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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, four people are found dead inside a california home. police say two children are among the victims. details are next. >> ringing in 2014 down under. cities around the world are celebrating the new year. we will show you the parties taking place overnight. >> if fireworks are not your thing a san francisco museum is giving people a unique opportunity to celebrate the new year. >> happy new year's eve. >> whatever your pleasure tonight, it is for weather if fireworks viewing and whatever else is planned.
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>> we have a morning show tomorrow so join us if you are still up, partly cloudy, and 43 degrees, poor air quality at noon and 54 at noon. cooler this evening at 49 degrees. inland we have fog and frost. no word of black ice. 56 at noon. high clouds and sun at 61, clearing and 48 by 7:00. sue? >> we have good news with better conditions moving eastbound from town on 580 over the altamont pass with the early accident overturned now cleared. for an early start to new year's eve day you can get eastbound. westbound is looking great with no issues from the central valley. how often do you see highway four clear and at the limit into the concord area westbound? it is good. we will look at san jose 101 at
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880 traffic is light and mist and fog settling but no delays. kristen and matt? >> thank you, australia is celebrating 2014 with a spectacular show from the opera house in sydney lighting up the harbor with lights and tons of exploding fireworks, drawing more than a million people. it is one of the most extravagant. in new zealand, new year's celebrations got underway three hours ago. when the clock struck midnight thousands celebrated with lots of cheering and music. >> in the bay area, we are many hours away from the new year but preparations are underway for the big celebration in san francisco.
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amy hollyfield is at the embarcadero. >> crews will put the barriers in place to gather the people at the water front to watch our show. you do not have to wait until midnight to celebrate eve east can you do something in the day like the san francisco asian art museum. you can join in the japanese bell ringing ceremony at 11:30. people will ring it 108 times. tonight there are plenty of fancy expensive parties. we did find a good deal at tommy's joint where champagne costs only $4. >> are you dressing up? >> no need, but if you feel like it we welcome top hats and tails >> there is san francisco's fireworks show over the bay that will be a clear night at 15 or
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20 minutes long, thousands are expected to much with it, and alcohol is not allowed. it is free. whatever you decide to do we wish you a safe and happy new year's eve. midnight put in place yesterday with 2,500 crystals weighing 12,000 pounds. this is a look from times square. it is still empty. it will be filling out all day long as people position themselves for the perfect spot to watch the bail drop at midnight. a million people are expected to ring in 2014 in times square. >> i was this one day seven looks away is as close as i could get. >> a reminder, too, you can
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watch the ball drop right here with dick clark's rockin' eve right here on abc7 news. >> from southern california this morning, police found four people dead inside a house, two children. a family member made the discovery in san bernardino county. all four victims were related. they included a 12-year-old girl, a 10-year old boy and a man and a woman in their 30's or 40's. police are releasing few details but weapons have been found inside the house. >> the family of an oakland girl on life support has seven more days for the next legal move after a judge ordered children's hospital oakland to keep jahi mcmath on a ventilator. doctors pronounced the 13-year-old brain dead december 12 after complications from tonsil surgery. she was scheduled to be taken
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off life support but the deadline was extended after they filed a federal complaint requesting an injunction claiming jahi mcmath is showing signs of movement. we have the hospital reaction and the plan coming forward. >> a blood driver will help a livermore toddler battling a brain tumor and others like her. she is two and diagnosed with brain cancer. she has undergone surgery, 12 blood transfusions and three rounds of chemo. they are teaching up with the red cross and other whose need blood transfusions to live. it starts at 10:00 on hillcrest avenue in livermore until 4:00 this afternoon. oakland by begins the nearout a permanent police chase or the consultants needed to hire
