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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 27, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. on friday morning the last one of 2013 and we will send it out in style. >> i am matt keller with the weekend ahead of us and the fight hunger bowl tonight. a lot is happening in the bay area. we will check with mike nicco and a look at the weather photograph. how does it look? >> great for football. if you like mild temperatures, maybe the low 60's to start, upper 50's by the end of the game, no rain, in snow, kind of my football. maybe a little bore in that respect. now, live doppler 7 hd shows the clouds are starting to roll in and we will have increasing high and mid-level clouds but not enough moisture to get any type of rain out of it. it will drop our temperatures by a couple of degrees and we are still warmer-than-average with most of us in the low-to-mid 60's today. leyla gulen? >> as we look at san jose, that
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is a quiet commute with no accidents to report and no construction, most of our construction across the bay area is wrapped up. as we look at 85, nice and top speeds and 69 miles per hour, 280 is looking clear coming away from 101 right at cupertino. highway 101 is looking great beyond the san jose airport. if you have a flight to catch, it will not be delayed. drive time traffic 580 from tracy to dublin is 23 minutes along highway 4 westbound, and antioch to concord is 15 minutes and 101 southbound through san rafael into san francisco that is under 20 minutes and here is a picture of the 680 freeway making the drive from pleasant hill to walnut creek and it is nice and clear. matt? >> thank you, leyla gulen, a search for a navy veteran seen a week and a half ago check out of a san francisco hospital will begin this morning. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is in san francisco with more. good morning, amy. matt, this is where they will meet on market street to
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start the sent it is going to be thorough search. friends and family say that they have not heard from derek sell in a week. he came to visit a friend over the holiday and he was not acting like himself so friends checked him into the hospital. he was there for two days and released and hasn't been seen since. loved ones say it is time to start searching. they worried about him. >> we will just split the city up interest a number of zones and the goal is to take search teams and assign them to the zones in the city. >> i will not leave san francisco until i have turned this place upside down looking for him. >> they have put flyers out that describe him as being 6' tall, 200 pounds with blue eyes and a scar on the forehead. he is a navy veteran of iraq and afghanistan so the search will start at the veteran's center on
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market street in san francisco. thank you, amy. a new twist in the case of a brain dead 13-year-old oakland girl. an undisclosed medical care facility is offering to take in jahi mcmath but children's hospital oakland is refusing to provide the routine surgery she needs to be moved there. jahi mcmath suffered complications from a tonsillectomy that was routine leaving her brain dead and on a ventilator. on tuesday a judge ruled the hospital does not have to keep her on life support beyond monday at 5:00 p.m. the family is holding out hope she can recover at another facility but the facility requires a feeding tube be implanted first. children's hospital oakland says it is unethical to perform surgery on a deceased person. >> this is not the first time children's has been embroiled in this type of controversy. an investigative report by our media pan found an incident two
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years ago when another young girl went in for tonsil surgery and left brain damaged. the 11-year-old girl can for longer walk or talk. her parents sued and settled if more than $4 why -- $4.4 million. >> we just learned a snow booeder killed in an avalanche in jackson hole had ties to the bay area and identified at 29-year-old who recently moved to jackson. he went to school at uc berkeley and a former employee of hot wire. he loved the cal bears and san francisco according to the relatives. >> from san jose, a, worry was rescued from the back of a garbage truck. at five o'clock last night the san jose fire department says the man suffered a broken ankle and the department's search-and-rescue team was called to pull the injured worker out. he is expected to be okay. no word on how he helped up in the back of a garbage truck in
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the first place. >> a.c. transit bus workers will vote own a new contract after a tentative deal last friday was reached. members voted down two previous offers. union leaders are fought revealing details of the new proposal but they say they were able to make changes that the rank and file asked for. this morning, vallejo police have two men in custody in a string of armed robberies after arresting one for attempted murder. 20-year-old is accuses of shooting a 22-year-old man december 8 that sent the victim interest a coma during the arrest on monday, that they took 19-year-old suspect into custody. according to investigators the two men were involved in several armed robberies in vallejo and fairfield with some of the stolen items found in their possession. happening today, we will getten site into the police investigation into last year's newtown shooting massacre with thousands of pages of documents
