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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 10, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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only at safeway. ingredients for life. good morning, america. a golden weekend for team usa. jamie anderson soaring to victory in slopestyle. and we'll hear from sage kotsenburg who won his gold with a trick he never tried before. american figure skaters clinching their first ever team medal. gracie gold with a near perfect performance. meryl and charlie dazzle us all. new dangers loom on the slopes. one competitor hitting the slopes to hard her helmet cracked. mess out west. snow and ice virtually closing entire cities. after a major storm causes mud slides and deadly avalanches. atlanta and the south on alert for a brand-new ice storm set to snarl travel all over again. i want to own my truth. no one else should tell my story but me. >> breaking overnight, an espn exclusive. the man who could be the first openly gay player in the nfl.
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the all-american university of missouri player who just came out right before the draft. ♪ it started with a whisper lost in translation. are you ready to stomp it? hey, don't wash out. what are team usa snowboarders actually saying? we're up close and personal with america's star snowboarders. why we're all about to -- keep it spoice? and good morning, america. keep it spoice? >> gratitude toward life, my man, gratitude toward life. >> you got it all down. >> wow. >> because they just told me in my ear. >> we have a lot of medal news coming in right now. julia mancuso won bronze. she tweeted just before her run. my grandpa is smiling down at me from heaven and saying i can be
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proud no matter what happens. this one is for you, grandpa, denny. love the #discotime. >> it's nice to know it's warm somewhere. almost 60 in sochi. it's causing problems at the ski jump and women's downhill course. it's so warm the skiers are trying to keep cool. >> that's right. last night, team usa plenty cool, though, on the ice. american darlings, meryl davis, charlie white getting the highest score ever in ice dancing and so well deserved. couldn't take my eyes off it. >> settling into new team events. a lot of skating all weekend long. and tremendously so. russian president, vladimir putin, was taking things in at the rink. yulia lipnitskaya doing well. >> well done. >> the russian taking the games by storm. and then last night, making their rounds, toasting actually at the bars in the olympic venues which would be actually rather jarring, i think. >> again,#discotime.
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let's get right to our "gma" olympic headquarters in sochi. amy robach at the olympics desk there. good morning to you, amy. >> good morning, it's so hot here. i gotta tell you. not to make you jealous. the games are off to a sizzling start for the americans. grabbing the first gold awarded in sochi to sage kotsenburg for the new olympic event, slopestyle. but guess what, he was not alone for long. >> gigantic 540. >> reporter: a thrilling try um ch for team usa overnight in sochi. american jamie andersson soaring to victory in slopestyle. her family and a very special neighbor beaming in the stands. >> kind of like my spirit grandma from tahoe, she said i made her cry. >> reporter: this just a day after american sage kotsenburg won gold on that very same course. >> it feels like a dream right now. >> reporter: the same treacherous course responsible for this heart-stopping moment.
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the boarder from the czech republic hitting the snow so hard, she cracked her helmet. on the ice, 18-year-old gracie gold, the first-time olympian, wowed the crowd. with a near flawless performance. while meryl davis and charlie white simply dazzling. team usa clinching the bronze in team figure skating, a new event. but it was no match for team russia. 15-year-old yulia lipnitskaya. helping secure their first gold in sochi. even a rare smile from the stoic vladimir putin. and in speed skating, the first openly gay athlete to medal in sochi. overnight, learning that putin later congratulated her at a nearby bar where she told dutch tv she got a cuddle from him. but triumph didn't find everybody. usa's bode miller with a favorite to win gold in the men's downhill. disappointing eighth place run. and in skiathalon, american noah
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hoffman, hitting loose snow took a spill and snapped his pole. this competitor finished in 35th place. he earned himself the top spot on team usa. now to the latest news. they are the hottest things on ice right now. the u.s. women's hockey team. they scorched the swiss this morning with an avalanche of goal. nine of them in a shootout. next up a game against canada tomorrow. this may be too cool. the all-out war in curling. it's not just for medals, it's for fashion. norway curlers have a sense of humor along with a sense of style, or lack thereof. take a look at these fashions. first stripes. now florals. russia has entered the fancy pants competition with something psycadelic. we'll have to see if norway responds and takes their pants to the next level when they compete later today against the united states. if they can do that, i'm not sure they can do that. >> did she really say that? >> how exciting she made pants. >> i know. >> thank you, amy.
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now let's look at the medal count. >> josh, you have the sochi scoreboard. >> i do. an illustrious weekend for the americans. not so for the touchscreen today. a work in progress. like all things. but let's take a look. third full day of competition in the books. norway, atop an early lead again in the total medal count with seven. but with the u.s. with mancuso's bronze today, moves up to second with five overall. and the two slopestyle gold. let's look at the supercombined star. in fact, mancuso who won silver in this event four years ago, she grabs the bronze again. interestingly, guys, about mancuso, she is a downhill special list. she had a huge lead, going into the slalom, which she barely trains for. it's got to be nice to be an accidental bronze medalist today. not too shabby. not too shabby. a great opening weekend for the u.s. >> i agree with that, illustrious.
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that really does tag it. you know who else is? julie foudy. she's going to join our olympic team over in sochi. she's a two-time olympic gold medalist in soccer. she'll cover the games for us and for our sister network, espn. does it feel more like the summer games than the winter games right now? >> i am sweating a little bit, robin. i know that's hard to believe. but yes, i'm familiar with that, as a california kid. i'm loving it. >> i'm sure you are. you love it wherever you are. in the supercombined, julia was leading going into it. came away with the bronze medal. >> and you know, the interesting thing is everyone woke up to mancuso leading. and could she win it? was she going to pull it off? she wasn't even favored to win the supercombined coming in. once again, she shows how she comes into the games, not as the favorite, she hasn't been on the podium in the world cup circuit this year, and she just performs. she brings it to big events.
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that's her fourth olympic medal. more medals than any other female u.s. skier. >> i love what she has been saying. hey, we heard in amy's report, the women's ice hockey team looking very strong, aren't they, julie? >> they are. i spent a lot of time with them preolympics. the neat thing about that team, robin, they won the first olympics in nagano in '98. they haven't won since. they've lost to canada in the last three olympics. canada, three olympic gold medals coming in, that is the big rival. everyone knows that. they're confident, they're loose. they remind me of our soccer team. they're having fun, laughing wherever they go. so it's good to see that they're playing so well >> that is reminiscent of your team, how you all really approached every match you went into. give us an overall feel, julie, of team usa over there in russia, how they're feeling, how they're doing, what's going on with them.
