, on a street, in dublin. a famous street, actually. he song "o come all ye faithful." he got help from the hot house flowers. this is a christmas eve tradition. if you're in dublin, you might want to make your way to that neighborhood. people are encouraged to make a donation, as all of the money goes to the simon community to get homeless people housing during the cold winter season. and bono and friends transforming a chilly night into a beautiful day. 2013 might be known as the year of the panda breaking records. for the most panda bear cubs born in captivity ever. i love this. 49 pandas born this year. a remarkable 42 have survived. scientists are thrilled, saying breeding giant pandas is the only chance we have of saving the species.
8:13 am
it's working and better than ever. there's 367 pandas living in captivity, including the twins at the atlanta zoo, that we got to help name. >> we named them boys, right? they found out they were girls. >> they're beautiful names. they're doing great. >> it is now. >> they're doing great at five months. >> we may have set a record for most panda references on morning shows. that's good. >> that's okay. >> more than ever before. it turns -- it makes you weak in the knee. a nice way to wake up. >> it does. >> little cuddly friends. so is this. i don't know how you spent your day yesterday, if you celebrate christmas. a-list celebrities understand the perfection that is the entire christmas day in your p.j.s. we have a few examples, posted online. mrs. justin timberlake, jessica biel, sporting her red fanls with a message, if holiday
8:14 am
pajamas are wrong, i don't want to be right. and then, there is taylor swift with her little bro, in matching christmas onesies. she tweeted that is happening, right now, as we can see. thank you for sharing. it makes me feel better because i changed out of them for church. and promptly changed right back into them, with pleasure. >> i changed out of mine, into another pair that i got for christmas. >> i would like to imagine you in a giant onesie. >> i will say this. it was lime green. >> oh. >> a lot of green. >> pictures? >> you know, it's the support at this desk i really appreciate. >> we want to see pictures. we really do. >> we would never make fun of you. don't worry. just bring it in. >> those will -- they would be on endless loop. who are we kidding? we have a story that a lot of people are talking about. it's a secret apparently. a lot of mothers-to-be don't feel comfortable sharing. they say they're not feeling connected to their babies during their pregnancy.
8:15 am
aditi roy spent time with one mom who shared her personal experience. >> reporter: tracy moore is a doting mom to edie. but it wasn't always this way. when you first found out you were pregnant, what went through your mind? >> words i can't repeat right now. >> reporter: moore and her husband have been married just two months when she found out she was pregnant. and their lives weren't exactly baby-friendly. >> went to rock shows or hung out in bars, practically four nights a week. i smoked a lot of cigarettes. i ate a lot of fast food. >> reporter: she was expecting a baby when she wasn't a baby person. but she felt pressure to become a model mom. hollywood didn't help with images of adoring moms. >> there's an assumption that you know everything to do. >> reporter: moore can relate to movies like "knocked up." >> i'm pregnant. >> reporter: with katherine heigl and seth rogen, who get
8:16 am
greg. >> i was seth grogan. >> a giant list of things you can't do. >> reporter: when edie was born, it was love at first sight. >> i did all of the stuff that wasn't natural. sing-songy stuff. doing the funny voices reading the stories. it was a matter of weeks before it was natural. >> reporter: now, moore wants to ease other hesitant moms into motherhood. she has written a book. how to rock the mother of all surprises, a positive guide to your unexpected pregnancy. her biggest surprise is what she's learned about herself. >> my life was cracked open and bombarded with light. i grew in so many ways that were unimaginable to me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> we ask you to tweet us advice for anxious mothers. here's what you have to say. kathy hunt advises moms to sleep when your baby sleeps. and linda curtis tweets that babies and children feel your
8:17 am
anxiety. stay calm. they will be calm. >> that doesn't change, no matter how old they get. we want to turn to senior medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton. jen, i know this is something you can relate to personally. >> yeah. it's shocking to me that still we assume that every, single woman when they find out they're pregnant rejoices. we have to remember that that's not always the case. almost 50% of pregnancies in this country are unplanned. that doesn't mean they're undesired. but that just means when a woman finds out, they can be shocked. and it's not always the best news -- right. exactly. >> it's okay to feel the fear. >> that's right. and it takes nine months to grow that baby. it sometimes takes nine months or even a little longer to mentally and emotionally and psychologically come to terms with it. >> when you have a patient that comes in and says they're scared and uncomfortable, what's your advice? >> congratulations. that makes you a rational, real person. i say, it is scary.
