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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 3, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. good morning, the bay area winner of $648 million mega millions jackpot has finally come forward. here is a picture of the winning ticket just posted by the california lottery. the big winner said he doesn't want to appear publicly buying one of two winning tickets. and he did not realize he won until just this week. he put the tick it, you know, in a pile with a few of the others and...he didn't check it until i
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think monday. around monday. 3:00 a.m. on monday. he decided to check the ticket and realized he won the jackpot. >> lucky guy. he was a delivery truck driver and told officials he now has quit his job. "los angeles times" reports he calmed his boss said i am sorry, but i hit the jackpot and i don't think i'm going to come in today, tomorrow, or ever. he won $324 million before taxes or $170 million if he goes for the lunch sum. >> he bought the winning ticket at jenny's gifts and kids wear in san jose and that is where our reporter joins us. david? can you imagine the excitement when i walked to and told the owner that the person had finally stepped forward, the win of the jackpot. he was floored. he was selling lottery tickets when i told him that the lottery
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officials said a delivery man walked into the lottery headquarters in sacramento yesterday and the ticket he turned in has been verified and it turns out the winner is a delivery man who used to make deliveries to his gift shop. but he is not sure he knows who he is, pointing out that the name is quite common in the vietnamese community. tran never checked the ticket until monday. and the shopkeeper never gave up hope the winner would step forward. >> i don't give up. i will not give up because i want someone to win. i want someone to win. do you want to shake that person 's hand? i wish him the best. i wish him the best. he got the best. yeah. >> you did very well, yourself, too? >> yes. >> the winner, steve tran, has
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60 days to decide whether three want as lump sum or installments. the winner has been selling ticket us all morning and a last people are hoping the magic will rub off on them and i asked if he is selling another winning ticket he said, that was last year. this is 2014. it is a new opportunity to sell another winning ticket. we are in san jose. >> from that wonderful story to a tragic accident we have new details on a deadly accident that shut down all southbound lanes of 280 this this morning. the crash happened on interstate 280 near the john daly boulevard exit. the traffic is just now recovering, katie? >> just now. we are looking on the southbound lane of 280 and it was in the last 10 or 15 minutes we saw
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c.h.p. and the crews coming through, pick up the cones from the left hand lane, finally opening all lanes of the freeway and this is the first time since 5:30 this morning the cars have been moving freely in the lanes. a man was hit and killed at 5:30 and we don't know why he ran into the lanes but he may have left a clue in the s.u.v. >> we slowed down for a mile and we stopped here. we had no idea what was going on. >> or how long they would be stuck. the motorcyclists and drivers waiting on southbound 280, engines off. it starred with a zarqawi crash on northbound 280, a tangled s.u.v. and monday did disabled at 5:30 this morning. the driver of the s.u.v. did not wait away. >> he ran across northbound lane first and saw there was no shoulder and he turned around and ran back and was not struck but jumped the divide and ran into the southbound lane where he was truck. c.h.p. says he had a duffle bag when he was hit and killed and in it personal belongings but
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back in the s.u.v. officers found a small caliber rifle and a bb gun but they don't know if that has anything to do with the fact he ran. >> it is early in the investigation and we will do a lot of following up for the motivations to get out of the car. >> it brought traffic to a standstill for two hours. on the ground, drivers are out of their cars, wandering around. >> we have become fast friends. >> commuters had never seen anything like it. >> not like this not like this. this has been the worst. >> dave was trying to get to work. amber just left work. >> i do want to get home. i would like some breakfast. my problems aren't that big compared to up there which is sad. c.h.p. believes the man was hit more than once. one driver only has come forward admitting and he was not necessarily in any trouble and the c.h.p. asking anyone else who thinks they may have hit the
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plan to come failure. the driver of the honda, a woman is okay taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> happening now, a name of a 13-year-old oakland girl is due in a federal judges chambers right now with the children's hospital oakland a conference over the fate of jahi mcmath who is on a ventilator. the family fights to get her transferred to another facility. she has complications from routine tonsil surgery and pronounced brain dead december 12. amy? >> the judge ruled he will not order the hospital to insert a tube into jahi mcmath. joining me is the attorney for the family, chris tough dd christopher dolan. >> let me tell you what the parties agreed: we have a protocol in effect on how jahi mcmath can be removed from the
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hospital so there is in impediment if we line up alternate facilities which we are doing. we could not make that happen until we had an agreement on how jahi mcmath could be removed from the facility. it is unfortunate but i do understand and respect this judge that he would not order the tubes to be put in place because it is a health care facility. she is deteriorating. they would do it under other circumstances with people who have been considered to be brain dead. it is sad for the family. now we have the pathway to get jahi mcmath to someone who will. >> are you going to try to remove her from children's hospital oakland? >> that is what we have been working on day and night. >> are you cleared to do that although he ruled she cannot have the surgery? >> he did not rule she can't but that he cannot compel her. this right here is jahi mcmath's ticket out of children's hospital oakland. >> in summary, both sides agreed
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to allow her to leave children important which was a victory for you. the next question is how to get her a feeding tube. >> that issue is pending in firm court where we are heading out and now going back to the court of appeals to ask the judge to address it in the first instance. >> still, a fluid situation. >> this has been the most fluid situation i've ever been involved in and i know for people it raise as lot of issues. but this is a family, their daughter, their right, and other people are free to make other decisions but we hope they will respect this family's right to petition for their decision. >> thank you, sir. we do have a crew that will be headed over to cover that federal hearing which is happening later this morning so stay with us as the situation continues to develop. at this point both sides have agreed she can leave the hospital but how they are going do make that happen is another question. in oakland for abc7.
