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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 22, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is when. it is 5:00. thanks for joining us. mike has a look at the forecast. >> we set a record high, the 9th consecutive day and today is possibly ten, and a reason why the high pressure has reestablished itself more dominating than yesterday with more of an offshore breeze and the lack of clouds this morning and most of the high clouds are down around the monterey bay and low clouds are negligible.
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oakland is the best spot for record high at 71. santa rosa is warmest at 73 degrees. how is the commute? >> bart is now recovering from a 10 to 20 minute delay in west oakland. that is still with us and i will let you know when that dissipates. still, 10 to 20-minute delay. we have a problem near sfo with a hit-and-run crash by sfo someone coming from the international terminal and hit the vehicle with one lane blocked. as we take you to the altamont pass, westbound 580 at livermore, a truck lost some barrels and went rolling around and that is causing a delay and we see a backup from address. >> it is 5:30 1. this morning, friends and family mourn the loss of a bart police officer killed in the line of
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duty. the sergeant tom smith was shot by a fellow officer in dublin and four police officers went to apartments to search the unit of a suspect arrested for robbing passengers on bart trains. they went in with guns drawn and an officer shot and accidentally killed sergeant smith leaving behind a wife and young daughter. amy hollyfield will have a report from the scene in the next half hour. bart police had a series of reforms after the 2009 shooting death of oscar grant by a bart officer. last in, an independent auditor said the agency implemented a majority of the reforms including lengthening the training in use of force and providing accountability in the cases. >> the law enforcement community and family members are expressing their shock and devastation about the shooting. abc7 news reporter matt keller is at the sheriff's office in dublin. >> this obviously is a difficult
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time if law enforcement in alameda county. the sheriff is handling the shooting investigation. a short and solemn procession was held last knit as the body of sergeant tom smith was moved from the held center. fellow officers and a chaplain gathered for prayer circle outside the hospital. the tragic shooting devastated the police community but also the san ramon neighborhood where he lived with his wife and six-year-old daughter. >> a phenomenal guy in every sense of the word. family man, has a young daughter, wife, both husband and wife are officers for bart. >> one of his brothers is also a police officers and spoke with abc7 news and told us that his brother was a great guy, husband and father, and he wanted people to remember there is another family of police officers hurting, the colleague who accidentally fired the fatal
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shot. there is a place if people to pay tribute on a memorial page. law enforcement across the country and others leaving condolences for the fallen officer. if you would like for leave a message on that memorial page, can you go to our website at abc7 news bay and click on oh see it on tv. >> on social media a memorial is growing, a number of the facebook friends have changed profile pictures and posted a blue line across a black background to symbolize the loss. we have continuing coverage of the bart officer's desk on air and online with updates on our website at or twitter. this morning, a 30-year-old santa cruz man is under arrest for possessing child pornography. he had thousands of pornographic images involving children on
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multiple usb drives if his home, many of the victims were toddlers and involved sexual acts. police are investigating whether he, worked in the child care industry or had contact with kids locally and in other states. >> happening now, palo alto police are investigating a rash of auto burglaries, nine cars were broken into, in six minutes last week, in the parking lot of the fish market it restaurant while the victims were inside eating thieves smashed the windows and stole laptops. the day earlier two other vehicles were burglarized. >> the heads of three major segments of higher education system in california will meet at the u.c. board of regents meeting in san francisco. janet napolitano will be joined bit chancellor of the state university system and of the chancellor of the community college system talking about
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strengthening the master plan if higher education a. dod originally in 1960 and making it more relevant to the needs of contemporary california. each of the system heads will identify challenges to be addressed in the future. >> in san francisco, the labor secretary is scheduled to be in the city's mission district today and will visit an incubation aimed at cultivating low income food entrepreneurs trying to grow their business and will hold a roundtable discussion on immigration in san francisco. city officials and leaders of a local mosque have revealed a land for fixing fire and other safety hazards at the building and re-opening rooms for worship. we the mosque houses in a norm kaiser hospital from world war ii was closed down three weeks ago after an inspections by a fire marshal. the building on cutting boulevard was undergoing construction without city permits and the times reports that mosque leaders vowed at the city council meeting to submit listens it fix the problem.
