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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 29, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we are still trying to solidify a facility. >> a deadline looms for a little girl declared brain dead at children's hospital oakland. >> i'm ama dates. the family of -- the family has until 5:00 p.m. and that's when the court order keeping the brain dead girl expires, but the family is not giving up. sergio is live with the details. >> a spokesperson says as that deadline approaches they will notify the family that they hillary move -- will remove her from the ventilator if they have not secured an alternate facility. they said the family will be
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allowed to stay with her if and when that happens. just a couple of hours ago some young women from sacramento came by and dropped off these candles , stuffed animal and a card. they say they are supporters of the family. the pastor lead a small group of supporters in prayer. he planned on holding a fundraiser, but that was called off after news a southern california facility has declined to receive her on a ventilator. >> we definitely don't want to raise funds for something that is not iron clad. >> the family is praying their wishes come true. >> we believe in god for a miracle. >> is it coming? >> that's completely up to god. >> a crowd sourcing page to fund the transfer to southern california has raised $21,000 in two days. and they are still trying to find an alternate hospital.
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they have not heard of any options. >> to my energy -- to my knowledge it was more than two hours ago. >> she was declared brain dead after a ton sellectomy -- tonsilectomy that was anything but routine. >> it was more than a tonsilectomy. it was a series of procedures. >> six physicians have reviewed her case including an independent neurologist appointed by an alameda superior court judge. he ruled the family can find another hospital, but at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow children's hospital has the right to remove her from the ventilator. abc7 news. >> children's hospital still has not heard from any facility and in a statement issued today they say children's hospital oakland continues to support the family in this time of grief and loss over her death. and stay with abc7 news for
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the latest. we will have updates on our website, and on the abc7 morning news beginning at 4:30. >> breaking news out of russia. there was a bus explosion a day after a suicide bombing killed several people in the same city. a surveillance camera captured the explosion about 400 miles north of sochi, the site of the 2014 winter olympics. there was no immediate claim of responsibility for either explosion which came several months after a chechan rebel leader called for attacks against civilian targets including the upcoming winter games. two people including a firefighter went to the hospital after a fire truck smashed into a car in san francisco. witnesses say truck company number one had its emergency lights on and sirens blaring while heading north on fifth street. the fire truck hit a mercedes as it headed west on howard
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street. >> it was a large thud like something had really made solid impact. >> it appears the mercedes mailed to stop. >> it is the same intersection where a fire truck hit a motorcyclist back in june. this is surveillance video op tanked by the i team. the firefighter disappeared from the scene and tests show he was drunk. that firefighter has since resigned. >> new at 11:00, san jose police are looking for evidence after a person was shot in the mcdonalds parking lot about 90 minutes ago. it happened near center road. pair immediate -- paramedics rushed the victim to the trauma center. and there is an investigation after a deadly shooting in japan town. he just left a nightclub around 1:45 a.m. he died after being rushed to the hospital.
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let's head to abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser for our first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. still no rain, leigh. >> still no rain and we are getting to the point where we needed desperately and forecast models suggested maybe in another week or so we may see a weather pattern change, but until then live doppler 7hd showing you clear skies. these clear skies will give way to very cold overnight temperatures especially in the north bay. overnight lows near freezing, but not so today. record high, 72 oakland airport and 73 downtown oakland. those are two record highs. 68 mountain view and 68 in san francisco set a new record. any records tomorrow? we will look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> new at 11:00, starting tomorrow open burning of debris and grass won't be allowed in many counties in the bay area. cal fire made the decision because of the lack of rain and dry conditions in many areas. campfires will still be
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permitted in designated areas. december has been one of the driest months on record and already water conservation orders have been issued in southern california. folsom and sacramento county have a 20% water conservation order and it may expand to other places including here in the bay area. local water officials hope you will take voluntary steps now to reduce your water usage. but they are not ready to say the word drought just yet. >> as far as an official declaration or a a request for change in behavior and that would not happen until the first of april when we look at the full season's precipitation. >> governor jerry brown has assembled a task force to consider a statewide drought order. there is very little snow in the sierra. holiday travelers encountered brown hill sides instead of snowpack along the sides of mountain highways. skiers have been able to hit the slopes because some resorts have made -- have used
