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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a vicious dog was shot and killed by a san francisco police officer today. authority says the pitbull mix charged the officer. it happened as police were investigating trespassing reports inside the potrero hill housing project. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. cornell bernard is live at san francisco's animal care and control with more. reporter: everyone knew this vicious dog by its nickname, psycho. the dog was impounded twice by animal care and control, his owner is under arrest tonight.
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>> workers board up a vacant unit in the housing project after police encountered a vicious dog inside. the pit bug mix known as psycho, and psycho today charged one of our officers. our officer retreat and, having nowhere else to go, fired one round and killed the dog unfortunately. reporter: police officers were doing a vacant unit check and found psycho and his owner squatting inside. the man has trespassed here before with his dog. >> with a nickname of psycho, sounds like there have been concerns and complaints from residents. >> they shot psycho? he is. >> sharon always tried best to avoid the dog. >> sometimes overaggressive. yeah. >> were you afraid of the nothing. >> if he wasn't on the leash, yes. >> she never let her daughter play outside if psycho was out,
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too. >> he always has -- >> on a leash? >> always. because. >> officials at san francisco animal care and control say the dog was impounded twice in the last two years. not for being vicious but because his owner was squatting in vacant apartments. police still have many questions for psycho's owner. >> whether there was any intention of him releasing the dog third officer. >> the investigation continues. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> in maryland, three people are dead after a gunman opened fire in a crowded shopping mall today. the suspected shooter is among the dead. the victims all worked in the mall. a man and woman in their 20s. five others were injured. police are now trying to figure out what the gunman went on a rampage. here's the story. >> we do have three confirmed fatilities. reporter: a quiet saturday of
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shopping shatteredded by gunfire. >> the identity of the shooter, we don't know who that is yet. we're get eight sis stance from federal partners in making sure there's no explosives on the body. >> police responded in fours, swarming the mall in columbia, maryland, suburb of baltimore and washington, dc. >> i started hearing banging from the foot court if thought they were doing construction. >> some shoppers ran for the exits. >> the customers and children and took them out back. >> others sheltered in police. >> everybody ducked to the ground. i heard more than ten shots. >> in the back of the store in the fitting room, just -- where do you go? you're in a fitting raul. >> mall tatepit tropes were directed to a parking lot. somey tears. >> lots of tears. >> it's emotional. i think about my kids. >> everybody is running for safety. and it was like screaming, you know, earlier. >> this woman says she doesn't even bring her children shopping
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anymore. >> i don't bring my kids to malls because i have four little ones. i can't save them all. >> mary bruce, washington. >> family and friends are raising money for a mother who lost both of her teenage shoots in separate shootings within two weeks of each other. the fundraise was to cover funeral kolless for one -- costs. it happened last sunday. his mother was already in mourning over her other sound, 1-year-old lee withersby who was shot less than a mile away and died in the hospital on new year's day. >> the response has been great. it's been wonderful. people have just been coming and donating with or without a plate. we also have a fund set up. >> we have put a link of the fund on our web site, abc7 undee
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it on tv". >> in antioch this woke up some residents. it happened at midnight on buchanan road. the driver of the carlos control and slapped into one house and then hit another. residents say they were surprised by what they saw when they got out of bed. >> oh, we were just laying in bed, and all of a sudden we hear a loud explosion, and felt the house shake, and so get up and we hear talking and lights, and the window has been busted out. we thought somebody was breaking in, but that's what we found in our frontyard. >> no one was injured. the car also knocked out a pg&e power box. electricity was out for several homes for hours. it's not known if the driver was taken into custody. the crash is under investigation. oakland officials and polices joined forces today to address one of the city's biggs problems, car theft. at clinton park on sixth avenue,
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clubs were given out. it's a way of educating the community about the problem and the simple things that can keep their property safe. >> as far as things people can do, like using an auto club, auto that anti-device, put it on their steering wheel. it's visible, people see it and they're not more apt to take that car and go to something else. >> police say toyotas and hondas are the cars of choice among thieves because they'reees to get into and start. a boogie boarder dieds from injuries from big waves. these pictures are of the riecks yesterday, happened near the santa cruz light house. the man was expand was told to move. >> caltrans closed part of the manzanita park and ride lot. high tides are expected of the
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next couple of weeks. the lot at 101 and shoreline highway often floods, especially during high tide. caltrans will be closing 75 parking spaces. >> members of the public got a sneak peek at sfo's now term three. it opens for business on tuesday after 18 months of renovations. the $138 million makeover includes interactive displays, new shops and restaurants and art installations and a yoga ram. there are ten gates to handle 100 united airlines flights each day the building uses recycled and local materials for the windows and skylights. >> still ahead at 5:00, the cause that brought thousands of people from across the nation to downtown san francisco. plus, violent clashes in egypt on the third anniversary of the political uprising and the california man now caught in the conflict.