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>> all the athletes i'm running into at the main press centre, they're saying things are going well. they love the village, the mountains. the mountain resort. they've been raving about. i think you see the kotsenburg results. sage kotsenburg. not ever expected to win a gold. we pull gold out of that for team usa. with five medals, sitting in second place, i think they're in a good spot right now. >> and five medal events today. julie foudy, we'll check in with you from time to time over the next few weeks. thank you so much. enjoy your day. >> thanks, robin. >> we have a lot more olympics coming up. first, big terror news breaking overnight. the u.s. government is warning american citizens not to fly caribbean airlines because of threat information about flights into the u.s. today. abc's chief investigative coorespondent, brian ross, has more. this is a specific warning. >> it is. it's stark and unprecedented. to americans to avoid this specific airline starting today until at least wednesday because
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of a terror threat unconfirmed but troubling enough to warrant this unusual arrest. caribbean airline flies from guyana into new york, miami. orlando, ft. lawsuiter dale. u.s. officials have been worried about terror links in guyana. it is the home country of one of the most wanted terrorists who grew up in florida and new york is believed to be the most active u.s. person plotting against american citizens. >> and on that point, brian, there's an a.p. report overnight that u.s. officials have identified an american member of al qaeda overseas actively planning attacks. they're trying to debate on whether or not to have a drone strike against this american. we don't know who this is right now. >> not identified by the associated press. they say there's a debate within the obama administration about the president's new stricter policy about attacking u.s. citizens with drone strikes. at this point the department of justice says it has no comment on that a.p. report. >> it would have to be done by the pentagon, not the cia.
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some other restrictions as well. >> that's right. >> thank you, brian. let's get the other top stories from josh. all right, george. we will begin here with nearly two dozen avalanche reports out west. in utah, a young college student was snow-shoeing and was buried under the snow for 40 minutes. she died later at the hospital. in a separate avalanche, a snowmobiler was also killed. while on the roads this morning, the big concern is ice. drivers in portland, oregon, are on high alert. they triggered mud slides and uprooted trees. in the whole of the west, in california and nevada as well. and today, atlanta and the deep south are bracing for more snow and ice. ginger will have her complete forecast in moments. meanwhile, not the weather but an alleged drunk driver that caused this shocking wrong-way crash near los angeles. six people were killed in the accident. hours earlier, another terrifying wrong-way crash caught on this cell phone camera in florida. look at this. five people died, including four college students, died in that
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accident. and breaking overnight, a massive fire tore through this apartment building in salt lake city. the flames so fierce, you can actually see there, a construction crane melted and toppled over. thankfully, however, no one was hurt. a new setback for the american missionary being forced to work in a labor camp in north korea. overnight, north korea withdrew its invitation for an envoy to hope to negotiate kenneth bae's release. he is diabetic and serving a 15-year sentence for what north korea calls hostile acts. and a scare onboard a plane flying from tokyo to new york overnight. an unruly passenger reportedly started screaming and striking the backs of chairs. other passengers, in fact, had to retrain him. and the flight was forced to land in alaska. and the college basketball star caught on camera shoving a fan at the end of a game this weekend has been suspended for three games. you see him there.
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oklahoma state's marcus smart, who since apologized for shoving this texas tech fan who apparently uttered not so flattering words to him. much more on this story, and when news is available, we'll have that for you. and finally, are you sick of winter yet? these guys aren't. they are hundreds of thrill-seekers who turned out for the snow shovel race championships in new mexico. this year's winner topping some 70 miles an hour. if you come to the northeast and specifically connecticut, you can actually have a league season that will apparently carry on into june. so it's awesome. you'll be able to top that record week after week after week. >> i think i have seen a couple of these races down broadway. >> 70 miles an hour, whoa. >> they're moving. >> whoa. >> thank you, josh. now to a fear gripping a wealthy washington, d.c. suburb. a serial killer could be on the loose. police have released this sketch of the suspect.
7:14 am
the fbi has joined the intense man hunt for him. abc's david kerley has the latest and joins us from alex andrea, virginia. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is a neighborhood filled with government workers, even some military. they're in shock. worried about the man on the loose. is he a serial killer? and statement, at the same time, they are mourning another loss of another active member of their community. this morning, the manhunt is on for this suspect, as police hope to solve not just one but maybe three murders. the knock on this door came just before lunchtime last week. long-time neighborhood piano teacher ruthanne lodato and a caregiver opened the door. both were shot. the 59-year-old teacher died. the other woman's wounds not life threatening. >> it touches us all whether you knew her or not. it ripples out. >> i happen to think it's not a random act. >> reporter: that's right. it wasn't long before residents were thinking about other cases.
7:15 am
back in november, a local transportation official also gunned down in his home. no forcible entry. and the other case, way back ten years ago. the real estate agent, the wife of the sheriff, also gunned down. and look at this, all three killings involved in the community, all within two miles of each other. police are looking for connections saying there are obvious links that are similar. so could this be a serial killer? >> if this is one person, they can go dormant before they reactivate. is it conceivable that the same guy did all three of these? the answer is yes. >> reporter: for a tight-knit community, worry this morning. and even the major says they have a right to be concerned. >> reporter: what are they doing? police say there has been a surge of residents calling locksmiths, hoping to get peepholes installed in their doors. doors now locked as police look for this bearded and balding man. that sketch has produce what had
7:16 am
police are calling an enormous number of tips. in fact, yesterday, in downtown, d.c., a man was questioned but not taken into custody. police will be back in this neighborhood later this morning with the sketch, talking to neighbors. robin? >> hopefully, someone has seen something. it's so frightening there. >> it sure is. the groundbreaking news for the nfl. likely to have its first openly gay player in the history of the league. that is because michael sam, you see him right there, an all-american at the university of missouri, came out yesterday. in interviews with espn's "outside the lines" and new york times. chris connelly is here today. michael sam expected to be picked high up in the draft. >> that's right, george. between the third and the fifth round, say our experts. he led his team to a cotton bowl victory. and now michael sam is leading the way to a landmark moment in american sports, thanks to the news he shared with me on sunday. >> i came to tell the world that i'm an openly proud gay man. >> reporter: historic words. for michael sam, as this 24-year-old, all-american
7:17 am
football player from the university of missouri shares his personal story with the world. why is now the right time for you to be telling the world this news? >> because, chris, i want to own my truth. no one else should tell my story but me. >> reporter: the defensive standout who led the s.e.c. in quarterback sacks last season, he'll enter the nfl draft in may. you could become the first openly gay player in the history of the nfl. that's a momentous thing. what is your message to the teams that might draft you? >> that they see, not just a gay athlete, but they can see an athlete who knows how to play the game. >> reporter: growing up in a small town of hitchcok, texas, he told me he knew great adversity. >> seeing my older brother killed from a gunshot wound. not knowing my older sister died as a baby. telling the world that i'm gay is nothing compared to that. >> reporter: he came out to his teammates and coaches last august at missouri. he was grat fied by their response. >> they supported me from day
7:18 am
one. >> reporter: have you thought about what this announcement will mean to players right now in grade school or high school or college, afraid to make the kind of statement you're making today? >> they shouldn't be afraid of who they are. you call me a pioneer. that's good and great but, i'm a -- i'm a football player. i'm michael sam. a college graduate. i'm african-american. and i'm gay. >> last week on the phone, michael came out to his mother and father. they told him they love him and they support him. george? >> what a story. he's a great, great player. >> that's all that matters to the family. >> also the fact that he came out to his team before the season started. had a terrific year. they voted him mvp. the support he's receiving. >> it's great. >> we'll see how he does in the draft. >> i hope the world that he is entering is ready for him. and those 32 front offices as well. but what a brave young man. >> people are going to be watching the draft. >> yeah. >> it's close. hey, ginger zee. this winter storm. what? what? really. >> again, i know, a dozen state
7:19 am
s >> don't look so happy. >> i can't help it. it's happening. from kansas all the way to south carolina, north carolina, winter storm watches, advisories, and warnings. in cities like atlanta, birmingham, everyone very prepared this time. i take you through it. the first round affects us early tomorrow morning. second and i think most intense, especially for atlanta, into south carolina and north carolina, going to happen tuesday through wednesday. so something we'll be watching all week. i'll show you how much snow and ice in a bit. for now, the select cities.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist. drizzle, fog. we've got it for the morning commute. this afternoon, the storm traction is going to start moving to the north. headlines will show a few chances of wet weather rooming across the north wednesday into thursday. as we head through today our temperatures will run in the upper 50s to low 60s. tonight with will be ten degrees cooler. another chance for lane for all of u >> so this would be a half inch or more of ice in north georgia, parts of south carolina. coming up, video of a dog who hates winter as much as us. >> thank you. coming up, emotional testimony in the so-called loud music trial. the fiance of the man charged is breaking down on the stand. nancy grace will weigh in. and the top college basketball player suspended for shoving a fan.
