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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  December 26, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight outrage, the ups christmas fiasco, tonight the packages still not there. what ups is now saying and what you're saying, too. "world news" hearing from so many of you. the christmas rescue caught on tape tonight, the hero officer on his way to work suddenly put to work, the dramatic moments right here. >> is there anybody else in the car? held hostage, the american and the new video surfacing tonight and on it his message for president obama. >> it seems that i have been totally abandoned. and the swimming stunner, the sudden attack on families in the water, the piranhas that swarmed them and why seconds made all the difference.
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good evening. it is great to have you with us here on a thursday night. diane has the evening off. on this day after christmas some big questions for shipping giant ups. thousands of families across the country who ordered gifts more than a week ago still asking where are they? the delivery men and women in overdrive, their bosses at ups left explaining how this happened. major retailers pulled into this, too. they, too, promised ups would get those gifts under the tree in time. they're offering ways to make it up to you. so many of you at home giving us an earful, lucky enough to have been with family on christmas but saying it would have been nice to hand them something. abc's alex perez on what ups is now saying. >> reporter: it's the christmas headache shoppers weren't expecting, customers counting on ups to deliver packages on time but ending up with delayed notices instead of gifts. our own viewers airing their grievances. >> ironically, our items are
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sitting in bethlehem, pennsylvania. >> ups made my naughty list this year. >> reporter: ups and fedex which also saw delays say the problems were created by what they called a perfect storm, bad weather, more packages and a shorter delivery season. both spent the day apologizing to customers, saying they expect to deliver all the delayed packages today and fedex saying every single package is important to us. the pressure getting to those delivery people, too. one ups driver who has been at the job for 27 years said this has been the worst christmas ever. ups refuses to say how many packages were affected, but finding outrage wasn't hard. the sister of one of our own abc producers paid extra to have live lobster delivered from maine for christmas eve dinner in chicago. the package showed up today, two days late. >> you got them today, two days after you were supposed to get them. it doesn't really do much for you. >> exactly.
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christmas eve dinner is gone. christmas day dinner is gone. we won't get it back until next year and i don't think we'll be relying on ups next year. >> reporter: it's that kind of backlash that this consumer expert worries could linger. >> i think it will have a psychological impact on what shoppers will do in future seasons. will they stay home or go into the store where they know they walk out with the inventory that they're interested in. >> reporter: companies are scrambling to make good on guaranteed delivery promises, amazon refunding shipping fees and throwing in $20 gift cards. kohl's paying for the items not delivered on time and walmart also dishing out gift cards. just like they've been doing all day, even at this hour, there are still customers coming in here trying to find their packages. >> the holidays already stressful enough. alex, thank you. to the other major hurdle this christmas, the weather. thousands of families eating christmas dinner in the dark and tonight will be no better, the power still out after a deadly ice storm, a man using a flashlight to find his mailbox
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in maine, the house there in the background completely in the dark. power outages from michigan to maine, more than two dozen people died in the storm. the next one hitting before new year's. first the message tonight beginning with the pileup on the treasure russ pennsylvania turnpike. here's abc meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: it was a white day after christmas and a snowy nightmare in pennsylvania, at least four accidents shutting down parts of the turnpike for about eight hours, 35 cars piling up on the slick roads, injuring nine people. that fresh coat of snow also dusting the five-day-old ice. >> this is probably the worst time of year to have this happen. >> reporter: it was a frozen, dark christmas from michigan to toronto to maine as more than 120,000 homes are still without power tonight, including janice arnold from michigan on day five now without power. >> a tough christmas, huh? >> we have a generator now. in the beginning that was a little rough.
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>> reporter: crews working overtime, straight through the holiday to save folks from the extreme cold. >> my kids are at home and they're warm playing playstation and xbox and these kids are just trying to stay warm. >> reporter: the lack of power, including using generators inside which you shouldn't do, has led to at least five deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning, often called the silent killer because you can't see or smell it. carbon monoxide kills more than 400 people each year. symptoms of exposure include headache, dizziness, weakness and confusion. meanwhile in southern california, santa ana winds and record high temperatures, this brush fire near simi valley is now 80% contained. >> important reminder about carbon monoxide. ginger is with us now. for janice, any word when she and thousands of others will get power back? >> she's been told that saturday will be the day she gets her power back. that makes it a full week. >> we're pulling for janice and everyone else.