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the city council agreed a small portion of the building could reson in the coming weeks or months after the violations are addressed. >> the marin municipal water district is calling for voluntary reduction of water use by 21 percent. the district reservoirs are about 30 percent below normal capacity. one area is imposing mandatory water restriction to tell with the drought. and the city council approved stage two of the water conservation plan cutting use by 20 percent. residents and businesses can only water their yards at might and only on certain days. sonoma saw less than 8" of rain last year the lowest amount in 119 years. >> now we will check with mike nicco to see if any rain is coming into the picture. >> another seven days and another seven days with not a drop in sight. now, the temperatures show the cold air draining with palo alto
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at 33 right now. 35 in menlo park and woodside is deliberation and you do not see cold air drainage coming from the mountains into belmont at 48 and 47 in san brown know and some around san mateo at 41 and ten degrees cooler in san jose and los gatos at 40 and 38 in oakland and near freezing in concord, san ramon and livermore and at freezing, santa rosa and novato and 37 degrees in half moon bay. the art work on the bay bridge this morning shows our kay planner 27 to 47 and the microclimate shows more stars, with the color will sunrise or sunset will be on the sunset side. most high clouds are to the south, with mostly sunny 58 to 64 and 66 to 70 at 4:00 and low-to-mid 50's around 7:00. temperatures it will taper a little bit moving forward with a couple of kegs tomorrow and a couple of degrees on friday and back in the 70's in most areas by saturday. >> we have good news, an
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accident from oakland on northbound 880 at 16th is cleared. all lanes have re-opened and the construction has aned up. we have speeds that are returning to normal at 47 miles per hour. it was in the single digits so that is improving. southbound side is looking nice, 980 is not affected. to the altamont pass, westbound 580, we still have this incident, a truck carrying barrels stopped and all the barrels came off and rolled around and that could be causing a delay. tracy is where we are seeing most of the traffic before 280. this is a look from emeryville camera to the bay bridge beyond treasure island with a stalled vehicle and a few cars are stuck behind it. hopefully everyone will get to the right lanes. in the toll plaza, a few extra cars are funneling their way
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from the maze and it is still looking clear. >> thanks, leyla gulen. >> the labor secretary will visit san francisco today. now, that is next? >> subcome pat cars are put to the new crash test the. >> the execution is hours away drawing huge protests including from secretary of state john kerry. >> neighborhood protesters take a stand against the so-called google buses. san francisco's new plan to ease growing anger. >> we are getting an early look at everyone's favorite part of the super bowl: the
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coughing santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. we start with a look at traffic in east bay, interstate 680 tail lights headed sound, traffic is light. it is moving. we started off with a couple of trouble spots early. >> health insurance exchange officials continue to have a problem with signups. younger people are not signing up. those 18 to 34 are needed to balance out older people who are more likely to use the services. without the younger people,
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premiums will go up. latino enrollment is below expectation. the long wait time to sign up by phone could frustrate some. >> tech companies' private buses are allowed to use muni bus stops in san francisco. the san francisco transportation agency has unanimously approved an 18-month pilot program that lets tech buses use 200 of the 2,500 bus stops for a dollar per bus per stop. they say this symbolizes the growing income divide and they want the city to charge more than a dollar a bus but state law only allows thest toy cover the costs of implementing the new regulation. hospital and university buses are also allowed to use the stops starting in july. >> bart will begin final testing on the oakland airport connection to begin operating in the fall with the cars for the system fully automatic and will not have a driver.
