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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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charges and what his neighbors
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a bay area politician accused of corruption and gun trafficking. >> right now state senator yee is back home and out on bond after being arrested and charged in a massive corruption investigation. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. the other major players in the scandal raymond "shrimp boy" chow a gangster and a political consultant. cornell bernard has more. >> arms deals, bribery and corruption. this criminal complaint reads like a spy novel and one of the bay area's highest ranking politicians was a key player. >> the charges are pretty serious. what do you have to say? >> he walked out of federal court with nothing to say to reporters. he jumped in a waiting car and
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sped away. yee was arrested early today at his home and taken to federal court where he was charged with weapons trafficking and public corruption and soliciting money for political favors. the criminal complaint charges 26 people including infamous chinatown gangster who was charged with money laundering and dealing in stolen property. they raided the senate office before dawn. >> this morning the fbi is executing multiple arrest and search warrants. >> agents raided this building in san francisco's bay view district where they carted off boxes of evidence. one of the targets was this home on 42nd home in san mateo where they seized marijuana plants and other evidence from the house. one source says the home was the site of an indoor pot grow. another person arrested is keith jackson, a well-known political consultant and former school board member. his most serious charge is murder for hire. the complaint accuses jackson of conspiring to import and
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sell weapons. according to the fbi of a affidavit, yee told of an arms dealer he had known for years. according to senator yee, the arms dealer is low key and has been trafficking weapons for quite awhile. the arms dealer sourced weapons from russia. the under cover agent told yee and jackson the first arms deal would pay $100,000. yee's attorney says he is innocent of the charges. >> we will always, as in every case, enter not guilty pleas. and then the case takes on a life of its own with discovery being provided and motions being made and a case ending up in trial. >> even more disturbing was yee's public persona as an avid supporter of gun control. he has been ordered not to travel out of california and must surrender his passport. cornell bernard, abc news. >> word of yee's arrest
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quickly spread through the communities. ama dates joins us live with that part of the story. >> i spoke with a neighbor who was stunned hearing agents going over it with him. >> the state senator yee had nothing to say when he returned to a sunset district home after being released from federal custody. fbi agents were seen raiding his home earlier today. they took several computers and boxes of evidence. his neighbors were shocked by the charges. feeling down and disciplined in a way. >> others were not surprised at all. >> it is in the name of corruption. >> i was waiting for something to happen with them. i figured something down the
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road would happen. >> yee's political career began in 1988 when he was on the san francisco school board. he also served as the city supervisor from 1997 to 2002. several of yee's colleagues include darrell steinburg have called for his immediate resignation. >> i want to on behalf of my colleagues today call on senator yee to resign, leave, don't burden your colleagues and this great institution with your trouble. >> yee is currently running for secretary of state. his campaign manager gave no comment today. abc7 news. >> now, along with senator yee, raymond chow, aka, shrimp boy was arrested today. chow was theen -- the enforcer of the street gang in the 1980s. now he admits he ran prostitution rings and
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extorted thousands of dollars from business owners. during an interview chow told abc7 news reporter that he put his criminal past behind him. >> i want to do something for the kid. i want to do something for the community. i just don't want to sit at home and be useless. i know i can do something in my life. >> at the time of the interview chow was being followed by rt thats who were not convinced he had changed his ways. the indictment against yee is very long and very specific. if you would like to read it we have posted it on our website, look for it under see it on tv. >> tonight wild weather in northern california. powerful video showing a rare tornado touching down in the middle of a neighborhood. it captured these tense moments when a twister blew through his subdivision. alan wang is in that neighborhood to show us the damage. alan? >> carolyn, the tornado that touched down in this roseville neighborhood around 7:30,
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everyone saw it. it touched down in one spot and this is it. ground zero. the owner of the backyard said he looked out the window and saw his picnic table over here begin to rise and spin around and debris flying around and then, bam, this fence that used to be here exploded into these chards of wood and sprayed the house back there blowing out the windows. now let's look at some video that one of the neighbors shot at that tornado as it began forming over this neighborhood. it hovered over the homes and the sky got dark and it dropped down and tore up this yard and disappeared. you are about to hear the voice of another neighbor named danny carter who was shooting video just as it struck. he is followed by mark thompson who owns the backyard where it touched down. >> super windy
