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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  March 30, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 30th. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. the doppler 7hd is dry right now. it will become active tomorrow. vigorous coldious storm systems are on the way. right now from san jose you have some cloud cover.
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temperatures near 50 degrees. 51 oakland and 49 los gatos. today behind the exiting cold front it's going to be a cool, but mild start to the day. and the afternoon will be on the mild side. temperatures below average for a change with low to mid-60s but a few clouds building up over the higher elevations throughout the afternoon. clouds increase tonight in advance of a storm system that will bring some hefty rain and more mountain snow and wind. we will talk about it in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you lisa. we are finally getting the rain we needed. but it hasn't been good for everyone in the bay area. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian reports from burlingame with a look at the problems yesterday's storm
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caused. roadway. as a precaution, burlingame police they shut down southbound shut down southbound traffic in the area as a precaution. the saturated soil also cause this had tree to fall in the castro district. it came crashing down on to a house and pulled powerlines down along with it. heavy rain is the reason some baseball fans went home yet and disappointed. after the final game in the bay bridge series was cancelled. the field was soaked. >> we need the rain very bad. we do. we need the a's to play too. >> very disappointed. we had a whole family planned today and we cancelled everything and here we are rained out. >> coaches who used the a's clubhouse were also disappointed, not only because of the called-off game, but because of yet another sewage leak. the cell phone video was
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shot by third-base coach mike giago. water all over the floor. this is the fourth plumbing problem since june. and once pg&e repaired the lines, power was back on to about 20 people early this morning. in burlingame, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> a tornado warning was issued in this county yesterday. you see the funnel cloud forming in this photograph from the national weather service. residents were warned to take shelter, but a tornado never did touchdown. police say wet weather led to fatal car crash near sacramento. three cars slamming into a tree that had just fallen in citrus heights. one crashed into a utility pole and overturned while hitting the tree and one person was killed. in the sierra the storm brought slippery conditions on the highways. this morning chains are required this morning except on four-wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on all four wheels.
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and lots of snow has fallen at heavenly mountain resort in lake tahoe. snow is expected in the sierra through thursday. remember that you can track the rain in the bay area using live doppler 7hd on our abc7 news weather app. you can download it on our website, airport officials expect things to be back to normal today after a computer glitch at san francisco international that caused delay pass and a lot of frustration last night. the problems began early yesterday morning and led to huge backups for arriving international travelers. these are pictures of the long backup at customs. one woman from germany said she stood in line for two hours. it has been 23 days since malaysian airlines flight 370 disappeared and the number of days to track down the plane and
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the black box are ticking away. only lasts 30 days after a crash. a warship with a black box detecter is departing from australia today to join the search. abc7 news reporter david wright has the latest. we will try to get you that package in just a few minutes. we do have it now. here is david wright. >> this 6500-ton vessel will be the linchpin, the next phase of this search. looking under the water for the heavy wreckage that may lie two miles below the surface somewhere on the ocean floor. >> the locator like this one, a u.s. navy crew on board will listen to the faint ping from the data recorder. >> it will have to be almost on top of it to hear it. within a one mile radius. >> cannot look in the indian ocean effective so we need to reduce the search area so the equipment can be effective.
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>> as of today the search area is still the size of new mexico. today the search plane spotting possible debris but it's not yet no one if any of them have been confirmed to be from the flight. three brightly floating items yesterday turned out to be garbage, nothing significant. families of the chinese passengers demanded malaysian officials apologize for their handling of the search. malaysian officials are no longer calling all the shots. a highly respected member of australia's joint chief of staff could command of the effort. time is of the effort. the batteries on the black box is expected to run out in a week. >> people use the met for need they will a haystack. what met for do you use? >> need they will a haystack with a blindfold on.