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you told us of another system brewing just in time for the drive for new year's plans. >> that's the thing. for janice and the others there will be a slight warmup. that's my only good news of the night. as i show you here, david, the warmer air comes up in front of a storm. i want to show you where that storm is going to move. from the southeast it will all be rain. this is saturday night so atlanta may be impacted there, parts of the mid-atlantic into early sunday morning. as it goes up into new england and parts of new york, new jersey, connecticut, all of us here, there will be a rain/snow mix. in the higher elevations not so good for sunday travel. >> deja vu. ginger, we'll see you on "gma." late word of on avalanche in wyoming near jackson hole, a snow boarder losing his life, avalanches hitting earlier than ever. early this week, in fact, a dramatic helmet cam video captured on christmas eve near vail, colorado, a man saving his
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brother's life right there, that brother buried in deep powder. we turn overseas to the new video surfacing of an american kidnapped, on it a desperate plea. warren weinstein went missing in pakistan two years ago. tonight the images of him looking straight into the camera with a message for the president. here's abc's muhammad lila. >> i'm addressing this video to president obama. >> reporter: it's the first proof in more than a year that kidnapped american warren weinstein may still be alive. >> it seems that i have been totally abandoned and forgotten. >> reporter: the 72-year-old was working as a contractor for the u.s. government in lahore, pakistan's second largest city, when gunmen stormed into his house two years ago. since then, us officials, believe he's been held captive by al qaeda's new leader, ayman al zawahri, in one of the most dangerous places in the world, the terror breeding grounds between afghanistan and pakistan. >> there's no way to go into it. we're talking about areas that are thousands of miles long. >> i would hope that my country will now look after me. >> reporter: before today, this was the only video of weinstein. >> my life is in your hands, mr. president.
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>> reporter: released last year, looking healthier, saying his captors would release him if america freed all prisoners at guantanamo bay. today it's a much different picture. suffering from a heart condition, his health is deteriorating. and with the clock ticking, he ends the video with an emotional message to his family. >> i think about each and every one of them every moment of every day of my captivity. >> reporter: david, the state department told us they're working to verify the authenticity of the video but there's no indication that any actual negotiations are underway. all the state department would tell us is that their hopes and prayers go out to weinstein and the many people who miss him. david? >> muhammad lila in our london bureau, thank you. back here at home this evening and to a fast-moving investigation now, the manhunt stretching across three states, the fbi looking for the man they call the christmas cop killer, a candlelight vigil for the officer gunned down in mississippi by armed bank robbers now on the run. abc's ron claiborne on the case tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight the fbi has joined a manhunt for the man in this chilling surveillance photo, showing him entering a bank in mississippi wearing a mask with gun drawn. after robbing the bank police say the suspect and an accomplice gunned down a tupelo police officer and wounded another when they caught up with them stopped at a railroad crossing. >> this is a day that no family, no law enforcement agency and no city wants to ever endure. >> reporter: killed was police officer gale stauffer, a 38-year-old army veteran of the iraq war. severely wounded was joseph maher. in tupelo this week, the grim sight of flags at half staff, of a candlelight vigil on christmas eve. >> i'm at peace with gale because i know he died doing what he loved. >> reporter: police have released this photo of what they called a person of interest, captured by a security camera at a convenience store just a short time before the bank robbery and shooting.
