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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 24, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking now, that dangerous bitter cold stretching all the way to the deep south. snow and freezing rain shutting down travel as drivers are rescued from this massive wreck in indiana over night in a frantic search for trapped victims. and yet another travel nightmare breaking overnight. thousands of commuters on two of the nation's busiest rail lines stuck and stranded in tunnels and on tracks for hours after a computer glitch shuts the system down. federal officials now investigating. justin bieber in tears. new details overnight that the 19-year-old superstar was balling his eyes out after his arrest. if convicted he could face up to six months in jail. could he be deported? dan and nancy weigh in live. ♪ freeze frame unbearably close call. look at that surveillance video.
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the couple who didn't see that brown bear lurking just a few feet away on the front porch. of course we'll tell you the moment they finally did notice. that was a tiny little bear. >> sure, it was. good morning, america. you know, we've been reporting on this dangerous cold. all over the country. a new headline this morning. there's the metlife stadium. some plowing going on right across the river in new jersey and just about one week out from the super bowl it turns out that if a major storm threatens on sunday they could move the date. the super bowl could be next friday. a week from today. >> super bowl friday doesn't have the same kind of ring to it. we'll see what happens. we are thrilled to be welcoming back elizabeth vargas to abc news. she has faced some real struggles of her own over the past few months and we'll hear from her. a candid and moving interview
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about battling alcoholism. >> that's coming up later. right now, josh is down in florida today. a special huge live event. josh, what's going on down there? >> that's right. megamakeover week has drawn to this. a most-fitting close. i cannot wait to show you a place where dreams do come true for kids most deserving. it is going to be great. can't wait to show it to you. it's coming next. >> one of our best reveals yet, josh. you're right about that. we'll get back to you a little bit later. we begin with the new developments on the dangerous cold, snow, ice, all of that, ginger. >> it's not like we haven't talked about it but it's still cold this morning. windchill, 20 below in chicago. detroit, 18 below but this stuff stretches today all the way to the gulf coast. that's why we have numbers like brownsville, yes, in a windchill advisory in texas at a windchill of 24. they're impressive and not going to warm up a lot. look at the high temperatures today. atlanta just hardly above freezing. 39 for little rock and you say, well, it's january.
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it's supposed to be cold. huh-uh, not that cold. here's how far from average we're going to be, 18 in atlanta below, 27 below average in houston. now, i want to show you these pictures. they're still cleaning up from that big wreck, lake-effect snow right near an hour east of chicago and, boy, it really took a toll on the roads. winter's latest dagger of lake-effect snow turning deadly overnight. >> the collision was just like, boom, it was like louder than a gunshot. i mean, you heard it and it was -- this is crazy. >> whiteout conditions causing a colossal pileup on i-94 near michigan city, indiana. nearly 45 vehicles, most of them semis careening into each other. some of the cars sandwiched under the trucks. racing against time and temperatures well below freezing, the frantic search for victims trapped still in their cars lasted well into the night. firefighters miraculously cutting this man from the
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wreckage hours after the crash. >> i can't believe the way it looked. even i was in tears just looking at it. it's horrible. >> reporter: this morning, police say four people were killed and at least 20 injured. hundreds of others waiting for hours in their cars for the roads to be cleared. and brand-new this morning pictures out of texas. san antonio, texas, you just see cars on a highway, they have abandoned their vehicles because there's so much freezing rain, thank you to ksap for those pictures. up to a quarter inch in some places of freezing rain. and the place that's happening right now would be houston. that's where we find steve osunsami. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. this isn't something you see every day in houston. temperatures around the freezing mark. they're used to tropical storms here but not this winter weather advisory that's expected to continue to at least noon today.
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real problem for the city. the issue here are the overpasses and bridges that are blocked off because of the cold, because of ice on the roads and because of that schools are delayed until at least noon today and canceled in some parts. they're telling families if they don't have to be out on the roads, to stay home, george and robin. >> okay, thanks. travel nightmares on the train tracks too. this one in the northeast where thousands of passengers were delayed for hours last night when the train simply stopped. federal investigators now looking into what caused it overnight and john muller has the story. >> reporter: two of the nation's largest rail systems partially shutting down for hours literally stopping thousands of passengers in and on their tracks. some stranded on trains from new york to connecticut. others left waiting at stations including manhattan's grand central terminal seen here packed wall to wall with frustrated travelers. >> it's running more like the train in bangladesh. >> reporter: preliminary reports show power to metro north's system was interrupted causing
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the railroad to stop on three of its five lines. amtrak service also affected. fortunately the trains maintained power and heat through the bitter cold night. >> we'll be looking into this trying to figure out what happened and design it so it can't happen again. >> reporter: one passenger tweeted this picture of a pouch of emergency water saying, never a good sign when the conductor passes these out. this is metro north's fourth major incident in four months including this deadly crash in new york in december. the train packed with people flipped over after taking this turn way too quickly. four people were killed and 60 injured. investigators blaming human error. but noting the train was not equipped with common technology that might have prevented the disaster. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> thanks to john for that. other top stories from amy robach. tough morning in egypt. >> that's true. >> breaking news out of egypt. one day before an important date on the calendar, a wave of deadly bombings rocking that country just as it prepares to mark the anniversary of the revolution that toppled hosni mu baric. a suicide car bomber struck
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police head quarters in cairo. followed by two more explosions. defense secretary chuck hagel ordered an independent review of the nation's nuclear force that follows a series of scandals involving officers including cheating on exams, drugs and alcohol abuse and gambling. the pentagon insisting the nuclear arsenal remains safe. attorney general eric holder says he is willing to have a conversation about resolving the case of nsa whistle blower edward snowden. but he says first he must enter a plea to espionage charges. snowden claiming he'd never get a fair trial and refuses to leave russia. the credit card data breach at neiman-marcus is worse than initially revealed. the company revealing more than 1 million cards may have been compromised. the malware is believed to be the same used on the attack on target. and powerful images this morning from the moment firefighters drove into one of the massive wildfires burning during a record heat wave in
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australia. flames raging on all sides. dozens of homes have been lost but hundreds have been saved. also from down under this morning, a big win for rafael nadal, he beat roger federer in straight sets to reach the australian open final. and finally, robin, this is for you. a spectacular display from hawaii's kilauea volcano spewing lava. the neck any kal term is called spattering caused by gas in the lava. 160 feet below the rim of the crater and rising and, robin -- >> magma. thank you. it's been months. it's been months. thank you for that and on a friday no less. thank you there, amy. to that huge headache that just will not go away for new jersey governor chris christie. the so-called bridgegate scandal. both christie's re-election campaign and the committee state republican subpoenaed and asked to turn over documents as part of a federal investigation. and abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: this morning, newly hired lawyers for the christie
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for governor re-election campaign and the new jersey republican state committee confirmed they've been subpoenaed to supply documents to the feds. sources tell abc news the government subpoenas are designed to find any e-mails between the governor and his political guru bill stepien. this part of an ongoing investigation for any possible evidence that might link christie directly to the orders to close ft. lee's access to the george washington bridge four days last september. >> before you decide what's a federal crime you want to find out who gave all the orders to whom and i think that it may connect to christie. >> reporter: governor christie and stepien guiding the preliminary christie for president efforts broke their long political relationship two weeks ago when christie asked him to resign. this after e-mails that showed the architect of both the successful campaigns for governor was mocking the mayor who was suffering from ft. lee's traffic armageddon when he was told about it. stepien and christie are described as incredibly close. >> there's got to be so much bad
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news for him, a lot think he'll be lucky to stay as governor. never mind president. >> reporter: christie held a public event in camden. thursday with children. he took no questions from adults. he was thrown a curve by one youngster who asked how he keeps things under control. >> not so well sometimes. you could try to control everything but you can't. so sometimes things get out of control and what matters is how you fix it when it gets out of control. >> the federal subpoenas are to be answered with documents handed over within two weeks. the christie campaign and the state republican committee lawyers say they will cooperate. robin? >> thank you. we will have much more on this with our powerhouse roundtable this sunday on "this week." counting down to the super bowl. when exactly will it take place? of course, it's supposed to be next sunday but for the first time ever the nfl is suggesting that date might be moved if it's too cold or snowy on super bowl sunday. gio benitez with the details.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. this will be an unprecedented move. football is an all-weather sport but the nfl says safety is a priority so instead of super bowl sunday, we might be saying super bowl what day? could we see a super bowl friday or saturday or even monday? believe it or not, it's possible. if a major storm threatens the big day. >> we don't have a crystal ball on weather but we're confident we'll be able to have our events. >> reporter: we saw what happened wednesday when more than a thousand workers shoveled out 13 inches of snow from the stands at metlife stadium. >> our game is to experience the elements. it's part of what we do. it's part of football and i believe that's part of our history. >> reporter: this morning, as we learn about a coming storm and 80,000 fans descending upon new jersey, news that the nfl allows super bowl sunday to be moved. any time between next friday and monday.
