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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 3, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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super blowout. >> the seahawks are world champs. >> football's biggest game ending in a rout. peyton manning goes cold as the seahawks dominate the broncos, 43-8 in their first ever super bowl victory. this morning, we're one on one with the winning quarterback, russell wilson. philip seymour hoffman found dead in his apartment of an apparent overdose. a needle in his arm, heroin at the scene. our tribute to the oscar winner. triple threat. heavy snow snarling travel in the east at this hour. super bowl fans trapped in an airport mess. all part of a triple threat with bigger storms coast to coast this week. ♪ locked out of heaven and the super show.
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bruno mars sizzles. many in the high-energy halftime as the battle of the superads heats up. behind the scenes with beckham. and we're giving away $1 million to the doritos winner. our super bowl post game party starts right now. >> good morning, america! >> good morning, america! hello, everyone. good morning, america. bo what a wild night at the super bowl last night. let's look at the field right there. lots of confetti coming down. the big celebrations. robin, you were not on the field but you were there. >> i was there. it was an electric atmosphere. russell wilson right there. we'll talk to him later. it was a great show by the nfl. put on a great show. bruno mars, the whole bit. and the seahawks. i'm telling you, it was a rough start right from the beginning
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>> yeah. >> i was walking out the door yesterday and sarina said, daddy, i like the sea hogs. i think the sea hogs were happy. it helps when you can add percy harvin, the player you see here, essentially healthy, really healthy for the first time all year. >> i'll say. >> not bad when you can put that guy on your roster. with that, i think america -- >> unbelievable. what about the ads? we were talking about them in the weeks leading up. an epic night for commercials. not one could beat this heart-warming spot. this was the fan favorite. it won the ad meter which said the most fans were touched by this. i almost cried. >> it's a puppy. you can't go wrong. >> and a dog, and a love affair. everybody wins. >> it was our family's favorite too. we're going to have the latest, of course, on the death of philip seymour hoffman. lot of new details coming in this morning.
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but let's get right to the super bowl. josh has all the highlights. >> complete domination, i believe you'll hear a lot today. in all three phases of the game. russell wilson and the seahawks offense getting it started. the defense taking control of the game and the special teams, especially that. in the end, peyton manning's legacy will have to wait another year for it's the seahawks who are champs. for the first time in their 38-year history, the seattle seahawks are super bowl champions. >> as they win it here in metlife stadium, 43-8. >> reporter: a surprising end to what was thought to be an even matchup. the denver broncos, the league's highest scoring offense, up against the seattle see hawks, the stingiest defense. but from the very first play. >> it's snapped over the head of peyton manning. it's a safety. >> reporter: it was all seattle. that came just after 12 seconds. it was the fastest score in super bowl history. while the hard-hitting seattle defense set a fierce tone -- >> the ball comes out.
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>> reporter: forcing tipped and sloppy throws. >> ball up for grabs. picked off by smith! touchdown, seattle! >> reporter: fumbles. maxwell punched the ball out of the left arm of thomas. >> reporter: and pocket pressure too much for manning. now a five-time mvp. >> you watch seattle defensively, they're flying around. they're playing a physical game and denver offensively just has failed to match that. >> reporter: even after the star cornerback, richard sherman, famous for his post game rant in the playoffs -- >> i'm the best corner in the game! >> reporter: -- was carted off the field with an ankle injury early in the fourth quarter. >> what a catch, touchdown! unbelievable! >> reporter: by then, seattle special teams had been just that. percy harvin took the opening kick 87 yards for a score. >> he's going to go -- >> reporter: and while denver did finally get eight points on the board -- >> tremendous catch! >> reporter: it was far too
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little, far too late. >> this is a hard way to end your season. >> reporter: and when the clock ran out and confetti flew, it was all smiles for seahawks' quarterback, russell wilson. >> i told the guys hey, you know, why not us? we believed we could get here, had the talent, the coaching staff. the best fans in the nfl. we wanted to win it all. >> a tip of the cap to peyton manning. kwho had one of the great seasons in the history of the league, but another one for russell wilson and those seahawks. why not them? last night there was no reason why not. >> russell wilson, second year. just second year. you see the man right there. look, he put on a suit and tie for us this morning. he'll join us in a little bit. everybody so concerned about the weather. ideal conditions last night. not so much right now, ginger zee. these fans are trying to get back home. >> had we waited 12 hours, what a mess this would have been. what a mess this would have been. all snow over new york city, and yes, new jersey, too. rain south of it.
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flight cancellations already happening. that's a look at new jersey right now, just west of new york city. snow falling and it is heavy snow. we're right on the rain/snow line. we have a graphic to break down how much this is affecting all of the airports. look at this. more than 700 cancellations. that's just in the tri-state area. there are almost 1,000 across the nation this morning. so this is going to be not only a problem today, my friends, but a problem throughout the week. let me explain. we're looking for 4 to 8 inches in the pink swath. that does include here in new york city, back through parts of west virginia. even west as far as kentucky. so locally, 8 to even 12 inches in some spots. that's storm one. storm two, tuesday into wednesday. more icy in the northeast. here back into parts of kansas city, look for 6 to 12 inches. i'll have so much more coming up because we've done one, we've done two. we have to talk about three and that could be the doozie of the
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storm this weekend. we turn now to the tragic death of philip seymour hoffman. the 46-year-old oscar winner, brilliant actor. found dead in his manhattan apartment yesterday from an apparent overdose of heroin. ryan smith is outside the building where he was found with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, george. the chief medical examiner's office, in the next few hours, is expected to reveal the exact cause of death. here outside his west village home in manhattan, many are stunned at the turn of events that ended the life of an acting legend. >> mr. hoffman! >> reporter: philip seymour hoffman the 46-year-old oscar-winning actor and broadway veteran, found dead in his west village apartment sunday morning. after failing to pick up his three young children from his former girlfriend mimi o'donnell. sunday morning it was screen writer david katz who went to his apartment and discovered his body. new york police saying he was found alone on the floor of his bathroom with heroin nearby and in an envelope and a
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hyperdeterminic needle protruding from his arm. he has multiple films coming out this year. just a few weeks ago, he was at the sundance film festival telling reporters he was thrilled to be a part of his latest acting project "god's pocket" seen here in one of his last interviews. >> someone's asking you to be involved in something that is truly personal. those are the projects you want to be a part of. >> reporter: drug addiction, an issue that haunted him since college, resurfaced last year. in a fwix interview with cbs's 60 minutes, hoffmann spoke of why he stopped. >> i was 22. i got panicked for my life. >> reporter: he stayed sober for 23 years before relapsing. admitting to tmz to snorting and checking himself into rehab in may of 2013. sadly, a transcendent talent in the prime of his career, now gone too soon. friends and family have left small bouquets of flawers outside of his apartment building here in manhattan.