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they say they're making progress in the investigation but so far no arrests. the killing of that police officer made all the more terrible by the fact that he leaves two young children without a father now at christmastime. the manhunt for the suspect is spread across three southern states and the reward for their capture has been upped to $152,000. no break in the case yet. >> horrible story. thank you, ron. to los angeles now and to a dramatic christmas rescue, a bomb squad officer was on his way to work when he spots a car engulfed in flames. abc's aditi roy on what happened next. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: christmas day on one of the busiest freeways in california, a car on fire in heavy traffic -- >> get him out of there! >> reporter: crashed into the center divider of the highway bursting into flames. look closely as officer don thompson, a 26-year veteran with the los angeles police department who was heading to work, braves the flames to help the driver. >> is there anybody else in the
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car? >> reporter: that's the voice of drew gash, on the other side of the highway, watching the scene unfold, recording it all. >> it went up here and it skidded along there that whole way. >> reporter: other bystanders rushed to help. officer thompson says his reaction was instinct. fighting the searing flames up his arms and knowing he only had seconds to save the man's life, thompson found the seatbelt release button. >> i said it's now or never. either you're going to get him out or he's going to burn alive. i grabbed him with two hands and i started pulling him out. >> wow, they saved that guy's life. they pulled him out just in time. >> reporter: the driver has now been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, lucky to be alive. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> one incredible officer. to another rescue under way this evening, this one moving a bit more slowly because of where they need help. the edge of antarctica where 70
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people are stranded trapped in heavy ice. abc's gio benitez now on how they plan to get them out. >> reporter: the ship is packed with 74 tourists and researchers on an antarctic adventure. they set sail from new zealand december 8th. here they are a week later, thrilled to finally find sea ice. >> the australaisan antarctic expedition has finally made it to the ice. look at that view. >> reporter: but as the days wore on, that sea ice became more chilling than thrilling. slowing the ship to a freezing halt. >> as you can see we're actually in a blizzard at the moment. >> reporter: and now, they're trapped. >> and we have wind speeds of 50 kilometers per hour, reaching in excess of 70 kilometers per hour. the vessel hasn't moved for the last two days and we're surrounded by sea ice. we just can't get through. >> reporter: the tourists and researchers were retracing the steps of explorers from 100 years ago, looking at these famous huts built in 1911, studying the local wildlife. temperatures near zero, with
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heavy winds, weather that could make the rescue dangerous. but even so, the explorers are in good spirits, passing the time by doing even more research. ice-breaking ships are now rushing to rescue the passengers, like this one sent by the chinese, the snow dragon. but david, it'll be hours before this ship arrives to help. >> thank you, gio. to a close call for families swimming, suddenly stunned when they were surrounded by piranhas. they got out but not unscathed, and abc's matt gutman on the dramatic pictures from south america tonight. >> reporter: in feeding frenzies like this one captured by animal planet's "river monsters," piranha can devour everything, even bone. and so it was on this argentine beach on christmas day, packed not just with bathers but a pack of piranha, attacking dozens of swimmers right on the shores of argentina's second largest city of rosario. chomping into these men, and biting off one girl's fingers, one of the worst attacks in memory.
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officials say the beach was packed with thousands of bathers because of the soaring heat. the heatwave also being blamed for drawing in piranha. the fish have long fed into big popular nightmares, fodder for hollywood flicks like "piranha 3-d." watch this nat geo video of an egret falling into piranha-infested waters. the water seems to boil as they devour the bird, leaving only feathers. in fact, pound for pound, a piranha's bite is more powerful than a great white shark's, and three times stronger than a gator's. and they can smell blood from up to two miles away. but as we learned when we swam with anacondas in the amazon last year -- >> this is insane. >> reporter: and tracked jaguars in streams teaming with piranhas. the critters most often leave humans alone, which is why just hours later the swimmers were back, banking the piranha wouldn't take another bite. matt gutman, abc news, miami.
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to a more welcome scene from london this evening, a christmas week message from the queen, after her growing royal family with their newest prince made their way to the christmas service there. abc's lama hasan from london now. >> reporter: a traditional walk to a christmas church service, one of the last royal appearances in an unforgettable year with the birth of prince george this summer. >> he's got a good pair of lungs on him. >> reporter: from that first royal wave on baby george's christening day to newly released images behind the scenes of that big debut. >> it was quite funny because you saw kate pulling george's hand away from his mouth because he was trying to chew his fist. >> reporter: with great-grandma flanked in christmas photos with her annual christmas message. >> as so many of you well know, the arrival of a baby gives everyone the chance to contemplate the future. >> reporter: a year of new beginnings and milestones, the queen marking 60 years on the throne.