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why did he do it? and everybody, keep it spoice. team usa snowboarders are stomping it. what are they saying? p it spoice. team usa snowboarders are stomping it. what are they saying? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] sometimes the little things last the longest. give extra. get extra. honey? uh-huh? ♪ [ female announcer ] this valentine's day, hd 4. [ gasps ] [ female announcer ] kay jewelers. featuring nfl, collegiate, disney and hello kitty charms. at kay,
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ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. dood morning. happening today, caltrans will reveal details about storm related leaks that popped up on the eastern span of the bay bridge. officials will give the media an update look earlier this morning. they examined the bridge. the rainwater going into the
7:25 am
seal structure under the new road deck and some engineers say the leaks could lead to corrosion. bridge officials say the amount of water is small and needs to be mopped up. monday morning commute, here's laila. >> be careful. it can get slick out there. we've got accidents because of the wet roads. oakland, eastbound side of 580. overturned vehicle. it sounds like it's over to the shoulder but it could cause some traffic when the police get on the scene. highway 4 loading up. 101 through marin. slowing down just a bit. be careful of fog. when we come back, meteorologist
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good monday morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. definitely some drizzle out there. that's keeping things wet this morning. we also have fog in the knot bay valleys and along the coast. that's going to become a reoccurring theme in your forecast. next chance of rain is up north we
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♪ that is jamie anderson right there on her winning snowboarding run, taking gold for team usa right there. and we're all learning how to speak snowboard this morning. >> speak snowboard. >> we learned keeping it spoice. got to get that right a little bit earlier. we're going to learn a lot more coming up. what else do we got? cannon box. our olympic village right out here in times square. people getting ready for the "gma" games. >> i can't wait to get out there. cannon box to rocket air, what are the snowboarders saying? we'll get into all that this morning. and a top story as well in college basketball. one of the players top in the country, oklahoma state,
7:31 am
suspended for this shove. pushing a fan. why he says he did it. he owned up to it and has an explanation. >> and the fan has since come out to say what he claims he said. there's a lot more to get into there. also, the blogger who took on a fast food giant and won. thankfully, i might add. how she pushed subway to remove a dangerous chemical from its bun. one she found is used in the making of yoga mats. >> so that's why she's taking a bite there. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> you're welcome. looking forward to more on that. and "the bachelor" juan pablo is here. he got himself into hot water a few weeks ago. now he's opening up about the comments he made. this morning, right here. and he also will share a sneak peek of what is happening on the show in tonight's episode. >> that all coming up. right now, dramatic testimony in the florida murder trial that began with a fight over loud music. michael dunn is charged with shooting an unarmed teenager.
7:32 am
and dunn's fiance took the stand as a witness for the prosecution. abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> what did the defendant say? >> oh, i hate that thug music. >> reporter: they are the last words she says she heard her e fiance michael dunn say the night he opened fire on an suv full of teenagers. killing one of them allegedly over loud rap music. rhonda royer crying and shaking uncontrollably on the stand told jurors she got out of dunn's car and walked into this jacksonville, florida, gas station. that's her at the counter when she heard gunshots. [ gunfire ] >> oh, my god, somebody is shooting. >> i heard pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: she says she ran outside and dunn told her to get back in the car. >> did you see a firearm at that point in time? >> yes, michael was putting it into the glove box. >> reporter: she told the jury that michael dunn had three or four cocktails at his son's
7:33 am
wedding before they stopped at the store for a bottle of wine that november night in 2012. prosecutors say he fired ten times, murdering 17-year-old jordan davis. >> like vigilantism. it's not just about jordan. >> reporter: what also outrages the victim's family. after the shooting, dunn and his fiance went back to their hotel room and ordered drinks and pizza. royer testified it was her idea to go back to the hotel room without telling anybody what happened. after seeing reports of the teenager's death on the news. >> why did you decide you needed to go home? >> because i thought i was going to be arrested, too. >> reporter: dunn has pleaded not guilty and maintains it was self-defense under florida's controversial stand your ground law. even though no weapons were found in the teen's car, here is what dunn told investigators after he was arrested. >> it was either a barrel or a stick, but, sir, they're --
7:34 am
they're like -- we're going to kill you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, jacksonville, florida. >> let's get more on this from nancy grace. nancy grace on hln. that is tough testimony from the fiance. >> very, very tough testimony. because she, regina royer, was called for the state. you would think she would be sympathetic to her fiance, michael dunn. but the truth is the truth. she painted it in as best terms as she could, but still it was very damaging to him. and not only that, she became very emotional on the stand. i found it interesting that the defense is the one that filed objections to what michael dunn told her. they did not want the jury to hear dunn's statements as he fled away from that gas station to a bed and breakfast that night. a lot of emphasis will be placed in closing arguments on the fact that he could dial for pizza --
7:35 am
and it wasn't a chain. he had to look up a local pizza parlor for delivery. but they couldn't call 911. so that's going to be a big issue in closing argument. >> and now that the fiance has testified. dan abrams said he thought michael dunn will likely have to testify. do you agree? >> well, zimmerman didn't take the stand. here's the difference between this one and zimmerman. george zimmerman who gunned down trayvon martin. at least he had a band aid. he did have one band aid on the back of his head. this guy is in his car shooting at another car. another thing the defense will try to bring up, in this case, the alleged perpetrator, michael dunn, is claiming he saw a stick or a pipe or long gun, a shotgun, in the car of the victim, the red durango. when police looked in the car, they found nothing. how does the defense get out of
7:36 am
