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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  December 27, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the parade draws millions of tonight, not again, the next storm brewing, it hits just before new year's, as thousands still wait for power. after the christmas storm. and in the west tonight, the deadly avalanche, and those dramatic rescue pictures, why so many, so early. iced in, big problems tonight, new images from the rescue attempt in the antarctic. do the rescuers need to be rescued themselves? secret code, new tonight target hackers holding more than your credit card number, but your pin code, too. how to protect your bank account right now. and up in the air, what was that in the skies over the heart land? see it here tonight.
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good evening, thanks for joining us, diane has the evening off. much of the country from the plains to new england preparing for a massive arctic blast and major storm brewing hitting before new year's, out west another deadly avalanche in the last 24 hours, all of this as millions hit the road for the long new year's weekend. this holiday has been a test for drivers, take a look at this slippery stretch of road in new hampshire, a jackknifed tractor trailer blocking traffic. dozens of accidents, a huge part of this country, there are still thousands in the dark, crews trying to fix power lines and the families dealing with the power being out could have a foot of snow come monday. abc meteorologist ginger zee on the temperatures that could dip below zero and this new storm on the way. >> reporter: tonight, there is rejoicing. >> yes! i can't wait to have hot water again. it's going to be so awesome. >> reporter: and there is this -- >> this is just miserable. miserable.
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>> reporter: from michigan to maine a mix of emotions, some get their lights back on, and tens of thousands of people are still going into their sixth night now without power. that perpetual hum of generators, ruling the air in so many neighborhoods. it's been six days, since the worst ice storm in 15 years froze parts of new england solid. cut power to more than half the city of toronto. and left linda kern and her neighbors lightless in fenton, michigan. >> i am literally beat. just wore out. >> reporter: miserable, too, for businesses. no power means no money. as power crews work tirelessly, a new challenge. some of the ice will melt this weekend, even the warmup can cause power lines to come down. and when ice melts off the power line, the line can snap like a rubber band, with enough force to break it. >> this has been a trying
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holiday season with the weather. ginger, what's with the new storm system on the way? >> the good news, for some it will be mild air, for others, some flooding rain. so flood watches already in effect for atlanta, other parts of georgia, that is through tomorrow. so that's where it hits the southeast. but sunday it really blasts up into d.c., new york, heavy rain. as we move past sunday at 2:00 snow into new england, maine could get up to a half foot in some places, places without power still. and the cold air behind. when i tell you this is the coldest air of the season people say keep saying this. this is colder, fargo high on sunday 11 below. chicago 5 for a high on monday. wind chill is where i am worried it becomes dangerous, some to 50 below. >> new year's eve in times square. >> not looking great. it's a lot of fun, people are packed together. let me show you the numbers. the temperature will be in the low 20s, it will feel like single digits or low teens, if we're lucky. >> ginger, great to have you. thank you. in the west tonight, there are new avalanche warnings for this
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weekend ahead. after one of them turned deadly overnight. abc's neil karlinsky on how this happened and the dramatic rescues caught on tape. >> reporter: 29-year-old michael kazanjy was a life long skier, who knew the risks. yet thursday, officials say he ignored the warnings and ventured off the slopes of the jackson hole mountain resort, heading out of bounds, and triggering an avalanche on an impossibly steep, 45 degree slope. his body was found buried under six feet of snow. >> this is back country skiing, the resort has a boundary, they have all sorts of signage there, which says, you are leaving the resort. it is dangerous. this was kind of the worst place you could possibly go. >> reporter: again and again, we've seen near death disasters in the uncharted back country. like this snowmobiler, dug out in the nick of time. and earlier this week, in colorado, another avalanche, this time with camera rolling, a
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man digs his brother out before he suffocates. >> breathe! >> dig me out! >> reporter: to get a sense of how paralyzing heavy snow can be, we did an experiment with avalanche rescuers last year. >> i have a hard time taking a breath, it's constricting my chest. >> reporter: with warnings up this weekend for dangerous conditions in utah, resort operators are reminding adventure seekers, the back country may look fun. but it can be deadly. neil karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> neil, thank you, we turn to the rescue playing out in antarctica. this evening word the rescuers may need rescued. here on that, abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: deep in the frozen antarctic, 74 tourists and researchers on that stranded ship could see their rescuers. >> what's that on the horizon? >> the icebreaker coming to rescue us, alan. >> brilliant! >> reporter: penguins in view, hope filling the cold air. and a chinese icebreaker, the
