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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 16th. let's start with a quick look at our weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning to you. low clouds and fog have returned to the coast. it is making an impact from santa rosa to half moon bay this morning with visibility reduce today about a quarter mile here, a mile around half moon bay. so low 40s where we have some fog. elsewhere, 49 in fremont, 52 in mountain view. good morning to you. and 52 in san francisco. so from our sutro camera it looks clear and we will have
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another warm day around the bay and inland with plenty of 730s. mid-70s around the bay to the upper 70s. even a little warmer east of the caldecott tunnel. at the coast patches of fog and it will be cooler there. that sets the stage for big time cool down beginning tomorrow. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. developing news out of castro valley where police are looking for a man suspected of killing his wife. 46-year-old man is suspected in the shooting death of a woman. who was his wife. a teenage girl discovered the body of her mother friday afternoon. her husband has not been seen since. a neighbor said he heard the gun shot. >> i said to myself it sounded like a gun. but i didn't pay any attention to it. it was just one bang. just one. >> he may be filing the families
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silver toyota rav4. 2013 the car has paper dealer plates from dublin, toyota. today marks two years since the disappearance of morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. the 15-year-old vanished while walking to school. even though someone has been charged with her murder, volunteers still aren't giving up the search. we have more from search headquarters. >> this is where you will find aldi and rodger nelson every saturday. the two volunteer 20 hours a week searching for sierra. neither has ever met the missing 15-year-old, but now after nearly two years it really doesn't matter. >> more time has passed and more people doubt that we find her, but that hasn't stopped us. and i think the fact we are still here may help inspire others. >> roughly 25 people show up to search for sierra weekly and almost as many come to court
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every time antwan garcia torres makes an appearance. he's the man accused of kidnapping and killing her. the family has pleaded with the suspect to reveal where her body is. >> it's very frustrating. why does he not do the right thing or alleviate their pain? >> they have scoured the region over and over again, but no sign of the teenager. she disappeared march 16, 2012, as she walked to her school bus. police believe he lured her into his vw jetta because that's where they found her dnr. sierra's parents weren't available to speak. they are getting ready for an emotional event at washington high school in fremont. that's the school she attended before moving to morgan hill. a circular bench will be dedicated to her as a symbol of her last year in high school. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news.
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>> four children abducted by their parents are still missing this morning. there is a statewide amber alert in effect this morning for a couple. they said they forcibly took their two sons and twin daughters out of protective custody in l.a. friday. they haven't been seen since. they were last seen driving a dark color chrysler pt cruiser with paper license plates, a missing right rear hubcap and tinted windows. >> a man is expected to survive after being shot in the mission district. it happened 9:30 last night at 26th and folsom streets. police found the 22-year-old man shot in the chest and arm. he was taken to san francisco general hospital. no arrests yet. police are asking for any witnesses to come forward. >> and police are still look four suspect after a stabbing in san francisco's delore sbc park last night. it happened around 7:30. police say the man was stabbed
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in the stomach with a broken bottle. he is expected to survive. a fairfield man accused of biting off his newborn son's nose is set to be arraigned tomorrow. police say 18-year-old joshua cooper bit off part of his son's nose thursday when the one-month-old would not stop crying. doctors determined a third of the baby's nose was bitten off. they say he also suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage. authorities are looking into how those injuries happened. the baby is in stable condition. a multi-vehicle crash that may have been caused by someone looking at his cell phone killed two people in santa rosa. it happened yesterday evening just before 5:30 on the eastbound lanes of highway 12. officers say the driver of a pickup smashed into a camry at 65 miles per hour. four people were in that camry. the two men in front were hospitalized, the two women in the back seat were killed. chp said the pickup driver told officers he was looking at a
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text message just before the crash. police across the state are cracking down on underage drinking. 109 police agencies were involved in an undercover sting yesterday focusing on people who buy booze for minors. abc7 news reporter sergio road -- rode along during the sting and has details on the crackdown in the bay area. >> reporter: moments after this quick exchange, officers from the brisbaine police officer pounced. this is part of an enforcement effort coordinated by the state department of alcohol and beverage control. teens and decoys and police officers fanned across the bay area for what is called an shoulder tap operation. the aim is to catch people who illegally buy booze for teens. >> we want to get the word out that it's a crime, but it's not a victimless crime and we take