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his family is speaking out as well saying they're devastated by the loss of their beloved phil. and thanking everyone for the outpouring of love and support they've received. robin? >> philip seymour hoffman is being remembered as one of the most talented and respected actors of his generation. known for intensity onscreen and kindness offscreen. he was also battling, as we have been telling you, addiction. chris connelly has his story. >> true currency in the bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool. >> reporter: philip seymour hoffman shared it all in his generous performances. >> see, this is the scene of the movie where you help me out. >> reporter: performances that could convey a character's outward mean and deepest self. he could play a priest in doubt. >> you're controlling the expression on your face. right now, aren't you? >> my face? what exactly are you accusing me of? >> reporter: and disintegrate as love beside a crew member in
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"boogie nights" >> i'm a [ bleep ] idiot. >> reporter: he would fully embrace the actor's life. raised in rod chester. a 1991 "law & order" episode. and in "scent of a woman." he could shine in "mission impossible 3." and "catching fire." he had already filmed scenes for the rest of the "the hunger games" series. hoffman became one of the most acclaimed actors of his time. oscar nominated four times. >> he grabbed my hand and he said to me, talk. just talk. so i won't break down. it's too painful. >> the oscar goes to -- philip seymour hoffman. >> reporter: in 2006, he won best actor for playing the title role in "capote." the part requiring months of research, vocal and physical transformations and the same depth of feeling that he would pour into his accept stance
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speech. >> my mom's name is marilyn o'connor. she's here tonight. she brought up four kids alone. she deserves a congratulations for that. [ applause ] and -- be proud, mom, because i'm proud of you. and we're here tonight. and it's so good. thank you. >> reporter: he once said his life was transformed by a play he saw when he was 12. his passing is a huge loss for the stage. he never shied away from the most challenging roles. robin? >> no, he defr did. chris, thank you so much. at the super bowl yesterday, around a lot of people who worked with him. and, just a sadness, and just a respect that he had among his peers. >> to see someone go who has so much more to give is so heartbreaking. now a breaking story out of the midwest. a dangerous fugitive out on the highways. authorities across the region on a man hunt now for a convicted killer who escaped from a michigan prison last night. >> reporter: michael david
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elliot was convicted of four murders. authorities believe he dug a hole under a fence to escape. this morning a bold escape and now frantic man hunt for this man, 40-year-old convicted murderer michael david elliott. the chain of events started about 9:15 sunday night, officials discover elliott missing from the correctional facility in michigan. later, finding a hole in the fence. he allegedly abducts a woman, using a hammer and the box cutter. they drive to elkhart, indiana, to this gas station. his victim, thinking on her feet asked to use the restroom and then calms 911 from behind the locked door. >> i'm being held. i'm hostage to an escaped convict from the ionia correctional facility. >> you're being held hostage? >> yes. >> reporter: elliot's rap sheet is a litany of horrors. armed robbery.
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arson. four counts of murder in the first degree. before he escaped, he was serving a life sentence. the woman abducted is safe. she told authorities she believes elliott may be headed to tennessee where he has family. authorities say he should be considered arm and dangerous. george, robin? >> so glad she got away. let's get today's other top stories from josh. >> we begin in florida where an elderly woman, police say, thought her suv was in drive when she reversed into a crowd of people leaving church, killing three people in the process. seriously injuring four others. her suv, as you can see here, ended up in a nearby lake. and one of new jersey governor's chris christie's top staffers has resigned. christina renna was an aide to a key figure in the bridgegate scandal. she has been subpoenaed by the committee investigating the alleged political payback scheme. christie is denying claims by a former bridge official who says christie lied when he says he didn't know about the lane closures. u.s. and libyan forces have
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secretly destroyed what was left of moammar gadhafi's chemical weapons. "the new york times" reports a new so-called transportable oven technology was used to destroy bombs and rounds. filled with a deadly mustard agent. and libya was one subject that came up in president obama's pre-super bowl interview. bill o'reilly asking the president why the attack in benghazi was initially described as a spontaneous protest. >> and i'm trying to explain it to you if you want to listen. the fact of the matter is that people understood at the time something very dangerous was happening. that we were focussed on making sure that we did everything we can -- could to protect them. in the aftermath, what became clear -- >> the president said he tries not to focus on the fumbles in his administration, but rather, on the next plan. and we have some remarkable new pictures of a volcano erupting in south america.
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people in ecuador ran for their lives as a five-mile column of ash spewed into the air. it forced several nearby towns to evacuate. thankfully, though, no serious injuries are being reported there. however, that is not the case on the same day after an eruption in indonesia that killed at least 16 people there. the search for victims there will resume today. finally, the first glimpse of a man who survived 13 months lost at sea. take a look at jose alvarenga. >> nice. >> thank you. holding a can of coke. washed ashore in the marshall islands, 7,000 miles from where his engine lost power near mexico on christmas of 2012. he ate fish, drank rainwater to survive. he, himself, said, after spending 2013, couldn't help but
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notice -- quick, just america, look away, and glance at the screen for a second. which one is tom hanks in "castaway"? and which one is the newly returned jose? >> wilson! wilson! >> welcome, welcome, welcome, home. >> glad he's home. >> unbelievable story. >> so thrilled he's okay. >> true. now to problems popping up at the olympics. just four days away now. thousands of reporters are pouring into sochi to cover the games, but not all of the hotels are ready to accommodate them. hamish macdonald has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: robin, thank you so much. always appreciate you taking an interest in our welfare. i guarantee you, we're okay. but you're right. so much of the focus has been on security. the threat of terrorism in the leadup to these games. the reality is just days out, this purpose-built facility may not be built for purpose. >> awarded to the city of sochi. >> reporter: russia was awarded the olympics seven years ago.
7:17 am
with just four days to go, this is sochi. cranes are swinging. welders are sparking. hotel rooms with mattresses piled up are not nearly ready. >> hi? >> reporter: these are the biggest winter games ever. 3,000 athletes, 88 nations. it's not clear this host city is even at the starting gate. where athletes are hoping to lay their path to olympic glory, instead, workers are still laying pavers. sochi organizers admit only 6 of 9 media hotels are fully functional. they promised a total of 40,000 new rooms, all up. clearly this is well short of expectations. at least some of the u.s. athletes are trying to put things in perspective. >> i don't anticipate us being in any more harm's way than going down a mountain on a bobsled. >> reporter: the international olympic committee is publicly at least, confident. >> there are some issues still
7:18 am
to be solved, as it is always just before the games. we hope that the situation will be solved in the next couple of days. >> reporter: but the pictures tell a less convincing story. there's this unusual design flaw. instead of the double luge, it's the double loo. twin toilets are everywhere. in sochi, they may be spacious, but there's not much room for modesty. >> you better go with a friend. >> reporter: on a much more serious note, however, the focus from the russian authorities is very much on security. we know that at least one olympic team has warned athletes against going into the city center in sochi. as well as that, we already know that two u.s. warships are on the way toward the black sea. just purely operational. they're there on stand by. if needed. robin? >> taking every precaution. thank you very much. >> you better go with a friend. no friend is good enough for that. >> some things i don't want to know about my best friend. >> you both just could not let
7:19 am
it go. we were trying to let that go. right? but no. ginger, be glad you're over there. it's safer. >> i'm told i have to be short. i can't get into it. >> look at this. >> hey, it's been six weeks since los angeles. seattle is not the only one celebrating. los angeles, 0.14 inches of rain. yes. and it's been six weeks, i know. now we're going to go boo. that is the same storm that will race across the nation bringing big-time snow to some people. vegas, 55. l.a., 64. cooler. i'll leave you with a warm spot. that would be florida which is staying warm. the local forecast coming up. first this morning's select cities brought to you by abreva.
