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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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with the latest on this developing story. laura? >> reporter: well, today the hospital set down three conditions for the family to move her from the hospital. we've just learned one of the conditions has been met the coroner will give its, his consent to move jahi. the lawyer for the family is not satisfyed and threatening to go back to court and raising the possibility of a civil rights lawsuit. >> if you pull the plug you don't have pay for life support for this kid. >> two men over the center of the fate of jahi mcmath this afternoon. >> this family believes she will wake up i will represent their
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interests. >> reporter: childrens will allow mcmath moved if her family meets conditions including identifying a sill ti willing to accept one declared brab brain dead. >> the hospital telling the family we're going to decide what is going to happen to jahi, not you, even fit kills her, that is absurd. >> reporter: her uncle says they found a facility that wip will keep mcmath. the family asked procedures done on jahi but the hospital refused. >> we're still off the -- optimistic. >> unless there is a court order
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pro longing this sad, tragic situation, jahi mcmath's body will be taken off a vent later 5:00 p.m on monday. >> a judge ordered childrens to keep jahi on a vent later until 5:00 p.m on monday. >> uc berkeley graduate has died in an avalanche this svenlt he moved to jackson hole, wyoming from san francisco he was said to have all safety gear, a beacon, probe and shovel. his friends found him buried in the snow. authorities say he was the first in a group of five to be in the snow. >> his colleagues had you know shovels and what not and so it's my understanding they were able to find him quickly but
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unfortunately they weren't able to revive him. >> the family saying mike lived wlif a full heart, loved his family, his cal bears and san francisco. >> a happy ending to a story first brought to you yesterday on abc7 news. missing u.s. navy veteran has been located. there are a lot he questions but happy to have him back. >> friends of the missing navy veteran were optimistic. >> it's a good feeling. >> this team is used to finding people, but not always safe. this time they got news they're hoping for.. >> i don't know how to say so relieved. and so thankful. >> his father says he got the call from police as he was driving and looking for his
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sovenlt he had seen the broadcast. and was moved to call to report he's okay. >> the news brings a happy toned a mission that began on christmas day. word spread quickly.. >> i served in u.s. navy and marines you don't leave someone behind. >> details are foggy and he'd been brought there by friends who were concerned he wasn't acting like himself. >> he has been found safe. and i -- what else can you say? >> merry christmas. >> wonderful present. >> will's dad asked for time alone after hearing the good news but not before giving a word of thanks. >> this would not have happened if you had not jumped nchl he
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won't have seen this or known. >> a body found in mccovey cove last month has been identified the body is that of a 22-year-old that called family and friends saying he was in trouble and needed police. his sister came to look for him. a man was shot to death in oakland this morning in front of an elementary school on campbell street the man crashed into a light poll in front of the school. no arrests have been made. >> a sixth spare the air alert issued for tomorrow this, is going to be 21 is the of the season. now, here is spencer christian with more.
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>> weather continues to be mild and dry. here is live doppler seven hd. looking live over our mount tam camera, tomorrow is the 6th spare the air day. poorest air quality in the north bay. medium at west over the remainder of the bay area. and how dry is it? 40% in santa rosa. highest reading we have so far, 84% so we're hoping for rain but there is not much in the forecast future. dan and cheryl? >> officials say until weather
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changes, this will be the new normal. all of the spare the air days making for beautiful sun sets like this one out tonight just spectacular but can be a major health problem for people. now, it's having an impact on bay area businesses as well. abc7 news cornell bernard is live with the story. >> a lot of people not happy. and it has become the new normal and businesses are worried. >> hazy shade of winter, air quality continues to be poor. >> i hike up in the hills it's absolutely awful looking. less burning but people are still burning and we're spotting them. >> homeowners will get a ticket in the mail, it's $100 for first
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time violations. it can be waived if you take a clean air course. but don't ignore it. >> we've taken folks to small claims court when they've refused to do anything or refuse a ticket. every day, we check this. >> two cords and haven't burned any wood yet. >> that may explain why customers aren't calling and employees being sent home, early. >> no work, basically. >> regular customers have stopped delivery because of spare the air days. >> they say people aren't buying
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fire wood because they're paying attention to alerts. >> if you'd like to get alerts tonight get the abc7 news weather app, it's free to down load >> investigators are remaining -- investigators revealed witnesses said the plane was taking a series of maneuvers including 2180 degree turn that's looked worry some from the ground. >> witnesses along the route and airport reported seeing airplane fly at a low altitude. before impacting terrain. >> the left wing hit a tree and nobody on the ground was injured. >> police trying to track down a