8:18 am
we have to take it step-by-step, day-by-day. people have to understand that if you're biologically that child's mother or not, there's a lot of parents that didn't give birth to that child. they can have the same reaction. >> when you walk out of the hospital, i remember -- i'm supposed to know what to do? >> me, too. you expect he to dress this baby by myself. and i was a doctor. >> you know, we also heard somebody say, they can feel your emotions. stay calm. okay. but what impact does the mother's emotional state have on the unborn child? >> we're learning more and more about that, josh, all the time. in in utero stress. stay calm and carry on. it's tough being a parent. >> we want to stay calm. we all want to win the lottery. jen, thanks. >> you bet. i think it was shakespeare
8:19 am
who coifed, to regift or not to regift? that is the question. it's a question today. >> i thought it was pluto. plato. socrates. >> what do you think, americans? unwrap and rewrap? is it okay to receive and then give? rachel smith is here. there are dos and don'ts, of a thing i'm just learning of today, rachel, regifting. >> there's dos and don'ts. >> yeah. >> it's a sensitive topic during the holiday season. regifting. oh, yes. santa missed the mark with you with an unwanted kitchen appliance, fruitcake, maybe an ugly sweater. before you go rewrapping, here are a few tips to make regifting a success. >> it is a thank you for my super bowl tickets. >> he recycled this gift. he's a regifter.
8:20 am
>> reporter: "seinfeld" coined the term. while it may make for good comedy, in reality, not so funny. why are people so scared to regift? >> people don't want to get caught, right? is someone going to know that i regifted? are they going to call me out on it. >> reporter: we hit the streets to see what people think about passing on gifts. >> one time i got these elvis shot glasses. >> reporter: did you keep them? >> i regifted them. somebody else got them. >> i don't do it. >> reporter: you don't do it? why don't you regift? >> i think it's crazy. >> recycling, you know? >> reporter: exactly. we're saving the planet. >> saving the planet. >> reporter: regifting is acceptable? >> yes. you're thinking about the other person because they really would want something. that's when regifting is okay. >> reporter: tip number one, only regift nonperishables. >> wine is great to regift. one of the other things great to regift is appliances. >> reporter: tip number two, rewrap and look for notes. >> you have to look through the whole gift, too.
8:21 am
make sure, inside the gift there aren't any notes from somebody else. >> reporter: and if you don't want what happened to will ferrell in "old school" to happen to you. >> to new beginnings. >> actually, i gave this to you for your wedding. >> this model? >> no. this exact one. >> reporter: then use tip number three -- put post-its on all gifts. >> take post-it notes and wrote down who gave you the gift. and who was around when you opened that gift. >> reporter: genius. and tip number four, add to the gift. >> if you get a bottle of wine, buy new wine glasses and make it your own gift. >> reporter: regifting with a touch of class. we asked you guys to send in tweets and facebook us your epic gift fails. this is from lena. she got p.j.s three-times her actual size. >> oh. >> come on, now. come on. >> what were they thinking? they wanted them to be cozy.
8:22 am
>> this is -- opened the box. and got a used candle. >> fail. >> wow. >> this one is from facebook user kisha. you shouldn't have. you really shouldn't have. it was a book, meant for her. but it had been personalized to bob. >> regift. >> this is from allen. this is the most tested of them all. lysol, really? you smell. you're dirty, you need to be disinfected. >> this is from heather. and it is -- this is a bummer. iou. that's not a gift. >> i have has the a gift card. >> no personalized items. no nonperishables. and no cleaning stuff. and make sure they're going to love the regift that you're gifting them. >> yeah. >> okay, thanks. amy. showing off all day.