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good monday morning. active pattern began yesterday. a lull today and tomorrow. showers come back wednesday into thursday, and chance of rain north saturday, for the rest of us sunday. winter is back. look at the temperatures. we're in the mid-50s, low to mid-50s at the coast, well below average. we'll be freezing cold with thick fog >> and it's not just the snow. the subzero chill follows. i'll have all of that coming up. >> you're just full of good news. coming up on "gma," new details about the sexual abuse allegations against woody allen. he's denying them. what they mean now. we'll hear from russell "why not me" wilson just ahead.
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7:25 am
away. both victims were taken to san francisco general. the man is said to have life-threatening injuries. the woman is expected to recover. a check of the monday community. >> this accident is causing slowing, blocking two lanes southbound at caesar chavez before you get to the 280 extension, we have bumper-to-bumper traffic before you get to the central freeway. further down the peninsula, highway 92, a car went over the side of the freeway and rolled at pinata road. may see delays t
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hi, good monday morning. check the temperatures up north. freezing cold, 30, 32 in napa. 36 in fairfield, the rest of us in the low to mid 40s. even with all of the sunshine, it will be partly cloudy today and temperatures below average by about four to seven degrees. yesterday was the beginning of winter. we have more chances of rain in the
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that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. ♪ what i got you gotta give it to your mama ♪ look at bruno mars and the red hot chili peppers last night. talk about high energy. at halftime. that show was so much fun. just spectacular. how about the fireworks at the end, too? >> let's get some kudos. renee fleming. fantastic with the national anthem. >> really nice job. really, really nice job. >> queen latifah. every aspect was great. you're at the game, you miss the ads. i hear so many of them faced off during the game. we'll go behind the scenes of the super bowl ads. >> this guy. love this guy. >> oh, yes, arnold, we did see him. that bud light ad playing out in multiple parts as well. >> and he's not an actor at all. >> no, talk about lucky casting. he was adorable in the ad. you wanted to see what happened next. >> mm-hmm. >> speaking of million bucks.
7:31 am
first of all, joe namath looked like a million bucks last night. we have yet to discuss the coat. >> wow. >> i think that joe namath's coat had a twitter account in five seconds. amazing. >> if that long. and also, more germane to the topic, we're giving away $1 million today to the winner of the doritos ad challenge. who will take home a cool mill? you'll find out. >> we're giving it away? >> right here. and ahead, dylan farrow's emotional statement about what happened with her father 20 years ago. woodley allen. hollywood reacts. and this first half hour, though, we're going to talk about the super bowl champ, the winning quarterback, russell wilson. he led them to their first championship in only his second season in the nfl out of wisconsin. i asked him if he was able to get any sleep at all. >> there's no time to sleep. no time last night. there's still people partying in
7:32 am
our hotel right now. just an amazing moment last night. we believed we would get here. we believed that we would win it. and sure enough we did. >> you said all along you approach every game like you're playing for a championship. does that mentally, i would imagine really pays off in the end? >> yes, it does. when you think about it that warks you prepared yourself over and over again for those big moments and that's what we did the whole entire season. our whole goal was to have a championship off season. we definitely did that. we won some huge games and did some great things all season. we stuck together and did a great job in the playoffs. and then, playing the way we played last night was just unbelievable. you think about how we clicked on offense and defense and special teams. so many guys made plays. >> you say it like that, russell, so true. does it make it that much more satisfying that every aspect of
7:33 am
the team contributed to that one-sided victory? >> yeah, it really does. you want everybody to do a great job. we have worked so hard. i think that's the thing that is so satisfying about all this. we put in so much hard work. coach carroll has been tremendous with us. positive synergy is as good as it gets. >> can you share with us again what you said last night about your father and what he would say to you? >> one of the things he used to always tell me, there's two things that have always stuck with me. one of them was there's a king in every crowd. what that meant to me, god is always watching me. my faith. but what my dad passing away three years ago, 3 1/2 years ago, he had the best seat in the house last night. man, just smiling from ear to ear. just enjoying it. >> like your dad said, why not you? why not you? >> he used to always ask me that, too. that was the second thing. i just remember driving in the car with him so many times and him saying, russ, why not you? why can't you be the super
7:34 am
bowl-winning quarterback? do great things with that. you have all the ability. why not you? i told my team that at the beginning of the year. i got up there and said, why not us? we have all the great players. the great defense, the great offense, the great special teams. the great coaching staff. like i said earlier, we have the best fans in the world, why not us let's go do it. sure enough, we did. >> we'll let that be the last word. enjoy. you earned it, enjoy. thanks so much. >> thank you. always great talking to you, robin. go hawks. >> he did that because they beat my saints on the way to the super bowl. oh mid goodness, what a fine young man. >> the power of adrenaline and a good upbringing. he went through the celebrations all night long. listen to him in that interview, tie on. >> a polite young man. >> i feel like i'm 80. but also, the part about the celebration last night. macklemore & ryan lewis. at the hotel for the post game. because they're from seattle.
7:35 am
>> congratulations to the city of seattle. they waited 38 years for a super bowl title. >> 12th man. >> that 12th man out in force all week long here, congratulations to them. >> i do love that whole -- we have to switch gears to the gripping charges from dylan farrow. woody allen's adopted daughter going public with new details on the allegations that the actor and director molested her when she was a little girl. allen is calling the claims untrue and disgraceful. and abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a 21-year-old wound opened wide. woody allen's adopted daughter, dylan farrow, speaking out for the first time, since the famed director was accused by her mother, mia farrow of sexually abusing her when she was 7 years old. in a scathing letter to "the new york times," the now 28-year-old says he molested her in an attic. woody allen is a living testament to the way our society fails the survey vors of sexual assault and abuse. the controversy reignited the night of the golden globes. >> they came from the mind of woody allen, right?
7:36 am
>> reporter: soon after a lifetime achievement award was handed out, his son said, missed the woody allen tribute. did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7, before or after annie hall? days later, dylan called out some of hollywood's biggest names. what if it had been your child? indicate blanchett, alec baldwin, she wrote. diane keaton, you knew me when i was a little girl. have you forgotten me? >> i'm married. blanchett told the hollywood reporter it's been a long and painful situation. for the family and i hope they find some resolution and peace. as for baldwin, he went on a tirade tweeting, what the expletive is wrong with you that you think we all need to be commenting on this family's personal struggle? that tweet and others were later
7:37 am
deleted. allen's representative said mr. allen read the article and found it untrue and disgraceful. he'll be responding very soon. but allen's response was clear back in 1993. experts concluded there was no evidence of molestation. and while allen was never charged, he did lose custody of his three children, including, dylan. the public battle prompted the usually reclusive allen to speak out. >> i adore my daughter. the whole thing is crazy. >> reporter: but with allen now up for best original screen play at the oscars, some say his prospects and his legacy may be in jeopardy. >> some people may say, i just don't feel comfortable being in one of his movies because of this. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> let's talk to dan abrams about all this right now. you just heard in linsey's piece, 20-year-old allegations. no charges brought. independent medical examiners said no conclusion. do these new details that are coming forward now, do they
7:38 am
change the situation legally at all? >> no, they won't. in large part because the statute of limitations has expired. even if you assume possible extensions that can apply to alleged asaumts on children. the bottom line is under no scenario is it possible that charges will be filed at this point. and remember that they did investigate this back in the day. they didn't say we are determining that it did or didn't happen. what they did say is they didn't feel they had enough evidence to move forward. that's one of the tough choices prosecutors have to make everyday. they have to ask themselves two questions in a case like this, number one, do we believe it? and number two, do we believe we can get a conviction. do we believe that we can prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt? it seems that the answer to both questions together back in the day was no. >> and allen's lawyer putting out the denial overnight. allegation saying that allen will respond soon, but he has no legal recourse here >> if he wants to try to sue, he could try and sue her based on
7:39 am
the the letter. it's not going to happen. that happens in cases like this. this is very emotional. very sensitive case. but i think "the new york times" made the right call publishing the letter. i think woody allen will want to make this go away. >> thank you, dan. let's get the weather from ginger. >> a live shot from philadelphia. they just changed from rain to snow. i want to show you visibility almost nothing. travel will be impacted here. on our monday morning. behind it, a look at the cold. not only will we see the snow of today and also tuesday into wednesday across much of the nation. look at the cold. it feels like 15 below in chicago this morning. the wind chill in minneapolis, also 15 below. rapid city, 5. so very few getting away with warm start to february. that's for sure. here's a look at overnight lows. the next couple of mornings, it's not getting better, it's getting worse. minneapolis, 11 below, actual air temperature. good morning, i'm mike nicco. seems like winter started yesterday and continues today.
