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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 10, 2014 11:35pm-12:36am PST

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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- amy adams, from "the wolf of wall street," margot robbie. and music from xolie morra and the strange kind. and now once again, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> welcome.
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thank you for braving the forces of nature to be here tonight. it's hard to believe, but it was 73 degrees here in hollywood today. i almost started to feel guilty driving into work in shorts with my moon roof open this morning. but then i remembered, you know, a lot of you may have the cold to deal with, but here in california, we have gary busey to worry about and that's all year long. it doesn't go away in the spring. i think they make new weather up. three days ago, i never heard of after polar vortex. now i think gwyneth paltrow is naming her kid polar vortex. roughly half the united states is experiencing sub zero temperatures right now. it was colder in chicago, in minneapolis and detroit today than it was at the south pole. for real. basically the plot to the disney movie frozen has come true.
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we need an adorable singing snowman to help us break the curse. guillermo, you could be our olaf. >> yeah, sure. >> jimmy: your singing is terrible. dennis rodman took six former nba players and four other player on a trip to north korea to play an exhibition game against a local team in celebration of kim jong-un's 31st birthday tomorrow. i guess after years of playing alongside michael jordan, rod plan is very comfortable with totalitarian dictators. somehow they've become close friends. dennis rodman is like the uncle that kim jong-un had never had killed. but rodman is getting a lot of criticism for palling around with the enemy of the united states. he says it's a great idea for the world. and this is a guy who started the movie "double-team" with jean claude van damme so he knows when there's a great idea for the world. this morning, dennis and the players he brought sat down were a satellite interview. they're in north korea.
11:38 pm
it did not go smoothly. >> you've got ten guys here, ten guys here that left their families, left their families to help this country as a sports venturer. ten guy, all these guys here. does anyone understand that? >> we do. and we appreciate that and we wish them well. >> no, no, i don't give a [ bleep ] i don't give a rat's ass what the hell you think. i'm telling you, look at these guys here. look at them! >> dennis, don't use them as an excuse for the behavior that you're putting on yourself. >> they came here! they came here! >> jimmy: they came here. now they want to leave here. where did that voice come from. one day in north korea, mr. mumbles turned into mr.
11:39 pm
mystical. relations didn't improve from there. >> don't use these guys as a shield for you, dennis. >> listen, listen, listen -- >> no shield. let me do this. i want to tell you one thing, people around the world, around the world, i'm going to do one thing. you guy behind the mike right now, we are the guys here doing one thing. we have to go back to america and take the abuse. do you have to take the abuse? well, we're going to take the abuse. let me know, guess what i do? one day, one day this is going to open. >> jimmy: he makes some interesting points. i don't know what they are. let's go to the chalkboard and
11:40 pm
try to figure out what he was saying there. here we go. this is a full quote. here's what he said. ain't no shield. i got it, got it, let me do this. really, really. which is a triple-double, just to start. i'm going to tell you one thing, people around the world, around the world, i'm going to do one thing. you a guy behind the mike right now. that's true. we are the guys here do one thing. we have to go back to america and take the abuse. no, you really don't, actually. you could stay over there. we would be perfectly fine with it. do you have to take the abuse? what we're going to take? do you, sir? let me know. are you going to take the abuse we're going to get it. but guess what, though? he knows how to build suspense. one day, one day, this door is
11:41 pm
going to open. and a new r. kelly song is born. he's doing it. he's speaking from the heart. unfortunately his heart is an idiot. will you come hold my chalk guillermo? >> yes. >> jimmy: thanks very much. thanks. go on the oh side of the chalkboard and draw something and then we'll turn it around and see what it is. >> all right. >> jimmy: take your time. >> we're very high tech. the annual consumer electronic show is going on in las vegas this week.
