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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 15, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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>> from hollywood, i it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, meryl streep, joseph gordon-levett and music from johnny lang with cleto and the cletones. and now, what more can i say. here's jimmy kimmel. [ applause ] >> jimmy: we have an extra great
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show for you tonight. we have music from a real guitar virtuoso, johnny lang. we have an extraordinarily talented joseph gordon-levett is here. and as if that isn't enough, meryl streep as well. let's be honest. meryl streep is slumming. i'm happy she's here, but she deserves better than this. she really does. meryl streep, when it comes to act, she's peerless. she has no peers which, by the way, means she can't be tried by a jury. so really, she can commit any crime she wants and we just have to stand by and watch it. it's amazing to watch her work. she plays so many different characters and the way she makes each one of them come alive sin credible. especially considering the fact that she only does it for the money. that's true. she doesn't even like to act. she hates it. meryl is likely to get her 18th
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academy award nomination for "august: osage county." they made a movie based on a play. and now this is interesting. they're taking it a step further and they're making a tv show out of the movie. >> in this family -- >> what did you do with your hair. >> give me the line. >> blow it out your ass! >> i'm pleasant. >> it's about to get real. >> what the [ bleep ]? are we [ bleep ] breaking things now? [ bleep ]. >> only by bravo. [ applause ] >> jimmy: reality. meryl streep, as you may have read, is also in talks to star in the emotional bio pick about the life of justin bieber's friend, lil za.
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police found narcotics in their search of justin bieber's house yesterday. they were there investigating allegations that bieber threw eggs at his neighbor's house. lil za was unfortunate enough to be there with drugs when the search happened. they took him to jail, he posted bail, and then minutes before he was supposed to be released, lil za was arrested a second time after he reportedly ripped a phone off the wall of his holding cell. he got angry and tore the phone off the wall. sounds like lil za could use a lil zanek. so they added another charge of felony vandalism to a drug possession charge. he somehow founded a way to get arrested while in jail, which takes a lot of initiative. lil za was released last night. yesterday, ctv in montreal interviewed one of justin bieber's neighbors. he's canadian and that's where
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he'll be going when we deport him. but as a football fan, this came as quite a shock to me. >> this isn't the first time bieber has been in trouble with his neighbors. they complained about him speedispeed ing through the community at more than 100 miles an hour. >> even though i love him, it's very, very noisy for a while. >> wow, concussions can really do things for people. i hope everyone here is feeling all right. according to the centers for disease control, the flu, they say it's spreading like the flu. it's all over the place. the flu has now reached 35 states with numbers especially high in the south and southwest. they say if you go to school or work with someone who appears to have flu symptoms, call the police immediately. have them incarcerated. part of the problem is that a lot of people don't get flu shots. only 45% of americans got a shot last flu season. and the numbers are lowest among young adults, which puts us all in danger. you know, there has to be a way to get the flu vaccine into
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those e cigarettes, right? i mean, we could save the lives of thousands of young, horrible people. i got a flu shot. i was at claire's getting my ear pierced and i said you know what, while i'm at it. this is funny. someone sent this to me today. an 1 1-month-old dog, a husky named blaze -- i don't want to read too much into this, because it is a dog, but his owner was trying to get him to go in his kennel. and it really does sound like blaze is talking to him. >> come on. come on, let's go. [ dog making noises ] >> come on, let's go. >> jimmy: hey, buddy, what part of no don't don't you understand. i think blaze may have been named ironically.
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season 13 of "american idol" kicked off with a two-hour premier tonight. the first round of auditions happened in austin and boston. "american idol" auditions are a stark reminder that parents should top stop telling their kids they can do anything. harry connick jr. has come aboard as a judge, and jennifer lopez has returned. i hope she can get back to her championship form of calling every single contestant a star, i really do. but randy jackson is also back, but he's not a judge anymore. he's now the show's in-house mentor, which is, i think, a demotion. they're keeping randy around because he's been there since the beginning, and people -- and also because it will take him at least a year to empty all the colorful cardigans out of his dresing room. plus he knows where seacrest barried brian dunkleman's body. in springfield, missouri, there have been multiple reports of people being attacked by owls.