7:40 am
a little bit cooler than average but dry, low to mid-50s. more chance of rain in the >> this weather report brought to you by toyota. if you add up all the subzero temperatures minneapolis has had, it's a month already. >> already? >> we got so lucky last night. we really did. >> i keep looking out there and thinking, just hours ago, that place was packed. >> can you imagine? >> no, we can't. thanks, ginger. coming up, philip seymour hoffman. what police say about his battle with substance abuse that may have led to his death. come on back. have led to his death. come on back.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
back now at 7:44 with the best of the super bowl off the field. abc's nick watt has the highlights from the blockbuster commercials to the fur coat that lit up twitter. ♪ one, two, three >> reporter: draped in gold lame. as energetic as a bag of puppy dogs, bruno mars was breathtaking at halftime. ♪ >> reporter: he was joined by the red hot chili peppers, front man anthony sporting a double pair of leggings. here he is speaking after the show. >> it's been about 31 years we have been rehearsing for this moment. >> reporter: most stunning cutaway shots, peyton manning imploding. paul mccartney eating pizza. michael douglas eating a hot
7:45 am
dog. >> pretty soon, you're going to have a baby brother. >> and -- a puppy. >> reporter: and according to our informal party poll, cheerios was the best commercial. >> deal. >> reporter: doritos went a little gorilla. fans dressed in orange making a chip in the stands. >> the largest human dorito. >> reporter: and chevy went weird with a story about taking a bull to get busy with a bunch of cows. >> hello, ladies. >> reporter: one little hiccup, vw's ad sparked plenty of complaints on twitter. among the engineers, very few women. we all feared a drunken hijacked jcpenney twitter turned out to be a intentional promo for mittens. hard to type with. what stole the show? beckham and his briefs. sultry scar jo. >> i just love helping people. >> reporter: oh, no, all hail joe namath's sensational fur
7:46 am
coat. everyone was so taken aback, no one called heads or tails at the coin toss. broadway joe had to toss it twice. all right. let's wrap this up with a little more bruno. ♪ and when you smile >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, new york. >> as josh said, so taken was everybody with the coat that there's now a twitter feed. it's @joenamathcoat. among the tweets, when it all ended, this twitter feed said, well, that's a wrap. see what i did there? from the coat. you're welcome, america. coming up, the young woman turning cyberbullying on its head. how she's fighting back online. >> oh, wait, right, oh, wait. "play of the day." it's a figure -- you know what, it's adorable. 245st what it is actually. freeze it, freeze it! but don't break the baby.
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7:51 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> yapping about joe namath's coat cost us "the play of the day" as well. but we give you a 5-year-old who is awesome. ♪ >> whoa. >> i mean, there's not much to say. kid -- >> i mean, future. >> kid is unbelievable. there you go.
7:52 am
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now from abc 7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. a napa mother and boyfriend face charges in the death of a three-year-old girl. dozens turned out for a vigil for three-year-old kayleigh slusher. the body was found in a napa apartment after a welfare check. it appears she had been abused. meteorologist mike nicco checks out the forecast. any more rain, mike? >> some rain is coming in the forecast, but not today and tomorrow. it will be a lot like this today and tomorrow. partly cloudy, temperatures below average. low to mid-50s at the coast. mid-50s for the rest of us.
7:57 am
chance of rain wednesday, saturday, sunday. an accident is blocking one lane causing a back, northbound side of 280. one lane blocked. enough brake lights leaving highway 17, 880, it is packed,
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. ♪ come on bring the toys >> and we're taking you behind the scenes of the super bowl blitz. the ads that soared and scored. plus, the footage you didn't see from david beckham's rather revealing ad for h&m. and one of our guests is about to find out they're winning $1 million. thousand of doritos ads crashed the super bowl. this morning, the winner revealed live, just ahead. all that, and how you can make money by going into your own closet right now. and will arnett making you laugh right here, live, as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪
8:01 am
and there he is, the dapper will arnett this morning. in our snowstorm. drinking coffee. looking fantastic. >> looking good. >> looking fantastic. as batman, too in the new lego movie. looking forward to that. we have a special set, speaking of that. you're looking at the time-lapsed video our lego set created by lego, 30,000 pieces. 60 hours to design. 250 hours to build. voila. >> there it is. >> there it is. nice. >> who knew we were all training for that gig when we were 6? >> yeah, no kidding. we'll also turn to more on philip seymour hoffman. he was one of hali wood's most talented actors. we'll go inside his battle with addiction. >> george said it best. somebody with so much to give lost too soon. a young woman turning cyber hate, such an increasingly terrible thing to deal with, turning it on its head. fighting back online. using selfies to do it. >> looking forward to that.
8:02 am
everyone enjoying the super bowl ads last night. and here's one. radio shack going back to the '80s. one of the most memorable from last night. >> wait for it. there you go. >> i mean, that's incredible. >> there's a flashback. >> wow. >> i had an alf sighting. >> yeah, you did. my night was complete. >> you love him. >> i do. >> that was the owl from "clash of the titans." >> oh. >> you just now noticed that? >> yeah, i just figured that one out. >> the breakdown of the buzzy-est ads. ahead. d.l. hughley will join us. we want you to tell us at our flash poll. on yahoo!. weigh in. let's get news from josh. we begin with new details. michael david elliott broke out of a prison in michigan, wearing a kitchen uniform. abducted a woman and drove her to elkhart, indiana where she managed to break free when they
8:03 am
stopped for gas. elliot was serving life for the murders of four people. he escaped through a hole in a prison fence. as news becomes available, we'll have it for you. a developing story that could affect people who stayed at marriott, share on the hotels. a third party is investigating now a reported data breech that exposed some hotel guests, credit and debit card information. the hackers apparently struck around the same time of that credit breech at target. ginger has been saying yet again, the northeast getting slammed yet again by yet another storm. up to 8 inches of snow possible in new york, while thousands of flights are cancelled or delayed already. remember, many super bowl fans's travel plans from in flux. and a crucial day in the scandal plaguing governor chris christie. a committee investigating the lane closures on the george washington bridge is expected to receive new subpoenaed documents today. a top staffer has resigned. a violent clash on the high seas to show you.