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released until you text, photos and 9-1-1 calls from the sandy hook elementary school where 20 children were murdered along with six adults before the suspect took hyson life. >> poll shows oakland mayor leading next year's mayor's race. according to our media partner, the oakland tribune says she could be the frontrunner in the mayoral election as long as city council member stays out of the race. a commissioned poll by an oakland pro business group showed the mayor placing first against the country field of challengers although more than half of the respondents disabroad of her job performance but dropped to second praise in a separate mock race including the city council member. >> a poll shows former secretary of state hillary clinton and new jersey governor chris christie are neck and neck if the
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election were told hold with christie slightly leading. >> hearing what a judge should block a decision to revoke the accreditation of city college of san francisco will continue on monday. a pack house attended the hearing in superior court and the teachers union and the city of san francisco are suing the private agency that acredits the city college to reevaluate the changes. the city anddown want an injunction to prevent the college from losing accreditation in july. lawyers filed a countersuit asking the judge to toss out the only lawsuit because the city and union have no standing to sue. now, another "spare the air" day, mike? >> poor air quality, likely again today our 20th of the season. our 30th of the year. that is a record for any calendar year, a record for a winter season is 30 from the
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2006 and 2007 winter. now, a look at yesterday, these are the records: oakland at 68, spot on. 79 in monterey, the 5 the day in a row that someone in san francisco or monterey bay set a record high. from the roof this morning, that 68 in oakland will drop to 66 today which is not a record and we will drop two degrees or three degrees in san francisco down to 62 and drop a degree in fremont to 66 and a degree warmer in san jose at 66 and santa rosa is 66 and concord is 64th same as yesterday. as far as what will happen here is the day planner, 30 to 48 and high clouds are reallying -- are rolling in, and low-to-mid 60's mainly a few spots could hit the upper 60's way down around gilroy and, say, morgan hill. and we will all be in the low-to-mid 50's with dry conditions through evening plans this friday. now, the plans to get out the door. leyla gulen?
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>> well, today, at 6:00 p.m., we have our friday critical mass and it is the last friday of the month and that is what we have, critical mass, it will start at the foot of market street so make sure that you head out and prepare for that. we do have at least 39 bart trains that are currently rolling right now, as well, and we take you to the east bay here is highway 24 making the drive from walnut creek and lafayette and orinda with top speeds through the caldecott tunnel and into piedmont and oakland, highway thin, 65 miles per hour and 67 miles per hour on 580 as we start getting closer to the maze. 880, from fremont to the maze is 32 minutes northbound 101 and san rafael to the golden gate bridge is 26 minutes. the drive through san jose, 101 coming to the nimitz and beyond the san jose airport, it is clear and accident-free. eric and matt? >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> watch for more deals from
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retailers over the weekend with the bloomberg business report next. >> struggle for millions of jobless americans will get tougher. >> power is restored to thousands of homes and businesses hit by an ice storm
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, it is friday the 27th day of
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december which means the new year is almost here and high definition picture of san francisco with some of the deck coreations still up with more on the traffic and weather situation for the weekend coming up. >> if santa brought you a new iphone or ipad you can make the gift greater with the latest version of the abc7 news app with new features. you make the text as big as you want and iphone users can use the new use >> in international space station two astronauts will spend seven hows installing cameras that will beam back video of the earth's changing surface that will be accessible on the web. american astronauts have made two spacewalks this week to
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repair a faulty cooling system on the orbiter. >> if you hit the stores for post holiday shopping you will find incredible deals. >> we join with the bloomberg business report from the new york stock exchange. ellen, good morning. >> good morning. that is right, what we are seeing is deals from retailers at every corner we town, old navy, gap, just some of the stores cutting prices by 50 percent or more in some cases. consumers will be out in force this weekend looking for budget ans and it will be the busiest shopping times of the year with discounts so big they could hurt retailers' bottom line. wal-mart is offering $25 gift cars for consumer whose did not get the packages in time for christmas. the company's problem and the promise to allow people to order online and ice if up the stores may have backfired with some come blipping the items were not ready. as we return to the markets we are quiet for futures, so we
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could keep or hold on to the record close we saw yesterday. i know is been talking about how delta says they will honor tickets it sold on the website for rock bottom prices year, and they selling in some cases $6.930 for a trip to hawaii! they do not know how many were sold or the financial impact but if you do want to take advantage of the mistakes like these, sign up to online fare alerts and monitor the website and book right away when you find something that seems unbelievable because you can worry about the travel dates later on. thank you. netflix is apologizing for an interruption to the streaming service, and the company says a temporary outage affects viewers in the united states and canada and latin american, and says it took 45 minutes to restore service. it has not indicated what caused the interruption.