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>> the super bowl is under siege because of mother nature and everybody's plans are all messed up. it sounds like something right out of the movies. >> reporter: this will be the first outdoor cold weather super bowl in the nfl's history, so officials hope fans will take the weather giving out free hats, earmuffs, gloves, scarves, hand warmers, even a quarterback-style hand pocket. >> this is unprecedented stuff. the super bowl is the biggest sports event in the country and to think that the date could move because of a snowstorm but that's possible. that's literally what we're talking about here. >> reporter: nfl officials say they have hundreds of trucks to clear any snow and as much as 60,000 tons of salt for the roads but this morning they still believe the super bowl will be played on sunday. let's hope or get those super bowl parties planned early. >> let's get to the expert. all on you, super bowl or not sunday, ginger? >> i'm going super bowl. it's going to happen. it looks like it's getting more mild. add 30 degrees to where we are
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right now. >> on sunday itself. >> yeah, because at this point -- this is far off more mild like upper 30s, some rain possibly. >> just be careful. >> hold on, remember, we've got nine days to go so i don't put my name or gamble on anything seven days out. >> seven days, five days? >> you text me on saturday night and i will give you the forecast. >> you know what, you're smart, ginger. >> thank you for that, ginger. i'll tell you why that handsome guy is sitting to your side. >> yes, please. >> we have a rare look inside apple. 30 years ago the company launched its groundbreaking super bowl ad launching the macintosh and revolutionizing commercials during the big game and david muir has an exclusive with the ceo. >> nothing like showing up and having the ceo tell you i need to upgrade my iphone. >> oh, boy, ouch. >> that's the first thing he said. can you believe it? >> did he give you one? >> he didn't. that's for sure. i had to get in line.
7:14 am
this morning we asked him just about everything from the first mac made in america to all that talk about secrecy inside apple. is there black cloth draped over all their secret projects? 30 years ago today america meets the mac. >> on january 24th apple computer will introduce macintosh. >> reporter: steve jobs -- his trademark unveiling. >> i want to show you macintosh in person. >> happy anniversary, i should say. >> yes. >> reporter: we were invited to sit down inside apple to sit down with a man steve jobs hand picked to lead apple after him. tim cook gets up every morning at 3:45. you get e-mails from customers every single day and you read them. >> yes, i do. i do and these -- this is a privilege. >> reporter: how many do you think you read a day, tim? >> i get probably 700 or 800 and i read the majority of those. >> reporter: every day? everyday. >> every day, i'm a workaholic. which helps. >> reporter: his team laughs but it's true and infectious. >> i knew the moment i saw the
7:15 am
mac in '84 that someday i would be working at apple. >> we were working on something that would change the way people interacted with computers. >> reporter: secrecy is part of the culture, is it not? it's part of the excitement at apple too, is it not? >> it is. >> we believe people love surprises. >> reporter: there are stories of black drapes over products in development. true? >> yes, there's black drapes and numerous locked doors and many other things. >> reporter: and employees who can't even tell their families at home what they're working on. >> yes, that's true. >> my wife has no idea. >> are you a navy s.e.a.l.? >> reporter: so for the viewers saying, david, you got to find out what the next thing is -- >> your badge probably wouldn't work in those rooms. >> reporter: everyone looking for clues. with a little help from tim cook himself now on twitter. let me ask about a tweet i love recently tweeting "we have begun manufacturing the mac pro in austin. it's the most powerful mac ever. what we noticed was austin, texas. you're making computers here in america. >> we are. >> reporter: how big of a deal is that to you? >> it's a big deal but we think
7:16 am
we can do more. we also announced a huge investment in arizona. we haven't said what it's for. >> is it the sapphire -- >> it's the sapphire announcement and all i'll say about it. >> reporter: when does that come off the line? >> i can't tell you that. >> reporter: for bigger iphone screens -- >> i can't tell you that. >> reporter: or iwatch. >> it's a ring. >> reporter: you heard it here first. i tried, robin. i tried. that sapphire glass is a specialty glass that can protect cameras and iphones. many think it can be used for something more. tonight on world news, robin, we'll ask about the surveillance program and he's been to the white house and talked to the president and what he wants to reveal to the american people, tim cook, about this program. >> i bet he has something to say. >> he says it might put american people at rest if he were to talk. >> all right. >> now, that's a tease. thank you, david. >> wow. >> you got it. >> lara. >> see you tonight. all right, first we'll switch gears to a remarkable close encounter caught on tape. a couple in california that got
7:17 am
unbelievably or should we say unbearably close so the great outdoors. a trespassing brown bear makes an unexpected house call and, well, you just take a look now. it's a run-in that would have most people running scared unless, of course, you had no clue it was happening. that's what happened to bobby and irene mccuen seen in this incredible surveillance video calmly locking the door of their relatives' pasadena home while a bear lurks feet away. while they don't see the bear, the bear sure sees them. let's back up the video. there you see the bear pauses just as they come outside. it then hangs back till they're out of sight but that shyness doesn't last long. they're visiting from scotland and say the bear followed them to their car and at that point, oh, yeah, they noticed. >> once i closed the door, it's a bear, it's a bear. look. >> reporter: the bear reportedly pawed at bob's leg which
7:18 am
explains this much more frantic run back into the home to call 911. >> i run up the stairs trying to get in the door and -- key wouldn't turn. >> reporter: but they aren't alone. this shows a bear hanging out in the backyard of another pasadena home. officials there say the drought in california has brought the bears into populated areas on the hunt for food. fortunately, nobody has been seriously hurt in the area unless you count the mckeowns' bruised egos. >> we're getting teased of how did you not see it? just wasn't looking. >> they're getting a little teased because the bear was kind of a baby but still very scary. >> where there's a baby, the momma is never far away. >> that is very true, amy robach. >> i would have run. >> i would have too. glad they're okay. >> back to ginger. today's weather. >> yes, and today's weather we have to focus on the other side of the country. huge headlines coming out of there. sacramento, california has been dry for 47 days.