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miebts ju maybe it's just one angry owl, i don't know. there have been around a dozen attacks reported so far. this was one of them. this woman is either being attacked by an owl or going on a date with one. it's hard to tell. it looks like she likes it. i would not like it. i don't know many thing, but i do know that if an owl attacked my head, i would never go outside again. fortunately we haven't had any attacks here in l.a., but i was curious how the good people of hollywood would react to being attacked by an owl. so we sent my cousin sal out on the street to do some research and here's how that went. >> i don't know if you've heard about this great horned owl. >> no, i haven't. >> they're in missouri. there's a whole bunch of them. and it's a big news story how they're swooping down out of trees and landing on people's heads. this is what they look like. and that's one actually landing on someone's head. what would you do if someone like that happened. >> i couldn't imagine. >> i know, it probably wouldn't happen out here so you don't have to worry. [ screaming ]
11:43 pm
>> oh, are you all right? >> there it is on someone's head. >> what is it going on her? >> what would you do if something like this handed on your head. >> i would probably freak out. >> are you all right? that one is on a string. >> people were freaked out about it. would you guys be worried about something like this? >> that's a perfect hat. that's a perfect hat. >> that is a nice hat. [ screaming ] >> there's your hat! >> i would run, yeah. >> you would run like that? >> yes. >> you're really fast. >> that's not right. >>. [ screaming ] >> come on! >> that one there? yeah, that's her.
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are you all right? >> please, stop, if you see this bird, please go to home. >> yeah. go now. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. when we come back, we have something you probably have never seen before. have you ever seen darth vader riding a yuan cycle playing a back pipe shooting fire out of them? well, you will. find your way back. ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: meryl streep, and music from johnny lang are coming up. it's hard to believe that i lived most of my life without the internet. the internet gives us so many strange and wonderful gifts. and this is a clip i enjoyed recently. it's difficult to explain so i'm just going let you see it. ♪ >> jimmy: all right. just to recap, that's a guy in a darth vader mask -- unicycle playing the bag pipes with fire coming ouft them. i wanted to try to find him.
11:50 pm
it's time now for "can they do it live?" all the way from portland, oregon, please welcome brian kidd. brian! oh, wait where is he? there he is. >> very good to meet you. >> jimmy: you seem like a normal guy under that hat. how did this start? which came first? the bag pipes or the unicycle. >> like anyone learning to play the bag pipes, i found a unicycle in a dumpster. >> jimmy: you did. and you learned to ride it? >> right. >> jimmy: that's a very portland thing to do, isn't it? >> yes. >> jimmy: do you perform for people? >> it's a good relationship, me and portland. >> jimmy: you're famous there locally? >> yeah. people seem to know who i am and wave and i think it's friendly. >> jimmy: where do you get bag pipes that shoots fire?
11:51 pm
>> you have a good buddy that's into fire and you work for him and you can make anything light on fire. would you like to try it? >> jimmy: the fire thing? i would like to try it. >> just push the big button. here we go. >> jimmy: wow. that is good. i do enjoy that. i might have to get myself one of those things. all right, so are you ready to do this for us? >> let's try it. >> jimmy: you need help with anything? you can get that thing on. >> i think i've got it. >> jimmy: here we go. it's time to find out, can he do it live. here he is, the unipiper, brian. ♪ [ playing "star wars" theme."
11:52 pm
[ applause ] >> jimmy: turns out this was a terrible idea. we got the idea. wow. all right. you know what, i swear to god, i just remembered i had this very nightmare when i was 11 years old. darth vader was circling me with fire. that was pretty impressive. well, thank you so much. and good luck following that, meryl streep. thank you, brian. brian, everybody. we have music from johnny lang and we'll be right back with meryl streep!