8:23 am
the beauty shots in the british isles where you spent your entire summer, getting to meet the folks of "downton abbey." >> in addition to taking you behind the scenes of the hit series in tonight's "20/20" special, we go inside some jaw-dropping castles in great britain, to show you what it is like to live as an aristocrat in 2013. just how does the other half live? you might be very surprised. here in this beautiful castle, lives one of scotland's most prestigious and ancient families. the duke of argyle. as in argyle socks. he wears them. just one step below royalty. he is the head of the clan campbell, the largest in scotland. a man of many titles. did you say 26 titles. >> 26. 27, i think. >> reporter: you lost count? he's also a dad. the father of three, small children. his wife, eleanor, who grew up a
8:24 am
cadbu cadbury, as in chocolate, met the duke when she was 18. >> i look at that castle. he's come over the bridge. and that first glimpse, pretty impressed. >> reporter: and who knew one day, you would be living in those walls. >> who knew? certainly not me. >> reporter: it's a house that should look familiar to "downton abbey" fans. it was the location used in last season's finale. >> they all came. they arrived in their carriages and their cars. >> nice to have two. >> i have three. i don't want to be -- >> reporter: the duke's family tree stretches back hundreds of years. >> that's a picture of my grandfather. this is me being page to the queen. >> reporter: page to the queen? not bad as a first job. what was that like? >> terrifying. but quite fun at the same time. >> reporter: you carried the queen's train?
8:25 am
>> it was amazing. you got paid. i bought my first bicycle. >> reporter: and it wasn't his last job. elephant polo, anyone? >> we got 1-1. it was ecstatic. i became captain of the scottish elephant polo team. >> reporter: who knew there was one? i didn't. of the more than 1,500 great estates in britain, more than half are open to the public. advertising for weddings, tours and conferences. they also rent out as film sets. the duke of argyle said he lobbied to bring "downton's" producer. >> they came in through the garden, through there, into here. >> reporter: there's no doubt the exposure on the series has paid off. >> fantastic. all of the publicity. >> reporter: i loved your idea,
8:26 am
though. possibly putting a cut-out hole. >> you, too, can be part of "downton abbey." it would be funny. >> if it helps keep it operational. >> they are working it. the duchess of argyle is in the gift shop. signing books. they have to keep the castles afloat. they cost millions and millions every year, just to run. >> and beautiful, as well. >> it is such a great part of their history. they want to keep it alive. and they want to keep it in their family. >> on "downton abbey" they're always struggling to keep the thing afloat. >> everybody has bills. >> yeah. those are just larger. i want to make sure everybody watches tonight eshgs a special two-hour broadcast called "mysteries of the castle." at 9:00, 8:00 central.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. it's another spare the air day. 19th so far this season. that means it's illegal to burn wood, manufactured fire logs or any other fuel indoors or outdoors through midnight. this video was shot yesterday from our mt. tam cam showing bad air over the bay area. the christmas day spare the air day was a disappointment for folks who have a wood fire on christmas. our air quality index has been at unhealthy for sensitive groups. leyla? we have this accident at the skyline boulevard off ramp from highway 1. just before you start heading
8:28 am
towards daly city, we have this accident. the car versus a tree. you have a little bit of traffic on skyline approaching highway 1. other than that, the bay area quiet. tracy to dublin, 24 minutes right now highway 4 westbound from antioch to concord, 24 minutes. eric? >> leyla, thank vow yao very
8:29 am
temperatures still freezing
8:30 am
up north, 47 in san francisco. accuweather seven-day forecast, dry al ♪ as long as i got my suit and tie ♪ ♪ i'll leave it on the floor tonight ♪ j.t. i know. i don't want to get lit up on twitter. you guys talked over justin. "suit and tie," of course. just one of the many contributions by mr. timberlake this year. what a year for him. and what a year for our friends at "people" magazine, who have selected all of the stars, the big events, the cool trends of 2013. that's all ahead. larry hackett standing in the wings. >> love that song. also love this guy. the chef with the bionic hand. eduardo garcia. a professional chef with an amazing story. we cannot wait to tell you about. the way he prepares tasty dishes
8:31 am
with a high-tech bionic hand. you need to see this to believe it. >> it helped his cooking. it's remarkable. something else you need to see. "12 years a slave." it's generating serious awards buzz. leading the pack in golden globe nominations. it's sure to be a big contender at the oscars, as well. we talk to sara. stay tuned for that one. >> she is amazing. >> yes. right now, though, just five days left. this guy. this guy. five days left until we say hello to 2014. who better to help us look back on an incredible year, than "people" magazine's own larry hackett. he has the highlights from "people's" double-issue, the best and worst of 2013. hello, larry. i want to talk about so many people. let's start with angelina jolie, who you have dubbed the brave one. >> there's no one that uses her celebrity more productive than