7:19 am
that's their longest stretch ever and this is what we're seeing, more warmth, more of that drought, phoenix, 73. tucson, 70. los angeles, close to 77 and fire watches and warnings all over the state from the far south of san diego up to medford, oregon, so we're not going too much better. at least the winds will get lighter later today. your local weather forecast in 30 seconds. first your weekend getaway forecast brought to you by neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair.
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>> indianapolis has already had their snowiest winter. they get more this weekend. so do we in the east coast or along the east coast. >> lucky us. >> thank you. coming up on "gma" -- new details about justin bieber's hours in custody after being arrested now facing a legal battle. dan and nancy will weigh in live. and we are welcoming our friend and colleague elizabeth vargas back to abc news and she opens up a little later in a candid interview about her battle with alcoholism. this is a message for everyone. why bruce springsteen says
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supplements and fitness monitors to helpful online tools. at the corner of happy and healthy. the start of sneeze season and the wind-blown watery eyes. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus are dermatologist tested to be gentle and they lock in moisture better. so you can always put your best face forward. a face in need deserves puffs indeed. >> good morning. i'm kristen sze. firefighters are mopping up after finding a large pot grow inside a burning home. it broke out around 1:00 in
7:25 am
pittsburgh. and they're checking to see if the home's electrical system had been tampered with. a trailer was vacant when it went up in flames around 5:00 a.m. it caused considerable damage there. the two residents got out safely, know. let's check with leyla on your morning commute. >> we had an earlier accident on highway 101 involving a pedestrian. that has cleared. and we do expect to see heavy delays because of the surfing competition this morning. and a quick live look outside from berkley. that is looking busy. headlights are coming west
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>> good morning. heading to the half moon bay or should say the mavericks invitati invitational, there's fog. look at that, breezy and upper mid and level clouds. waves are about 10 but they'll be breaking a lot
7:29 am
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♪ just like firewood >> that's bruce springsteen, brand-new music video "just like firewood" and that has some connection with what he's revealing about what his son will be doing, not following in his footsteps going in a whole new direction and it's making mom and dad very proud and that song and that picture both -- >> yeah. >> deejay amanda is here on this "dj friday." >> folks from louisiana too getting ready for mardi gras. also ahead, fire would. >> w-o-u-l-d, but he's the boss, right, angie. overnight new details about
7:31 am
justin bieber after drag racing and a dui now facing a legal battle. dan and nancy will weigh in live. a very candid and moving interview about battling alcoholism. it's with our friend and colleague elizabeth vargas returning to abc news today and, george, i know you spoke to her. >> we had the chance to sit down with her yesterday and she looks and feels great right now, but the message she has will be important to a lot of people. >> so great to see her yesterday. lay our eyes on her. that's ahead. also, josh is in florida at a very special place, amazing group getting ready for a special makeover. you're surrounded by kids of you got emory, ty, a trifecta there, josh. >> how can you go wrong? we're here at give kids the world and i got to tell you, it is a remarkable place that has helped thousands of young kids and their families, the kids that need the help the most and you mentioned it, emeril, ty
7:32 am
height, the mega-makeover week will end where ice cream for breakfast makes perfect sense and we'll bring you the story. >> especially on a day like today. >> it does make perfect sense to have ice cream down there. >> it always makes perfect sense. >> that's true. we're going back down in a little bit. we begin with the latest for justin bieber free on bail after that arrest for drag racing drunk, the most serious scandal yet for the 19-year-old in what seems like a downward spiral. matt gutman covers it. >> reporter: no sooner had he strutted out of jail and waved to his fans after his release from that dui arrest that his biebercade headed back to south beach not far from where police pulled over the 19-year-old pop phenom early on thursday. his wild night starting here at set nightclub. new photos show a shirtless bieber partying with chantel
7:33 am
jeffries, his yellow lamborghini parked outside. he was drag racing with her in the driverpassenger's seat and caught by fans. >> when he opened up the window an confronted mr. bieber, he smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. mr. bieber at that point was not cooperating with the officer's instructions. >> reporter: police say he was racing his friend chalil sharieff. it was only half the legal limit for driving but double the limit for someone under 21. he's just 19. he also admitted to smoking pot and taking prescription medication. he was charged with dui, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. by 10:00 a.m. he was taken to a nearby correctional center. that grinning mug shot in stark contrast to a nervous looking
7:34 am
bieber biting his lip during his bond hearing. >> the first case this afternoon is justin bieber. >> reporter: according to "people" magazine bieber was seen in tears after he appeared before the judge. >> following the hearing a source tells "people" he was balking his eyes out when he got back to the detention center. >> reporter: bail was set at $2500, the standard for the three charges he faces, his high-powered attorney roy black sounding confident overnight. >> i think this case hopefully will proceed as any other case in the system. >> reporter: if convicted he could face up to six months in jail. and his legal woes aren't just here in miami, robin, when he goes back to l.a. he could still face investigation for that egging incident which he and his friends allegedly caused $20,000 in damage, robin. >> we do remember that. okay, matt. for more now what to expect let's turn to our legal team, nancy grace there in atlanta, she, of course, is the host of "nancy grace" on hln and dan abrams who is in las vegas this
7:35 am
morning. dan, let me start with you. how much trouble is justin bieber in? >> well, any time you get arrested on charges, you get in some trouble, but this really isn't that big a deal legally. we're talking about misdemeanor charges here. remember, the dui he has, if he had been 21 he wouldn't even be close to the level for drunk driving but because he's 19, he is. the most serious charge as far as i'm concerned is the resisting arrest without violence charge. again, i don't expect he'll serve any time here. the real concern is if all of this stuff starts piling up and that's what justin bieber i think has to be concerned about. >> nancy, what about his behavior when he was arrested? >> well, this is what concerns me and, you know, what dan is saying, i appreciate that spoken like a true defense attorney. would have, could have, should have. if he was at home studying algebra, he wouldn't have been arrested but that's not what
7:36 am
happened. he was 0.04, twice the legal limit for somebody under 21. now, when dan talks about all of this piling up, it has piled up. here's a big problem, there are reports and we've yet to confirm them that the father was there and then last night after all of this bieber's photographed standing at a table surrounded by what appear to be alcohol bottles, so i don't know when it's going to end. now, i agree with dan, it's very concerning about resisting arrest. he was spewing the "f" bomb at police. i'm surprised they didn't give him a spanking like right there but they didn't. he continued cursing at the police when they told him to put his hands on the car, he kept turning around and confronting them. he kept putting his hands in his pockets and you know what's scary about that, robin, i remember a rookie cop that didn't arrest a young guy when he kept putting his hands in his pocks and he shot the cop in the
7:37 am
head. that's why cops don't like that. but another concern for me is in addition to resisting arrest is the drag racing and we've yet to hear that charge formally announced and that's up to a year, 12 months, he was in a residential area where we all want to live, nice houses, yards, 60 miles an hour and a lamborghini at 4:00 a.m. and he told the cop, hey, man, i've been smoking weed all day. hello. >> and, dan, $2500 bond, that's pretty standard for this, isn't it? >> yeah, i mean some people are saying, you know, oh, my goodness, how did he get out on just $2500 bond. well, the answer to that is if he had been, you know, justin anything else, that's exactly the same bond he would have gotten. you know, i think some people look at a case like this and they say, you know, why don't they go after him? he's getting off because he's justin bieber. no, he's actually being treated
7:38 am
the way anyone else who was in justin bieber's situation -- >> that's true. >> because these are misdemeanor charges. these are not serious charges as far as the law is concerned and he's being treated accordingly. >> it is -- yes, and he is facing a streak of this bad behavior. we heard about the egg throwing 59 his neighbor, $20,000 worth of damage there and so -- to both of you, it just seems to many that he's spiraling out of control right now, dan and nancy. >> look, that's a concern. >> if you look at the shot behind bars, he's trying to get street cred. i don't know with who, the fifth grader set but he had his sleeves rolled up behind bars like he's a cool dude to show off his tat. >> nancy -- i am. she probably wants him charged for that. think up some creative charge to go after him for, for rolling up
7:39 am
his sleeve. i'm a belieber. >> i got to give you credit for coming up with that one, dan. >> we'll end it right there, you two. nancy grace, dan abrams, thank you very much. have a good weekend, you two. always good to see you, nance and dan. >> baton rouge, louisiana, you say -- >> good morning. >> it's snowing down there in baton rouge. did you hear that? >> it's 28 degrees in baton rouge and not something you see every day, up to a half inch of snow already falling and, look, all the way back, some mixed precipitation, wintry from houston to corpus christi, the radar doesn't look like this often and atlanta the fountains don't look like this. that's what's happening. frozen fountains. you think this morning is cold. wait till we get to next week because we have this second, third, fourth push of polar air, the numbers are ridiculous. i'll let you look at them
7:40 am
>> this weather report brought to you by the bank of america. i got to say it's like going down the steps every day, that old trick on the temperatures. >> just look at that board. >> ugly. >> it is. >> 14 in atlanta. >> yeah. >> thank you. don't shoot the messenger. coming up, why the boss, bruce springsteen, is so proud his son is not following in his footsteps. and elizabeth vargas opening up about her battle with alcoholism, very candid interview coming right up.