that box? they're going to argue to the jury that three or four days passed, four to be specific, before police searched in dumpsters and bushes. they're going to argue that the teens had time to get rid of the gun. but no gun was ever found. >> and that is key. thanks very much, nancy grace. now to the college basketball star suspended for three games for pushing a fan over the weekend. the confrontation ending in mutual apologies and maybe lessons for us all. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: it was a foul that happened off the court. oklahoma state's all-american guard, marcus smart, shoofing a fan with two hands after a brief argument in the final seconds on saturday's game against texas tech. sunday, the big 12 suspended smart for three games. >> this is not me. let me apologize for it. i said i take responsibility and the consequences that come with it. >> reporter: big 12 officials say smart engaged in quote
7:37 am
inappropriate conduct with a spectator. >> that's disgusting behavior. >> i let my emotions get the best of me. i just can't let that happen again. >> reporter: but some claim the man he pushed behaved inappropriately as well. texas tech grad jeff orr has been hailed by the university as a red raiders fan extraordinary. traveling to 31 states over the years to see the team play. he's known for taunting players, as seen in this 2010 game against texas a&m. as for this weekend's dust up, smart claims he pushed orr after hearing him use a racial slur. in a statement, he admits calling smart a piece of crap, but says, i did not use a racial slur of any kind. now, it's not just smart who will be sitting out. superfan orr has agreed not to attend any texas tech games for the rest of the season. two hot tempers given a little time to cool off. for "good morning america," mara
7:38 am
schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> lessons there to be learned. the player, marcus smart, owned up to it. said that it was wrong what he did. but also for the fan, you know, fans have to check themselves, too. >> it was interesting, somebody said fans these days in stadiums and arenas think they're still on twitter. and it's an interesting thing. gotta remember. >> hey, there, ginger. i promised you video. that goes to what we're all feeling. >> the dog. >> look at the dog. he's not happy in portland, oregon. see you later, winter! he's very angry. he gets the entire snowman down. >> is there a treat hidden in the snowman? could there be a treat in there somewhere? bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon? >> i don't know. we're not sure. charlie, you encompassed everything everyone is feeling. we'll see more action from portland. they had up to five inches over the weekend.
7:39 am
seattle with record snow over the weekend, too. still unsettled. the record rains of californ good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. drizzle for the morning commute and i looks like mostly cloudy this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. next chance of rain is up north. it will be >> all that weather brought to you by target. and a warmup, kind of. well, chicago hasn't seen freezing for over two weeks. but, hey, by the end of the week, 32. >> it's down right balmy. >> you look at 32 as being balmy, that's a problem. we're going to get to all the lingo. you have been seeing the snowboarders this weekend over at the olympic games. >> they've been keeping it spoice, haven't they? >> they have. thank you, lara. >> we'll explain. >> a lot more coming up. and subway is under scrutiny. that blogger campaigned for a dangerous chemical to be removed from sandwiches at the chain. the yoga mat has a lot to do with it. chain. the yoga mat has a lot to do with it.
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welcome back. it's 7:43. we continue now with all that snowboarding lingo that has fans trying to translate, with terms like cannon box, rocket air. don't get me started on the crail grab. our matt gutman is translating. for us in sochi. >> reporter: on saturday, sage kotsenburg won gold. executing this sky-shattering jump. then, the hard part. >> a backside 180 off the cannon
7:44 am
box. front 10 off the toes with rocket air. a back 1620 japan grab. >> reporter: um, what? >> it doesn't sound like english to me anymore either. >> reporter: maybe not english, but it is american. team usa's very unique vernacular for their spectacular performances on slope style. two gold so far. a crail grab, grabbing the nose of the board with your back hand. here he is in sochi uncoiling off a jump. spinning four times. count them. he couldn't see the ground until he landed. we had devin logan and kerry herman try to explain over a bowl of borscht, what else? >> pretzels. corks. double corks. switch unnatural. there's a lot to it. >> there you have it. >> are these name of tricks? >> yeah, oh, yeah. >> getting too much pop is when -- >> the lip is the top of the jump.
7:45 am
so it's basically. this is the jump. up here is the lip, then the knuckle is right where you try to land past that and ski down. >> right. >> it kind of makes sense. >> reporter: how come i'm going so fast? there's only one way to learn. that's on the slopes. so lara, i have done a couple of rotations and i tried to stomp it on the japan holy crail double 1260, but ended up squirreling out before the end. i spent most of the afternoon washing out, trying to scrub speed but end up skorping and buttering half the time. i'm going to try to kick it here with my friends at the bar. lara? >> matt, i hate when i butter. >> one take. one take. one take. >> i wish that scroll could have been slower. so everybody could really hear it. it was really funny. >> so we could have understood what gutman was saying, who, by the way, can snowboard. the guy can do anything. you know there was a wet suit under there. >> look at him. look at him.
7:46 am
>> dude. >> dude! >> that's not squirreling out. >> no. >> anything but. all right, coming up, everybody. "the bachelor" himself. juan pablo is with us live. >> i wonder if he had a wet suit on underneath. and the "play of the day." will have you getting out the snow shovel. just not riding it down the hill. coming up. have youi will have you getting out the snow shovel. [ female announcer ] this valentine's day, spend less time communicating... happy valentine's day. [ female announcer ] ...and more time...connecting. [ gasps ] [ female announcer ] discover the new diamonds in rhythm collection at kay jewelers. a shimmering center diamond is always in motion, continuously catching light from every angle. and, right now you can save up to 30% on diamonds in rhythm at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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7:50 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> this one's for you, ginger, who since she joined us has brought epic, arctic blasts to america for seemingly months. take a look. this fella working it off in his own way. his wife shot this. he had no idea. >> unknowing? oh, no. >> this is what happens when you listen while you shovel. but i want you to meet my favorite 4-year-old ever. take a look and listen to what we all feel.
7:51 am
>> jesus, make it warm! >> jesus! make it warm! can i get an amen? >> jesus, make it warm! >> amen. >> amen, my brother. >> yes! >> go nowhere. lots of olympic wrapups still to come. >> announcer: coming up, "gma" at the olympics. brought to you by chobani. how matters. [ male announcer ] your heart.