8:32 am
angelina jolie. this year, of course, she wrote an essay in "the new york times" about her decision to have a preventive double-mastectomy. she had a gene she thought she was going to increase her chances for cancer. and she chose to have this procedure. she chose to tell people about it. it was incredibly intimate. it was surprising. it led to an incredible conversation about her and about women's choices and the choices they make. it was something. it just galvanized conversation that only celebrities can do. >> certainly know something about that. >> it had an impact on my decision, for sure. that was something unusual. and to know that she did it so bravely, and she's the most beautiful woman in the world, by some accounts. and the fact that she could do it, made me feel a lot more comfortable about my conversation. >> it's an incredible thing. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> somebody else that made an impact this year, kerry washington. you call her tv's first lady. >> she is. the show is what washington to be like. have somebody in the role like
8:33 am
she does. she's a compelling television star. she's a wonderful person. we had met her in washington. we were together. and it's a huge hit. and it's great to see, frankly, an african-american woman leading an american television show like that. >> and carrying it. >> she does. >> a man who carried a show for a few years, but now, perhaps, carrying a family on the side, simon cowell. >> i don't know if you want to say on the side. but, yeah. it will be interesting to see what he's like. this is a guy who makes the grinch look like, i don't know, you know, a happy sort of fellow. it will be interesting to see what he's going to be like. to be honest, his whole reason for being is to cut people down. now, he's going to be a dad. it will be great to see what his personality is like. >> life is changing. >> a man who i think says it all. named person of the year by "time" magazine and "the advocate." pope francis. had a chance to meet him last week. remarkable. the viral vicar. >> you saw it. he's taking the modern tools of
8:34 am
social media and the most ancient of messages. what jesus said and how jesus led, and to push them together and push out controversies has made him a compelling figure. a year ago now, no one knew who this man was. and in a matter of months, he is probably one of the most famous on the planet. >> just remarkable. >> an approval rating of 90% from american catholics. >> i don't know how you transition from the pope to j.t. >> just do it. >> justin timberlake had a phenomenal year. >> he is a modern entertainer. he can entertain. he can sing. he can act. he was on "saturday night live" the other night. he did an imitation of jimmy fallon. if you ask me, he's a lesson to justin bieber. had a transition from teen stardom into true adulthood. and there are people out there, whether it's miley or justin, who struggle to figure it out,
8:35 am
he's figured it out. >> and robin thicke made quite a comeback. >> i don't know if he would want that moment back. perhaps not. i think the controversy there was miley. but he had a huge hit with "blurred lines," which made in the summertime. the money thing, he was the other guy in the miley moment. >> we can't talk about this year without talking about beyonce, who ended the year by surprising the pants off of everybody, with this dropping the album out of nowhere. >> which sold hundreds of thousands of copies, defying the way records are sold in this country, or the world. maybe redefining it for others. the video where she is at the concert. this is someone who knows how to be a pop star. there's no costumes. no craziness. it's her personality. it's her talent. talent wins out. that's what this is all about. >> indeed. larry hackett, thank you. what a year, indeed, for you. all looking forward to 2014. lots of great covers. >> great to see. we need to get a final check, right now, on the
8:36 am
weather, with ginger, who is outside. >> we're outside. and we are so happy to have eva here, visiting new york city. where are you from, eva? >> georgia. she's from georgia. she's been here for one day. can't wait for more new york city. i need to get a hat. let's get to the twitter photos. we put them on tv. a lot of places today, including maui. doesn't that look nice? eva, look at that. so pretty with the palm trees. not so pretty in tulsa this morning. they have freezing fog. that's going to be sticking to the cars, the sidewalks. andrew sent that in. and, boy, be careful when you're out there. and then, the warmth. we're going to see some warming. new york city will go to 47 by saturday. raleigh, going to peak up close to 60. i'll leave you with a look across the nation there. you need to know where the warm and dry spots are. 71 for phoenix for a high today. good morning. i'm mike nicco.