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it seriously and it will be enforced and we will arrest you. >> in this case 19-year-old albert grant is the decoy. >> can you buy any a pack of budweiser? >> we watched as he asked several people and was turned down by most. in one county 431 people were approached by ten teens. >> making contact with four. >> 33 people were cited, including this man. he's now facing a misdemeanor charge of illegally buying alcohol for a minor. abc7 news. there are some new pieces to the puzzle in search for the malaysian jumbo jet that disappeared more than a week ago. the malaysian prime minister has confirmed it was not an accident. someone on the plane tampered with the controls, raising questions about who and why it took so long to come to light. we have the report. >> reporter: the search area for missing flight 370 has been expanded to 1200 miles now that it appears the plane was
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sabotaged. the prime minister calling it a deliberate act. >> this movement is consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane. >> whoever was at the controls shut down communications and programmed tactical maneuvers, making a left turn in an apparent attempt to evade radar. whoever was in command knew what he was doing. >> it was probably a pilot or someone who had extensive training to preprogram the turn to head to the west. >> even though it was turned off. the satellite was getting a signal every hour resulting in two different search areas. southern one is most likely. malaysian officials are zeroing in on the two people in the cockpit. the captain and the 53-year-old pilot kept a flight simulator at his home. friends said he showed no signs of being troubled. >> his personality just doesn't
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point to that kind of direction. >> and his co-pilot, 27 years old and engaged to be married. u.s. officials question why malaysia waited so long to check out the two men. abc news, new york. and we are learning this morning that 11 more countries have now joined the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. that brings the total to 25. today on "this week" the house counterterrorism and intelligence sub ms. chair peter king discusses the jet's disappearance as investigators shift their focus to the plane's pilots. you can catch this week right here at abr7 at 8:00 this morning. rebuild, renew, reclaim is the theme of this weekend's state republican state convention in burlingame. republicans admit the party needs to rebuild through grass roots efforts. former u.s. secretary of state
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condoleezza rice headlined yesterday's speakers. she compared america's revolutioners with ukrainians fighting for freedom. >> but we cannot abandon them. we were once them. and if it is god's will, and if it is human's power, they will one day be us. [applause] >> party officials say recent victories in fresno and the san diego mayor's race are recharging the gop faithful. lisa argen is here now talking about just more record temperatures. so at least above average? >> yes, for most of you today. although we are getting an on shore flow returning to the coast. and right now not only that, but the surf is kicking up. here's a look from our roof camera, where temperatures are in the low 50s, but visibility reduce today just over a mile in some areas. i'll have the details coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also next, a touching reunion as
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san jose firefighters meet with a dog they helped rescue. and a rare honor for san francisco. what's going to happen when one of the navy's newest ships visits the bay area.
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>> knew this morning in mountain view, investigators are trying to determine the cause of a house fire. this is cell phone video of the scene. officials say when they arrived they found the house fully engulfed in flames. no one was home at the time but officials say they did manage to get in touch with the homeowners. there were no injuries. a san jose dog owner said he is eternally grateful for the great lengths firefighters went to to rescue his dog. marco was giving his poodle a bath friday evening after a trip to the beach when the dog's paw became stuck in the tub's drain. he tried everything to free the paw but it was wedged in tight. dog was nearly in pain. he tried to follow me because he
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follows me everywhere and he was twist his foot and start crying. at one point it looked like he was having a seizure. >> well, a neighbor heard the commotion and called the fire department. firefighters went into the home's crawlspace and pulled off a complicated 90 minute rescue, tearing apart the plumbing, cutting the tub apart and freeing jay's paw. >> it was a limited space, but the end result is once we were underneath and we were able to see the paw, we knew we had a great chance. like i said again, once it came out, that was it. >> a vet did the rest, removing the drain from around the paw. jay is back home this morning after visiting the firehouse yesterday to meet and presumably thank his rescuers. and new this morning a happy ending for a dog that fell over a cliff along the sonoma coast. a black lab named oreo fell over a cliff in the portuguese beach
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area yesterday. the share i was office brought in a henry 1 helicopter and spotted the dog who fell about 40 feet and was perched on a small ledge and unable to move. they harnessed the dog and flu him up the cliff to be reunited with his owner. that rescue took less than three minutes. when fleet week returns to san francisco this fall, a rare honor will come with it. one of the navy's newest warships, the uss america, will officially join the fleet in a waterfront ceremony. abc7 news morning anchor eric thomas has the story you will see only on 7. >> reporter: in mississippi, crews are putting the final touches on a new warship named after the country that symbolizes freedom. >> the uss america. what could be better than that? >> this retired and decorated mobile aviator is leading the effort to bring the commissioning of the.