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and wearing thick gloves. >> assuming they find something this vessel will be the staging area for mapping and recovering any wreckage. >> how long a journey are you preparing for? >> we're preparing for 45 days. >> well, this morning senator dianne feinstein went on cnn and stated her thoughts on what is being done to find the plane. >> the fact this so many nations are participating this they are getting more ships, no planes, a little bit more direction being flexible, changing the places where they look, i think all of this is good. but it also indicates that there is no real method of calculation that is functioning very well. >> australian officials have announced this morning search crews have spotted four orange objects in the water. no word yet if they are related to the missing plane. a family of three and their pets are staying elsewhere this morning after a fire raced
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through their apartment. marin firefighters got the call just before 5:00 yesterday evening. of at the apartments n less than half an hour the flames were out. the red cross helped the family find shelter. another fire at that same building killed a woman and injured a man back in 2008. san francisco police are looking for the driver of this late-model honda. yesterday morning he left it here on clay street with a bullet hole in the driver's side door. an officer tried to stop the car on broadway after a license recognition system showed it to be stolen. the driver took off with the front door of the car hitting the officer's arm, causing him to accidentally fire his gun. that officer is okay. >> well, lisa argen is here now with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> yeah. looks nice and sunny out there. temperatures are in the low to mid-50s. here's are a look at our exploratorium camera. we will have clouds build up over the higher emvisions today.
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maybe an isolated shower. but wait until you see tomorrow's forecast. we are talking a strong cold front, windy conditions and snow. it's all coming up. >> thank you lisa. also ahead many southern california residents are still on edge as aftershocks keep coming after friday's moderate earthquake. a look at some of the damage it caused. and another lawmaker calling on state senator leland yee to resign. the latest in the case ahead sent shockwaves around the political world.
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>> welcome back, everyone, at 9:13 on this sunday morning. this is a live look at our lake tahoe cam showing you the snow on the ground. it should be snowing through this week. lisa argen will be along shortly with your accuweather forecast. >> there have been more than 100 aftershocks following friday night's 5.1 earthquake in southern california. residents are on edge worried about what could come next. here is abc reporter rhino went. >> the aftershock, it rattles you. the kids are more scared. >> the aftershocks may be small. their impact, big. >> half of this counter -- glass was everywhere.
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>> there has been more than 100 aftershocks here, including a 3.3 magnitude quake just before 11:00 saturday night. that's just a day after the 5.1 earthquake rattles the region. southern california brave nerves on full display on twitter. thousands tweeted another one. really, really long, and, ah not again. a reporter from our i affiliate felt tremors on the air saturday morning. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. we are still feeling earthquakes. >> the original quake made a mess across los angeles. waterpipes bursting in this apartment building. surveillance video capturing these items crash to go the floor, forcing businesses to lock their doors for the weekend and homeowners assessing the damage while the earth keeps shaking. >> my neighbor called and he
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told me that you need to check on your chimney because it's pretty much broken in half. >> they say it's only a matter of time before california feels a stronger shutter. they say there's a 99% shance of a 6.7 magnitude or larger quake somewhere in california in the next 30 years. experts fear if the big one hits on the same fault that runs through downtown los angeles, the city of angels could see the same kind of destruction san francisco saw in the 1989lomo earthquake. >> the potential for a lot of damage is pretty great here. >> they say there's about a 5% chance this 5.1 earthquake that damaged the home behind me was a foreshock, a preview of a bigger quake. the good news, the further we get away from friday night those odds go down. rhino wins, abc news, fullerton
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california. >> quite a mess in tucson after basketball fans went wild last night. the tucson police pepper sprayed the rowdy people after fans got rowdy. the team lost in overtime in the ncaa tournament, so fans took to the streets letting out their frustration. police say the evening started out calmly enough but later fans started throwing beer bottles and firecrackers at officers. they had to bring in extra units with batons to get the people to disburse. no fans or officers were hurt, but 15 people have been arrested. >> the political fallout continues after the arrest of state senator leland yee. he is accused by the federal government of an elaborate conspiracy of illegal gun running and political corruption. he is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. last night lawmakers joined in calling for his resignation.