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back now at 7:43 with the boss. rock icon bruce springsteen has long been hailed as a working callaslass poet. his son is passing up the family biz for a different career and his parents couldn't be much prouder. ♪ glory days pass you by >> reporter: bruce springsteen's career has been on fire for 40 years. ♪ i'm on fire >> reporter: now though just as the boss continues to burn up the charts with his most recent single "just as fire would" his
7:44 am
son sam will be putting out fires as a new jersey firefighter. springsteen's wife posted this. "my youngest son sam graduated from monmouth county fire academy tonight," #proud, #ourfamilyhero. no small task. he had to complete 188 hours of rescue training before graduating last week. springsteen is known for his countless charity works and fund-raising performances and even brought along sam to this 2008 rally for president obama. he is an avid supporter of firefighters for years penning a song dedicated to 9/11 first responders called "into the fire." ♪ into the fire >> reporter: but always most important to springsteen is family. in 1991 he married his backup singer patty and raised his children in new jersey. evan who graduated from boston
7:45 am
college last year, jessica a nationally ranked equestrian enrolled at duke and sam. referred to as the rock star of the working class springsteen once joked with robin roberts about his kids not listening to the messages of his music. >> they all have their own heroes and their own things they listen to and i'm roundly and well ridiculed at home. >> reporter: but this morning it seems springsteen's youngest son sam was listening more than he let on. and more good news for dad bruce. his new album debuted at number one on the billboard 200. his 11th number one so congratulations on so many levels. >> i remember when we had the concert with him, asburry park. it was live. it was jersey strong. >> jersey strong. >> those were some "glory days." >> angie loves it. so what's coming up here, how you get great work wear for less. we'll tell you in some very unexpected placing and josh has a special "play of the day" from
7:46 am
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>> announcer: right then, here's the "play of the day." >> might be my favorite "play of the day" of all time. we're down here at give kids the world but it's down at walt disney world and it involves disney, this "play of the day." lilly is almost 6 and on her birthday her parents gave her a backpack filled with all sorts of goodies, candies and dvds and t-shirts and then they actually told her what her real present was. take a look. >> i'm being serious. >> we going? >> we're leaving today to go to disneyland are you joking? >> no, i'm not joking. >> are we, dad? >> yes, we're going. >> are you excited?
7:51 am
it's for your birthday. >> momma. >> ah, lily. tears of joy. we'll be right back. so much more to come. ♪ [ male announcer ] bring your style to life with a new vanity for just $179 at lowe's. ♪
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7:55 am
elizabeth vargas opens up about her struggle with alcoholism when we come back.
7:56 am
>> good morning. i'm kristen sze. the first heat of the competition surfing at half moon bay is now taking place. some of the best surfers in the world will be facing waves up to 50 feet high. organizers are urging fans to watch from the oceaniania hotel or on our website. >> the surf issette going pretty big. the buoys are showing a lower surf than what you're seeing, about 8 to 12 feet.
7:57 am
we know we can get breakers up to 20 to 40 feet. near record highs in the forecast next week and dry all seven days. >> and a 15 minute b.a.r.t. delay in the sso direction. a medical emergency. someone fainted and fell on the
7:58 am
, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
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8:00 am
♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and are you ready for our biggest and most inspiring mega-makeover ever? so big, it takes ty, emeril, josh and mickey to give some very deserving kids the world. ♪ on top of the world and glamming it up for a lot less. the hidden places for stylish find that is aren't on your retail radar. we'll show you how to go chic on the cheap as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! >> whoo. would you look at that crowd down there with josh. ♪ this is going to be the best day -- we understand that mickey mouse is there, as well. there's mickey.
8:01 am
come on. bust a move. look at him showing off his moves like that. >> come on. >> go, mickey, go mickey. >> i don't think i've ever seen mickey do that. >> no. definitely not. >> but can he do the windshield wiper? >> she asks. >> a huge morning planned. the grand finale of our mega-makeover week and this one our most inspiring ever. >> wow. all right, josh is down there in florida. we cannot wait for that as we do say good morning, america. i love having deejay amanda seales spinning us into the weekend. there you saw ty working so hard. very exciting hour ahead. >> quite a dancer, mickey. >> so is amanda. >> talk about inspiring. elizabeth vargas back to work at abc news today and had the chance to sit down with her yesterday and talk about the struggles she's had with alcoholism. very moving, very open, very candid interview. she's really confronting it and we're going to have that coming up in just a little bit.
8:02 am
>> it is a powerful message, indeed. we also have, as we just mentioned, an inspirational message from josh in florida. hard at work with a lot of our friends from our disney family. josh. >> yeah, and let's be honest, and the popping and locking mickey mouse. who knew he had those sort of moves? we are here at give kids the world village in kissimmee, florida, and it is a place, it's a beautiful place, a place where sick children and their families can find a haven, they can come here and just be kids and we have so much to show you in the next hour. emeril came down because it's a place they serve ice cream all >> that >> that is right. >> -- day, but as you mentioned, ty is here and as far as makeovers go, this is about as good as it gets. >> it really is for many reasons, this place is so special. it is making those wishes of kids who are fighting life-threatening illnesses but what this is about is getting
8:03 am
back to the volunteers who make the time to make those moments for them so special. we get back to the volunteers here too. >> so much to bring you in the next hour. looking forward to it. >> we are looking forward to that. thank you, josh. let's get news first from amy. >> good morning, everyone. i'll tell you something we don't really need to even be told, the frigid weather, ginger has been telling us all about the deep freeze stretching all the way to the gulf coast across the south, roads and bridges slick with frozen rain, a state of emergency in effect in alabama because of a propane shortage that could leave people without heat. and part of a highway in indiana remains closed after this pileup. look at that and whiteout conditions. three people were killed. crews worked through the night to clear the nearly 50 vehicles that were involved in this. and the extreme conditions making it extra challenging for crews fighting this massive fire this morning at an indiana church. and the big story is overseas this morning. new violence across egypt. at these three bombings, two in cairo, one near the pyramids in giza. at least five have been killed there.