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snow making machines. it is a different story across the country. two storm systems are dumping brutal weather from the midwest up to new england. richard cantu has the latest. >> the arctic blast brought blizzards to the northern plains. a virtual whiteout in north dakota created near zero visibility prompting officials to ban travel in the northeast part of the state. heavy snow caused a ballroom overhang to collapse in duluth, minnesota and forcing emergency responders to block off the area. >> i actually spoke to a woman who said she had just been going to step outside and saw the thing collapse right in front of her. >> in new england power crews were working around the clock to restore power to thousands who were without heat and electric electricity for a week. >> we will be trimming the lines a little bit to make sure that whatever has put a
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lot of ice weight on it might not come down. >> it is a real race against time with more bad weather on the way. >> we still have thousands without power and now we are going to add some additional snow to that. you can see the snowfall totals. someplaces could get as much as a foot of snow. >> others brought soaking rain up the east coast. it will clear out for new year's, but the big story are the low temperatures and a lot of wind as well. richard cantu, abc news, new york. no relief for 74 tourists and researchers trapped on a ship that got stuck in four-foot thick ice last week in antarctica. an australian icebreaker 25 miles away was forced to put the rescue mission on hold until a snowstorm passes. rescuers will make a decision in the next 48 hours to continue breaking the ice or evacuate via helicopter. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, why the magic of harry potter is fading. from school bathrooms to the paparazzi, the new laws taking
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effect. and lots of celebrities in the news. what were the biggest stories? a look back at
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pushed sign ups for the new federal health care plan past
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the 1 million mark. the numbers were released today from the obama administration. experts say when you add in numbers from state programs such as cover california the numbers should reach about two million. only three days until the new year and that brings new laws in california. abc7 news reporter lilian kim joins us live from the newsroom with the changes ahead. lilian? >> ama, hundreds of new laws take effect on january 1st, and they affect everyone from gun owners to teenagers. >> text charlotte, i will be there in a few. >> in a matter of days, young drivers will no longer be allowed to text using voice responsive apps such as sear re. it prohibits drivers under 18 from using any voice activated technology when texting. she says it will be a tough adjustment, but she understands. >> i guess it makes sense for teenagers. we are more distracted and less used to driving. but i think adults should have to do it as well. >> another change come january 1st applies to guns. long guns specifically.
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the new law creates a registry for rifles and shotguns much like the one in place for handguns. the make, model, serial number and the gun's owner will be tracked and put into a department of justice database. also taking effect in the new year, a law regarding cyberbullying. school officials will soon have the authority to discipline students who bully other students on-line whether it takes place on campus or off. another new law affecting schools deals with transgender students. transgender kindergarten through 12th grade students can choose whether they want to play boy or girl sports and will be able to access which ever restroom and locker room they want. jason is the founder of an organization that seeks to empower lgbt youth. >> it is important for schools to respect all students for who they are and create environments in which they can feel safe in their environment and be themselves. so i think this law would do much more good than harm. >> the law affecting transgender students will go
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into affect on wednesday, but suspended soon after if a referendum qualifies for repeal on the ballot. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. other new laws include paparazzi photographers will face stiffer penalties if found guilty of harassing celebrities with their children. anyone placing fake 9-1-1 calls could pay $10,000 to cover emergency responses to so-called s.w.a.ting. that's when a s.w.a.t team mobiles after embellish meant. and sex offenders could face six months in jail if they cutoff their gps devices. some northern california counties are tired of being ignored by lawmakers in sacramento and want to form their very own state. most of jefferson surrounds mount shasta. that's where con see supervisors voted 4-1 to saw seed from california. 9 other counties have approved similar measures, but state
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lawmakers in congress have to give their approval and that hasn't happened since west virginia was formed in 1863. robin roberts came out publicly as a gay woman today. the "good morning america" posted a thank you to her family and girlfriend of 10 years. she a massage therapist from the bay area. it has been 100 days since roberts' bone marrow transplant. you can see them every weekday from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. it seems harry potter is no longer a favorite. a 30-year british library study looking at the 10 most barrowed books show the j.k. rowling series on top since publishing her first book in 1990 every is. the potter series dominated the top five spots from 2000 to 2002. but it has declined. it fell off the list entirely last year. probably more people heading outside than staying inside and reading these days.