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>> developing news the first storm of the new career is bringing up to 2 feet snow to some parts of the know. the storm whipped through parts of massachusetts with gusts above 50 miles per hour and wind chills as low as minus 30 degrees. schools are canceled and businesses closed and three major highways outside of new york city are shut down because of the snow. >> i am going sideways even if a four wheel drive. >> the best thing to do is stay safe, warm, and indoors. >> that is the mayor of new york city shoveling snow in front of his brooklyn home this morning. this is his third day on the job as mayor. >> meteorologist, mike nicco, has an update on conditions. it is a mess, mike. >> good morning, from the top of the abc7 broadcast center where it is very warm for our standards and sunny but, yes, we will look at radar and show you what is going on. the good news is the first part
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of the storm is over, the snow is moving offshore and look at these temperatures, 18 in new york, 23 in washington, average low if atlanta is 34 and the temperatures are only 32 degrees, not sure why anyone would want to leave our warmth and head that way. in the northeast, the coldest and the driest air is pushing in right now all those areas, wind chill, freezing cold temperatures, dangerously cold from 15- to 30-degrees below zero. that is what it will feel like all the way through 9:00 tomorrow morning. that is the second part of the storm. they have a small storm coming at them again but nothing like the snow they just received. >> back to you. the east coast storm is causing a ripple effect on air travel across the country with many flights in and out of the bay area are either delayed or canceled. matteler -- matt keller is at sfo.
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>> the duty manager said 26 flights departing here or arriving here at sfo or were supposed to arrive at sfo have been canceled and another 12 are departing here and they were supposed to depart ear have been canceled. from inside terminal two the hardest hit airports are in new york, boston, philadelphia, and chicago, more than 2,500 flights were canceled. we caught up with a couple from philadelphia and their plane was delayed an hour. it could be the ice. >> it was 7" and getting worse, we didn't think we would get out but we did. >> this is an isolateed -- is not isolated in the east coast. many canceled flights at sfo were headed to warm weather spots like orange county and san diego but many planes and their crews were not where they needed to be. san jose international airport has a handful of cancellations, so check with your airline
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before you head to the airport. >> still ahead at 11:00, a new warning from health officials after the new strain of swine flu claims the life of a california woman. >> how bad is our drought? we could get answers today. >> rescuing the rescuers. the predicament way presents reag or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card helps you keep your resolution to save money. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine entrees are just $2.00. chobani yogurt is just a buck. resolutions kept. and charmin is $8.99 for the 20 double roll bonus pack.
