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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 31, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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giving the family more time to work out their plan to move her to a facility that will continue to care for her. despite multipill doctors confirming he is britain dead the family believes she is alive and claiming she moved her leg when it was touched and is responding to her mother's voice^. the hospital says involuntary muscle movement is not uncommon in a case like this. >> the family and hospital spokeswoman spoke after the ruling. >> we won. it could be a small victory, only a few more days but today was a hard day for me. >> i am not sure it was the right judgment call but that was the call of the judge and we will comply. children's hospital oakland said jahi mcmath cannot be moved until the family can prove they have a form of transport and a licensed facility will take her acknowledging that it is accepting legally a dead body. jahi mcmath was declared brain dead december 12 after going into cardiac arrest after a
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tonsillectomy. >> thank you. san francisco police are investigating an officer involved shooting during a high speed chase last night. the chase began in bay area where police approached a man in a black dodge, saw him reach under the seat and thought he had a when he drove off leading them on a wild chase that ended with the car crashing at golden gate park. an officer was struck by the vehicle during the chase suffering minor injuries. the suspect vehicle collided with another car but continues on. an officer fired a shot and hit the suspect's car but mission the driver. the suspect was taken to a hospital with minor injuries suffered when he crashed. >> we have not discovered a weapon yet but the car is not thoroughly searched. the suspect has not life threatening injuries. >> police checked the entire route of the chase to see if a
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weapon was tossed. >> san francisco police are locking for a person or people who tried it set two cars on fire that were bumped this past weekend. in both cases the victims found their gas caps removed and paper or a rag stuffed inside. police say one car has burn marks so the car was set from below. police are working to confirm that the two incidents could be connected. >> san francisco and marin food bank needs 3,000 volunteers the coming weeks. people volunteer around thanksgiving day and christmas and the food bark says there is a sharp drop and there are 2,800 volunteer openings in january and february especially those who can help on weekdays. the food bank distributed 46 million pounds of food this year. >> a little more than 19 hours before ringing in the new career here and san francisco has a count down celebration for everyone.
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take your party people to the asian art museum and take turns ringing the 16th century bronze bell from japan. a few laughs at a comedy club or a fancy miami at the fair minute hotel where tony bennett's daughter will perform. and fire works extravaganza in san francisco bay with a report at the top of the hour. >> the new year early at children's event in oakland so they do not have to stay up until midnight at the science center in oakland hills will celebrate the new year with a balloon drop. when the new year hits a different time zone. the fun starts at 1:00 and kids ring in 2014 and have fund without staying up too late. >> the dick clark rock and eve tonight at 11:30. >> if you still have not made your lands we have a full list of new year's eve fireworks and
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events around the bay area on the front page of our website at abc7 news abc7 news >> muni is offering free rides from 8:00 p.m. tonight through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and the tremendous rides include all routes even cable cars and caltrain is extending hours with a final train departing at 2:15 this morning or tomorrow morning on januaryst and bart will provide additional service until approximately 3:00 a.m. >> you can expect to see an increase police presence on bay area roadways in an effort to crackdown on drink driving during the new year's holiday. the d.u.i. checkpoints are in place in cities and continuing through new year's day. aaa is offering free tows and a ride if any driver who has had too much to drink from 6:00 tonight until 6:00 a.m. for a
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tow up to ten miles. the number is on the screen. reservations are not accepted. >> warning: always go out, warning on the dangers of shooting fire works into the air. officials are more concerned than usual. >> we have had the driest winter so far, the driest year so far in history in a lot of the bay area. >> officials are concerned illegal fireworks could ignite one of the dry gassy fields and they say densely populated areas equally at risk. >> it could be an old shed that has been in your backyard for years and it is dried out and has had in moisture in it whatever. >> we actually have a house across the street that always shoots a bottle rocket. >> you may live in a difficult that allows safe fireworks on
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the fourth of july but ill is illegal to buy, sell, or ignite fireworks around new year's eve. you can still boy the illegal fireworks if chinatown. but the snapers are legal because they do not set off a spark. these illegal commercial-grade fireworks are likely to go up on new year's eve like they do in most years and many bay area cities are putting extra firefighters on cut. >> i may not be home so that is a bigger concern. i don't know what will happen. >> there will be an extra air tanker on stand by but your best bet is to just watch the annual new year's display in san francisco. water officials conduct the first survey on friday, the sierra snow pack is a key source of california water and received 10 percent of the average snow fall this month compared to this time last year when the snow
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pack water content registered 150 percent of normal. the department says they are businessing for a possible third consecutive dry year in california. >> which brings us to the question, the last kay of 2013, will we end the year on a dry night? >> very dry. we will set calendar year record dry with a lack of rainfall. we are at 20 percent statewide of normal and a year ago 143 percent, and in the south we are only 32 percent of normal and to the north we are 11 percent including 23 percent at lake tahoe. to the fireworks at pier 13 in san francisco it will be clear and cool with temperatures in the upper 40's. we will start with the day planner this morning: high clouds, temperatures are chess to average from mid-30's inland to low 40's around the bay and mid-40's at the coast.
