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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 31, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> let the celebrating begin it is 2014 in australia right now as the fireworks go off. in is along the harbor in sydney. the opera house is pack by hundreds of people with 1.5 million people watching the show. for the first time in a decade, the opera house is setting off a thousand fireworks from four of the sails of the opera house.
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in new zealand, the sell businesses for new year's eve got underway two hours ago. here is the fireworks show in the capital of new zealand, when the clock struck midnight thousands welcomed 2014 with the display around the city harbor. lots of cheering and music. william to 2014. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. they do it so well in sydney in the harbor. we can celebrate early especially if you go to bed at 6:00. >> we check out the other time zones because we can't make it too late. >> the clouds will clear tonight but we have plenty right now on live doppler 7 hd. dress if temperatures in the upper 40's with written to the north, and the radar from port
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listened is picking up pretty well and another inside slider, and this is moving due east than inside and it is not going to hit the sierra. for us, we have high clouds in a mild slow and under the same air mass we were yesterday so low-to-mid 60's again but, remember, no wood burning until at least mood night because of "spare the air" day. >> >> it is holiday "lite." in san rafael, the parkway off-ramp making the turn, someone did it too fast and hit the guardrail. it is partly blocking the parkway off-ramp. in san francisco, milk was talking of the fireworks and the embarcadero will close at 11:00 p.m. if viewing and muni is free after 8:00 p.m. so that is a great way to go. we have walnut creek southbound 680 toward 24 and everyone is moving at the limit.
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the council of economic coue big celebration if san francisco. amy hollyfield is on the embarcadero with what to expect the amy? >> good morning. we are going to expect big crowds. this is an indication with the barricades out already. they have to set them up. they are expecting thousands on the waterfront to enjoy the fire works. if you would rather celebrate in the kay there are ideas for you: you can go over to the asian art museum in san francisco for the annual ringing of the japanese bell from 11:30 this morning until 1:00 in the afternoon, said to be one of the greatest events in the country. there are plenty of fancy parties with hotels hosting in the new year include the fairmont which will cost you up to $429 a person. >> the fairmont has been such an
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integral part of our social fabric for so many years so if you want to celebrate in style there is no better play than on nob hill. >> a shot of last year's fireworks show, and what you can expect over the bay: a beautiful way to ring in the new year. we have our own beautiful show here in san francisco, sydney has nothing on us. they expect thousands. it is a "spare the air" day. you cannot fire up a fire but the fire work show is exempt. they are allowed to do their display. consider coming here to get some sparkle. no champagne, this is alcohol free zone with a lot of officers beef up patrols to make sure everyone has a safe new year's eve. >> developing news, the family of an oak girl on life support has seven more days to come up with the next legal move after a judge ordered children's hospital oakland to keep jahi
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mcmath on a ventilator for longer. the doctors pronounced the 13-year-old brain dead on december 12 after complications from tonsil surgery. she was scheduled to be taken off life support yesterday but it was extended until january 7 after the fame said she is showing signs of movement. katie marzullo has the hospital reaction and the family plan going forward in the next half hour. >> a blood drive gets underway to help the toddler battling a brain tumor and others like her. she is just two. she was diagnosed with brain cancer three months ago. the family says she has had surgery, 12 blood trance foundations and had three rounds of chemo. you can help this toddler and others who need blood transfusions to live with a blood drive today in livermore
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on hillcrest avenue. >> oakland police are encouraged by a decrease in the murder rate. preliminary figures for the past 12 months show that 95 murders in 2013 is down almost 30 percent from last year. firearm assaults were down, and oakland has recently lodged praise cease-fire to reduce violent crime including dialogue defend community members and gang members and note walks and community outreach programs. >> oakland will begin the new year without a permanent police chief and without the consultants hired to find the right candidate. "san francisco chronicle" reports that head hunter resigned saying that city officials were meddling in the process. he did not say in the letter who was doing the meddling but it is confirmed staffers in the mayor's office spoke with a couple of candidates and the application process closed this in with 32 candidates to be interviewed. the city manager will organize the effort.
