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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 27, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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in that accident has in the been charged. the district attorney is still investigating the case. >> a new year's eve this honda suv driven by a 57-year-old. police say he hit a 6-year-old sophia lu, killing her. he worked for the on demand car service, uber. >> he was using his uber app looking to find a fare. having that app there as a gps is using the uber app >> the mother is seen theer month. she suffered broken bones and her eyes were swollen shut. her 5-year-old son was also injured. >> i cannot save her life. the driver killed her. >> the suit claims uber is
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responsible because the driver was on the app at the time of the crash. the company insists the driver was not providing services on the system. during the time of the accident. meaning there was no passenger in the car. the company is denying insurance protection to cover him and the lu family. on demand car services are regulated by the california public utilities commission. taxis in san francisco fall under the jurisdiction of the city. san francisco supervisor jane kim says it's time to scrutinize these so called network companies, tncs like uber. >> insurance covering them when driving their car for service. regardless whether there is a passenger or not suchlt may change the way uber does business. attorneys will argue looking and then responding to a fare is like texting and driving. which goes against california law. in san
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francisco, abc7 news. >> uber is facing more opposition from drivers. about 30 protested outside of the office claiming uber is charging tips on behalf of the drivers but keeping the money. they're preparing a lawsuit against the car service and others want other benefits >> all costs, only cost is taking care of is maintaining the app and keeping a prompt. i'm the guy gassing up the car, showing up to the customer. and give him the ride.. >> i think the guys are all independent contractors. >> uber representatives were listening to concerns. >> bart police chief revealed
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the name of an officer who shot and killed a supervisor the officer plans to attend the funeral for sargeant tovm smith. mays is a 26-year veteran of bay area law enforcement. investigators have not said why he fired if prps by mistake. another big question centers on whether two uniformed officers followed protocol. >> i would have expectation, yes. but they might be some reason why they were not on. i don't know. >> the chief added today the investigation of the shooting should be completed within 3 to 4 weeks >> twin brothers are under arrest for fatal stabbing of a man outside of a birthday party. police arrested them this
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morning. theys r.police say they stabbed an 18-year-old outside of a piedmont home. family members say he was killed trying to break up a fight. >> a police officer pleaded guilty to ten felony counts of child molestation. the 38-year-old accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy last summer n court the judge lowered bail to $100,000 after hastings attorney argued he poses no danger. hasting saz 13 year veteran of the sfpd named in a civil rights lawsuit over the death of a man who accidentally shot himself after being stopped for evading a muni fair. >> in benicia the community of matthew turner elementary school is in disbelief over charges a
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respected teacher brought pot-laced food to a teacher potluck. the veteran teacher was arrested on friday. >> around matthew turner elementary school the word marijuana and name teresa badger could never be linked until now this, >> this person is someone i've known 20 years and has never done anything. >> but the benicia police and district attorney see it differently. an investigation prompted by the school district superintendent last november. >> actually they came to the principal. the principal reported to it me. yes. they had eaten food at a party and experienced symptoms. >> investigators learned she did confide in several people after the party not before, or during that after the party during the investigation that she had brought a dish that was laced with marijuana to the party. >> as to what food, police are
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not saying. except that 8 or 9 people tasted the dish including a 15-year-old the next day who also reported symptoms. >> one lady went to the hospital. it was some tremors and shortness of breath. just symptoms she wasn't sure of. next day another party goer went to the hospital as well. her blood was drawn and came back with positive for thc, active ingredient of marijuana >> mrs. badger is charged with three counts of poisoning. she's on administrative leave and was not home today. as school let out, parents and kids describe the charges as impossible. based on the fine teacher they know. >> i'm sure when facts come out she'll be vindicated. >> she's a wonderful teacher. >> if you're listening we love you. you have nothing but support from a lot of people in
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this town. >> teresa badger will appear in court on valentine's day. wayne freedman abc7 news. a man charged with setting a dumpster fire has been found not guilty of arson. the 22-year-old was one of several people arrested that night. according to his public defender three police officers offered testimony exchanged their stories of trial and in addition he does not have a lighter or matches in his possession and did not smell of folk. >> when you drive a bus for a living when nature calls a place to stop could be tough to find. there is a plan to make it easier for drivers. >> where do you go when you need to go on the job? just walk down the hallway there
