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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 23, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. mists ago the body of bart sanctionent tom smith was delivered to a funeral home in hayward. you can see a line of officers saluting in respect and offering their sympathies to his grieving wife who also is on the force. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> he was a 23-year veteran of the bart force, a husband, and a father. the bart board held a moment of
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silence in his memory at their meeting today. katie marzullo joins us from oakland with that story. katie? >> bart police chief says he has met with both the family of the fallen sergeant and the family of the officer who shot and killed him. he says they are doing well. they were on the minds of everyone at the bart board meeting. >> a moment of silence in memory of our fallen police sergeant, tommy smith, his family, and those impacted by the shooting. >> after the silence the police chief spoke of the fallen sergeant tom smith, the chief became choked up talking about how the community has shown so much caring. >> we have a lot...we have from the public and law enforcement around the country. >> as for the shooting that took the life of sergeant smith, a source told use that the officer
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who fired that fatal shot is michael maes, the chief says multiple investigations are underway and after being asked by a bart board member he acknowledges that two uniformed officers had video cameras at the time of the shooting but he doesn't know what they captured. >> something went wrong, obviously, and we will not hide from the truth. also, the chief has announced the funeral plans on the screen: a viewing is held on tuesday evening in hayward and the funeral is wednesday morning in the castro valley. both events are open to the public. just moments ago, sergeant smith's body was brought from the county coroner to a funeral home. family members, include his wife who also and a bart police officer, and his law enforcement colleagues, all stood at attention saluting as his body was taken inside the capital of the chimes.
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flags at the funeral home have been lowered to half staff in honor of smith. >> we take you, now, to the chapel with a number of the cruisers on the shot accompanying the body and the family from downtown oakland to hayward. they received a police escort and we saw many salutes along the way. oakley neighbors are stunned after an 11-year-old boy slot and killed himself in an apparent accident at home. amy hollyfield is at yosemite circle with the latest. neighbors are in shot. it is senior somber in the neighborhood where 11-year-old anthony john garcia died if his hope. his school is also grieving. the counselors arrest at holy rosery school meeting with the
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kids. father roberto is on hand and will hold a prayer vigil. police say anthony shot himself inside his home here in oakley. it appears to be accident am. the family's next door neighbor said a.j. was a sweet kid always playing with his dog and she cannot believe this has happened. >> pretty surprising because i would see him before i would bicycle to school and would say hi to his mom, smile back and wave, and, sometimes, you know, we would see them mowing our lawn so it is weird to know something like this struck them. >> we have seen a number of people come and visit the home today so the family is receiving support. they all told us they don't want to say anything or kept publicly at this time. neighbors say this anthony lived here with his parents and grandmother. police have not said who was home with him at the time or
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would owned the gunman. a spokesman has not returned my phone calls this morning. thank you, amy. we have new details in the arrest of singer just just. a florida subjected justin bieber to bail of $2,500. according to the police, he told officers he dranks smoked pot and took prescription medication before driving this morning. justin bieber is out on bail. >> bond is $2,500. >> 19-year-old justin bieber was arrested at 4:11 in morning in miami beach and was drag racing in a rented yellow lamborghini. he failed a field sobriety test and booked if driving under the influence, resisting arrest and
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having an expired license. >> he around high took a prescription medication and that he had when smoking marijuana and he consumed a beer. >> the incident is the latest in a growing list of legal troubles including throwing eggs at his neighbor's house. tmz said it was captured on this cell phone video. >> come right over you [ blank ]. >> the egg damage was estimated at roughly $20,000. last week, authorities arrived at justin bieber's home while he was there. >> cop ms. and out of the house. they serve add felony search warrant looking for security camera footage and eggs but they found drugs. that led to a felony narc its charge for a buddy. the elaina steinfurth baby singer is something of a bad boy, speeding, run ins with the neighborhoods and this bizarre
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incident with a picture of bill clinton but he is insisting he is misunderstood. >> he could be look at six months in jail but more hively to be placed on probation as a first tomb -- time offender. >> a san francisco firefighter was injured in the mission district this morning near 14 the after 6:00 am. a viewer sent us an mail showing what crews had to deal with. the injured firefighter suffered minor injuries when he felt 10' through loft space. he will be okay. it took 90 minutes to put the fire out. damage was extensive: 21 people living there have been displaced along with their pets which include dogs, cats and a snake. >> richmond police dispatch center is back to normal after early evacuation at 4:00 a.m. employees noticed there were
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they evacuated the building. it has been fixed. during the four hours, emergency and nonemergency calls were routed differently but all went through without delay. >> new this morning, a warning from walnut creek police after a kaiser employee was robbed at gunpoint in a parking garage in a garage at the k permanent medical center at the kaiser permanente medical center. >> marin county teenager max wade will be sentenced for stealing guy fare's lamborghini and an unrelated life by shooting. the i-team learned new information that he was planning a takeover robbery of a jewelers in san francisco at union square. the i-team learned that the prosecution will use his plans to argue that he deserves 20 years to life with the possible
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of parole. our reporter will tell us what will happen at sentencing with a full report tonight at 6:00 right here. >> an airport is trying to stop human tracking the fastest growing crimes in the world. san jose international airport is partnering with the coalition that includes congressman mike honda. matt keller joins us from san jose. how big is the problem, matt? >> it is tough to get an exact number because it is tough to spot the victims. about 20,000 are trafficked into the united states each year and often that is through airports. >> we value freedom and must be compelled to protect. that is why we here today. >> congressman mike honda got to the point: human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprises because of billions it generates in profits and the easiest ways to move people is through airports. that is why airline ambassadors