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it hits pretty close. it was just so loud and we were watching the news the whole time. this is it. it is coming. >> this was over in a matter of 10 seconds. really scary. i shouldn't have been out there filming it. i didn't heed the warning. i was thinking this is california and we don't have tornadoes here. >> it wasn't the only tornado that touched down. this was one spotted near willow's and glen county about a hundred miles north of us. the person who shot this says it was moving about 5 to 10 miles per hour just west of interstate 5. they also had huge amounts of hail out there. a very scary few minutes here in roseville. no one was injured. as for mark thompson who thought california didn't have tornadoes, well he now knows that we have tornadoes in california. reporting live in roseville, alan wang, abc7 news. >> not too often, but boy when we do, alan, thanks very
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much. sandhya patel has been tracking the extreme weather and she is here live with live doppler 7hd. >> if we get tornadoes anytime of year spring is the most common here in california. let me show you live doppler 7hd. we'll talk about what is happening and what happened earlier today. taking the ray -- radar back you can see the severe storms that developed in northern california. as i show you the reports, there were multiple reports of tornadoes. one was reported confirmed. there was another one near placerville, the one alan just talked about. it has been confirmed. it was an ef0. the weakest on the scale, but it caused some damage. here in the bay area, it got interesting. the fum -- the funnel cloud in antioch and now i show you where the rain is falling. san ramon valley boulevard across 680 and we have very light showers in the north bay. we are not done yet. we'll be back to let you noy
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what commute or commutes will be wet and what is coming up for the weekend. dan? >> thank you. you can track the rain in the bay area using live doppler 7hd on our abc7 news weather app. download it on thousands attended the funeral service for the sheriff deputy killed in the line of duty. the mendocino county sheriff presented the badge to his family in fort bragg. friends and family members shed tears as they shared memories of him. the 26-year veteran of law enforcement died last week when a gunman opened fire after a crime spree that began in oregon. a fort bragg police officer shot and killed that gunman. boy scouts formed an honor guard as his funeral procession passed by. four sonoma state university students are now in custody on felony drug charges. row knock park police -- roanoke park police arrested
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these men. inside officers found a drug lab used to manufacture controlled substances, large amounts of processed marijuana, prescription drugs as well as brass knuckles and a throwing star used in martial arts. >> strict new rules for a local school district. next, the steps taken to -- after a teacher is accused of molesting children during field trips. >> that story and a daring rescue, the moment of a 4-year-old boy is pulled from the deadly mudslide in washington state. >> and big stars are in the bay area from orlando bloom to selena gomez. how they are bringing inspiration to thousands of students. >> here is jimmy kimmle. >> take a gander of what is up with us after the news. >> lady gaga comes down the stairs and sees the baby and just like this says, divine.
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contra costa district after one of the teachers is accused of molesting students. the school board voted to change district policy to ensure fenger prints and background checks for new hires and rehires and substitute teachers and school principals will conduct extra you training. ron ginto was fired after molestation allegations surfaced, but then landed a job at mira vista elementary without a background check because he worked there before. he was arrested earlier this month and faces 28 felony counts. new video from washington
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state. a helicopter rescue team shows the exact moment a 4-year-old boy was plucked from the mudslide alive last saturday. you can see the chopper descending to a debris pile where a rescuer is seen pulling the boy from the muck which witnesses say was like quicksand. jacob's sisters and brother ages 2 to 13 are still missing along with his father. jacob's mother was at work when the mudslide hit and is okay. the helicopter rescue team was training 25 miles south and was able to race to the town of oso and rescue the boy just a couple of hours after a this disaster struck. searchers lowered the number of those missing from 176 to 90. the official death toll is 16. the bodies of eight people have been located, but have yet to be recovered. cadaver dogs have joined the search, but the mission is really tough. everything is just covered in this thick, gray muck. the silicon valley chapter has
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sent volunteers to help those out of place. >> your boss may soon help you get to and from work. the metropolitan transportation commission approved a plan requiring employers to pay for their public transit fares or van pool fees. they hope it it well reduce the number of solo drivers in the area. the policy covers businesses with 50 full time employees. major stargazing in oakland as celebrities turned out to honor thousands of california students. it is called we day. it was a chance for nearly 16,000 students to pat themselves on the back for what they have done to change the lives of others. celebrities like seth rogin and selena gomez were there to celebrate the students and encourage them to do more. >> keep going. if people judge you, blow it off. keep doing you. you, we, us. >> this is a fun day for you, and look what you achieved and look what more you can do. >> orlando bloom there as well.