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we have the details. >> reporter: lieutenant-governor gavin newsome added his voice to growing cores of state leaders calling for leland yee to step down. >> i think the senator should resign not only for the benefit of himself and focus on his own problems, but the entire institution. >> the institution is the california state senate, which has been rattled by the high-profile arrest of yee. colleagues voted to suspend him along with two other state senators each on unrelated charges. newsome has known yee for years. they served as san francisco supervisors before he became mayor. he said his arrest is a shock. >> this is the exception, not the rule. fundamentally this is a sad day for all of us because it's all about public trust. >> the fbi investigation that unraveled yee's ties to raymond "shimp boy" chow started three
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years ago. he was known as high profile events and even posting this picture on facebook. a photo newsome laughed off. >> honestly, as mayor i will take four or five hundred photos in any particular night. you do that for 17 years there is going to be a few folks, not just the one question that you think, boy, i really wish i didn't have that picture. >> state senator leland yee is expected in federal court monday. in san francisco abc7 news. >> we caught up with newsome at the beyond differences fundraiser at the art and garden center. it was at the marin art and garden center in ross. the nonprofit spotlights student leaders working to combat social isolation among teenagers and to make middle school culture more inclusive. an east bay refinery will pay a big fine for violating air quality standards.
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according to the bay area air quality management district. they put too much sulfur and carbon monoxide into the air in 2010. there were seven violations over a ten-day period. valero will pay $183,000 to settle the violations. long lines crowd add lineup event for health insurance yesterday. it's ahead of tomorrow's deadline for coverage california. the event at the community center in san jose helped with last-minute questions. you have until midnight tomorrow to start a covered california application and be eligible to finish that application by april 15th. those who do not have insurance are subject to a tax penalty about 1% of your income. the 20th annual black morning and wraps up in chicago. it's already drawn huge crowds as people are checking out the workshops, vendors and
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entertainment. the keynote speaker you see there, good morning america anchor robin roberts. she offered advice on achieving personal and professional success. >> dream big, dream big, but focus small. what are you going to do today? yeah, you are going to be here. that's a big step. this is what you are doing today. it's the day-to-day things that will get you to your ultimate goal. >> chicago's mayor stopped by to officially welcome roberts to chicago and praised her for being an inspiration during her battle with breast cancer. >> well, we had quite a soaker yesterday and lisa argen is here now talking about more on the way. >> right. but still only about 30 to 46% of average. so we are -- >> we are at a deficit? >> big time. but we are going to add it to our deficit and decrease that as we go through the several days. it's a vigorous cold front and area of low pressure will bring
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more rain our way. so we are looking at a quiet day today. live doppler 7hd. you may have noticed some of the cumulus clouds out there. they will continue to build up over the higher elevations. and now you may see an isolated shower around mt. hamilton or mount deab glow today. this will be the picture with plenty of sunshine. good morning oakland, 54 for you, as well as san jose. a little bit of fog in half moon bay. 52 and cool at the coast. how about santa cruz? boy, is it pretty down there with temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. 52 by the delta. petaluma chilly still at 45. santa rosa, you are dropping down into the upper 30s with some dense fog the past couple of hours. things have really cleared out nicely. but a much chillier start all around the bay with temperatures anywhere from two to four degrees kieler from san carlos to san jose. the north bay really feeling the cooler air to start out. here's a look at mt. tam.
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nice vantage point this morning where sunshine is around for all of you. but partly cloudy skies throughout the rest of the afternoon and brief periods of heavy rain tomorrow when a strong cold front pushes on through. wind gusts maybe 30 to 40 miles an hour. low snow levels and then thunderstorms will arrive for the first day of april. all accompanying the next system, which is cueing up offshore. we will be looking at not only the cold front to bring the heavy rain, but the area of low pressure as it's going to move in behind it. partly cloudy skies today. should be a nice afternoon. we are going to time it all out for you. the rest of the day today i talked about the clouds building up. not out of the question to see a little bit of moisture topping up late in the afternoon. overall we are dry. the clouds thicken through the overnight hours. the front passes by midday tomorrow. so the heaviest rain from about two to 4:00 in the afternoon. but behind it we still have some activity for the evening hours.