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robbery suspect police say took his own picture with a stolen phone. police believe this man is one of two responsible. police say the suspect used the cell phone to take this selfie. >> two men have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery on christmas eve. the 21-year-old and 20-year-old are accused of hitting a casino pat tron in the head and stealing his money. the victim is recovering. >> another theft left a young man without medicine. someone broke into a van last night on willow pass road. the thieves got way with his heart
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medication. >> still to come targeting your money. new revel yeahings thieves got more than first revealed in that massive breech at target. >> and will the third time be the charm for ac transit? >> kickoff for fight hunger bowl in just a moment. that story is coming up live. >> starbucks gift card that keep
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ac transit hoping third time is the charm as drivers vote on a tentative deal. two agreements were rejected by members the votes will be counted tonight but there is a lot of tension right now. leanne? >> you're right. the union will be counting those votes. then, we'll know if they have a contract or a strike. this is how tense negotiations have been between management and union. an official demanded we leave as we waited to talk to those employees voting on a agreement. >> we're just here to give you coverage on this. >> i need you to leave this property. >> i understand. i'm just being,
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you know, channel seven asked me to do this story so you can get input as well. >> we have no response for you other than i'm directing to you leave the property now. >> local president did not return our calls for interview. that is because it's members have rejected two previous tentative agreements. this time, the deal includes a 9.5% salary increase the result is expected this evening or early tomorrow. believe it's time to have an agreement >> what do you have to complain about you? work every day. be thankful. everybody has to make concessions. >> 180,000 riders relie on ac transit. >> that is my source of
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transportation, how i get my son to school and to commute to work. >> if approved it will go to the board for final approval on january 8th. i'm live in oakland abc7 news >> thank you. >> no decision on when bart union workers will vote on their revised contract. >> the enld of an era. college teams from across the country have come to battle it out but the game is moving to the new stadium in santa clara time out there. >> one
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unusual. of course a lot of the fans, well they're not going to be cheering for any home teams because it's dyu and washington playing. a few did have thoughts. in this match up between byu and university of washington, the fans are fired up. >> fans enjoying warm weather. this bowl game will be headed down to santa clara. >> next year they're going to be playing in santa clara. and i think it's just an upgrade. >> it's not entertaining. there is so much al you're of being in
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san francisco. >> players volunteer on christmas. organizers say next year only the game will be played outside of san francisco, all opportunities and other events staying put. for fans, it might not be easy. >> i don't know if there is enough to see to come down five days. >> organizers say it's costing about $140 million into the economy. and is a draw. >> just come out and see the game. >> these fans drove up from modesto just to watch the game and spend a weekend. at the end of the match up, it seems pro
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football will no longer be played in san francisco. >> thank you so much. some customers in star bucks have been showing holiday cheer. so far a thousand people have paid for the person behind them. it's not just on the east coast, in nevada, 73 customers paid it forward. this woman posted her gift card urging people to use it. something special happened. >> when you know people are reloading it. they're paying it forward, buying it for strangers. >> it's the gift that keeps on giving. >> this gift is bumming us out and dry weather. >> true. nice, pleasant and
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seven. high clouds with us throughout the day. they're going to move out during overnight hours. here is a live view looking west readings are uniformed. redwood city, san jose. into the degrees in livermore. a live view from our camera looking west over the bay on this soon to be clear night. turning clear, chilly overnight. weather will be with us. high
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clouds throughout the bay area now no, rain in clouds. we can use a good down poor or two. massive clouds and high pressure building in to bring sunny skies tomorrow z a pattern into next week throughout the new year. notice overnight clouds clear out. nice, pleasant and mild again. low to mid-30s inland valleys lows below freezing to about 30 in santa rosa. mid-60s. mid-60s on the peninsula. 64 palo alto. low to mid-60s on the coast. around san francisco, we'll see low 60s as
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well. 63 downtown. 66 in santa rosa. 66 napa. east bay, 65 in oakland. not much here is the accu-weather forecast. looking for highs into mid to upper 50s near the bay and inland. low to mid-60s on the coast over the weekend and into next week. sunny skies and mild weather. >> look at the bright side. >> trying to. >> thank you >> well, despite this wild weather, flu season arrived. >> what you can do keep from getting sick.
