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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> we start the day with a view from sutro looking toward san francisco a couple things you need to know about today. one, there's a red flag warning for the higher elevation necessary the north and east bay hills. also it's another spare the air day. temperatures will start off on the cool side this morning. anywhere from the 30s to upper
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40s. even some milder temperatures along the coast. this afternoon will be warmer compared to yesterday with a spare the air alert in effect. and this evening things will cool down into the low 50s." if you have dinner plans, grab a jacket. cool evenings, plenty of sunshine, and i'll have the new year's eve forecast coming up soon. carolyn. >> thank you, francis. we begin with breaking news out of san francisco where a woman has been fatally shot near the sundance kabooky theater. it happened on post street between fillmore and webster streets. the woman was taken to the hospital. she had at least one gunshot wound. she did not survive. she has not been identified yet, and no word on motive or suspects. this morning new hope for the family of an oakland girl declared brain dead by doctors. the family now says they have new options on where to move 13-year-old jahi mcmath.
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they have a 5:00 p.m. deadline tomorrow to remove her from the ventilator. they have been in talks with facilities. new concern now, how to pay for it all. abc7 news reporter has the latest. >> reporter: jahi's family is trying to line up a facility that will keep her on life support. her mother is telling abc news she has faith her daughter will recover. >> she's alive to me. she's not dead. >> her family is trying to move her out of the hospital in oakland before a court order expires monday at 5:00 p.m. they released a statement that reads in part our attorney is in discussions with two facilities that have expressed preliminary approval for accepting jahi on a ventilator. one is in southern california, the other is in new york. children's hospital spokesperson said they will cooperate with moving jahi under three conditions. >> first is the physician to perform the medical procedures necessary, second the transportation and third a
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legitimate facility that will take her. >> but he raised serious questions about the family's act -- ability to reach those conditions. >> first they said they have insurance and now they don't have insurance and crowd add crowd source funding effort. first they had a facility in the bay area and now they said that fell through. >> they said children's hospital has not received information from the family or their attorney, christopher dolan, about any facility willing to receive mcmath. in oakland, abc7 news. the family has a fundraiser set for today. they have launched a crowd sourcing page to help raise money. they will use this to move jahi to a new facility. so far they have raised more than $6,000. san francisco police are investigating a shooting in the city's bayview district. officers found a 21-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound at evans avenue and middle point road at 7:30 last night. he was taken to san francisco general hospital for treatment. this morning more than 200,000 long-term out of work californians are finding
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themselves in a deeper financial hole. the emergency program that provides federal unemployment benefits after state help is exhausted has ended. all together nearly 1.5 million jobless americans are finding themselves starting the new year without that financial assistance. and the loss of unemployment benefits means the need is going to be higher, especially for nonprofits. they are already struggling this time of year. one local nonprofit expects a nearly 75% drop in donations. it also says the pool of people they help could double now that unemployment benefits for so many have ended. lisa amin gulezian has more. >> the total budget. >> reporter: lisa works hard for the contra costa food bank. this e-mail will go out for a last minute push to get donations. >> immediately after december
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ends, donations do start to decrease. >> at this food bank, $2 million were donated just this month, but in an average month outside of the holiday season, $600,000 comes in. that's more than a 70% difference. the food bank is bracing for an additional search in clients. >> there will be more people looking for help, as well, once the unemployment benefits end. if they haven't already found us, there will be more people looking for food assistance. >> lawmakers left washington without voting on an extension. >> i'm in a panic. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> federal aid has run out for kathy, who has been unemployed for more than 26 weeks. that's the new limit for unemployment benefits. democrats are pushing for a three-month extension. >> we don't abandon each other when times are tough. >> others argue the program is too expensive, costing $25 billion a year.