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we will be in the mid-50's to near 60 by noon with poor air quality again today and partly cloudy and high clouds and sunshine like yesterday, hazy at teams, temperatures in the mid-50 to low 60's by 4:00 and the clouds will clear and it will be cooler this evening, upper 40's to near 50 by 7:00. >> we have lite conditions as you can imagine. the fire works that mike was talking about, the embarcadero will be closed at 1 p.m. so do not forget mass transit a great way to go. muni, bart, everyone is on time this morning. the golden gate ferry is on holiday service and the buses are running normal. we have muni and bart flow fares tonight after 8:00 p.m. >> a look outside, this is 80 through berkeley, with light
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conditions and the left lane is still blocked with road work until 5:00 a.m. to powell street. walnut creek is clear and smooth sailing. 680, southbound, no delays. matt and kristen? >> sue, thank you. next, better news just if formula one car-racing legend, michael schumacher after a weekend ski accident. doctors are encouraged. >> a new controversy for the "duck dynasty" patriarch withent economies -- payment dark with d patriarch with comments from an old video. >> gasoline prices are up six cents from a week ago and in the midwest it was up a dime. the minimum wage is up tomorrow in 13 states good news for 2.5 million loci -- low-income
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workers. ford is again the best selling brand of autos in the united states, spotting to sell more vehicles than toyota for the fourth year in a row. toyota sells more cars and trucks to individuals but ford has higher fleet sales. for the ultimate couch potato this is now a 110" ultrahigh definition television for $152,000, not available in the united states yet. that
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning. here is a look from sutro tower camera overlooking san francisco. a beautiful start to the day. another "spare the air" day. the 23rd of the season. mike nicco will have details ahead. >> for news, doctors treating
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former formula one racing champion michael shumaker is saying he is showing small signs of improvement. he was skiing with a helmet and fell and hit his head. he stabilized enough to undergo a second round of surgery and a brain scan showed minor improvement but the coming hours are crucial. the retired seven time champion still has brain lesions. >> the united states is a step closer to a regulated drone flight. the f.a.a. has picked six sites to test and map the best way to safely bring unmanned aircraft to national airspace. both sites include nevada, new york, texas, north dakota, virginia and alaska. changing ten opened the for to privately operated drone use such as amazon's proposed 30 minute package delivery system. it raised privacy concerns with expanding drone use. >> she is back. the controversial fit mom wants
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it motivate you. each month, sacramento mom has released her 2014 "month excuse fit mom calendar." you will not see only pictures of her and the kids but only every day moms who have transformed themselves through fitness. she got attention if facebook post that includes a picture of her with her three children and the caption "what's your excuse." some thought it was body shaming women who do not work out and lose weight after child birth. she says she was trying to motivate women to get fit. >> "duck dynasty" patriarch is at the center of a new controversy over comments about young girls getting married. video surfaced showing him preaching to a christian congregation in 2009 and the 67-year-old suggests gives should marry girls as young as 15 and 16 because they are more compliant. the reality star was suspended from "duck dynasty" this month
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after making antigay comments in "gq magazine". >> judge will rule by the end of the week whether to block a decision to revoke city college of san francisco's accreditation next year. the court will decide on san francisco's city attorney and two teachers union lawsuits against the commission arguing that it has not given proper due process. the commission cited issues with the school continues and other problems. the city attorney wants the college to stay open until the case is decided. >> to give people comfort they will go and enroll in city college knowing nothing is going to happen until the court has seriously considered the merits of the case. >> the college is open. the students' credits will count and transfer. >> they say enrollment is down by 25 percent because of student worrying that the college will not prevail.
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>> hundreds of volunteers are packed into southern california wear husband putting the touches on the magnificent rose parade threats. the year's worth of work is coming down to the final hours, when most of the hand labor done by hundreds of volunteers, some ending up sniffing glue fume for five hours while getting zero pay. why do they do it? >> you have a new appreciation for the work. hope i don't hit a d.u.i. check point. >> it tea 5,000 hours to decorate every inch an the 55' float mostly done at the last minute. >> you can watch the tournament of roses parade tomorrow and see the results new year's at 8:00 a.m. right here on abc7. the rose bell stanford versus michigan state can be seen at 2:00 in the afternoon on espn. our sports director is headed to
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pasadena to cover the action with the play-by-play action on twitter. >> mike, how is the weather looking? >> always great. low-to-mid 70's, a lot of sunshine, it will be fantastic. weather is not a factor. at home, it will not be that warm but we will be warmer-than-average and still have poor air quality. yesterday, remember, we mentioned oakland and san jose as the best best for record highs: oakland, 64 beats the old record of 63 downtown and we tied san jose at 66 degrees which went all the way back to 1958. today, we will physical a couple of degrees short of record highs in san jose and oakland. live doppler 7 hd shows picking up moisture in the clouds and the clouds are not giving the moisture up. it is dry. just a few thin clouds.