11:42 pm
this is where companies show off their fancy new gadgets. and one of them comes from a company called inovega which is a terrible name for a company. but they have an interesting new product. they design contact lenses that project digital images directly on to your eyeballs. they see it's the most innovative piece of technology we'll ever lose on our carpet. how about that? eyeball tv. it would be great for watching football in church. but does it mean before you go to sleep every night you have to remember to plug in your eyeballs? also, the director michael bay had a terribly embarrassing moment. apparently he's endorsing a new curved hdtv. he was supposed to talk about it. it was a scripted thing with the vice president of samsung. unfortunately, and perhaps ironically, he had trouble with the teleprompter. >> i create visual worlds beyond everyday normal life experiences and hollywood is a place that creates a viewer escape. what i tried to do as a director, i try to -- ahhh, the type is all off, sorry. i'll wing this. >> tell us what you think. >> yeah, we'll wing it right
11:43 pm
now. i try to take people on an emotional ride. and -- >> the curve? how do you think it's going to impact how viewers experience your movies? >> excuse me, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> okay. ladies and gentlemen, let's thank michael bay for joining us. >> jimmy: and he's gone. to be fair, michael bay had never actually read a script before that. so he got confused when the teleprompter didn't turn into a robot. if michael bay doesn't stare directly into a computer simulated explosion every ten seconds, he shuts down and. this's why he shouldn't agree to
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do anything ever. anyone from colorado here? the marijuana is now for sale legally in the state of colorado for recreational use. colorado is now number one vacation spot for people who want to forget they went on vacation. new marijuana stores opened their doors at 8:00 a.m. on january 1, which is kind of funny. getting up early to buy pot. but it worked. according to the national cannabis association, around $1 million worth of marijuana was sold on wednesday. although the stat is coming from the cannabis association, so someone should check the math. it's created a booming pot tourism business. there are companies that will drive you around on a bus and take you on a pot sightseeing tour. i would like to go on one dressed as a dea agent just to freak everyone out. i saw a commercial for one of these tours online. it actually reminds me of kind of like those napa wine tours. >> come onboard mountain air
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colorado tours to see all of colorado's most scenic destinations. rockty mountain national park, mile high stadium, a cloud that looks like a chicken. [ laughing ] and omlet. hi, omlet. >> hi. >> mountain air colorado tours. really see colorado like really see it. hey, bro, what's up? [ applause ] >> how are you doing over there? >> doing great. >> go ahead and reveal your masterpiece. which you took just a small amount of time you were allotted. [ applause ] >> jimmy: nice. that is the depiction of the prison dennis rodman is going to be living in. thank you, that is beautiful. will you sign that so i can take it home? thank you very much. when we come back, my cousin sal is going to hit some people out
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>> amy adams, margot robbie and xolie morra enthe strange contender. apparently in august they're going to let the governor in tennessee, on friday, a new face joined that race. i have not been as excited about a candidate for governor since i think arnold schwarzenegger. >> hello, my name is mark brown. as of today, january 3, 2014,
11:51 pm
year of our lord, i officially tossed many i hat in the ring to run for governor of the great state of tennessee. i appreciate your vote this year in august. and i think in august we bring the united states back to where it's supposed to be. one state at a time, starting with tennessee. i we are one nation under god, not above god. and just like the purity of this apple -- well, i don't know where i was going with that, but i guarantee you there will be changes made, changes you'll like. you call me, i promise i'll answer the phone. >> jimmy: hypnotized by the apple. i have to wonder if he's aware that you can shoot it again. you don't have to use the first one, you know.
11:52 pm
but thank you, hybrid of gandolf and uncle cy. this is my brother john sent this to me today. we have a number of artists in my family. not just guillermo. it looks like my 2-year-old niece is going to be one too. she unveiled her first masterpiece today. it's a bit modern for my taste, but i mean, it's pretty good. i know i'm in trouble. why are you taking a picture of me? she's the banksy of her gymboree class. most of the country is freezing cold, but here in l.a., i had the air conditioner on last night. i'm not kidding. it's warm enough to put a bathing suit on and go to the
11:53 pm
beach. and nothing makes cold people madder than seeing their friends and relatives in bathing suits. so this afternoon, i sent a camera crew to can santa monica to let people say hi to their loved ones back home in the blizzard, but they didn't know my cousin sal was standing by with a fresh bucket of snow shaped into balls. >> hi to all our friends back home. we want to say we're here in cali and it's 70 and we're walk on the bench. >> we were tanning so we'll come back all bronze. >> snowball! we're tanning. >> anything you want to say to the folks back home. >> hey, man. 70 degrees. hope you're loving it in the 13 inches of snow. >> snowball! >> it's really, really cold in chicago and i'm so glad i'm missing it and it's all about me. >> snowball! >> snowballs! >> hello chicago. it's 30 degrees out here and i'm shirtless in southern california.