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snow dragon, in the distance, tearing through the ice to free the ship. >> there's a lot of relief amongst the team, and there's a lot of happy faces. >> reporter: but late today, a dramatic twist. the snow dragon was so close, but it got stuck in the ice, too. they are now turning back. the explorers just spent 24 hours at a legendary polar exploration site. recreating experiments first done 100 years ago. on the way back home, a major blizzard trapping the ship in the ice. >> the bad news is the sea ice edge is a long way from where we first got locked in the sea ice. >> reporter: when the ice first formed around the ship the explorers were just two miles from open water. now that ice field has grown. the ocean is now 13 miles away, that's how much thick ice rescuers have to break through. what's going through your mind knowing the icebreaker turned back? >> it's sort of frustrating again, that we can see hope and help, but unfortunately, we are
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just in an isolated position still. >> reporter: we learned another icebreaker also wasn't strong enough to get through the ice. the only immediate help lies with a third more powerful australian icebreaker possibly days away. the good news, david, they tell us, they have seven weeks worth of food on that ship. >> seven weeks of food. it will come in handy, gio, thank you. back here at home tonight new details coming in after millions had their credit card information stolen while shopping at target. now comes word the hackers might have gotten more than just your credit card number. but your pin number, too. here's abc's matt gutman now. >> reporter: it was a historic breach into target's data vault. cyber thieves also made off with perhaps the vault's most valuable loot, millions of pin numbers. but today, target continued to insist, customers' pin data and their money is safe. citing its triple data encryption algorithm which means the pin number cannot be taken from target servers. that doesn't mean it's hack
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proof. >> right now you can bet there's a team of hackers working in eastern europe, trying to crack every single pin number, that they have stolen. using a brute force attack. they are not going to stop until they are successful. >> reporter: the risks to the shoppers bank accounts is minimal he says but urges them to stay vigilant. one week after learning 40 million credit and debit cards were hacked, shoppers are already filing lawsuits against target, one alleging the company failed to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures. and others are opting for the proven method of avoiding credit card fraud. >> i would rather just use cash until they straighten everything out. >> reporter: even if consumers don't have to pay a single dollar from their own wallet, it could still get pricey. just reissuing 40 million new credit cards could cost $1.5 billion, david. >> matt gutman tonight. matt, thank you. to the other consumer nightmare, calls this evening from
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authorities from u.p.s. to pay up to give refunds to thousands whose packages did not arrive on christmas. retailers that count on u.p.s. make deals to make it up to shoppers. here is alex perez. >> reporter: two days after christmas, u.p.s. says they are still making those late deliveries. mrs. burns never got the dolls she ordered to put under the tree for her 7-year-old sister. you expected guaranteed delivery before christmas. what did you get instead? >> a bunch of run around. >> reporter: u.p.s. coming under fire from connecticut senator, richard blumenthal, who is demanding the shipping giant refund all customers affected by the delays. >> i'm asking, in fact demanding that u.p.s. and fed ex both commit they will make full refunds by december 31, end of the year. >> reporter: u.p.s. said it would only reimburse customers and retailers who paid for guaranteed delivery by air. and we're learning more about what created the delivery debacle. u.p.s. says the problem began
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when their fleet of planes was overwhelmed by last minute surge in guaranteed delivery orders. even though the carrier added 23 planes to their fleet of 400, it just couldn't keep up. so consumers should check with their online retailers, many are offering anything from gift cards to complete refunds. and the good news here, david, u.p.s. is adamant, they will be able to get those delayed packages delivered by tonight. david. >> let's hope so. alex, thank you. to a major ruling in favor of the nsa. a federal judge, now ruling that the sweeping surveillance program is legal. determining necessary counter punch to terrorism. dismissing a lawsuit the nsa surveillance programs are unconstitutional. meantime, tonight more than a million out of work americans about to lose unemployment benefits tomorrow. they will be cut off. many now wondering how congress went on break and let this happen. abc's senior washington correspondent tonight. >> reporter: time is running out
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for kathy biscotti. >> i'm in a panic, i don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: she's been out of work since june. on saturday, she'll be among 1.3 million americans losing their safety net. when the unemployment insurance program ends. >> i need this, or i will be homeless. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: congress went home for the year without extending emergency relief. in place since 2008. so benefits will now last only 26 weeks. while the job market has improved. long term unemployment is at its highest point since world war ii, with 4 million americans out of work for 27 weeks or longer. the white house is pushing for a new extension. >> i think we're a better country than that. we don't abandon each other when times are tough. >> reporter: some republicans prefer limiting benefits to 26 weeks. >> if you extend beyond that you do a disservice to these workers. >> reporter: for kathy, the job search and fears continue. >> at this point i would take anything, just to keep a roof over my head.