8:37 am
near record high temperatures and poor air quality once again. we'll have low to mid-60s at the coast, mild to upper 60s around the bay. slightly cool we are a dry c >> and we also want to give you the latest. you have a warm coat on. this makes sense. our warm hearts and warm coat drive. we want you to donate gently-warn coats at any burlington store. snap a picture of yourself. and tweet it. if you do, you might see yourself on "gma," like evan. a 2-year-old of california, who has donated eight coats. thank you, evan. he said to help his friends, as he is becoming part of the family's holiday giving challenge. really proud of you, evan. now, let's get a tally of the coats we collected. 74,265 coats. that's just so far. go to on yahoo! to find out how you can donate a coat to someone in need. we can give a big round of applause for that.
8:38 am
now, we'll head back inside. >> thanks, ginger. thank you to 2-year-old evan, that's remarkable. now, to a fantastic app available on itunes who gives everybody a chance to be a disney animator. it's called disney animated. and it really needs to be seen to be believed. check it out. when walt disney voiced mickey mouse in 1940. >> we fooled them. >> reporter: he never imagined that moviemake secrets would someday be revealed in an ipad app called disney animated. >> it shows how walt disney studios makes its movies today. and it incorporates our 90 years of animation history. >> reporter: the making of 53 films. from snow white and the seven
8:39 am
dwarfs. to today's box office hit, "frozen." >> we have a wonderful clip from "the lion king." the early pencil test to the color scene. there's an itunes sample. >> reporter: aspiring animators can get in on the act, manipulating characters. the original pinocchio, the one that inspired artists 73 years ago, is preserved in the animation research library, where vaults were unlocked to create what apple calls the ipad app of 2013. what i like about this is i think you can use it having zero artistic ability, which, speaking for myself, is attractive. >> i'm about to find out. >> you're about to find out. >> yeah. >> i will -- sarina, who knows her way around an ipad like the back of her hand, is going to love that. going to love that. >> i also, i learned something new today. i didn't know that walt disney was the voice of mickey mouse. >> i didn't know that, either. i think they call it film.
8:40 am
>> yes. they do. again, thank you, dan. coming up, sarah paulson, the star of one of the must-see movies, "12 years a slave," will be with us in a moment.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
welcome back. we have an interview, now, with sarah paulson, known for her starring role in the series "american horror story." now, she's in a critically acclaimed 12 years a slave. amy sat down with her to talk about her busy year and this incredible role. >> "12 years a slave" tells the powerful and true story of one man's fight for survival and freedom. it's a true story. the oscar buzz is deafening for this film. i saw it. i see why. for its electrifying star in this, sarah paulson. take a look. sarah paulson's two latest roles are earning her accolades. in "american horror story." >> who is it? >> reporter: and 12 years a slave." >> master bought you to work. that's all. >> reporter: "12 years a slave." one in the best in history.
8:44 am
the oscars. have you thought about what it would be like to win? >> i've been doing this for a long time. i've never been in a movie nominated for an oscar. i've been in some big movies. this is a moment that's not lost on me. >> reporter: in the pic, paulson plays mistress epps. >> i don't think i've played a villain ever. i would like to imagine that's because i'm not a villainous kind of gal. from an acting standpoint, it felt like a challenge. >> reporter: the raw film is being praised as groundbreaking. >> stay out. >> reporter: unfiltered portrayal of slavery. >> i feel like, you know, the hardest things in life to hold are the things that we should probably be investigating. and i think because it's an uglier time in our country's history, people don't want to look at it. >> reporter: but it is a great story of hope, too. >> and the power of the human
8:45 am
spirit. >> reporter: were these the most violent scenes you've ever participated in? >> they are the most violent scenes where i am inflicting. my character on "american horror story" i was on the receiving end. >> reporter: did that help you? >> it was a wild year to play two sides of the same coin. >> reporter: the other side is core delia fox in "american horror story." >> she is the daughter of fiona good, played by jessica lange. i'm a good witch. and jessica's character is a very bad witch. we're at cross purposes. >> reporter: what makes "american horror story" different? >> it's about like sitting on your couch and going on a wild ride that's sometimes quite implausible. but it's something we all kind of wish we could be witches and just desperately wishing you were a member of the coven. and how cool it all seems. >> reporter: when she hangs up her hat and broom -- what happens when you're just sarah? >> a lot of "the real housewives." i really like teresa giudice.
8:46 am
i'm a voracious leader. and i watch the "real housewives" franchise. that's what it's like on my downtime. >> how great is sarah paulson. a brilliant actress. she wanted that part in "12 years." she got it the old-fashioned way. she auditioned for it. and she is so grateful to director steve mcqueen, who says he doesn't care if you're a big name, that you're the best for that role. i encourage everyone to see this movie. >> an important lesson in american history. great interview. coming up, the chef with the high-tech, bionic hand. his amazing story.