11:54 pm
>> snowball! that's what this is about. >> i want to say to my entire family in new york freezing their ass off right now why i'm in southern california. >> snow bucket! >> hey. >> snowball! >> oh! >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo. cousin sal, our own little polar vortex. don't hurt him, i need him. tonight on the program, from "the wolf of wall street" margot
11:55 pm
robbie is here. zolie morra and the strange kind we'll be right back with amy adams. stick around. fwlap ,, my dad had a honda... my mom had a honda.... i was coming from a 2007 honda accord. i traded it in for a ford fusion titanium. i, no joke, probably test-drove fifteen different vehicles. i kind of was indifferent toward ford and then i sat in the fusion for the first time and i was just like "wow!"... this is it. you have the power, but you have the fuel economy... that's what ecoboost does.... i love to tell people "look at what ford has to offer".
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>> jimmy: hi there. tonight on the program, from martin scorsese's latest "the wolf of wall street," margot robbie is here. and later, a band brought to us by our friends at ourstage. their album is called "the great social experiment" zolie morra and the strange kind from the sony stage. they're good. tomorrow night sofia vergara will be here, from "shameless" emmy rossum and we'll have music from yuna. and on thursday, kristen wiig, nick kroll, and music from
12:01 am
lord huron. please join us then. our first guest is a four-time oscar nominee and a five-time golden globe nominee with not one but two award-worthy films this season, "american hustle" is in theaters now and the new spike jonze movie "her" opens nationwide friday, please say hello to amy adams. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you look fantastic. >> you do too. you look fantastic. >> jimmy: how were your holidays? >> i had a break. the holidays are that kind of thing where it feels it should be a break but it's always a lot of energy. but it's fun. i mean i don't need to complain. >> jimmy: did you go anywhere? do anything? >> i stayed home. i travel a lot. >> jimmy: just a quiet thing? >> i had about ten people. my fiance's parents, my dad, step mom, niece, brother, couple
12:02 am
close friends. about ten, 12 people at any given time. >> jimmy: staying at your house? >> you have to understand i don't have one of these sprawling mansions. i have a nice house, but i slept on a blow-up mattress. >> jimmy: you did? >> it was a king size and i felt that was pretty luxurious. they make king size blow-up mattresses. >> jimmy: i think you're the only oscar nominee that slept on a pool raft. >> i made some of the guests sleep on the couches. so i thought, you know, i got lucky. >> jimmy: that's very sporting of you. who god the main bed? >> my dad. and my step mom. >> jimmy: okay now -- >> you can't make people over 60 sleep on a blow-up mattress. >> jimmy: anything that was invented after they were born, they should not have to sleep on. >> yes. >> jimmy: is it one of those nozzle ones. now they have the thing you plug in. >> i would have passed out. can you imagine? i would have been there all day. no. >> jimmy: the family would have to take turns.
12:03 am
>> everyone did really -- it was like a -- everybody helped a lot. >> jimmy: so everybody cooked and did the -- >> i called it my christmas commune. every cooked and cleaned. my dad played music. >> jimmy: what kind of muse snik. >> my dad played guitar. he used to play with the uso. >> jimmy: because he was in the military. he did. he played guitar at the uso. >> and he kind of shreds. he's awesome. you should get him up here. >> jimmy: does he sing and everything? >> he does. he used to play in bars. not bar bars, but restaurant bars. because we were, you know -- >> jimmy: oh, you had a mormon upbringing. >> pizza joint in englewood, colorado. i don't think it was around anymore. it was really fun. >> jimmy: colorado has changed a
12:04 am
lot since then. >> yes, yes they have. >> jimmy: now the pizza joints are probably shakier than the bars. you like it when your father sings? >> i do. >> jimmy: i guess not with you, but i always think there's something about hearing one of your parents sing that is just cuts right through your soul. in a terrible way. and i always think about it. >> can you imagine if now i told my dad yeah, now it actually -- he would be so heart broken. >> jimmy: i think about it sometimes when i'm singing along in the car and i think how they must hate this. >> i many daughter hears that frequency. i get it all the time. and i have a lovely singing fois vois. she's constantly mom, stop. >> jimmy: how old is she? >> 3 1/2. >> jimmy: is this the first christmas she was really aware of what was going on? >> yeah, yeah. she was. she was. >> jimmy: what did she want for christmas this year? >> she wanted -- it was tricky. i told this story before. she really wanted -- it was hard for me to figure out what she wanted she wouldn't tell me.
