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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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black car. police say man walked up to the victims just before 2:00 this afternoon. he said something to them, and suddenly started firing. witnesses say they heard four or five gunshots before the suspec got into a waiting car. >> the car just sped by, and then all of a sudden there's pops and we see two people over there, kind of like holding their wounds, and a built of blood, too. it was crazy. nothing like this ever happened around here. >> residents describe this as a quiet street where children are constantly playing outside. in fact the elementary school is just a few steps from where the shooting happened. the victims are 19 and 24 years old. they were both shot in the upper body and taken to regional medical center where they are both in stable condition. those who live around here think this was a very targeted attack. they think the 24-year-old victim who lives in apartment
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number 4, was an innocent bystander and he lives there with his parents and is very nice but they do think that the man who was visiting the victim from upstairs was likely the target. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. thank you, lisa. we are learning more tonight about the fatal shooting of man by san francisco police last night in bernal heights park. reporter: the fatal shooting happened 100-yard from the entrance to bernal heights park, and the suspect who was shot by police, has not been identified tonight. one neighbor says he saw the man and his weapon, just before the shooting. >> i heard a loud series of pops, thought it was firecrackers, but two or three at first and then a dozen or more after. >> waldo williams heard the gunshots from his home blocks away from the park, where man, seen carrying a gun, was
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confronted by police officers friday evening. the deputy police chief says the suspect raised his weapon when officers approached. >> does appear he drew the weapon and officers responded and shot him. reporter: the officers were not hurt. >> he had a read 49er jacket, red 49er hat. just about it. reporter: robin saw the man, 25 years old, in the park before he shooting. he says he was also wearing a holster with a gun. >> account like the fact i sigh a gow with a gun but he wasn't threatening to me. seemed like just this guy eat a burrito. staring out at the city. >> others who spotted the man called 9-1-1. police have not said if the man fired his weapon at officers. >> i'm up here with my eight week old daughter. it's skiery. >> the incident has left many park-goers surprised and scared. the police chief is planning a community town hall meetingesque
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week -- next week to talk about the accident. >> shortly after the shooting protesters against police brutality came out in the mission district. this abc7 news viewer submitted photo shows police lining up across bryant. the crowd marched toward the hall of justice, and vandalized police property, including patrol cars. no word on injuries or arrests. we saw another sunny day with no spring showers today. here's our live look from our emeryville camera where you can see sunshine coloring the a big. meteorologist leigh glaser says that's how dry it has been and looking at live doppler 7hd. >> hoping to get some rain right now but live doppler 7hd showing you a little low chowedy -- cloudiness near the coast. we're very dry. here's the latest drought watch update. you can see, 22% from san jose points southward, in the exceptional drought, and the
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rest of us in the extreme drought. at 49%, and here's a look at the snow pack. i tell you, we need more snow in the sierra. where or runoff for reservoirs. to dade, only 25% in the norway sierra. a week ago we were at 29%, and some of the snow melt thanks to warm temperatures. 62 in san francisco today. 71, san jose. low 70s inland. temperatures will warm but rain returns next week. the rain can't come soon enough for california and especially sonoma county. the u.s. drought monitor says sonoma county has returned to extreme drought conditions. the lake is at 74% of capacity and the russian if remains also low levels. >> sonoma county authorities need your help identifying a man found dead. his body was discovered around 5:00 in the evening at rank park
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in send bass stow pole. he had no idea on him. investigators believe he was jogging. estimated to be 45, 5'10", athletic, blondish gray hair, blue eyes, wearing running gear and rainbow beaded place about. police do not suspect foul play. >> three teens have been arrested as potential burglary suspects in palo alto. 18-year-old rig go bert dough lopez, a 17-year-old and a 15-year-old are suspected of trying to break into a home on lincoln avenue last sunday evening. a neighbor called police after seeing three teens in a neighbor's mayor investigators reviewed surveillance video from two homes to help identify the suspects. the three were found in the neighborhood a short time later with a crowbar. authorities in san mateo counties' portola valley are warning residents to look out for suspicious activity there
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has been a rise in break-ins. a massive drug bust at a home in maderaed inned 176 pounds of crystal meth, ready for sale, witness street value of nearly a million dollars. chp officers tipped off homeland security to the drug house. federal investigators raided the home thursday to find an elaborate drug storage and processing lab. agents believe the meth was smuggled into the kin -- done country from mexico in the form of liquids. >> a lot of drug in the state as a whole. methamphetamine is major problem in the area. >> the state's attorney general says 70% of the nation's meth supply is smuggled into the country through california. agents are still on the hunt for the people running that drug house. a father in fairfield has filed a restraining order against a nine-year-old boy, an alleged bully at his son's
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school. he says the rolling hills elementary student pushed his nine-year-old son and hit him in the face and when the school district didn't help, he filed a restraining order against his son's classmate. >> i tried everything else so why not try that? and it was granted. it was my last resort. i'm glad i did it. not only for my son but now for the rest of the children. >> everytime you have a problem with somebody you're going to get a restraining order against somebody? some parents, like that one, feel he is sending the wrong message. the sheriffs office says the restraining order could be null and void because the school won't give him the boy's name or address. >> still ahead, facebook responds the u.s. online spying program after a meeting at the white house yesterday to discuss it. find out which california location is seeing otters for the first time in decades.