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ss america to san francisco this fall. america is the first of a new class of landing ship helicopter assault. while it may look like an aircraft carrier, it's actually a smaller cousin. i caught up with the america skipper, captain robert hall, by phone. >> what we are designed to carry marine core aviation, which is the new joint strike fighter that will be coming online soon, as well as the mb22os spray, the mb22 osprey, which is their rotor aircraft. >> it's an aircraft carrier. room for over 1600 marines. >> it will be 250 feet shorter than a super carrier and won't carry nearly as many aircraft, but its job is different. get marines ashore at some hotspot, then provide aerial protection and support. admiral brown said the competition to host the commissioning is fierce and this is quite a feather in the city's cap. >> san francisco is a very
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patriotic city and has been patriotic back since before world war ii and that's a closely guarded secret. >> san francisco is a city with a rich and noble history, it's a perfect choice. >> admiral brown said it's not official, but everything points to the commissioning of it on the saturday of fleet week. this is more than just nostalgia. he conducted missions in vietnam and those are reasons he worked so hard. here's another. >> likely there will probably not be another aircraft carrier commissioned here. >> it will be based in san diego. >> joe's cable car restaurant on mission street opened 49 years ago. restaurant's namesake, joe, has been there all along grinding
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chuck steak into 8-ounce chuck patties. today is the last meal. joe said it's time to retire and he didn't want to sell the place because he was worried new owners would not share his pension for a quality. spring has arrived but it's been feeling like that for a while. >> temperatures above average. they will come town for everyone burks maybe not today. today we may have a few more 80s in store. live doppler 7hd not picking up the low clouds and fog that sit about 500 feet from the golden date all the way up to the north. pacifica not seeing much in the way of fog. you were 73 yesterday. sutro tower camera, nice clear
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here. 61 san jose. good morning to you. half moon bay foggy spot this morning at 44 degrees. our exploratorium camera, we will have the clear sky today the on shore flow will return. we will be cooler at the coast. and afternoon temperatures will be coming down quickly in the city. 46 in fairfield, 41 in santa rosa. and the fog, well, as it sits at the coast it is beginning to move into some of the valleys. half-mile visibility from santa rosa, and you will notice half moon bay is foggy, but it is a compressed marine layer. that's due to high pressure that continues to push down on the atmosphere. but it will allow for our sun my and warm temperatures to return also around the bay but we will have patches of fog, especially around half moon bay today. they will give way a little bit, but temperatures will be probably about 2 to 4 it anybody 5 degrees cooler at the coast. patchy fog there. warmer today by about 2 or
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3 degrees inland. and spring set to arrive. and that's on thursday. radar and satellite come 'its show a pretty strong cold front that's going to miss us, but it will impact us as it brings breezy winds tomorrow. today eats still all about the high pressure, bringing us the warm conditions. this low actually increases our swell. we've been talking about it and we've been looking at the the waves building the last day or so. they will continue to get pretty high today, up to 18 feet possible. watch out ocean beach. really a tough spot out there. all wait down to monterey we are looking at the high surf. 80 today in san jose. 77 in sunnyvale. it was 79 yesterday in san jose. so even a couple degrees of warming. 78 redwood city. pacifica, though, 68 degrees. so you are down about five degrees from yesterday's reading. san francisco, wow, how about 75 degrees? the sunset district, plenty of sunshine early on.