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and that people are simply becoming too dependent on the system. >> when you extend benefits to 73 weeks or 99 weeks, it encourages some people to stay unemployed too long. >> congress won't consider extending unemployment benefits at least until january 7th. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. a number of new state laws will hit the books in a number of days. come january 1st, teenage drivers will be banned from texting while driving even it they are using a hands-free voice recognition device. in the new year california becomes the first state to ban lead bullets. the new law is to prevent wildlife from ingesting toxic metals. and 11 new gun control laws will take effect, including the ability of mentally ill people to have guns and safety tests for shotgun and rifle owners. and starting january 21st --
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>> do you think you really know what you are eat consumer reports has partnered exclusively with 7 on your side for a report on what's really in some of your groceries. here's mike finish with the details. >> looks can be deceiving when it comes to food packaging. that means you might not always be eating what you think you are eating. consumer reports takes the lid off what is included and what is missing from supermarket products. expecting to find blueberries in your blueberry cereal, think there's bacon in your bacon bits? consumer reports says think again. >> some processed foods have strayed so for from the farm and the field that they are frightening long list of ingredients bears little resemblance to anything you would find in your pantry. >> consumer reports looked at some supermarket favorites to see what key ingredients gives each food it's pizzazz. taking international delite gourmet coffee creamer.
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the label teases you that it will blast off to a sweet and creamy landing, but prepare for a hard landing. this creamer is mostly water, sugar and palm oil. how about mccormick bacon piece necessary surely they contain bacon? in fact, bacon pieces don't contain any meat at all. they are mostly textured soy flour. looking for a fruit fix in the morning? don't can't on kellogg's blueberry cereal to have blueberries. there's not one in the box. and orioles, surprised to hear there's no dairy in the creamy middle? when a product looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you think it's a duck, but not always. when we asked companies for an explanation, most the time we either got none or a vague response. >> so don't look for butter in mrs. butterworth's. or expect oranges in tang.
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in fact, look past the pretty pictures and seek the truth in the ingredient list. another labeling pitfall, buzzwords. there's a reason snacks are called potato crisps rather than potato chips. the fda requires a chip to be a thinly sliced potato, but a crisp can be made from dried potatoes with cornstarch, sugar and soy. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> well, in the weather, francis, same old, same old? >> yes. same old, same old. we are on cruise control, sunshine, warm temperatures. i'll have all the details and when we can possibly expect some rain. look at this clear view of san francisco? >> it is beautiful. thank you, francis. still to come, a random act of kindness. we touch base with a san francisco police officer whose small gesture grittily helped a woman in need. and withdrawal woes. the problem facing some people impacted by the massive
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that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. >> welcome back, everyone. >> it's 6:12 on this sunday morning. happy new year to you. here is a live look showing the
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holiday lights still on on parts of the embarcadero. the beautiful new section of the bay bridge there looking like kind of a twinkling ship, if you will. the weather, weather about the same. just a repeat what we have been having. frances dinglasan will be along shortly with the ins and outs of your accuweather forecast in a few. coming up on "this week" we will take a look at the year in politics. george stephanopoulos and the round table will look at one of the biggest stories of the year, edward snowden and new legal challenges to the nsa for spying on americans. don't miss "this week" coming up at 8:00 this morning right here on abc7. >> a toll road in mexico is closed after a 300-yard section collapsed following a series of small earthquakes. the road between tijuana and
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ensanata in the baja has dropped about 100 feet. the quakes ranked in magnitude from 1.3 to 4.3. several trucks got stuck on that collapsing highway. fortunately no one was injured. a detour is now set up around the site, which is on a known earthquake fault. a san francisco police officer says she was just doing the right thing when she bought a pair of shoes for a homeless woman and didn't have any. her son posted this photo on our facebook page, along with a reminder that giving should not end after the holidays. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story you will see only on abc7. >> reporter: in bustling union square, homeless people are sometimes overlooked during the holidays but not by san francisco police officer
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jackie sullenger, who recently spotted a homeless woman sitting in front of this shoe store. cying she needed shoes and i >> she was holding a sign. she needed shoes and i looked at her feet and saw she had flimsy slippers on. she said homeless shelters never have anything that fits her, size 12. >> i thought about my family and we have so. >> reporter: so the cop offered to by her something she desperately needed. >> she said to me i'll take anything. we can walk down -- she felt like it was a little expensive at sketchers. she said we can walk down to the payless store. i could see she was a humble lady. >> we learned about it when her son secretly took these pictures of the impromptu shopping trip at the store and posted them on our facebook page. >> she did it on her own. there was no one watching her. and i'm proud of her. >> the store manager jerome jackson said the woman chose
