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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 1, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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another windshield wiper commute this morning. the bay area has seen it all in the last 24 hours. rain, thunder, lightning and even snow reported on skyline boulevard in san mateo county. look at the hail that blanketed a street in san francisco. an anonymous viewer sent this to us three our u report site. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm cheryl jennings. our springtime kicking off with a dose of winter. is this umbrella weather enough
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to put a dent in the drought? mike nico. >> a few sprinkles falling right now as another storm is approaching san francisco. you can see behind me we do have some breaks in the cloud cover. and that sun is what's going to help energize that storm to come through. yesterday we talked about .5 to about 1 inch of rain. that's what you see over the past 24 hours in most neighborhoods. let's talk about what's happening up north. this is where we've seen the steadier scattered showers. san rafael, mill valley, larksberg, rich month, hercules and rodeo going to get some scattered showers here. over san francisco down to san mateo. look what's developing off the coast. another thunderstorm heading towards half moon bay, pescadero. could head into the peninsula. what to expect the rest of the
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afternoon, downpours, hail, locally breezy conditions. our strongest storms will be this afternoon. you think we're seeing snow now? wait until the levels drop to 2800 feet into the nighttime hours. it's going to look like a winter wonderland tomorrow. the wild weather made for a difficult morning commute in the bay area. abc7 reporter join us us. >> reporter: it is started and stopped and started again. every now and then we'll see little peeks of sun trying to break through the clouds. we don't know when it will start or stop. the heaviest rainfall isn't expected until after lunch. this is what greeted morning commuters across the bay area. rain. off and on showers falling on broadway street in downtown redwood city forced some to run for cover and others to pull out their trusty umbrellas. >> lucky to have this, really. i left it in the car yesterday.
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so picked it up today. i'm enjoying the rain. >> reporter: while construction crews worked to put the final touches on caltrain's new elevated platform at their san brawn know station, commuters tried to dodge the rain while hurrying for trains. some are happy that it's finally getting wet. >> it has meant a possible lessening of the drought. it's been nice to have. >> reporter: nice and necessary. it was wet up and down the peninsula and there's more to come. >> if it rains like yesterday afternoon in santa clara, my umbrella will be out. >> reporter: threatening skies in san bruno for maxine wyman were nothing to fear. she says bring it on. she wants more. >> it's inconvenient sometimes. but we need the rain and it's good for my garden. >> reporter: those dark clouds are holding more of the wet stuff and we can expect more rainfall through the rest of the week. i want to see what kind of fruits and vegetables she produces in that garden.
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i'm going to have to track maxine down. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, nick, thank you so much. happening now in the sierra, rescue crews are searching in waist-deep snow now for a bay area snowboarder. 25-year-old abraham finkelstein was backpacking near forest hill yesterday when a storm moved in. the sheriff's office says the two were separated. dad made it back to the car last night but abraham never showed up. they say he was dressed for the el elements. in berkeley today lightning yesterday destroyed a 75-foot redwood tree on holly street and damaged roughly a dozen homes. a heavy crane was brought in this morning to lift the tree up and away from the house that's now red tagged. a painstakingly slow process so as not to damage what's left of that home or any others. a lightning strike scattered
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debris across three blocks. neighbors say it sounded like ax ploe an explosion when the lightning hit. you can track the bay area rain using live doppler on our weather app. download it on our web site. a pleasant hill teen is groped by a stranger on her way to school. this picture just released by police in the last 30 minutes of a suspect they are looking for. i guess that's the person in the distance there. he's described as a hispanic man in his 40s, last seen wearing that dodger blue wind breaker, a gray sweatshirt and jeans. the latest attack happens at 7:40 this morning on harriet near rufe drive. officials for the school district tell abc7 news a 16-year-old was on her way to college park high when she was grabbed by a man. when she turned around he took off. police combed streets around the school but did not find that man. just yesterday, another teenager was grabbed by a man
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along the eastern municipal utility district trail. the prospect high school student said he jumped out of the bushes and grabbed him in the same spot and ran away. a 6-year-old girl reported being sexually assaulted by a man who lured her away from an oakland campus. katie marzullo. >> reporter: this is the first day of school here since it happened on friday afternoon. yesterday was a holiday. ceasar chavez day. parents i talked to this morning, some of them heard it on the news this morning before they heard it from their school and they don't like that. the district said it was first tending to the needs of the victim and now is focusing on campus security. >> decided to postpone going to work to come here to find out what's going on, make sure my kid's safe first of all. >> reporter: parents have a lot of questions. an oakland school district spokesman tells meet girl was alone on the playground after
