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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  March 3, 2014 3:02am-4:01am PST

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>> and estimated 90 million people are being impacted by this storm. in oklahoma city, besides snow, there was thunder, hail and lightning yesterday. producing some dramatic moments courtesy of mother nature. our coverage begins with abc's alex perez. >> reporter: mother nature's fury taking no breaks in oklahoma city, icy conditions causing this 40-car pileup. >> and this car slammed into me while i was trying to eat my food in the car. >> reporter: this is the sight in denver saturday, after snow and ice caused a pileup more than 100 cars, killing one person. >> all the cars started to go like we had black ice or something. before you know it, everyone is sort of crashing into each other. >> reporter: in dallas, the big concern, dangerous ice. an ice storm here just two weeks ago paralyzed the city. pennsylvania up to a foot of snow, taking no chances, stocking up on an additional 20,000 tons of salt. after the last storm left them scrambling to find more. it's the same system that brought three days of record
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rain and mudslides to california. watch the unbelievable scene at this santa barbara dockside restaurant. >> time to go. >> what we're seeing here is what i call the perfect storm. you have high tides, huge surf and a lot of rain. >> reporter: three boats breaking loose in that choppy surf. one of them ending up right on the shore. back east and in the mid-atlantic, a travel nightmare. those images of crews de-icing planes popping up across the path of this storm. the storm trekking across 20 states. 100 million people getting ready to start the monday morning commute with another dangerous round of snow and ice. and the other big concern here in the midwest is that this mix of snow and sleet will turn into a dangerous sheet of ice. crews will be working nonstop to keep up. alex perez, abc news, bloomington, indiana. thousands of flights from dallas to chicago to new york are delayed or canceled this morning. >> amtrak cutting service in the northeast because of the storm.
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accuweather meteorologist justin povick county latest. >> good morning. a brutal start to the work week throughout the country. south of our bitter cold we have snow rolling through d.c. and baltimore. that wraps up around midday, early afternoon but there is dicey travel along interstate 95 core doe doer. the west coast joining in, on the sloppy weather as well, around seattle and portland. john and marci, let's turn it back over to. >> you justin, thank you. our other major story unfolding overnight on the west coast where the oscar after-parties are in full swing. >> must be having a ball right now. abc's brandi hitt joining us from hollywood with a complete wrap-up of the oscars. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, john and marci. we just heard applauds because jared leto just walked by with his oscar. last night the big win was "12
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years a slave" with best picture. ellen degeneres surprised a lot of people this year especially when she took the self-portrait with some of hollywood's biggest stars and broke twitter records with it. >> jared leto. >> reporter: "dallas buyers club" jared leto took home best actor and thanked his mother. >> this is for the 36 million people who have lost the battle to aids. >> reporter: and best supporting actress went to "12 years a slave's" lupita nyong'o. >> this has been the joy of my life. >> reporter: "frozen" won best animated feature film. and the oscar stage turned into a concert with music's biggest stars performing the four best original song nominations. ♪ let it go >> and the oscar goes to -- >> "let it go" for "frozen."
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>> reporter: ellen hosted for the second time and she even handed out pizza to the audience. >> wait, kerry washington is pregnant. let's go. >> reporter: competition for best actress was tougher this year. >> and the oscar goes to -- cate blanchett. >> reporter: and best actor went to -- >> matthew mcconaughey. >> whatever it is we look up to, whatever it is we look forward to and whoever it is we're chasing, to that i say amen. to that i say, all right, all right, all right. >> reporter: in the category of best director -- >> alfonso cuaron. >> reporter: and finally, the bigs award of the evening, best picture -- >> "12 years a slave." brad pitt! >> thank you all. thank you for this incredible honor you bestowed on our film tonight. >> reporter: what a night. and also "gravity" ended up taking home and sweeping several of the technical categories. of course, now the focus is on the after-parties. we continue to see some of the stars walk out of here. they're on their way to the
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governor's ball where 1500 people will be celebrating with more than 1300 bottles of chap pain, john and marci. >> no champagne for you, by the way, brandi. we have to put on you the spot. you look fabulous. pull out wide so we can see the baby on board. >> reporter: oh, boy! >> look at you. >> reporter: thank you very, very much. it was my goal to just not have my water break because i'm nine months pregnant. that couldn't happen on the red carpet. but did you notice, did you notice a lot of the stars here, kerry washington, olivia wilde, the best accessory is the baby bump right now. luckily, after shopping for a bunch of dresses, my goal also wasn't to look like i was wearing a tent out here. i found one that was a little stretchy and could give as i grew, you know, a couple more inches before oscar -- on the red carpet on oscar sunday. >> you nailed it, my friend. >> you look gorgeous, brandi. >> reporter: you're very sweet. thank you. >> brandi mentioned the parties in full swing across l.a. with that, the tweets are flying.