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now a look at the weather with meteorologist, mike nicco, and the "spare the air" day is back. >> probably should have had one yesterday, sunday was the nice of the day and cleanest air. that is why there was confusion over the last couple of days. petaluma is 30. the cool spot. everyone else is above freeze freezeing. novato is 36. 35 in american canyon. mill valley is cooler at 38. napa is 37. we have 43 at bodega by. 46 in san francisco. alameda is 44. 43 in redwood city. mid-to-upper 30's for lafayette and fairfield and brentwood and cupertino and san jose. from the east bay hills, it look hazy. vallejo, still, having the unfortunate qualification of being the area with the poorest air quality, the 23rd alert
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since november 1. temperatures in the mid-threats to mid-40's through 7:00. dress warmer this evening it will be cooler than last night for the new year's eve festivities. over the altamont pass, eastbound, the non-commute direction, 580 west the grant line with reports of an overturn and speeds in the westbound direction it is looking good from address up and over the altamont pass. we have a solo crash not blocking 101 but possibly blocking the off ramp. 80 berkeley, traffic is slowing into the maze. the bay bridge toll plaza shows no metering lights just a few cars headed to the upper deck interest san francisco and no delays. >> looking for a last minute
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bargain on a car? there are seven ever -- oversupplied cars on the lots. >> two trains collide near fargo sending dangerous flames into the air. >> two california men will make history on one of the floats tomorrow at the rose parade. >> in tech bytes at look at the tech, industry insiders are ready for the international show in las vegas which showcases the latest in consumer technology. reports say that l.g. will show off web connected tv with a new operating system. google is partnering with audi to develop incar entertainment systems and announcing the majority of the 2015 models will have wi-fi. you more likely to spend money with free apps than paid. more than 90 percent of apple
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app and google play come from purchases in the free apps. facebook leads but the growth with young people is slowing, with the strongest growth from users older than 65 who want to keep in touch with friends
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in north dakota, the sheriff is urging people to leave down near fargo after a train
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derailment left a huge explosion with the fire burning 15 hours after the accident happened. now the latest on evacuation. >> a rush to evacuate a small north dakota town, dangerous flames burning all night outside the town near fargo when a flame with grain collided with a massive train hauling crude oil. the crash set off explosions. >> it was the third explosion that rattled the house, the doors and the windows were shaking. >> i for saw anything like this happen before. okay, i have lived here 70 years... >> up to ten cars of the 100 car oil train caught fire. the collision happened after 2:00 on monday. no one was injured. flames shot hundreds of soviet into -- feet into the air. the entire sky, you could not see anything like a bomb.
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>> officials worried that heavy wind could shift the dangerous smoke toward the small town. haz-mat teams from as far away as next are culled. >> crude oil has a lot of matter in it, a lot of fumes and other bad things that are difficult for people especially those with breathing problems. >> the sheriff recommended the entire town of 2,400 people evacuate on a night when temperatures fell below zero. >> our job is together protect the citizens of the area. >> the cause is under investigation. a team will be on site today from the ntsb. police found four people dead in southern california in a home, two are children. the family member made the discovery last night in san bernardino county. all four victims are believed related. they include a 12-year-old girl, a 10-year old boy, and a man and woman in their 30's or 40's. police are releasing few details
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weapons have been found inside the house. a group of 52 adventurers on a ship stuck in the ice in antarctica are awaiting rescue by helicopter. this post shows the scientists singing a song with "the bloody great shame we are still stuck." it was stuck on christmas eve and two attempts to reach them by ice breaker ships have failed. a helicopter will lift them to safety a dozen at a time. the crew members will stay on the ship. the leader says everyone on board is safe and healthy and they still have enough fresh food to last another ten days. >> chain restaurants at times square are asking people to fork over big bucks to hang out near the famous ball drop. >> and netflix price increase could be in the woulds
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especially if you have a big family. we have the bloomberg business report from jane king. gin? >> good morning to you. netflix testing a new pricing plan based on the number people who can use an account. streaming video service offering customers plan that provide access on four different screens and the idea is to limit the account sharing and give customers more viewing options. the price is tested ranging from $6.99 to $11.99, the standard service costs $7.99. netflix is the top performer in the s&p 500 this year with shares nearly quad group -- quad drupled. this could be the best day the year onship for a car with seven cars dealers have a lot of, and are willing to negotiate.
