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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, i'm katie marzullo. i'm with meet leads arrange. here's a quick look at the weather. >> it is raining in the north bay and stead by moving to the south. let's look at highway 101 and bodega bay. it's going south and southern marin county is dry. that will change. we will be looking at it to slowly progress throughout the entire day today. looking at the moderate rain in the north bay. looking at some showers highway 29 and we will look for temperatures and the wind to continue. the temperatures to stay up due to this wind. we are looking at rain gusts up
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to 21 miles an hour. so with the numbers a little bit milder today will be in a narrow range. and looking for the rain showers to end in the north bay by noontime. upper 50s, near 60s by the coast. we have a baseball game maybe this afternoon. we will talk about it later. katie. >> all right, lisa. thank you. we are following developing news in southern california. no reports of major damage or injuries but there was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake last night. it hitly la habra 20 miles north of los angeles. earlier two more earthquakes hit. but the bigger quake was about a mile deep. photos and videos shows the damage done in supermarkets. >> suddenly the building is shaking like crazy. and then i just screamed
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everybody to just get out. >> according to the usgs, at least 30 aftershocks ranging from magnitude 2.7 to 3.6 were reported. it's fairly certain a moderate after shock will follow a quake felt like the one last night. >> when it happens your probability of having a magnitude 3 after a magnitude 5 is almost certain. it's well above 50%. >> there were also reports of gas leaks, water main breaks and at least one rockslide in carbon canyon in brea, and a car overturned. most calls were about burglar alarms going off. the quake was felt in a widespread area. the dodgers and angels were playing last night when the quake hit. listen to the announcers. >> we might be experiencing -- experiencing, i should say, an earthquake here. >> take a look at this. it's the usgs shake map.
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people who felt the quake checked in from their locations. it was felt as far south as san diego and as far north as king's canyon. >> corner back chris culver is facing charges of hit-and-run and more. we have the details. >> eight hours after being arrested for a hit-and-run accident, 49er defensive back chris culver walked out of the just a minute an unidentified woman yelled at reports has he hopped into a minivan and drove away. at 10:30 witnesses say culver made a u-turn on tully road near south seventh in san jose. >> lost control and popped up on the sidewalk and strike a bicyclist. then the car began to leave the scene. >> a person followed his mustang
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for a mile and cornered him in the neighborhood. the witness claimed he hopped out in a bag in his hand. >> the individual had a paying in his hand. when they saw the bag they were concerned for themselves and their family's safety. >> he was possessing illegal brass knuckles and felony hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license. the 49ers organization is aware of the recent matter involving chris culver. we will remain in contact with chris and the local authorities as we continue to gather the facts. >> i want to see this. especially the kids look up to these players. >> it isn't the first time he's been in the negative spotlight. he was chastised for make anti-gay comments before the niners it 2013 appearance. >> i just want to talk about the situation. like i said, i'm not that type of guy. >> the cyclist suffered minor injure entries did not have to go to the hospital. in san jose, alan wang, abc7
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news. >> an unpress kenned move in the state senate. lawmakers yesterday voted to suspend senator leyland yee, and abc7 news has confirmed another disgraced politicians ratted on yee early on. former superintendent ed jew. we have the details. >> state senator leyland yee left his sunset district with his son. it's the first time we've seen him since he was released wednesday. he faces charges of weapons trafficking and soliciting money for political favors. one man not surprised is stu hanlon. >> he was a mentor. >> he's talking about his client, disgraced former supervisor ed jew. he was just released from federal prison after serving
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time for extortion and bribery. he said state senator leyland yee is convicted of the same crimes he was convict the. >> he thought him how to do things, how to put pressure on people to give you money. >> hanlon said he sat in on the meetings after his client was arrested. meetings in which stu voluntarily agreed to tell all about yee. in san francisco another call for his resignation, this time by nancy pelosi. >> it is sad and sad for his family, but for the people of san francisco and this area have treated him with great respect. i think in that respect he should step aside. >> ama daetz, abc7 news. >> in response to the vote, yee's attorney issued this statement. suspension is the right step right now and is appropriate in a system that presumes the innocence of the accused the yee will get paid during his