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. >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the program, a charming and gifted young man who has a very inventive new variety show. it's called "hit record" on tv. joseph gordon-levitt is with us. and then music from the cd
11:58 pm
called "fight for my soul" johnny lang from the sony stage. tomorrow night, chris pine will be here from "shark tank" kevin o'leary will be with us. he's the mean bald one. and we'll have music from gregory porter, too. so join us then. our next guest is three-time oscar and eight-time golden globe winner who is to acting what michael jordan was to basketballing. she has a nominee once again for her work in "august: osage county" which is in theatres now. please welcome meryl streep! [ applause ] >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. i saw you at the golden -- well, i didn't see you, but i was watching you through the television set at the golden globes. >> i was sending you a message.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: thank you for doing that. was it a positive message? >> let me on the show. >> jimmy: that's an easy message. i was wondering this. you go to so many of the -- you're nominated for so many awards. do you ever think oh, i hope i don't get nominated for this one because i don't want to -- >> no. >> jimmy: i want to stay home. never, huh? >> no. i mean, there are aspects of it that are terrifying, like getting a dress that you know will be torn apart the next day by everybody. but it's very exciting. >> jimmy: is it? so you like that. >> i don't like it. >> jimmy: you don't like it? >> but i crave it. >> jimmy: the first oscar you won, obviously that had to be very exciting. what memories do you have of -- >> oh, my god. first time? >> jimmy: yeah, the thing you remember most about -- >> well, i would be mentioning names nobody remembers. i mean, i was sitting opposite sir lawrence olivier, sir
12:00 am
gregory peck, betty davis was in front of me. >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah. it was intense. >> jimmy: funny, probably now -- >> now i'm the old lady. >> jimmy: you spend the whole night with young actors coming up to you telling you how much you mean to them. but did you do that to these people? >> i was just completely in awe. i mean, it wasn't -- it wasn't like now where everybody's always everywhere, you know? publicly. those people lived in this rarified hollywood. you only saw them on screen or the most controlled ways, in magazines or something. so they were like gods. >> jimmy: and now everyone has cell phone, everybody is taking picture, video. >> everybody is making a movie of their own, and it's sort of great. >> jimmy: in the bathroom they're making movies of you do people do that to you? i would be far too intimidated to ask you for a photograph, but, you know, somebody maybe that was on tv, i might. >> yeah. people -- oh, yeah. >> jimmy: all the time?
12:01 am
>> the cell phone camera has sort of ended the quiet dinner with your husband. >> jimmy: it's also eliminated the autograph, it seems like. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: no one ever asks for an autograph because they can take a picture of you. >> it's true. and the first one is never good enough for them. >> jimmy: one for safety. >> can i just, can i just -- i've never done this before. >> jimmy: you become an expert at using each different cam ma. my family does that. yeah, this camera, and everyone's camera -- meanwhile, we e-mail them all to each other anyway. it doesn't make any difference. >> it's true, it's true. >> jimmy: what's the most up comfortable place you've been asked to take a photograph. >> oh, two nights ago in the ladies room. >> jimmy: did you -- >> i could tell they were lurking outside the stall. listening for me to finish. >> jimmy: well, at least they
12:02 am
were lurking and not joining. when was the last time you had to audition for a role? >> you know, in a way i feel like i have to audition every time i begin, because my shrang, whatever you call it, my -- you know, reputation is so hideously huge that everybody is, like, looking really hard. so it feels like an audition in reading of everything. >> jimmy: are you auditioning for yourself in a way? to make sure that you can do this because everyone assumes you can? >> huh? >> jimmy: that was way too complicated and intense. put it a little simpler. >> jimmy: i probably should have auditioned for this job. i guess what i'm asking is -- there must have been a movie, there must have been a moment where then it became ridiculous to ask you to audition for things anymore.
12:03 am
>> hmm. yeah, you know what, when you're 120 years old and have made so many movies, everybody sort of knows what you can possibly do. they don't want to see that again. but they want -- you know, they want to see what you bring. they want to see some imagination. and they know i'm going to bring something that maybe i haven't done before. because that's my pleasure. but i don't know, i can't remember when i last auditioned, honestly. >> jimmy: would you ever do a superhero movie? >> yeah. it depends on the powers. >> jimmy: i see. would you ever do a madia movie? >> you know, for a second, i thought you meant a greek tragedy. >> jimmy: i'm not that bright, no. have you ever seen a madia movie? >> yes.
12:04 am
>> jimmy: you have? >> pieces of it. >> jimmy: okay, i see. >> not the whole thing. >> jimmy: it wasn't like date night? >> no, it was strolling through, you know. >> jimmy: paul mccartney from the beatles. >> yeah, i remember. >> jimmy: you were in his music video of his last -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: you've got to be a big deal to ask meryl streep to be in your music video just to start with. but how does that work? did he call you personally and ask you to be a part of that? >> well, i was in -- i was in london making "into the woods" which is a musical this past fall. and he had been calling up every single other member of our cast, chris pine, johnny depp and everybody trooped over to be in the video. so i guess i was last on the list. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, right. >> but he called, he called the house. i thought wow, how did he get my phone number? >> jimmy: i think he just -- he has them all. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: he probably doesn't even dial. he probably just lifts and speaks.