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>> extended federal unemployment benefits end tomorrow for 1.3 million jobless americans. a program signed into law back in 2008 expired on saturday and congress has extended federal agency of a long-term jobless 11 times but an extra lifeline was not included in the latest budget deal. a partisan group of lawmakers is prop posing a short term extension if three months but congress will not cover it until it reconvenes. >> there is good problem restoring power to residents in michigan, maine and canada after the ice storm the right now, 52,000 customers are without power in michigan, and 38,000 in toronto they are in the dark. in maine sit down to 6,700. at the beginning of the week, 500,000 were without electricity and crews have been working double shifts to get them up and running. >> the sucks beautiful but it brings power likes like no one's
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business. >> and it is a scary sound when the branches crack. i have been through a couple of the ice storms and it is scary. >> good morning, everyone, here is the visibility: back at home you can sigh the high clouds are taping over already, and that will probably preclude anything for from forming. we are just a little hazy around hayward and livermore right now. we will talk about temperatures if you are headed for san francisco coming across the golden gate bridge it is 4 degrees. coming in through the ferry building, 51 but cooler as you walk into downtown and 48 degrees. 51 in the mission, portrero hill, the presidio is 52 and ocean beach is 53 degrees right now. richmond is 44 along with san leandro, and 40 in union city and palo alto is 34 degrees. santa clara is 34 and freezing cold in walnut creek and 32 and close to pleasanton and pittsburg is 38.
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from tracy, it is 34. not teach of a breeze across the altamont pass this morning. 34 in petaluma. looking down from sutro tower it looks to be a clean air mass and we are not looking very far so it could be deceiving. we have more clouds that will keep us not so warm today. it will not bring us any rain. poor air may stop this weekend because it will be sunny and warm into the new year. now, driest years, using san francisco and look how much we are going to shatter this record, the calendar year 1917 we had only 9" of rain and this year 5.9". it is not much. compared to the previous record, that is what so scary, and it is no coincidence we have so many "spare the air" days because it is the same weather pattern that is where us the stagnant air mass, number 20, fifth
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consecutive this go around. no record highs today but low-to-mid 60's in most neighborhoods, and cloverdale is 68 along morgan hill and 70 at santa cruz, temperatures tonight are the same as this morning with low-to-mid 30's inland and upper 30's to low 40's at the bay shore and the coast. 9 clouds will decheese low-to-upper 60's so a warming trend and we will gain the warmth tomorrow and warmer on sunday and low-to-mid 60's on tuesday and into the new year, wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. leyla? >> our maps show a stalled vehicle that is blocking the transition of the middle lane on southbound highway 29 to westbound highway 37. if you are in the area of american canyon right now, you will find the slow down. so, it looks like more volume is building on highway 37 in the westbound detection. drive time traffic 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 51 minutes and
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along highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains from highway one to los gatos it is 25 minutes. here is a look from our emeryville camera, you can see the traffic is moving well coming arm from the maze into san francisco and from emeryville camera you can see the traffic is light but building as we round our way over to treasure island and into san francisco but right now it is only going to take you 11 minutes to get there. ahead, seven things to know as you start your day.