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then the area of low pressure that cold low moves in. that will bring low snow levels maybe some wet snow around mt. hamilton. we are talking about snow levels down to about is 11,000 feet. lake county looking at the possibility of some snow. then we go into tuesday night. still we are unsettled and into wednesday morning still a few isolated showers. so this system will be bringing not only the colder air. a little bit more rain, three quarters an inch to two inches in the higher elevations of the north bay. lower elevations half in top inch and fluffy snow in the sierra nevada. low 60s today as well as san jose. enjoy the dry break, a couple rainy days and much cooler conditions as we usher in april. march going out like a lion. then we are looking dryer and sunnier. we have another great resource for you to follow follow us on twitter for the latest bay area
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weather conditions, rain or shown. so it should be pretty interesting tomorrow. but we need about half a dozen of those to bring us up to average. >> and you said this is basically the last gasp? >> it could be. >> all right. thank you, lisa. up next, why the lights were going out all over the bay area and all over the world last night.
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lights were turned off all across the world for an hour last night in honor of earth hour. the bay bridge lights went out at 8:30. the designated time worldwide to turn out the lights. earth hour is organized from the
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worldwide fund for nature. from japan and greece and nations in between, the lights went dark at 8:30 at famous historical sites. the event is to raise awareness about environmental issues. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news another break with tradition. what pope francis did in public, much to the surprise of the world's catholics. and why fresno police are crediting an adult decision in saving two babies from drowning. it had been so longgent because it had been so long since i had had health insurance -- icy i needed. of what policy i needed. within 4icy.had an insurance policy. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc center news. >> welcome back. let's start this half-hour with
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a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. a nice break in the rain and a nice day at the beach. a cool afternoon. seas will build with the incoming system tomorrow. but down the road up in the north bay it's chilly, in the mid-40s. 51 livermore n the low 60s in santa cruz. and for the rest of the bay we will see some clouds build up in the high elevations and a partly cloudy afternoon on the way with 50s at the coast. low to mid-60s elsewhere. timing out the rain for your monday in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you lisa. now to a moment everyone is talking about. pope francis surprised his congregation by kneeling and going to confession in public. the people's pope broke tradition once again. here's abc news reporter michelle franson with the details. >> he is the people's popes. he tweets, takes selfies and even made the cover of rolling snow and is connecting with
9:31 am
catholics like no other pontiff before. now they are talking about his recent service at the basilica. he found worshipers by kneeling before so-called ordinary priest and confessed his own since. >> the original plan, pope francis was expected to go to an empty confessional booth to hear confessions from members of the congregation. instead the pope chose a different confessional attended by a priest dropped to his knees and began talking. it's not the first time the pope has broken with tradition. since becoming the leader of the catholic church just over a year ago. and he connects with the average catholic and remaining an advocate for the poor. in his home country of argentina, he most recently voiced his support for the people living in this tent city. squatters are fighting to stay in their make-shift places named after the pope himself.
9:32 am
michelle franson, abc news, new york. >> the family and friends of a pleasant hill teenager in a coma of a skateboarding accident are raising money for his medical care. 18-year-old ryan carroll was skateboarding in santa barbara when he fell and hit his head. he suffered a skull fracture and hit his brain and is in a medically-induced coma. he graduated last spring and was in santa barbara attending a community college. he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. a website has been set up by the family for donations to help cover his medical expenses. new this morning, fresno police say an adult's decision to perform cpr on two babies who nearly drown may have saved both lives. the one-year-old boy and girl were taken to a hospital yesterday after falling into a fishpond at an apartment complex. police say the kids were playing in a rear patio with other children when they got out of a fenced-in area and fell into the
9:33 am