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they have fewer seats and extra-wide doors to passengers with luggage. bart says that the trip from the coliseum station is faster and more reliable than the current bus shuttles. >> a mixed start on wall street for the week and sub-compact cars are put to the crash test. >> here is america's money. >> topping america's money, stock markets going nowhere with the snow coming down outside, wall street traders sent the dow to a 44-point loss while the nasdaq gained 28 points. overseas, markets have tradely in a similar range. crash rules show subcompact are the worst performing vehicles with none of the minis tested for frontal protection earned "good." the worst was the honda fit which got "poor" along with five other models. only one was rated "acceptable," the chevrolet spark. warren buffett and quicken loans are putting up $1 billion to
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give it away. all you have to do is pick a perfect bracket for the men's basketball tournament which is virtually impossible but that is why it is called march madness. that is america's money. the wildly popular candy crush app is taking a big step to protect their brand. the smart phone game candy crush trademarked "candy," in clothing and shoes and amusement parks and anything you can think of. they now are going after app developers and other businesses to enforce the trademark which has been approved in europe and one is pending in the up. >> the super bowl is less than two weeks away and this morning we have a look at the ads we can expect to see on game day. >> everyone has fun to night. ♪ everyone has fun
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>> puppies and honest abe, all showing up in the volkswagen commercial, a parody featuring a mix of famous super bowl ads of the past. make you recognize some. >> that a personal foul. time for a check on the forecast >> i liked the kids playing darth vader. >> cute. carmen electra? wow, blast from the past. >> okay...5:17. red-flag warning in the north bay mountains above 1,000' through 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and above that, mendocino and lake county, high fire weather watch. surf along the coast and only 8' to 9' but could reach 20' from 10:00 this morning through 9:00 friday evening so that is why
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there is talk of mavericks. the radar satellite live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is, with clouds to the south but they are not hugging half moon bay like yesterday. no need to worry about the thick fog from yesterday with the ceiling down to 200' and the visibility was less than quarter-mile visibility. from mount tamalpais, straight into san francisco across north beach, our 10 the con second testify day of records, that is what we have, with fire danger, and the surf is developing and it will be briefly cooler tomorrow and friday before the 70's will return again this weekend. milpitas, sunnyvale, low 70's until gilroy, record high 73. low 70's along the coast and upper 60's stretching into downtown and south san francisco and into sausalito and san rafael and vallejo and mid-60's in the north bay coast and low-to-mid 70's in your valleys
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along the east bay, with 71 a record high in concord and everyone else 67 to 69 and the east bay valleys, 69 in brentwood and everyone else around 70 to 72. tonight the temperatures with the breezes, the valleys will drop into the 30's and same in the south bay, and low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore, and 48 in san francisco, and we have three areas, high pressure is dominating the western part of the united states including here in california and that is why our fire threat is increasing again as the winds are blowing offshore. tomorrow, two degrees cooler, same on friday, and the cool of the day, still, well of above average in the mid-to-upper 60's and 70's back on saturday and stays dry all seven days. >> the bart delay is still sticking around and lard to shake it loose at 10 to 20-minute delay in west oakland and east bay because of equipment malfunds on the track and muni and everything is running on time and ace train one is on time at this hour and as we look at the roads we had a
5:20 am
problem in oakland which has cleared and now we have this stalled vehicle wive on on on -- vehicle westbound on the bay bridge with cars stuck behind it because folks are not getting over in the right lane. we have a backup there, just before you get to treasure island so there is a slow down. outside, you can see this is walnut creek southbound along 680 from pleasant hill, we have a buildup of traffic but it looks like everyone is slowing smoothly as you make it up to the 24 junction. kristen and eric? >> seven things to know as you start your day. also, sin city goes digital and you can use special coins in las vegas starting today. >> the story