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80 in novato. look for 81 in santa rosa. near east bay numbers should be just in the low to mid-60s. we are going for 76 today in oakland. 77 in union city. castro valley 76. and today with some warming, dublin should be a great day for the parade. rounding out the st. patrick's day festivities. 82 pleasanton. and the accuweather seven-day forecast well above average today. cooler and breezy for st. patrick's day tomorrow. sunny with the winds backing off on tuesday. a few clouds wednesday. spring arrives thursday. the temperatures getting back to average readings friday and saturday. so we will let you know how warm it will be in your community. you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7hd. >> and you were saying we still have a chance of getting some rain these next few months? >> march through june we should have over 5 1/2 in inches san francisco.
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>> thank you, lisa. we hope that will happen. up next, a turf battle is pitting baseball fans against soccer fans in the east bay. some possible solutions to this field fight.
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>> neighbors have had their say in a dispute over an east bay baseball field. they met to discuss the fate of ricky henderson field. it was built with private money raised by the oakland tech community and used by oakland tech high school but the field is now attached to the oakland international high school campus and that school wants a soccer field. one parent said her boy's life has changed because of playing baseball. >> as the students maintain a 3.0, and so he ended up, even though he believed he was a hotshot pitcher, he ended up sitting out because he didn't have the grade point average. and it was important enough to him that he earned that. >> oakland international is interested in a dual purpose facility. another option discussed was building a soccer field another site. the school district will soon discuss the issue. up next on abc7 sunday morning news, the battle over borders in ukraine.
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today's key vote as more russian troops move in. we will have the latest. also, a new rainbow symbol is about to take center stage in san francisco's castro neighborhood. why designs for the new crosswalks are getting mixed reviews.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with
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meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn. good morning to you. here's a look at the full moon from our exploratorium camera. the official sunrise at 7:is 19. it sets at 7:18. wow, is that bright. with the clear sky around the bay, it is a really nice morning except in santa rosa and parts along the coast. we are looking at a shallow marine layer returning and the on shore flow picking up throughout the day today to bring us cooler coastal temperatures. half moon bay five mile visibility. we are looking at about a half-mile in santa rosa. throughout the day today still sunny and warm for most. the cold front will graze the extreme northern california and that allows for the offshore flow to weaken and the wider range of temperaturessed to. i will explain in detail coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. residents of the crimea peninsula are voting on a referendum to decide whether to breakaway from ukraine and become part of russia. as abc news reporter alex tells us, the vote comes as more
6:31 am
russian troops move into the area. >> the crisis is deepening. violence in eastern ukraine as pro-russia demonstrators stormed the ukrainian security building. fears are now growing. large scale russian invasion. moscow is saying it is considering calls to intervene. with pro-russia protest growing in the east. russian troops are amassing long the border. to the south, russian forces already control crimea's peninsula. we went to a rally supporting sunday's referendum, asking crimeans whether they want to join russia. the answer expected to be an overwhelming yes. the u.s. called the illegal but -- the vote illegal, but the prime minister told us it's the people's right to decide which country they belong to. >> i'm telling you out of 100 people, 830 want to be russian.