water. authorities say someone found them and started what is called rescue breathing until help arrived. >> it's fantastic. and it doesn't require much. rescue breathing. i think they did some compressions too because they were spitting up some of the water from the pond also and vomiting in addition. if you have a pool, you have to be extremely careful if you have children. you have to watch them all the time. >> police say the children were under water for up to two minutes. authorities say at this point no criminal charges will be filed. >> sheriff's deputies in san mateo are warning the public this morning of scammers who ask for money because they fail to show up for jury duty. residents have reported the residents call people, pretending to be the deputy sheriff. they then say they need to pay a fee by purchasing a prepaid
9:34 am
debit card or face arrest. law enforcement agencies say they would never call residents asking for money or threaten to arrest anyone for not showing up for jury duty. >> for now tesla will be able to sell cars in new york although they may have to set up dealerships some day. tesla and the automobile association reached a deal over five tesla stores currently open in the new york area. dealerships claim the stores are illegal because they sell directly to customers, while other automakers rely on independently-owned dealers to sell their cars. this new agreement means tesla will be able to keep the five stores open, but any new stores in new york will have to be run by independent dealerships. tesla contends it needs specialized sellers to explain the benefits of more expensive electric vehicles. defense and space contractor lockheed martin is continuing to invest in a new research facility in silicon valley, even though it went through major
9:35 am
layoffs late last year. the new palo alto center was dedicated last week. abc7 news business and technology reporter david louie got a rare look inside the labs. >> all right. go for it. >> reporter: about the only thing low tech about the new research lab is the way it was dedicated. it replaces three vintage buildings built almost 60 years ago when stanford set land aside for a research park to attract private companies to collaborate with academic researchers. 130 engineers and scientists along with support staff will be consolidated under one roof. the building so energy efficient it will save lockheed martin $1 million a year. >> it's no secret silicon valley is sort of the innovation center of the world. so it's very important that we are here because we have some key talent at the technology center. we intend to retain our talent and we intend to attract more talent which having the new facility is important to us. >> the advance technology center or atc continues to focus on
9:36 am
technology for space projects that are lighter, and he shows us an example. the scientist shows us a prime example. the thermoplastic nano composite clips used on spacecrafts to replace ones made from aluminum. this aluminum part takes 28 days to get through operations. we made 300 in one working day at approximately one-tenth the cost. >> the development of the titanium propellent tank designed for high pressure might some day have use in the oil and gas pipeline industry. the facility is designed to encourage separate teams to collaborate together. the palo alto mayor nancy sheppard said more companies are tearing down old buildings in favor of energy efficient ones for good reason. >> you either write a check for your power or you get to have more money to do what you want to do. i think that companies have realized and learned that they would like to invest in research.
9:37 am
>> in palo alto, david louie abc7 news. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, the unusual -- the special meeting tomorrow for five women being honored for their roles during world war ii. and here is a live look from our roof cam. dry today, but when a difference in store for tomorrow. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 9:39 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our sfo
9:40 am
cam, where we are told no delays today, which means clear skies and hopefully that will continue. five original rosie the riveters from bait area are in washington d.c. to meet vice president joe biden at the white house tomorrow. >> the rowcies represent american women who worked, in fact, russ and shipyards in world war ii producing supplies for the military while the men were away at war. >> these women were trailblazers for those of us who came after. in the air line industry we call this an unmanned flight. [applause] >> each of these rosie's worked at the kaiser shipyards in the
9:41 am
city of richmond. they have been petitioning elected officials since 2008 to recognize the contributions of rosies to america and its history. i talked to a couple of those leads, and they really changed america's perception of working women. at least they helped to do that. >> very cool. we are talking about a much cooler forecast for the next couple of days as another cold front heads our way. take a look at this. 12 could 15 inches of new snow and a cold system on the way. we will bring that sloppy prouder to the sierra nevada tomorrow. we will talk about it coming up. >> looking forward to it. also ahead the changes come to the santa cruz wharf that will help you get a closer look at the area's amazing wildlife.