12:05 am
>> in england, he says get me meryl. >> jimmy: so you did that. >> big thrill. >> jimmy: probably the first music video you've ever been in. >> yeah. >> jimmy: wasn't like you did a bunch of bon jovi video back in the '80s. have you seen paul mccartney in concert? >> oh yeah. i saw paul mccartney in 1965 at shea stadium. and i had a sign that said "i love you, paul." >> jimmy: did he notice you? and did he remember that? >> no, no. >> jimmy: so paul was your favorite? >> well, you know. i moved around. >> jimmy: you didn't have a sign that said "i love you, john." did the sign have two sides? >> i loved them all. i loved them all. you can't even remember in those days, that was the first big stadium concert. people had concerts in concert halls. nobody had a concert in a baseball stadium. it was unheard of. and they thought no one would come and 70,000 screaming
12:06 am
15-year-olds of whom i was one. nancy myers, the director, who's my age, was also in that crowd. i bet there were a lot of people there. >> jimmy: i bet there are even more people who say they were there than actually were there at that particular concert. >> it was thrilling. they came in in a helicopter and they jumped out and they shook their heads. >> jimmy: we're going to take a quick break and talk about your new movie "august: osage county." meryl streep is here. we'll be right back. >> portions of jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by burger king. delicious smooth roast small coffee free with the purchase of any savory breakfast sandwich. only at burger king where taste is king. jimmy kimmel live concert series is brought to you by sony.
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>> every woman needs makeup. don't let anybody tell you different. the only woman pretty enough to go without makeup was elizabeth taylor. and she wore a ton. your hair is all straight and you don't wear makeup. you look like a lesbian. >> mom. >> you could get a decent man if you spruce up a bit. that's all i'm saying. my tongue is on fire. >> are you supposed to be smoking? >> is anybody supposed to smoke? >> jimmy: meryl streep "august:
12:13 am
osage county" in theatres now. quite a cast, too. i mean -- >> it's an unbelievable cast. beautiful group. >> jimmy: you shot the movie on location in oklahoma. what city? >> bartelsville. >> jimmy: and where do they put you up? >> well, it was my idea we all live together in a condo village behind the toyota dealership. this went over really well with some members of the cast. >> jimmy: and so you really did, you did do that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: who was in the condo with you? is. >> well, margot martindale and julia was on the other side. >> jimmy: julia roberts. . >> and ewen mcgregor, chris cooper and benedict -- actually, benedict cumberbatch was in a special hotel designed by frank lloyd wright. >> jimmy: is that right? well, yeah, when your name is benedict cumberbatch, you can't
12:14 am
stay in a condominium. he could destroy your whole family. and so would you guys go out to eat together? >> we were all in the same sort of area. and, you know, the play, when it was done on broadway was done by the steppenwolf company who all lived together and married each other and broke up and, you know, they all knew each other inside out. and we didn't. we were just actors flown in from everywhere. so it was very valuable to live together and sort of build those relationships. >> jimmy: yeah, and to learn to really hate each other on a level that you can't achieve otherwise. did you cook for them? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it was like a real family environment. >> it was. >> jimmy: what did you cook for the cast? >> well, i cooked badly. but i cooked. i mean, i cooked a lot of pasta.
12:15 am
i made some chile, i made some ribs. you know, we were in oklahoma. i made a lot of ribs. >> jimmy: i see. you didn't take any of that julia childs stuff and apply it to the -- >> no. a lot of chicken, though. a lot of frito's. >> jimmy: i would love to -- you know, if we're so lucky as to have you again next time, maybe we'll do a little cooking demo and you can teach us how to good with frito's. >> put them on the top, it makes everything good. >> jimmy: it certainly does. meryl streep, everybody. we'll be right back with joseph gordon-levitt. >> guillermo: hi, everybody. welcome to my show where we sample some of the finest food from all around the world. my guest today is from tv, mr. jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: oh, hi, thanks for
12:16 am
having me. i'm a big fan. thank you for that big round of applau applause, too, everybody. thank you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: do you like breakfast, jimmy? >> guillermo: i love breakfast. it's one of my three favorite meals. >> jimmy: you're in for a treat. try this coffee. it's gourmet bean. it has been dedicated wash with a toothbrush then dried in the fur of a freshly shaved baby llama. >> jimmy: how. how much does something like this cost? >> guillermo: it costs $200. >> jimmy: wow. for one cup? it's worth it. it tastes great. >> guillermo: here. i trick you, jimmy. yes. this coffee is from burger king. >> jimmy: from burger king? wow. >> guillermo: and you can have it for free when you buy any breakfast sandwich. >> jimmy: wow, you really had me fooled. that's unbelievable, guillermo.