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this all-weather boot for $69. the kind gesture prompted him to help out too. >> i offered my employee discount for the officer to purchase the shoes. >> you didn't have to do that. why did you do it? >> the holiday season. i did feel bad for the lady that was in front of the store. >> i didn't really get her name. i didn't want to embarrass her. >> but the woman's reaction to the gift was all this officer needed. >> it was just her mannerisms that i could see she was really grateful. and that was better than a thank you, in my eyes. >> we attempted to find the woman with the new boots somewhere in union square, but no luck. in san francisco, colonel bernard, abc7 news. the entire san francisco police department is stepping up to help the needy through the end of january. the sfpd is collecting new socks that will be donated to charities this help the homeless. you can donate by stopping by the central district police station on vallejo street and dropping off new pairs of socks
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that's in north beach. millions of target shoppers of scrambling to get new credit cards and change their personal identification number or pin. that's after target versed -- reversed direction and said data hackers did indeed steal pins. but the giant retailer still says the pin numbers are safe. abc news reporter rina talks with one target customer whose bank account got cleaned out. >> reporter: it was a thanksgiving weekend purchase at target he never expected would wipe out his entire bank account. >> taught me a lesson. my debit card will not pay for a retail purchase ever again. >> two unexpected withdrawals totaling almost $350. charges he said he never made. he believes his card is one of the 40 million breached between november 27 and december 15th. now target acknowledging pin numbers were among the financial information stolen from their system. >> target needs to make sure
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that however they were able to obtain this data from their systems, from their servers, cannot help again. >> here's why target believes your pins are still safe. when you customer enters your pin the number is encrypted at the keypad. it's supposed to be highly secure. it's only decrypted by an independent payment processor. he said the key necessary to encrypt the data has never been within their system and could not be taken during the incident. but hackers could still could be trying to unhack the information. >> once they get the data, that means everybody's credit card accounts and bank accounts are potentially vulnerable to being used. >> this man lives in north carolina and said the charges were made at atm's near chicago o'hare's airport.
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the expert warned with said more people may soon see fraudulent charges. >> i think this situation will get a lot worse before it gets any better. >> i just had a new card sent to me busy didn't want to risk any of that. >> that's what you should do. talk about the weather. i know it's just kind of more of the same? >> more of the same. in fact, i think tomorrow will be the eighth consecutive spare the air alert. we have one today. i know we've been saying it every day but we will get a lot of sunshine. i hope you enjoy the warmer than average temperatures for the holiday week. as we look at live doppler 7hd. you notice it's clear skies all around the bay area this morning. and as we look from the sutro tower camera, a beautiful view of san francisco once again. you can see parts of market street, the bay bridge. temperatures right now very mild. this is an actual realtime temperatures. san francisco 51. it automatically updates. i'll get the redwood city one shortly. san jose 39 degrees and half
6:20 am
moon bay 61 degrees. it's also mild in parts of the east bay, as we view from mt. tam. you notice there's a little bit of wind in the higher elevations. cool spot still in santa rosa at 29 degrees, as well as in napa and livermore is 46 this morning. so that's a big change from yesterday morning's temperatures at this time. also a look from our roof camera toward the embarcadero and the bay bridge. shows very light winds at the surface. but there is a red flag warning above 1,000 feet. i'll have more details on that. spare the air. no woodburning today. dry and mild all the which into the new year. looking out toward emeryville, the poorest air quality today will be in the santa clara valley. medium air quality elsewhere. so keep that in mind. probably another one tomorrow. and with the weather system set up right now, a red flag warning is in effect until 10:00. above 1,000 feet, mainly in the north bay and east bay hills.
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the areas highlighted in red. no humidity with gusty winds mix it potentially dangerous for fire. notice in the north bay, knoxville creek, gusting up to 41 miles. this road up to 33 miles an hour. it will be quite breezy in in te higher elevations. the pacific satellite image shows you the jet stream kind of driving through c., bringing us the slight offshore flow and the high fair danger weather with a high pressure system in place over the pacific. that will stick around all week, bringing us above normal temperatures into next weekend and the beginning of next year. highs today even warmer compared to yesterday. we might break actually a few high records. in san jose, 69. 63 san francisco and 65 in oakland. so look for plenty of sunshine, even a nice day to head to the beach in santa cruz today. 70. dry weather. we are well below normal in many locations.