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a new facility but children's hospital oakland refuses to surgeally attach a ventilator that she would need first. the hospital calls it unet cetera california to perform surgery on someone who is deseized. >> two, the search for a missing navy veteran gets underway to morning in san francisco. 3-year-old derek williams sells has not been seen for a week and it is not like him to drop drop off the grid. >> snow booeder killed in an avalanche in jacksonville, wyoming, has been identified, formerly of san francisco. 29-year-old went to uc berkeley. in louisiana a man attacked his former in-laws and his wife, killing three people at the hospital before killing himself. the shootings happened about 40 miles from new orleans. five, new concerns of security in our nation's major airports up to two alarming
5:25 am
christmas day incidents a map caught on camera running up to a southwest airlines plane that just landed. while in new jersey a map dressed in women's clothing breached the security system at newark airport before being stopped. oak, san francisco sal, san jose, you have the worst air quality right now at number 20 issued for the winter. i will have an update on the temperature reprieve from poor air quality possible this weekend and in the near record high temperatures that will be set in the seven-day forecast. from san jose it is quiet out there, and look behind me this is the bay bridge where traffic is funneling in smoothly as you head from the maze and toward san francisco, just about 11 minutes. we have a couple of fender benders here, stalled cars but that is it. i will tell you where the hotspots are coming up. john kerry is the newest member of the dog pound. this video shows the secretary
5:26 am
of state with rapper snoop dogg at 36th annual kennedy honors celebration discussing jazz musician keyboardist honored along with other artists from stage, screen and radio. >> hundreds at a connecticut starbucks were inspired to pay forward and pick up the tab for strangers over the christmas holiday. the change of giving started when a customer offered to pay for the next in line on christmas eve. the recipient of the free drink extended it to another pay ron and by the time the store closed 300 customers paid forward. a gift that keeps on giving by 5 p.m. the number reached 720 customers. >> straight ahead the top stories. >> a small plane crashes in fresno, killing a man and a young boy and what investigator believe caused the plane to go down and a honor for two bay
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area hig
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, happy friday and thanks for joining us. i am matt keller. >> first up we will look at the weather forecast for the last weekend of 2013. mike? >> mike nicco here for old man winter who goal asleep under the tree and has not woken up. we have high clouds coming in with a cold front coming in through quietly knocking a few degrees off of the temperatures because of the filtered sunrise and otherwise, warmer-than-average day with poor air quality. here is the first forecast: 62 to 68 inland and up to 67 at bay and low-to-mid 60's at the coast and we have strong riptides and sneaker waves are possible through the afternoon at our beaches.
5:30 am
>> headed to solano county we have a stalled vehicle eastbound highway 12 at 80 and we are look eastbound traffic on i-80 westbound through fairfield and over to vallejo it is a great drive. right now, southbound side of highway 29, sonoma boulevard to westbound 37, we have a stalled car blocking the middle lane but look at northbound direction, heavy traffic and you can see a few cars running at a slow speed. interest san jose, northbound 280 we have a few extra cars coming away from highway 17 but other than that, uneventful. >> another legal battle looms offer the health care of 13-year-old jahi mcmath, the familien whats to move the young girl who still is on life support at children's hospital oakland. abc7 news reporter joins us from the newsroom why that. >> the fight to save jahi mcmath has a new twist.
5:31 am
children's hospital oakland will help her be moved to a different facility but argue that the move should not include new treatment. undisclosed medical care facility is offering to take in 13-year-old jahi mcmath but they are requiring she have an implanted feeding tube that the insurance company is willing to pay for but hop help is refusing to do this. she suffered complications after a routine tonsillectomy leaving her brain dead and on a vent >> the judge did not authorize or order any surgical procedures or transfer to another facility. children's hospital oakland does not believe performing surgical procedures on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical situation. >> whose definition of death are we taking? the court determined a technical
5:32 am
definition of brain dead. i have spent time with jahi mcmath. she is breathing with the assistance of the tube. >> the family's attorney went on to say that jahi mcmath's family said the next move is to go do court to ask the judge to issue an order to have the procedure done but they will have to move quickly after the judge issued an order to keep her on a haven't late only until monday at 5:00 p.m. >> thank you, the nonprofit group consumer watch dog is using jahi mcmath case to raise money to fight to lit the $250,000 cap on pain and suffering in malpractice lawsuits. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the group sent an e-mail yesterday saying and i quote, "hospitals like children's hospital oakland actually have an incentive to let children like jahi mcmath die." they say that hospitals are motivated to let mall practice victims die to avoid paying for a life time care. children's hospital oakland responded saying the hospital
5:33 am
find it "reprehensible they are take advantage of the tragic death of jahi mcmath to raise funds." >> fremont police are asking for witnesses to come forward to an accident involving a fire department vehicle. the accident shut down the intersection for six hours last night. an s.u.v. being driven by a fire chief collided with another vehicle at the intersection. the jeep was responding to an emergency and both drivers were treated for the injuries and releases. the intersection did not re-open until before 11:00. authors are warning anyone headed to bay area benches to watch out for sneaker waves and strong riptides. there is a coastal hazards alert for help ifs all the way from sonoma county to monterey. this is a shot of conditions right now at pacifica pier. when the waves are really big you can see them scraping the bottom the pier.