8:04 am
the bloodshed coming one day before the anniversary of egypt's revolution. a new warning from the state department for athletes heading to the olympics in sochi. in a memo, u.s. officials are advising athletes to avoid wearing the olympic team gear outside the game's so-called ring of steel, which is a security perimeter around the games' venues all about terrorist threats. big changes coming to nutrition labels. the fda saying a makeover is overdue because of our attention to nutrition has changed. one of the big expected changes, calorie listings will be featured more prominently. they're reviewing new guidelines and no word on when those changes will be made. and finally, a reminder to be careful the next time you open a bottle of champagne. you never know where that cork will end up, and, case in point, an italian businessman opening a bottle of bubbly, the cork shot right through this 18th century painting. >> oh, no. >> the champagne, about 50 bucks a bottle.
8:05 am
repairs to an 18th century painting, $1400, and he's not sure if the insurance will cover it. you got to watch where you're pointing that thing. it could take an eye out. >> or a painting. yes. >> oh, well. he says he apparently doesn't drink a lot of champagne and wasn't used to opening the bottle. let someone else do it like me. i'm really, really -- >> hold on to it. actually, you twist the bottle, not the cork. >> i think you go like this, yes. >> oh, well. >> we've solved that. >> no more. "pop news" ahead and let's get the weather from ginger. >> good morning, everyone. hey, your sign said, it's not this cold in texas. it's close this morning in a lot of places, but guess what, we've got a little dance. what do you call this? >> the cold dance. >> the cold dance. we're doing it, because it is subzero at least windchill in new york city. look at philadelphia. today, they are going to only see a high of 19. their temperature right now is 9 and it feels like 5 below. that's right. our powerful station wpvi. thank you for that live shot.
8:06 am
washington, d.c., today, a high of only 26, yes, plenty of cold air and a little breezy so it actually makes it feel colder than it is as that moisture evaporates off your skin. look at this. the cold front is coming through and clipper after clipper. a little snow, detroit, if they get a half inch, which they should today, it'll be the snowiest on record. >> she has the appointment and she's here. what's your name, hon? >> kaley. >> she's going for a dress here
8:07 am
in new york city. >> oh, so nice. congratulations. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." why superstar director quentin tarantino killed his brand-new film before it started shooting. let's just say it's a real whodunit. plus, the unexpected places you can find fashionable clothes for work at big bargain places. then josh, ty and emeril are with some very special friends in florida. it is our most inspiring makeover ever. all of that is coming up live on "good morning america" here in times square. "gma's morning menu" is brought to by new, fast-acting advil. nothing is faster. ♪ if you're a boy or a girl
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8:11 am
a viral birthday. it's a mash-up of the greatest hits. had everyone talking. remember that guy. he was great. six-second videos, so much fun. a huge boost for social media. so a lot of birthday, vine turns 1, apple's mac turns 30. we've had enough of the giraffe. >> i don't know. there's something -- a lot coming up. i had the chance to sit down with elizabeth vargas yesterday, and she talks about her battle with alcoholism. confronts it head on, very open. she's doing great. she returns to abc news today. we'll have that in a little bit but now we got some "pop news." indeed, good morning, everybody. quentin tarantino's latest project went from a western to a whodunit. who leaked it for a western called "the hateful eight." he was planning on shooting it as his next film but now because of the leak he's scrapping the movie altogether.
8:12 am
he is angry. he says he will instead release it as a book and he is determined to get to the bottom of this. he says he gave it to six people. he knows each one of them and one of them has betrayed him. if you've ever seen a tarantino movie -- >> tim roth is not the guy. >> so now down to five. >> there might be a movie about this. >> oh, yeah. >> i wouldn't want to be on his list. >> yeah. >> huh-uh. also in "pop news" this morning, what better way to kick off the weekend with a little dancing. we love to dance here and so does this guy. a lot of dancing from a little fellow. 8-year-old akshat singh wowing the judges on "india's got talent." apparently he made his way on to the stage in a toy police car dressed in full police regalia. no one was really sure what was going on and then he broke it down. >> oh, oh. >> an 8-year-old should not be doing that.
8:13 am
>> imitating the moves of one of bollywood's biggest stars to a tee >> ooh. don't hurt yourself, man. >> his dad broke down after the performance saying how proud that his dancing dreams coming true and we're proud to say he's moving on on "india's got talent". >> look at the confidence in him. >> he had every move in there. >> we call it the kitchen sink. and then finally, love this. the residents of a nursing home in germany have -- they have honestly -- they have done the best calendar that i have ever seen. it's a limited edition and i'm sorry to say it is sold out. but take a look. that, my friends, is an 80-year-old james bond. also in the calendar, each month is a different movie represented, that blues brother team there, 78 and 90 years old. a little "saturday night live" action. all wonderful recreations from movies. these are so adorable. i mean who didn't love this scene from "titanic."
8:14 am
leo and kate got nothing on those two. >> "rocky." >> it sold out. we can't get one. >> holly golightly, "breakfast at tiffany's," "forever young" and a nice little smile on this friday. >> great way to end it for the week. thanks, lara. we're going to move on to justin bieber, of course, his public arrest. this is not the first time a young star has been in trouble with the law. the question for bieber is, can he turn this negative into a positive like many young superstars before him? abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: young, famous and out of control from amanda bynes to macaulay culkin and now with his arrest yesterday, justin bieber is just the latest young celebrity to have both head shots and mug shots all before turning 20. this isn't the first time bieber's bad behavior has made headlines from accusations of him spitting on fans, something he denies, to allegedly egging his neighbor's house.
8:15 am
>> when you have a young celebrity who gets into trouble, they're young. they don't have enough supervision. they have money and no consequences. >> reporter: for some young stars, living on the edge is just a phase they grow out of. >> i never have to worry that like i didn't get anything out of my system. >> reporter: but for others fame's wild ride takes them from cute to criminal. ♪ >> reporter: at age 17 singer leif garrett was high on alcohol and quaaludes when he crashed his car and paralyzed a friend. >> i was a monster. i'm sorry that actions i've done have hurt people. >> reporter: experts say bieber's arrest may be just the wake-up call he needs. >> hopefully this will be the event that will make him stop his bad behavior. >> reporter: yet sometimes it takes more than one brush with the law to scare a young star straight. lindsay lohan has seen the inside of a jail cell multiple times and was in and out of rehab six times before she told oprah she tried to get her life back on track.
8:16 am
>> i don't think in the past i've ever fully surrendered to the fact that i just need to shut up and listen. >> reporter: meanwhile, some say bieber might soon be singing the jailhouse blues if he doesn't change his tune. >> if he doesn't want to change, he can kiss his career good-bye because it's hard to have a career behind jail bars. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> that was some good advice at the end of the she's right. >> yeah, and we've seen many young stars who have been able to turn it around and we hope the same for him. >> we certainly do hope. now we have a special story. >> we sure do. >> our friend elizabeth vargas back tonight on "20/20." as many of you know, this follows time in rehab for alcoholism and yesterday i had a chance to sit down with elizabeth and talk about confronting that hard truth and coming back to work, life, family and love. you're an alcoholic. >> i am. i am an alcoholic. it took me a long time to admit that to myself. it took me a long time to admit
8:17 am
it to my family, but i am. >> and it must have taken so much effort to keep that secret. >> the amount of energy i expended keeping that secret and keeping this problem hidden from view, hidden from my family, hidden from friends, from colleagues was exhausting. >> i mean, you and i have spent literally hundreds of hours this far apart anchoring live television. i would have never guessed this in a million years. >> i mean, george, it's a staggering burden to walk around with, and you become so isolated with the secret and so lonely because you can't tell anyone what's happening, and yet it was a fact of my life. you know, i've battled since i was a child. my dad went to vietnam when i was 6 years old, and i had panic attacks every single day when my mom would leave for work, and i spent most of my childhood having almost daily panic attacks and most of my adulthood having a lot of panic and dealing with a lot of severe anxiety.