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oversupplied is fiat, and dodge and lincoln. what are your plans for celebrateing new year's eve? one fast food restaurant is charging $1,100 a couple to watch the ball drop. apple bees is charging $375 a person. dave and busters only $125 for each adult not including the games, however. >> location, location, location. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. >> more news: millions tomorrow will witness a first at the tournament of roses in pasadena. a couple are tying the knot on a wedding cake threat, the same
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sex ceremony the first of its kind in the 125-year-old. not everyone is happy. a group that supports proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage is calling on a boycott for promotion of homosexual marriage. the couple are honored to have so many people witness their ceremony. >> you can watch the 125 the tournament of roses parade tomorrow on new year's day at 8:00 a.m. right here. >> the weather is going to be great for the game. how about the people watching the game? >> it will be in the 60's, ten degrees cooler. >> very comfortable. in our living room. with the tv. >> without a fire. tomorrow will probably be "spare the air" day, also. today, tomorrow and thursday, most likely more "spare the air"
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days. in novato the fog is down to a mile visibility with moisture all around and the temperature is right around freezing but so far no black ice but foggy in the santa clara valley and everyone is hazy this morning on live doppler 7 hd and from the tower, on san francisco, hard to see the east bay, normally right along here we can see the east bay but you can't because it is so hazy this morning. now, a dry ending in 2013 and dry going to 2014 and poor air quality is possible all week and a chance of rain next wednesday, thursday, and friday. and it is warm again and dry so hanging our hat on that happening next wednesday, thursday, and friday. from mount tamalpais, sausalito, san francisco, and you cannot see much further, we have clouds along the coast trying to spill through the san bruno gap so you
5:20 am
may find more clouds. 24 hour temperature change within a couple of degrees, oakland set the high of 64 and up to 66 today be close to 65 and we tide the high yesterday in san jose at 66 and today is 64 i don't thing well make it. 34 more seconds of sunshine at 63 to 66 in most neighbors and deeper in the santa clara valley, gilroy is 68. mill gray is 62 and warming to 66. low-to-mid 60's long the coast and everyone in the low 60's and half moon bay is the warm spot. north by, temperatures from 62 in san rafael to sausalito to 64 in santa rosa and sonoma and novato and 63 to 65 long the east bay shore and the east bay valley at 62 to 65 degrees for temperatures. tonight it will be lick this morning, freezing inland, and upper 30's to low 40's along the bay shore and the coast is more frost because of a lack of
5:21 am
clouds that will clear out in time for the fireworks with temperatures in the 40's around the bay and 30's inland. it is high and dry and above average through monday. >> a couple of incidents out this and not causing any delays but we will go to the livermore area in the non-commute direction east 580 west of g.d.p. line, an overturn. not clear on what it is blocking a lane of traffic but an ambulance has been called and it is open way. a little of slowing beyond the scene. otherwise, the westbound direction is moving very nicely up and over the altamont pass and into livermore. the solo spinout from 101 northbound is not blocking the freeway but it could be partly blocking the off-ramp. mass transit, all on time, the ferries, golden gate bridge, on holiday service, and muni is free after 8:00 people and bart will not be free tonight but it will be extended physical 3:00
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a.m. for the new year's parties. >> good to know. seven things to know as you start your day. >> retailers are experiencing with virtual reality that could change shopping experience.