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facebook respond after ceo mark zuckerberg met with the president over online surveillance help was among six tech ceos invited to the white house to discuss spying on
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americans including the nsa personally -- purposely infecting computers with spy ware. the president said he wanted to find a balance between spying and privacy. and facebook says while the u.s. government has taken helpful steps to reform its surveillance practices these are simply not enough. people around the globe deserve to know their information is secure facebook will keep urging the u.s. government to be more transparent about its practices and more protective of civil liberties. it looks as though river rot otters are back at lake tahoe. they have been seen at fallen leaf lake, and it's been 25 years since they've heard of an otter sighting in the area. river otters have been known to live in the tahoe basin for decades but the first time they've been seen at the lake. up next question join a group of bay area kids learning from a world chess master who is
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also just a kid himself. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with a look at when the rain is expected to return. >> march madness for the women today. cal holds off fordham and stanford
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>> the queen's gambit were on display in san francisco today. names of chess moves used by more than 300 kids scholastic chess championship. the goal was to get kids more interested in chess. some of these we talked to had their first moves planned out. >> i move the knight. it can jump over pieces. >> i use any knights and pawns and my queen. >> the opening move is usually the knight or two pawns. >> two pawns. >> they all want to be like this
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guy. 17-year-old daniel of foster city, the fifth youngest american grand master. he is in good company. the fourth youngers was bobbie fischer. >> ten thousand runners will hit the streets of oakland tomorrow. at the oak lend running festival kicks off at 7:15. a. winners can participate in a 5k, half marathon, and reef lay race -- relay races. the festival is a party with djs and live bands around the routh. what's the weather going to be leak? leigh glaser has the answer: >> going to be terrific running weather tomorrow morning as we'll have a slight onshore wind component tomorrow morning so temperatures towards oakland in the 50s as you head out. warming up nicely by late in the day. here's look at live doppler 7hd. you can see clear skies across the bay area.
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this afternoon we kept a close eye on low clouds and fog that settled near the coast. starting to retreat bit will reform and move further inland overnight. nice shot by blue sky over the embarcadero. current temperatures for you, san francisco, 58. we still have a lot of 60s. san jose, 65. half moon bay, 57. richardson bay, clear sky as well. novato, 68. 69 in fairfield. santa rosa, 65. 69 right now in livermore. here's a look at your forecast highlights. and we'll keep things clear for the most part tonight. we keep it a little bit of that patchy low cloudiness and fog near the coast. get ready for a slight warming trend in the next couple of days and then does look like rain will return. much-needed rainfall for the bay area, tuesday and wednesday of next week. starting off at 11:00 tonight, we'll keep things rather clear.
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but you can see with the forecast animation the fog will bank up near the coast. this is 5:00 tomorrow morning, and then it will slowly start to move south. so, by tomorrow afternoon, we should all break out into some sunshine. here's a look at our overnight lows. abeen chilly in the north bay. some overcast will keep you a little warmer tonight. but we'll go with low 40s. santa rosa. napa, san francisco, 47. 42, livermore valley area. here's the radar satellite come possess silt. higher pressure continuing to build in, and it will keep the storm track to the north of us for at least the next several days. so get ready for a dry pattern through about monday. monday night and tuesday, this comma-shaped cloud will start to move in our direction, and that is going to be our rainmaker for next week. in fact here's a look at our forecast. this is 11:00 monday night. you can see the clouds start to move in. if you have outdoor plans on
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tuesday, that is when the chance of light rain will increase across the bay area. that is 5:00 evening time on tuesday, and then another wave will move in to bring us widespread rain on wednesday, lingering into early thursday morning, so not a lot of rain but we want every drop we can get. enjoy the sun tomorrow. 73, san jose. 72, south bay. 72, los altos, san francisco, 65. north bay, petaluma, 70. 74, napa. oakland 70. castro valley, 7 2. east bay, concord, 7 4. brentwood, 74. we'll warm up more on monday. near 80 inland. thicken the clouds on tuesday. rain starts tuesday night. win, spring showers leading to some showers continuing to thursday and we might even get a slot of rain next saturday night and sunday. we'll keep you updated on that. >> thank you so much, leigh.