8:04 am
look at that. that is a japanese whaling ship slamming into another ship carrying anti-whaling activists. near antarctica. this is a view from inside. it shows the impact. the activists claim the japanese crew rammed their vessel on purpose. and a california mother who could not make to it the hospital can thank a police officer for saving the day. the woman decided to pull into the gas station you see here in simi valley. she realized the baby was not going to wait for the commute. an officer actually beat paramedics to the scene and delivered a healthy baby in a matter of minutes. we're pleased to tell you mom and new daughter doing fine this morning. and finally, a new mystery in the olympic village. and no we're not talking about those bizarre two-toilets per stall in the bathroom. we're actually, though, talking about something more bizarre. take a look at the sign greeting athletes in the bathroom. look at the image on the bottom
8:05 am
left. how many times do i have to tell you, don't fish in the restroom. i -- we have no idea why organizers would be this worried about people fishing. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> fishing in the restrooms. can think of so many things. >> so many things. >> fishing. >> but don't say any of them. >> promise, robin. >> keep them all to yourself, america. we're going to move on. ginger. [ laughter ] >> that sounds good. but i would say, i have dropped my phone in the toilet once. and i would probably -- that's the only way you would need it, right? that's it. >> thank you, ginger. >> you're welcome. that's a clean way. and it's far from clean if we look at the rest of the forecast. look at this live shot we have from new york city. we have that kind of snow that's falling that then you have to use an umbrella. that is what's happening this morning. that will not be good on roadways. lara is concerned about timing. so go through this with me here. monday, 1:00, 2:00, it's with us.
8:06 am
here in new york city, starting to clear out after 2:00 p.m. i think 3:00 to 4:00 you see clearing skies. back through new jersey, pennsylvania. on the southern end, d.c., all rain with this one. so it is really right on the line there. a quick look at winter storm warnings. the new storm comes in. kansas city, tomorrow is your day to get up to 8 inches plus. you'll have to watch your local abc stations f good monday morning. active pattern began yesterday. a lull today and tomorrow. showers come back wednesday into thursday, and chance of rain north saturday, for the rest of us sunday. winter is back. look at the temperatures. we're in the mid-50s, low to mid-50s at the coast, well below average. we'll be freezing cold with thick fog for th >> all right. >> all right. that's a look at all those winter storm warnings. it's not just today. it's tuesday into wednesday and watching one for the weekend.
8:07 am
>> and now we're moving on. >> yes. >> yes. >> no more fishing. here's a look at what's coming up on the "good morning america" morning menu. a look at the life of oscar-winner philip seymour hoffman and his battle with addiction. and a young woman turning internet hate with selfies. and we're going to break down the ads at the super bowl. what was your favorite? we all loved this one, the budweiser puppy and the horse. it's true love for all of us. that and more coming up on "good morning america," live in times square. will arnett is here, too. >> announcer: "gma"'s morning menu is brought to you by fast-actinged aville. it's almost too late. or is it? introducing new, fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, nothing works faster to stop pain in its tracks. new fast acting advil.
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led to the one jobhing you always wanted. at university of phoenix, we believe every education- not just ours- should be built around the career that you want. imagine that. ♪ when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are ♪ ♪ anything your heart desires will come to you ♪ >> malcolm smith, you and the seattle seahawks just won the super bowl. what are you going to do next? >> i'm going to disney world! whoo! ♪ your dreams come true
8:13 am
all right. we're a part of the disney company. that's what we're saying. >> doesn't matter. just beautiful. >> the legion of boom. came in. the nfl's stingiest defense. with quite a hill to climb. peyton manning and the offense. and climb it they did. malcolm smith, as deserving as many of the people on the field last night. >> on both sides of the football. >> about as thorough of victory as you're going to see. >> special teams, defense, offense, coaching. >> top to bottom. >> they got it done last night. >> and right out of the gate, too. ready for "pop news." >> let's do it. >> good morning, everybody. and we begin with this. over the weekend as part of the big super bowl celebration, the nfl announced seven new pro football hall of fame inductees. including one michael strahan. with that supersized smile, he was the friendly giant anything but to his opponents for 15 seasons. as josh explained it to me, the single-season sack record and 141 1/2 sacks under his belt.
8:14 am
in his career. >> that's a lot. >> how do you have a half? >> that's a lot. >> you can tackle a quarterback with somebody else. they credit half. >> oh, okay, thank you. there you go, everybody. learning something new every day. thank you, josh. so hard to believe, strahan didn't start to play until high school. boy, did he take to the game. becoming the heart and soul of the giants during his time there. >> we love, michael. >> congratulations, friend. >> kelly is going to have fun with michael today. >> richly deserved. richly deserved. great guy to cover in his career. just terrific. that's great. >> congratulations. >> love you, michael. now, we want to share with this, mystery has been solved. jerry seinfeld's kept us guessing about the reunion. and it finally happened. just before the halftime show. the project, jerry and george at the diner talking about the super bowl party that wasn't. >> i come over for the super bowl, you don't put out a chip. >> it's just the two of us. >> unfortunately, we didn't get invited to another party. >> yeah, that's what happened. no one got invited to anything. >> what was that?
8:15 am
>> nothing. >> you mumbled something. >> if i wanted to tell you, i would say it. that's the point of the mumble. >> it's just like they pick it up right where they left off. an extended version with wayne knight as newman. it was part of seinfeld's web series. so that's what it was all about. the series, of course -- comedians in cars getting coffee. >> that hasn't happened in a long time. you almost did it again. >> i almost spilled, george. thank you. i'm excited. >> those are the hands that made you all-conference. >> i'm from long island. i speak with my hands. and finally, we know the seahawks won in a landslide. let's see how our animal predictors fared. shall we? eli the ape. from salt lake city, he picked the seahawks. the seventh year if a row he's picked a winner. teddy bear the porcupine also got it right, third-year straight. and pancakes the pig came up big. at the ft. worth zoo. mr. nuts the cat, wrong. he predicted the broncos.
8:16 am
>> not so much. >> and same thing with the lili the panda at the memphis zoo. lili took a bite out of the broncos. unfortunately, so did the seahawks. that, even, is "pop news" on this monday. >> thank you, there. >> you're welcome. the other story we've been talking about. we've had a lot of fun about pop news and the super bowl. but the big story is the new details coming out about the death of oscar-winning actor philip seymour hoffman at the age of 46. evidence of heroin found at the scene. police still investigating. hoffman had spoken openly about his battle with drug abuse that started when he was a teenager and came back when he was a father of three at the height of his career. he earned an academy award. for his performance in "capote." >> i flew home to new york terribly distraught. >> reporter: and played an addict in "before the devil knows you're dead." >> did you touch anything? >> reporter: it was philip seymour hoffman's real-life battle with substance abuse that police say may have led to his
8:17 am
sudden death. in 2006, he addressed his drug and alcohol addiction. in an interview with "60 minutes." >> i got sober, uh -- i was 22 years old. >> so this was drugs or alcohol or both? >> uh, it was all -- all that stuff, yeah. anything i could get my hands on. yeah. yeah. i liked it all. >> reporter: hoffman got sober before he hit it big in hollywood. something he candidly described as a blessing. >> i have so much empathy for the young actors who are 19 and all of a sudden, they're beautiful, famous, and rich. i was like, oh, my god, i would be dead. you know what i mean? 19, beautiful, famous, rich, that would be it. >> reporter: hoffman had been clean for 23 years. last year, he checked into a ten-day substance abuse program for heroin. on sunday morning, he was found dead from an apparent drug overdose. an envelope of heroin near his body. a needle still in his arm. >> what did you do that for? you know he's on aid. >> reporter: hoffman leaves behind a film legacy that is almost impossible to rival.