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haven't late after a judge ordered children's hospital oakland to keep jahi mcmath on life support until january 7 after being declared brain dead after complications from tonsil surgery. the family claims she is showing signs of movement. two, san francisco police are investigating an officer involved shooting during a high speed chase. police approached a man he struck and injured an officer and the officer shot at him but missed. he was arrested when he crashed near gonna. >> happy new year from sydney, australia. half an sure ago the spectators welcomed the new year with a fireworks show. they were ignited from the on per a house with a million people to watch. >> lots of things to do to ring in the new year, how about ringing in 2014 by ringing the percent act japanese bell a
5:26 am
unique opportunity at the san francisco asian art museum. >> at midnight there are fireworks over san francisco bay. it is free. it is spectacular. you do not have to worry about setting off a wildfire with illegal fireworks. >> a "spare the air" day. poor air quality is already developing, worse note in -- worse now in vallejo. >> sue in the traffic center, you can see it is holiday lit at the bay bridge, no metering lights and we are not expecting any. we have a couple of accidents not slowing too much but we have a run down in a few minutes. >> since 2014 is right around the corner a look into the shopping expense of the future, retailers are experimenting with virtual reality where shoppers wearing wire misglasses like google glass can experience a 3-d environment. they are study augmented reality
5:27 am
using technology to change your surroundings by adding sound, imbuilt has or words designed to make it easier to find what you need and spend more money. much of the technology is coming from silicon valley. 49ers are ready for the playoffs again the packers but many are looking ahead to next season when san francisco will take on the raiders in oakland during the regular season. the nfl has not set the date. it will not take place in santa clara. the raiders have home field advantage at the coliseum in oakland. they used to play each other pre-season each year until violence mar add game in 2011 rutting in an indefinite suspension of the game. >> morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories: an explosive test in san francisco with what would be criminals are doing. >> the bay area food bank is getting a surge of support but
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning on the very last day of 2013. thanks for joining us. >> it went so fast. thank you very much for joining us i am matt keller here for eric thomas. we have a big fire celebration. we need to find out from mike about the weather. >> dress warmly with temperatures in the upper 40's in san francisco, other areas in the low 40's and upper 30's inland by the time we get do midnight. right now, tracking fog with live doppler 7 hd with san jose half a mile now two miles. novato is a mile. all the areas are above freezing right now. we will watch that to make sure
5:31 am
if black ice forms we will let you know. from our camera, looking to the south, another "spare the air" day with wood burning ban and high clouds and sunshine and low-to-mid 60's. sue is here for leyla gulen. >> so far, so good as far as visibility not affecting traffic. we have a solo spinout eastbound direction of grant line 580 that flipped. the ambulance is on the way. you can see slow traffic with sensors coming and going. they are trying to get that out of there eastbound 580 near the altamont pass and westbound is looking fine with the orange where the fog mike was talking about is settling in, not causing visibility issues. we have a solo spinout and san rafael southbound 101 is clears, smooth sailing here with no delays to the golden gate bridge and you are at the limit interest san francisco.