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>> shu is here with sports and hardwood action. >> we tip off with the women's ncaa tournament. the stanford women have a big chip on their shoulders they were not a number one seed. south carolina got the nod in seattle. stanford faced south dakota in ames, iowa in round one. shiny ogwumike's older sister is on the phone because this game is a blowout. samuelson, nine at the half. chiney, 12 points of 20 minutes. stanford up 42-27 at the half. chiney became the pac-12's all-time leading scorer with 23. stanford faces florida state monday with the victory. cal women, final four last year, seventh seed, facing fordham in waco, boyd battling an injured ankle most of the year. led cal with 22 points. fordham had one last shot.
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rooney would take if. air ball. >> for the men, round three what the top seed in the tournament, florida facing pittsburgh. steelers coach mike tomlin representing pitt. and bill belichick, a gator fan. scott beats the buzzer. florida up five. the number one seed didn't slow down in the second. young completes the alley-oop. then you get with the steal. behind the back pass for the easy bucket. florida rolls into the sweet 16 with the 61-45 victory, sending the pitt panthers home. >> the defending champ and fouled seed louisville taking on st. louis, billikens, evans, ties the game at 47. woke the cardinals up. luke hancock, three of his game, high 21. then fitz takes it coast to coast. louisville back in the sweet 16. 66-51 the final. >> warriors host san antonio tonight and hopefully will play up to their competition. the spurs have beaten golden
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state 50 of the past 58 matchups. they come in with 12 straight wins. the best record in the league, but the warriors don't back down from anyone. today in video, draymond green looks laid to the contest. >> definite lot got to come out and minimize the mistakes, we know they're going to -- they're waiting for you to fall asleep so they can get something easy. if we come and play our game, do what we need to do and continue to build, we'll be fine. >> spring training continues in arizona, and florida, while the regular season started down under with the dodgers and the d-backs. the year's first rain delay, 14 minutes. fourth inning. 1-0 dodgers, first home run of the 2014 season. two-run shot. 3-0 l.a. clayton kershaw, pitched 6 -2/3 innings, struck out seven. then brian wilson pimped in the eighth, struck out two. fear the beard still around.
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dodgers win the season opener down-under, 3 -- the final. >> cactus league, giants giantsd white sox, is nice catch. tied 1-1 in the sixth until perez crushes the three-run shot to left. buster had three hits, rbis, giants win 8-5. >> a's and mariners, cass kashmir pitched four. vogue deep in the third. 4-2 a's. in the fifth, vote again. another bosh run shot. yays win 6-5 your final. >> a little golf, bay hill. arnie's event. adam scott was on top. 15-under. but bradley making a run. birdies 16. then here on 17. added another on 18. 6-under 66, free back heading
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into sunday's final round. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. sharks, quakes and earthquake and more march madness tonight at 11:00. >> coming up next at 6:00. why two young superheroes were called on today to help fight fictional crime
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so i was basically uninsurable. now that i've got coverage, my doctor is a phone call or an e-mail away. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at >> join my tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv cable 13. we'll tell you about a new program that will help fight bad science. then at 11:00, new credit card security breach but this one wasn't where you might think. what youd in to do to protect yourself and your money. all at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 abc7. the city of san bruno was saved from evil today thanks to harry potter and batman. [cheering] the dynamic duo stopped bruno, the bandit, from stealing second base and later rescued two damsells in distress. sponsored by the american cancer
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society. they both have cancer and organizers thought it would be a good idea if the kid fought crime instead of the disease. it looks like everybody there had a wonderful time. >> see that's its for abc7 news at 6:00. for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thank you for joining us, abc7 news continues online, twitter, facebook, and abc7 news
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