6:32 am
>> around 80 russian troops along with helicopters seized a small town outside crimea in ukraine. the first possible evidence that russia may be expanding their invasion and that crimea could be just the beginning. >> ukraine's new government and the west has denounced the referendum as illegitimate. the west is threatening to impose sanctions against russia if it incorporates crimea. >> more violence in venezuela. molotov cocktails were thrown at the police in the capital. they said they would send government troops to clear out protesters. at least 25 people have died in the country since protest against crime, inflation and food shortages began last in february at mount sinabon14 people were killed and
6:33 am
100,000 was evacuated and the same area was hit by a flood and just days ago a wildfire burned a large section of sumatra. >> for me and the rest of the indonesian group, it's still the same thing. okay, why don't we do something? we send money there. at least help them out with the food, with the blanket, whenever they need. >> the money will be sent directly to a relative in the region, who will then by necessities for the others. if you have ever visited san francisco's castro neighborhood, you see lots of rainbow flags. now a new rainbow symbol is about to take center stage. >> there are rainbows all over san francisco's castro neighborhood. now this symbol of gay pride will have a new showcase, four pedestrian crosswalks. >> to maintain some history to the neighborhood and bring more of a statement of who we are. >> andrea is executive director of the castro community benefits
6:34 am
district. merchants who are paying about $37,000 for the colorful crosswalks. the design unveiled was chosen from four options voted on by 4500 people. it's expected to be a more subtle, sophisticated version than what's currently on the streets of west hollywood. the castros decorative crosswalks will be part of a $4.5 million city funded street way project that will add widened sidewalks and trees. but what will replace plain asphalt at 18th and castro street has people in the neighborhood talking. >> it's too colorful. keep it simple. simple and eloquent. >> but jane likes the plan. >> it's never too much. there's so many straight people moving into the neighborhood it's hardly gay anymore. >> unique crosswalks can be
6:35 am
found in other places, like these in the tenderloin. the head of public works says rather than distracting drivers, it slows them down. >> it actually makes the driver know that they are coming to a crossing and they enhance the crossing and make it safer for the pedestrian. >>those rainbows should be in place in time for the annual gay pride celebrations in june. about 200 people volunteered to shave their heads bald yesterday to saint the saint bald rick's foundation to fight childhood cancer. it's an annual event that was held at children's hospital oakland. it featured oakland's wide receiver as the celebrity barber. organizers are hoping to exceed their $250,000 fundraising goals. a comedian and tonight show favorite has died. david brenner died yesterday afternoon at his home in new york city. he appeared more than 150 times "the tonight show" and filled in as host several times.
6:36 am
brenner, a former documentary filmmaker, had been fighting cancer for the last few years. he was 78 years old. tens of thousands of visitors are braving the cold of northern wisconsin to catch a flames of stunning ice caves. over the past few months more than 100,000 people have marched over ice-covered lake superior for more than a mile each way all to check out dozens of ice caves. those who have seen them say it's an experience of a lifetime. >> this is crazy! >> it's really cool. >> it's like walking into the hall of god. >> you can't really pick one thing that's better than the other. >> it is stung. this is the first winter in five years those caves have been accessible. there is no way of knowing when people will be able to see them again. happening today, palo alto high school will bid farewell to it's iconic gem. after 85 years of being a focal point for viking pride, the
6:37 am
school's pally gym will close. the facility will be rebuilt into a new sports complex. today's farewell event will include campus tours, food and a memorabilia booth. 49ers coach jim harbaugh is expected to attend. it gets underway at 12:30. the event is free and open to the public. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, the freshwater dilemma in the delta. and the fix that doesn't make sense to some during the worst drought in decades. and here is a live look from our roof cam. emeryville. full moon in the background. should heat up to about 75 degrees in emeryville. lisa argen will be along shortly with your accuweather forecast. it had been so longgent because it had been so long since i had had health insurance -- icy i needed. of since i had hwhat policy i needed.- within 4icy. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in?
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>> this is abc7 news. >> residents in san diego have a rattlesnake problem on their hands. s there's reports of the snakes being spot on trails in the backyards. a warm winter is to blame. rattlers are coming out of hibernation early thinking spring is here. >> we had kind of a mild winter this year so i think that has a lot to do with it and as it gets warmer the snakes will be more active. >> the county has posted warning signs at parks and along trails, telling visitors, hey, keep an eye out for snakes. lisa, spring is almost here. coming this week. >> 85 today in los angeles. we will have our own 80sed to
6:41 am
in the inland east bay but things are changing. here's the view from mt. tam where it is clear. fog in santa rosa, 40s in parts of the north bay, and a cooler coast today. i'll have the rest of the bay area temperatures and a look at spring when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a thrilling season opener for the san jose earthquakes. mike shumann has the dramatic comeback against real salt lake. that's coming up in sports.
