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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> that breaking news is happening right now in fort hood, texas the army base confirmses to us there is an active shooter and the base is on lock down. we're getting word of several injuries >> we'll have a news helicopter on the way to bring you live peck tours just as soon as they become available. everybody has been told to shelter in place the order posted on the twitter feed and facebook page. police and fbi are on the scene. you can see the note right there. fort hood, you'll recall was the scene of a mass shooting in
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2009. 13 people were killed. it was the deadliest attack on a domestic military base in history the gunman was found guilty and sentenced to death. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> there are 100 local victims of a travel agency, it's a fraud, mostly chinese victims roo right. police say the number is going to undoubtedly grow here. now, counting losses in hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> vi lee is hiv with the story. vic? >> reporter: many families pooled their money together to pool relatives and some saved for a very long time. they bought their tickets in a travel agency called amuse
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travel. unfortunately and sadly, all of the tickets were fake. and the travel operator has now disappeared. >> upset i cried. i knew they closed the closure at the business. >> this woman is a victim of a fraudulent travel agency operation. one of a hundred people that filed reports with police. losses totalling $260,000 so far. the main suspect is raymond hsu. he shut down his chinatown office a cell phone business now ak ok byes the space. captain mcfadden says it was all cash business. >> offering tickets without going through a broker and they weren't legitimate tickets. >> many showed up at airports to
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take flight only to be told there were no reservations the victim we spoke with bought a ten day package to hong kong, airline tickets, hotel included. >> i paid $4,000 for my june >> she did have suspicions something was wrong. >> travel agency just gave me a receipt, itinerary and then they told me everything would be okay >> the agency shut down the doors and there is no trace of the business. >> captain mcfadden says the fraud is common >> suspects pray prey on people
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that don't have ability to go elsewhere. >> police say if you're a victim, go to a police station and file a report. >> a firefighter champing charged with drunk driving and hitting a motorcyclist made a court appearance today the 43-year-old could save three years in prison. this quinn was later seen drinking large amounts of water near a bar. jack frasier is the motorcyclist recovering from a broken leg, ribs and a punctured lung. >> two new attorneys taking on the case of leland yee. he says there was a politician decision to switch, a key
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defendant also has a new attorney the court today assigned martha borsh. she's a former prosecutor and talked about a possible defense. >> hooking at the way the incidents were set up by fbi, it's something any attorney would look at. >> borsh wants chow released on bail. >> in a turn of events 5 reputed street gang members were charged. police and prosecutors say they attacked todd tharp and tharp stabbed one of them the four teenagers and a
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20-year-old have been charged with murder under a statute that ahows them to be held equal i responsible. >> residents reacting to news a grand jury was indicted on criminal charges. >> it's near limb possible to live in this neighborhood without a daily reminder of an explosion. work crews are here the latest project installing water and sewer infrastructure. phil was home with his wife and kids on september 9, 2010, with a clear memory of the night. >> we thought it's an earthquake. then, we saw fire. there was a fire in the street.
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>> prosecutors charged pg&e with 12 felony vile yeahings of the natural gas pipeline safety act. pg&e did release a statement if response to the charges, but did not provide additional information or answer questions. >> san bruno is a tragic accident we've taken accountability. we're sorry >> city manager told me she's pleased for the measure of justice. but does not like they continue to call it an accident. >> it's a result of negligence on the part of pg&e. >> pg&e faces a half million dollar fine but for many, still in this neighborhood, there is no justice. no punishment could replace what is taken
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>> like a drunk driver that killed your family. you know? >> no court hearing has been scheduled yet. in san bruno abc # news. >> according to pg&e outage caused after a cross line on a power line broke off. an outage affecting parts of crews still working and they do not know how it broke off of a power pole >> sky 7 hd was there and firefighters arrived this morning at the canal on leland road near delta view course.
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authorities say the man called his family from the bart station to say he was on his way home. his family reported him missing last night the canal being drained to search for victims. >> fire and hazmat crews spen spent the morning containing a fuel leak. abc7 news is live joining us now from the marina. laura? >> they have contained this small spill. the full response didn't come until morning. >> 300 feet now. okay? >> with a light chain inside of the marina, crews from oakland were taking no chances. to keep what appear to be fuel from spreading. >> we came out with an engine company, identifying it's wide
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spread. the coast guard brought in personnel to try to determine the source of the leak totalling about 25 gallons. >> it doesn't appear to be ongoing leak. >> nochlt we're looking to see if there is anything that would be a regular source. >> by afternoon, coast guard and fish and wildlife determined fuel was contained. and posed no risk. >> april 5th deadline to file charges is just around the corner. >> experts are standing fwoi take your questions and this is one of your popular segments. >> let me show what you is going
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on here. we have experts from tax aid, united way and from irs we've got raffle talino here. how do people getting an extension? >> two ways, paper form is easy to do it. extension of time is to file, not necessary to pay. if you owe, april 15thth is still the deadline to avoid possible penalties or interest. so be safe, take extension of time, do take it. file an accurate return the first time. but do make that payment >> you estimate, and then, do extension and send it in? >> yes. you can run numbers to find out what that is.