8:18 am
i dealt with that anxiety and with the stress that that anxiety brought by starting to drink. and it slowly escalated and got worse and worse. and i remember a few years ago i began to think, do i have a problem with this? and i actually started reporting on it. i've done like a half dozen "20/20" hour-long specials on drinking. >> but that's on one track and your life is on another. >> yeah, i mean, it's one thing to report on it. it's another thing entirely to admit it because even to admit it to myself was admitting i thought that i was a failure. >> and you don't fail. >> no. >> so when you first asked the question, how do you tamp it down? >> i started thinking, well, you know, i'll only drink, you know, on weekends. i'll only drink, you know, two glasses of wine a night. i won't drink on nights before i have to get up and do "good morning america." but those deals never work. >> did anyone, anyone close to you realize? >> my husband. my husband knew i had a problem. >> what did he say? >> you have a problem.
8:19 am
you're an alcoholic, and it made me really angry, really angry but he was right. >> so when mark first said something to you, did you immediately go and seek professional help? >> no. >> go to rehab? no? >> no, it took a long time. i mean, denial is huge for any alcoholic, especially for any functioning alcoholic, because i'm not living under a bridge. i haven't been arrested. >> getting to work every day. >> on a saturday afternoon i showed up for a "20/20" shoot and i was in no shape to do that interview. when i got out of the car i realized, what am i doing? and that's when i knew i need to get help. >> was wine your go-to drink? >> wine was my go-to drink. a lot of wine. >> but how do you do that and, you know, you're a wife, a mother. >> yeah. >> how, where, when? >> at night. that was a ritual. i should have realized it was a problem way back when zachary,
8:20 am
my oldest son was born and he used to call my nightly glass of wine "mommy's juice" and i thought that was hysterical. it didn't occur to me that that was a problem. anybody who knows about alcoholism will tell you it's a deadly progressive disease. it certainly was progressive for me. i didn't start drinking until later in life. i mean, i had a panic attack on live television when i was anchoring the news in chicago. >> good evening. >> i had to take beta blockers because i was so nervous and so anxious and, you know, that's exhausting to live like that and it becomes very easy to think, i deserve this glass of wine. i'm so stressed out and i'm keeping it hidden. i can't tell anybody, not even you sitting next to me. >> wanted to do the job. >> i felt like i had to be perfect, which is ridiculous. nobody is perfect. >> so what happened? >> i went to a rehab that specializes in treating trauma. i came -- >> how long did you stay? >> i stayed for 28 days and left against their advice and came home because i really wanted to
8:21 am
come home, and they said, we think you need to do more work, and i came home for five days and realized they were right and i went back and finished and stayed until the doctors there said i was ready to come back and, you know, this isn't what i want to be known for, but i'm really proud of what i did. >> how did you know you were ready to come back, to come home? >> you know, it's -- it's a psychic change, i think. i mean it's learning to accept that i'm human, that there's nothing wrong with failing, that there's nothing wrong with feeling anxiety. >> mark must be relieved too. >> yeah, and my kids, you know, my kids too. >> and what did you tell them? >> my boys are 7 and 10 years old and i explained to them that mommy has an allergy to alcohol. i didn't want to use the word disease with them even though that's how it's classified by the medical professional. >> too scary. >> it's too scary. the connotation for them is
8:22 am
disease is something deadly and even though alcoholism is, we did it that way and we explained that i was going away to get better, and they came and visited me. i think they're okay. they're going to be okay. >> is it hard not to drink? >> yeah. >> still? >> right now i feel really strong and i have a great support system in place. i'm part of aa. i have a sponsor. i have great, great friends who i love and who love me. >> what are your triggers? what are the stress points? >> you know, daily stress, you know, listen, there are lots of people who feel a lot of stress. not everybody turns to a glass of wine or three like i did or four like i did on some occasions. what i learned to do when i was away was to feel the feelings, you know what, they're not going to kill you. you have to experience them. but i never learned that skill and it's -- makes it tough some days. alcohol for me is no longer an option. >> what are the tricks now? so when you feel that, what do you do instead?
8:23 am
>> call a friend, meditate, pray. there's been a real spiritual component for me in all of this. reach out to somebody who can talk you through that rotten day and support you in that. >> telling your story, sharing it now, do you think it makes a difference in how you live your life? >> it's always embarrassing to have the entire world know your deepest, darkest secret and yet i think in the long term it will be ultimately a blessing because i can be free about it. >> well, you look great. you sound great. ready to get back to work? >> i feel great. i am. i'm really ready to get back to work. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> you can see that freedom on her face, can't you? >> you really can, and when she was here yesterday we were just -- it was just so great to see her and amy and i know this especially and everyone here knows it but the two of us, the unconditional love that she's going to get here, the unconditional love and support that she has. >> yep. >> and that's a powerful thing, >> it is. >> it makes you get through the day.
8:24 am
>> so great to see her. >> it's so eloquent, you know, just so strong and i really feel like her words and her bravery is going to help a lot of people. >> a reminder too of all the good work aa has done for so long for so many people making such a big difference to her. >> my grandfather, i never knew him as an alcoholic. by the time i came along, he was sober. and it was aa that helped him and i'm just thinking like all of us, people at home right now listening to elizabeth and knowing that they too may have that issue and that they will too find the strength. >> and if you do, think how hard it was for her to come forward. >> yep. >> but she did. >> ono you can get there. she's on the better side of it now. you can see more of elizabeth's story on "20/20" right here on abc at 10:00 eastern. >> it was very, very moving. all right, now something else incredibly moving. we want to go down to kissimmee, florida. where josh has the assignment of a lifetime. he's helping to renovate a very special place for some very deserving families.
8:25 am
josh, how is it going down there? >> it's going great, lara. i do want to say our friend and colleague, elizabeth vargas, welcome home, elizabeth. welcome home. we are down here at give kids the world village. it is a place, a magical place where kids are battling life-threatening illnesses can come and with their families just be kids for a week. it was also the work of over 40,000 volunteer hours and so many of these wonderful volunteers from walt disney world, i know, emeril, you're here and i know of all the stories that we heard, there's one here that really touched you. >> absolutely, my friend. i'm so inspired being here. it's unbelievable. but i got to tell you a story of a man i met. his name is brad, and he came with his son noah here who is struggling with an illness and brad is from winnipeg, canada, and he was so inspired with his family experience here at this place, that he moved to kissimmee. >> it's amazing. >> moved to kissimmee, and that,
8:26 am
my friend, is what this place is all about. >> seriously, you guys, for all of us here at "good morning america," we're really looking forward to the fruits of your labor on the other side of that bus. >> yeah. >> so much more to get to down here and we will coming right up, again, we'll see you soon. it's a makeover you don't want to miss. go nowhere. ♪ ♪ show 'em how we do it now shake your groove thing ♪
8:27 am
>> good morning. i'm kristen sze. look at this, the surf competition is underway this morning near half moon bay. about tw dozen of the best surfers in the world have been in the water for the past half hour waiting to hop onto a jiebt wave. they expect to ride down a wall of water up to 40 feet high. look at some of the action right there. and spectators are not allowed to watch by the peach. but urged to watch it frts oceanian in a hotel in half moon bay. we're also streaming this live on our website at
8:28 am
i don't want to keep talking. but better toss it to you leyla. >> and good news, it looks like b.a.r.t. is back on track. no delays reported here. we had an earlier medical emergency room in the pitford bay point direction. we do have a rock slide off of
8:29 am
>> good morning. off to a hayes start.