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school friday when a man came on campus, legislatured her across the street to a car and sexually assaulted her. >> they need to have more staff here at the school after school lets out to make sure the kids are getting picked up. >> reporter: the district is scrambling after a three-day weekend to notify parents with a letter. also there are counselors on campus and increased police pa patrols in the area. >> everyone here is distraught. we wish we could turn back time and it didn't happen. but the best thing we can do is just to make sure our kids are knowledgeable and our parents are knowledgeable and speak with their kids. we're providing information and tips and advice on how to do that. >> reporter: this is the third time something like this had has happened. on january 24th a girl was touched by a stranger at fink elementary school. and a 7-year-old march 7 at world academy. >> parents are trying to ban together to try to think of some safety ways including like safe routes home, walking car pools,
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things of that nature. so we're hoping that we can band together and get a handle on things. >> reporter: crime stoppers is offering a $7500 reward for information that leads to an i a arrest in this case. the district is working on a letter for parents for this afternoon. they're planning a community meeting for everyone to get together and talk about it and a stranger danger meeting to provide more information to families so they can keep their kids safe. they have not announced yet the dates of those two meetings. live in oakland, katie marzullo, abc7. this morning we have surveillance video of an armed robbery in san francisco's bruno heights neighborhood. this disturbing video was posted on the blog brunowood. it's a little out of focus but you can see what happened there. two men pointed a gun at the victim on coal ridge street. according to police the victim handed over his wallet, cell phone and laptop. then one of the suspects punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground. the search continues for the suspects.
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the fbi continues an active investigation of state senator leland yee. today agents searched his auxiliary office in sacramento. yee is out on $5,000 bail facing corruption and gun trafficking charges after his shocking arrest last week in federal court in san francisco yesterday did not enter a play. the 65-year-old career politician has been suspended from the senate and has withdrawn his candidacy for secretary of state. a federal investigation began in 2011. new this morning, uc santa cruz is announcing a scholarship in honor of an alumni officer killed in the line of duty. santa cruz police detective elizabeth baker was shot and killed while investigating a sexual assault suspect. the elizabeth butler memorial scholarship will support a uc santa cruz student. butler graduated from uc santa
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cruz's community studies program in 1996. san francisco supervisors will vote -- following a protest where activists blocked a google shuttle bus. many activists oppose letting private buses use public bus stops. they believe the private shuttles delay muni riders. 35,000 people ride private shuttles in san francisco every day. still to come, new york high schooler's decision of a lifetime. >> i simply thought i would apply. i know it was crazy. >> not so crazy after all. every ivy league school wants him. you'll hear what makes him such a standout student. >> wow. an online dating service is something you're usually advised against doing on the first date. why is it delving into politics on its web site.
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. president obama will address the nation in a few hours on the affordable care act 1:15 today our time from washington, d.c. abc news will bring you a special report when he does. the enrollment period for obamacare ended last night at midnight, and this morning it's on track to hit the white house's original target of 7 million people signed up. a senior official says experienced a
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surge yesterday with 4.8 million visits and 2 million calls to the help center. >> a online dating site is giving users a political earful. ot cou oot cupid posted a message to stop supporting the new ceo at firefox. because he donated money in 2008 to pass proposition 8 outlawed same-sex marriage in california. ok cupid is offering a bypass link. it's offering redirect links for the other major browsers. fare b and b allows people to rent out their homes or rooms to travellers. to avoid paying san francisco's 14% health tax this summer. thousands of listings in the city range from couch space tone tire homes. under the plan, air b and b will collect the tax as an extra charge on the guest bill and pay
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it to the city just as a hotel would do. portland is the other city also doing this. residents of hillsburg have bragging rights this morning. you live in the second best small town in america. according to smithsonian magazine. counting down the top five for you beginning with woodshull, massachusetts, steamboat springs colorado with its music festivals. williamsburg, virginia. number two -- and number one, totaqua,new york. in new york this morning, an extremely talented 17-year-old high school student has a very tough decision to make. carl inan is trying to decide where to go to college after he was accepting to all eight ivy league schools. brown, columbia, cornell, dartmouth, harvard, principle ton, university of pennsylvania and yale. he scored a 2250 out of 2400 on
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the s.a.t. he wants to follow in the steps of his parents, both immigrants from ghana and study medicine. the question now is, where? >> i think my preference is yale. the human body, all the kinds of things i want in college. i still have to compare all these wonderful schools. >> so talented. he's also a violinist. he says financial aid packages are going to play a big role in his final decision. by the way, he did apply to a few state schools. and yes, he got into those, too. >> wow. oh, wow. congratulations. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the ever-changing skies. what do i hear up there? >> you're probably smart enough to come in out of the rain. >> but you're not. >> no, i want to be out in it. it's going to hail and thunderstorm. it's getting worse right here at san francisco. we've got one more round on d doppler radar. >> mike, thanks. the optimal times of the day to eat your meals.