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>> our tech team, peter martinez and tina trinh standing by to bring us the highlights throughout the morning. we'll check in with this later this half hour. >> we'll get the inside scoop, the surprises, the snubs, all from rotten tomato's senior editor, grae drake, she is here. >> can't wait. we'll turn to news. the crisis in ukraine hitting stock markets this morning. russian troops are in unmarked uniforms, surrounding ukrainian military bases turning troops into virtual hostages on their own soil. while the obama administration threatens sanctions, republicans are expressing frustration. >> there will be costs to the economy of russia, costs to russian businesses, costs to russian individuals. >> i think putin is playing chess and i think we're playing marbles. >> pro-russian demonstrators in the east showed russian support forces there with ukraine's capital. thousands marched, calling for
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national unity. secretary kerry travels to kiev tomorrow. tensions are also rising on the korean peninsula. for the second time in just days, north korea has fired off missiles as the u.s. and south korea conduct military exercises in the region. the two missiles, launched separately, traveled 200 miles before landing in the sea. north korea has condemned the joint maneuvers by south korea and the u.s. could be a hard day for israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who is likely to get an earful from president obama when they meet. he said now is the time for the two to seize peace. we said school is closed in many districts because of the latest snowstorm. we've lost count of how many storms there have been this year but too many for a school district in the ozarks. today is the 19th snow day this
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year so students were in class on saturday. administrators are worried about student performance. >> the biggest impact is going to be on our state testing towards the end of the year. we do that in may. >> students say it wasn't so bad. for some students, it was probably fun. art students and band using the day to go on field trips they missed because of the bad weather. all right. after a raucous weekend, those still able to stand in places like new orleans and rio are entering the stretch run of mardi gras, fat tuesday is tomorrow. >> and carnival, the masked contest took over the famous st. mark's square yesterday. dozens of previously selected contestants showed off masks and costum costumes. >> about 1300 to 1800 there took it to a 200-year break before celebrations started again in 1979. looks like a lot of fun. coming up -- this scene in
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♪ all right. the parties are still going strong in hollywood this morning. the winners are taking their oscars on out on the town. and those who didn't win, well, there's enough food and cocktails to provide a pretty good consolation prize, i'd imagine. we will have more coverage of the academy awards just ahead. police in washington arrested nearly 400 demonstrators who strapped themselves to a white house fence in a show of civil disobedience against keystone oil pipeline. the protesters are mostly college students. they're hoping to persuade the president to reject the pipeline for environmental reasons. a pickup truck crashed through the front window and just kept going. more than two dozen people are hurt and one seriously. incredibly, no one was killed. the 80-year-old woman behind the wheel did not appear to be hurt.