8:30 am
visibility, two and a half miles into nevada. today, partly sunny but d ♪ go, go, go. >> there we are, look at our friends down in florida right now, disney's magical express. there's mickey, a lot of friends there, and we are just moments away from our biggest mega-makeover reveal yet. we cannot wait to share it with ty pennington. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> it will be a lot of fun, and we just thank our friends at disney, our "gma" family coming together to make over such a wonderful place. they have been working hard and josh is going to bring it all to us in just a moment. thanks, ty. we're also happy to have deejay amanda seales spinning us into the weekend with great grooves. peaches and herb -- >> i love that one. >> i know you do, miss roberts. and also coming up,
8:31 am
where you can find fashionable clothing for your work at a major discount with some unlikely stores that will have you looking stylish while you're saving. i said it, robin. >> you did say it. and, you know, you're loving this because you're all about the makeovers. >> i sure am. >> you are all about that so time now to go back to josh just outside of orlando for "gma's" mega-makeover. go, josh. >> oh, robin, guys, what a wonderful morning. this is a day when this job really feels like a blessing because of what they're doing here at give kids the world village. what they're doing here and the message they're sending is a simple one but is incredibly important because the people that need it most, sick kids facing life-threatening illnesses can come here and for five days with their families they can forget about doctors, they can forget about disease, and they can just be kids. i want to introduce you to one girl who knows exactly what i'm talking about. ♪
8:32 am
>> hope that's the one that really describes give kids the world. >> reporter: for nearly a quarter of a century, give kigsd the world village has been dispensing hope and love and joy to kids suffering from life-threatening illnesses. [ cheers and applause ] and for more than 120,000 families facing the unspeakable, it's created the most treasured memories of all. >> i know with all my heart that give kids the world gave me the strength to survive and to be standing here today. >> reporter: alyssa pietruszka knows the power of this incredible place very well. from 3 years old she was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer. >> i had treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, and nothing was working, so they put me into hospice, and i was granted a wish from the make-a-wish foundation. >> when you have a child that's full of life and happy, running
8:33 am
around and the next day it's all taken away, it's very hard. >> reporter: helpless against the ravages of the disease, alyssa's family instead turned to give kids the world to grant their brave little girl her special wish, to be a princess. >> and my first impression was that there was no doctor, so i was safe from anything like needles. there was christmas every thursday, and there's a 24/7 ice cream palace, and there's a carousel that you can ride every day and any day that you want. anything that you could possibly imagine was there. >> reporter: before arriving alyssa's situation could not have been more dire. >> i was lifeless, i wasn't laughing, i wasn't smiling ever. >> reporter: but at this magical place, that little girl who was put into hospice instead turned the corner. >> every morning instead of barely walking, i was laughing and i was smiling. anything that i could possibly imagine, i did.
8:34 am
>> reporter: alyssa calls the experience the magic medicine. she is now a healthy 15-year-old sophomore in high school, and while many of these stories don't have such endings, all of the families who come to give kids the world really do get to experience a miracle. one special week where their kids get to forget about being sick and simply be kids. >> it saved my life. >> and we assure you the tears today are, indeed, happy ones. i want to introduce you to someone. look at alyssa. alyssa pietruszka. >> good morning. >> it's a remarkable story to hear. >> thank you. >> when you first got here, what did you think when you walked through those doors? >> i knew right away that this was going to make me better. when i was in the hospital, you know, all hope was taken away from me and right when i entered
8:35 am
here, i started running and laughing and my family thought that this could make me better. >> we heard you say, you called it the magic medicine. >> yes. >> was it also -- what did it mean to you to have people like yourself, peers who were all fighting disease? >> it really just helps all of us. if we come together as one and we just find that hope together and just with the volunteers and everybody just coming together as a family, it really helps us. >> and you mentioned the volunteers, and they are with us today and the work they do, i know you're one now. >> uh-huh. >> what does it mean to have all these people giving everything they can? >> it's -- i can't even imagine like all of you guys here, it just means so much to everybody and to give kids the world and to all of the sick children that come here and just to be able to have that inspiration, it's amazing. >> well, look, it is so good to be able to hug you. >> thank you. >> thanks to all of you. look what we're going to be moving, all right. one last surprise, this thing is rolling, and you're going to see a makeover you're not going to want to miss.
8:36 am
but for now the final look at the weather. ginger. >> we cannot wait, josh. we're very excited, and we're also excited to say a very good morning to dad, larry, which is in -- >> indiana. >> all the way from ft. wayne, indiana. we've got a reveal sign of the i like that. let's get to the forecast because we have a lot to tell you. it has been snowing in the south. places that haven't seen it for years. this is southeastern texas. but places like austin saw it, louisiana, even pictures from mississippi this morning with some light dusting, but that stuff in the south that is going to move out through the day, but not going to warm up a whole lot so the roads will remain icy. probably not the best day if your school is not closed, it'll be rough down there. the weekend flyby. look, dry in the west.
8:37 am
>> this weather report brought to you by mazda. and, robin, people always say you only give bad weather news. salt lake city will be nice. this weekend, hazy and around 40. >> thank you for that. i can always count on you. oh, we got the dance party going on in here with amanda. coming up, the unlikely places you can find fashionable clothes for work at a discount. come on back. oh, she's doing that move now. that's my move. that's my move. do it again. do it again.