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>> welcome back everyone. 9:34 on this sunday morning -- 9:44. this is a beautiful look at the santa cruz beach via our santa cruz camera. lovely there 55 degrees. what will it be like in your neighborhood? lisa will be along shortly with your accuweather forecast. speaking of santa cruz, there is a new design for the santa cruz wharf that will transform the century-old landmark. they will set up a
9:45 am
prominade for pedestrian. the buildings will be remodeled but the businesses will remain. big change will be the focus on the amazing environment surrounding the wharf. it is rich with wildlife. the waters include dolphins, otters, seals and whales. engineers will build a vacuum tube garbage system so garbage trucks don't have to drive on to the pier. the whole plan will cost more than $1 million. most of it will be paid for with a federal grant. i've never seen the garbage trucks out there, but that sounds like a good idea to get them off of that. >> yeah, seriously. we saw the pretty shots of the beach today and the mountains. that's the beauty of california, we've got it all. and today a nice break between systems as the one exits bringing in cooler air and the cumulus clouds will build up in a slightly unstable air mass today. but the really unstable air mass comes our way after the passage of the cold front tomorrow. that should bring some thunderstorms for the first day of april.
9:46 am
san jose, this is what i mean. you see the cumulus clouds. half moon bay at 55. we will see the winds increase today. another look at this beautiful santa cruz shot with temperatures in the lower 60s here for the afternoon. 51 livermore. still cool in the north bay with mid-and upper 40s right now. so everyone is much colder this morning with 9 degrees cooler in livermore. 7 degrees cooler in napa. mountain view coming in with 5 degrees of cooling. mt. tam you can see the partly cloudy sky already around the north bay. so with most of us enjoying the sunny start you will have partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon. clouds increase tonight and the passage of the cold front tomorrow with the cold front we will see the heavy rain and the gusty winds. so it's something we waited for all winter long. it will be with us throughout the evening commute tomorrow. right now we will sit in between
9:47 am
systems and the clouds will be increasing throughout the evening hours in parts of the north coast. with the nice afternoon ahead of us, it will give us a chance to dry out and do some cleaning up. 2:00 this afternoon. perhaps a little moisture over the higher elevations. but if we see any precip, it should be over the hills and the rest of us staying dry. here we are tomorrow with the front pushing through the bay and the cold air pulling down into the bay area. so with snow levels below about 1500 feet, we are going to see perhaps maybe some flakes around mt. hamilton and snowfall in the sierra nevada doesn't look quite as impressive as it was the last system but still we will have the no there as well with monday in the evening providing a little bit of a break. but then here comes the low. this will provide the unstable air, the showers the thunderstorms through tuesday and even the tuesday evening commute being impacted as well. wednesday a lingering shower and
9:48 am
rainfall amounts with this system anywhere from perhaps three quarters inch to two inches in the coastal hills, half-inch to inch the rest of the area. and statewide today everyone drying out with low 70s in los angeles. 40 in the northern sierra. mid-60s for sacramento. and we will look at temperatures today a little bit below average. we should see about 67 san jose. 63 today. san francisco 59. 62 napa. and you are wondering about the game tomorrow? me too because it doesn't look good. temperatures will be chilly and we will see showers and the sun setting at 7:32. we had the cancellation yesterday for the a's. wet and windy tomorrow. april showers and maybe a thunderstorm on tuesday. maybe another shower wednesday but sunny and milder thursday and friday and saturday. >> well we should caution people because a lot think we've been getting the rain, we don't need to conserve anymore. >> oh, no. we aren't even at 50%.
9:49 am
so yeah, we are still always conserving. >> all right. thank you, lisa. up next, the end of an era. the final day of business for a south bay domed theater complex. the last movie that will be shown in a special screening tonight.
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9:51 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $50 million power ball draw. 2, 3 12, 27, 38.
9:52 am
the power number 17. no one got all six. wednesday night's jackpot jumps to $60 million. >> today is your last chance to enjoy movies at san jose's century domed theater. the company owner is ready to sell but it's possible one of the theaters could be preserved. the state historical resources commission could step in at the last minute. the final showing of the century 21 is at 7:00 p.m. with a special screening of "indiana jones and the raiders of the lost arc." the theaters will remain vacant until their fate is decided. >> well, san jose 63 with 62 in san rafael. the seven-day forecast rain and wind tomorrow and this will allow for much colder temperatures to head our way. the possibility of thunderstorms
9:53 am
on tuesday. mountain snow and showers wednesday. maybe an inch of rain. >> all right. >> and all those wet days. >> thanks. sounds good. thank you lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your local devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00. ha
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