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the princes embarking on their own adventures from harry's grueling trek across antarctica to william taking on a more royal role. but not before trying his hand at karaoke with john bon jovi and taylor swift, all in the name of charity of course. so what's on the royal cards next year? you can bet the younger royals will be out and about as the queen and prince philip scale back their duties, gradually changing the royal guard. lama hasan, abc news, london. much more ahead on "world news" this thursday night. the "real money" team is here. if you got one of those gift cards for a store you don't like, did you know you can use that card someplace else? we had no idea until now. stay tuned. and listen to this -- ♪ come on baby it's -- ♪ you >> the duet and the moment that
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the "real money" team this christmas week with help for anyone who got a gift card for a store you don't really like. turns out there is a place online that will give you more options than you think. here's abc's linzie janis tonight. >> reporter: the christmas shopping season is in overtime, retailers desperate to make up for weak sales before the holidays, offering even deeper discounts. with those deep sales come all those returns. but you might want to act fast. tonight a warning from the better business bureau, many stores have tightened their return policies. the hardest things to take back? electronics and appliances. at best buy you have until january 15th. now is the time to use those gift cards. >> the goal is to get the
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shopper in there and redeem the gift card so the retailer gets that food traffic. >> reporter: here's a tip. some companies like the gap allow you to use your card at its other stores like banana republic and old navy. what about that gift card that grandma gave you to a place you would never dream of shopping. your best bet, online swap sites like or you might be able to trade a bed, bath & beyond for a best buy or even sell your gift card for close to face value. whatever you do, don't stick it in a drawer and forget about it. $1.7 billion in gift cards went unused last year, and that just doesn't make sense. linzie janis, abc news, new york. when we come back here on "world news," the unexpected christmas gift, airfares, tickets for 20 bucks, round trip for $47, the deal that took off today. ♪ [ male announcer ] what kind of energy is so abundant, it can help provide the power for all this?
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puzzling note on their website for their employees, pulling it down in fact. turns out there was a health warning on their own site about the unhealthy dangers of, of all things, fast food. a burger and french fries and next to it the caption "unhealthy choice." mcdonald's saying tonight the site is being re-evaluated. a delta glitch tonight giving travelers a bit of an extra christmas present, airfares that appeared to be too good to be true. round trip coast to coast, new york to los angeles, 28 bucks. boston to honolulu and back, $68. get this, delta saying it will honor those flights. there is a santa. beyonce keeps granting holiday wishes, this time from las vegas, the sweetest serenade to a real survivor that made even the diva tear up. ♪ i'm a survivor >> the girl right there, taylon, is battling brain cancer, her dream of meeting beyonce coming true in front of thousands of cheering fans. they even got to break out a few moves together before beyonce went back stage.
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moves with school children coast to coast. here tonight abc's sara haines. >> reporter: imagine doing this. and this. and this. for two and a half hours, eight times a week. it's the life of a newsie, the hit '90s movie transformed into the hit tony-award-winning broadway musical. the true story of paperboys in 1899 banding together for change. but now these newsies are banding together for a different kind of change. one in three children in america are overweight or obese, and these boys have a genius way to help fix that. teaching their signature choreography to elementary schools across the country when they come to town on tour. inspiring a room full of newsies in the making to start making moves. >> they taught us even when you
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are small you can do big things. >> if you believe in something you can do it. >> was it fun for you guys to go to school today and be like rock stars? >> it's always cool seeing the faces of the kids. >> definitely very fortunate to have a job where it's what we love to do. >> it's such a great thing that's happening. >> reporter: they had one more lesson to teach. they show me the steps and make it look so easy. sara haines, abc news, new york. >> she pulled it off. from this newsie, thanks for watching. for diane sawyer and all of us at abc news, we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. good night. >> i want to be safe. >> a veteran disappeared after checking out of the hospital. >> and an announcement from the family of a 13-year-old girl and
5:59 pm
their fight to keep her on life support. >> many are angry on the day after christmas. >> the shopping frenzy isn't over. the big rush for sales >> the family of a 13-year-old girl on life support is making arrangements to move her out of children's hospital. i just got a text frlt uncle about this. the family of the 13-year-old tells abc7 news they found another care facility they plan to move the girl. >> jahi suffered complications following a routine tonsillectomy. she was declared brain dead the lawyer says the family is teen yating whether it should appeal a decision allowing childrens hospital to take jahi off a vent later.
6:00 pm
>> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> the search for a missing veteran last seen here in the bay area. >> derek williams has been missing since last week, last seen checking out of the hospital. >> one of his friends is heading up the search. he served in the military and they spent the afternoon setting up a command post and making a plan to turn over every stone until they find him. finding a missing person is nothing new to these men. they have done this before.


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