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shoppers and employees dodged as the truck made it right down the frozen food aisle. >> it was chaos. it looked like a bomb had gone off in there. it was. people were running all over the place. >> a police spokesman says accidents like this aren't unusual but the vehicles don't often make it all the way to the back of the store. >> that is crazy. that is clean-up in aisle six on steroids. >> exactly. coming up, we're all about the oscars. >> from the best of the red carpet to the show's highlights to the moment that got twitter abuzz. coming up in our next half hour, if you're thinking of a vacation, and who's not, we'll tell you the exact day to get the cheapest airfare. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ thank you thomas edison for giving us the best years of our lives ♪
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welcome back. the 86th academy awards are in the books. and last night's show featured all the glamour we expect to see from the oscars. >> there are so many great moments, we really don't know where to start so we enlisted the help of an expert. joining us is grae drake, senior editor at rotten tomatoes. thanks so much more coming in. >> absolutely. >> so, this show was unusual. lots of films with heavy messages, atds, slavery, political corruption, forced adoption. and the academy honored that level of emotional acting. was this a surprise at all? >> not a surprise at all. it is absolutely necessary that the academy honor "12 years a slave" with its highest honor, right? like the fact that "12 years a slave" won best picture was definitely expected. especially by me. and all of the awards for "dallas buyers club," same thing. that movie blew everybody's minds. and really put the spotlight on an important issue, being aids and transgendered people, and
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the fact that matthew mcconaughey really needs to stop losing all that weight. >> yes. he looks much healthier now. it was very nice to see him -- >> thank god. >> they both look much better now. he looks great too, doesn't he? let's talk about the fashions. let's talk about some fashions there. for instance, jared leto with the white jacket and red tie and black pants. you like it or not? >> don't you think he looked like the sexy good humor man? >> well put. >> i love that. >> it made me want to eat ice cream. >> before you said it, i was not loving the look, but now i think i can dig it. >> anything i can do to make you like jared leto that much more. because his performance was unbelievable. and the guy can do no wrong. like this entire awards season, he showed up, he looks fantastic and his speeches improve with each win. >> yeah, his speech was great. >> truly. >> what a way to open the show. i was really moved by it. >> like his -- and he even pulls off the long hair look. i don't know how he does it.
3:20 am
but really a sincere, beautiful speech. >> it was and, of course, this was ellen's second time hosting. and she did a lot of funny bits. wasn't really over the top zany like we saw last year from seth mcfarland. so, we want to take a listen real quick. >> jonah hill is nominated for his amazing performance of "wolf of wall street." that -- honestly, i have to say, you showed us something in that film that i have not seen for a very, very long time. you get it? >> that's pretty good. so what did you think, overall, of ellen's performance? >> i thought she did well. it was so much less edgy than we saw seth mcfarland do last year. there were no songs about boobs, but ultimately the spirit of ellen really came out in the
3:21 am
show. she's so sweet and funny and just appealing to so many people at once. >> and the pizza thing. genius, right? >> genius. and the fact she took that selfie and did something like everyone is doing on twitter and she just managed to get like 20 of the most famous people in on it. >> she definitely took chances. >> it's a testament how everyone is along for the ride when ellen is there. >> overall, what did you think of the show? >> overall, it was a very safe show. not a ton of surprises. but ultimately it was a show that everyone could enjoy. so you can't go wrong with that, right? >> i have to agree with that one. any surprises in your mind? anything throw you for a curveball? >> i was so happy to see "gravity" get so many technical awards. that is why that movie was so amazing but ultimately seeing "12 years a slave" get best picture was perfect. >> yeah. it was an awesome night. >> hey, pizza. >> ellen sent pizza.
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metamucil. 3 amazing benefits in 1 super fiber. ♪ "mix" time. you're still eating your pizza. >> of course. i'm not giving it up. >> ellen's pizza. >> it was so kind of hr. i don't want to be rude by not eating it. >> brilliant you ordered that for us. >> the academy awards get viewers all over the world and some out of the world. this is really cool. astronauts on the international space station took to him to reflect on the oscars. they watched. who do you think they are root are for? >> up in space, i have a feeling i know. let's take a listen. zoo we took some time from our schedule to watch the movie "gravity" here on the space station and was struck by the stunning visuals and stark imagery the movie depicted. >> they're struck by the
3:26 am
imagery? they have the best view of all. >> i was going to say, if they are struck by the imagery, it must be good. >> they took the time to congratulate the entire production crew. i love the guy doing somersaults in the back. >> as with lots of others things, last night's oscar ceremony is all about social media from ellen's epic selfie to the pizza and pharrell's hat, everything tweeted and retweeted. >> we comb through the twitterverse to get the most popular events of the night. tina, one of the tweets tweeted by ellen almost broke twitter, right? >> yeah. marci, this was definitely the tweet of the night. and selfies are a huge trend right now. and ellen just ran with it. gathered everyone around. you name it. they were there. jennifer lawrence, bradley cooper, who apparently needs a longer arm, meryl streep. everybody gathered in for this awesome selfie that got retweeted 2.2 plus million times over and actually beat out the
3:27 am
most retweeted tweet on record, which was barack obama's tweet back in 2012 of "four more years." so this was definitely the buzz for the entire night. if you go online right now, this is what everybody is talking about, this is what everybody is tweeting about. so, it was the selfie of the night. >> pretty cool. peter, i would imagine that selfie spawned a whole movement. >> it sure did. let's get right to them. i have picked some of the best tweets that have gone out kind of mocking the whole selfie movement. the first one here, if you can tell, the photo bomb in the back, that was all of -- >> grumpy cat. >> -- grumpy cat here. and the next one is a minion, of course. one of my favorites. so, the internet did not waste any time kind of parodying this whole event. >> and digging into the pizza too. that's my girl. >> we'll be right back.