12:05 am
she would only tell santa. she would tell me it was between her and santa claus. >> jimmy: was she afraid the tabloids would get a hold of it? >> i like that she's naturally suspicious. i had to find out from her dance teacher. it's great, except i told that story on ellen, and my nephew watched it with my sister. and he was like, what is she talking about about santa, mom? >> jimmy: oh. >> so that was not good. >> jimmy: that's troublesome. but i just left that up to her. >> jimmy: that's why you have to keep children away from that ellen show. ruining childhoods one at a time. >> i take full responsibility for that. >> has your daughter heard you in "enchanted." >> she heard it. but she loves dressing up like princess. she wanted the dress. >> jimmy: me too. >> me too. i enjoyed dressing up like princesses. but she put on the giselle dres and said i know you think you
12:06 am
were playing giselle, mommy, but you were actually playing me. i am giselle. i like that. it makes me feel like she has a good sense of self. >> jimmy: she sounds like a troublemaker to me. >> good. i'm glad actually. when we come back, your two great movies, the latest of which is the new spike jonze movie "her." amy adams is here. be right back. [ male announcer ] every inch. every minute. every second -- we chip away. with an available ecodiesel engine... and a best-in-class 30 mpg highway and 730-mile driving range... for all the times you dreamed of running away from home -- now you can. with enough fuel to get back. this is the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. it is the best of what we're made of. well-qualified lessees can lease the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 for $359 a month.
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and at&t now covers more than 99% of all americans. >> actually, the woman i've been seeing, samantha, i didn't tell you. >> what is that like? >> it's great, actually. i feel really close to her. like when i talk to her, i feel like she's with me. >> are you falling in love with her? >> would you think i'm a freak? >> no, no. i think anybody who falls in love is a freak. it's a crazy thing to do. it's kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity. >> jimmy: "her" opens friday nationwide. the idea of the movie itself sounds like it could so easily
12:13 am
be so terrible and it's really, really great. >> it's really beautiful. >> jimmy: no offense. >> it does. people will really discover this movie because it's such a beautiful story, not just about an o.s. and a man but about relationships in general and everyone has something they can take away from this, something personal. >> jimmy: a lot of people don't know what an o.s. is. but it's kind of like siri on the iphone. >> i read on yahoo that siri is actually jealous. did you read this? >> jimmy: i started questioning siri myself. which is kind of funny. she doesn't approve of the voice, the computer voice. >> it's so funny. i haven't questioned her. i really should. >> jimmy: she's not a big fan. to be honest with you. maybe you shouldn't get into it with her. >> she already is testy enough with me, i don't know. >> jimmy: there's a friendly relationship with you and joaquin phoenix. >> i play his best friend.
12:14 am
he's awesome and so good in the film. he's so amazing. >> jimmy: you're in two movies at once. did you know they were going to come out at the same time? >> i shot them about a year apart. >> jimmy: you don't get any say in that? >> no, no. they don't listen to me. >> jimmy: in a way, you're kind of competing against yourself in these situations, too. at least when it comes to awards and that sort of thing. >> that's good. that seems like it make sense with the rest of my insecure life. constantly competing against myself. never pleased. that's about right. >> jimmy: you did a movie with joaquin phoenix before and a movie with christian bale before. >> working with christian is not like i've worked with christian twice. i worked with irving who is a 40-pound overweight balding guy. and dickey, who is a 40-pound underweight toothless guy.