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send something in. if you can't full pay, do pay something. let the agency know i can't full pay it. let's work something out such an installment agreement. take care of this as best you can. that way, it's much easier. >> you don't get into trouble. irs is raffle talino. so again, we'll be here until 8:00 >> you scared me. i will pay on time. >> what about if you have a weather question? who do we ask? >> go to the roof. >> what a difference a day makes. yesterday, stormy weather around the bay area now. sunny skies and pleasant. let's go to maps.
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sunny skies now. looking west under blue skies temperatures 57 francisco. mainly blue skies with puffs of clouds. 61 in fairfield. finally looking live at the blue sky over sfo, here is a forecast. partly cloudy skies and cool. a mix of sun and clouds. by afternoon, increasing clouds. high temperatures upper 50s to mid-60s inland. rain may move in later. >> thank you. >> can't wait. >> still ahead at 4:00 assessing damage from yesterday's deadly earthquake in chile has
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thousands returning to their homes, plus... >> my car, perfectly. april fool's joke. >> damage from a falling oak was no joke in a neighborhood but it could have been a lot worse. >> walmart just opened a small format store here. shoppers are happy but competition may not be. we'll have the story still to come. >> this is a look better for folks on the righthand side of the screen. back in just a moment.
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thousands of people evacuated during a tsunami warning following a powerful earthquake are now returning home the 8.2 quake is blamed for at least six deaths and set off a sue namy, sending waves crashing on to shore the shaking knocked out power and damaged an airport. fire destroyed several businesses. as powerful as this was, experts say it's not the big one seismologists expect to hit the area >> people m one neighborhood cleaning up after a 90-year-old tree came crashing down last night. take a look at damage. it was extensive. nobody hurt. but some cars were destroyed. abc7 news has the story.
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>> that is max's bmw where he parked it. this morning he didn't find it in the same condition. >> we got home the tree had fallen over. my niece alerted us. >> now, a list of repairs. >> the worst. i don't have a car, now. >> maureen's dodge has been reduced to crumpeled fiber glass, steel and salvaged spare arts. >> it's a cruel joke. >> if there is a silver lining it could be the direction the oak had fallen. this home was spared. cameras were there minutes after
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this oak came crashing down just after 10:00 last night. >> gorgeous home. so sad for cars but good for the home. >> the trunk ripped apart power hiens, splintering and sthaping street lights. >> that is huge. a big tree. >> the rain blanketing the area made short work of this tree's root system. the cars were barely visible. branchs where windows used to be. >> you can get a peak at the bart trains. designer built a model. and there will be 0 events around the bay area from april 16th to may 9th.
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>> you can walk through give bart feed back. first event wednesday, april 16th. and once finalized manufacturing will begin. >> yes. cars expected to go into service in to 17. i remember they didn't look like seats were in those cars. >> yes. >> okay. right now let's check in with spencer christian enjoying the roof and sky. >> this is a great day to be outside. and anywhere, period. we've needed that. taking a look at rainfall totals over 72 hours, over two inches in santa rosa.
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so looking southwest, blue skies. these is a satellite image showing an approaching system bringing us rainfall early friday. starting tomorrow night notice rainfall by friday morning we'll see areas of light rain continuing into mid day hours and rainfall totals a quarter inch to half inch in higher elevations. partly cloudy skies, low temperatures low to mid-40s from upper 30s. tomorrow, increasing clouds, highs about 64 in san jose. 63 redwood city. upper 50s on the coast.
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nornl bay, increasing clouds as well low 60s for highs. east bay, low to mid-60s. 64 castro valley. inland east bay here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. we'll get light rain friday. starting to wind down, probably by afternoon just in time for afternoon and evening. sunny skies and breezy along the coast saturday. look at warm up beginning saturday, sunday highs upper 70 to 80s around the bay. so nice warm weather coming our way. not that rain isn't nice we've just had nice rain
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yesterday now, we've had sunshine and warm up coming our way. just trying to please everyone. >> springels friday but nothing threatening the weekend hoping that is what i heard. >> if you're looking forward to sunny and mild weekend this is the one. grab it now. each lent. and perfect. >> great weekend. >> coming up why this missing pug is special to one family, how they're taking action to get her back. >> i saw my name in the paper, too. surprised. >> yes. michael strayhahn clarifying reports he's moving to "good morning america". >> take a look at this. our experts are standing by to our experts are standing by to answer your last minute tax
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way.
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way.
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questions. michael strayhan's busy life style about to get busier addressing reports he was also heading to good morning america. he assured the audience he's not leaving the talk show. >> are you going to do it? i don't know. if i read papers i am. this is me, my home, here. i love you. strayhan says he doesn't think he can do "good morning america" every day. kelly says she'll have unlimited cups of coffee on the days when he's double dipping. so he's going coast to every
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weekend. white house garden is planted and ready for spring. one woman played an important role. >> sarah ting is a member of food core. ting and others were invited to the white house to help plant this year's garden. it's part of the first lady's "let's move" campaign. >> still to come on abc7 news at 4:00 a store opening in the south bay. cheaper prices? maybe but not everyone is celebrating. >> also, a ruling on campaign spending and dramatic impact it's likely to have in years still to come. >> our tax hot line going full steam ahead right now so give us a call. safeway gets that staying on budget can be a real bear. at's why... that's why... they've got lots of ways to save.