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candidate. city officials were said to be meddles and murray did not say who was meddling but staffers and the mayor have spoken with a couch possible candidates and the application process closed early this month with 32 candidates to be interviewed. city manager will now organize the effort. >> target and now a san francisco sandwich shop say they have been hit by vandals on mission street, the hackers accessed the credit card information between august 11 and october 2. customers name and credit card numbers and security codes and expiration dates are at risk. customs are advised to check accounts. >> millions will witness a first at the tournament of rows -- roses parade in pasadena a
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same-sex marriage ceremony, the first of its kind in the 125-year-old. not everyone is happy. a group that supports proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage is calling on a boycott of the pair -- parade for "promotion of children of homosexual marriage." you can watch the tournament of roses parade tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. right here on abc7. >> flooding will take place in the bay area today through thursday because of the king tide when high tide is a foot or more higher-than-average which occurs when the sun, moon, and earth create a strong gravitational pull in the low-lying areas particularly. >> mike nicco? >> we have more king tides at the end of january as they happen more than once a year. the visibility shows three quarters of a mile in novato
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with moisture hanging in the air and temperature at 32. no black ice reported yet. thickest is san jose down to quarter-mile visibility with the thickest fog in the south bay. east bay temperatures are freezing in san ramon at 32 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 30's and the hills are at 52 and highway 4 and pittsburg and antioch in the low 40's. 42 in mountain view and san jose is 39 and 46 in san francisco. today, from mount tamalpais you can see low clouds trying to push from the coast in but they are not going to make it beyond the gap. temperatures are the same if not one to four degrees cooler than yesterday if you are headed to the fireworks in san francisco, dress warmly and this is the mildest spot in the new year: 49, dropping down to 48. have fun. be safe. >> the embarcadero will close down in front of the ferry
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builting at 11:00 with a new accident at castro valley, these cars westbound the right lane c.h.p. is en route with possible injuries. 80 berkeley moving to the macarthur maze it is busy but, still, moving at the limit. no delays. no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. the fog at san rafael is not in the freeway but getting heavy there. we have traffic through into san francisco and the early accident northbound at the parkway is now cleared. >> imagine getting a 50 percent pay increase. the silicon valley tech titan getting the huge pay jump. >> body is found on an airport tarmac. >> new details on formula one champion injured in a skiing
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covering santa clara, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, a look from our sutro tower of downtown san francisco, beautiful morning. beautiful start to the morning. we will have nice weather for the fireworks show tonight. the time is 6:14. from boston, a man is dead after getting hit by a truck on the tarmac at logan international airport. employees made the discovery at 7:30 last night. it is not clear if he worked for an airline or the agency that runs the airport but investigators are calling this an accident. investigators are vying to figure out a mile long oil train derailed causing a massive fire. all residents have been told to
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stay indoors to protect themselves. >> a group of 52 adventures on a ship stuck in the ice sent a happy new year greeting while awaiting rescue. this posts show the he -- the group of scientists in a happy mood. it has been stuck since christmas eve and two attempts to reach by ice breaker ships have failed. a chinese helicopter will be use used to lift them to safety. >> michael schumacher doctors say he is showing signs of improvement. he was skiing when he struck a rock on sunday in the alps. he had surgery overnight, the second surgery sin the fall. a brain scan shows improvement but doctors say the coming hours are crucial and the retired
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seven time champion still has brain lotions. >> the c.e.o. of los gatos based netflix is getting a big pay raise in the new year. the c.e.o. will get a 50 percent raise in 2014 $3 million in the new year plus $3 million in stock options. this is after a banner year for the giant, with shares jumping 300 percent this year. >> the 49ers are ready for playoff again the packers this weekend but many fans are looking ahead to a battle in the bay. san francisco will take on the raiders in oakland during the regular season and the nfl has not set the date but it will not take place at the new stadium in santa clara. the raiders will have the home field advantage at the coliseum. they used to my each other in the pre-season each year until violence marred a game in 2011 resulting in an indefinite suspension of the game.