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as 52 rescued passengers thought they were headed home, now the rescuers may have to be rescued. they were going 1,700 miles to australia but this morning the australian ship is staying put. why? it could be needed to free the chinese ice breaker whose captain has concerned about getting stuck moving through the heavy ice. >> a warning from state officials about the spread of swine flu. a woman died last week from the flu and more than a dozen people were hospitalized with flu like symptoms raising fears of a repeat of the 2009 pandemic. officials say the strain is hitting young to middle age people especially hard and they want everyone to get their flu shot as soon as possible. happening now the california
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department of water resources is conducting the first snow pack survey of the winter season. officials are taking measurements near lake tahoe which helps determine how much water will be available for households, farmers and businesses. so far, it doesn't look good. it has been historically dry calendar year and, in fact, statewide electronic readings show the water content is just 20 percent of normal for this time of year. >> meteorologist, mike nicco, has been updating the figure and watching it closely. >> 19 percent is not good and that is to this date. we are at 7 percent for the entire year which ends april 1st. i do are snow in the forecast, a chance of rain and at least some cleaner air and it is a "spare the air" day in the bay area and i will tell you where the worst air quality and when the reprieve will get here in the "7 on your seven-day forecast. >> president obama's affordable care act and
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hose who've been ded ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at covering theft oh, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a study this week is raising more questions about rebound's obamacare. supports have predicted expanding coverage would reduce the costly visits to the emergency room. harvard researchers have found newly insured people covered under medicaid made more visits to the e.r., 40 percent more than the uninsured counterparts probably short-term. the study looked at oregon. now back to the roof with mike nicco the another "spare
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the air" day? >> yes, poor air quality in san jose right now. beautiful day if you like the sunshine, almost as hazy as yesterday. some spots it is cleaner, other parts it is more dirty, our 26th "spare the air" day, with 14 times competing healthy level. a few clouds off the coast. more sunshine today. warmer weather and we are 61 in los gatos and 59 in san ramon and hayward, fremont, san francisco, novato, half moon bay, 57, and 58 right new in mountain view and napa. oak is 53 degrees. from sutro tower our king tides are almost over, and more are on the way for the end of the month. nice day to be at beach the you hey want to use the sunscreen on the beach. record remain warmth in unhealthy air, warm and dry this
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welcome, and, then, the pattern change that will be brief but it will bring us cleaner air, cooler temperatures, and a couple of chances of light rain. probably better chances of snow in the sierra. from mount tamalpais you can see the high clouds moving away from us and a little bit of color. north bay, the bay itself, santa clara valley, all of us aren ifed from burning wood until at least midnight and tomorrow is another "spare the air" day. san jose, a lot of high clouds and sunshine with the poorest air quality. yesterday at this times you and cupertino. highs today are 7 to 13 degrees above average with money -- mid-to-upper 60's and record highs at kent field at 6 and san rafael 64. today i forecast 64 in san francisco and the record high is 65. we will be very close.
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it will be mild tonight in san francisco at 47, and most of us inland in the low-to-upper 30's and mid-30's to low 40's for most of the bay, looks like we will have less cloud cover and temperatures are cooler. there are two areas of high pressure still dominating the weather pattern bringing us the hazy sunshine and the big storm is going to come in, in a couple of of chunks. it will bring us a heavy rain. it will come in, in several chunks, when it gets here. you can see in tahoe they are skiing. mother nature has not provided much in heavenly valley. this is your seven-day forecast if you are going to lake tahoe, record highs in the mid-50's again today. cooler tomorrow into sunday as the cold front is pushing just to the east of in right new and a very dry front and not much of a change other than the drop of temperatures and tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, back in the mid-40's where we should be
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with snow showers. better chance of accumulation there. up to the frozen town only of 13. that is in wisconsin for the game. >> at homes can you see how warm it is going to be all the way through monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, back in the upper 50's to low 60's. have a great welcome. >> the packers will feel colder after their loss. >> next, we will show you the coolest truck ever made. >> we will explain why it didn't stand up to
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officials with guns at the ready for lion on the loose in florida. >> check this out: could this be the coolest truck of all? that is because it is made mostly of ice. a canadian company wanted to prove the new battery could stand to the cold which zaps the battery. workers stripped the tag and bead from a gmc truck and replaced it with ice which finally melted after filming a commercial. >> they heed for put the car on the east coast right now where it is so cold. >> it would work there. >> maybe green bay it will stick around. go 49ers.
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[d [dramatic music] ♪ >> oh! hey! hey! what's up? what up? what's up? what up? what up? what up? how you doin'? hey, how are you, honey? what's happening? come on up. [cheers and applause] yo... hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's contestant dreams of winning a million dollars so she can run a marathon in every continent, starting with antarctica. from cincinnati, ohio, give it up for emily mason. what up, emily? [cheers and applause] really? you got to tell me about this. so you like running and you want to run on every continent. >> yes. >> but why do you want to start in antarctica, out of all places. >> well, antarctica sounds really fun. i've never been there.


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