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if you're getting married, why not have a dream wedding on valentine's day on national tv and why not have him sing your first dance. >> you're looking at the ultimate wedding singer. >> we want to make your wedding dreams come true, but hold on, to get a wedding like this, you and your love are going to have to earn it, so go to now to find out how to enter "gma's" epic wedding showdown. we'll make your wedding day epic. ♪ good morning america >> enter now. >> whoo! >> oh, yeah. ♪ >> yeah. >> oh. it's that time, everybody. >> whoa. okay, it's actually time to talk about work clothes. on a budget. like this. no, no, no. >> you're going to love our office. >> abc's sara haines went out on a shopping spree in search of glamorous workwear
8:41 am
for a lot less money and may be surprised where she found it. tell us. >> well, first of all, mom, dad, it's not that kind of show. don't worry. you might be surprised many stores we've written off as too young or too trendy may just have some hidden gems. i'm wearing my finds under this robe, but before i show you my hidden gems, see how we ventured out. getting glam and staying trendy can be a bit spendy so why not hit the mall in a whole new way. >> there's nothing wrong with shaking it up and trying new things. >> reporter: in an effort to track down some stylish finds that aren't on my radar, i met up with author and style expert, daisy lewellyn who gave me the fashion 411. our first stop, forever 21. i think sometimes these stores are so big and there's so much going on that i don't even know where to start. daisy's first savvy shopping tip, arrive early. >> the stores are very nice and neat and it's organized, so the
8:42 am
earlier you come, the more you can see all the great merchandise. they've put the big trends that they're pushing at the moment in the front. now, this is a great example of something on trend and right in front of the store. can you see michelle obama wearing this? >> i could see me wearing this. why go first lady when you can go right here. keep your eye out for classic items like blazers and camis. >> bright orange blazer, it's a great color, the zipper is very on trend but still wearable and how much is it? $15.80. we all need camis. they're great to go under your sweaters. hello, work pumps. colors are a huge trend this season, and these are $29. >> reporter: and what's an outfit without accessories. next stop, claire's. >> we know diamonds are a girl's best friend but sometimes we need a friend on the side. she's called cubic zirconia. >> reporter: i like that friendship. >> and they're $12.50. >> reporter: cuff earrings. a fashion must have like jennifer lawrence and emma watson both rocking cuffs on the red carpet. >> sometimes trends can cost a lot of money, but you don't really wear them all the time,
8:43 am
so claire's is a great option, because this is $5.50. >> reporter: so when you're searching for the latest fad, don't be scared to double back to some of the stores of yesteryear. you're going to get over the loud music and all the teenagers that are in there, but if you get in there and get your hands dirty, you'll definitely find a few things. >> and the drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> whoa! >> yeah. >> whoo! >> that is -- you look fabulous. i love the jacket. >> this is forever 21. these pumps are forever 21. this is claire's. you'll see the little cuff earrings. >> oh yeah. >> i might have put on everything on at once so you could probably -- >> i love the whole look and i think stores like that are a great resource. you just can't get overwhelmed. >> don't go to sales first. oftentimes it would be overwhelming for those that aren't as style savvy and they leave with too much. >> oh, go on. >> you, you. >> this is great. thank you for the tips.
8:44 am
>> thanks. >> and the big reveal. >> not a slumber party. coming up, we're about to move the bus. it is time for the big reveal in florida. it's a moving makeover, so stay with us on "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ this is going to be -- okay, moment of the morning now, let's go down to florida for the big reveal. see what ty pennington and his disney world team have done. josh, take it away. ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ >> i tell you what, mega-makeover week comes to a fitting close. we have been telling you all
8:47 am
morning about give kids the world village, a place where kids facing life-threatening illnesses can come and with their families be kids for a week but where they were coming to been around for about a quarter century. it was in need of a little help. >> yeah. >> and so we found a very familiar face to give it a little redo. take a look. ♪ after nearly 25 years of helping families, give kids the world village was in need of a face-lift, and we wanted to help. hanging some thank you letters from families, which are remarkable. our target, this building, the very first place people come when they visit the village. >> what really makes this tick is we have 15,000 active volunteers. >> 15,000 active volunteers. >> 15,000. >> reporter: and for help we turned to old friends, ty pennington and his team. ty got the lay of the land with give kids the world president, pamela landworth, and then
8:48 am
together they formulated a plan. >> so all of this would be volunteer space. >> reporter: and then the fun began. much more than a mere face-lift. it took 600 hours for design alone. they began demolition just over a month ago. 50 men, 12,000 man-hours worked so far. just in the nick of time. i'm just glad they saved me something. >> to be able to make the room work but still give it some real impact when you walk in. >> reporter: before our very eyes, a transformation. >> all right. definitely going to be some good memories here. >> here we go. >> all right, so first a little housekeeping here. we want to thank for redoing the
8:49 am
memory makers building, gaf, it's a roofhing company that put the new roof, west elm, all the furnishings inside and wyndham for renovating the villas where the families stay, this is pamela landworth, the ceo, it's been killing her not to go inside her own building. pamela, thank you for holding it together until now. i am, though, going to see the floor. ty, i think you can take it from here. >> okay. >> and i know you're ready. >> i'm ready. please, please. >> are you guys ready? >> all: yes! >> okay. >> all right. you guys know what to say, right? >> yes, yes, yes. >> say it with me. first of all, good morning, america. >> all: good morning, america. >> here we go. >> all: move that bus. >> come on. >> let's go. ♪ ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ >> you see all the columns are gone. >> this is amazing. >> mickey is here to greet you. >> oh, mickey.
8:50 am
mickey. i love you, mickey. oh. >> all right. so this is what really -- come on in, ty. >> yeah, yeah. >> oh, my gosh. >> the mural is beautiful, but you got to get really up close to see exactly what you did. what did you do? >> so now these are the 400 -- so the 400 photographs of the families and the kids that have been here along with the volunteers and the people at disney, we all got together so that image of a father with two kids is literally a mural of hundreds of photos of all the families and the volunteers and so put into the computer and so put into the computer and it came together like that and see in the background the illuminated stars where wishes really do come true. >> where wishes come true this is -- >> what do you think? >> i -- this is beyond my wildest expectations. >> okay. >> you know, really, disney was a founding partner of ours 28
8:51 am
years ago and they've been with us every step of the way but we wouldn't be standing here right now if it weren't for tom staggs, the chairman of disney parks, and all the amazing cast members who help us day in and day out, and this is just a culmination of so many things. thank you. this is -- >> want to see a little more? >> please. i've been waiting so long. ♪ this is amazing. this is -- this is incredible. >> so this is our friend. >> hello. >> emeril. thank you. >> so, emeril, what do we have here and ty? >> well, i have to tell you, ty had a beautiful idea. >> what is that? >> his idea was to let the volunteers see the fruits of their labors, and so these montages are letters that kids about their visit here and what a place of celebration. a lot of love on this wall. >> they pour out their hearts. i don't know what we'd do without our volunteers. >> pamela, i want you to look at this letter, but, more importantly, could you read that
8:52 am
line for me, please? >> lauren has been in and out of remission for many years now. we have always known that there was no cure for her disease and the one thing that we learned from that trip to florida is to cherish every moment. to try to make life mean something and to have hope no matter what. >> hope no matter what. >> that's what it's all about. it's hope and i think that's the most precious gift you can give and that's what disney has helped give all these children, over 127,000. that's what our volunteers help give all these children, and it makes a difference in their live, and it's just amazing. >> you know, it's interesting, when i was reading these letters, they're all about people struggling to find the words to say thank you. something that we hope we've been able to do today. we want to thank all of the volunteers -- >> absolutely. >> -- who contributed. we want to thank you, ty, for everything you and your team did. emeril, it's a place where ice cream is served all day. >> ice cream for breakfast. >> a special, special thank you to you. >> thank you. >> really, really.
8:53 am
enjoy it. to learn a whole lot more about give kids the world village, log on to we'll be right back. ♪ >> awesome job, everybody. >> amazing, this is amazing. this is beyond my wildest dreams. >> "gma's" mega-makeover is brought to you by truvia natural sweetener, from nature, for sweetness. ♪
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8:56 am
what a great morning. what a way to send you off into the weekend. thank you, josh. thank you, josh. all our friends in florida. >> i love that song. big thank you to deejay amanda seales. have a great weekend, everyone. weekend, everyone.
8:57 am
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>> good morning. i'm kristen sze. the surf competition has been under way near half moon for the past hour. this is a live look at some of the surfers. we're streaming the competition live on our website. they're just waiting for the big one, mike. >> and notice a couple nice ones go by. but they haven't caught any of the bigger ones yet. red flag warning, high fire danger above 1,000 feet. record highs possible next week. leyla. >> and we have a major injury accident on surfer street. there was a car versus a
9:00 am
pedestrian. esk is reopened. but we've got announcer: it's like like. today, broadway, film and television star patrick stewart. from the series "the following," james purefoy. and cancer preventing tips. plus anderson cooper returns for another day at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and anderson cooper! [cheers and applause] ♪


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