7:52 am
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the stormy weather is gone for now after flooding parts of the bay area. mill valley saw some of the most severe flooding and damage. people who work along old mill creek staekd sandbags over weekend and used plastic sheets to cover a muddy hillside. mike nicco has the forecast. >> drizzle here in the broadcast center. tracking fog on live doppler. and it's just about every where. it will be through the morning hours. as we head into the afternoon, mostly cloudy with temperatures. low to mid 60s. next chance of rain is up to the
7:57 am
north. the rest of us, saturday and sunday. fog is not very good for your commute. we do have this brand new problem as i take you right into san jose. this is along the transition road between highway 85 and 87. we have the crash there. also with a fire reported. thank you. also with a fire reported. thank you. the news continues now with jena where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought wsurprise them with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165. i feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. i think they are light and they are just fresh tasting. yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. we're live from shoech which i. >> oh, yeah! >> it's 8:00 a.m. this olympic monday. all your thrills, spills, shockers. and team usa goes for gold on the ice. we'll hear from the american hopefuls just ahead. >> standing on the olympic podium together is pretty exciting, too. >> and our special correspondent, sasha cohen breaking it all down. ♪ i think i want to parry you live, bachelor juan pablo faces the tough questions about himself and finding romance, as we say -- >> good morning, america, whoo!
8:01 am
look at sasha cohen, bringing it this morning, right there out in times square. she won the silver back in 2006 at the winter olympics. you see her right there. so spectacular in torino. she's revving up times square this morning. team usa fans ready to go. >> you were saying this earlier. we saw so much of the figure skating because of the team competition that so much of it this weekend. it was fantastic. can't wait the talk about it. also ahead, the blogger who took on subway. how one woman convinced the fast food giant to remove a dangerous chemical found in yoga mats and shoe soles from its bread. she's claiming what is many tin mats is in the bread. also, juan pablo, "the bachelor" at current. came under fire last month for comments.
8:02 am
he has apologized. he's here to discuss it all this morning. also going to give a sneak peek of tonight's episode. and then, a first look at designer zac posen's brand new line. he's teaming up with david's bridal. this is high fashion that is much more affordable and for women of all sizes. ginger zee, sizing it up. i like it. upcoming big day. >> i already have mine. now i'm second-guessing. >> you have yours? >> i do. >> well prepared. we have a lot coming up. let's get news from josh. >> to coasochi for the headline. the u.s. with the fifth gold medal. trailing early overall. the other big story, the temperatures. near 60 degrees. they are wreaking havoc on the slopes as you might expect. much more coverage from russia
8:03 am
coming right up. meanwhile, a new terrorism alert from the u.s. government overnight. warning americans not the fly caribbean airlines. a specific threat. unconfirmed, caribbean airlines flies from guyana to florida and new york. guyana said to be home to a key al qaeda smand commander. also this morning, the u.s. considering a drone strike against an american citizen said to be plot an attack. from the west, as many as two dozen avalanches reported since saturday. a 21-year-old college student was among two people killed in snowslides this weekend. ice making morning commutes treacherous all over. atlanta and the deep south tonight, ginger's forecast
8:04 am
coming in moments. and a terrifying scene on camera if the alps. an avalanche just misses some farmhouses. partially obscured there. 25 people were evacuated just in time. this avalanche there, as you can see, it's still moving past, lasted some five minutes. and a big and very important headline in the sports world overnight. college football star michael sam has publicly revealed that he is gay. he's expected to be chosen in this year's nfl draft. he'll become the first openly gay player in a major american sport. good luck to him, michael sam. finally, a little humor from sochi. take a look. russian speed skater olga graf so hot. unzip the uniform. problem was, so excited, forgot nothing underneath said skating
8:05 am
uniform. it happens. she zipped it back up. we were reminded. the speed skating events, the biathlon events. watching these athletes collapse at the finish line. they have spent it all. ky not imagine what four years of exhaustion feels like in that moment, such that perhaps we forget undergarments. it happens. it happens. >> look at any red carpet. >> that was no big deal, right? >> i think they blurd it out a little bit. >> we helped that along? >> we may have. >> oh. "pop news" coming up. let's get some weather from ginger. >> fresh snow. the new york city snow is a lot muddier. we have medals of our own for gold, silver, and bronze. snow totals for populations above 100,000. erie, pennsylvania, 107.5 inches. grand rapids, michigan, my
8:06 am
hometown, 92. that's what erie is doing with the snow. see all that. they want to be warmer. they do. we're going to get there. on the southern end of the sn snowsto snowstorm, there will be heavy rains. pensacola, 2 to 3 inches. south and north carolina could good morning. i'm meteorologist. drizzle, fog. we've got it for the morning commute. this afternoon, the storm traction is going to start moving to the north. headlines will show a few chances of wet weather rooming across the north wednesday into thursday. as we head through today our temperatures will run in the upper 50s to low 60s. tonight with will be ten degrees cooler. another chance for lane for all of us coming this >> and how great is this?
8:07 am
unknowingly, alicia, standing next to me said, you just said my hometown, baby. pensacola. all right, let's get inside to lara. here's a look what is coming up in our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news" a new title. mark zuckerberg. it's a good one. and inside team ice dancing. silver medal-winning figure skater, sasha cohen is here with her take on the games. i believe she'll be competing. and then "the bachelor" juan pablo is here live. he wants to clear the air and share a sneak peek of tonight's episode. that and so much more on "gma" coming up. ♪ [ woman ] too weak. wears off. been there. tried that. ladybug body milk?
8:08 am
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8:12 am
[owner] come on. [announcer] purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. ♪ and i won't be denied by you the animal inside of you ♪ there's amy, headed to the sochi oceanarium. animals making predictions. nana the dolphin forecasting the upcoming u.s. versus russia hockey game. not to be outdone, the sea otter, gary. >> a river otter. >> i'm sorry, it's a river otter. >> i peen, come on, josh. >> what was his pick? >> u.s. versus canada women's hockey, gary picking the usa for the win. >> of course, the name is all-american. >> they just gave up.
8:13 am
unada and gary. >> the women's ice hockey team is so good. >> they are. >> excited for them. >> you're going to be psyched for this. wait and listen. "pop news" time everybody. we begin with a friend of robin's sort of. mark zuckerberg and his wife were named the biggest philanthropists for 2013. the 29-year-old an his bride made donations totalling $970 million. get this, the top 50 donors on the list gave an excess of $7.5 billion to charity last year alone. it indicates, according to the control kl's editors, a sure sign that the economy is getting better and people are more comfortable making massive contributions. >> oh, for a billion to give away. >> didn't warren buffett bring
8:14 am
them together? >> yes, the giving pledge. a gift for you. a husky mix named roo, crowned king of the mutts at this year's westminster dog show this weekend. i so enjoyed watching this. roo zipped through tunnels and over the ramp, around the poles. it was the first time in 130 years that mixed breeds or all-americans as they call them at westminster, wink, wink, were allowed to compete. roo was a shelter dog returned to the shelter several times because of his high-energy personality. >> aren't we going to have best in show here? >> best in show. by that, we mean k.j. is coming. >> thank you, he needs love. >> you're welcome. >> and finally, supermodel kate upton got a most unexpected
8:15 am
marriage proposal over the weekend. no, not from her handsome baseball beau, justin verlander. no, he stepped away for a moment and stuff stepped in. the orlando mas kotd swept in, proposed marriage on the spot. he gave kate quite the rock. verlander came back and posted, i was gone for five minutes. the green dragon replied, when you got it, you got it, verlander. no word on whether she accepted. >> she's wearing the ring. >> a shoutout to all of the masco mascots. they work so hard. >> they do. she calls herself food babe. an activist blogger blowing the whistle on the bread used by a major food chain. she says it's dangerous no matter how you slice it.