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is a clean rest room but that is not the case for these muni operators. and now, change is on the way. >> bathroom there. see it? port o potty. see it? that a lot of people don't want to use it. >> it's one of the few options. two dozen agency rest rooms city side. >> some times we have to stop in the route going into a restaurant or place like thoochlt historically drivers used gas stations and after debate, the plan to build 30 prefab units only accessible to muni employees. each costing
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$170,000 what muni believes impact will be priceless. >> this can have an impact on performance. service is impacted to put the bus on hold >> houstony contracted with a few businesses to allow drivers to dash in there for relief. >> some best customers we're pro muni here. >> she simply doesn't take potty breaks. >> they should install real rest rooms we're real people. we need comfort. >> six so called convenience stations could be up and running so that the drivers won't have to. >> sandhya patel is here with a
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chance of measurable rain in the forecast. >> when live doppler 7 hd might be tracking the rain. >> also why a river is being stocked with thousands of young salmon >> and beavers making their gnome a creek and why? >> some bike riders on a mission tonight. how the bike can be an
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a victory for drake's bay oyster farm. the ninth circuit court blocked a government order evicting the farm from point reyes meaning it can keep operating while it appeals the government wants to turn it into a marine wilderness area and decided not to renew the lease last year. drake's bay has been operating in point reyes nearly a century. >> this dry weather has silicon valley largest water provider ready to take action. the board expected to approve a call for customer who's reduce usage by 10% officials were not planning on taking action but drought conditions were enduring, forced their hand the agency provides water to nearly 2 million people in the
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south bay. >> bay area salmon fishermen are pressing a federal hatchery to make major changes before replacing more finger lings in the hatchery. here is george warren with the story. >> in a good year, young salmon face the challenge of getting out to the ocean and back here, safely achlt coalition of salmon advocates says that in the bad year like this one, that might be nearly impossible. 750,000 young sal money left the hatchery. given the current condition of the sacramento river golden gate salmon session says all are headed into a death zone. >> we know from studies
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will be lost. >> the golden gate salmon association is pleading with the federal government to release the fish deeper into the bay. the regional supervisor concedes that that could boost survival rates but could defeat the primary objective of getting the salmon to find their way back to this hatchery as adults. >> if they survive, they come back, they stray at rates that are far greater than you can see. there could be a possibility of less fish coming back. >> we think if you balance between finding their home and surviving survival is a priority. >> the salmon people say tens of thousands of jobs hang in the
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balance. such a big decision involving little fish. a 15 mile creek is the site of a come back. the signs of gnawed trees indicate beavers are back there. abc7 news is live in campbell tonight. david that is great news. >> this is amazing. volunteer who's have been busy cleaning up this creek sometime now feel that their efforts are paying off. we haven't seen evidence of a dam or lodge yet, it probably won't be too long before we do. this is new night scope video you're seeing first on abc7 news of a beaver repopulating los gatos creek. it's believed debris dumped over the years may have driven them upstream. >> we knew there were beaver here we set the camera up and found
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it took 2, 3 times before catching video. >> steve holt is the founder of friends of los gatos creek, mobilizing volunteers to join weekend clean ups. the total reached 50 tons over eight months. someone dumped a soefa. signs began appearing beaver moved from upstream to urban neighborho neighborhoods they've come through here and are eating plant matter so trees, bark is their source >> friends of los gatos creek shot this video going upstream. that
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clean up is ongoing. it's easy owe-to-spot discarded batteries into the creek. sacramento location is closely guarded for fear humans right scare them off. >> this touched a chord with the community. we found that people want to give of their time of this. >> friends of los gatos creek is always looking for volunteers. we hope beavers like rain. >> yes. rain has been rare last time we had measurable rain in
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santa rosa. yes. >> january 11th but it's coming and we're going to be measuring it. there is some moisture getting trod move n here is a view from our camera. looking across the bay there, there are clouds out there and tomorrow morning you'll have to contend with drizzle. into 50s in san jose and los gatos half moon bay, 54 degrees. there is a light breeze there. 54 santa rosa. this is a beautiful view. we do have low clouds looking towards financial district. some morning drizzle
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and a wet thursday morning xhuchlt so next system here 5:00 p.m you can see the rain line. and by 2:00 a.m moves into east bay, south oils will get pulled up because of the rain so be careful out there. rainfall just went up. so throughout thursday, i'm going to show what you they look like. quarter through half an inch.