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in the bay area antitrafficking coalition are add san jose international airport today to train workers on how to spot victims. >> by training airline personnel and flight attendants you are increasing the eyes and ears by thousands. we estimate that the people that we have trained can scan a million people this year. >> organizers say signs of human trafficking at an airport include a person not having the usual items when checking in or boarding. not being able to speak for themselves or having the freedom to separate from another person. it is not just international flights. more people are actually moved within the united states with the bay area a popular destination. >> what is happening, pimps are taking advantage of that and saying, come to california, the land of promises and rather than coming here if viable work and legitimate work they are showing up and being slighted for their labor. >> sfo held a similar training session last march. they want to train human
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trafficking as goal by 2016 when the superior is held at levi stadium attracting a huge number of visitors. >> they do things they would not do at home and the traffic victims are moved from around the country to be ready for increased around the country and sporting events as entertainment. >> the focus is not just on airports. experts here say they are also going to be training workers in the hotels and restaurant industry, as well. matt, thank you. the grocery store chain that stands by its products so much it will now sell expired food. >> and the costs of apple's space ship headquarters that is now under construction. >> and now checking out a gorgeous shot of the bay and the
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two dozen people were hospitalized after an irate passenger on a greyhound bus attacked the driver and caused it to crash, grabbing the steering wheel and punching the driver on the way from logs d
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>> carmel color in soft drinks can cause cancer, which and added to make the soda brown. a government study shows that it caused cancer in mice. this are no federal limits on the chemical but california requires a warning label if a product contains more than 29 micrograms. security reports says that pepsi one and a caribbean soda tested over that limit. coke had a lower amount. consumer reports is pushing for federal limits on this and for manufacturers to be required to list the coloring they use. >> the former president of trader joes will launch a new store that sells expired products called "daily table," bringing affordable nutrition to
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inner cities of america saying 40 percent of food produced in the united states is actually wasted each year according to the f.d.a. most products pass the expiration date are still safe to eat. >> these are guidelines that greeceers use to sell something when it is at the max mum flavor and a day or two after that is still a good product. >> the land is to buy outdated, damaged, or blemished food from grocery stores, restaurants and producers with the first daily table opening if -- if cinco demayo generating -- opening in may. tell us what you think. >> a company is getting big buck s to apple in cupertino awarding an engineer term four leaf a $10 million contracts to
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inspect construction work for the main office apple building and office structure which the campus the near 280 in cupertino 1.5 mile from the current campus of apple. >> meteorologist, mike nicco, is next with a forecast. >> from a breezy top of the broadcast center if san francisco, the winds of change have come in and created a fire danger and we have high waves to talk about. i will tell you when they will get there in the seven-day forecast. >> the calm before the surf's up for the mavericks competition. >> facebook, a new title
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. over the san mateo coast this morning where the mavericks big wave competition is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning. the waves do not look so ferocious but the high surf advisory will start this afternoon, with 30,000 spectators expected. >> mike nicco has been forecasting the surf conditions, so, mike, what is going on? >> the waves you below that criteria and that is why we will see it tomorrow. now at look at the country wave waves, at bodega bay 8', 8 feet in monterey. at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon
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we will see an uptick in the size with the breakers over 20' tomorrow with sneaker waves, rip currents, and leave it to the pro's to enjoy the sights. here is the powerful pacific storm: all the areas of low pressure are churning up the waves at 35 feet the furthest to the west and the closest is 27' and that is going to take better part of day to get here so the largest swells more likely tomorrow. now, live doppler 7 hd shows a difference from this morning, with a lost the clouds now gone along the coast. the system responsible you can see it churning up the clouds in the sierra with rain and snow showers as dry as the air is when you lift it that rapidly you can still squeeze out the remaining moisture and most of that is evaporated before it
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reaches the ground. it is that low that is bringing us the winds and down exploding hard. look how warm we are. mid-60's around oakland and hayward and half moon bay and fairly, and upper 50's to low 60's and the temperatures mostly running warmer than yesterday. you can see the waves are bouncing around, sunny, breezy, probably not any records but will be close if places like oakland but we may skip today for record highs. follow me on twitter to find out or follow spencer. the extended forecast looks dry again with near record highs. upper 60's to low 70's in most neighborhoods today, and we will be in the mid-50's and low 40's inland and low-to-mid 50's around the bay shore. here is what is happening, the high pressure is developing and pinched to the northwest, and that is because of that area
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that is moving through the mountains or down sloping causing high fire danger in the north bay until at least 1:00 o'clock. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures are coolest tomorrow with the winds calmer and then, 70's in the forecast in mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. have a great afternoon and enjoy the mavericks tomorrow. it will be fun. >> facebook c.e.o. sandburg is a billionaire officially and according to bloomberg, she now is one of the youngest female billionaires in the world at 44. she owns 12 million shares in the company. yesterday, facebook closed at a record $8 a share making her stake in the company around $750 million. that is on top of the $300 million she collected selling face book shares sin the initial public offering in 2012. >> congratulations to her. >> just ahead speaking of facebook, who says it is just if the young, right? the social media site's oldest
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user proves it is for the young
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coming up, you will meet a couple of high school bay area finalists at the science competition and how their work can change our future and we talked about move ribs getting underway tomorrow, at action we will hear about the surprising fears for circumstances that the conditions could be too dangerous for competitors. >> happening now a woman is getting flooded with birthday wishes on facebook. that is because edith is celebrating her 106th birthday she is the oldest registered user on facebook. she has 47,000 "friends." couldn't enter the birth year of 1908 without help
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