8:16 am
>> subway, eat fresh. >> reporter: the world's largest restaurant chain. endorsed by athletes and the first lady. >> for years, subway has been providing meals that are healthy. >> reporter: is nout under scrutiny. after their food was questioned by food blog activist voni hari. calling for the end of azodiacarbonamide. >> mm. as soon as i heard there michelle owe bah marx the announcement that she is endorsing subway for children, i had to get involved. >> they use it because it makes the bread whiter and puffier. >> reporter: it is usda and fda approved, but it's banned if other countries. studies suggest it may increase
8:17 am
the risk of asthma, and allergies before the petition, subway says they already decided to remove the ingredient from bread. pending further approvals, we should finish the process in the coming weeks. >> i have a laundry list of companies doing this. i would like to see them all change. yellow number 5. >> reporter: she says she's successfully taken on large corporations like kraft for dies used in their mac and cheese. she's hoping this latest petition brings an increased awareness to what we eat. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. and now we're back with our "gma" olympic head quarters in sochi. amy robach is leading the
8:18 am
coverage. one of the story, meryl davis and charlie white. wow, the dancing pair on the ice, grabbing the bronze and winning the hearts of americans all around the world. amy, good morning to you again. >> that's right, good morning to you, lara. good morning, everyone. overnight, meryl davis and charlie white have become fan favorites. now, they're heavily favored going into their own competition next week. dorothy, brian, scott, all won glory. all competed in singles. this year, the u.s.'s best hope to strike gold rests with the duo of meryl davis and charlie white. yesterday, they twirled their way to first place, helping the u.s. win a bronze if the first ever team competition. >> this program got better and better as they went on. >> it's fun when you can come from behind and win a medal. and, you know, i think we were
8:19 am
able to do that by going out and skating for each other. >> reporter: they've won the u.s. nationals six times. they're the reigning world champions. this week end, they won more fans with their thrilling performances. >> charlie and meryl, as of now, are the only shoo ins to be on the podium here in sochi for the americans. they play the part. they have a lot to back that up. >> reporter: davis and white are not taking chances. hiring "dancing with the stars" derek hough to help give them an edge. the master of the mirrorball raved about their performance on instagram writing, congrats to the american team and of course, meryl davis and charlie white. no wonder they're so in sync. they grew up minutes apart from michigan and have been skating together for 17 years. each attends the university of michigan. the u.s. has never won ice dapsing at the olympics. next week, davis and white hope to twirl their way into the
8:20 am
history books. all eyes are certainly be on meryl and charlie. and guys, i know your eyes are fixed on this sweater. that's right. i'm wearing the official ralph lauren sweater designed for the u.s. team opening ceremonies. i'm not kidding when i say this. i'm told this is the last one in the world. and at last check, these were going for $3,000 a piece on e bay. they say i have to give it back. >> it looks great. the entire team, the way they've dressed them. looking good! you do have to give it back. >> you look so cozy. >> it's like 60 degrees over there. you don't need the big sweater. >> it just looks good. she looks fabulous. as do our athletes. we want to give a great, big, "gma" welcome to our special kriter for the olympics, olympic figure skating medalist sasha
8:21 am
cohen. we welcome you. >> i'm so honored and into eedo be a part of this team and to keep america posted. >> want to talk about the team skatin skating. we all loved it. it's given us the opportunity to watch so much more of it. how big of an impact do they have on your sport and the game? >> i think it's huge. we all love watching the gymnastics team event. you get to know the athletes. it's not gracie against ashley. they're competing with each other, trying to get a medal for the team for the u.s. it's like a preview of seeing what you have to expect later on in the games. >> as an athlete, it must be great to get the willies out. >> it is. to get the one chance to do that. it's not your individual event. >> this is shocking to you. there's controversy in skating, olympic skating.
8:22 am
i know, but they're saying that the russian team and the american team are if cahoots to help each other in various competitions. any truth to that? >> i don't think there is any ground to that. if you look at the events. charlie and meryl were so far above everyone else. their scores were completely justified. they were just incredible. and overall, the russian team have the strongest overall package of skaters. they clearly deserved to take home the gold. if those are the things they're saying, it makes no sense. it was clearly what they deserved. >> if they had been falling all over the ice and still one, maybe. >> that would have been a clue. >> i hope it's not true. because yulia gracie will be great. >> it the fun to see the preview. everyone else got to get their
8:23 am
feet wet. yu na. >> that's why she's here. >> thank you so much. we're going to turn it over to george now. >> now to the man starring monday nights at abc. juan pablo "the bachelor." here with a sneak peek. >> i've been thinking a lot. i was worried about the rose ceremony that day that you were all sad. you felt horrible. i didn't want you to feel that way. >> my question is, what are our boundaries? >> you caught me offguard. >> did we do anything inappropriate though? >> and juan pablo here, don't leave us hanging, did you? >> we talk. we talk. you'll see that tonight. >> we'll see a lot more tonight.
8:24 am
before we get to that, because these episodes taped a long time ago. viewers have not been caught up on the controversy you got involved in a few weeks back. you were asked if there should be a gay bachelor, you were dismissed. said a bad example. used the word pervert. you have since apologized. what was going on in your head. >> it was a misuse of the word in english. it's been hard, because, to me, when i speak english, it happened to be two months of filming. sometimes the words i used were not used in the way i should. i use the wrong word. i'm go on pi phone, google, find the right word, do it that way. i talked to glaad. we made sense between each other. understood each other. i have family, friends, i have a cousin who is gay, his sister is a nun. it's been around my house all my life. to me, it was a
8:25 am
misunderstanding. >> did the backlash surprise you? what have you learned from it? >> people need to worry about their life's and my life. it's about respect. i respect everybody, doesn't matter the color of their skin. their religion. we have to respect everybody as they are because they were born that way. as long as we respect each other, i think we're good. >> tell us more about the show tonight. you're going to leave us hanging? >> no, it's another kind of controversy what people watch in two hours. we film in four days. there's a lot more conversations. we -- clare, nobody saw me doing that. uh huh. nobody did. uh huh. so, with clare, things got clear. e expressed to her i apologized. it was my mistake that night. at 4:00 in the morning, i was
8:26 am
watching baseball. i was in vietnam and watching baseball, falling asleep. she knocked at the door, caught me offguard. she was so excited about the whole day that, to me, do you want to go in the ocean for the first time? i was like, sure. in the morning, i was like, i should have said no, because it wasn't fair for the other ten girls that were in the room. >> another lesson learned. juan pablo. >> yes, i would rather make her feel bad at the time than make her feel bad later. she had a rose. i wanted to address that as soon as possible at the rose ceremony. >> we're glad you did. a new episode tonight. colin farrell is here in a minutes.