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here are seven things to know today: number one, the bart police are mourning the debt of their own killed in the line of duty by friendly fire. sergeant tom smith was accidentally shot yesterday afternoon as three other officers and him searched a suspected problem we -- suspected robber's apartment. >> police are investigating a fatal c.h.p. shooting in east oakland. a suspect was shot and killed by an officer around 9:00 last night where a chase had come to an end. officers say one of passengers tried to run and turned at the officer with a gun. >> governor brown delivers the state of the state address to a joint session of the california legislature at 9:00 this morning and is expected to highlight the state's improving financial health and his accomplishments over the last these years. >> today the national highway
5:24 am
traffic safety administration will announce a preparal for new standards for child safety seats. officials say the upgrades would better protect children from death and injury in side impact car crashes. tests will stimulate a t-bone crash. >> organizers of the big wave competition could officially announce when the big surf event will begin with the competition beginning on friday with conditions perfect right now off the coast of half moon bay. >> and high surf advisory developed at 10:00 tomorrow through 9:00 on friday with fire danger coming to some of our neighbors in the bay area and near record highs again. >> it could look like smoot sailing in the bay bridge toll plaza but we have heavier congestion in some areas with a hue early hiccups are dissipating but we do have a bart delay. >> the imminent execution of a
5:25 am
mess can man has innocenced officials from his country. he is ready for a lethal injection in alabama for the shooting of a police officers. the government and attorneys say he delivers a delay because he did not get legal help from mexico after the arrest as called for under the international treaty and say texas clemency procedures are unfair and secretive -- tale, this is huntsville, texas. and the attorney general has been asked to delay the execution. >> two casinos are change how they do business. the golden gate hotel and the d las vegas hotel will collect the beginning -- digital currency but will not accept them at the tables. they are processed through by
5:26 am
the bit >> and a lion has an unusual hobby: hockey at 275 pounds, he lives at a zoo in nova scotia and the zoo >> few many ways to play this. >> we continue at 5:30 including a court hearing for one of the south bay college students accuseed of tore
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thanks for starting your day with us. mike nicco will start us off with the weather forecast. mike? >> we have live doppler 7 hd with a legal bit cloud cover developing around half moon bay but everyone else has dry air keeping the visibility unlimited you can see the art work on the bay bridge. record highs are possible. high clouds to the south. temperatures are running 69 to 73 inland and 67 to 72 and 64 to 72 along the coast. if we set a record today around the bay area, that will make 10 days in a row. leyla gulen? we have 10-20-minute delays west oakland and on bart because of an equipment malfunction.
5:30 am
hopefully it will be wrapped up and moving along. muni and ace train, all run on time. as we take you over to the bay bridge we had an early stall that cleared past treasure island and i-80 from albany to berkeley, westbound at bill man, we have debris and cars are stopping for that debris. >> developing news in the fatal shooting of a bart believe by a fellow officer. the detectives are expected to release more information today about what went down in an apartment when the deadly accident took place. amy hollyfield is in dublin with more on that story. amy? >> we have learned the apartment unit the officers went into here in dublin was empty. we have video of the sergeant who was killed. this is sergeant tom smith at a press conference last year. investigators say smith and three other officers went to the
5:31 am
apartment to gather evidence in a robbery case. a spokesman if the sheriff says the door to the unit was unlocked, so they went in request guns drawn thinking someone could be need. somehow, an officer ended up shooting and killed sergeant smith. the miss chief offered the condolences to the family and asking people to give the department time to grieve. >> we have a happy heart and announce the tragic loss of the first officer killed in the line of duty in the history of the bart police department. >> this is sergeant smith's wife who also is a bart police officer. the couple has a young daughter. smith was 42-year-old and a 20-year veteran with two brothers who also are in law enforcement. the man whose apartment they were searching is in custody. officials say he is wered is of committing robberies on bart property.
5:32 am
thank you, the mood is somber in the san ramon neighborhood where officer smith lived with his wife and six-year-old daughter. there was a short procession as the body of sergeant tom smith was moved from the medical center in castro valley. fellow officers and a chaplain gathered for a prayer circle outside the hospital. one of his brothers who also is a police officer, told abc7 news that his brother was a phenomenal person and wanted people to remember that there is another family and police officer in pain. the bart colleague who accidentally fired the fatal shot. we have continue coverage of the death on air and on-line and you can get updates on our website at or twitter. can you post your condolences on our facebook page. >> more developing news, authorities investigating a fatal c.h.p. shooting in east oakland after a chase. a suspect was shot by an officer around 9:00 p.m. near bancroft.