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suspension. in addition to leyland yee, ron calderon and ron wright were also suspended. both are involved in corruption scandals of their own. >> i wish that senators yee and calledder ron would resign and spare this proud and productive institution and its members the stigma of associating with their alleged actions. leave, please. >> governor brown also issued a statement saying given the extraordinary circumstances of these cases, and today's unpress bented suspension, the best way to restore public confidence is for these senators to resign. >> san diego police credits social immediate way and a tip for catching a man wanted for a violent break-in. officers shared this picture captured by an atm surveillance camera. it shows the suspect, the 20-year-old man, using the
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victim's debit card. detectives say 66-year-old woman came home and surprised him while he was burglarizing her house. he tied her up and left her bound for 24 hours. later he was linked to the crime. lisa argen is tracking our weather, which includes rain. >> yes, and today is not the only day we will see rain. in fact, we are looking at steady rain slowly sinking south. it's dry right now. the roof camera in the 50s. everyone is mild and breezy out ahead of the system. i'll tell you how much rain and tell but the rest of your weekend in the seven-day outlook ahead. >> up next, why a bay area hospital is issuing a warning for patients to get tested. >> a man tried it for electricity not just once but over and over again for seven years. i'm michael fi
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is >> welcome back. it's 5:11. if you are in the north bay you are already getting wet. we see from live doppler 7hd it is heading south. lisa argen is tracking it for us. we will fill you in on all the details coming up in a little bit. developing news, chinese media is reporting this morning that a chinese aircraft has spotted suspicious objects in an area being searched for the missing malaysian airline yet. they saw three objects that appeared to be white, red and orange. it's unclear if the colors match those of the missing jets.
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recovering teams are focusing on a new search joan off of australia's western coast. new this morning same sex couple in england are making history today. a law allowing them to get married took effect at midnight. yesterday the government ordered rainbow flags flown over two prominent buildings ahead of the marriages. about two-thirds of the people in the country back same sex unions. support is highest among the young. they are the 15th country to legalize same-sex marriage. some hospital pishents have received a notice to get tested for hiv and other diseases. the warning comes from california pacific medical center in san francisco. cpmc sent the warning after realizing some instruments were not properly sterilized. the equipment had been used to examine patients' lungs and digestic tracks. patients face a low risk and the hospital has since corrected
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it's sterilization procedure. a six month review of security at san francisco general hospital has just been released. it was prompted by the death of lin spawled, who was missing for days before being found in the hospital stairwell. our reporter has the details. >> outside general hospital sheriff's deputies are the frontline of security but since the death of lin spalding last year, deputies now go through a six-week training program as part of their assignment here and there's a new sheriff's chain of command. >> the sheriff is to the hospital and a direct report to the sheriff and the sheriff has regular meetings with the director. >> but there are other major changes recommended. communication seems to be the biggest problem. it's not always clear how to always call for help. >> there is a need to have a contracted 911 center that takes both calls. to date that has not happened so we are working with the sheriff's department to help develop a relationship with an official 911 center. >> one of the biggest problems
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reviewers found there is no single person in charge of joe all security here at san francisco general hospital. a problem they found so serious, they actually even drew up a sample job description for that post. federal investigators say coordination between the hospital and deputies was a major failure when lynn spalding went missing. >> you have a patient with a room on the third floor, where lynn spalding was, which is within 100 feet of wherever it is of an exit door to a stairwell. isn't that the first place you search? they never searched that stairwell. >> this review was ordered by the mayor ed lee after spalding's death. abc7 news. >> at monday evening's deadline gets closer, more and more people are signing up for health insurance through covered california. 80,000 people have signed up just within the last five days.
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the total of 1 million people have obtained insurance through covered california. and more than 100 enrollment drives will take place this weekend across california. an east bay man was pretty happy when pg&e told him he was paying too much for electricet and he was getting his money back. but not all of it. that's when he decide to call 7 on your side. >> david has all electric appliances, the stove, oven, even the heaters. but he still suspected his electric bills were a bit too high. >> we always assumed something was wrong but they could never tell us what it was. >> he was paying as much as $1,930 a month. he said he kept asking pg&e about it. the utility kept saying the bills were correct. this went on for years until one day david got a big surprise. >> there was no payment due, and there was a credit of that $1,199.
