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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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time to take a safety stand down. >> this seems to indicate something is not working correctly. >> in a statement he says the contractors were doing maintenance with full safety equipment and say this incident is believed to be unrelated the release. today there was an investigator investigating february's incident when it occurred >> we want to know how this happened. why this happened. what we can do to prevent it from happening in the future. it's too soon to tell. >> cal osha ordered the unit shut down several days due to
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safety violations. but allowed to it reopen once requirements were met. in martinez, abc7 news >> police are not sure whether an officer was shot by a suspect or partner. police released this photo of officer adam shaw. we have surveillance video of the suspect being arrested sunday police have not found the bullet. his partner says he fired shots at the car. >> a man will be spending life in prison after a shoot out with officers four years ago. this morning a jury found the
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48-year-old guilty on all charges, including three counts of attempted murder. investigators say he wore a bulletproof vest and was on his way to san francisco to start a massacre when pulled over. >> a driver killed yesterday afternoon when a tree fell on her car has been a tree fell and crushed her car >> police say they arrested a woman suspected in a hit and run that killed a motorcyclist on highway 17. she turned herself in.
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and the motorcyclist was a father and musician. >> state senator forcing electric utility companies to come up with plans to come up with acts of domestic abc7 news joins us now with more. leanne? >> one year later investigators still don't know who was behind that incident down in san jose. but what is clear that it's a wake up call for the state of california. last april, 17 transformers in san jose were knocked out by heavy gunfire.
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since then, pg&e worked to beef up security. >> we evaluate the gaps we have. >> if you don't have power you have disruption. and message is that our facilities are vulnerable. >> pg&e says it will spend $100 million on critical facilities but wants the utilities to follow a plan that is mandated by the state. >> could we trust pg&e to do the right thing after san bruno? no. can we trust the cpuc?
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no. >> he believes companies should not have to foot the entire bill. >> we have to look at what would the cost be if we didn't have electricity for six months. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> a san francisco multi millionaire in court today to face domestic violence charges the 31-year-old is accused of beating his girlfriend in august. a police officer testified he tried to smother the woman with his hands. it was captured on his home security camera and his attorneys want that evidence kept out as evidence. >> when you hit, punch someone.
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when you enter someone's space without permission, domestic violence happens. and happens in poor families and multi millionaire families >> he is the head of raid yim 1 and 2 other companies he founded sold for $300 million >> the attorney for a man can accused of killing his wife say his client didn't do it. her body found in 1989. her husband, david zimmer arrested after prosecutors say they uncovered new evidence. saying money was a motive. david zimmer's brother also faces charges. >> a fire started in warm springs elementary the second at warm springs park
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and the third at a day care center. nobody was injured. >> state officials looking into riz raiding a dam again to provide fore water for california it holds 52 million cal gones of water the district increased it's capacity nearly drought protection and an environmental benefit. since we're able to pump when fish are not present. >> officials say the next challenge is figuring out how to pay for that project.
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>> there is an upside to the lack of rain meaning more crews are being on the job. >> well it could be a while before we get more relief from the douth. >> also why a long time refuge for foster kids may have to shut doors. >> also a customer made a had dash for his pick up in a drive through. and... >> i just want to see if i can bring value to the next seven days. >> why barry bonds is back in a giants uniform.
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a foster home is in danger of shutting down the home built after the murder of a bay area foster child the director is taking issue with this new law. cornell bernard is live with the story. cornell? >> that foster home looking for a lot of help tonight. i'm at petaluma city hall the statue of an angel in memory of a 12-year-old foster child her life, the inspiration for a save haven for foster kids, now in danger of closing. >> i was in that room that, room. >> good memories? >> yes. life memories. >> she is visiting the place she
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called home a cluster of small houses for foster kids and their siblings they lived here for years. >> this is the only place i have been that tries to keep siblings together. >> she says it was a loving environment and got helpt( with life skills. >> promise is working well. and i see small miracles every day. >> the village served 57 kids since opening but a state law limiting long term placement in group home settings could force it to close. >> it would be an apros ti in my opinion to close the village. >> they need 24 kids to cover costs but only vf 16.