5:33 am
it started when they tried to pull an s.u.v. over and they say a passenger tried to run and turned at the officer with a gun. the officer shot the suspect who died at the scene. vest girls say a loaded gun was found. the driver of the s.u.v. drove off and police -- or took off. the driver is being sought with other passengers. c.h.p. dog was also hit by gunfire but is expected to survive. >> today, a march is held in stand rose to mark the three month anniversary of the fatal shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. a vigil is held at a memorial site where lopez was shot by sonoma county sheriff deputy, erick gelhaus, while carrying a toy gun. the community members are pushing for a permanent park with his name to replace the him at the site. >> one of the four san jose state students charged with hate crime and battery against a troop mate who is black last
5:34 am
fall, will be arraigned. yesterday a superior court judge said she will consider the cases against three of the young men on march 4. 19-year-old joseph bomgardner and 18-year-old logan beaschler pleaded not guilty. another student is not identified because he was a minor when charged. all four have been suspended. >> students at a san jose high school are showing up with green air in memory of a fellow student who died after being hit by a light rail train. green was her favorite color and the 14 yearly passed away last week while riding her bicycle to the high school and she was hit while crossing the light rail tracks. a witness said she was wearing head phones and the arm at the railroad we track cannot come down. the sheriff is investigating. governor brown desires the state of the state stress at 9:00 with specifics not revealed
5:35 am
yet. according to the "los angeles times" he will likely highlight the improving financial health of the state and his accomplishments. he has talked recently about his success in balancing the state budget, directing more money to schools that served the disadvantaged and emphasizing greater responsibility for counties to jailed criminals. >> pacifica police believe a man was drunk when he drove off a cliff. we show you where the pickup landed on the hillside. firefighters rappeled to the truck and the helicopters hoisted him. he was cited to d.u.i. a being treated for minor injuries. >> stunning video is released in the jet crash in colorado early this month. the video could be disturbing to watch. the plane circled throw times before finally trying to listened. the final attempt was deadly,
5:36 am
killing one of the three people on board. the group was headed to colorado from mexico. officials released the video captured from five cameras in response to an open records request biological -- by the local media. >> millions on the east coast are weighing up to more snow. here is a look from our boston sister station in massachusetts. can you see the snow there and the icy roads with air travel a mess today with a thousand flights already canceled today. a state of emergency has been declared in new york and new jersey with schools already closed best, philadelphia, and washington, dc. bitter cold temperatures are expected to last through the weekend. >> more unusually warm weather for us, the tale of opposite. >> feast or famine. >> rather be feast on snow than the famine of rain we are dealing with. mendocino and lake county, in the orange, because you are
5:37 am
under a fire weather watch. north bay mountains in the red because your critical fire conditions are worse with the flag flag at 10:00 p.m. through 3:00 tomorrow morning because of the gusty winds developing before a through feet. big subon the coast so we are talking about mavericks, 8' or 9' right now but between 10:00 tomorrow and 9:00 friday evening we could get breakers over 20' with the day planner today showing fewer clouds this morning, mostly to the south and a few low clouds creeping up, mostly 30's and 40's. mid-60's to 70 for the 10th day in a row of record high temperatures. a colorful sunset with temperatures comfortable. one or two degrees cooler on tuesday, and sail on friday and we rebound on saturday, right back into the 70's away from the coast and where we are in the mid-60's. >> we will be using our waze app
5:38 am
to show you this incident i showed you earlier in berkeley making the drive to albany. i can show you what is happening, traffic is at a stabbed still because of debris that fell into the roadway and it is reported that large pieces of metal were this. c.h.p. has come out here and done a traffic break to clear everything out but eight vehicles are pulled to the shoulder. we do have people that are reporting that it is a complete stand sill so heavy traffic. hopefully when the lanes are opened the traffic will dissipate. along 101 southbound tail lights are building as you making the if issue from san rafael interest san francisco and into the city it will take you 18 minutes. eric? >> it is 5:38. >> the government has new standards if child safety seats in cars. how the new rules will make your children safer in the event of a crab. >> the rush to catch the perfect
5:39 am
wave and the top sufferers are ready to head to the coast. >> new terror threat raising the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone. a look at san francisco from our
5:42 am
rooftop camera you can see what is going on: for rain. cleary skies. more temperatures that are ready to fall, temperature records that are ready to fall. mike has the forecast in a few. the government is proposing an upgrade to the standards for child safety seats much the national highway traffic safety administration will announce child car seats have to protect children from death and injury in side impact crashes. new tests would simulate a t-bone crash. the new standards could prevan the deaths of five children and enjoys to 54 others each year. most child deaths and injuries occur in side impact crashes when the car carrying the child is stopped. usually at a traffic light or top sign. >> the big wave surf competition could get the green light by this morning. conditions off the san mateo county coast were perfect for the contest on friday.