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>> hi. i'm in the accuweather center. record-breaking temperatures today. there's a change in the accuweather seven day
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>> sought -- [shouting] >> thousands of abortion opponents rallied in san francisco for the tenth annual walk for life west coast today. the protesters gathered at civic center plaza before marching down market street. last week supervisor david campos introduced a resolution opposing the abortion hurts women banners. the protest is the 41st
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41st anniversary of roe v. wade, the supreme court decision that legalized abortion. an egyptian health ministry official says at least 29 people have been killed in clashes today. the anniversary of the 2011 revolution. the official says fierce fighting has been going on between largely islamist protesters and security forces in eastern cairo. thousands took to the streets today to mark the third anniversary of the uprising that forced long-time leader hosni mubarak to step down. a 25-year-old man from los angeles was taken away by egyptian security forces for unknown reasons. jeremy hodge had been working in egypt as translator since october 2012. his mother says he needs medication for severe asthma. >> he is in detention wednesday night, and the embassy has not been allowed a one-on-one visit. i would say that's the most
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distressing thing. >> the u.s. embassy is aware a u.s. citizen has been detained in egypt but cannot comment. the relationship status of the president of france has changed. an aide to the president confirmses hit ended his relationship with his cam panon of seven years. they weren't married but she was considered the first lady of france. two weeks ago a tabloid reported the president was having an affair with a french actress. >> coming up at 5:00, the startling moment between a lion and two kids taking pictures of the animal. >> she dedicates her life to helping others. await tress gets the tip of a lifetime when she needed it most. >> another record warm day in the bay. meteorologist francis
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south africa video captured a terrifying moment between a lion and two children hanging out of the window of an suv to take pictures while on safari. the male lion growled and lunched at them. it turn around to leave with his female companion. adults have been criticized for allowing the children to lean out and take photos. >> a popular restaurant in daly city will serve its final mes tomorrow. joe's of westlake will close for
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remodeling after 57 years of business. workers ticketed the eatery earlier this month because the owner sold the place and they didn't get any severance pay. >> some generous tippers crossed paths with a deserve waitress, changing her life in a drama way. she is a waitress in knocks veil, tennessee. when she is not at work she is making home made pies, soups and homeless, for the homeless. but her mother had a heart attack and she missed so much work carrying for heir, she came up short on her bills and was about to have her electricity shut off. then these week a quiet couple left her a type of $1,075. >> i'm humbled. i'm grateful. i do believe that god led you to me at this time in my life, but i do -- i hope and pray that
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some day i'm able to do this for somebody, and at the first opportunity i will. >> the couple left a note with a tip that read, jesus blessed us and we were led to give it to you. god bless. >> i it is time to get a check on the weather. more records going on our there. frances dinglasen is in for leigh glaser tonight. >> we broke a few records. statewide. live doppler 7hd sweeping around, showing you some cloud cover, high cirrus clouds from the coast, and check out some of these records. at the oakland museum, we broke a record. 73 the high today, report of 72 set in 2011. almost two weeks in a row of record-breaking temperatures at the oakland museum. we broke them at moffat field, tied in san jose and also in gilroy, high of 77 today, breaking a record of 71. so six degrees above the record. here's the view of san san jose.