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>> let the trash talk begin. hopefully that is all. >> tonight we are talking about fireworks here in san francisco. how is the weather looking? >> it will be mild. it will be in the upper 40's and elsewhere it will be cooler in the upper 30's to low 40's ringing in the new year on way to temperatures in the low 30's to low 40's headed to the first morning of 2014. good morning on last morning of 2013 with clouds and we still have the thick fog in san jose and novato and we need to watch out for that, and from the east bay hills you can see the haze and barely see san francisco with low clouds along the coast and "spare the air" day number 23, so half of our days since november have been plagued with poor air quality. vallejo and san jose have the
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poorest air quality right now along with livermore. the lights, the art work on the bay bridge, from the exploritorium camera this morning, dry ending to 2013 and dry going to 2014 with the poorest air hanging around as the pattern is not changing until middle of next week. just outside the seven-day forecast rain is out there. mid-60's today in the south bay with san jose at 62 degrees and up the peninsula from 64 in redwood city to 60 in millbrae and 59 in pacifica and 61 at half moon bay and 58 in daly city and near 60 in the sunset downtown and south san francisco and near 60 degree temperatures along the not bay shore and low 60's for the north bay valley and mid-60's at cloverdale. the east bay sure is from 61 at richmond to 63 in oakland and castro valley and fremont and inland valleys we go from 60 to
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63 degrees. tonight is forecasts can cold because of the clouds and today we will clear out to low-to-upper 30's inland and mid-40's at half moon bay and san francisco. a couple of areas of high pressure the last ten hours, they have not moved and the jet stream is staying north although we have high clouds on the high pressure today, but tomorrow is brighter, and temperatures all seven days are above average and mostly in the 60. have a good one. >> we are holiday light with a couple of issues. we will go to castro valley with the accident, blocking the right lane and one vehicle is in the right lane, west 580 at castro valley boulevard emergency cruise are on the scene with a little bit of slow traffic westbound direction, as well. now, the drive times headed westbound, 580, into dublin from tracy is not a bad right and westbound four from antioch to concord is 15 minutes and from san francisco, under 20 minutes
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and everyone is at the limit. 680, through the walnut creek area beyond north main to highway 24 everyone is at the limit and 24, as well, looking good to the tunnel, and bay bridge, holiday light, no metering lights and everyone is at the limit on the upper deck into the city. matt and kristen? >> a car tries to ram a police car in san francisco and that leads to pursuit. at 6:30 the chase, the shots fired and how it all comes to an end. >> first, get fit in the new year. michael finney reviews what you hi. i'm henry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts. there are currently no credit score or income requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage if you have one. the remaining money can be used for anything.
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how about a look at bark gather in san francisco where all is quiet. it will be different tonight with the new year's eve fire works show jam packed. take mass transit if you k the weather will be good for viewing. >> now a look at what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 this morning. >> good morning. coming up on "good morning america" after a record week of sign ups tomorrow morning is the beginning of obamacare and we have the scoop from hawaii. getting fit is a popular
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resolution and if many that means joining a gym. >> if you are not careful you can end up in an expensive contract. we reveal what you need to know before signing up. >> good morning, everyone, it is that time of year, resolutions to get in shape mean that health club sign up more new members in jonathan any other time all competing for your business. "consumer reports" says that can lead you poised to save big. >> joining the gym can be expensive. "consumer reports" says there are ways to save. >> do not rush into anything. you could get the best deal if you sign up late in the month because health clubs have monthly sales quota. >> ask for a free pass, many owners let you try before you buy. >> see if it fits. whether it is $10 or $100 if you
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don't use it, it is a waste. find a gym most convenient and you feel comfortable with that meets your needs. >> when you decide on the club, negotiate. >> sometimes they will cut the rice if you pay yearly rather than month-to-month. or ask if they throw in a free wellness assessment or personal training session. >> there could be savings in numbers. and gyms offer a discount if you sign up with a group. before you lift a finger check the insurance policies. some plans lick united, reimburse members several hundred a year if they joint and use a participating fitness center. keep an eye out for deals on social media sites like facebook and look for offers on saving sites like living social. if your resolution includes getting physically fit and financially fit, you could be able to do both at the same
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time. "consumer reports" says before you sign up with a gym make sure you read the contract fully, many carry expensive cancellation fees if you want out of the contract. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> bay area police will be on patrol for illegal new year's eve fireworks and why the danger is higher this year. >> i am katie marzullo following new developments on the oakland girl declared brain dead at children's hospital oakland winning another victory in court. >> this is holiday "lite" at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights but we have a bump in the radar in castro valley. we will update the accident after the break.
