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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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breathing maintained by that vent later. >> she's moving and i'm excited >> does she respond to voice? >> yes. i touched her foot, she put it back. >> yes. people on vent laters can show signs of moving but not a sign of life. that is a sign that a muscle reflex occurred. >> that is sam singer, the hospital spokesperson. he gave another update, a reaction, if you will to this order to keep jahi mcmath on the vent later another week. saying at this point that the hospital really has no reaction. they weren't surprised when the judge ordered this extension. but their position has not changed, that
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is that this young lady is dedeceas dedeceased. >> more information on what jahi underwent at the hospital. children's hospital says she had an tonsillectomy to remove both aden oichlt ds and tonsels, a up three, sleep surgery used to remove tissue in the throat and a turanant reduction reducing the size improves breathing. >> a pastor come forward to help the family talked with abc7 news reporter vic lee today vic joins with us that side of the story. >> reporter: it's difficult and sad it's been quiet here at the hospital all day no, rallies or
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organized rallies or flowers or sidewalk displays. in fact there have been more reporters outside today. there have been visitors saying they're praying for the 13-year-old we have not seen an outpouring of support. the pastor of the church says he is opening the doors of the church to anyone who wants to pray for her tonight. the church raised $20,000 for the family but cancelled a fund razor to raise money for her transportation because at that time it looked like there was no facility to take her in. he told us he disbelieve in miracles. >> there have been examples of that in the bible and also, throughout the world where there have has been miracles. so, how
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we believe is that we believe in power of prayer. >> reporter: that is the position of the people that have come here today that there is a chance of reviving jahi. that tool is the power of prayer. vic lee abc7 news. >> thank you very much. jahi mcmath underwent surgery december 9th and shortly after went into cardiac arrest. the next day a ct scan revealed two thirds of her brain was swollen, her uncle says on thursday she was declared medically dead. additional testing the next day confirmed that tragic news our live coverage will continue on abc7 news at 6:00. >> but there will be flooding in parts of the bay area because of something called king tides. that is when high tide is about a foot or more higher than
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average. and are pep boats are used to it and have seen it before. >> we've parked our vehicles on another side here. and warning that high tide is coming. and kind of take care of each other here. >> king tides are expected to reach seven feet near aquatic park and again, wednesday morning. >> winter may not be fire season in the bay area but dry conditions and low humidity forced officials to place a burn ban on several counties. banned open burning and some of
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the wildfires happened as a result of the fire that's got away from their owners. >> well, we want to check now on the forecast with lisa argin. lisa? >> there are high clouds, they're off shore, partly to mostly cloudy skies for evening hours. and another spare the air alert is in effect for tomorrow. new year's eve. last day of the year. air quality will be poorest in north bay. so, no wood burning and this is the 23 alert since november 1st. more steps to pass on to you. with this snow pack, only two inches
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of rain. a look at the seven-day outlook is coming up. >> thank you. >> officials preparing to conduct a snow survey on friday. not going to look good. this is a key water source. the snow pack reached only 10% of the snowfall this month. initial readings showed water content is 150% of normal. they're praising for a possible that is that is putting the coho salmon in jeopardy. wayne?
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>> this is where they leave and place that calls back. we'd expected a big return this yeefrment it's been the other way around. december 20th, 201341 year before the driest year on record. >> this is great. >> but ten inches of rain? >> gregory andrew says it has less to do with dry grass than with ought to be spawning coho salmon. >> how many do you think you got? >> about 100 now. >> 100? >> about 100 >> what should have you? >> oh, we have had 500
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this is runoff. we shouldn't need to look. it's a pat yesh repeated for years. >> about 2 million years. >> so this year would snb >> as low as it gets. >> here is the carcass of one and downstream marked by a blue flag. gregory watched a female lay about 2,000 eggs. >> clean gravel, eggs under that mound of gravel. >> in this drought year, nature perseveres and still, only december after all. >> we still have until january, then, we'll go from there. search underway after an
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ambulance was stolen near daily city. the american medical response crew was treating a patient when someone jumped into the ambulance and took off. officials say nudging is missing from that ambulance. >> well, a wild ride for some commuters in the north bay. a bull was on the loose on highway 12 and 113 near rio vista the chp received a report it was charging cars. officers say they were able to corral it, safely. >> what is no bull. >> he didn't say that. >> he did. >> we have tips to make it easier to get around san francisco. and some important information for those of you hosting parties tomorrow night. >> then, researchers discover a difference between men and women
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when it comes to fighting the flu.
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next month, redwood city school district will head to mediation over wages both sides declared an impass in negotiations last month. october, teachers say they have not received a pay raise since 2007, 2008 school year >> marin county getting $15000000 for road improvements
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at point reyes national sea shores. reporting funds will be available in 2018. >> it's've been planning to watch movies on netflix you better get to it. >> yes. >> reports say 80 movies will no longer be available. however, dvd customers may still order them in the mail. a representative says it adds and removes titles. among movies set
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to expire flash dance, platoon and war games. as 2013 comes to an end, so do many tax saving options folks at turbo tax are offering tips. first be mindful of holiday bonuses they can put you in a higher tax bracket. you might want to put off taking money until next year or consider contributing to retirement saving accounts or making deductible chairitable contributions to offset gains if you had a tough year medically you might get a write off that can save you on taxes as well f you're throwing a new year's eve party there are things to keep in mind. they worry about the things first is your legal liability. the president of the company says make sure your premiums have been paid up. >> in most cases companies are going to step up to protect you there if that is in place.