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>> after all those charges, pg&e was giving him nearly $1,200 back. when he asked why, pg&e said, indeed, it had been overcharging him all those years. >> their audit department discovered that the charge was wrong, so that generated a credit for three years. >> which was fantastic, except pg&e only reimbursed him for three years. david had been overcharged for seven years. he figured pg&e owed him around $1,600 more. the utility said under state guidelines it does not have to correct bills that are more than three years old. >> that's when i decide to get 7 on your side involved. >> we contacted pg&e and first the utility agreed to give david just $500 extra. however, turns out the case is much bigger than david alone. >> there was a billing error that impacted mr. nelson and the entire complex. >> pg&e spokesperson says
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everybody in david's complex had been overcharged all these years. not just david, all residents in all 85 units. they will be getting money back too. >> we always want our customers to have a good experience, and in this case we fell short. we do apologize. >> here's what happened. all units here have permanent electric heating. it means they get to use more electricity before their rates jump to a higher tier. somehow everybody there had been listed as gas users and they were getting bumped to the higher rate. >> it's something we are investigating. we don't see these kinds of issues very often. >> and after our inquiry pg&e said it was also waiting the three-year limit for correcting the bills. everyone will get reimbursed for all years they lived there. david is expecting another 1,300-dollar credit. >> thanks to you guys because i don't think i would have got it without you guys. >> if you have permanent electric heating you, too, are entitled to more electricity at
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the lower rate. check your bill and look for the segment that tells your heating type. make sure its correct. i have posted a helpful link. you can find it on our website at i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. the bay ridge trail is expected to reopen in less than 24 hours. just in time for a walk at the eastern span of the trail bridge. the trail has been closed since last weekend since crews put in a new permanent segment to put that into service. if you are going to get out and about you might want to do it sooner rather than rather than later, right? >> yes. several weather stems on the way for the week ahead. we are beginning with rain in the north bay. live doppler 7hd with fog. visibility four miles. santa rosa and novato. temperatures are up, the winds are up and here comes the rain. santa rosa, highway 1 and also
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101 down through petaluma. wet in napa and ran half fell. this is the story to throughout the morning hours in in the norh bay. also to the east we will start seeing it sink south and oakland and berkeley will get into the act within the next hour or so. it's going to take throughout the afternoon for the front to push south. you want see a few hours. we have .01 around here and a tenth already in santa rosa. we are looking for the most rain in the north bay and the coastal hills. but everyone will see some. then we will see a stronger storm system on monday. and a colder one, as well. 58 in san francisco. 59 in oakland this morning. so very mild. 56 los gatos, half moon bay 57 and it is breezy in the higher elevations. if you are headed out this morning you may want to delay that bike ride, wait until the afternoon, depending on where you live. 56 santa rosa, 57 by the delta. good morning livermore. 56 degrees. here the hilltop winds.
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gusting to 27 miles an hour. mt. tam with stronger winds over into the east bay. and los gatos up to 24 miles an hour winds. here's the forecast highlights. looking at the rain to continue to sink south and east throughout the morning hours. then by the afternoon you are still raining in the south bay. the sear are you looking at up to two feet of snow. and the highest elevations and the snow coming down to lake level once the front passes through. look for sunshine to return for the second half of your weekend. a couple of fronts stacked up. there is the stronger one headed our way on monday. some very gusty winds. looks like after the morning commute. here's the one today that will allow for soaking rains. here we are 8:00 this morning. notice by vallejo and into the east bay, we are wet. but by noontime the front clears the north bay. you see it slowly pushing into the peninsula and the south bay 2:00 still wet into fremont, castro valley. over the beast bay hills and into the south bay we are still
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looking at the wet weather. 8:00 scattered showers in san jose. that will be the rule with some more showers throughout the north by and into the overnight hours. rainfall amounts, you see the green up here. we will have the highest amounts upwards of perhaps an inch and a half. but overall looking for a quarter to three quarters of an inch around the bay. so not that much for you in san jose, but yet we have another system coming your way and potentially a third one by the end of the upcoming work week. so winter storm warning this morning. we are looking at gusty winds. high temperatures in narrow range. low 60s around the bay. 64 in san jose. 62 in san rafael and the accuweather seven-day forecast. so rain changing to showers throughout the day today. sunny tomorrow. wet and windy on monday. maybe some april showers and a chance of thunderstorm on tuesday. we are looking dry wednesday. and then look at that. thursday, friday we are looking at the possibility of more rain. abc7 news is another great