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. >> our next guest is an actor, a singer, a looper, a possible cape crusader and now executive producer and host of a new show called "hit record on tv." saturday night at 10:00 on pivot. please welcome joseph gordon-levitt! [ applause ]
12:23 am
>> jimmy: how are you doing? >> i'm well, thank you. >> jimmy: great to have you here. >> by the way, you were nice enough to slide over because meryl streep is here tonight. >> it's my honor. >> jimmy: not many celebrities would do that sort of thing. i appreciate that. you're a very humble man. >> my favorite thing about acting is that you can become somebody else. my favorite actors are the people who truly disappear into the story. and she does that as well as any actor or actress ever. so it's my pleasure to share -- >> jimmy: very generous of you to say. this television show of yours, it's kind of diabolical, really. >> is that what it is. >> jimmy: explain the idea behind this. >> this started as a project a long time ago, nine years ago, that i started with my brother. before it was a tv show or anything, it was this production company that i started, we used the internet to collaborate with artists all over the world. because while'm very grateful to get to work, you know, in the established entertainment
12:24 am
industry, there's lots of artists everywhere, all over the place, doing great stuff. and so "hit record" is a way that i can collaborate with people like that. and we make short films and music and we publish books and put out records and made short films and all sorts of stuff. now we're making a tv show. >> jimmy: you say we, you mean you and everyone in the world. not just you and your team. >> hundreds of thousands of artists all over the world are contributing through, you know, our site. i'm directing these collaborations. in the first episode, for example, there's 426 people whose work is featured in the show. >> jimmy: 426 people. and they all get paid to be part of the show? >> yeah. we pay everybody whose work is on the episode. yes. >> jimmy: you come out on stage and you've got a camera in your hand. and it seemed like every person in the audience has a camera in their hand. and then you start to put the show together. and they send you some version of what they made out of what they saw from you, and it's really very masturbratory in a way.
12:25 am
>> one, two, three, i think we've got four or five cameras in here. so when we were doing my show, we have, like, 500 cameras. >> jimmy: yeah. and everybody is there and excited to be a part of it. >> well, yeah. and that's the thing, you know, in our culture, we're often telling everybody, turn off your cameras. but our natural tendency is to want to participate. so with "hit record." we're like okay, let's all do it together then. i think that's the more natural way of doing things. >> jimmy: there is no audience really, because everyone is part of the show. >> and you know, i think that's kind of -- when you tell people stories, it's more fun, when you get together with friends, whatever, at a bar, or someone's house. it's not like one person is talking the whole time and everyone else is listening. when you get together with friends, it's a conversation. that's what makes it fun. >> jimmy: and the elements of the show are really a variety show in the truest sense of the word. you've got all sorts of -- well, you had tony danza on the show. i think we have a dlip.
12:26 am
do we need toex pla explain wha going on? >> it's always a mix of established professionals and people who are just as talent bud not established professionals. it's me and tony singing this song. all the camera work is from people shooting in the audience. you'll see bits of animation that was -- you know, that's me and tony shooting ourselves in front of a green screen and putting that green scene footage up on the website and then filmmakers and animators will put it in animation. the horns are people in utah who contributed horn parts. >> jimmy: it's crazy. and tony danza, you were in that movie "angels in the outfield." that's how you know each other. here you are on stage with tony. ♪ impossible to rationally grasp it ♪ ♪ when you throw to a place but you don't want to walk ♪ ♪ oh, it's fantastic
12:27 am
enough to make ♪ ♪ you want to do a back flip. ready? okay, go ahead. >> hey! >> jimmy: that's unbelievable. is that something you can learn to do or were you able to do a back flip -- >> i did gymnastics when i was a little kid. so i kept the black flip in the pock th pocket, waiting for the right moment. >> jimmy: it seems if there was any guy his age that could do a back flip, it would be him. >> it ate his lunch a little bit that he couldn't do it. we did a movie together "don john" y he played my dad. i got a lot bigger for that part. i'm playing this don juan type of character. he's concerned with his appearance, goes to the gym every day. he's the fittest -- tony is the fittest dude you've ever met. he's not just going to the gym to get big. he trains. he still box, he dances.