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the event draws students from more than 400 schools across the state. in order to attend students must make a commitment to take action on on a local and global initiative as part of a year-long program organized by the free the children campaign. what a remarkable day for those kids. >> what a turnout. we saw heavy rain this morning with more on on the way. >> this is highway 50 and you can see a lot of snow on the ground. they are required on i-80 as well. >> sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. >> we are looking at our next heavy round coming in over the weekend. right now just in between systems. live doppler 7hd is showing scattered showers right now as we take you to the north bay. a closer look rks, highway 101 and golf course drive scenes. san ramon is lightening up, but they are still seeing damp
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roadways. in the sierra nevada, all roads are leading to tahoe. the snow is still falling at this hour. we are under -- they are under a winter storm warning. take a look for yourself. san francisco is just under three quarters of an inch and just over that in santa rosa. only .16 of an inch. up to .71 of an inch in fairfield. still some clouds lingering toward the bay. mid50s around san francisco and oakland and it is 53 in san jose. here is a view from our exploratorium camera. looking at the clouds 51 in santa rosa. 50s pretty much for everyone else and napa 49 degrees. our view from our lake tahoe camera at the time, the snow here this time has let up for the time being. a few showers overnight and scattered showers.
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we are expecting heavier rain to come in. you will see the timing of all of this in a moment. here is the deal. this is the trough that went through. here is the one for saturday and here is the one for early next week. we are not done. it is an active pattern. more showers are approaching and tomorrow morning during the commute don't expect a drencher. it is just a few showers. slow going slick spots. we will continue to see off and on showers for the afternoon and going into the evening hours. winter storm warning for the sierra. an additional three to seven inches expected. now here is a computer animation showing the weekend storm. 5:00 p.m. on friday light rain in the north bay as we get into the latter part of the night, heavy rain. the rain will shift out of here for the rest of your saturday. if i were you, i would just make indoor plans for saturday and outdoor for sunday.
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one to three inches over the course of the next 10 days in the bay area. looking at half a foot to just over that for northern california. that's the heaviest as far as the totals. tomorrow morning, make sure you give yourself a little more time to get to work and the kids off to school. we are looking at the showers. mid40s to low 50s. sunny breaks and showers for tomorrow afternoon. low to mid60s for most of you. here is a look at the weather for the bay bridge series as the giants host the a's. the showers will be ending and temperatures dropping midto upper 50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast rainy on saturday and dry on sunday. more rain early next week. dan and carolyn? >> keep it coming. >> it is the end of the road for cal. >> mike shumann is here. larry beil is off. >> just stating a fact. >> they could not coral the mustangs of the -- of smu. the shot would not go down a
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game. we'll break it down
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even if it tried. the 2014 m-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. they didn't get an ncaa bid and settled for the nit. the heartbreak continued in dallas as is the mu sent the -- as smu sent the bears home. tony romo in the house and they got to witness the cal freshman go off. the jumper with the deep two. cal up 62-59. smu battles back. nick russell and mustangs take the lead 64-62. 20 seconds left and cal gives it to their senior. he buries the three.
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plenty of time left. his only three of the game and he got. it six seconds left. cal has one last chance. bounces out and smu heads to the semifinals and it is 67-65 the final and what a heartbreaking end to a solid season. the heat and pacers and two back of ibd -- indiana. lebron, 38 points and he found hems on the wrong side of a monster dunk in the fourth. paul george had 23 for indiana. heat down one. chris bosh for the win. air ball. stanford men and women are both in the sweet 16. the men face dayton. we will have previews of
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the biggest surprise of the sweet 16. beating the 7-2 seed in new mexico and kansas. the cardinals are a seasoned team and as they won two years ago. dayton knocked off ohio state in syracuse. the first time they have been there since 1984, but they can play. stanford won't be satisfied with just being in this round. >> someone will win this tournament. why not us? coach says there are a handful of teams coming in thenging they will have a chance to win. the rest are just happy to be here. we pride ourselves on believing we cab win the whole thing. jibing like his attitude. they will host penn state on sunday. the card will nationals practicing and they will be a
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real test. today coach has a little take on home court advantage. >> it won't look like a home court. you know they bring in the new floor and the new baskets. you don't want your players to feel like this is a home game. it is not. we are staying in a hotel like the other teams are staying in a hotel. >> she doesn't want her team to relax. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> we will be right back.
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