5:43 am
the hotel has kicked preparations in high gear and rooms sole out and the hotel is also hosting the viewing festival with two judgment biotron screens to cash the action. >> we start getting set up with staging, with fencing, just to get a rough production. >> all 13,000 festival tickets will sell out and a total of 30,000 people expected to pack the half moon bay area. 24 surfers from around the world will compete and top prize is $50,000. >> candlestick park will stick around low the 49ers have played the last game there. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that city recreation and park department officials will keep the stadium staffed with 15 as they work to line up the closing events. officials tell the chronicle there is nothing to announce but are considering exhibition soccer matches and celebrity gays featuring past 49ers and giants stars and the community
5:44 am
day open house. the big hope is a farewell concert starring paul mccartney late in the summer or early in the fall. >> that would be great. how big will the waves be? >> up to 20', right now only 8' or 9'. >> now, the east coast, a big storm this kicking up big waves along martha's vineyard with the snow pulling away from staten island and hitting nova scotia and maine the next couple of hours with a storm behind it and well fine the coolest of the weather and the wind chills are below zero from cleveland and minneapolis. boston feels like 13 below zero. washington, dc, like nine below zero. 19 in pensacola. that is another deep plunge. at home we set record highs,
5:45 am
ninth consecutive day, 71 in downtown oakland. today, we are looking from the east bay hills where it is calm. a little breezy. the best fire danger is in the north bay in the overnight. today, 10th consecutive day of record temperatures and fire danger, surf developing and briefly cooler thursday and friday before another surge of 70-degree warmth. gilroy is a better spot for record high, san jose and cupertino at 71. in the upper 60's to low 70's along the peninsula. 72 at half moon bay. that is the warm spot on the coast. upper 60's elsewhere. daly city could come up a degree short at 66. low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley. oakland is 71, a record high for the day. oakland has been the easiest one to get to as far as setting the records. downtown oakland, that is. brentwood is low 70's throughout
5:46 am
the east bay valley. the valleys will be sheltered because the winds are above a thousand feet for the frost to form, low-to-mid 30's and upper 30's in the south bay and low-to-mid 30's at the bay shore and 48 in san francisco. three areas of high pressure dominating our weather and because the winds are coming offshore, they are going to increase the fire danger. we do have a weak system headed east of us and that is what is bringing us the cooler weather thursday and friday and when it passes you can sigh the warmer-than-average weather with 60's at the coast and low 70's for the rest of us. have a good one. leyla gulen? >> the driver could not catch a break today clearly starting off on a rough note with things starting to look up as bart is concerned we have a five to ten-minute delay and it was 10- to 20-minutes before because of a switching problem in west oakland.
5:47 am
we will still see give to ten-minute delays until five o'clock this morning and we will keep you updated. in berkeley, from albany, westbound along 80, there was metal debris that spilled on the road and several cars were pushed to the shoulder and a couple of them possibly hit the debris and c.h.p. cleared everything out and did a traffic break. we still have a heavy delay away from the hoffman split. you can see the traffic is looking heavy as you make the commute in the westbound direction and that is the headlights taking on five extra minutes from the commute from highway four to the maze it will take you 18 minutes. the peace talks for syria opened this morning in switzerland. u.n. secretary says the meetings faced formidable challenges calling on the syrian government to negotiate in go faith and the peace conference marks the first time the government, led by
5:48 am
bashar al-assad, and western-backed members of the rebellion met face to face and secretary of state john kerry says assad will not be part of the transitional government. >> hungary's olympic committee say they have received an e-mail message threatening their athletes with terrorist attacks at the soap -- at the sochi olympic games with reports of the black widow suicide bomber on the loses. a local speed skaters compete but asked his family to stay behind at home in wisconsin and his family says they will remain there so he will be able to concentrate on the skating. the state department is advise, any americans traveling to the game to. alert regarding their personal security. >> there he goes, the new embarrassing a video that has toronto's crack smoking mayor apologizing this morning. >> looks like you are sweating.
5:49 am
>> former governor arnold schwarzenegger goes undercover while offering a work out advise at a gym is raising eyebrows. >> a big birthday party planned for the silicon valley original that changed computers and to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health.