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>> meft kids have a safety net. they can go back home. and foster kids don't. >> the village classified as a group home. directors are appealing to local and state officials for help, and collecting private donations on their facebook page. after all, it helped build the village. >> had it not been placed here, for four years i won't be where i'm at now >> she's going to junior college. she hopes other foster kids get same opportunities she did. >> in petaluma, man drove up to the drive through, opened a register grabbing about to00 before
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taking off. police are hoping someone will recognize his picture. >> a judge has thrown the book at a man convicted of pointing a high powered laser at a helicopter, he is sentenced to 14 years in prison. >> more people are using buses, trains and subways than any time since 1956. that cal train is seeing record ridership n san francisco, uni says it's being pushed to the limit. pefrments say people are making a shift in how they get to work >> golden state keeps getting more golden.
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the number surpassed estimates by more than 20%. tax receipts also by >> new calls to boycott russian voed ka keeps rising. >> we've got a lot going on. in tennessee people are doing more than just talking about i one liquor store owner says he's boycotting russian voed ka. his current stock being sold at
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cost. >> californians signing up for coverage under affordable care act. every day, 15% have yet to pay the premium. if not paid, tens of thousands would lose their those who don't make premiums soon could be left without coverage. >> are you paying more for a smart phone? this year than last year? if you did, you're not alone. competition has been fierce, americ
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americans bone bills are still going up. carriers are encouraging users to use more data, and they are. experts will answer questions tomorrow between michael, thank you. >> barry bonds returned to the giants today as a spring training inspector. and he says he's excited and he knew it's only for seven days and has a message. >> please, do not hesitate. come pick my brain. wear me down seven days and hopefully get to wear me down longer. it's knew to me on this side of
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the fence. this is new to me i'm going to take baby steps. i love to work out. i enjoy that. >> bonds says he'd love to spend more time around the team if management will have him. he would not say whether he feels he's been black balled but by baseball. >> sandhya patel joins us outside. >> it's gorgeous. >> it is. just nothing but blue skies. and high clouds now. it's nudging in comparison to what you're about to see. it's going to get warm here in the bay
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looking across the bay there you can see clouds, sunny skies and 62 in san francisco. upper 60s in oakland. from our south beach camera looking towards sutro tower, you can see the sun there in the background there. we still have more daylight. so enjoy you're going to want to head to the beach. it's going to be warm. clear, cooler tonight and a bigger warm up coming for the weekend. so this is a joke the front came through we didn't get a lot of
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only 100 in livermore. cold front come we're going to see winds kicking up around southern lake county. gusts 40 miles per hour in norris. so with careful. so make sure your little ones have a jacket or a a mild day on the peninsula as
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well. downtown san francisco, 69 degrees. in the north bay breezy conditions in the hills. towards east bay, temperatures milder than where you should be at this time of the we're on a role here, temperatures going to come up gradually. look at the weekend low 70s on the coast. low to since we can't make rain
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just enjoy the sun. >> thank you. >> that is nice outside. >> soaring through the skies. >> coming up next a rescue, so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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a rock climber fell in north carolina today. two national guards men rescued the hiker. he was able to talk with the guardmen. >> some contamination could hit american shores in only weeks. scientists say they have no choice but to dump it into the
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pacific ocean. >> nsa leaker edward snowden made his first appearance since fleeing to russia. >> i took an oath to support the constitution i saw the constitution was violated on a massive scale. inat the time pret tagsed been changed in secret. >> he spoke at the south by southwest festival. today, he participated in the impact of the spying programs. >> also, big changes on the military justice system. >> the senate approved reforms
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aimed at strengthening prosecution of sexual assaults in the military, allowing victims to have a say in whether cases will be heard in military or civilian justice system. >> a group of u.s. senators hoping to raise public awareness about climate change. this is a live picture from capitol hill. that is dianne feinstein speaking. >> just look at this. see how deep this line is. look at it here. now, watch it. temperatures are still down. watch lines start to go up. she hopes it will wake up congress to dangers of climate
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>> thank you, care yes lynn, see you then >> golden state warriors hoping students do the same. >> yes. players presented students a new printer >> the printers are really cool. and hopes you guys can use innovations you have and have fun. >> it's one of the institutes supported by the events. >> that printing is the way to change everything in the next few decades. >> that is going to do it for
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us. i'm cheryl welcome to "world news." tonight, vanished. that giant passenger plane missing. tonight, the latest on the stolen passports. fingerprints discovered. and new theories about the moment the plane disappeared. banning bossy. tonight, the powerful movement to change one word and the future of america's daughters. moment of truth. after a panic attack on live tv, our dan harris tries to unlock the secret of happiness for us all. and sky-high rescue. the dramatic video of a hiker carried to safety, after plunging down the side of a mountain. good evening to you on this monday night. as we begin this week together, thousands of people are fighting


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