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two russian cosmonauts went on a marathon space walk this week. but problem was cameras forced them to take down what they'd spent hours putting up. don't you hate whit that happens? once working the cameras impact images of the changing surface that you'll be able to pull up on the web. i mentioned the three space walks two americans
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performed two walks in the week to remove and replace a qualitiy cooling pump. those went well. >> flu season now in full swing. chances are you probably know someone who is sick. right now, texas recording five the h one n one >> majority of deaths in that group. but we know this flar virus does cause more infections in younger adults. >> health experts say it's not too late if you haven't received a shot. they say there are steps you can take to stay healthy. wash hands, cover your coughs and sneezes if you're sick stay home tell the boss you're sick. into the coming in. >> still to come here, more
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fallout from target breech. tonight concern about pin numbers >> big change for millions. cuts they're going to see, soon >> new nsa ruling what. a judge's decision means for phone
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good evening, a huge date wra breech involving 40 million target customer bank accounts. target admits pin numbers were also stolen. >> target says it's investigation is ongoing and just discovered pins stolen a week after disclosing data breech. does that worry you? >> it does. it does. we've talked about it before we came, even. >> how did you pay tonight? >> i used a debit card. and cash. >> very few told us they switched to cash cash. target
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saying quote the information was encrypted remained encrypted within our system and when removed from our systems. however, a sant law experts says shoppers can't assume target or the bank will protect them. >> there are good law pros detectiving consumers for having to pay for unauthorized purchases. but if you don't notice them, you're going to end up paying for them. >> it will make me more aware of following my bank statement. >> when is the last time you checked? >> yesterday. >> you're being vigilant? >> trying to be. >> and don't lower your guard. thieves may break enkrepgs in a few months when you've forgotten about the risk. >> people will look and then for
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get bit. that is information that will still be out there. there is no reason to sit back to start to use whit people are less vigilant. >> shipping giant ups and fed-ex are realing from the rush and are still trying to catch up. both said bad weather and moron line shoppers were part of the problem. ups admits some are entitled to refunds. kohl's is paying for undelivered items a judge ruled nsa collection of phone data is legal. the judge says the program represents efforts to eliminate al qaeda terror networks. a man
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accused of using the internet to communicate with al qaeda pled guilty, admitting he tried to provide weapons a rur kern county man was found dead in his booby trapped home. he found a bomb, neighbors say he set trapz because he was paranoid and thought someone was trying to kill him >> tonight after six days of gains stock market finished down today. federal unemployment benefits end tomorrow for 1.3 million jbless americans.
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extra lifeline was not included in the latest deal. >> air b & b is fating a lawsuit from home way claiming the new campaign infringes on the logo. it's been a banner year for hollywood. box office take for 2013 just shief $11 billion. but that is due to higher prices attendance is down for the year. >> lights going out on 40 and 60 watt bulbs take affect january 1st. 75 and 100 watt bulbs were phased out this year. they will not disappear overnight the law requires they no longer
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be made or imported. >> u.s. forest service submitted a plan covering 47 square miles of stanislaus national forest, expecting to get a billion feet of salvaged timber. the rim fire charred 400 square miles. >> still to come, new york preepz for the new year's eve ball drop, >> some teenagers are gearing up for a special celebration
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just days from the new year, electric trigsz got to work installing the last of the considerates stall tie angle. a 12-year-old cancer patient drew a rose in her design saying it represents gift of imagination. and you can watch the ball drop tuesday night here on abc7
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>> london calling on two high school marching bands to help entertain british crowd while ringing in the new year. the band boarded buses today to catch a flight bound for london. >> it's a big deal for the kids this, is the first plane ride will be international, to london. >> so it's just a thrill for two fans >> you pay your bill on time. is that enough? >> a woman
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paying a credit card bill on
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time is a sure way to avoid fees or is it? her account still went to collections anyway. no one would help until michael finney stepped in. >> all margaret bruno wanted to do was pay off her credit card fwoil avoid fees. >> i was out of work looking for a job. a very scary time. >> her bank sent automatic payments to hear kt every month for two years. her debt down to $137. suddenly noticing a late fee on her bill she called hsbc. >> charged a late fee but wasn't late. i paid through my bank. >> hsbc said she'd have to sent proof. she obtained the check. hsbc reversed the fee and
