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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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for her afterwards. >> reporter: this hearing is now in it's fifth hour, here at federal court in oakland. this is the complaint the family attorney filed over the civil rights of this family. and whether they have been violated in this case. he can ask for procedures to be performed on j jahi and more time. >> the mother of jahi mcmath can only bow her head in her hands. >> we agree to the stipulation. >> a superior court judge approved something this morning administrators saying they'd allow. the removal of jahi mcmath without additional surgical procedures. >> arrangements are being made. what we needed to know is that when the balls are in line, that we can move quickly. >> with a tuesday deadline
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looming to remove her from a vent later the family and her attorney have been scrambling to get her moved to a long term care facility. they wanted the hospital to perform a tracheotomy on the brain dead teen. iet is our understanding that the coroner's office issued a death certificate. >> outside of court the attorney for childrens seems somewhat overwhoem whemed by thaul is led to this point. >> personally, it's horrible that this child died. it's also horrible that it's so difficult for her family to accept that death. and i wish, and i constantly think that won't be great if they were able to come to terms with a terrible tragic he sxrent i didn't have to stand in front of you all? time after time? >> this afternoon, the deadline
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remains 5:00 tuesday. that was, that is when the hospital is allowed to remove jahi from the ventlater. >> thank you. >> police say two robbery suspects who targeted a 98-year-old woman should be ashamed. it happened on 8th avenue near east 24th street around 11:30 yesterday morning the robbers kicked down the door to the victim's home while she was alone they tried to pull rings off her fingers and grabbed her necklace the woman held captive two hours before suspects took off a tv sxet cash. she suffered cuts and bruces to her hands. >> continuing to follow breaking news out of san jose. police on the scene of a shooting involving an officer. police investigated the shooting, happened less than two hours ago in a house in san jose. police
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say they got a call about an argument. moments afterwards, shots were fired. the suspect is being treated at a local hospital. officers remain at the house investigating and no word yet on what provoked arg goument or shooting. >> san francisco police launched a crack down on drivers today after a fourth pedestrian was hit by a car in or near the tender loin district. today's incident happened on bush and hooid streets. a man hit by an suchlt v as he ran into the crosswalk and is listed in serious condition. a jake walker hit blocks away. that person is in critical condition. by this morning police launched a crack down in lower knob hill area. units stopped cars driving on bush street and jaywalk yirs were cited. >> streets of san francisco not the only one that's can be unsafe. a woman was struck by a dump truck and killed as she crossed the street. police say
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the accident happened as the driver turned on to heatherton street. police say he only stopped after he felt a bump in the r50d. >> another sign today california could be heading for a drought. snow level is just 20% of normal that ties 2012 on record. >> we've had minimal activity this year. and get that high pressure center build up into pacific northwest checking storms and east coast nochlt water here >> officials estimate they'll be able to deliver 5% of the watt dwler year. the snow pack provides about a third of the water sploi. >> governor brown has not
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declared a droht yet but the panel going to look into it, soon. agencies beginning to get nervous. >> these investigates are closed during winter months but this is one of the entrances. now, east bay mud not concern about water levels here but worried with about what's happening in the sierra. >> the reservoir collected just over four inches of rain. >> 26% of average. so less than a third >> the agency is concerned about the rainfall we've had, it's reservoirs are where they should be. >> we have 50% of the winter
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ahead of us. >> one is to drop from it's river supply. another to ask people to conserve more than they have. water could be ser vacation led to a decline in water sales that, and cost of investing in the infrastructure forced the board toin crease rates by 20%. these water agencies want people to start thinking about changing their habits. taking five minute showers instead of ten minutes can save 12 gallons and people use more water outside when watering plants do it deeply and infrequently >> water every 3, 4 days for a long time, like 20 minutes. so water sinks in deeply z the plant roots grow deeply.
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>> looking at more drought resistance. she's hoping a dry december led to a wet january. abc7 news. >> and san francisco international airport today more than three dozen flights were cancelled. most from new york, boston and new jersey flights delayed two hours because of the storm. >> we didn't think we're going to get out but got out. >> about 18 flights have been cancelled and delayed. and here
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is a look at passengers stranded and sleeping on cots at new york jfk airports. this is this morning after cancellation of suns of flights the snow has stopped falling in new york but as you can see in this live look, it's not melting, still there because temperatures dropped to 12 degrees and will keep falling overnight. tonight there is a blizzard warning and 12 people have died on icy roads. coldest as it's been all year. people, i think sometimes think doesn't feel so bad. if you stay out too long it will be
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dangerous. >> forecasters say it will be 11 degrees below 0. >> so coming up the other half, a jackpot winner about to go on vacation. >> drivers coming into the east bay. fans about to battle elements. this stuff is crazy. >> wayne freedman goes ininside and under cover to test how cold
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new details of a deadly accident between san francisco and daily city nearly two hours. investigators say an suv
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involved in a crash was stolen. suv and honda collided about 5:30 this morning the driver was struck and killed by a passing car. >> ran across northbound lanes first saw there is no shoulder here and turned and ran back across northbound lanes was not struck. jumped and ran into the southbound lanes. one vehicle hit him, possibly more. >> chp said the man had personal belongings and a small rifle and bebe gun >> a detour for drivers commuting into the bay area. he highway 160 going to be closed all night connecting highways 12 and 4. going to be off limits from january 6th until january 10th because three-mile bridge is getting a
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caltrans says it may force some to drive extra 80 miles there are going to be sign as lerting drivers of the closure ask detours. >> the second megamillions winner has come forward. >> is he called in rich. >> this is his winning ticket. he immediately called his boss an official described what he said. >> left a message that went something like sorry woulds, i hit the jackpot. i don't think i'm going to come in today, tomorrow, or ever >> the winner is a deliver from northern california and he didn't know he had the ticket until this week. >> you know it's just been two weeks since it was purchased here in san jose. the driver
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says he forgot about it until monday morning and checked those numbers. >> we walked in and broke news, someone named steve tran stepped forward with the ticket told last month. >> i wish him the best. i d he got his best. yes. >> you did well, too. >> yes. >> so everybody is happy? >> everybody happy. yes. >> beyond that, he is sort of a mystery man. he came here with his family and won't appear in public >> he was there with the family. they just like to shop and eat there he bought five quick picks from jennifer's gift shop. then put
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tickets in a pile and didn't check it until monday. >> he thinks he know who's steve tran is. >> vietnamese people have a lot of people blast name, tran. >> tran quit his job officials say he has 60 days to decide if he wants lump sum or payments. jenny's gift shop has become the place to buy tickets. the winner being a vietnamese american is a matter of pride. >> it's good to have a winner for them and a place to come to on a regular basis. >> the owner is a a million dollars richer. >> that ticket worth 2013. right now, 2014. >> new year, new opportunities? >> right. yeah.