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and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. it is so good when you're on the hunt for something delicious. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, new york city, the new year's eve ball drop will begin in 16 hours, 17 hours
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15 hours over there on east coast. a million people are going to show up. we will watch it on tv right here on abc7 news. thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. thank you for spending the last day of the year with us. mike nicco is on the roof. how is the view for fireworks? >> clearer than it is now. cloudy this morning with no rain. it is not stopping the fog from forming. live doppler 7 hd shows all morning we have had thickest in the south bay and san jose is eighth of a mile visibility but san jose international airport is on time. novato is flee -- three miles and novato is 32 degrees so freezing fog is possible. no reports of black ice. today, temperatures are in the low-to-mid 30's inland and most of us are in the upper 30's to
6:31 am
low 40's at the coast and high clouds and sunshine for the afternoon and thicker clouden -- thicker clouds than yesterday. middle 50's at noon and middle 60's at 4:00. cooler weather is on the way for evening festivities. dress warmly. sue is hall for leyla gulen. >> we have light conditions out there, you mentioned the fog. we will show you that in a minute. in castro valley we have a one car accident blocking the right lane, westbound 580 with c.h.p. on scene, and you can see you are seeing slowing as you make your way in toward the castro valley area. tonight embarcadero is closed at 11:00 p.m. for the fireworks celebration with slow traffic on bay street in san francisco. outside we have a slot for you,
6:32 am
with some fog, san jose, 101 at 880, fog is settling in and limiting your visibility. matt and kristen? >> a 13-year-old oakland girl is on life support after her family wins a last minute court extension barring children's hospital oakland from taking the brain dead girl off the vice president late. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest. >> this morning we have a new deadline, a week from today a judge says children's hospital oakland must keep jahi mcmath on a ventilator until next tuesday. that extension gives her family more time to work out the plan to move her to a facility that will care for her. despite multiple doctors confirming she is brain dead they are claiming she moved her leg and is responding to her mother's voice. the hospital says involuntary muscle movement is not uncommon. a hospital spokesman talked to us after the ruling.
6:33 am
>> we won, it could be a small victory, we only got a few days but today was hard. >> i am not sure it was the right judgment call but that was the judgment call of the judge and we will come ploy. >> children's hospital oakland says she cannot be moved until the family can prove they have a form of transport and a licensed facility will take her and acknowledge that it is accepting legally a dead body. jahi mcmath was declared brain dead after a tonsillectomy. the hospital will final responds to the new court order and other legal challenges brought by the family attorney. thank you, san francisco police are investigating an officer involved shooting during a high speed chase that began in the bay vie when police approached a man in a black dodge. he reached under the seat and they thought he had a weapon. he drove off and it ended with him blocking into barriers near
6:34 am
golden gate park. an officer was struck by the vehicle suffering minor injuries the suspect was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. >> legal or not there are fireworks at midnight but this year is an extra danger. look around, this has been one of the driest years ever for the bay area. the calendar could say january but it feels like fall. fire officials are concerned that illegal fireworks could ignite one of the dry grassy fields. densely populated areas are equally at risk. >> it could be an old shed in the backyard for years that is dried out. it has had no moisture in it whatever. if you live in a town that allows fireworks on the fourth of july all are illegal on new year's eve and this year the use is closely monitored by the police and fire agencies.
6:35 am
you can expect an increased police presence on the roadways to crackdown on drunk driving during the holiday. d.u.i. checkpoints will be in police tonight continuing through new year's day. >> to help you stay safe aaa is offering free tows and a ride for anyone who had too much to drink. they are available to anyone throughout the bay area from 6:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow for a tow of up to ten miles. the number is on the screen. reservations are not accepted. >> local transit agencies are making it easier to not drive on new year office eve and muni is offering free rides from 8:00 p.m. through 5:00 tomorrow morning including all muni routes and cable cars. caltran is extending the hours with the final new year's train departing from the king street station at 2:15 in the morning on january 1st and bart will provide additional service until approximately 3:00 a.m. the new
6:36 am
year is early for children's event in oakland so they do not have to stay up until midnight in the oakland hills, celebrating the new year in a balloon drop. each time the new year hit as different time zone around the world, the fund -- fun starts at 1:00 arm this morning. >> judge will rule by the end of the week whether to block a decision to revoke city college of san francisco accreditation. separate lawsuits again the commission saying they did not give proper due process before revoking the accreditation in july. the commission cited issues with the school finances and other problems. the city attorney wants the college to stay open until the case is decided. the san francisco and marined for bang says they need 3,000 volunteers in the coming weeks. a lot of people volunteered at
6:37 am
thanksgiving and christmas there has been a sharp drop and there are 2,800 volunteer openings in january and february. the food bank has distributed 46 million pounds of food this year. >> get ready to ring in 2014 in san francisco with the preparations ahead of 9 big celebration. >> an explosive crime attempt in san francisco, police say people are trying to set cars on fire with dangerous steps the arsonists are taking. >> lake tahoe, you can see there is a lot of snow that has been made. will we get the natural stuff? any precipitation? we will get weather from meteorologist, mike nicco,
6:38 am
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good morning, from atop the abc7 news broadcast center. looking at hazy conditions. it is "spare the air" day. it is cool here. but check out green bay, a warming trend toward the weekend where peoples will be in the low-to-mid teens and in between snow systems so hopefully the game will get in quietly.