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>> welcome back. this is a look from our explore yeah cam. this is a glorious shot of the a glorious day ahead if you like it mice and warm. lisa argen will be along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. this east bay reservoir looks pretty full now, but it may not be for long. despite the drought, some of this water will have to be released well before summer to protect the delta. the issue is the salinity of the water and it's effect on fish and farmers. to reduce the high salt content, the contra costa water district fresh water from another reservoir into the delta. but there is concerns the problems could be long lasting. reporter laura anthony has the details.
6:45 am
>> reporter: normally the water coming into this intake facility near discovery bay would be relatively fresh, thanks to an influx of rainwater and outflows from the snowmelt in the sierra to the north. but this year at this pump station and three others the contra costa water district is finding salinity levels have surged upwards. >> in some cases we are seeing salinity levels about three to five times what we would be seeing this year. >> in order to keep the water quality high, contra costa water district has had to release water from their primary storage facility at this reservoir, but sooner than they would like. >> this expanded reservoir is providing benefits to us this year with more supplies available for blending. however, it does not make us immune to drought conditions. >> in fact, the district is looking at a drought management plan that may include a call for greater conservation so that it doesn't get too depleted. and it's not just water quality that's impacted.
6:46 am
farmers and fishermen up and down the delta will feel the effects of the higher suspicious -- the higher salinity levels possibly for years to come. >> but where you will see the effect on the fishery is the overall numbers in the years to come. this year will be a very bad year for spawning for striped bass, for sturgeon, and then when you don't see the mature fish eight or nine years from now. >> the recent expansion for the reservoir has been a big help. that project was completed in 2012. there are at least preliminary studies underway to expand it again by 70%. in antioch, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> all these dire stories about this drought. >> right. rainfall, you know, the season is not over. we are still hopeful. in fact, we are looking at -- >> fingers crossed. >> yep. we are looking at a day where changes will be occurring and
6:47 am
temperatures coming down to near normal for a good portion of the upcome work week, as we usher in spring. but the last weekend of winter certainly not feeling like it. live doppler 7hd. patchy fog at the coast where high pressure is still in control for the most part. but the gradients, the winds are going to shift and we will see more fog at the shoreline and cooler temperatures there. but from our sutro camera, a nice shot. nothing except clear sky here with low 50s san francisco. 47 redwood city and los gatos it's 46 half moon bay a little bit of fog. 44 there. our exploratorium camera it's nice and clear with numbers ranging from the low 40s in santa rosa. you are bogey to come up another 40 degrees for a high of about 80 today. very dry air. 48 concord. livermore coming in at 48 degrees. so you will notice the visibility no problem throughout most of the bay. but santa rosa 4 miles. half moon bay as improved
6:48 am
significantly. we will have the fog from time to time but it will be a shallow marine layer. high pressure is still firmly in control. you notice patches from pacifica and-moon bay and temperatures as much -- 5 degrees cooler. there arizona look at the full moon. the sun coming up at 7:19 and setting at 7:18. this is emeryville. warm inland, caller coast. spring arrives on thursday. usually spring arrives with some breezy conditions and we will have a couple of days with winds quite gusty. actually tomorrow as this weak system cooks us to the north. today it allows for high pressure to stay put. but as this travels to the north, it builds the swell and it allows for some very dangerous conditions from ocean beach, and montora where seas will be anywhere from 9 feet. right now monterey 9 feet but they could build in the afternoon all the way from bodega bay.
6:49 am
rip currents a possibility and sneaker waves. today after a warm day of 70s in oakland, we are coming down tomorrow on the back side of a weather system that passes us. we will look for 67 on monday. but then the numbers climb after that. but not as warm as we were. in fact, the rainfall outlook doesn't look great for this week but maybe next week. 78 in chico. 85 fresno. mid-70s for yosemite. still skiing in tahoe. 20s right now. 87 los angeles. it will be a pretty big sur of in southern california, as well. san jose with a degree warmer today at 80. 82 morgan hill. 73 richmond. san francisco coming down a few degrees today. 67 half moon bay and the accuweather seven-day forecast, carolina coast, warm inland. again, st. patrick's day breezy and cooler for everyone. we will keep the cooler forecast right through the middle of the week. another system will kick up the winds for the first day of spring on thursday. and then 60s should do it for
6:50 am
the first part of next weekend. so at least the temperatures are going to go in the right direction. >> i don't even know what to say anymore. >> all right. well, we've got next week to hope. >> all right. let's check out sports. tonight the warriors will try to gain ground on the fifth seed trail blazers when the teams meet in portland. the warriors have lost two straight games for the first time since january after losing to the cavaliers at home friday night. last night the san jose earthquakes played their season opener against real salt lake. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. well, the san jose earthquakes had a tough 20 and. he changed coaches midseason and are determined to make noise in 2014. home opener last night hosting real salt lake. colts quarterback andrew luck at the home opener. six minutes. chris finds the back of the net. quakes with the 1-0 lead. and then the three unanswered goals. 3-1 at the half. go to the 75th minute.