12:15 am
christian is amazing to work with. >> jimmy: he does this all the time. he's in character even when he's offcamera. >> he keeps the mannerisms of the character. yes, he does. >> jimmy: and you find that annoying? >> that is such a loaded question. there's a lot of things that i -- there's bigger issues on set typically that christian staying in character. we won't get into any of that. >> when do you start working on batman versus superman. >> very soon. i can't tell you anything. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you read the script yet? >> i just read the script. >> jimmy: so you know then that -- >> i don't know anything. >> jimmy: i don't know if i should say this, but ben affleck has asked me to play robin. [ applause ]
12:16 am
it's not a big part. >> i think it would be great. are you willing to put on some tights? >> it's about time there's an old, fat robin. >> you look great, come on. >> see me with my clothes off, it's a disaster. disaster. >> me, too. >> jimmy: amy adams! "her" opens in theaters nationwide on friday. we'll be right back with margot robbie. if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years.
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>> jimmy: our next guest tonight is a talented australian who makes a very convincing brooklynite opposite leo dicaprio in the new movie "the wolf of wall street". it is in theatres now. please welcome margot robbie. [ applause ]
12:22 am
>> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm really good, thank you. >> jimmy: i saw "the wolf of wall street" and you did an unbelievably great job in it. but i had no idea -- you did such a good job i had no idea you were from australia. >> i'm really happy to hear that, yeah. >> jimmy: and i'm from very close to where your character is from. >> near bay bridge? >> jimmy: very close. yeah. although it's pretty much the same in brooklyn. but you really had it down. now, do you audition with that accent? or did you learn it once you -- >> i did the audition with the accent, yeah. i actually sat down with my acting coach to go through it before my audition. she said you know you're meant to be doing a brooklyn accent. i was like you what does a brooklyn accent sound like.
12:23 am
she said okay, pretend you have acrylic nails on they've just been painted so they'll still wet. so how do i do the accent? she was like okay, just do it. i was like okay. so i put my hands out like that and started doing the scene. and i was like okay, well, all of a sudden, you know, i'm getting my hair out of my face like this and i was talking to her. and i wasn't talking to you. i was talking to her. and this attitude came out of nowhere. [ applause ] >> jimmy: have good. very good. that's how i got the brooklyn accent. just pretend you have acrylic nails. >> jimmy: so the key to great acting is pretending you had a manicure. >> acting 101. >> jimmy: there's nothing worse than when someone does a bad brooklyn accent. >> it would be infuriating. almost as infuriating as the sound of an actual brooklyn accent. i personally love it. it's my favorite accent. >> jimmy: sure, sure, but everybody else hates it. i'll pass that along to my family. where are you from in australia?
12:24 am
>> i'm from the gold coast. it's a coastal town in queensland, but my family is from a little country town called dolby. three hours inland. it's very small. >> jimmy: how small? >> very small country town. it's -- the big news when i go back everyone is like what's been happening to you? oh, i did a movie. what's been happening out you? we're getting a big w. it's the equivalent of target. for two years, all the town talked about was getting the big w. and then big w came and everybody would talk about how good big w was. so for a really long time, that's been what's happening out there. but everyone is so sweet there. whenever i get in the papers or anything everyone passes it around at bridge club and puts it on the fridge. >> jimmy: i can't even imagine what they're going to think. has the movie opened there yet? >> no, no. i don't know if dolby is going
12:25 am
to approve of this movie. i'm going to follow it up with another one that's a little more, you know, pleasing to a small country town. >> jimmy: the damage has been done already. >> thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: you are very naked in the movie. for a lot of the film. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: did they tell you about that going in? or is that a surprise? >> yeah. so that was a small point of contention with my family. to tell the truth, i -- to tell the truth. honestly enough, i just flat-out lied to my family for a really long time. i said i don't care what you hear. there is no nudity. i'm not doing any nudity. ignore what anyone is saying. i thought well, the movie is going to come out and there's going to be nudity. okay, the lie evolved to well, actually, it's a body double and they just cgi'd my head. and my family don't have anything to do with the film industry. they totally bought it. they can do that? you wouldn't believe what they do in hollywood. so then eventually i came clean.
12:26 am
and i said okay, i'm doing nudity, but you should read the book first. and if you still want to see the movie after reading the book -- >> jimmy: and will you be there to be with them while they're witnessing this? >> i'm hoping i'm going to be home when it comes out. and then i'm just going to fly the coop so i can miss the aftermath. >> jimmy: the good news is everything after this is gravy. everything after this is a disney film. >> that's true. that's true. >> jimmy: you will have no problems from here on out. so how do you go from -- i know you're a television star in australia. what show were you on? >> it's a show called "neighbors." it's like boot camp for australian actors. everyone goes through it. and everyone does it. >> jimmy: yeah, a number of actors were on that show. so i guess then it's a -- is that kind of the pipeline through which you go -- >> it's almost like a prerequisite to moving to l.a.