6:41 am
now, here, you can see the high clouds overtaking the state. a few radar runs to the authority but mostly evaporating before it hits the ground. fire danger around the grapevine to the hills near bakersfield and that is until later today. you can see 74 in los angeles, mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley and lake tahoe is 53 degrees with temperatures well above average and possible records on friday. what you do not see is snow on the way possibly tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of next week. now sue has the last commute of 2013. >> it is your last commute of 2013. it is good if you are out there this morning with a couple of exceptions. castro valley westbound 580 we have an accident in the clearing fadeses waiting for a tow truck and i have seen the sensors go from red to yellow so it is improveing. at the benicia toll plaza the
6:42 am
slow lane is blocked. outside, we go to san rafael the head lits headed southbound, lucas valley road is here making the turn to the parkway and everyone at the limit into san francisco. the bay bridge toll plaza shows holiday light with no metering lights and it is a breeze into san francisco. matt and kristen? >> san francisco police are looking for the person or people who tried to set two cars on fire. they were burned this weekend. in both cases the victims found the gas caps removed and paper or rag stuffed inside. one car has burn marks meaning the fire asset from below or the attempt started there. it is believed the two incidents are connected. >> the most admired men and women of 2013 with the just released list. >> inside look at a california
6:43 am
new year's day tradition. the final touches made right now on the floats with the tournament of roses. >> the biggest party in the bay area is hours away.
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. ought countdown is on to 2014 across the world and in bay area. how many more hours? >> less than 16. >> preparations are under way for the big celebration in san francisco. >> our reporter is on the embarcadero, with the preview. good morning, amy. >> good morning, they are expecting a lot people with barricades to gather all the thousands of people who are coming down here to the embarcardero to much with our fabulous show. if you would like to celebrate in the daytime consider going to the asian heart museum if the bell ringing ceremony starting at 11:30 this morning. this is rated as one of the greatest new year's eve evens in the country. tonight this are plenty of fancy
6:47 am
parties with all hotels toasting in the new year, and you can go to the fairmont where it will only cost you $429 a person. >> fairmont san francisco has been an integral part of our social fabric for so many years and if you want to celebrate to style there is no better place but on nob hill. >> san francisco's fireworks show will be going off at midnight over the bay and it will be a clear, gorgeous night for the show, at 15- to 20-minute show. it is a "spare the air" bay. but the he is exempt and they will fire off the fireworks with thousands expected to be here but keep in mind it is alcohol free. no alcohol is allowed. no sham pain -- champagne hosts. whatever you do we wish you a happy new year's eve. >> to you, too, amy hollyfield. you can tune in to dick clark's
6:48 am
rockin' eve tonight at at 11:30. >> president obama and hillary clinton are the most admired people in america showing 16 percent of people surveyed consider the president the most admired man in the united states and former president george w. bush was two followed by pope francis. hillary clinton led among women with 15 percent and ranks above opera and the first lady. >> trading is underway on wall street for the last time of the year so we will look at the big board, the dow is up 17 points at 16,523. more money news, with hewlett-packard cutting another 5,000 jobs bringing the total number of layoffs to 34,000. hewlett-packard announced this after filing the annual report yesterday. the plan to reduce staff is part of the efforts to turn things
6:49 am
around. c.e.o. said h.p. will not do another big lay off when this is complete next ok. >> hundreds of volunteer, packed and a warehouse to put the final touches on the rose parade threats. at headquarters, a year's would the of work is coming down to the final hours when most of the hand labor is done by hundreds of value materials. some of them enough glue fumes for five hours with zero pay. why? >> you get a new aappreciation for the work. >> hope i don't hit a d.u.i. check point. >> it takes 5,000 hours to decorate every inch of 55' float and a lot of that work is done at the last minute. >> the results will be worthwhile and you can watch the 125th rose parade tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. right here. >> the rose bowl can be seep at 2:00 in the afternoon on
6:50 am