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leigh, quite mild weather we are having. >> very mild. well above where we should be for this time of year. as much as 5 to 10 degrees above the temperatures weather wise. live doppler 7 is showing you clear skies. you remember last night we did have the offshore warm winds. it kept temperatures a little above levels, but tonight the winds have calmed down and clear skies and radiational cooling will take place and the temperatures will drop near freezing. a nice shot from our sutro cam. san francisco 52 and 44 in los gatos. check out what is going on in the north bay. already the valley areas are in the 30s of the in fact, we have 35 right now in santa rosa. novato is 37. 39 in fairfield. livermore right now is 40 degrees. it will be clear tonight. it will be much colder than last night. tomorrow by the way is not a spare the air day. it looks like at least some of the particular matter will be a little better. the pollution will be a little
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better for all of us, better air quality. a few clouds for your monday and then this dry, mild weather pattern is going to stay with us right into the first few days of the new year. temperatures overnight, upper 20s to near the freezing mark, santa rosa and napa and cloverdale. we will start to moderate the closer you get to the bay and the coast with san francisco 49 tonight. richmond 39 and interior east bay antioch and livermore you can see there in the mid30s. high pressure, i'm telling you this -- this has parked itself over the pacific northwest. it is not budging. you can see the storm track still well to the north of the bay area. seattle is seeing some rain, and it will push a little to the south. we will offer the high clouds to move in, but still as it is parked over the pacific northwest that means we have in a dry weather pattern. here is a look at where we are and where we are not.
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the percentage of normal rainfall and only 23% of percentage are to san francisco and only 15% of what we should have this time of year and 42% out toward the livermore valley area. it is dry and it is going to stay that way. it will be that way the next five to seven days. january 6th, 7th and 8th we may see a break down. headed to tahoe for new year's eve and new year's day, overnight lows in the 20s. here is a look at our highs for monday. we may shave off a few degrees because we will have some more clouds. 63 san francisco and livermore 65, and 66 san jose. this dry period stays with us right on through the holiday week. a few clouds on new year's eve and new year's day looks great. thursday and friday the temperatures will bring back the midto upper 60s and will bring clouds in next weekend and also lower the
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temperatures a bit. >> thank you, leigh. >> it is time to check on sports. shu is with the 49ers. do you have the highlights? >> niners ended up having a good day. >> the goal for the niners continues to peak. they may be hard on themselves, but jim harbaugh says
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the 49ers entered the game in arizona with a shot of the first, second or fifth seed in the playoffs. cardinals needed a win and help to get in.
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a nightmare match up with his former team five plays after bowman intercepts. it is 10-049ers. the next drive and boldim doing it here. a great block from the rookie and springs in there. 63 yards for the arizona 3. 106 yards receiving in the first quarter. vernon davis wide open in the back of the end zone. his 13th touchdown reception. ties his career high. cardinals come alive after that. fourth quarter and carson palmer . tied at 17. they would exchange late. 18 seconds left. 29 yards and 40 yards to win it of the 23-20. 49ers finish the season 12-4 and they get the five seed. let's hear from the rookie difference maker. >> just get the ball.
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put me in and not on the sidelines. >> he is a great player with a great future. we just haven't had the opportunity to get him out there. he was injured for a lot of the season. >> making a difference. the packers beat the bears in dramatic fashion so they are the fourth seed and the niners are headed to green bay next sunday at 1:30 at lambeau field. reminder, another edition of vernon's view's at 11:35. mike shumann talked to vernon davis. what he told him in training camp and came to fruition today. still to come, if he is on the hotseat, the performance by the raiders didn't help. peyton manning and the broncos setting records left and
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for the raiders, trying to play spoiler with denver in town. denver looking for home field advantage in the playoffs. he had it locked down at half time. some snap issues here. denver would recuff. that leads to the second touchdown pass in the first quarter. we check down to knowshon moreno and he is in there. raiders 55 yards of offense in the first half. manning 63 yards on this one play. do mar yous thomas -- damarius thomas. thomas again. four touchdowns and 266
11:30 pm
passing yards. it breaks drew brees' single season record. 34-14 the final. and raiders finish eight losses in the last nine games. >> it didn't win in the win column. there are areas to improve. i'm sure that's something i will sit down with reggie and sit down with mark davis and we will discuss on the areas where we have improved. >> hockey top two teams in the pacific at the tank. ending an 11-game score less streak. 100th career goal. 32-ready yeah and curran called up. sharks win it 3-1. steph curry, one rebound shy of a triple double. you love steph curry. warriors were leading it. kyrie irving and oh no. he will send it to over time.