5:34 am
the warm weather and the holiday week are drawing a lot people to the beach and coast guard says many beachgoers do not realize how quickly the large waves sweep in. >> the local fire crews searched the wear around rockaway beach in pacifica yesterday afternoon after getting caught in the waves. this is the seen. the crews accepted not dark but never found the surfer. >> in a few hours the search is underway in san francisco if a miss navy veteran. the 30-year-old d." -- derek williams sell checked out of a hospital and disappeared. he was on break from college in portland but he wasn't acting like himself and they took him to the hospital on the 15th. he stayed two days and left. our reporter is if san francisco gearing new details about the search with a report next half
5:35 am
hour. >> developing news where investigators are expected to start going through the wreckage of a small plane that crashed in the front yard of a home. the plane went down last night near the fresno executive airport killing a man and young boy. the officials say the pilot was trying to land when the plane clipped the tall tree. he tried to regain criminal the plane but went down in a neighborhood about 800' from the runway. fresno bee is reporting the boy was the pilot's nephew and the family was waiting for them at the airport. >> officials say that health care website is up and running normally this only, and the site was down for three hours after an audit discovered some "irregularities." officials will not say what they were but they do say it was not an attempted hacker attack. cover california extended the sign up deadline for john 1 coverage again so you now have until monday to complete the process if you want k starting new area's day.
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>> one bay area bank has issued thousands of new credit carts because of the breach at target. the bay area federal credit union has given if you cards to 5,000 of the 55,000 customers among the 40 million people a affected by the breach. other banks are considering a similar move. target has added more support staff tripling the number people do deal with concerned shoppers. >> happening today, the pittsburg high school marching band is leaving for london taking part in the new year's day parade seen around the world if london. this is video from youtube. students raised $80,000 to pay for the eight day trip. this is not the first time the marching band has been invited to play in aerly would class city. in 2009 they performed in the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. the oak grove high school band in san jose is also headed to
5:37 am
london for the parade. this individual joe from their 2010 performance when early this month a thief stole $5,000 from a weekly bingo game, their biggest fundraiser. a bingo website later replaced that website. >> byu and washington meet in the fight hunger bowl the first bowl game ever to have two female officials on the field. the teams met for lunch yesterday at the hotel and that is quite a contrast from monday when they served meals to the hopeless. for each ticket sold they donate a meal to the needy providing 300,000 miles to day the game starts at 6:30 on our sister network espn. >> wonder what the weather will be like? mike? >> quiet. decreasing clouds, temperatures starting around 60 but falling into the mid-50's with just a very light breeze. not like in the summertime when
5:38 am
it is blowing hard at at&t park. good luck to both teams and everyone is going. mid-30's at woodside and 35 in menlo park and foster city is 36 and redwood city up to 37. we have low-to-mid 40's for san mateo and belmont and san bruno and half moon bay is 45. san carlos and hayward at 43 and oakland is 41 and san jose and los gatos are 39, and freezing cold in san ramon at 32 and 30 in santa rosa. livermore is 34 degrees. clouds are arrive right now, and temperatures are all over the place and microclimates in the morning from the mid-30's to the low 50's and in the mid-50's to low 60's at noon with thick are high clouds throughout the afternoon and keeping our temperatures down a little exit upper 50's to low 60's at 4:00, and upper 40's to low 50's head out in the evening but it will build quiet. we will be in the low-to-upper 60's on saturday and sunday and our warmest day is sunday with
5:39 am
the warmth stay around. leyla gulen? >> it is holiday light. as we head over to the altamont pass, not much just congestion building with volume at 60 miles per hour from tracy and into dublin as you continue the dry in the westbound direction to highway 84 through livermore and 43 miles per hour and you continue to the dublin interchange and you still at top speeds and this is how long it will take you if you are traveling from tracy to castro valley, 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport at 11 minutes and 280 northbound from one to san francisco through daily city that is nine minutes. as we head back to the east bay here is 680 frommenten hill a -- from pleasant hill only taking you nine minutes to the highway four junction. >> should barbie have a fuller figure? a grow debate over a plus-sized
5:40 am
version of the doll and problem a nutritionist has with either version. >> a new year's tradition is underway this morning, the rush to put the finishing touches on the floats by next week. >> a man hops a fence and gets on a runway at an east coast
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5:43 am
>> security officials in lebanon say powerful car bomb that exploded in beirut this or has killed five people including a prominent pro western politician. the blast injured 70 others. officials say the dead politician a senior aide to a firm prime minister who leads a western-backed coalition. they are locked in a bitter nude with hezbollah group. >> help is arriving for a ship trapped in frozen ice off the coast ofant -- of antarctica. a chinese ice breaker is 15 miles away. on board are 74 scientists, tourists and crew members said to be safe with plenty of provisions. three ice breakers have been trying to reach the ship since
5:44 am
christmas eve. the captain hopes to reach the ship later today. authorities in new jersey are reexamining their new multimillion dollar security system after a man hop add fence, crossed two runways and made it to an airline terminal before ever being stopped. the 24-year-old man climbed a fence along the new jersey turnpike and made it to the airport property and he walked away. he was dressed in women's clothing. the airport said that the new $300 million security system works as it should and are now looking into whether human error is to blame. >> an image of barbie, plus sized barbie, is sparking a lot of debate, plus-sized model, posted this photo and said should ficanos make plus-sized barbie dolls. 40,000 people liked the idea but not necessarily the image. >> there should be a variety of sizes of barbie.