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santa rosa only 15% of normal. san francisco 24% of normal in terms of rainfall. san jose 33% of normal. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. same old, same old, as carolyn was saying. we have 60s throughout the week. low 60s along the coast, mid-to upper 60s around the bay and inland. just a slight dip monday and tuesday. dry into the new year, dry into the weekend. and just above temperatures all week. abc news has another great weather resource for you. follow @live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest weather conditions rain or shine, plus get video forecasts, spare the air alerts, power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> it's kind of a guilty pleasure, but i'm enjoying the warm weather. i mean, we can't do anything about it. >> we can't, so just go out and enjoy it. >> that's the way i feel. all right. thank you, francis. still to come, how one man's good deed landed him nearly $1 million richer.
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coming up at 7:00 right after our newscast is good morning america. we are joined live from new york to tell us what is on tap. hey, happy new year to you, bianna. >> happy new year to you, carolyn. hope you had a good christmas. >> i did. how was yours? >> it was great. it was great. i can't believe it's already the end of the year. we have a lot of stories to get
6:26 am
to on the show. after a massive manhunt, police believe a bank robbing cop killer has been found. what happened when the suspect was allegedly in the midst of attempting yet another bank heist. also developing have morning, a new rescue team is set to arrive at the stranded cruise ship in the antarctic. will the latest mission succeed? that's the big question. and wait until you see the messages the explorers on the ship are sending home? they seem to be holding up pretty well and are in if spirits. >> and a moving story about a father who radically saved his own life in order to save his daughter. what he went through to become an organ donor for a child with a fatal illness. >> and a special appearance in times square. we prepare to ring in the new year. let's just say this is quite a tees. he may have been having an off day this morning.
6:27 am
you are going to have to tune in to see. i think, you know, sarah may have to pay the price for that. but you'll see. >> all right. that's quite a tees. we will look forward to that. thank you, bianna. >> happyna year. >> same to you. >> if off knew spart phone or tablet are this christmas, you will probably be spending time downloading a bunch of new apps. katie marzullo, abc news, has one idea to keep you connected all year long. >> if you have been really good this year, santa might just leave you one of these under your tree. a shiny new ipad, i mad mini or an i-phone would be a welcome sight. >> if the traffic at this store is any indication, a lot of people will get one of the three. what are you going to do with your new mobile device? i have an idea. download the new and improved abc7 news app and get the latest headlines or make headlines of your own. send us your photo or video when you see break news using ureport. it's easy and it's now built
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into the app. you can still sit back and watch the latest news on your tablet or read stories from around the bay on your phone. >> and reading on the small device just got easier. resize the text with a pinch or pull. check out the weather right down to the hour and get important weather alerts or watch the latest report from the bay areas most experienced weather tomorrow. >> let's check out live doppler 7hd. >> it's all on one app, the abc7 news app. and, oh, did i mention it's free? download it on itunes. search abc7 news. katie marzullo, abc news. >> the i-phone appear is easy to download. go to for the details. more than a year after super storm's sandy's devastating impact on the eastern seaboard, one new yorker has a reason to celebrate. landscaper marvin martinez found a winning scratch off lottery ticket while cleaning up debris. by new york lottery rules he had
6:29 am
to wait a year to claim his prize and yesterday was his prize to claim the cash payout. he walked away with $779,000. >> up next, the last art of the tinkering. the so-called maker movement and helping to revive it in the electronic age. and hold your horses, literally. the surprise some people were in for while out for a
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour, as we always do, with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. quite a wide range of temperatures right now. we are talking a 30-degree spread. so if you are in santa rosa, 29. very chilly there, as well as in napa. 40s around the bay with 49 in san francisco and 39 in san jose. check out half moon bay. it is 61 degrees right now. so we do have another warm day ahead of us. beautiful clear skies to start out with as we look from mt. tam. you notice the sunrise. getting a little preview of the sunshine we will be getting later on today. there is poor air quality, though, in the inland locations,
6:33 am