episcopal and head to pasadena covering all the action at rose bowl as stanford faces michigan state with all the play-by-play information on twitter. mike, you make sure to pack the sun glances. >> and sunscreen. >> tough assignment. >> the parade is cooler, in the 50's for that. still not bad, though you think about it. now, looking at yesterday we had record high in oakland at 64 at the museum. last record was 63 in 1997 we tied the record in san jose of 6 6. storm system to our north has all the moisture going to be in washington and seattle and when radar returns over northern
6:51 am
california this is evaporating before it reaches the down. it will cool the air mass compared to yesterday. to the south, 39 in san jose and watch out if the fog, eight miles visibility and 36 in santa clara and saratoga is 35 cupertino is 37. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 40's until los gatos which is at 51. san francisco is at 45 and upper 30's from novato and lafayette and danville at half moon bay at 37. beautiful picture. that is nice. dry ending to this year. dry going. still a chance of rain. next week. >> low 60's for most us today. we could hit mid-60's around oakland and 64 in santa cruz and morgan hill at 63 in clever detail and -- in clever --
6:52 am
cloverdale. dress warmly for new year's eve festivities. we wake up tomorrow with the low-to-mid 30's inland and low 40's away the bay. two areas of high pressure dominating the weather and keeping the storm track to the north, we will fast forward a week tuesday evening, rain is making inroads into the north bay spread across our neighbors through wednesday into wednesday evening and it will taper when night into thursday morning and that is is a week from now for e best chance of rain in a long long time. >> the seven-day forecast shows temperatures are well before average with a lot high clouds and sunshine through monday. >> at the bridge it is slowing northbound 680 on the approach a solo spinout with a long line of yellow traffic so speeds of 30
6:53 am
to 45 miles per hour approaching the bay bridge toll plaza which is the major delay we have an early accident is clearing. westbound 580 as castro valley boulevard is improving. outside, walnut creek shows tail lights headed southbound 680 toward 24 where we have a couple of brake lights. talk about fog, here is san jose, 101, at 280, mike has been talking about that with visibility limited but traffic is moving nicely. >> thank you, sue. seven things to know before you go. >> morning news isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed?
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the only bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. and right now, it's our lowest prices of the season. save $300 to $800 on our newest innovations. plus, for one week only, special financing until january 2016. only at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.99. sleep number. comfort individualized. as rehand thing off to "good morning america" he are seven things to know before you go. the family of a girl declared brain dead has won another battle with children's hospital
6:55 am
oakland ruling she must be kept on a haven't -- ventilator until tuesday. >> detectives are vetting a police shooting during a wild high speed chase last night that started when the officers approached a man he hit and injured an officer. an officer then shot at him but missed. the man was arrested after he crashed. >> in southern california, police have discovered four people dead inside a home, two children. a family member made the discovery last night. all four victims are believed to be related. >> four, happy new year from sydney australia where it is 2014, just about a couple hours ago spectators welcomed the year with amazing fireworks show on the harbor, with sydney hard before bridge fire would were operated. >>the biggest party here is along the embarcadero where the fireworks light up the sky.
6:56 am
traffic advisories are posted from 11 p.m. until 1 a.m. >> the latest ban on wood burning is through the new year, with low visibility. so far no flight arrival delays into sfo but with half mile visibility it will happen. the poorest air quality is live more and low-to-mid 60's today. >> seven, the final commute of 2013, and the bay bridge, no metering lights are on, everything is smooth into san francisco, and we did have one problem out there, and it is benicia bridge, solo spin intermediate blocking the slow rain and an improving slow down as you approach the bridge at 45 minutes. happy new year. we will so you this 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. the new year's arctic blast. the coldest air of the season, stretching from the plains to the northeast. 30 degrees below normal in some areas. temperatures plunging faster than the famous ball in times square. and the first big snowstorm of the new year, just around the corner. breaking overnight, a fiery train crash in north dakota. one freight train coming off the rails, colliding with another, sending massive plumes of dangerous, dark smoke into the air. thousands urged to evacuate. firefighters battling flames this morning. one guy's down. >> also, the dramatic end to the nationwide manhunt for a cop killer. his last stand captured on a 911 call. gunned down by police, after


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