5:45 am
>> if idea? >> yeah. double chin is not necessary. >> i prefer to see a curvy barbie without a triple chin. >> the dietitian and nutritionist calls plus-size obese and said she did not like either doll and said there needs to be a middle ground to fixing average girl. this word from the word. should barbie come in blues size? go to our facebook page to join in the conversation. >> the values too are busy in southern california warehouse trimming and glueing like crazy for the rose bowl parade. they could not work on floats until stating yesterday. they are buzzing with activity. every inch must be covered from top-to-bottom with natural materials. they get creative.
5:46 am
>> from the rice to the oatmeal to the seeds we have made roses from sunflower seeds. never thought of doing that, you know? crazy. >> from k-9s to killer whales, bears to birds and the sights and sounds will amaze everyone. coverage on new year's day from pasadena starting at 8:00 a.m. right here on abc7. >> this is a tropical rose bowl this year, right? >> absolutely, in 80's down there and they are close enough that why think their wet will change, either, is, short sleeves and sunscreen. we have video of rough surf happening right now and you can see pacifica right there, the pier, the foam from the waves as they are crashing hadder and higher on the rocks this morning. we do have the beach has arrested statement in effect through this afternoon and temperatures at the beaches have been hitting 70 in some areas so you could be technologied to go through and the water, still, is
5:47 am
in the low 50's so, very cold. if you do venture out, want out for the strong rip currents in the sneaker waves coming up on the beaches at least through the afternoon hours. live doppler 7 hd shows haze around hayward and livermore and otherwise the high clouds are coming in and they will keep thing for from forming this morning. exploritorium showing lights on the bay bridge and the art work, and still right now as we look back to the port of oakland and this is the backdrop to talk about the clouds coming in with a cold front that will keep us above average but not quite as warm as it was yesterday. unfortunately it doesn't have any rain. watching the bay area air quality management district, the website shows they have tomorrow and sunday in the moderate category for air. they come out at 1:30 with a new forecast so we will watch it. until then, possibly better air this weekend. sunny and warm all the way into the new year.