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everything seemed fine except it happened again. >> they're saying they didn't receive the payment. >> again saying she was delinquent. and once again, everything seemed fine until she got the next bill and one after that. >> i had to go through a big deal about proving i paid. and they'd reverse the payments. >> ssbc would call me about 15 times per day and i'd straighten it out. >> finally she paid the last 15s sxdz called hsbc to close this account. >> they apologizeed and said i had a 0 balance at this point. >> however, you guessed it. her next statement said no payment
6:45 pm
was skefd she owed a $30 late fee. >> i gave up at that point. i couldn't go through this anymore. >> she admits she doesn't dispute the bill. late charges piled up and hsbc sold her account to a debt purchaser. >> they weren't nice they didn't believe me. >> the unpaid debt glares on her credit report she says it blocked her perfect buying a car. >> i'm like i'm calling channel seven. you know? >> we got to work. pointing out to hsbc margaret apparently didn't owe a debt the bank now sold. hsbc agreed to clear the debt and the report. saying privacy rules prevent disclosing
6:46 pm
details but a spokesperson said we made sure this is not going to have a credit worthiness impact and reached out to the debt collection agency ask working to resolve that debt and bring the whole matter to a close. >> just very happy i'm looking at this file, and someone sheping me. >> hsbc told margaret the problem began because another customer had a similar name and account number the payments were routed to a wrong account. one way to avoid this? put your full account number on checks when you make a payment. >> let's get a look at the weather. >> yes. >> we have high clouds around giving us sunny skies but we're going to have poor air quality. so here is the state wide weather picture. here in the bay
6:47 pm
area tomorrow we'll see highs into mid-60s around the bay and inland and sunday, raiders take on broncos game time is the accu-weather forecast. throughout the seven day period high temperatures mid to upper 50s. into new year. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> let's turn our attention to sports. >> nice to have you here. >> good to be here. big change? >> yes. >> coming up in sports you'll hear from namdi
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>> today, officially retired as a raider. the former cal star was the first round pick in 2003. man to man coverage he developed such a reputation, he played eight condition sns before signing a huge contract. he began in san francisco. but was released. took a reach that he believed in. and i was able to, you know become all that he
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expected of me. >> the raiders close out the season sunday against denver, hopefully, peyton manning's arm will be tired. last week he threw his 53 throw of the season. >> any time you get a chance to get better, this helps you prepare for whatever is still to come. i was able to get better last week, this week during practice i'll be more prepared for this game. >> win or lose sunday, 49ers are headed for playoffs but won't have mario wondered if collin kaepernick has what it takes to get to the super bowl.
6:53 pm
>> he's done a good job of being decisive he does all the time. and if not that means nobody is open. he's doing a good job. just looking to improve. >> this is the cardinals second trip to the grand daddy of them all. and mike plumegren talking about why he was wearing google glass >> we tell recruits is come to stanford, your summer interns can be at google you know? we have a great relationship with them. >> the warriors host the sun's
6:54 pm
team tonight. suns won eight the last nine. back court combined for 45 points. >> we needed to get back defensively. so trying to help as much as possible. >> this sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply. >> thank you very much. >> join me tonight at 9:00 young man opens a ipad box only to find paper stuffed inside. >> and then at 11:00 reservoirs around the state low and with no
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rain, this year is shaping up to be driest on record. >> tonight's line up starts at 8:00 then neighbors shark tank, 2020 and please join us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> i'm in the a catholic but you don't have to be, to be moved by the new pope. since assuming the papayy highways demonstrated kindness and humility, at christmas mass he carried a statue of baby jesus to a replica of the manger himself. he has chosen to live in more ordinary surroundings rather than his predecessors. and then,
6:56 pm
there are acts of kindness. kissing a badly disfigured man, posing for selfies. critics will point to the church's disgraceful record of dealing with abuse by priests. but those discussions are for another time. in this christmas season, what matters regardless of faith or lack therefore, is what we can learn from a man that leads masses as if he is one of them. kindness, compassion, humility. that is a pretty good new year's resolution, let me know what you think. that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> he has set a tone. >> he has i keep following him, he's got a twitter site. it's great and i love it. >> he tweets. a lot. yes. >> that is going to do it for us. thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. >> our coverage continues on
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twitter. from the abc7 news team see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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