5:32 am
>> a thin-year-old oak girl is on life support after the family wins a last minute court extension barring children's hospital oakland from taking the brain dead girl off the ventilator. our reporter is in the newsroom. katie? >> it was an hour before a restraining order against the hospital would have expired that a judge extended it until january 7 so children's hospital oakland must keep jahi mcmath on the ventillator until at least next tuesday giving the family more time to work out the plan to move her to a facility that will care for her. children's hospital oakland says jahi mcmath cannot be moved until the family can prove it has a form of transport and a licensed facility will take her and acknowledge that it is legally accepting a dead body. the family believes that the 13-year-old is alive. >> we want to get her away from children's hospital oakland and to a facility that wants to treat her and wants her to get better and believes she can get better. >> i am not trying to hold on to
5:33 am
a corpse, that is a live body. the hospital says involuntarily muscle movement is not uncommon. jahi mcmath was declare brain dead after she went into cardiac arrest after having routine tonsil surgery. the hospital will comply with the orders but will file a legal response. san francisco police are investigating an officer-involved shooting during a high speed chase last night that began in the bay area where people approached a man in a black dodge charger, saw him reach under his seat and he took off ending in a wild chase after he crashed into cement barriers. an officer was struck by the vehicle during the chase and suffered minor injuries. the suspect vehicle chinad with
5:34 am
another car and continued on. an officer fired one shot and hit the suspect's car, and missed the driver. the suspect was taken to a hospital minor injuries suffered when he crashed. >> we have not referred the vehicle weapon but the car is not been thoroughly searched. the suspect has non-life threatening injuries. the entire route of chase was checked to see if a weapon was thrown. >> someone tried to set two cars on fire this weekend. in both cases the victims found the gas caps removed and paramedic or rag stuffed inside. police say one car has burn marks so they tried to start the fire from below. police are working to confirm suspicion that the two incidents may be connected. >> san francisco and marined for
5:35 am
been says they need 3,000 volunteers in the coming week, with a lot people volunteering around thanksgiving day and christmas there is a sharp drop and there are 2,800 volunteer openings in january and february and they especially need those who can help on weekdays after distributing more than 46 million pounds of food this year. >> little more than 18 hours before ringing in the new year and san francisco has a countdown celebration for just about everyone to take your party to the asian art museum and ring a 16th century bronze bell from japan or take in a few laughs at a comedy club or have a fancy feast at the fairmont hotel where tony bennett's daughter will perform. the fairmont hotel, looking at that makes you hungry. there are fireworks at san
5:36 am
francisco bay and we will have a report of the activities at the top of the hour. >> the new year early at children's event in oakland so they do not have to stay up until midnight. the space and science center on skyline in the oakland hills will be celebrating the new year with a balloon drop. when the new year hit as different time zone around the world, the kids ring in 2014 and have fun without staying up too late. if you don't want to eleven home tune in to rockin' eve tonight at 11:30 right here. >> have fun now on the ipad like we are doing, checking out the google doodle for the day, a disco party while the number "four" is waiting from the sidelines. i like how the one step to the left and to the right, hands in check, that is how you do it on the dance floor. >> and the disco
5:37 am
stuff. then you click on it for stories about the new year. if you have no major plans we have a full list of events an the bay area on the front page of >> local france it agencies are making it easier to not drive on new year's eve offering free rides from 8:00 p.m. tonight through tomorrow morning including all routes including cable cars and caltrain is extending hours with the final train leaving from king at 2:15 a.m. on january 1. >> there will be increased police presence on the roadways in an effort to crackdown on drunk driving during the holiday. d.u.i. checkpoints are in police tonight. >> help everyone stay safe aaa is offering free tows and a ride
5:38 am
if anyone who has had too much to drink available to anyone throughout the bay area from 6:00 tonight until five o'clock tomorrow morning for a tow up to ten miles. the number is on the screen. there are fireworks each night at new year but this year is an extra danger because it is one of the driest years ever for the bay area. mike has been talking about that much of the calendar may say january but it feels like fall. officials are concerned that illegal fireworks on new year's eve could ignite one of the dry grassy fields. densely populated areas are at risk. >> it could be an old shed that has been in the back yesterday for years.
5:39 am
allows fireworks on the fourth of july, they are illegal new year's eve. >> water officials will conduct the first snow survey on friday. the sierra snow pack is a key source of the california water that has received only ten percent of the acknowledge snow fall compared to this time last year when the snow pack water content registered 150 percent of normal. the department of water resources is businessing for a third consecutive dry year in california. >> we are going out on a dry note for 2013. >> driest year ever in many areas of the by and reflected in the snow pack. only 23 percent of normal up to this day in lake tahoe to 32 percent to the south. a year ago we had such a wet december and then we had a dry january, february, march and ended up below average.