especially santa clara valley. another spare the air day for everyone. no woodburning. but temperatures even warmer compared to yesterday. we might see some low 70s around the by. it's going to be mid-60s to upper 60s, hazy sunshine, as well. along the coast very mild. low 60s to even near 70 degrees in santa cruz. i'll have your complete accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, francis. warm here and not so much elsewhere. an arctic blast is sweeping through america's heartland this morning and crews are still trying to restore power to tens of thousands of customers. there are white-out conditions in places like grand forks, north dakota. and forecasters say it's not getting better anytime soon with winds gusting up to 55 miles an hour and wind chills reaching as low as minus 55 degrees in parts of maine. 5,000 homes are still without
6:34 am
electricity, and many residents are not expected to get their power until the new year. >> normal conditions are the trees fall in a hurricane, et cetera, and it gets sunny out. this was bitterly cold, 5 to 10 degrees, snow, wind. >> we want these people to have their power back and be able to heat their homes and cook meals and do all the things they do in a normal day. >> also a new storm coming up from the gulf will bring heavy rain along the eastern seaboard and up to a foot of snow into new england. new this morning, the obama administration says that following a december surge, more than 1.1 million people have now enrolled for health insurance through the federal government's improved website. nearly a million signed up this month through the federal exchange serving 36 states. the deadline was december 24th to enroll for coverage starting in january. today's number is only partial because the administration has not provided an update on the 14 states running their own websites.
6:35 am
one of the hottest trends of 2013 has been the maker movement. with the invention of tiny computers and 3d printers, almost anybody can make anything. as news can core dan ashley explains, san francisco's exploratorium has been at the forefront of the maker culture for years. led by a dynamic couple whose latest project is a new twist on a relic from the past, a book. >> the exploratorium has always been a place for to stretch their limits. featuring artists and scientists not afraid to take chances. even get a little silly.
6:36 am
karen wilkinson and mike wanted to give visitors the same opportunity. get creative. >> the feeling of tinkering and do it yourself and making. >> they have been partners in life and work for two decades. >> early on concern at this time me how to weld and i taught her how to use the computer. >> it was a match made in heaven. they passion turned into the tinkering studio at the exploratorium. >> if you can just explain something the one best way everybody is going to learn it. we don't believe that. everybody learns in a different way, and especially when they are using their hands. >> the next step is to encourage people to do more tinkering on their hand with a first of its kind book. it's got conductive ink printed right on the cover. >> you mean ink is produces electricity? >> yes. tiny, tiny little bits of metal are in there. >> inside the books artists show off their tinkering projects with suggestions to get you started on your own creations. many using inexpensive things you can find at home.
6:37 am
but to really set the tone, the artists were challenged to hack the book itself. >> we love the fact it's all different. this has a thermal motor that lifts up the book cover and two little l.e.d. eyes stare out at you. >> this is a miniature workbench with lights that really work. >> she camouflaged the battery with the stool. >> this one by a felt artist. >> she created it by making bite marks and claw marks in the book itself and felted all sorts of creatures and different elements into the book to show who might be taking this thing apart. >> this flower came from a researcher at m.i.t. >> there's a thin piece of wire in each one of those leaves and when you run from the through it it moves and bends into a new stickers. >> they created tiny stickers embedded with lights, motor and computer chips, this we believe may revolutionize the craft world. >> it looks like something karen and i shouldn't take with us through airport security. >> you are right about that. >> inside the artist installed a
6:38 am
simple night light. >> this is the light sensor that would be in the night light. >> then he attached a cell phone playing video of an eye. when the dark part of the pupil moves under the sensor, the light turns on. >> look at that. i don't know how we will make an app out of that, but i have to say that's not one i would have come up with. >> you and me both. [laughter] >> well, the book, called the art of tinkering, is on sale at the exploratorium right now. it costs $30. it will be available on in february. at least six people are injured in burbank after a horse bucked its rider and ran down a crowded trail near griffith park. it happened at the los angeles equestrian center yesterday just before noon as people were out enjoying a saturday morning walk. the runaway horse first collided with some other horse back riders. those horses also ran away, injuring several people on foot. three adults, three youths were taken to area hospitals with nonlife-threatening injuries.