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south bay 100 to a tenth of an inch. we're expecting some rain and it will not erase the deficit but will help. looking at how much rain we need to get us up to average. this is the deficit. we need fofit field all need more than six inches of rain. tomorrow morning watching out for slick roadways low 40s to low 50s. and to mostly cloudy skies. looking at the accu-weather forecast, get ready to pull umbrellas out wednesday evening throughout friday morning time period looking at that accu-weather forecast. that is when we have
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rain drops out there i know. rain drops. we haven't said rain drops or rain there in a long time. >> we haven't. >> it's a little bit of something. right? >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up apple iphone sales reach an all-time high. >> but prove be to be a
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apple disappointed wall street by reporting record sales. a first quarter earnings report shows apple sold 51, 1 mill yirngs pardon me, 51 million of last year up 7% from the year before. and made 13 billion in profits but wall street expecting bigger things. so apple stock took a plunge. down $44 a share. >> well, after just a season and a half bulls minor league team is packing up the team lost
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season. the bulls were in the running again this year but will leave 34 games on the schedule unplayed. >> a puppy found filthy and injured in a recycling center recovered and is ready for adoption. city workers found the 3-month-old gem on a conveyor belt. they noticed her squirming inside of a bag and stopped the conveyor before being sent to a landfill. she had injuries to her neck and legs. she heal asked looking for a home. animal control says 250 people applied to adopt her. sweet little dog. >> yes. >> still ahead what the president sup against as he prepares to deliver his state of the union message. >> a virus spreading through a cruise liner. numbers have
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doubled since just yesterday. >> ahead on 7
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enroll today at president obama bringing his state of the union message with some of the lowest ratings of his presidency. 55% disapprove of how he's handling the economy. 59% disapprove of obamacare. 62% say the country is on the wrong track and 63% say they have little, or no confidence in the president to make the right decision the president will try to turn numbers around with the speech tomorrow night. you can watch it live along with republican response here on abc7 starting at 6:00 p.m . >> tune in for that. another bad
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stomach bug forcing a cruise company to bring a ship back to port two days early. royal caribbean explorer of the seas is heading back to new jersey after nearly 625 passengers and crew got sick. federal health officials have not pinpoint the source but royal caribbean says doctors expect noro virus is behind the outbreak. and it spread quickly the cruise line says it's busy sanitizing the ship to prevent others from getting sick. >> passengers on an american eagle flight from washington, d.c. to chicago ended up getting off the plane via emergency slides the plane was at the gate. take a look at this picture taken by one passenger. you can see why the 61 people were taken the plane landed and ordered everyone to evacuate. nobody was hurt. >> well, it was only a little
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nut but that little nut broke off a dodge ram truck setting off a chain reaction of events. >> and michael finney is here with a local man's story. >> what happened to dondrel cooper is further proof something needed to be done. dondrel cooper recalls his truck began to get shruggage. >> a couple seconds later just boom the car skid and came to a stop >> he was barely traveling ten miles per hour when it happened. he had just exited the freeway and was uninjured. >> i probably would have crashed on the freeway. he showed us the
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problem. he says the shaft fell off the drive shaft gives power and torque. >> so when it falls out, the car won't go >>. it happened in september. he received a notification from chrysler informing him it may need to be replaced he phoned the dealership. he says the service department says it was not yet available. two weeks later the nut came loose but antioch dodge still didn't have the part. >> they really couldn't do anything besides that, i guess. except for put the thing kind of malfunctioning screw back in there. >> an investigation posted on the national transportation safety board web site says undersized pin onslides were
6:34 pm
found as the likely factor. the vehicles involved were 2009-2012 ram 1500 truck. the 2009-2012 dodge dakota truck, 2009 chrysler aspen truck and 2009 dodge durango truck. the investigation announced after reports of 15 noninjury accidents associated with the defect. a formal recall followed on november 7th a lot of year. dondrel continued to wait for a permanent fix. >> i kept going to the dealer talking to them about it whchlt are you going fix it? >> he decided to call 7 on your side. >> seems like once i called 7 on your side, things for some reason just started going in my favor quicker. >> the new part became available a week after we called antioch
6:35 pm
dodge. did it not get back to with us a comment. chrysler told us customer safety is paramount at chrysler group a cordingly sufficient time was needed for engineers to design and validate the appropriate parts not all vehicles affect by the recalls will experience problems all vehicles that may be susceptible westbound repaired for customers. >> if you have one of the trucks mentioned call or go to a link i've provided on abc7 there, you'll find more information about the manufacturing dates covered by the recall. the best thing to go get the information checked. >> coming up a preview of some of the super bowl commercials >> why their live span is
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there is a good chance all fans will be watching anyway.
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not necessarily for the game but because of the commercials. >> an ad expert about why the super bowl is the championship game for the world of advertising. >> it only lasted 30 seconds. but changed advertising >> marketing professor has been obsessed with super bowl ads since he was little. he remembers this one. >> master lock company. spent 100% of the ad budget on one ad >> now he says sheer expense why have buying an ad is instant credibility. >> today it's mer than an ad. companies choose to participate
6:40 pm
in the super bowl are are making a statement to the world. >> but ads are changing. remember this one? here is budweiser today. >> they're putting less testosterone in ads. >> more champagne? >> more everything. >> in terms of impokt go daddy had lowest impact. >> most effective? a dory. tos ad. >> the twitter feeds facebook, you tubes. >> now, commercial for commercials. >> from arnold schwartzeneggar playing ping pong to blooper reels. >> it's the tip of the iceberg. >> commercials are great.