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>> green bay packer on their way to wisconsin. we caught up with some of them who said they're not worried about the cold. >> so i'm going to where what the team wear. >> not taking chances. that is too much information. >> temperatures are expected to be a frigid minus two degrees by the end of the game. wind chill could make it feel like 30
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below. >> this is what happens, you sign up and sometimes a test strip in the heat and z.rain, today in that building they put me in green bay wisconsin. >> ever here before b.this company? it's been intent for this family three generations. they store food here. >> how cold is it? >> well, freeze year room with this run something maybe 15 below 0. >> and a close approximation to what fans will endure on
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niners never for practice? >> we barely lasted three minutes. experts warned to be careful. >> talking temperatures your risk of frost bite is significant. and we're talking minutes not hours. >> go along. >> really? >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> what are you thinking going with out a hat? >> it's not nearly that cold
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here. we're lucky. >> we need rain. and i'll take this 61 degrees here any time offer what wayne is dealing with, mike shumann. we'll talk about the weather. high clouds as you can see with temperatures plunging back eechlt now look at green bay at 17 degrees at this hour only going to get colder. wind chill firefighters ten below in boston. this is going to mean frigid weather will be affecting the game. to be really cold
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wind chill 25, 45 below 0 is cold. hopefully niners can handle it. look at the weather. 67 in kentfield new report in oakland museum, 66 degrees gilroy well above average. from our camera, air quality continues to suffer. temperatures now low 60s. san jose, los gatos, you can see the view right now. the snow pack as of today 19% of normal. at least a rain-snow mix. 61 in napa. it's low 60s for fairfield. clear skies and that is what we're expecting with a chill
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inland. cooler with the possibility of rain. high pressure keeping us dry and mild. we'll see a pattern change. temperatures will fall. tuesday afternoon a slight chance of rain going into evening hours. then, back to dry weather. so here is a look at the week ahead. if we did do see anything tuesday. 33 degrees in santa rosa. upper 30 40s then palo alto 63 keg ez. livermore, 66 degrees. a look at the accu-weather
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forecast spare the air alert up tomorrow. moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area, temperatures mid-60s to low 70s. numbers will slowry slide by next week will feel like winter from temperature standpoint. there is a possibility of rain. and we're looking at that possibility of rain which is a glimmer of hope. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. >> just ahead conditio
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it's friday. >> mostly because michael finney is here. >> mainly. mainly. >> i love the name of the
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product. it's defabulous. this is a leave in hair conditioner made by defabulous. get your hair basically dry. with you but not all the way. you work through the hair. it's supposed to make hair manageable. and it's a $22 value. why would you pay for that? >> you can get it free. >> looking good, now let's make sure you feel good. how about yoga ann is a yoga studio. that means you can pull up those workouts any time you want flow, as it's called they're eight minutes long. you can do them at work that, is what i suggest. middle of the newsroom? >> maybe nochlt
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>> you get a week free but why would you pay that? you can get it free. >> how do we get it sflee >> what a great question. >> this is the number. at any time you can go to abc7 >> perfect. >> there is more. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, the new year brings new opportunities for mentoring if that is what you want to do. a pilot landed also hear from felicia gaston about the phoenix project of marin. i hope you'll join me this sunday at 10:00 >> sounds great. >> leaving their mark. coming up, how some kids are getting electrical hockey
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california.
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new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at coming up at 6:001 bright spot to dry weather we've been getting this winter. and michael finney unlocks secrets to flying for nudging and a start up with an unusual goal how they're raising money to build the city's first indoor miniature golf course. now back to cheryl and >> well, san francisco bulls skate on paint. >> yes for painted classic.
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>> fans invited to come on to the ice and put their own mark on the rink. saying it hopes to keep it the rest of the season. >> that is neat. only two colors lighting up city hall tonight, red and gold. >> and showing support for the 49ers to take on the wild card around nfl playoffs. >> yes. and there is edition of vernon's view sunday night. he's saying it's going to be cold. >> okay we won't tell your wife you put that on tv. >> world news is coming up next.
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>> from all of us, thank you for welcome to world news tonight. digging out, the big new year's storm freezing and snarling half the country. major highways still shut down, a town flooded by ice. and families still camped out at airports from the holidays, our full team in the polar air tonight. on the rise, the flu on the march, we'll tell you where and how it starts. and skater scandal 20 years later. >> why? why? tonight tonya harding talks about the day of that attack on nancy kerrigan. >> it was like, i just couldn't believe what is being said. good evening to you on this friday night, as hundreds of


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