8:18 am
more importantly, he leaves behind three children who he told abc news in 2008 that he loved more than anything. >> when you have children, the idea of heartbreak changes. you're kind of heartbroken all the time in this lovely way. you didn't think you could love something like that. >> and joining us, peter castro, our good friend, deputy editor of "people" magazine. and addiction specialist kristina wandzilak. executive director and founder of "full circle intervention." great to see you again, kristina. great to have you here. it did appear that he was clean for decades. but as you know, more than anyone, it is a daily struggle when it comes to addiction. >> it is. i would say that addiction is a chronic illness. it needs to be treated every day. you cannot stay clean and sober today off of what we do yesterday. it's so easy to forget that it's chronic. because recovering addicts live such beautiful, fulfilling, healthy lives.
8:19 am
i've been sober myself over 20 years. i do today the same things i did 20 years ago to maintain it. but i think it's really easy to forget what a deadly, chronic illness that recovering people have. >> this was such a shock. to people. um, do you get any sense among people that knew him that there was trouble brewing? >> i think one of the amazing things about addiction is -- the truth is, who knows what is happening on that inner circle? and who he's telling the truth to about how he feels and what is happening in his life? addiction is a very isolating disease. the sicker we feel and the worse we feel about ourselves, ironically, the time we need people most, is generally when we retreat into ourselves more and more. which is where relapse seems to come out of nowhere. even though it's been brewing, happening for a long time. >> but it did seem, peter, there were some people who knew. or suspected. >> yeah.
8:20 am
doing this job, um, covering pop culture, hollywood, you hear things. and we have been hearing for awhile, sadly that philip seymour hoffman sort of fell off the wagon recently. our sources are telling us for the story we're doing for "people" this week that in sundance he seemed disheveled and kind of out of it. so this wasn't a surprise. kristin johnson, his friend, tweeted a lovely tribute and said that she wasn't shocked about this either. >> you know, we saw in the piece. we saw him talking about his kids. he said he now knows what heartbreak is. that makes this especially heartbreaking that three kids, 10 and under, weren't enough to keep him tethered to his sobriety. >> it's not about being enough. if really loving people in our lives were enough to keep a recovering person sober, there would be no relapse. wives and children and husbands and friends are great reasons to stay sober. but they absolutely will not keep you sober.
8:21 am
it doesn't matter how many loved one use have around you if you're not treating the illness that you have. >> and -- the fact that he was able to be out front and be as successful as he was. just in a short amount of time. 50 films in -- >> yeah. besides the obvious tragedy of losing such a great person, the culture is losing great actor. he made every film he was in so much better. he had such range. the nuance performance in "capote." then the next thing you know he's playing a baseball manager. he is doing a popcorn movie. "hunger games." very few people can do that, go from one to another. i don't think we saw the best of his work. >> and on broadway as well. >> absolutely. >> peter, kristina, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> such a loss. >> mm-hmm. moving on now to a project using selfies to turn internet hate on its head. so many people are subjected to negative comments from anonymous
8:22 am
people when they post pictures online. now a young woman is confronting the issue and claire shipman has her story. >> reporter: 21-year-old photography student lindsey is turning cyber bullying on its head. >> some of them were really personal, and so hateful. >> reporter: she was so sick of the cruel anonymous comments posted online about her selfies, she decided to fight back. in a compelling and artistic plea for change, she's layered images of herself with words devastating to read. ew, eat something, seriously. you're honestly one of the ugliest people i have ever seen in my whole entire liar. it's funny, because you think you're cute but it's sad. sorry. the truth hurts. >> i've been screen-capping them and saving them. for something. and decided to do a project. >> reporter: a stark illustration of the contrast between cowardice and bravery. appropriately, she's called her creation, anonymous.
8:23 am
>> you can say the rudest, most horrible things, you don't have to pay the price. you have the cloak of invisibility. >> reporter: and now it seems her decision to put a spotlight on those ugly comments, even at risk of public humiliation has generated a rush of positive commentary. that's awesome. i'll bet you inspire a lot more people. thank you for taking the time to shed light on a topic that has hurt many people. >> if this can help anyone with self esteem at all, i think that's amazing. >> reporter: cruelty transformed into power. and a modern crusade for a very gutsy young woman. for "good morning america," claire shipman, abc news, washington. >> like how she said that. gutsy young woman. >> yes. >> good for her. >> agreed. how about super bowl ad time? >> let's do it. >> let's do it. >> high stakes. high price. $4 million a pop. which ones scored? peter castro is back. d.l. hughley is here, too. let's see what people thought. on the "gma" flash poll. the top five of the night.
8:24 am
which ones they liked best. budweiser's puppy love ad in a landslide. not even close. 59%. d.l., what do you think? >> i think the same person that called denver's plays called the -- [ laughter ] it was the worst slate of commercials i have ever seen. >> really? >> the whole slate. >> you didn't like them? >> i liked the puppy. the cheerios commercial with the interracial family was a little bit -- i never knew why that was controversial. apparently, people don't like a black man and a white woman being concerned about their cholesterol. and it was a little weird, that h&m commercial right after that with david beckham and then a pistachio commercial came on. >> i kind of agree with you. not the standout standout year. >> no. >> i agree. i remember, i'm dating myself here. 1984, apple came out with the super bowl ad. people were talking about it for days. even last year, the, you know, the -- bar rafaeli, kissing the nerd. people --
8:25 am
not a good commercial. but at least it was provocative. >> certainly got us talking. >> i don't know about you, d.l., i didn't want to talk about any of these. >> it was weird seeing laurence fishburne. he was so big now. neo could catch him now. >> we saw a lot of david beckham. >> a lot. i'm telling you, right after that pistachio commercial right after that took me out. what are they saying? >> what's happening? >> i feel like we see so many of them now before the game that, by game time, you're kind of ready for what you're going to see. >> i think you're right. i was watching it with friends and i said to them yesterday, any of these commercials could appear on any given episode of "c.s.i." or "modern family." great shows. there wasn't that special magnificence. >> what did you make of the woman quitting, the godaddy? we talked about it. d.l.? >> it seems to me, like nothing made me -- it seemed like lazy. as in a bunch of people had
8:26 am
gotten tired. it just didn't seem -- even that commercial. budweiser and doritos does it every year. and that's a great combination. >> can i just say, i liked ian rappoport. that was awesome. one of my favorites, microsoft. >> i liked that the one was empowering. with steve gleason. >> all the '80s stars. you see the '80s stars together, usually, they're being arrested. it was nice to see them in a commercial. >> working. gainfully employed. >> right. >> how about the coke ad, everyone singing "america the beautiful" from all walks of life? it got criticism. >> crazy. >> really? >> here's a news bulletin. they are -- okay, well, i'm being -- >> you're not going to get a news bulletin in. >> you're going get a news bulletin.