5:40 am
maybe we can turn that around. not looking promising but hope is all we have. pier 14 new year's eve fireworks in san francisco. dress warmly. upper 40's. it looks nice down to pier 14. we will be near 60's by noon and dress warmly with temperatures in the upper 40's to 50 around 7:00. enjoy the day. we have an incident eastbound non-commute direction eastbound 580 near grant line an overturned ambulance and crews are blocking the left lane. you can see the yellow sensors eastbound. westbound is looking good. fog is not a factor but you can see the orange and mike will talk about that developing in the san rafael area with the
5:41 am
spinout with a car in the center divide and the drive time if you are headed out, 580 westbound looking good, highway 4, into concord, a breeze and 101 into san francisco from san rafael at the limit. matt and kristen? >> next, better news just in for formula one car racing legend michael schumacher after a weekend ski accident and doctors are encouraged. >> new controversy for the "duck dynasty" patri [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic. but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough and presto, tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. [ angelic music plays ] ♪
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stand 'n stuff chicken tacos. ♪ you say what's for dinner? old el paso says start somewhere fresh. covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> doctors treating former formula one racing champion michael schumacher say he is showing small signs of improvement. he was skiing with a helmet on when he fell and hit his head on a rock. doctors say shumaker stabilized enough to undergo a second round of surgery. after that a brain scan shows minor improvement. doctors say the coming hours are crucial and the retired seven time champion still has brain lesions. >> she is back. the controversial fit mom says she wanted to motivate you every move the year. the sacramento mom released the 2014 "no excuse fit ma'am" and
5:45 am
you will see her and her kids and every day mom whose have transformed themselves through fitness. she got attention for a post that included a picture of her with three children and "what's your excuse." some thought the post was body shaming women who do not work out and lose weight after child birth. she was just trying to motivate women to get fit. what do you think in you can leave your comment on abc7 news facebook. >> this only, "duck dynasty" patriarch is at the center of a new controversy. this time over comments he made about young girls getting married. a new video shows robert son preaching to a congregation in georgia in 2009 and the 67-year-old suggests guys should marry girls as young as 15 and 16 because they are more compliant. the star was briefly suspended from "duck dynasty" early this month after making antigay comments in "gq magazine".
5:46 am
>> a judge will rule by the end of the week whether to block a decision to revoke city college of san francisco accreditation. the court will decide on san francisco's city attorney and two teacher union lawsuits against the commission. they argue it did not give them proper due process before deciding to revoke the accreditation in july. the commission said there were issues with school finances and other problems. the city attorney wants the college to stay open until the case is decided. >> to give people comfort they will enroll in city college knowing in is going to happen until the court has seriously considered the merits. >> to get out the message that the college is open and that the student credits will count and will transfer. >> they say enrollment is down by up to 25 percent pause of the student worries that college will not prevail. >> this morning, hundreds of volunteers are packed in a
5:47 am
southern california warehouse putting the final touches on the magnificent rose parade threats. at headquarters, a year's worth of work is coming down to the final hours when most of the hand labor is done by hundreds of volunteers, some ending up sniffing glue fumes for five hours while getting zero pay. why do it? >> you have new appreciation for the work. >> hope i don't hit a d.u.i. check point. >> glue on your breath? it days 5,000 average to decorate the average 55' float. that work done at the last minute mostly. >> you can watch the 125th tournament of roses parade tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. right here. the rose bowl, stanford and michigan state, can be seen at 2:00 p.m. on espn. our sports director is headed to pass attend covering all the
5:48 am
action at the rose bowl and no doubt stanford fans will be there. >> what should everyone pack? >> sunglasses. california is not in it so i will throw my weight behind stanford. is that possible for a berkeley graduate? >> if they are married to us. >> all,, all of that is ahead the. >> good morning, everyone, 5:48. we have record highs yesterday pinpointing oakland and san jose: 64. this is a new record in downtown oakland. the old record was 63 from 1997. we tied a record back to 1958: 66 in san jose. i don't think we will do that today. we will be below that with
5:49 am
temperatures cooler than yesterday by a couple of degrees. the clouds show mid-to-upper level clouds with moisture and not dropping. i do nut expect them to crop. it will remain dry. in san francisco, temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50's everywhere and 43 in through the ferry building, and headed to downtown, 46, and mission district and west portal, 47. portrero hill is remain what ever at 52. 32 in pleasanton. tracy is at deliberation. richmond is at 42. from mount tamalpais, you can see sausalito and san francisco is it, that is some of the cloud cover along the coast trying to spill across the san produce know gap with haze this morning and clouds along the coast mostly where they will stay.