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>> yes. >> coming up two men who see the bicycle as a vehicle of empowerment. >> they're going to travel
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two marin county men are joining forces for a humanitarian bike ride in south africa, joining 35,000 people in the cape cycles tour, a 70 mile ride in march. it provides support for children with life-threatening illnesses. >> we see the bicycle as empowerment vehicle. >> ken martin is the founder and ceo of mike's bikes and joining a marin county dad in south africa for a bike ride this, is footage from our fertile ground robert using sports to help kids and families cope in the cape town area. entire families are
6:45 pm
affected and don't talk about it. the stigma make that's too dangerous. >> some deeper world areas you can get killed if they find out your status. >> last year's ride is called cape argus cycle tour. robert and his wife work with children and families suffering life threatening injuries. >> do >> they shipped 10,000 bikes in less than seven years. >> with robert and with our sister shop, through the bicycle, you can teach people a skill. it's something they can bring to market themselves and
6:46 pm
find employment. from people getting to work who weren't able to get to work within three hours of their house. >> my family and i saw the way it changed lives in 2009. and met some families the children had never seen the ocean. >> they get them ready and not knowing their status. everything but the truth >> his son knows about the stigma. >> i didn't think i'd live past three. and every year they told me same thing. >> he and his dad are both living with aids i met them when robert junior was just six at a program called camp sun burst. that is in the early 90s when most children
6:47 pm
died robert junior just turned 24, he's been to south africa to talk with kids and show why he's proof aids is not a death sentence anymore. >> it's important to have med sxks a big support group. having lots of friends is a key thing. >> the our fertile ground dream to buy this land near the coast for a permanent site. it's also right next to a popular bike route. a natural charity, and business fit. >> people go through the area and riding and practicing for every basis. >> there is an african kid with hiv getting bullied and hiv drugs taken from him. we can say a bicycle is something that can
6:48 pm
connect us. >> and for links just go to abc7 >> powerful stur. >> one last time we're talking rain. >> yes. and excited to tell you about it. as we see los angeles. looking at temperatures coming up a few degrees but going to row main partly to mostly cloudy. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. if have you to take ferry across the bay count on a drizzly morning or driving be prepared for slow going traffic. chance of rain wednesday evening
6:49 pm
into thursday. be prepared, changes are in the works >> good to know. thank you. >> what will we do? only a few days left. >> we have plenty of time. >> yes. >> so much time. >> just beginning the countdown to
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good evening. thomas is not a mediocre receiver. sherman may be lining up opposite from his buddy in denver. thomas one of the many weapons peyton manning has he's got sprinter speed and 92 catches, 14 for candidates and knows sherman very well. >> we're friends i met richard sherman a couple times and we had a camp together in oregon. and we did stuff in
6:53 pm
l.a. together. >> it's no secret. number one defense going against number one offense i'm excited to watch that. >> dilemma going forward players using marijuana can be suspended. there is research suggesting pot may help those suffering from concussions and dealing with long-term pain issues >> i would say we have to continue to explore and compete to find ways to take care of our players. the fact it's in the world of medicine is something the commissioner realizes. so making the research i'm in support of. >> agent lee steinberg was the first super agent going back to
6:54 pm
the 70s then increasing use of signing athletes. he made a fortune then lost it all because of alcoholism. he just wrote a book entitled "the agent". >> being a good father first of all. with that, everything else is just a plus. ability to work with athletes to add value and help them come to maturation. together we can use sports. >> earthquakes open training camp today without steven bedashore. now quakes barely missed playoffs last season. looking to get back on track.
6:55 pm
they're going to be the team first team. >> when everyone heard that, a lot of players support the 49ers great venue. >> sharks and kings meet tonight for the first time since december 19th. the rookie has had knee surgery. dustin brown said he never intended to injure hurdle. you know what is going nobody the back of their mind in the tank. >> i don't think you get that we'll see what happens out there. >> we're going to win the game. that is what we'll do. there is nothing you can do now but play hard. win the game. >> no more raw hide.
6:56 pm
skated with them during a lockout. abc7 sports this, hockey game tonight going to be interesting. are you going to retaliate? oh. nochlt i would never. >> right. >> yes. >> thanks larry. >> join me tonight at 9:00 america's credit card concerns. experts say we're more worried about the safety of our financial information are he we doing anything about that? >> war on sugary drinks. how the department of health plans to use city buss in the fight. >> that is coming up n prime time tonight followed by abc7
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news at 11:00. >> go to watch >> our coverage continues now on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> thanks for watching. >> from all of us here, have a great evening.
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