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>> reporter: now, president obama is urging congress to pass a three month extension in the new year. but congressional republican leaders tell me, they will only be on board, if they find budget cuts somewhere else. >> jeff zeleny right there at the white house tonight, jeff, thank you. overseas into a massive car bomb blast in beirut. ripping through the business district, the fiery scene, among the casualties, former lebanese ambassador to the united states. and back here at home tonight into a controversial headline, an announcement from the cable network, a & e, that duck dynasty will go back into production with the star, who made those anti-gay comments. here is ron claiborne. >> reporter: the announcement came late today, from the a & e cable network, that duck dynasty would resume production next spring, with all of the robertson family. that means phil robertson's suspension over comments about homosexuality and race, which appeared in gq magazine will be lifted. in a statement a & e said, duck
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dynasty is not a show about one man's views, it resonates with a large audience, because it is a show about family, a family that america has come to love. the network, which is partly owned by abc, said it would launch a national public service campaign, quote, promoting unity, tolerance and acceptance of all people. robertson is the patriarch of the family's reality tv show, which is a huge hit. it draws about 12 million viewers an episode. he was suspended earlier this month for remarks to gq about sin. likening homosexuality to bestiality. but the robertson family threatened to leave the show rather than continue without phil. tonight, it appears a & e blinked. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> thank you, ron. still much more ahead on world news this friday night. those new year's resolutions are here. would you go this far? the new and controversial diet procedure our cameras right there in the room. you'll see what happens coming up. later tonight, what was that streaking through the sky in the
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try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. approaching so are the resolutions, tonight here a controversial new procedure to lose weight. it involves holding your tongue, literally. abc's cecilia vega on the shocking lengths to which some patients go. >> i am determined to lose weight. >> reporter: and marlene -- >> i'm willing to do anything at this point. i'm so desperate to lose weight. >> reporter: each hope to drop 20 pounds in 30 days. two overweight women who can't control their eating going to extremes to lose weight fast. a stiff plastic patch, stitched right to their tongues will inflict sharp pain if they try to eat any solid food. it's called the tongue patch.
5:47 pm
cosmetic surgeon introduced the procedure in the u.s. four years ago, after first seeing it done in latin america. you are sewing a foreign object into somebody's mouth. is that healthy? >> well, it's not unhealthy. >> i can't move my tongue. >> i can't talk. >> i can't say you're guaranteed, but an average weight loss is anywhere from 18 to 20 pounds in that one month's time. >> reporter: have you ever received any flak from colleagues in the medical community for this? >> no, i haven't. >> there is not one scintilla of hope or evidence, that putting a patch on your tongue, and not being able to eat for a month, is going to have any effects on you at one year or two years or three years. >> reporter: weight loss expert dr. rob huizenga points to studies that show most extreme dieters, who lose weight rapidly eventually gain it all back and more. marlene doesn't need a study to convince her, she's getting all the data she needs from her
5:48 pm
bathroom scales, as the pounds fall away. my double chin is not as bad, my arms are a lot thinner. >> lysander is also watching the pounds melt away. >> so far i lost 15, 16 pounds. >> reporter: the final tally marlene loses 18 pounds. lysander loses 23 pounds. >> i don't want to go through that again. it was really hard for me. >> reporter: look at you, you're smiling. >> i would do it again. >> some tough questions from cecilia, more of her reporting on this extreme diet, how much more weight was lost and the cost and the woman who tried something else, avoiding the mirror for an entire year. 20/20 mirror mirror, new year's resolutions tonight here on abc. at 10:00 eastern. when we come back this evening, the stunning sight over america's heartland leaving so many wondering, what was it? t? o many wondering, what was it?