3:28 am
>> talk to you in a bit.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- military invasion. the unrest and uncertainty in ukraine as russia moves in. the response from the u.s. and the rest of the world. late winter blast. the storm system that's brought snow, ice, even thunder and lightning to millions of americans. it's such a threat today that washington, d.c. is shutting down. hollywood celebrations. the rewarding night after a year of very memorable movies. who took home an oscar and who went home empty-handed. as far as fashions, who rocked the red carpet last night at the oscars. who set trends, who didn't. we have the inside scoop from hollywood that you won't get anywhere else. it's monday, march 3rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning on this
3:31 am
post-oscars monday. i'm john muller. >> i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. we have so much ahead this half hour, from the oscars, from the big surprises, the letdowns, all the fashion and glitz. be sure to stick around all morning. >> i give it a big thumbs up overall. >> i'm impressed you watched the whole thing. >> from start to finish. that's dedication. >> it is. >> and i actually enjoyed it. >> how about that? we begin with a major story developing overseas. on day four of what the u.s. is calling russia's invasion of the ukrainian region of crimea. >> russian troops still in unmarked uniforms digging in for what looks to be a long stay. secretary of state john kerry travels to the ukraine tomorrow. abc's terry moran is there. >> reporter: by sea the russian navy poured in more forces. on the roads, russian troops were on the move. on the border between crimea and the rest of ukraine, russian soldiers were spotted digging trenches, a sign they're here to stay. and nearby, in russia itself,
3:32 am
full scale military exercises were under way ominously. for ukraine's new prime minister, it was all too much. >> we are on the brink of a disaster. >> reporter: in kiev, the ukrainian government put its military on high alert and mobilized forces. for war. but russia now totally controls this key part of ukraine. the crimean peninsula where there is strong popular support for russia and where the russian navy has based ships for two centuries. some pro-russian forces took over government buildings and trashed them. at nato headquarters in brussels, a sharp demand. >> russia must stop its military activities and its threats. >> reporter: at the ukrainian military base here in crimea, that wasn't happening. hundreds of russian soldiers surrounded the base in utter silence. but the wife of one of the ukrainian soldiers is now trapped in this eerie standoff, she is desperate.
3:33 am
we are hostages, she tells me, the families, the kids, the wives. we're all worried about the orders they will get from either side to shoot. it's horrible. as russia ratchets up the pressure here, the danger is that the lightest spark, a panicked young soldier open fire, a protester killed, could touch off a full-scale war. no one wants that. but right now, there's absolutely no sign out of this crisis. terry moran, abc news, ukraine. a major storm hitting the nation capital, with rain falling. now most government offices and all schools are closed as washington braces for nearly a foot of snow and ice. as much as 2 inches may fall there per hour. and 2,000 flights grounded nationwide as the storm hit airline hubs. another washington story this -- another story, that is, this one in illinois having the snowiest winter on record. this latest snowfall comes on top of tornado damage for the peoria suburb. snowplows are clearing streets
3:34 am
that no longer has homes on them. so contractors can do work. in north texas, the problem is sleet making those roads dangerous. there were dozens of accidents on the highway where at least one fatality took place. sleet there falling on roads. froze overnight making those commutes dangerous, so there is no school right now in the dallas area today. >> and here is a look at your weather. this far-reaching storm hits the south and east and will affect areas from the plains to the mid-atlantic. the heaviest snow is expected from west virginia to southern new jersey. there will be rain all day in the pacific northwest and partly sunny in southern california. >> low 20s in boston. upper 20s in d.c. and upper 60s in los angeles. all right, time for our other major story. oscar ceremony wrapped up in hollywood. heavily favored, "12 years a slave" made history as winner of best picture. >> it is the first movie directed by a black film maker to win the top award.