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golden state getting it done in ot. green, where are you? 108-1 04. they go for orlando on tuesday. jason randal. junior center and you a nasty dunk. 20 for him. stanford by 17. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up next, vernon's view. abc7 has teamed up with vernon davis. we will get his take on the win over arizona. hear what he thinks about a playoff match up with green bay. >> thank you, colin. still to come, giving back. how some former raiders players are helping out bay area kids. and the count down to new year's eve and how you can he
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vernon's view. every week we have special ago tess to the tightened after the game for his insight on the match up following his three-catch performance in the 23-20 win in arizona, mike shumann went one on one with vernon. among the topics, the second season. >> it was a tremendous win. we are honored and excited and happy. we are looking forward to the playoffs. putting it altogether and winning games. >> the offense opened it up in the first quarter and had 17 points. they didn't score again until the game winner.
11:36 pm
what caused it to bog down in the second and third quarter? >> i don't know. i can't put my finger on it at the moment. we all know about the nfl. the games are up and down and up and down. especially games like this. you are at the end and arizona is playing as hard as they possibly can and we are playing as hard as we possibly can. we are all out there playing to be mistake free. >> and then it comes down to a pass to a rookie. he heard all year listen, this kid will be a player. what a catch he made to set up the winning field goal of the. >> it is absolutely amazing having him here. he is a unique person and not only is he a unique person, but he works extremely hard. i told him during training camp. i said if you continue to work, you will pea a good player. you will be a good player. continue to work and be a good team and you will be a good player. >> teams are shutting you down. they are making sure you are not going to beat them. as a result a lot of other
11:37 pm
guys are stepping up. that's the beauty of where you are playing your offense right now. >> it is about contributing. how can you contribute as a player? that's what i understand now. earlier in my years i didn't really understand. being a team guy and just being all about my team, it is just awesome being out there with those guys and helping them in anyway i i can. >> have you been frustrated the last couple games? you haven't been as involved. >> i find ways that i can make an impact in other areas like blocking and running down field. i am cool with that. >> another solid game. he is putting the ball where it needs to be to get this thing going. he is getting better. >> he is getting better and better. and he is doing just that.
11:38 pm
i am excited to be playing with this guy because he is a hard worker jie. on your way to green bay. you beat them earlier in the season and you beat them in the last round of the playoffs. different on the frozen tundra out there. >> it is different, but we know it will be cold. it doesn't matter. that shouldn't stop us from trying to win a game. we are going up there. we have to get some good preparation in. just get out to green bay and put it all out on the field. >> it will be a great flight home after this big win. >> it will be an amazing flight home after this victory. >> maybe the season is over. that's vernon's view. >> 49ers, packers lambeau field a week from today at 1:30 pacific time. sunday expected to be the
11:39 pm
hottest day all week in green bay, high of 37 degrees. vernon and the niners will be walking into a heat wave. vernon's view only on abc7. ama? >> colin, thank you. oakland raiders may have lost against the denver broncos, but they are winner when's it comes to their fans and the oakland unified school district. it is called first and goal. it is a new program the raiders kicked off giving local kids and their chaperons free game tickets, transportation to o dot co coliseum and a pep talk from a star player. >> it is what it takes to be a pro, preparation, responsibility and opportunity. >> raid you ares legends -- raiders legends who have addressed them including sam williams and jerry robinson. still to come, the biggest entertainment stories of 2013. >> and another look at live doppler 7hd and do a little
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raffling if you are headed back home -- a little travel
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in time square in preparation for new year's eve. each year visitors write wishes on pieces of confetti and post them on the wishing wall in time square museum and visitor center. the pieces will be mixed with a ton of confetti that falls when the ball drops at midnight. you can also submit wishes
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on-line. you can submit the -- you can see the action right here on abc7. from shocking on screen antics to performances on screen. michelle turner looks back at the top 10 entertainment stories of 2013. >> bieber's bad boy behavior. justin bieber hasn't left the spotlight since hitting the scene in 2009, but 2013 found the teen heartthrob making news for the wrong reasons. the daily beast declares it bieber's year of uh flew -- affluenza. kanye west and kim kardashian continue their rein. west had a number one album and tour, but nothing made the news like his love life. they welcomed their daughter north "fori" west. kim took to social media to unveil her post baby body.