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weather resource for you to follow. follow on live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine, video forecasts, spare the air alerts. and boy, this is the most winter like seven-day we've seen all winter, although it's spring. >> so confusing. glad to see it. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. coming up, the idea that has some calling this 14-year-old a genius. the unbelievable simple plan he has to save the
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flush. >> welcome back, everyone. 5:25 on when is going to be a foggy saturday. glad you are with us. lots of information you are going to need before you head out the door weather-wise. this is a live look from our sutro tower cam. you see how easy it is. cloudy. you can barely make out the bridge and the camera is a little wobbly due to the wind and rain is on the way. lisa argen will have all the details for you coming up. a pennsylvania middle school student has devised for the federal and state governments to save more than $400 million a year. and all it would take is changing a font. >> what i propose is that the government switch the font that they are using for all their documents to a font called garet font. and with my investigations i found that this particular font
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can save a lot of money and a a lot of ink. >> ink is expensive. with the help of a teacher he submitted his idea to the government. >> a movie almost video shows it canning scary for children of all ages. what happened when a kentucky tried to interview her twins about turning four. >> why are you crying? >> because i don't want to turn four. >> you are getting a new car seat [crying] >> i don't want a car seat! >> i hear you, kid dough. the meltdown was tempered by her brother's cool demeanor. he couldn't wait to turn 4 and have another birthday party. he said the trip to disneyland was the best part of being
5:27 am
three. tourists went to see the mona lisa and encountered a herd of sheep instead. it felt more like a barnyard than a museum yesterday. a group of farmers led a dozen feet beneath the museum's famous glass pyramid as part of a protest against cuts in farm subsidies. they say the new cuts unfairly punish small farms. museum officials no damage from the protests. up next, full reaction from the earthquake that shook you have southern california. and also a contest that will get a lot of scrutiny and the two biggest rivals are both democrats. and finding out what they are doing in their first time in 106 years of history.
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so i was basically uninsurable.
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now that i've got coverage, my doctor is a phone call or an e-mail away. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at >> welcome back. it's 5:30. we will start this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. lisa, we feed you this morning. what is going on out there? >> we certainly need this, the rain. it's steadily sinking south. you won't see the rain in the south bay or even the east bay values for quite some time. we have the wind and fog accompanying this. we are looking at some rain, over a tenth so far in st. helena and here we are getting
5:31 am
into southern marin around the valley. and we be are lacking at perhaps over en inch of rain before it is done. you notice the lighter rains extend east of highway 29 and just a few returns picking up here. but overall we are lacking at the breezy winds ahead of it all around the bay area. you may have noticed in san francisco and also along the coast a little mist and drizzle this morning. and we will look for the front to exit the area later on today. so that means the central coast and san jose the rain will continue throughout your saturday. i'll time it out for you in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. we are following developing news out of southern california. there is minor damage this morning following a 5.1 magnitude earthquake. it happened in orange county by la habra about 20 miles from downtown los angeles. it followed two quakes of 3.6
5:32 am
and 2.1. broken glass, water main breaks and gas leaks were reported near the epicenter. no reports of serious injuries. according to the usgs at least 30 aftershocks from magnitude 2.7 to 3.6 have been recorded. >> what is interesting about this earthquake, it's one of the larger he vents we've seen there since 1987. 1987 there was a magnitude 5 .9 earthquake about twelve miles to the northwest. also along the same fault -- >> sitting in a car waiting in a parking lot and the car started shaking. it decided lake the car was going to flip over. >> the quake was felt as far south at san diego and as far north as ventura county. one of the closest watched primary battles may be between two silicon valley democrats democrats. both asian-americans in a district that has an asian majority. david louie sat down with the