5:48 am
i don't see any rain until possible later on into the first week of january. thickening high clouds and mid-clouds keeping us in the low-to-mid 60's so, rather warm and 62 in san francisco, half moon bay to 66 in santa rosa, and napa and oakland, and fremont, and san jose, 70 in santa cruz and 68 in morgue be hill and temperatures are low-to-mid 30's inland and to the coast, 47 in san francisco, the mild spot. here is what is happening, a couple of areas of high pressure are getting squeezed by the front in the trough that coming with it, and it is dragging up the high clouds which is the big difference in the forecast today compared to the other couple of days. they are getting increasingly thicker and lowering through the lunch hour and all the way into the evening hours but that will make for a mild evening because the atmosphere will not cool down quite is quickly for friday evening. low-to-upper 60's tomorrow and mid-to-upper 60's with total sunshine on sunday and
5:49 am
low-to-upper 60's on monday and low-to-mid 60's saying goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014. >> 45 bart trains now run on time, and also, bart will run until 3:00 a.m. on new year's eve, so an expanded surface and for the holiday, holiday service for sausalito ferry and expanded holiday service so using the terries that is what we have so update your schedule and know which mass transit agencies are running or running on holiday schedule closer to the new year holiday. as we look right now into san francisco, critical mass tonight at 6:00 p.m. so if you are taking to the bicycle today, that is where we start. here is drive time traffic in the east bay traveling away from the albany area, from the maze to the hoffman split is four minutes on westbound 80 from
5:50 am
fremont to san jose, continue minutes, and northbound 280101 to cupertino is ten minutes. the time is dipping down and we have in traffic to speak of out there. holiday lite it is. >> 5:50. coming up, new details on a possible new larger infad and deficit are reaps new heights on the stock market and some are skeptical about the rising share prices. >> families find themselves attacked by something the
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5:53 am
good morning, from the international space station, two cosmonauts are working outside of the space station and will take seven hours to install high resolution cameras to photograph the earth and using in future spacewalks. pretty impressive. >> one day you will be able to tap into the cameras and watch on the web what they seeing. fedex and u.p.s. are playing catch up after failing to deliver thousands of packages. crews is worked around the clock to finish the job. fedex and u.p.s. blame a perfect storm if bad weather and increase in on-line orders and a shooter delivery season but angry customers say that is little comfort to children who cannot understand how santa would let them down. amazon is tieing to make good with refunds and kohl's is
5:54 am
refunding items not delivered on time and wal-mart is offering gift cards to frustrated customers. >> twitter is reach new heights with shares of the social media company closing at all time high of $73.31. analysts are skeptical about the riding stock price calling it over valued for a company that has enough turned a profit. others are more optimistic pointing to the potential to make more money from online advertise. >> larger ipad could, on the way with a website saying that a 13" version could debut in october citing apple supply chain is saying the larger ipad is targeting the educational market. apple is not saying anything but the c.e.o. promised "big plan next year." >> we have big plans for the weekend with a lot of football in the bay area. mike? >> a little bit tonight, and
5:55 am
hunger bowl at at&t park, and temperatures are in the low 60's and dropping into the upper 50's under clearing sky and the broncos are town to take on the raiders at 60 degrees on sunday at 1:25 and 64 mild sunshine by the end the game. we have high clouds over most of the state and fire danger continuing down around los angeles and through 10:00 this morning. our temperatures are 81 in los angeles today, and mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley and the seven-day forecast forecast in tahoe, again, not a single chan of snow with temperatures near records all seven days. leyla gulen? >> a lonesome drive out there and not too much company as we look behind me, we have mostly grown and not seeing any congestion that we normally would on a weekday morning. we have top speeds of 67 in palo alto at 101. closer to san francisco, headed
5:56 am
through daly city, top speeds as you head along 280 to the 280 extension and 101 away from the stick and up to the central freeway another great drive into the not bay, though, the commute through santa rosa to novato, no matt? an attack by a school of biting fish in argentina river left 70 injured. the fish attacked people cooling off in the river on christmas day. seven children lost parts of their fingers or toes and others complained of bite marks. swimmers were going back in the river even after the attack to come off from the 100-degree heat. >> a surgery performed 700,000 times a year at a cost of $4
5:57 am
billion may not even be needed. a study from finland has doctors performing real and fake knee surgeries on patients with symptoms of a torn cartilage in the knee. a year later both had similar pain levels or happiness with the results. >> next, at 6:00, we continue to follow breaking news with a snow booeder killed in an avalanche has tied to the bay area. >> also, the search for a missing navy veteran after he checked himself out of a san francisco hospital with a report with the search happening today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, happy friday. thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for
6:00 am
kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we will check on the weather forecast before the news. mr. mike nicco, what do you have >> what do i have? good morning, i have 44 degrees. and 56 at noon. about 59 at 4:00 so cool we than yesterday. oakland, though, has a chance of setting a record for a third day in a row at 52 and mild at 7:00. way will notice is the clouds. they will be thick are throughout the day and inland where our day planner at noon is 56 and mild and 61 at 4:00 and 49 at 7:00, the next 12 hours at the cost we have 49 this morning, and dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves and temperatures in the upper 50's to 60's until 7:00 and decreasing clouds and 51. >> if you have to work today you are not going to be late. we do not have an


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