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quarter of those polled said they would not want them as neighbors. second is honey boo boo and family. tied for third justin bieber and miley cyrus. celebrities you don't want to live next door to. and when asked who you want to live next to, our very own robin roberts made the list. by the way, she is a very good neighbor. and tonight, it's out with the old. in with the new crystals for the new year's eve ball in times square, the 2,688 waterford crystals have been installed on the same ball for the estimated 200,000 people ready to party in times square as it drops next week. the weather will be very cold. when we come back, the every day americans, who we never heard of until this year. the husband, the love song, and tonight, the moment he puts those headphones on. stay tuned for this. ♪ oh sweet loraine ♪ oh speet loraine
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finally tonight, here our persons of the week. and as this year winds to a close now we thought we'd look back at three ordinary americans, each who did something extraordinary. a devoted teacher, an 84-year-old trail blazer and a husband, who wrote a song. their screams we will never forget. the children bearing their heads at the elementary school, trapped under that tornado hovering overhead. in oklahoma. we will also never forget the calm instincts of their teacher, so many teachers in fact. mrs. dziedzic, who told them this. >> it's almost over. it's almost over. >> reporter: but there was something else about those brave teachers so many of them parents. and many of them had children someplace else in those schools. mrs. dziedzic, who was helping her own students had no idea how her daughter was in the fourth grade, or her son in the first
5:55 pm
grade. both survived, and we saw the moment little sam found his mother, looking up at her concrete grit in his hair. we were the first ones she took back. and she showed us where her son was in the back corner of his classroom. and lying on top of him protecting him, his teacher, mrs. bittle. >> my son and all of the kids huddled down with their hands clasped behind their heads. >> reporter: and this is mrs. bittle. a lot of those parents are grateful to you. and to them, you would say -- >> your child is my child. all day long. and all year long. >> reporter: it was that same selfless dedication we witnessed from a tiny gladiator named edie windsor whose victory at the supreme court thrust her into the national spotlight. her victory for same sex marriage, the 84-year-old trail blazer, who as a young girl looked like a classic pin up. but says, she also had a secret. she got married for a year, then divorced.
5:56 pm
and then one night met a woman named thea spyer, they began to dance and never stopped. >> we danced the whole night through. as the song goes. such that at the end of it, edie had danced a hole through the bottom of her stockings. >> reporter: even if she couldn't wear a wedding ring, she had a circle pin. 42 years together. and edie would become thea's care giver when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, they married two years before thea died. their story earned the victory at the supreme court. >> you're still wearing the pin. >> yes. i know what she would say, she said, you did it, honey. >> reporter: we will never forget 96-year-old fred stobaugh, with pencil in hand, determined to remember his wife of 75 years, with a love song. >> how did i meet loraine? she was a car hop at a & w root beer stand in east peoria. and she brought the trays to the car. >> reporter: the year was 1938.
5:57 pm
>> well, she was the prettiest girl i ever saw. i just fell in love with her right there. >> reporter: he read an ad in the newspaper about a contest green shoe recording studio in east peoria, illinois, asking readers for videos of their own songs. fred had no video but he had that song. >> instead of a video, we received a large manila envelope. a letter from a 96-year-old man who said i've written a song for my wife. >> reporter: they told him they were going to record his song and he tried to show them how it goes. they found a singer went into the recording studio and told us how nervous they were when they gave fred those headphones. >> tell me when you're ready. >> yeah. okay. ♪ oh sweet loraine ♪ i wish we could do the good times over again ♪ >> reporter: fred was
5:58 pm
overwhelmed, fred's song has now been viewed more than 9 million times. ♪ all the good times all over again ♪ >> wonderful. just wonderful. >> good. i'm glad you like it. >> reporter: fred was moved. and so were we. tonight fred is writing a new song he hopes to have it recorded in time for valentine's day. see you later for 20/20, good >> tensions as the clock is running out for a 13-year-old girl on life support in oakland >> the search for a missing veteran, now, over. >> the target credit card breech
5:59 pm
that has grown bigger tonight what. target admits those thieves got >> a fall out from spare the air days. the affect isn't just on your health. >> they don't want her there why won't you not do the things to do to get her out of there? >> a family of a young girl asking for help to move the 13-year-old. today, the hospital says it will only help under certain conditions thanks for joining us. >> jahi mcmath has been declared brain dead following complications from a tonsillectomy. children's hospital says it will do everything legally per missible to support the family. but the family maintains that is not enough. laura anthony is live
6:00 pm
with the latest on this developing story. laura? >> reporter: well, today the hospital set down three conditions for the family to move her from the hospital. we've just learned one of the conditions has been met the coroner will give its, his consent to move jahi. the lawyer for the family is not satisfyed and threatening to go back to court and raising the possibility of a civil rights lawsuit. >> if you pull the plug you don't have pay for life support for this kid. >> two men over the center of the fate of jahi mcmath this afternoon. >> this family believes she will wake up


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