8:27 am
now from abc 7 news. >> good morning, i'm kristen sze. san francisco police are investigating whether two early morning stabbings are related. a woman was stabbed between pier 5 and 7 about the same time, a man was stabbed by sacramento and drum street. both victims were transported to san francisco general. the man said to have life-threatening injuries, the woman is expected to recover. monday morning commute could be bad, let's see what is happening. >> it has been busy. we take you to livermore, pleasanton, 580, you see a four car crash, blocking a lane. heavy backups there. highway 87 at julian street, another accident there. and some slowing making the approach.
8:28 am
certainly highway 17 as it turns into 880, a busy drive as well. thanks
8:29 am
good morning. we start with temperatures low to mid-30s, north bay valleys, upper 30s and 40s in the mid valleys. get used to those, they'll be around awhile. a lot of sunshine today. temperatures below average by about 4 to 7 degrees. we're going to be in the low to
8:30 am
mid-50s at the coast. mid-50s for the rest of us. temperatures below average for the ♪ look at those hearty souls out there. >> very hearty. as the snow falls, super bowl window slams shut on the 12th man. wonder how many will be trapped. look at will arnett. >> smile, smile, smile, smile, smile. >> he's not inches away. >> too quick. it's lightning fast. >> he's doing great. he stars in the new lego movie. this is incredible. the new lego desk. >> how many? >> 30,000, i think? >> i think 60,000. >> even better. >> a whole lot of legos. also coming up, miley cyrus sitting down with cam mathson
8:31 am
one on one. and a brand-new tour. and these two doritos ads were among the best last night in the super bowl. i don't care what d.l. says. people behind the commercials are here this morning. one of them is about to win $1 million. given away right here on "good morning america." live this morning. >> in mere moments. >> yeah, a million, not in legos. you remember this. we saw them on the program in "play of the day." mom and son. son surprising mom with tickets to the big game. we should mention, seahawks fans, resolute. >> nice. >> fair to say, mom got a whole lot more than she bargained for. she got to phone it in at halftime. they're here this morning, mother and son to talk about the experience. terrific story. >> i walked in with them this morning. i don't think they've been to bed. most of us have items in our
8:32 am
clo closet that we tefr wear. there's a new way to cash in. it's an app that opens your closet to anyone. rebecca jarvis is here with this. >> you want to think of this app as a cross between pinterest. what do fashion mogul rachel zoe and hollywood hot tooe ashton kutcher have in xon? well, they're all investors in a little something called posh mark. >> it's an interesting virtual closet. women can swap or buy each other's clothes. >> reporter: you can sell or buy anything from dresses to jeans, tops, shoes, bags, accessorieac. take a vote, describe it, post it. voila. >> it got born out of our own
8:33 am
closet. my wife has bags and bags of fashion lying there unopened. >> reporter: there are over 300,000 active closets. >> these are the clothes i'm selling. >> reporter: and for 21-year-old college student hannah, how did you get started on poshmark? jt i got a sweater that looked terrible on me. it sold within 20 minutes. >> it's different. it's got an instagram feel. user to user. >> reporter: she now uses poshmark to run her own business selling jewelry and has over 2 million followers. show me how it's done. >> click the sell button. take a quick picture. write a little title. so, i'm going to write, peplum top. how many things have you listed?
8:34 am
>> 6,000 items. >> reporter: how much money have you made? >> over $80,000. >> reporter: that must go a long way toward paying for college? >> it is definitely helping pay my expenses. >> reporter: if you find the top, you know where you saw it first. and here's how the money part does work. you choose the price. once you sell the item, poshmark takes a 20% xigs. they always cover the shipping costs. also the other elements is security. they don't remit payment until you say this item works for me. so you have to say you like it in order for them to pay. >> it sounds easy and reasonable. >> that's how it appears. >> this falls along, as always, on ginger lines. we can go shopping in our own closets all the time. but the guys? no? >> everything we buy, we wear.
8:35 am
>> probably the same day. it stuns me. >> thanks, rebeck la. we turn to our mourn exclusive with miley cyrus. she's ready to hit the road. cameron mathison went backstage with her to hear about it all. ♪ let it fall by the way >> reporter: hot off the heels of the steamy unplugged mtv appearance, i got the talk to miley herself. let's talk about madonna. causing a big buzz. your clap clab ration with her. what was that like? jt it was awesome. she paved the road for women two want to be young and free and comfortable. she's the reason we're able to do that. >> reporter: the pint-sized pop star is gearing up for her highly anticipated bangerz tour. what can we expect? mgt i do like people to walk away a little like, oh, my god, i can't believe that just happened. there are definitely some of those moments. >> reporter: what you to want your fans to take away?
8:36 am
>> i want them to know that i put everything into it. for me, it's not about anything else other than music. >> reporter: the 38-city tour will be hard work. but not without fun. >> i play a lot of guitar hero on the road. because it's 30-hour bus rides. >> reporter: her favorite place to eat? cracker barrel. >> cracker barrel. i'm like, it's the best place in the world. i get my shopping done. i'm stoked to do that. >> reporter: what do you like to do on your days off? >> i watch tv. i don't get to watch tv ever. i'm going the catch up on everything. i'm ten years behind on shows. i'm going to start "lost." i know i'm behind. >> reporter: she likes to play the occasional video game. >> i become a 14-year-old boy. i get dorky and try to beat the games. it's the only time i'm going to have to get good. >> reporter: so get ready, america. she's coming to a city near you. >> i'll have surprise guests.
8:37 am
i can't say who. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> sooel have all kinds of surprises. let's get a final check of the weather from ginger. >> we want to tell you, first, about a new initiative that abc is launching to share the power of story telling. our parent company is is -- partnering with first books. >> be inspired to share the power of story telling. abc is sharing the magic. go to be inspired. >> and we are. first book has disrupted more than 100 million books and resources to programs and schools. and the campaign runs through next month. to find out more, and how you can help, go to on yahoo!. and i don't foe know if you
8:38 am
remember, i had something called eager reader. it made me read so much. i love these programs. let's get to the forecast. you look at santa barbara, they had rain. that's what a rainbow means. great fews. a beautiful outcome. fayet fayetteville. snow. pennsylvania, the northeast. look at albany. waking up thursday, 1. and sub zero for sure the next four days in fargo. we'll get to that sponsor in a good morning, i'm mike nicco. seems like winter started yesterday and continues today. a little bit cooler than average but dry, low to mid-50s. more chance of rain in the >> this weather report brought to you by the university of
8:39 am
phoenix. go seahawks! george? coming up, will arnett is
8:40 am
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oh, yeah. there he is. on twitter and right here live in our studio. the great will arnett is with us. hamming it up. those are the pictures he took over at the twitter mirror. he has some of the most famous vocal chords in animation. now he's battling evil in the first ever lego movie. this took 15 million legos to make the movie. here's how it fits together. >> relax, everybody, i'm here. >> batman! >> what's up, babe?