3:35 am
abc's brandi hitt is on the red carpet. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, john and marci. this is a big ceremony for several films. especially "12 years a slave" which won best picture. >> everyone deserves not just to survive, but to live. this is the most important legacy of solomon northup. i dedicate this award to all the people who have endured slavery and the 21 million people who still suffer slavery today. >> reporter: not only did "12 years a slave" win best picture but also best supporting actress and an emotional speech from lupita nyong'o. this is her first movie out of film school and she cried as she won her award. the other big film was "gravity." it swept many technical award. alfonso cuaron winning. best director. then of course the men of the "dallas buyers club." that film took home key acting awards including matthew mcconaughey for best actor and jared leto for best supporting actor.
3:36 am
now it's on to the after-parties. as people begin to leave the oscar red carpet, many will be heading over to the governor's ball, where 1500 people will be celebrating with more than 1300 bottles of champagne, john and marci. sounds like a great time. >> all right, brandi, does sound like a great time. >> how did this year's show stack up against previous years? >> joining us to talk about those moments we want to remember and some we may want to forget, grae drake from rotten tomato. let's talk about the moment of the night. >> i'm so happy a movie as magical and important as "1 years a slave" won best picture. i think everyone was looking to best picture to see who would win. it was a toss-up between that movie and "gravity." as can you see, "gravity" won everything else. >> yeah, they were snowballing. were you surprised that movies like "american hustle" got zero oscars? >> i am pretty surprised because all of their actors got
3:37 am
nominated in all the major acting categories, which is quite a feat for movies to pull off. david o. russell's film did that last year and that is almost unprecedented in the history of the oscars. but no awards. >> shut out. >> yeah. there are so many good performances this year. >> so true. >> yes, absolutely. you mentioned there was a bit of an awkward moment with john travolta. >> oh, boy, john travolta. i'm pretty sure he accidentally called idina menzel the spanish word for spanish flight attendance. he was sort of like, azatamanfana. i have no idea what he was saying. unfortunately for a movie as fantastic as "frozen" which won two academy awards, you would think he would have done his homework. >> she's been around for a while and she has quite a resume. so it is surprising he doesn't know who she is. >> no kidding, right? >> what do you think are the most memorable moments of the night? >> i loved lupita nyong'o's speech. >> terrific. >> what a sincere, beautiful speech that was. >> her words were beautiful. they really were beautiful. >> and you could feel the emotion. i actually got choked up
3:38 am
listening to this speech. because it was so -- >> it was so pure. >> it was. absolutely. >> absolutely. you know, not many shoutouts to yale are ever heard on the academy awards. but she managed to do it. and she looked so graceful. her -- once again, just ruling the red carpet in that red dress. and then backing it up with such a genuine, wonderful speech. i just love her to pieces. >> awesome. grae drake from rotten tomatoes. you'll be back later this half hour. >> yes, we will talk about oscar fashion. our coverage of the oscars doesn't end here. you can get the buzz on big winners along with who looked great and who didn't coming up in "the skinny." >> and in our "skinny" bonus round, hows on cars are is -- oscars are burning up social media. stay tuned, everybody. it was a bigger than usual party this weekend in new orleans as mardi gras entered its last couple of days. the partying ends at midnight local time tomorrow when fat tuesday turns into ash wednesday. >> i think we have to have a party here on "world news now." >> i like that.
3:39 am
>> speaking of partying, they were going for it big time in rio as well. michael jackson thriller electrical event was one of 100 street parties across the city yesterday. >> plenty of people impersonating the king of pop, including bands putting a twist on jackson's music. >> looks like a lot of fun. >> it does look like a lot of fun. i like that idea. >> fat tuesday. >> all right. >> coming up, what the embattled mayor of toronto and jimmy kimmel have in common. but first, the betts time to buy a plane ticket and book your vacation. i know i could use a vacation about now. we have new secrets on saving money on airfare. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by downy glow unstoppables. but then it goes to your die. so do what i do -- try glow unstopables in-wash scent boosters. toss them in before the wash, then pour in downy infusions for softness.