12:27 am
you have to do "neighbors" or "home and away" first. then you move here. i moved over five days after finish on "neighbors." i signed with a great management company over here management 360. but i almost blew it. we were just talking about this before in my green room. my australian agent was with me and set up a meeting with my american manager. and he was asking things about myself. can you do this? you're competitive. i was like competitive, there was an eating competition back home and i won it. yeah, i'm very competitive. my australian agent just kind of froze. don't tell that story, don't tell that story. here i am going to tell it on national television. >> jimmy: is this a true story? >> it is a true story. i won a spaghetti eating competition. >> jimmy: against who? a mouse? >> no against neal, my friend from "neighbors." he was the equivalent of a
12:28 am
teamster. he's an islander dude. he ate a lot. >> jimmy: he's a big guy. >> yeah, he's a big guy. we were having an argument one day. he was saying he was hungry. i was saying i eat hungry. he said i eat more. i said that's rubbish. i eat a lot. then he said i'm a guy. and that was it end of it. >> jimmy: how much did you wind up seating? >> whoever could eat the most in one hour. they were bets on it. people were sitting around, filming it, arguing over it. by the end of the hour. it was probably the most physically and mentally difficult thing i've ever done in my life. i'm not lying. it was really hard. i ate 1.8 kilos of spaghetti, which is equal to four pounds. >> jimmy: no way. you ate four boxes of spaghetti? >> that's so much. >> jimmy: i don't think i could eat that much and i eat a lot of spaghetti.
12:29 am
>> it was impressive. he ate 1.3 kilos. and i won the pride of all the crew and it was a momentous moment. it was beautiful. and then they called me back to set. i was on the ground and i couldn't move. and i was like -- and they're like stop messing around. i was like, i can't, i can't. get the nurse. they called the nurse. she ate in a spaghetti competition. so they gave whatever they give toddlers when they swallow poison. >> jimmy: epicac. >> this is the point in the story where my australian agent goes like this. shaking his head. so i was saying this to my american manager. then i drank it and spewed up four pounds of spaghetti bolonaise.
12:30 am
and then you find me and here we are doing "wolf on wall street." >> jimmy: very nice meeting you. congratulations. the movie is "the wolf of wall street." it's in theatres now. when we come back, music from xolie morra and the strange kind." [ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪
12:31 am
♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪
12:32 am
♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ >> jimmy: i'd like to thank amy adams, margot robbie, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. here with the song "over my head" zolie morra and the strange kind. ♪
12:33 am
♪ ♪ it's been a long time since i saw you never thought i'd feel this for you ♪ ♪ maybe life has just stood still here after all ♪ ♪ beautiful smile i stop to see spirit so low and heart so free ♪ ♪ you were the one that got away from me 'cause you were ♪ ♪ over my head over my head over my head it's raining ♪
12:34 am
♪ like the sun won't shine no more like the sun won't shine no more ♪ ♪ over my head over my head over my head it's raining ♪ ♪ like the sun won't shine no more like the sun won't shine here anymore ♪ ♪ and my heart it feels so heavy like a song that just won't sing ♪ ♪ like a feeling deep inside these eyes beautiful smile i stop to see ♪ ♪ spirit so low and heart so free you were the one ♪ ♪ that got away from me cause you were ♪ ♪ over my head over my head over
12:35 am
my head it's raining ♪ ♪ like the sun won't shine no more like the sun won't shine no more ♪ ♪ over my head over my head over my head it's raining ♪ ♪ like the sun won't shine no more like the sun won't shine here anymore ♪ ♪ and my head is in the water i am sinking thinking i am hard to breathe ♪ ♪ and my mind grows tired of believing i'm deceiving and my hearts deceiving ♪ ♪ me 'cause you were over my head over my head over my head ♪ ♪ it's raining like the sun won't shine no more like the sun won't ♪ ♪ shine no more over my head over my head over my head ♪ ♪ it's raining like the sun


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