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woodside is 32. menlo park is 35. foster city is 37. palo alto is 38. 39 in redwood city and san mateo 40 and belmont is 44. freezing in novato at 32 degrees. the fog is not so thick as it was earlier. freezing in san ramon at 32. we have upper 30's along east bay shore and low-to-mid 40's san francisco down the peninsula and san jose is 37 and livermore . our poorest air quality is in vallejo right new. dry ending to 2013 and a dry going to 2014. poor air quality. a chance of rain next week. one chance. one storm. hope it happens. low-to-mid 60's again today. a lot like yesterday. clouds could be thicker than
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yesterday. the haze is just as stubborn. tonight the clouds clear and temperatures drop interest freezing levels inland. upper 30's to low 40's an the other neighbors and mid-40's around san francisco and half moon bay. that is the mild start to 2014. the last ten hours, they have not moved. we have one storm system to the north. another to our west. this is going to keep us in high clouds today and the storm track you can see well to the north where it will stay until at least the middle part of next week. the seven-day forecast shows low-to-mid 60's today and tomorrow. low-to-upper 60's thursday and friday and possibly "spare the air" days and back in the upper 60's for sunday and monday. >> good morning, everyone, this is holiday "lite." want to make sure we are clear bart is extending service tonight until 3:00 a.m. but it
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is not free. there are suggestions to load up the clipper cars in advance so you can avoid the lanes. road work this morning, westbound 80, until 5:00 into emeryville. the ride from antioch is looking good, no delays moving to bay point and concord area. outside, we have light conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza with road work only in the left lane, until 5:00 this morning, and as you can see it is not causing delays into san francisco and no problems here. coming up, a growing mystery, a crop circle discovered near the bay area. >> the cute puppies and kittens discovered near the bay area. >> the cute puppies and kittens in♪ in touch with the ground ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪ ♪ smell like i sound
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a beautiful short of the bay bridge and we will see fireworks on the embarcadero. mike has the forecast. >> a close encounter or a prank? a cross circle in a field. no one knows where it came from. a mysterious security firm from san jose has been hired to protect the site. a representative from the company says he could fought reveal when they were hired or who is paying the bills. this is video showing what the crop circle looked like from the ground the local police, c.h.p., and the airport authority say they do not know anything about the crop circle. >> puppies and kittens were popular gift. the spca says that a total of 300 cats and dogs have been adopted from the holiday window
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display at macy's at union square. the holiday windows are up and running until january 5th and they are hopeful they can bet the record of 332 adoptions. >> awesome. it is still feeling like the holiday season with the cold temperatures still in store. >> absolutely, and, also, for the 49ers. can you believe this is a warming trend. 16 degrees. with flurries. they are high today and tomorrow and it may not make it above zero. get out the short sleeves. it is not called the frozen tundra because it is tropical. at home you can see the high clouds overtaking the state today with a legal bit of a first threat in the hills around bakersfield and through early part of the grip vine headed south. 74 in los angeles and mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley. 53 in tahoe and the seven-day
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forecast shows goose eggs all the way across, no new snow. temperatures are above average in the low-to-mid 50's. >> we have an accident northbound 101 at the off-ramp with road work 80 westbound into powell that will be cleared up momentarily and the accident is at the off-ramp a car versus a guardrail and c.h.p. is en route not affecting the traffic on 101 at san rafael, you can see the tail lights headed to the civic center and toward lincoln with no delays into san francisco. >> a dramatic drop in water levels uncovered a geld rush town that thriveed we 60 years ago that was created to create a
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lake. parts of the town are emerging because of the look of rain during the gold rush up to 2,500 people lived there. according to some reports there were four hotels, a school, and seven saloons. the town is mostly under 90' of water. a study says the effectiveness of a flu shot could depend on your gender. women have a stronger immune response to the flu vaccine which could mean that vaccinated women are better protected again the flu than vaccinated men. this reinforces findings there are major differences between men and women if immune system. the more testosterone the weaker the response. >> and dolphins appear to be getting high on puff
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which have toxins that can be deadly for humans, and after chewing on the fish the dolphins were staring at their own reflections in the if of -- in the officers of the water. >> next at 5:00, parts of the world are ringing in the new year and we will look at australia as they celebrate the start of 2014. >> how san francisco is preparing for the new year's eve celebration with a report with the details.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> let the celebrating begin it is 2014 in australia right now as the fireworks go off. in is along the harbor in sydney. the opera house is pack by hundreds of people with 1.5 million people watching the show. for the first time in a decade, the opera house is setting off a thousand fireworks from four of the


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