5:33 am
candidates to talk to them. >> the first political ad by ro khanna surfaced this week. >> i'm ro khanna and i'm committed to changing business as usual in washington. >> it's the kind of exposure he needs to go up against a well-established incumbent who has served seven terms in the house. mike honda has been seen with the president, vice president biden and at n.a.s.a. to promote technology. and in california coney has been a champion for technology. >> when i worked for the president my job was to help bring manufacturing back. i was very involved in bringing a grant to help laid off workers. >> honda has been an advocate for improving education. >> when you talk about technology, you talk about youngsters being prepared for the world. we can't afford not to do this. so it's going to be good and it's going to be good for the
5:34 am
country. >> with both candidates big on tech, we asked each to pull out their smartphones to tell us what is loaded on them. khanna has an app to speed up canvassing neighborhoods. >> you can pick out the person, their name, address, and that helps me go door to door. >> honda has a practice tool kit of his own. >> the holey bible, i've got translations of different languages, turbo scan, tech, google, google search. >> both say if they get through the primary, they will face off in november. >> we might see this shape up to be more of a generational divide. >> the lawmakers versus the up and comer. >> there are two republicans who are challenging honda as well. one is a doctor and professor as stanford who is campaigning on
5:35 am
the platform of working together. this is video from her website. other is joel, a recruitment executive for zoney. happening today, there will be a memorial run in honor of a marine who was hit and killed bay suspected drunk driver. 23-year-old andrew died after being hit by a vehicle in fremont tuesday. he had just return from serving in afghanistan. the driver, alexander young, has been charged with murder, vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and hit-and-run. through sunday mountain mike's pizza will donate 20% of it's proceeds to the family. there will be a march today to protest the death after man who was shot by police in san francisco. he was shot and killed last friday.
5:36 am
the police chief explain the events leading up to the shooting, sag he was carrying a takesser and holt center which resembled a real gun. today's protest gets underway at 2:00 p.m. on mission cultural center on mission street. in marin county, a first. the redwood trees at mauer woods has long been a national treasure you but it has been long been hands off. that changed. we have more. >> it is muir woods as the tourists have never seen it and for that matter not the scientists either. not at ground level but high up in the trees in the canopies. a rare and lightning experience. >> for a first-time climber it can be a world changer from their perspective. it's beautiful. >> beautiful on an entirely different level. as this professor and student took to the trees in a literal sense, hoping for muir's
5:37 am
redwoods to reveal some of their secrets. >> some of these trees have been here a thousand years, maybe more. the researchers, two days. >> breathing machines, carbon dioxide and sugar and turn it into it. >> they are a natural mitigation against climate change, if there were enough of it. this study, sponsored by save the redwoods league, is one of several to gauge their health across the state. >> researchers took core samples intend to go study the rings in these trees. each ring represents a year and tells a story. >> what sets of circumstances gives these trees problems? when did they have really poor performance in terms of wood production and when did they really crank? and when do they support the rest of the forest? these aren't just trees. look around. they support ecosystems. >> there's a lot of stuff going on up there. every surface of this tree is
5:38 am
covered with stuff. maybe you thought it was just another quiet, peaceful, unchanging timeless redwood forest. nope. so much happening, if you know where and how to look. from your woods, wane friedman, abc7 news. >> still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, we will bring cesar chavez and a campaign for economic justice right here in the bay area. and at 5:38, a live look outside. this is a view from our emeryville cam as i watch the cars come and go there on the highway. a reminder to be careful, slow down out there today as it's going to be rainy. you see how cloudy the sky is. lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minutes.
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>> yesterday the san francisco transportation agency improved a plan that increases -- improves travel times for riders. more than half will be affected. it includes adding more buss and trains throughout the system. >> we are also widening our driving lanes to assure that muni can get through the lanes faster. we are looking at other lanes that muni has dedicated rider ways in congested areas. >> and others include adjusting traffic signals to increase speeds. and implementing the plan will cost more than $44 million. you can expect to see the first changes this summer. a date to remember, especially if you are a football fan, the 50th anniversary super bowl will be played on february 7, 2016 at levi stadium in santa clara.