11:44 pm
west then rented out at&t park in san francisco to surprise kardashian with a marriage proposal. >> we have been following this breaking news, paul walker has died. >> a fast and furious death. fans' hearts broke after paul walker's unexpected passing over thanksgiving weekend. the 40-year-old actor was killed in a car crash outside los angeles. fans and famous friends came out to show their support for the box office power house who also found success in films such as "8 below" and" flags of our fathers." beyonce's return to the stage. the singer caused waves after lip-syncing the national anthem at the presidential inauguration in january, only to prove her star power in a show stoping super bowl half time show. beyonce spent most of the year touring the world with her hit mrs. carter show before surprising everyone with the released of her fifth studio album. it quickly became not only the fastest selling album of her
11:45 pm
career, but also an -- in itunes history "queen bee" is ending the year at the top of her game. basic cable ruled tv. the "walking dead" rose to record ratings proving we have still inflicted with zombie fever. "breaking bad" concluded its five-season run and nearly blew up social media in the process. and "duck dynasty" revealed reality tv is still guiding the conversation. star phil robertson's recent anti-gay comments stirred continue verse see, but basic cable shows still kept people buzzing. from oscar gold to box office magic. jennifer lawrence received a best actor oscar in "silver lining playbook" and then won us over when falling on stage to collect her award. shy found herself on the top of the box office with the released of the "hunger game" sequel" catching fire." she was only behind angelina jolie on forbes' list of
11:46 pm
hollywood's highest paid actresses. now she is receiving award buzz for her scene stealing performance in "american hustle." angelina's brave choice. angelina jolie shocked everyone saying she underwent a double mastectomy. the oscar winner and mother of six underwent the procedure after learning she carries a gene mutation that increases her risk of developing cancer. paula deen's down fall. a year ago the celebrity chef was on top of the world and it came crashing down of a the released of a deposition in a lawsuit of the former employee. in the deposition dean admitted using the n-word in the past. fans turned their back on the star and she lost many endorsement deals. she wept on to apologize, but it is yet to be seen if she can reclaim her thrown. her throne. >> actor james gandolfini has died. >> james gandolfini's
11:47 pm
unexpected passing sent shock waves through hollywood. he died of a heart attack at the age of 51 while on vacation in italy. the emmy winner's final film the romantic comedy "enough said" opened after his death to critical acclaim and earned gandolfini his final sag award nomination. miley cyrus got everyone talking with her on stage antics. cyrus made news with her controversial performance at the mtv, vma's. the former hannah montana star proved her team persona was nothing but a distant memory. it is miley's world and we are just living in. >> stay on top of all of the news and get the latest version of theabc7 news app. use our feature that makes it simple to send us photos and video of any news you spot. go to for download details. for all of your latest weather details, leigh glaser. live doppler 7hd right now
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is showing signs that things are all clear. we are seeing a few high clouds drifting our way. we will see increasing high clouds throughout the day tomorrow. listen, if you are traveling back east it is going to be cold, frigid cold. fargo tomorrow 0 degrees. minneapolis only 8. 20 in chicago. a little light snow expected. 59 new orleans and then we will look for around brownsville, a little rain. dallas 46. you will have to head out our way to get the mild and warm weather. 73 san diego. palm springs 75. 70 in fresno. even tau mow is soaking up some of the mild weather with 54 degrees. as we head into tuesday, look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, tuesday on new year's eve, a few clouds and the temperatures drop off a few degrees. we are still above where we should be for this time of year. in the 60s. new year's day is right on in through thursday and midto upper 60s m, and then more
11:49 pm
clouds on saturday and sunday and cool things down a bit and hopefully by the second week of january we may be talking about some rain. >> thank you, leigh. shu is with the niners, do you have sports for us? >> so much to talk about with all of the games in the nfl that happened today. a domino effect means in the afc west we will have three out of four teams in the playoffs. can you guess the one that didn't make it? the niners will see a familiar foe in the wild card round. how aaron rodgers pulled a
11:50 pm
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when they began, but seeding up for grabs. the cardinals needed a win and help to get in. week 17 implications for both teams. anquan boldin took it to his former team. after bowman interception, four yards from colin cap neither nick. they -- koll bin kaepernick. three yards back and his 13th touchdown of the season. cardinals could have folded and they don't. carson palmer 34 yards to roberts and game tied at 17 in the fourth. san francisco in field goal range. the winner from 40 yards.