6:39 am
the equestrian center workers were eventually able to corral all the horses. still ahead, a breakthrough for those suffering from a deadly -- or the push from mayor ed lee to bring back the cup. if you love the warm weather we've been having lately, it continues. frances dinglasan will have your forecast in just a few. to those who've encountered a bump in the road... welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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>> san francisco has officially thrown its hat into the ring, hoping to chosen again as the venue nor the next america's cup yacht races. the mayor submitted an opening bid. he we have the details. >> could it be better the second time around? that's what mayor ed lee hopes to be the case with the america's cup. this year was the first time the city hosted the worlds most prestigious sailing event. the mayor is asking the winner, larry ellison, to again select the bay. >> we suffered a lot from the lack of experience and confidence about what this event could do for us. now we have that experience. we will do better on all fronts. >> the mayor said this time
6:43 am
negotiations won't include controversial land development rights for ellison. and former san francisco supervisor, ann, who with a number of others sued over aspects of the race, hopes any new deal won't cost taxpayers money. >> there's no reason that the people of san francisco, who need to pay for the streets and cops, should be subsidizing the hobby of larry ellison. if he pays his own way, bring it back. >> for this year's cup the city promised to raise $22 million to help offset costs but has raised less than half. but the economic institute believes there was a big yu payoff overall to justify hosting the race again. >> judging by our analysis, we would absolutely say yes. there was at least $364 million in economic activity going on along the waterfront and in different parts of the city that would not have been there
6:44 am
otherwise. >> critics call that estimate rosy. mayor ed lee will now have to sell the people of san francisco, and larry ellison, to bring the cup back to the bay. the 35th america's cup is expected to take place in 2017. >> there will be several months of negotiations on that bid. it was a beautiful race. >> yes, it was. very enjoyable. actually win a few times. i think you will enjoy the beautiful weather again today. it's going to be dry and warm and clear. another spare the air alert. but enjoy the view. i'll have all the details coming up. >> thank you, francis. also coming up, it was only one shot, but, boy, was it a big one. usf's stunning road win in portland. that's up next in sports
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>> well, it feels like august. >> yeah. this is pretty' amazing. we have beautiful views all around the bay. saw the bay bridge behind us and
6:48 am
live doppler 7hd picking up clear skies from ukiah all the which down to gilroy. you see the clear conditions from our sutro tower camera looking down at san francisco. temperatures right now very mild in many locations. san francisco, redwood city, 51. san jose 39 degrees. check out half moon bay. it was 61 earlier. 59 now at 6:48:00 in the morning. but contrast that to other temperatures in the north bay as we look for mt. tam. you see a little bit of the orange coming in just before sunrise. and a little bit of the wind in the higher elevations. santa rosa, though, and napa below freezing at 29 degrees, as well as novato 30. concord 35. livermore, milder compared to yesterday at 46 degrees. from our roof camera, you notice that the ground level on the embarcadero near the ferry building and the bridge in the background, winds are light. you don't see the flag blowing in the wind at all. the wind is confined to the
6:49 am
higher elevations above 1,000 feet until 10:00 this morning. spare the air again today. i know we've been saying this all week. tomorrow looks like it will be the eighth consecutive day for another spare the air alert so no woodburning, dry and mild weather all the which into the new year. the pick satellite image those you the area of high pressure that has a jet stream diving down toward california. that brings us the dangerous fire weather. we have the northeast winds, and that's going to create dry conditions, as well. above normal temperatures with high pressure in place all week, giving us a slight offshore flow. we will see 60s into next weekend. highs today, as well. warmer by even a few more degrees compared to yesterday. we might tie a record or even boat a record in san jose a high of 69. 53 in san francisco. 65 in oakland. so still way more sunshine. here's a look also, as well, from bay bridge and the accuweather seven-day forecast.
6:50 am
sunny skies. spare the air alert. a slight dip in temperatures monday, into tuesday. but we will still be above average, dry into january 1st, and even looking good into next weekend. ,, we could use the rain. looks like we will have to wait another week. >> i know it was the driest december on record, but you are saying the driest year overall? >> yes. the driest december and also the driest year in san francisco. >> wow. >> we definitely need rain. >> thank you, francis. let's check out sports. one is playing for pride, the other for potential playoff positioning. regular season finales for the raiders and 49ers today. here's collin resch with all of your sports highlights. good morning. the beginning of conference play signifying the college hoops is in full swing. the chips all stacked against santa clara last night. gonzaga 27-2 versus the broncos since 2001.