5:42 am
the nfl made the announcement yesterday. the nfl will also host a week long series of events in san francisco and other bay area locations leading up to the super bowl sunday. it's been almost 30 years since the super bowl was played in the bay area when the 49ers beat the miami dahl tons in stanford stadium back in 1985. very cool. something to look forward to. >> certainly. and the rain today. and it's a somewhat rainy week ahead as we usher in april, more april showers. sfo, no delays right now. a balmy 60 degrees. the winds are out of the south about 15 miles an hour. so perhaps some delays throughout the day. we will talk about the timing of your rainy saturday and a dry sunday when we return. >> thanks, lisa. also next, a giant scare at the he hadding ton park and why tim lincecum needed help on the game against the a's. woah, this k l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink!
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>> this afternoon a cultural march will be heliin san jose in honor of civil rights leader cesar chavez. it begins on east san antonio street and ends at mexican heritage plaza. the movie will chavez's life opened this weekend in theaters. it embraces the message of social justice that chavez fought for. we talk to some of the people. >> it is how central valley fought to secure fair living wages. leading that struggle was cesar chavez. >> i want to live in a world where -- >> the actor, michael, bears some resemblance to the real chavez. >> we are hungry, frightened. >> to lift the struggle he went through when he found the united
5:46 am
farm workers union. few can forget the stripes and many marches through the california central valley, the bo boycott and at times chavez lasted. one lasted 36 days and nearly killed him. >> that's it. that's the message. >> she cofound the the united farm workers union. she was in pittsburgh and spoke to students about never giving up. >> we want them to become involved. >> diana worked with the united farm workers union for 26 years and remembers how the organization grew. >> to sow the seeds for change in this country. kind of like the poison ivy that gets in your yards and won't quit and the tentacles go everywhere. >> neither of them have seen the movie. >> i think the latino culture needs to go on with chavez and
5:47 am
his life. a lot of people don't know about cesar chavez. >> chavez died in 1993. he coined the phrase "yes, we can." in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >>. they will hire several seasonal firefighters to respond to the increase in fires across the state. despite the recent rainfall, the state remains stick bin drought conditions. they are making wildfires much more likely. cal fire's director said fire activity has remained 200% above average statewide. about 100 seasonal firefighters will begin work monday in northern california, as well as several hundred elsewhere in the state. talking about wildfires, it is now raining. >> yeah. only 30 to 40% of seasonal rain totals. we certainly not going to make up for that. rain not only today but through the week ahead. wait until you see thesen day
5:48 am
outlook. clears a look at the live doppler 7hd. green represents the rain. we have wind and fog accompanying this. right now it's in the north bay but we have showers in the coastal hills. this will spread south throughout the day. it is a slow mover. right now we have had rain in santa rosa for the past hour or so. and highway 101 and over toward glen ellen, yachtville looking at the wet weather. and down through san rafael you will be getting wet. here's a look at some mist and drizzle from montara and the santa cruz mountains getting into the act shortly. with the breezy winds we are looking at a dry but certainly cool fast throughout the rest of the afternoon while the morning remains pretty filed mild with numbers in the 50s and near 60. san jose, you are going to have to wait several hours for the reunion. 56 for you, as well as los gatos. and from our roof camera it is
5:49 am
breezy all around the bay. and temperatures with that are held up across the bay as well. petaluma with the rain. 57. concord, you are 57 and you will see some showers throughout the afternoon. but will it end in time to get that baseball game in? we will have that forecast in just a moment. the breezy winds out ahead of the system in the east bay. also mt. tam and by the afternoon, though, looks like a pretty decent afternoon north of the golden gate. the rest of you, still scattered showers in the east bay and south bay. snow in the sear are you with a winter storm warning and mostly sunny for the second half of your weekend. a couple of systems on the way. there's the first one. this one is even stronger. going to have gusty winds, one to two inches of rain for monday after the commute. but as this arrives this morning, its going to drag the rain southward. and you will notice the time right here at 5:00. pretty well accompanying the models. ed month else verifying 9:00. you see most of the east bay is
5:50 am