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temperatures already coming down right now. san francisco 66. redwood city, 71. los gatos, 69. also want to show you another live shot from mt. tam towards the bay. you can see little haziness. it is a "spare the air" day, so no wood burping -- no would burning tonight. napa, 64. concord, 70. looks towards the embarcadero, winds calm and traffic has been busy. it's been great for doing outdoor activities but not great in terms of rainfall because we need that. the near record temperatures today, probably again tomorrow. sunny and mild. and a chance of rain late next week. we'll keep you posted on that. the pacific satellite image shows this ridge, this strong ridge just brought us a dry, mild, and warm weather, statewide, and it's been very
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persistent. it's been there for a couple weeks. so the forecast model shows clouds moving in overnight, just some light clouds. by the afternoon we'll see filtered hazy sunshine but temperatures warm again. overnight lows will be on the cool side in the north bay. some 30s, in santa rosa and napa, san francisco, one of the milder spots, 40 in fremont, 41 in san jose. tomorrow, look for another fine day outside. we'll hit the 70s again in many areas. 72 in antioch and livermore. 67, san francisco. 70, san jose. we could break some records. and this is what i want to show you, the ten-day outlook. it's out there in advance but possibly by as early as thursday we could see sprinkles and then for the beginning of the month of february, a chance of rain stays with us. doesn't look like it's going to make a big dent, though.
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me a only have an inch in parts of the north bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. at least we see some change, even though we are well above normal temperatures. the first half of the week you'll see that things start to cool down on thursday, more clouds, bringing us a chance of showers friday, into saturday. so enjoy the warm weather, we're going to get a change. >> shu is here with sports. unusual day for tiger. >> made his debut for the 2014 season at torrey pines but the defending champion didn't make the cut. matches his highest score on tour today. it was ugly,
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>> as we await super bowl xlviii in new york, we'll take a look at future starred of the nfl in the senior bowl. one name we know, david sales. plays for under gus bradley. second quarter, murray follows out. norwood, 29 yards touchdown. he made one mistake in the second half. under more pressure. a little behind his receiver. picked off by lawson from utah state but finished the game 6-7, ending with a 35 yard strike to matthew. south wins, david sale will be a steal. >> to the australian open where li na finally broke through.
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had to sweat out the first set but takes the tiebreak. na then breezes through the second set. the gimme. but na puts it away. lee --ly li na wins and then joked about her husband. >> thanks for give of everything, travel with me to be my hitting partner, and he has a lot of jobs. also, you're so lucky, family. agent make me reach. thanks a lot. >> let's tee it up in san diego. tiger woods has won eight times at torrey pipes and is the defending champion. his first event of the year but today he missed the cut. beautiful shot of torrey pines.
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shot a 79, seven over on the tournament. shot of the day, davidland. three double bogeys today. three p-over on the day. arch is which chasing gary wood lend. 8-under on the tournament. leads by one streak going into sunday's final round. lpga tour in the pa bahamas, creamer, two eagles and this holeout but a triple bogey buts her in third place. >> yankees pitcher cc sabathia facing his annual pitch-in foundation clinic at his alma mater. vallejo high school. he feels like baseball is losing is luster with kids and trying to intro reintroduce the sport to the youth of today. >> inner cities, that's why we
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try to put on these camps and clinics and let the kids know baseball is a fun game to play, and i grew up playing with and it i want share it with them. >> being active and healthy and getting parents to understand this is important, taking your kids to camps liking this and keep are your thirds. a tick. >> seattle and denver arrive in new york for super bowl xlviii tomorrow. let the hype begin. >> absolutely. thank you so much, mike. up next, the special friendship formed between a
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>> coming up at 6:00. we'll hear from dozens of residents in a san francisco neighborhood who say they're being force out of their homes. the new service apple may soon bring you that could earn the company billions in profits. join us at 6:00. an incredible bond has formed between a lamb and a german shepherd. the family says the lamb, named rammy, was reject it by its mother so they took it in. to their surprise their three-year-old german shepherd is treating the lamb like one of her puppy. they play together, even cuddle. clicky is always make sure lamy is taken care of. the lamb turned five days old today and the family says they plan to raise him as a pet. very cute. that does it for us here at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. for frances, shu, leigh, who is
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off, world news is coming up next. this is "world news." tonight breaking news. a deadly day at the mall. gunfire erupting in a suburban shopping center. hundreds running for cover and hiding behind count ters and in storage rooms. who was behind this? the deep freeze. the dangerous cold about to get colder. the new system. temperatures plummeting further and the accidents and the snow and ice this saturday. the other price. the unbelievable cost of keeping your home warm in all this. an affair to remember, the big headline breaking in france. the president caught hiding under his helmet makes up his mind. his long-time girlfriend or the actress and who is coming to the white house? the new study about the way we live now with all of our our devices. and what it's doing to our eyes. tonight what we should be doing every 20 minutes.


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