6:51 am
the biggest little fan in spokane. freshman jared brown, catch-and-shoot three in transition. 20-17. broncos, maybe they have a chance. second half. the team high 22 points. santa clara trailing 53-50. the zags go on a 10-0 run. gonzaga by 12. seconds later, no foul call. spikes the ball. gets teed off. frustrating for the broncos. they were in it until the final minutes. 74-60 the final. portland, rex walters. coleman using the pivot foot like kevin mchale. tied at 66. kevin bailey rise and fire. three goes. inbounds play. out of the time-outs. chris adams, only bucket of the game. off-balance and sends it to overtime. dons leading 80-77. the team high 22 for to have he
6:52 am
-- usf, road win 87-81, the final. jabari a spectator. a boot on the badly sprained ankle. bears hosting the paliden of portland. tyrone wallace, not impressed. the steal and dunk. had 18. justin cobbs had 18 and jeff powers, the redshirt senior from de la salle, he had 18 and hit six threes. cal beat them by 30. stanford's chiney, ogwumiki, in fresno. 16 of her 20 points came in the first half for her eighth double-double of the season. also grabbed 10 rebounds. cardinals 12 of 29 from beyond the arc. and mckayla in the wing. stanford 86-354.
6:53 am
now 11-1. college football, pinstripe bowl at yankee stadium. notre dame and rutgers. tj jones, 82 all-purpose yards. takes the hand-off here. 10-3. scarlett knights right back at you. chase dodd. in the end zone for coleman. game tied at 10. tommy reece would throw for 300 yards. martin named the player of the game. he creates space. irish the winner, 29-16. in the athletic bowl. miami scored the game's first points on a safety. and teddy bridgewater from louisville scored 36 straight. 26 yards for devonte parker. 427-yard takes and three tds for the junior. they crush the canes 36-9. i'll be back tonight starting at 9:00. highlights of the finale against denver and same for 49ers and cardinals. mike shumann is in arizona. his weekly interview with vernon davis tonight at 11:00.
6:54 am
with a look at morning sports, i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone! >> still to come. an unusual title for a pontiff. why some of considering the pope a fashion icon.
6:55 am
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$50 million. an unusual honor for pope francis. "esquire" magazine named him the best dressed man of 2013. the magazine said the pontiff's decision to dress humbly and break from tradition shows a humility rarely seen from previous popes. other fashion celebrities were also named. bradley cooper and joseph gordan lavet also named. frances dinglasan always fashionable and here with the final check of the accuweather forecast. >> okay. looks like 2013 is going to come down as the driest year on record for san francisco. by the end of the year it looks like we've only had 5.59 inches. we kept records in san francisco since 1850s. not me personally, of course. and around the golden state, lots of sunshine. no snow at tahoe. a high of 66 in sacramento. 78 in los angeles. i mean, it's warm out there. we are above normal.
6:58 am
63 your high in san francisco. so temperatures a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday. we might even break a record in san jose. 69 there. and it's a spare the air alert. there might be one tomorrow. we have a lot of sunshine and great weather for doing anything outdoors this week. >> all right. we knew you weren't here from 1850, francis. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc sunday morning news. i'm careler, along with frances [ man ] take five! hey, joyce! [ grunts ] you really seem to be dragging your a-- [ donkey brays ] yeah, mid morning slump. [ donkey snorts ] that's why i started drinking this new lipton natural energy tea. come on! it's naturally has more caffeine and theanine than regular lipton. here. you'll thank me. mmmm... tastes amazing, right? i feel better already. [ donkey brays ] [ man ] two minutes!
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good morning, america. good morning, america. this morning -- breaking news. a bloody finale for the suspected bank robber accused of fatally shooting a police officer. what happened when he tried to hold up another bank across the country and how police finally tied this wild crime spree together. suicide bombing. with the olympics just weeks away, a woman blows herself up at a train station in russia, killing more than a dozen people, and raising terrorism fears as we head into the winter games. frigid forecast. extreme winter weather to ring out the year. blizzard conditions and wind chills of 50 below, paralyzing holiday travel. who will be shoveling their


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