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>> that is a homeowner or renter? >> that is homeowner, renter. all the same. >> there is cases where you might be on your own, with no insurance backing you up. it's a bad idea, anyway. >> be warned >> new here at 5:00 rose bowl celebrates it's 125th year this year. >> the flowers are in. finishing touches nearly done z volunteers gearing up. >> every day you come in, it's more done. more beautiful. and you can see it's taking place. >> there is a row where a middle eastern dancing. the animals
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faces meet with materials the float has trees that will be donated to local schools the parade. >> it takes thousands of man hours. >> it's not only live plants, live animals have a presence, more than one float dedicated to dogs. canines for cops debuting with a tribute to service dogs. officers will be alongside the float. >> i think that no idea is too big or too small. >> wise jump roping dogs pefsh yoefrming on the float all of them rescued. the mission is
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population control. >> they're dogs plucked from a shelter that had potential to be put to sleep. >> there is special energy here. you can smell fresh plants and flowers. volunteers excited to show off the beautiful art but to represent really great causes. >> you can watch the rose parade on new year's day right here on abc7 at 8:00 wednesday morning. >> if you're looking for a way to celebrate new year's eve there are things to choose from. top of the list is of course fire works along embarcadero this, is last year. beautiful clear skies.
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still looking for an event we can help you with a full list on our web site. >> and to help everyone stay safe, triple a offering free tows and a ride for any driver that had too much to drink. from 6:00 p.m tomorrow until 6:00 a.m wednesday morning. the number to call is on the screen. i'll read it. 1-800--aaa-help. reservations are not accepted. >> you know you're going to be drunk. falling down, drunk. >> local transit agencies making it easier to keep your car at home on new year's eve. offering free rides from 8:00 p.m through 5:00 a.m wednesday morning. including all routes including cable car asks adding service on the 1 california route. that is
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providing adecisional service until 3:00 a.m . there are ways for to us get around, safely on new year's eve. not to put ourselves or anyone at risk. >> we want to know what weather is going to be like. >> fire works tomorrow? >> yes. if you can get ges what weather is going to be like. >> we have had a break we did break a record. and in san francisco. right now in san jose, upper 50s with high
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clouchltdz low 60s in los gatos and half moon bay. it's 50 there. nef vatto, 52. so if you missed us, we're calling another spare the air day tomorrow due to the particulate matter. keep that in mind. no wood burning and clouds are allowing for temperatures not to drop into 30s. no rain is in sight for first weekend of the new year. so we're looking at lows tonight 30s and 40s across the bay area, up from this morning. 38 in jose. starting out with high clouds, there is a weak disturbance through tonight and
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tomorrow morning and once again, high pressure takes over that allows for more sunshine throughout the afternoon. and forecast models going out further. doesn't look like anything is going break this ridge. but snow pack, we can see 20% of normal state wide. 143% of normal. 23% of normal around yosemite and south, better with cutoff lows. so tomorrow we'll have high clouds. and temperatures responding and that is ten degrees above average for neighborhoods. so mid-60s for
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san jose. 66 in santa cruz and peninsula, highs from low 60s in pacifica. we should see upper 50s here. san francisco, coming in at 63. coming up from breezing readings, 65 near east bay. over hills, mid-60s for pittsburgh and livermore, accu-weather forecast is tomorrow, you'll notice new year's day, ridge building a little bit without warmth. and nothing but dry, sunny weather. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead a progress report
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for you on east bay boy surviving a serious dog mauling. how this changed his life. >> that is coming up. you might be weary of throwing out old one with personal information on it. not to worry. michael fin here is tell you how to wipe your information from tha
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developing news from north dakota a train derails and causes a massive fireball east of fargo. a railway spokeswoman says several cars from mile-long train derailed and caught fire, so far no reports of injuries. and investigators trying to figure out what happened. >> an update for a boy mauled by
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two pit bulls in august. his mom and friends came to visit and hunter looking great. you can tell he's a warrior, standing he showed me his scar. hunter was attacked by a pit bull playing at the home of a friend and suffered horrible injuries requiring more than 100 stitches. the dogs were euthanized. hunter decided he's ready for a weather audition. >> san francisco, clouds. he still has moments. of anxiety a little bit. and ak frayed of dogs if we go to peoples houses who have dogs they need to put them outside. >> it just scares me. that feel of something happening to you and there is -- happening again
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is not a nice feeling. >> he loves the family chihuahua and golden retrievers, he told me. he's doing well. >> yes. that is great. >> a study says effectiveness of a flu shot may depend on gender saying women have a stronger response to the flu vaccine. there are major differences in terms of immune systems. >> i'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere. >> know. >> let's talk about puppies and kittens. >> also, we don't ask for directions. >> are the animals getting new
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hose who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up at 6:00 childrens hospital responds to a judge extending an order that leaves 14-year-old jahi mcmath on life support another week. in a half hour at 6:00 >> puppies and kittens seemed to be popular gifts this year. >> spca tells abc7 news 300 cats and dogs have been adopted from the holiday window display at macy's snore san francisco. >> that beats last year's >> spca says it's hopeful it can
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beat the welco tonight, new year's freeze, blinding snow and plunging temperatures, arctic air from minnesota to maine. the train derailment making matters worse. meteorologist ginger zee standing by in times square prepping for a frigid countdown. high alert tonight. new images of those two terror attacks in russia, the giant blast caught on tape weeks before american athletes head overseas. our brian ross back from sochi tonight right here with the growing concern. critical condition, the race car legend fighting for his life after a skiing accident. tonight why he was able to speak after the fall, before the coma, and the warning for everyone skiing this holiday. who is watching you? what the traffic light in your hometown reveals. tonight some asking, are those cameras making some


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