wet throughout livermore and castro valley, union city. but it is going to take throughout the afternoon to get it into the south bay. but the peninsula, showers throughout the next couple of hours and by 2:00 notice the second half of the bay. and into the central coast. looking at the shower activity by 8:00 tonight. still some showers around monterey, the santa cruz mountains and perhaps los gatos. rainfall amounts through tomorrow anywhere from three quarters in top inch and a half in the north bay, quarter in. to three quarters inch the rest of the bay area, and the winter storm warming with six to twelve inches of new snow above 6500 feet and very gusty winds with two feet above 7,000 feet. so very welcome there. and there's one on the way. here's the high temperatures. low to mid-60s and a narrow range with breezy winds and a game this afternoon. it will be awfully close because the rain will be change to go showers. so we could get this in with highs near 60. increasingly dry skies
5:51 am
throughout the 2:00, 3:00 hour. the dry day tomorrow. wet and windy monday. scatters showers for tuesday, maybe a thunderstorm. and another system coming the end of the week. so it's looking much, much better. >> welcome winter. >> yeah. >> a little bit late. >> thanks, lisa. well, in sports this afternoon the giants and a's are set to play the final game of the bay bridge series before both teams open the regular season monday night. the first pitch scheduled for 1:05 at the oakland coliseum, that is weather permitting of last night some exciting finishes in ncaa tournaments as teams tried to advance to the elite 8. it featured louisville against rival kentucky. here's collin resch with the highlights. >> good morning. in the preseason poll kentucky was ranked number one and louisville number 3. neither lived up to the hype of the regular season. but here they were meeting in the sweet 16 last night. the bluegrass state and hoosier
5:52 am
country and indianapolis. pitino, calipari. and emphatic! kentucky trailed pretty much the entire game but took a late one-point lead. missed the floater. cardinals back in front. for the three. wildcats up two. a three-point game closing seconds. for the tie. julius randall, great defense. kentucky shocks louisville, 74-69. they will meet michigan in the elite eight but the 2 seed almost blew the lead on tennessee. three-point lead, less than 15 seconds to go. jordan mccrae, within one. and going inbounds returns the dribble. four straight turnovers down the stretch. but i don't think that was a flop. a final hail mary, from 60 feet. and the semi in ms. square
5:53 am
garden. michigan state. and under two to play. joel harris from virginia. cavaliers down two. payne making huge plays down the stretch. answer was a three. then the alley oop to brandon dawson. the four seeded spartans, 61-59. daniel, from the 17. huskies were 17. but here comes cyclones. less than two to play. he gets buy the corner three. and uconn into the elite 8. they play michigan state next with a five point win over three seed iowa state. and david lee but andre is back. early dividends. hits the jumper. doing that to his former team. harrison barns shooting 31%.
5:54 am
a high percentage. struggled matching up. and randolph. late in the fourth, tied at 93. steph curry -- the 14-0 run and they win it 100-93. bay bridge series. if you haven't seen tim lincecum this spring, he's in full effect. a's catcher john. and 1-0 lead. timmy going down! line drive off the bat of daric barton. he has to be helped off the feel. a left knee constitution. x-rays negative. timmy said he thinks he will be okay. a's win it 4-1. with a look at morning sports i'm collin resch, have a great day everyone. >> next, why the oakland zoo is
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> here are the numbers for the meg million dollars draw. nobody picked all six numbers toe tuesday night's jackpot grows to $20 million. happening today, visitors at the oakland zoo will get a a chance to feed the animals. the annual feast for the beasts is from nine to three today. the first 250 visitors will receive a golden ticket. that will allow them to donate apples, let us and other produce to the elephant exhibit. feeding in other animal exhibits will follow the elephants. today's feast for the beast event is included with regular zoo admission. very cool. next on the saturday morning news at sick, a moderate earthquake shakes up the los angeles area, causing minor damage. we will have the latest on the magnitude 5.1 quick. more rain on the way. some of you have already seen it. you can see live doppler 7hd showing the rain moving in throughout the bay area. lisa argen has your accuweather forecast coming up.
5:58 am
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>> good morning, i'm katie marzullo. thanks for joining us at 6:00 a.m. on your saturday. a quick look at the weather. it will be a wet one today. here's lisa argen, meteorologist. >> yes, it's up in the north bay for a couple of hours. we are seeing a also sprinkle activity along the peninsula and we will continue to see the front slowly push to the south. right now you cap see the yellows up toward santa rosa. east on highway 101. more scattered activity toward bodega bay. and the rain will continue to head over into the valley. we are looking at that winter storm warning for snow in the


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