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♪ sunshine she's here you can take a break ♪ ♪ hot air balloon that can go to space ♪ all right. celebration probably continuing in hollywood this morning, after last night's oscar awards. a great show. very talented winners. we'll have much more on great academy awards, still ahead. how can you not dance when you hear that song? >> that is a really nice song. let's talk saving money right now. who doesn't want to say some with airline fares. our experts say getting the best deal is just a matter of timing. we get the latest from clayton sande sandell. >> reporter: the constant quest of arm chair travel agents, finding airline ticket prices that don't soar sky high. now has just
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crunched the numbers on more than 4 million airfares. the prime time to book is about three to four months before your trip but the best average is 54 days in advance. we put it to the test. okay. so, let's search for a last-minute flight from new york to los angeles leaving tomorrow. and we get a price of $316. but, search 54 days from now. it drops dramatically. only $154. but the 54-day rule doesn't always work. popular destinations sell out fast so there's fewer deals. say, florida during spring break. and the best time to book those thanksgiving and christmas flights turns out to be in june. >> occasionally you'll win the lottery but you can't have a strategy that says you're going to win every time on every trip. it's like going to las vegas. the house always wins. >> reporter: but by searching smarter, experts say, it all adds up to real money. clayton sandell, abc news, washington.
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when we come back we'll return to our coverage of the 86th academy awards. in "the skinny" we'll have a look at the best and the worst on the red carpet. we'll check in with our tech desk to see what some celebs are doing backstage. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:46 am
3:47 am
all right. a very special oscar edition of "the skinny" this morning. first, the big award winners last night. "12 years a slave" won best picture as expected. >> disney's "frozen" won best animated film. also as expected. it also passed $1 billion in ticket sales this weekend. best actor, matthew mcconaughey for his performance in "dallas buyers club." that was your pick. best actress, cate blanchett, again your pick, for her role in woody allen's film "blue jasmine." >> supporting actor went to jared leto for "dallas buyers club" and best supporting actress was lupita nyong'o. she just looked wonderful, wonderful speech. >> so who wore it best? joining us to look at red carpet winners and losers is grae drake, senior editor for rotten tomatoes. thanks so much for joining us, grae. >> grae, let's go going.
3:48 am
one of the most stunning gowns, took one of the most stunning women to pull it off. >> the prada dress, deep plunge in the front and back. she looked gorgeous. she said she helped design it. she wanted it to look like champagne bubbles. >> that's an interesting way to put it. >> isn't that what it reminds you of? >> she's smart and classy and i've never loved prada so much. >> it looked great on her. i agree. >> stunning. >> all right. sandra bullock, actually, she was my favorite of the night. and i think lupita was number two but i think sandra looked like a total babe in that dress. alexander mcqueen, correct? >> a strapless alexander mcqueen gown and she did look beautiful. >> deep blue just like space. >> oh, i like it. >> to jennifer lawrence, once again, the girl on fire. >> she looked amazing in an orange/red gown from dior. what did you think of that one? >> she looks great even when she is falling down, right? >> she held it together this year. but, yeah i thought she looked so classy. >> it is a special, special person that can wear a dress
3:49 am
that almost matches the red carpet and still stand out. >> no doubt. >> she pulls it off. >> cate blanchett. big winner. she went for armani. >> this gown has a light tan, kind of an unusual closhgs paold with huge opal earrings. i thought this was lovely as well. >> i didn't think there were many missteps on the red carpet. cate blanchett, for anyone who has seen the late and great "ghost busters" movie. does anyone remember gozer at the end of the movie who shows up as the demon? this is what cate blanchett looked like. google it, people. >> that's it, huh? >> she was a sexy gozer, i'm telling you. >> that doesn't sound like a good thing. i have to google it for sure. >> let's talk kerry washington. she's pregnant and she looked amazing as well. what did you think? >> i agree. a loose-fitting jason wu dress. in plum. this was just so flattering on her. >> i think the color of the dress really saved it for me. i love -- i thought it was maybe a little shapeless, even for a woman who is as pregnant as
3:50 am
kerry washington, however that color and just that one diamond bar, right? oh, that -- that made the whole look just elevate. loved it. >> do you think you're sort of off the hook if you go in there pregnant or do you think it's double the pressure? >> i think you -- it is so much harder for you to find something that works, but people are twice as kind to you. >> as they should. let's check out angelina jolie. that's what she's wearing there. >> this is an elie saab gown with sheer bodice and thin leather belt. but the dress and angelina really shimmered. not my favorite. >> i think she could look sexier. little more tighter, more form-fitting. >> i actually think she looked way hotter, repeatedly, when she wore a black tux just like brad pitt. i thought she looked good then. this i thought was fine. >> same here. same here. julia roberts, i thought, she had an unusual choice. i thought it was fine as well, sort of like that. >> yeah. this is a black gown with lace. i didn't have a problem with it. i didn't think it was stunning.