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toronto's controversial mayor is back in the news.
5:52 am
>> two videos of mayor rob ford have emerged showing him swearing and slurring words trying to imitate a jamaican absent taken on monday night at a fast food restaurant. he admitted he was drinking. he says what he does on his own personal time is his own business. he pledged to quit drinking but a second video shows him inside the same restaurant sitting with his former driver who is facing drug and extortion charges. >> san francisco may lee is in washington, dc but that will not stop him from collecting on the bet of the winner of the carolina and panthers' playoff game. the mayors will mentor young people in the big brothers and big sisters program but he has to do it wearing the red and gold colors of the 49ers and have to send san francisco city
5:53 am
hall some of the carolina's finest pulled pork barbecue. the 49ers bean the panthers 23-10. >> can you say bling bling. a mining company found a rare blue dialed that could be in a class of its own. this is 29.6carot with extraordinary tone and clarity from a south south >> i corner my blue diamond near pretore yam. >> it must be yours. >> i am glad they fund it. >> now a check on the weather forecast. is it a gem? >> it is if you like warm weather. to the embarcadero to the bay bridge, temperatures are running in the low 70's in all areas and it will be a record high in
5:54 am
oakland for ten in a row. ten hours and 1 minute and 38 secretaries of sunshine. high clouds to the south will sink to the south and palm springs is 83. 78 in los angeles, low-to-mid 70's through the central valley and 66 in monterey. temperatures are cooler with the front passing on thursday can friday and notice all the snow is to the east in utah, wyoming, and colorado and temperatures rebound at ten degrees warmer-than-average, saturday through tuesday. >> now, the drive time traffic, 580 over the altamont pass, 77 minutes and from tracy to dublin, highway four is in the clear and through marin county a nice drive. as we talk about golden gate bridge you can see the traffic is moving fine away from sausalito into san francisco through the waldo tunnel and it will not be a problem and this is the bay bridge toll plaza starting to led up in the
5:55 am
cash-paying lanes but traffic is moving smoothly and metering lights not on and the san mateo bridge away from hayward into foster city, we have extra cars out there define hayward and foster city and dill take you 12 minutes. the associated press is reporting the two police officers who might have instantly responded to the shooting rampage at lax went on break without telling everyone. the two lapd officers were assigned to two natural three where the gunman paul ciancia walked in and opened fire killing one t.s.a. security screener and wounding three others. when the shooting began the officers were outside the terminal on break and department regulations require the police to notify the dispatchers when they are on break so the supervisors can bring in a relief unit. nasa hopes to figure out a mystery on mars, providing these images of the same spot on the
5:56 am
red plan oat taken 12 daze art with a rock on the right that was not there when the opportunity rover snapped the first picture. scientists are not sure how it got there but it may have knocked the rock loose with a wheel from "opportunity." >> the first lady is urging kids to eat healthy in let's move showing miami heat coach asking the stars about healthy eating. she then steals the show with the help of lebron james. >> you can take it from me, eating the right food can make you the better athlete. the public service announcement wraps up with the first lady enjoying apples with the players .
5:57 am
and arnold schwarzenegger went undercover and coached people during workouts. >> if it burns, it agrees. remember that. >> where have i seen new. >> maybe on the f.b.i. most wanted lit. >> he disguises himself as a gold gym regional manager at a gold location in los angeles mounted the cameras to capture the interaction teen the clients and the mr. olympia seven time winner. how could you mistake that voice? >> right. we saw another goofy commercials during the nfc championship and we tried to convince our son that he was a foam -- former governor and we could not convince him. >> flight delays already as the winter storm wall listens the northeast. >> the bay area law enforcement community is in wanting after a
5:58 am
bart police sergeant is killed in the line of duties with -- line of duty with family reaction. >> n.s.a. leaker edward snowden responds to allegations that he is a
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, friendly fire takes the life of a bart police sergeant. what we are learning about the veteran officer, his family, and the probation search that went wrong. happening now, the polar plunge is leaving the east coast dealing with snow, ice and bitter cold. travel around the country, again, is coming to a standstill . >> the latest small car crash tests are out and there is a trend among all the models, the crash video wakes you up in a


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