11:53 pm
23-20 niners. they finish 12-4 and get a 5 seed in the play of yos. jim -- in the playoff. jim harbaugh playing homage to al davis. >> after playing i went to work for the oakland raiders. mr. al davis would say just win. sometimes it was just win, baby. i didn't have a full understanding of what it meant , but i do now. just win, baby. >> just win, baby. seattle beat st. louis 27-9. the hawks win the nfc west and clinch home field throughout. carolina winners and get the nfc second seed. the niners playoff opponent is settled by the green bay-chicago winner. it was it was 8-20 bears. aaron rodgers back, guts. 45 seconds left and fourth and 8 and forget field goal range. how about the winning touchdown pass. packers stun the bears 33-28.
11:54 pm
they will host the niners. next sunday, 1:30 pacific time at lambeau field. nfc east, winner take all in dallas. philadelphia takes a 24-16 lead. this brown touchdown ron. run. romo is done for the season. orton to dez bryant. two-p so int conversion would fail. dallas with one last crack and/or ton -- 1k3* orton romos it. jerry jones livid. eagles wins it and will host new orleans on saturday. drew brees four touchdown passes and 76 yards there. 42-17 and saints are dancing and yes they play the eagles in the other nfc wild card game on saturday at 5:00 p.m. in philly. denver coach john fox said afterwards the broncos played as good in all three phases as they played all year. in other words, the raiders
11:55 pm
were throttled in the season finale. 366 yards in the first half to surpass drew brees single season passing yardage record. to thomas and denver with a 24-0 lead. the record setting pass and five yards and thomas again. manning 25-28 and four touchdowns and 55 on the season. the broncos roll 34-14 and raiders finish 4-12. two words, free agency. >> we have some money we can go out and try to acquire some free agents and we will have a come plaw meant of -- complement of draft choices to try to build this team. it is something that needed to be done and we are excited about the future and moving forward. >> rebuilding and we will see if he stays. browns coach is not staying. fired after cleveland lost to pittsburgh. steelers needed losses by san diego, baltimore and miami to make the playoff.
11:56 pm
they did their part 20-7 and then watched. the defending champs unable to get it done. cinncinati goes 8-0 at home and dalton with 16 yards and look at this guy. how about the hands? bengals win it 34-17. ravens go home. the jets offering a helping hand to pittsburgh. one road win this year and geno smith in new york and 20 unanswered to beat the dolphins by 13. miami seven total points in their final two games. the third part of the equation , chargers loss to the chiefs minus alex smith and jamaal charles. succop misses it and kansas city unable to convert. the chargers win it and steeler fans are crushed by that finish. san diego, they had to -- they said to cincy and that's the early game which will precede
11:57 pm
the 9ers and packers next sunday. i hope everyone follows here. the colts locked up a playoff spot closing with the jaguars. 282 yards passing and one touchdown. to former stanford teammate. colts are hot winning three straight and they get kc on saturday. it is a 1:30 start in indy. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. ace mention -- ace mentioned earlier, the warriors and the sharks both victorious. >> thank you. that does it for tonight. i'm ama dates for everyone, thanks for joining us and abc news conti
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