5:50 am
there will be no rain. dry going. dry ending. poor air is possible through the end of the week. a chance of rain next week. today our temperatures are running in the low-to-mid 60's. a few upper 50's are possible long the coast. tonight, the temperatures are freezing low-to-mid 30's there and 45 in san francisco. 43 at half moon bay, that is the mild spot. two areas of high pressure the last ten hours, they barely moved but are overrun by the high clouds. the jet stream is to the not and that will linger until next tuesday, not today, next tuesday, 11:00 at night through midnight, rain is moving in. then we have rain wednesday morning through possibly wednesday evening. keep your fingers crossed. the seven-day forecast shows plenty of sun and 60 degree temperatures. sue? >> we have the incident eastbound 580 at the altamont
5:51 am
pass, an overturned vehicle in the final clearing stages, with the sensors back to green. we will check back with the c.h.p. and westbound is looking great to the central valley and the accident a driver fell asleep at the wheel at the off-ramp which could be partly blocked with possible injuries. >> mass transit, all on time, and muni is free after 8:00 p.m. this evening and bart will not be free but they have extended service until 3:00 a.m. and the ferries, golden gate is on holiday schedule and golden gate bus is on the normal schedule for new year's. >> a going mystery, a crop circle discovered. is it a prank? is it a message? >> cute puppies and kittens in macy's weapons get -- windows
5:52 am
get a lot of attention. >> man's body is found on a busy airport tarmac. police reveal [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight,
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>> check this out. this is a crop circle found in a field. no one knows where it came from.
5:55 am
there is a mysterious security firm hired to protect the site. a representative from the security company could not reveal when they were hired or who is paying the bills. this is video from the newspaper showing what the crop circle looks like from the ground. local police, c.h.p. and the airport authority say they don't know anything about the crop circle. >> puppies and kittens are a popular holiday gift this year, with the spca saying 300 cats and dogs have been adopted from the holiday window display beating the total last year of 287. the windows are up and running until january 5th and the spca hopes to beat the record laugh year of 332 adoptions. >> i believe that was team reporting on a subject that a lot of foes care about. spca is counting on you.
5:56 am
>> good morning, everyone. we have frozen tundra, and this is a warming trend, with the high is four. tomorrow the high is throw. the high the next day is nine. it will be in the teens for the game. the 49ers and the packers. high clouds take over the entire state. we have a high fire danger through the usually part of the grapevine. temperatures are 74 to the south of the mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley. no snow in lake tahoe but next week on tuesday it could come back the. >> we hope. fingers crossed. to the altamont pass, the accident is in the non-commute direction, eastbound west of grant line crews are blocking the left lane with continuing slow traffic. westbound is a great drive in the central valley with local day light and we remind you mike
5:57 am
has been talking about the fireworks at midnight with the embarcadero closed in both directions through the ferry building between the freeway and toward pier 39 area until 11:00 p.m. so take muni. it will be jammed. as you can imagine. traffic is slowing noisily as you make your way into san francisco with no delays. it is holiday "lite." >> thank you. next, the preparations ahead of the big fireworks show along the embarcadero. >> four members of a family are found dead in a california home and the police investigation is underway.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, four people are found dead inside a california home. police say two children are among the victims. details are next. >> ringing in 2014 down under. cities around the world are celebrating the new year. we will show you the parties taking place overnight. >> if fireworks are not your thing a san francisco museum is giving people a unique opportunity to celebrate the new year. >> happy new year's eve. >> whatever your pleasure tonight, it is for weather if fireworks viewing and whatever else is planned.


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