8:27 am
happening today, caltrans will reveal details about storm-related leaks that popped up on vital areas at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. officials will give the media an up close look this afternoon. caltrans crews spent yesterday looking at the bridge. some engineers say the leaks could lead to corrosion. bridge officials say the amount of water is small and just needs to be mopped up and they say the bridge is safe. still a little bit wet out there. let's check in and see where the trouble spots are in your commute. >> indeed. because of all this rain we've had saturated roads and saturated ground. that's why we've got this problem with downed trees. highway 84 at 35. that's where we have a sigalert. we do have one-way traffic control in effect because of the
8:28 am
downed trees. you might find slow traffic. quick look outside at the toll plaza coming in from the maze, quite busy there. >> leyla, thank you. when can we dry off
8:29 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. good news for those tired of the flooding rain. it moved an overnight. you see live doppler pretty quiet. we still have fog and slight arrival delays at sfo to contend
8:30 am
with until noon. best chance of r well, there's -- sara haines. a little earlier today, as you'll soon see. and ginger. and sasha cohen, our special olympic contributor. and better at figure skating than any of us will be at anything our entire lives. >> oh, look at sasha. >> by the way, after this video, i've got sasha cohen. >> i'm not armed with up yet. >> you can have the field. i've got cohen. >> you had to be worn out from that alone. >> i was trying to do the leg. she threw it up there. >> you're going to do it too? >> i am. i got some tricks.
8:31 am
>> you're saving it. >> we're going to have fun with our own olympic games in the next few weeks. we'll put our cleolleagues to t test in our own little competition. >> by little, we mean little. also coming up, colin farre farrell. there he is. you saw this movie? >> i watched this last night. >> "winter's tale." >> i watched this last night. it is beautiful. i cried like baby. i haven't cried like this at a fill nm a long time. >> he's on a roll. >> time now for our morning make a meem. and it is is -- >> the morning megameme. >> i'm sure this will bring me to tears. >> an olympic edition no less. out to the -- to amy robach in balmy sochi. amy? >> i know. it is so tropical this morning.
8:32 am
and trending this morning, josh, apparently everyone is doing the johnny quinn door bust. we saw his kool-aid-man-esque moves. his moves are inspiring hilarious memes. ashley wagner, her face after an unfavorable score is being spoofed to show her distaste for the bust. look at that. and then, who is that? the kool-aid man. oh, yeah. also trending this morning. what is spoice? he congratulated jamie anderson on sunday saying he jumped out of his chair when anderson landed her run. she admitted sunday she didn't know what spoice meant. i got the chance to explain. it means -- it's from urban
8:33 am it means an expression of gratitude toward life. >> h i love that. sage is such a krae ative fun person. i love the spoice. that makes it a lot better. frat if i occasion for life. >> and this morning, anderson tweeting this picture of her and k kotsenburg both wearing their medals and some hats. that is good reason for some spoice. >> i like that word. i'm going the use it all the time. >> amen. got the team off and running this weekend. slopestyle r us. that's for sure. >> hey, aim, thank you so much. we'll check back with you later. right now, superstar designer and project runway star zac posen has a prand-new collection featuring plus-size and affordable wedding fwouns.
8:34 am
they are beautiful. sara haines caught up with him for a look at what he call his love notes to brides everywhere. >> reporter: from runway to red carpet. >> this is zac posen. >> my dress is by zac posen. >> reporter: he's a designer to the stars. now he's walking his glamorous gowns down a much didn't carpet. the wedding aisle. posen teamed up with david's bridal to design for all sizes, 0 to 26. >> if you're a plus size, you can wear a zac posen dress. you can get the red carpet look at an affordable price and in your size. >> hi. i'm sara. can we hug? so i met zac for a sneak peek at truly zac posen. it's so neat to know there is a range and truly different types of women can wear these gowns. >> well, women are the inspiration. you want to represent them and
8:35 am
embrace them and celebrate them. >> i heard you brought women here today that you show me some of the gowns on. >> yes. >> reporter: okay. first up, an $850 satin fit and flare. she looks like a cup of champagne. >> the great lines make your leg look long. >> reporter: next, a tulle ball gown. >> so -- yes. >> very princess-like. >> this is our princess dress. it can go bigger. it moves if you do a big spin. >> keep going. you might disappear. exactly. and for a pop of color, this portobello corseted draw drober. would it be appropriate to call this back bling? >> i don't foe yet. baby's got back bling. the lines on the body highlight and seduce and seduct the eye.
8:36 am
contouring. >> i heard i get to try on one of your dresses. >> so excited. >> are you ready? >> yes. let's see. >> wish me luck. >> good luck. >> not just one. i tried on three. which one did i choose? wait and see. >> and you don't have to wait long. >> this is one on the occasion gowns. it's only $195. when you think about how much you spend, you could wear to it a wedding, as a wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress. >> you're not going the gown route. >> i'm having a beach wedding. it's my personality. i'm more of a chill, can i run in the dress? >> tell us about these three dresses. >> first up, maggie. it's for all wallets. it's very affordable but for all sizes. women that are curvy can live it up and look as beautiful as she
8:37 am
does. this is maggie. she's a size 14. look how contoured her body looks because of the way he designs these dresses. this is $1350. they're not cheap. they're more affordable for a zac posen dress. >> that's true. >> next up, manuella. and last, danica. it's $1250. the dresses are made for a range of people. >> you share the same sentiments of zac about when you see his dresses, this line. >> i love it. they accentuate the way women are built. this is how i'm built, robin. take that. >> there's nowhere to go thefro that. ladies, you look great. >> you have to get outside. >> snow shoeing. >> the truly zac posen collection now available
8:38 am
nationwide in select david's bridal stores. time for a final check of the weather. >> we're right here at the finish line. i met sailor from oshkosh. thank you for being with us. let's look at the pick cities. i want you the hash tag me. gzgmapickcity. colorado springs. snow early. look at pike's peak. here's what's happening. the big headline for this week will be in the south. the snow and ice accumulation. overall, 1 to 3 inches and then the half inch good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. drizzle for the morning commute and i looks like mostly cloudy this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50s to
8:39 am
low 60s. next chance of rain is up north. it will be >> all that weather brought to you by purina. the olympic village out here looking good, lara. >> get out the snow shoes ginger. we'll be right out. up close with one of the biggest stars in washington, d.c. she's only 6 months old. giant panda cub bao bao. claire shipman with an exclusive look inside the panda cage. >> here's bao bao. >> reporter: so nice the meet you. her name means precious in chi feez. our exclusive visit to the smithsonian national zoo came with a host of rules. as she stretched and toddled
8:40 am
around, the cute factor was unbearable. am i allowed to touch her? >> no. >> reporter: sorry. >> that's okay. >> reporter: juan uses sticks with balls on the end and sweet potatoes to teach her skills. >> good job, bao bao. >> reporter: sometimes it works. sometimes she just wants to play with everything at once. the training is not about play or learning tricks. her father shows us one of the many things bao bao will soon master. before cued, he office up his arm through a slot in the cage. >> and the vets can take blood right out of his arm wile he's awake. and he'll allow it. >> reporter: it's a huge help for his doctors. he knows he'll be rewarded with delicious honey water. he'll scooch over or lie down on command. bao bao will soon learn the do the same thing. this training helps the bears
8:41 am
get comfortable with human contact. like her parents, bao bao will spend her life with specialists. at age 4, she'll go live in a reserve in china. how can you not just want to cuddle all the time? >> it's hard. it's excruciatingly hard. the main thing is to remind yourself that they're a critically endanger species. you have to respect that they are endangered. we don't want to make them into pets. >> reporter: as cute as she is. for "good morning america," claire shipman, abc news, washington. >> thank you, claire. bao bao is delicious. coming up, colin farrell is with us live. don't go anywhere. >> there? there?