8:47 am
8:48 am
...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. now, to the incredible story of eduardo garcia, professional chef. lost his hand in a freak accident. he was determined to keep doing
8:49 am
the thing he loved most. thankfully, he was able to turn to miraculous technology that has him in the kitchen again. in a moment, we're going to do some cooking, eduardo. but first, abbie boudreau has his story. >> reporter: watching ed waer doe garcia in action, brings to mind all sorts of famous chefs. but eduardo has one tool our friends, emeril and mario don't. a bionic hand. that's awesome. oh, my gosh. >> it has about 25 different individual hand functions. and it is remarkable what it can do. >> reporter: unlike the legendary tv character, "the six million dollar man," who knew a thing or two about bionics, ed were doe is the real-life bionic man. he lost his hand in a freak hunting accident two years ago. you were electrocuted? >> absolutely. >> reporter: nine different excite wounds. >> nine different exit wounds.
8:50 am
when you wake up from the anesthesia and you're looking at an ended f eed forearm, you're amputee. it surged the search of how do i cook again? >> reporter: the answer, a bluetooth operated hand. >> contract is your handshake mode. >> reporter: a chef operating without two human hands might seem problematic. at times, eduardo says it is. but he's adapting. that's awesome. and discovering the distinct advantages of bionics in the kitchen. you can grab hot things. >> i can grab things out of an oven. and not get burnt. i don't cut my fingers anymore. >> reporter: for you, it was a game-changer but not a game-ender. >> okay. we have to do it different now. but it's doable. that takes you away from the
8:51 am
focus on, woe is me to whoa. this is me. i place it just here. >> reporter: if you don't believe him, the proof is in his cooking. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. it's good. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, portland, oregon. >> remarkable. i am never going to say i can't in the kitchen ever again. eduardo, it's good to meet you. what are we making today? spiced custard french toast. it's brunch, right? >> a crusty baguette, like this. there we go. >> reporter: it's working right now. you're sending -- there's stimulation coming from muscles in the forearm this is attached to. >> right. >> it knows what you want it to do. >> you have to -- >> literally you're better at this with one hand than i'll be with two. >> go with the gut. a couple of pieces of bread sliced. you want thick bread. want it to absorb the custard. a little melted butter.
8:52 am
and special seasoning, spices. >> we have a little seasoning. >> cream and vanilla extract. >> all goes in. >> it's a dump and blend. you need a medium high heat. get your toast to come in like this. when you get them agitated, give them a flip. >> agitated. agitate the toast. >> that's it. >> and in they go? >> in they go. first one in, that's what you want to hear. >> are there few better sounds? oh. really smells great. >> it's only going to take maybe two minutes per side. >> okay. >> you know you're done when you have a nice, beautiful, golden brown crust. >> also. fingerling potatoes and arugula salad. >> arula, a little lemon oil.
8:53 am
asiago cheese. >> i want to thank you not just for cooking for all of us here. i want to thank you for showing everybody and reminding us all that anything's possible every step of the way, my friend. i really do. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. eduardo garcia. recipes on on yahoo! and we will be right back.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
and tomorrow on "gma," the victoria's secret workout. the trainer to the supermodels will show us how they get that perfect body. >> leave it there, josh. >> thanks for watching. if you're getting out there to return and not regift, be safe. thanks for watching. and we'll see you tomorrow.
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. mike nicco has the forecast. all our neighborhoods could have poor quality for those most sensitive today. near record high temperatures possible at 68 in oakland, would be the second day in a row you have a record high 70, san jose and cloverdale the warm spot. accuweather seven-day forecast, slightly cooler tomorrow with a dry, cool front. warm and dry through the new year. leyla? muni has an inbound subway service dey, slow-moving traffic from church to embarcadero station. we have a spinout southbound 101 at cesar chavez street.
9:00 am
slow traffic there around hospital curve. thank you very much. join us for our midday newscast at 11:00. have a f >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today from "the hunger games" catching fire it's jennifer lawrence and "people" magazine's sexiest man alive adam levine plus we'll do yoga with hilaria baldwint on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [applause]


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