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that is if you're trying to keep the weight off.
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frank is just too humble. a smart weatherman wants to be in the elements. >> he loves it. this is his forte, right, mike? >> i just heard thunder. and that means there's lightning out here. so i'm going to let you take a look. i'm going to stay inside for a second. because i don't think it's very smart to go out and carry an umbrella when there's lightning around. but we just had some hail.
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and about pea to marble-sized hail. not really that big. definitely pea-sized hail out there. overnight you can see in oakland we had pea-sized hail, too. these storms are definitely getting along with the scatteredness of the showers and thunderstorms. here's our strongest storm, montera, el granada. this thing is going to head across the peninsula. should hit hillsboro 11 minutes. an hour in san ramon. it's going to go right across the san mateo bridge. this is one of the stronger storms out there right now. we still have the threat of thunderstorms as we look back towards downtown san francisco. you can see just the shaft of rain all the way to the left side of your screen over san francisco. that's the thunderstorm that's moving through right now. showers, thunder, hail, today
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through wednesday. that would be more like tomorrow morning. light showers possible thursday and friday. and then we have some spring warmth coming at us this weekend. this is in san jose. you see how it's clearer here. that sunshine is going to help destabilize the atmosphere and you're going to get another round of rain. i think i just heard another clap of thunder outside. current temperatures mid to upper 40s, san rafael, mid 50s elsewhere. it's cool out there and not going to warm up much at all today. maybe mid to upper 50s. tonight with the snow levels dropping down to around 2800 feet, our temperatures will drop also. upper 30s, cloverdale, santa rosa, san francisco and san mateo in the upper 40s. 40 minutes from now the first wave moving on by. the next wave will come in and going to be pretty strong from
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about 2:00 until 5:00. and then we'll just have scattered showers overnight as the upper-level low comes over top of us. our best chance of strong thunderstorms at that time will be over the ocean. some of those will rotate towards us. you can see by tomorrow morning we're going to have residual moisture left over. enough instability in the area maybe a scattered shower across the north bay mountains tomorrow afternoon. we'll get about .25 to .75 inch rain out of this system. .75 to 1.5 inch at our higher elevations. today's the coolest day. we'll warm up a little bit tomorrow. a little more thursday. thursday night into friday morning there's a slight chance of some light showers but nothing like we're dealing with right now. and then saturday, sunday, monday, spring is back in the air. low to mid 60s at the coast. low to mid 70s for the rest of us with definitely a lot of sunshine. another flash of lightning. thunderstorm moving away from san francisco heading across over towards berkeley right now.
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expect more of this. did you hear it? did you hear the thunder? >> come inside, mike. >> i'm going to come inside. expect more of this through the 5:00 hour. >> be careful out there. thank you. you know, if you're trying to lose weight there is a right time to eat. a survey discovered 84% of dieters believe having defined meal times is a key to losing weight. breakfast should be shortly after 7:00 a.m. with 7:00-11:00 a.m. being the optimal time. lunch is better earlier than later between 12:30 and 1:00 and 12:38 being the best time. dinner between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. with 6:14 being the best. a british diet supplement company conducted the survey. 64% said eating breakfast daily had helped them cut calories. >> if it works. >> i love breakfast. still ahead, who is the joke on now?
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>> lulu lemon has a little april fool's fun at jimmy kimmel's experi
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. gm ceo mary barra is in front of congress right now. what she is saying about the
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company's recall of millions of cars and the victims' families. also that missing snowboarder we told you about earlier on abc news at 5, we'll be live in the sierra has rescue crews search through waist-deep snow. lulu lemon is introducing spray on yoga pants. it's just an april fool's joke. the company is making fun of itself, embracing a jimmy kimmel skit from last week about its spray on yoga pants. lulu lemon posted these images on its web site offering the very sheer pants for $1200. they're out of stock. >> the company came under fire last year for selling very sheer yoga pants. >> but they are breathable. >> they? >> thanks for joining us.
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