8:42 am
8:43 am
a good that comes in 25 flavors. from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. good . get your good going. blue diamond. snack nut of u.s. snowboarding.
8:44 am
it took 30 years, but the alamed novel "winter's tale" is now out in paperback. it's a movie coming to theaters on valentine's day.
8:45 am
it stars colin farrell as a thief who ends up getting his own heart stolen by the woman whose house he intended to rob. >> what are you doing here? >> i'm just robbing the place. >> is that still your intention? >> i -- nope. no it isn't. >> well, then. i suppose the polite thing to do would be to offer you a cup of tea. >> colin farrell, ladies and gentlemen, welcome him. >> good morning. >> i watched the last night and i just -- >> hated it. >> no, no. >> great, thanks for having me. >> thank you for coming by. this is what i love about you. peter lake, just describe playing him. the character. >> i got it. it's fine. >> he's got it. >> it was a joy. one of the post beautiful thing
8:46 am
about being part of this film was being if new york. for five months. i'm not just saying that. the book, the city is such a part of the story. a character in the story. to be here just before sandy struck. it was a crazy time the be in the city. and yeah, just to be around all these iconic landmarks, and the energy of this place if the middle of winter. peter lake was a lovely character to play. someone born in a world of hard knox and came from being an orphan, never had family, never grew up in an environment of love and belonging. found that belonging that he experiences in the love in first ten or 15 minutes of the movie. >> it's got everything. good versus evil. it has -- it's a fantasy world. but it's a love story at heart. >> absolutely. it exists, i suppose, in -- two places that don't -- at the at
8:47 am
times can be diametrically opposed. the intimate and the internal and the heart. and the world of culture and cityscapes tapped world of in the imagination. the are elements of what feel like supernatural to it. the most soup natural thing is the love between the characters. it's so sweet, so deep, it ends up transcending time. the story takes place over 100 years. >> your character lives 100 years plus. when you didn't realize you had been living that long until the jennifer connelly character comes along. how did you tap into the raw emotion? remembering finally? >> human beings are emotional creatures, whether we like to admit it or not. you're connected to your emotion or suppressing it. but there's gray areas, too. i was -- it was fun. it was all there on the page.
8:48 am
akiva goldsman wrote such a beautiful page. it was a distill eed aspect of e book. put a lot of his experience in. the emotional weight was on the page. it was easy to access. >> he was moved by the fight scenes between you aund rund ru crowe. >> he is a strong man. >> they said -- it was like y'all were dancing. it was so choreographed. >> it can be. it's a to and fro. there's an understanding. it's -- yeah, you don't -- you're not trying to defeat the person. you're dancing with them. >> it works. now it's a major, a major motion pig chur. >> as opposed to a minor motion
8:49 am
picture. i want to see that on a book some day. >> people need to see this and need to see you. thank you. >> have you seen my legs? i've been doing an abworkout for the last ten minutes. my lower abs look amazing. >> you can do the fight scene all over again. >> spare no expense at "gma." >> oh. >> was that mean? was that mean? >> colin farrell, ladies and gentlemen. soon to be coming back here to "good morning america." "winter's tale" opens nationwide on valentine's day. perfect. we won't make you go outside. we're kicking it up. >> kick it.
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ it there is, right there, the "gma" games. who needs sochi? calm down, guys.
8:52 am
we're not going anywhere just yet. they're ready to go. we're doing this for the next several days while the olympics are going on. today, snow shoeing. the competitors, ginger zee, lara spencer, olympic silver medalist sasha cohen and sara "trash talking" haines. you go on one. three, two, one. [ screaming ] >> yeah. >> what just happened? >> that was insane. i was expecting kind of a slow, plodding. >> rather ra ran out of her shoes. >> not enough to give her the victory. who was at the tape? sasha or ginger? >> or lara. >> you have to keep the shoes
8:53 am
on. >> there's the video tape right there. sasha flying through the air. does win by a nose. there it is, right there. quite literally. >> that's what it takes, go for it. >> does it top the silver medal? >> it was special. the best thing in the second decade. >> there you have it. sasha cohen, the winner. we have hockey coming. curling all this week. we want to thank sports authority for the great jackets that even has and the snow shoes as well. and our friends in vernon, new jersey, they trucked if the snow for all of us today. hey! welcome home! hey mom! woah, this kitchen looks beautiful. it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you! quartz countertop, soft-close drawers, farm sink, under cabinet lighting, look at this spice rack. where's my room? right there where it's always been!
8:54 am
we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in! because your kitchbig, ikea has it all.
8:55 am
8:56 am
our thanks again, to sasha cohen. >> robin, once an olympian, always an olympian. we want to thank pro flowers for providing the official "bachelor" bouquets.
8:57 am
8:58 am
hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ get bacon in your burger. pork! switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. jack's new bacon insider has a juicy beef patty with bacon mixed right into it, plus bacon strips and bacon mayo on a new gourmet brioche bun. get bacon in your burger.moooii.
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announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "winter's tale," jennifer connelly. and a performance from recording artist and "american idol" winner ruben studdard. plus, have you had enough? are you over the snow? over the cold? are you about to scream? then get ready for "live's" end winter now week. so, today escape with us through the warm and sunny south pacific and we'll show you how to get the perfect indoor tan. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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