8:42 am
>> babe! this is emmitt. >> i'm batman. >> that's your boyfriend? >> hey, babe. let's hold hands. >> so, uh, hey guys, i think we're about to crash in the sun? >> yeah, but it's going the look really cool. >> so great. >> that was touching, wasn't it? >> a heartfelt moment. will arnett, everybody. >> i think th i think this is great fun. >> any version of batman, i'm good with. if you want plasticene, plaster of paris. >> you didn't have to wear anything? >> i refused to wear anything when i record. >> there's a visual. >> let's go there. let's go there for a second. and we're good. and we're good. >> everyone got it?
8:43 am
>> yeah. >> you were kind enough to do our face of "good morning america." what would batman say about getting up as early as you did? >> are you kidding me? that was -- it's early. >> it's early. it's pouring snow. >> it's pouring snow. i have never heard that. and i grew up in canada. that's pretty good. >> i'm slightly dramatic. >> this is -- i was saying earlier, thest the calm after the storm during the storm. >> yeah. but how lucky. you were at the game last night. >> yeah. >> great weather last night. >> yeah. >> your team didn't win. >> there's a shot from the beacon. >> oh, i think i see someone. >> i'm a terrible cameraman. >> there's batman at the game. >> there's payteyton manning. he was leaving the game before it started. there's a shot of him. >> i want to talk about quickly the film. you have said, it's great fun and we have our lego desk here. there's a nice theme behind
8:44 am
this. >> yeah, it is -- it's a great movie. you know, actually, someone was saying this is a kids movie. i said, no, it's not. it's an everybody movie. that kids can enjoy. and the theme is really that everybody has something that they can do that -- something they're good at. and it doesn't necessarily need to fit into somebody else's definition of what is great. i took my kids to it the. they loved it. they were scared. they cried at the appropriate moment. i knew they were okay. >> perfect. we have had a lot of people asking questions. i want to go to lauren orn twitter. so much memorable voiceover work under your belt. when in life did you first realize your pipes were meant for greatness? >> uh, you mean my vocal chords, right? [ laughter ] if it's the lauren i'm thinking about -- okay, this is the other lauren. okay. i guess -- and by pipes, it's
8:45 am
pipe, singular. but -- i probably -- i didn't realize that there was something that i could do. that -- and i was -- i was just dumb enough to not know that it was -- that i could make a living at it. somebody had to explain to me what voice work was. i was lucky enough to make a living far long time as purely a voice guy. >> love your work. great you do have nice -- a nice set of chords there. >> thank you. >> congratulations on the film. will arnett, everybody. the lego movie is in theaters on friday. coming up, something we have been
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
talking about for some time now. doritos asked inspiring film makers to create an ad as part of the crash the super bowl contest. the winner, pocketing $1 million. they picked the top five. two aired during the game. we're aired by those two finalists, amber and ryan. congratulations, first of all, to you both. two great ads. >> thank you so much. >> amber, we have talked to you before a bt the ad. when you finally saw it run, cowboy kid, what was it like? >> i -- i actually didn't believe it. i didn't think that we were going to air. and it was at the very, very end of the game. so, we waited the whole game to see if our ad would run. and i was shocked. >> we, again, you told us about the making of it. it's terrific. the simplicity of it all. speaking of simple, ryan, you
8:49 am
make a time machine for a cool 300 bucks. >> very cool. >> not a bad investment in the potential return. what was it like for you to be picked and see it run? >> i think my brain broke. so, it was very emotional. i can't wait to see myself looking like an idiot and cry on television. >> what was the inspiration? time machine. >> it was inspired for my son. when we watch a movie, he asks me to make something related to it. he asked me to make him a time machine. i was thinking of a refrigerator box building of it, a lightbulb went off. >> you're both going to be working on the set of the new "avengers" film. congratulations. but only one winner. the drum roll please. the winner of $1 million is, time machine.
8:50 am
>> oh! congratulations. >> congratulations. again, both, phenomenal commercials. both deserves. >> seriously. >> ryan, your thoughts as we go to break? >> what's that? >> congratulations? >> i'll let you know when my brain connects. >> it did break. it broke bagain. coming up here, a mother that got the surprise of her life and the victory of her life. mother and son sharing it with us. go nowhere. us. safeway presents the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. you'll find huge club card deals perfect for the big game. pizza's a football favorite. digiorno pizza is $3.99. get your snack on. wheat thins and other nabisco crackers are just $1.50 a box.
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and dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. sea haux fans are singing that, they're on top of the world, hey. our "play of the day." josh had it for us last week. the emotional reaction of this diehard seahawks fan when her son surprised her. remember? >> what? >> what? no way. >> uh huh. >> we can't do this. >> we can. we fly out on saturday. >> no. no way. no, no. >> vicki harris and her son, mike, are here. okay, so how much fun was it
8:54 am
last night? >> it was awesome. it was so much fun. >> you can do this. >> yeah. we did it. we did it. it was great. what a time. oh, that game was amazing. we left no doubt. >> were you able to relax a little bit more because it was so one-sided that you could just revel if what was happening there? >> i don't know. knowing peyton manning's out there is a little scary to matter what. i wasn't really happy until it was all zeros and it was over. i was a little comfortable. >> you're considered the greatest son now. to have that label. it's a lot of pressure. dpl it's cool. but it's a lot of pressure. i owe it all to her and dad. i mean, you know, they brought me up right. >> did you know this reaction was coming? >> no. i knew she would react. it would be great. i didn't expect that. i had no idea. >> it was so great. so real. >> tell us about the dogs coming up to you in the middle of it. >> mike's dogs.
8:55 am
and he called me over there to do this, and, they just -- they wanted to know what was wrong. so they were trying to figure out what's the matter. >> so what -- are you going to remember most about this whole experience? >> oh. >> other than the bagels upstairs. >> there you go. honestly? >> yeah. >> the game. >> a true fan. >> a true fan. >> you've ban feen a fan since . >> thank you, guys. great story. we have to welcome two phew members. cindy, the proud mom of ellen. and subpar's new son, ishaan. moms, dads, babies, doing great. all healthy and happy. so glad to welcome them. >> a double mazel to be sure. you saw monuments men.
8:56 am
it all starts tomorrow. matt damon joins us live. >> and kevin hart, too. >> to discuss everything else. and mike and vick cani. they'll be back. >> go hawks! >> have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. and she does! e does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow.
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♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] add a u-verse wireless receiver today. ♪
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good morning, i am kristen sze. meteorologist mike nicco checks out the forecast. mike? >> thank you very much. good morning, winter started yesterday. today we're below average but dry, temperatures in the mid-50s, four to seven degrees cooler than we should be. as far as specifics, let's go 56 in antioch, low to mid-50s in half moon bay. fog tonight. cool spot, 43 in san francisco. more wet weather wednesday, thursday and this weekend. a brand new crash on the san mateo bridge at the high rose. where we have this accident in
9:00 am
napa, highway 29, car hit kelly: hey everybody, it's monday, february 3, 2014, and what a weekend it was! not only did the seattle seahawks win the michael strahan got the news that he will be enshrined into the football hall of fame this august! [cheers and applause] there was never any doubt in my mind, i am so proud of him that i can't wait to bring him out here. o let's give him the introduction he deserves. welcome hall of fame inductee, michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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