6:51 am
victor, the header. off the corner kick. 3-2 game. five minutes and 4:50 in, ties it with his second goal of the game. earthquakes with a dramatic comeback to force a 3-3 draw. college hoopsters. we tip off with the pac-12. these guys ready to rock and roll here in las vegas. first half san jose native gordon. rick johnson for the alley oop. the bruins led chris finds the back of the net. quakes with the 1-0 lead. and then the three unanswered goals. 3-1 at the half. go to the 75th minute. victor, the header. off the corner kick. 3-2 game. five minutes and 4:50 in, ties it with his second goal of the game. earthquakes with a dramatic comeback to force a 3-3 draw. college hoopsters. trying it punch a ticket to the big dance. we tip off with the pac-12. ucla squared off here in las vegas. first half san jose native gordon. rick johnson for the alley oop. he had 22. the bruins led by 3 at the half. and a carl anderson, a monster game, 21 points, 15 boards. he's the tournament mvp. game tied at 68. 46 seconds left. jordan adams catches and shoots for three and ucla holds on to win the championship earning an automatic bid to the big dance. 75-71, the final. and no worries, wildcats will
6:52 am
also be in the dance. and san diego state and 20th ranked new mexico. down five. xavier makes it a two-point game. cap off an 8-0 run. felix inbounds pass to the two-handed jam. and aztecs up one but they couldn't close. under 30 to play. kendall williams, the deep three. new mexico is dancing, winning the conference with a 64-58 victory. american athletic conference finals. defending champ louisville and uconn. fifth-ranked cardinals led by montreals player. 21 boards, three blocks. and this player 19 points, 5 steals. louisville clinches their 20th ncaa tournament berth with the 71-61 victory. pga tour still on the florida wing. third round in palm harbor. this kid will tee it up with his first golf ball.
6:53 am
john senden rounded the day. birdie on 18. in the clubhouse early, 6-under. kevin notch chasing the leader. chips in on 15 for birdie. gets 7-under. shoots 68. he's one back. garrigus, three back. back 9. kept it rolling. save par on 13. the third-round 70 putting him 8-under with a one-shot lead coming into today's final round. we will have the ncaa brackets tonight at 5:00 p.m. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, an unusual project. why northern california microbiologists are teaming up with professional cheerleaders on an experiment that will be studied on the international space station.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
>> let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast above average temps. >> a little bit of fog this morning impacting santa rosa, half moon bay. cooler temperatures at the coast. 67 half moon bay. 70 san francisco. night quite as warm but still everywhere else around the bay and inland as much as 15 degrees above average. today the warmest day of the week. more 830s. warmer inland and cooler and breezier for st. patrick's day. by the middle of the week we will continue the cooling trend. spring arrives thursday and kind of breezy. >> all right. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm caroline tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile devices with our now abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00 this morning. "good morning america" is up next. have a great sunday, everyone!
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good morning, america. this morning, could this be a critical clue in the mystery of flight 370? investigators zero in on an elaborate flight simulator the captain had in his home. this, as new questions emerge about his life and his ties to a controversial political party. plus, the search, now, looking at land, in addition to the vast ocean. breaking overnight, a major recall that will impact hundreds of thousands of american families. could your minivan catch fire? beauty bracket. high school students create a march madness way to rate the hottest girls in their school. how officials are using social media to track down who started the competition and what they plan to do about it.


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