3:51 am
but i didn't think it was bad either. >> i thought it was fine. you put it well. >> she looked like a wrought iron gate to me. i'm fine with it because it's julia roberts and i have to give much respect. but i'm not sure i would open that gate. just saying. >> let's go to the guys right now. >> let's do it. there was a new trend among men, white. jared leto proved he goes against the grain with a white jacket, red bow tie. and then he -- i don't know. i didn't -- i didn't love it. again, it's kind of different. i like harrison -- >> white was very in this year. we're very holy. we're very good humor men. >> right. the good humor man. you said that. check out pharrell. once again making headlines. rocking some shorts. >> what in the world? >> doesn't he look like a tiny little man in a renaissance painting? >> they do show off the tattooed calves quite nicely. he's always just looking to stand out a little bit. >> our last one, we just want to show you before we say good-bye, robin roberts. doesn't she look great?
3:52 am
>> she looks so beautiful in this lavender floor-length gown. she always looks great. >> and she was just awesome, doing her job. way to go, robin. >> so beautiful in the lavendar floor-length ground. >> and she was just awesome, doing her job. way to go, robin. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's bank account alerts, she may have been notified before it was too late. lifelock's credit notification service is on the job 24/7. as soon as they detect a threat to your identity within their network, they will alert you, protecting you before the damage is done. lifelock has the most comprehensive identity theft protection available, guarding your social security number, your money,
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♪ all right. it's "the skinny" bonus round. here we go. jimmy kimmel had fun after the oscars. with one of his favorites targets. toronto mayor rob ford made a rare appearance on the late post-oscar show i'm guessing this means those two might have buried the hatchet. >> before that, jimmy showed just how easily he makes friends. he and ellen degeneres and her wife portia de rossi had a tender moment watching the show. sweet. >> that was fun. >> our "world news now" tech team is keeping an eye on all the social buzz. peter martinez and tina trinh. i know, tina, you have some cool backstage photos to share with
3:56 am
us. >> yeah. while everybody was having a blast watching the oscars, a lot of cool stuff was happening behind the scenes. one of the fun pictures we ran across was this one of jessica biel, thinking she was taking a shot, but actually looked who photo bombed her. anne hathaway. the one and only anne hathaway, master photo bomber. then now that the oscars are over, everybody is ready to party. and wolfgang puck is the official chef for the oscars after-party, the governor's ball. and he tweeted out this photo of raspberry and lemon ganache oscar-shaped lollipops. >> delicious. >> looks good. >> everybody has that to look forward to at the after-party. >> tina, thanks. peter, let's go to you. john travolta taking a hit on social media. fill us in. >> yeah. he had this major flub up. i think we have a tape we want to play at that exact moment. >> from the oscar winning animated movie "frozen" please welcome the wickedly talented,
3:57 am
one and only adele dazin. >> oh, no. >> did you catch that? he meant to say, idina menzel. who was going out to sing "let it go," that song we heard all week long. we want to show you two twitter handles that come up. there is adele dazim and also the other one, adela -- i mean, adela dazeem. sounds like fruit. >> oh, yeah. that was unfortunate. >> a lot of critique on his performance. >> hey, real quick. ellen was burning up twitter too. >> oh, yeah. take a look at these selfies real quick. you don't want to miss them. they are really funny. >> love it. >> the selfie in the crowd there. >> very cool. ol. >>
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- paralyzing storm. the east coast socked with more winter weather. a tricky system that keeps changing its track. and snow totals. and historic night in hollywood. with academy awards filled with glitz, glamour, and powerful performances. ♪ let it go let it go can't hold me back anymore ♪ but it is a pizza delivery and a record-breaking selfie that are becoming the most talked about moments of the show. good morning, everybody. i'm john muller. >> and i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. we begin in hollywood, where the


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