12:28 am
he's in such great shape. and here he is playing my dad. i challenged him to a push-up competition. figuring all right, i'm in really good shape. i could probably take this guy. he still beat me. he still beat me. >> jimmy: is it who could do the most? >> we were doing it at the same time. it went up into the -- i forget what it was. it was in the 60s. he barely beat me but he beat me. the back flip may have been retribution. >> jimmy: he's still the boss. >> no one ever said that to him. i'm sure he didn't hear that enough. >> jimmy: there's a lot worse things you could hear. what you talking about, willis. you might get a little tired of hearing if you were one of those people. >> that would happen. >> jimmy: what about the -- i know this is one of these things that is a big secret, or maybe you don't even know the answer. will you play -- meryl streep said she would be in a superhero
12:29 am
movie. will you be in a superhero movie anytime soon? >> well, i'm working at the very, very beginning stages of a character called sandman, which is -- he's not exactly a superhero, like batman or superman. but he, you know, it is an adaptation of a graphic novel and he's the lord of dreams. he's the personification of dreaming. he's probably the closest thing to a superhero. >> jimmy: but not robin? >> no, robin was a conclusion of christopher nolan's dark knight series. >> jimmy: you never know with this stuff. >> you never know. >> jimmy: i don't know anything. i never know and i will never know probably. joseph gordon-levitt. watch his show. premiers saturday night, 10:00 on pivot. we'll be right back with johnny lang!
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>> jimmy: i want to thank our guests. i apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time for hill. "nightline" is next. but first this is the cd "fight for my soul." the first song is "blew up the house." johnny lang! ♪ ♪ all right listen i looked around
12:33 am
saw nothing ♪ ♪ but my soul missing ♪ so i hit the switch took out everything but the kitchen like a couple of fish ♪ ♪ flopping down on the floor wait a minute engines and sirens all up in a roar ♪ ♪ fire chief said son what you want to do this for i am sorry sir i just can't take it no more ♪ ♪ yeah you wouldn't have liked the man i was before ♪ ♪ so i blew up the house gonna let it burn alright gonna let it burn ♪ ♪ ooohhh gonna let it burn down baby i blew up the house just to watch it burn ♪ ♪ just to watch it burn gonna let it burn down all right
12:34 am
let it burn down wooo ♪ ♪ listen now they check your pulse just to see if you can still breathe ♪ ♪ i was barely alive apparently for no good reason all this before i had been thinking the same way ♪ ♪ sometimes it's better just to start again ♪ ♪ so i blew up the house gonna let it burn gonna let it burn gonna let it burn ♪ ♪ gonna let it burn gonna let it burn down baby i blew up the house just to watch it burn ♪ ♪ just to watch it burn gonna let it burn down all right let it burn down ♪ ♪ and it might take a while i gotta give it up but i'm gonna ♪ ♪ give it up i gotta let that man go gonna let it burn down baby i blew up the house ♪ ♪ yeah just to watch it burn gonna watch it burn let it burn down ♪ ♪ i know i ain't your kind of crazy i'm so sorry baby if i had a chance ♪ ♪ i'd do it again yeeeaaahhh ♪ ♪ yeah i blew up the house gonna let it burn gonna let it burn gonna let it burn ♪ ♪ gonna let it burn
12:35 am
gonna let it burn down ♪ ♪ yeah, i blew up the house just to watch it burn just to watch it burn ♪ ♪ gonna let it burn down let it burn down ♪ ♪ outta give it up i had to watch my memories go up in a puff of smoke but i'm gonna give it up ♪ ♪ i gotta let that man go they might think i'm crazy gonna let it burn down baby i blew up the house ♪ ♪ yeah just to watch it burn gonna let it burn let it burn down ♪ ♪ just to watch it burn
12:36 am
gonna watch it burn let it burn down ♪ ♪ gonna let it burn gonna let it burn gonna let it burn down ♪ ♪ just to watch it burn just to watch it burn gonna let it burn down ♪ ♪ just to watch it burn gotta start my life over gonna let it burn ♪ ♪ just to let it burn down gonna let it burn down ♪ ♪ i'm a little crazy but i'm willing to take that chance ♪ ♪ just to watch it burn just to watch it burn let it burn down ♪
12:37 am
>> tonight on "nightline," exercise overload. this woman says exercising for three hours a day simply isn't enough. but when pushing limit is the name of the game, going too far can become very dangerous. it's been a wild road for american sweetheart drew barrymore from "e.t." to "playboy" and back down to earth. now the mom has no regrets. >> what if she says mom, i want to pose for "playboy." >> now a look at her latest chapter.


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