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real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week... life's just a little sweeter with delicious red seedless grapes just $1.99/lb. clean up with bounty paper towels, only $8.99 for 8 large rolls and honey bunches of oats are just $1.88. there's more savings to safeway. ingredients for life.
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we're continuing to follow breaking news out of fort hood, texas we've been told one person is dead and four others wounded in a shooting on this army post. cnn is reporting the suspected
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gunman is dead. >> you'll recall fort hood was the scene of a mass shooting. in the deadliest attack on a domestic military base. the gunman in that incident was found guilty and sentenced to death. the gunman has been killed but that has been confirmed we'll continue to follow this on air and online on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> shifting gears now there is a movement afoot by a rageor retailer to speed up grocery shopping. >> a groceries-only walmart is part of a wave of change in the supermarket industry.
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>> this is only one fourth the size of a full-sized walmart but only a slightly smaller foot print than a typical safeway store. the opening of this and several neighborhood markets comes when safeway going through an ownership change. shoppers are expected to be here in the store about 15 minutes. >> the mom to do dinner very fast, after work and just come buy groceries and go home instead of wasting is going to ring a piece of furniture or carpet. >> that is where you see more
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consumers shopping at deep discounters at the low end or high end so middle getting rationalized. is there a shake up in the middle? yes. >> walmart offering opening week specials slicing off prices to lure in customers >> you have to go where you you can get bang for the buck. and the goring is gorgeous. quality is g >> shoppers tell us the market might have them shopping less at safeway but it depends >> they may not have what i'm looking for. soy have to go to a larger store. if i can get in and out fast, it's a selling point. >> walmart hired 95 nonunion employees for the store making $13.75 an hour. a union employee at safeway earns $21 an hour plus $nine in benefits giving walmart a cost advantage
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that it can pass to shoppers. >> u.s. supreme court ruled today political donors can make financial contributions to unlimbed number of political parties, there is a limit on how much it can give to the political candidates but over all limit is lifted campaign finance flood gates is been opened wider. the supreme court said there should be limited. >> this will allow more money to go through the system. >> this businessman wrote vehicles for thousands of dollars and wanted to give more, arguing the spending limit
4:35 pm
infringed on his rights. he went on to write money and politics may seem repugnant to some. but so, too, does much of what the first amendment protects. what does this mean? donors are still limited to the limit but no over all spending limit donors can give to as many candidates as they want, pouring millions into political action committees or party war chests that means candidates have a lot more influence. >> we need to be watchful for what kind of programs are set up for these rain makers. >> opponents say money buys access and the average american
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can't >> getting choked up thinking about taxes >> thinking about taxes yes. >> the mayor is maybe because i haven't talked to michael finney. >> yes. getting choked up and hot. so give us a call here. we have experts and we have united way and also have enrolled agents. there you go. thank you for joining us here today and answering questions.
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>> you're welcome. >> let's talk about dependent care. >> yes. those dependent care expenses are deductible for children age 13 or under who are dependents. and both parents if married if both parents must work or one must, if one is not working must be disabled or going to school full time. so those, once they meet the require requirements they can deduct for 3,000 for each child up to two children. >> can you do that for work travel? >> that is a -- those deductions don't count. we're looking at child care
4:38 pm
where where a provider >> the if you take a look, you can see you ought to be one of them. reporting live i'm michael finney. >> only those with something to . >> a story giving new meaning to moving day. >> plus a bad ending to these stunts on the top of a very tall bridge. not what you'd expect, by the way. >> from our camera, there is rain on the way. accu-weather forecast is coming up >> gorgeous shot in traffic. this particular one in walnut
4:39 pm
creek looking at traffic moving well on 680. we'll be right back.
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members of an ammish community proved they're willing to do leg work to help a neighbor move. there are 80 guys there you can see their legs underneath. they picked up the building are moving it to the other side of the village. it's like flint stones
4:42 pm
you know? most ammish communities ban the use of technology if you need a building moved you pick it up >> there is a fine line between a daredevil and a crazy person. >> they scaled to the top of the bridge in kiev, ukraine. they're 390 that is nuts. there is a reason he calls himself english
4:43 pm
both were arrested >> what if your friend's palm got sweaty? bad situation. >> bad day. >> there are railings surrounding it. >> not that daring. i'm making sure rails are sturdy and i'm far from them. sunny skies now, clouds increasing overnight. it will be mainly a calm day but thunderstorms around minneapolis. some of that reaches into northwestern corner of california as you can see. including high temperatures edging up into
4:44 pm
we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up at ak. >> thank you >> still ahead at 4:00 do you suffer from bad allergies? there is a treatment to treat sneezing and itchy eyes. >> honor for some firefighters after dramatic rescue of a terrified puppy.
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chrysler recalling 870 vehicles because of a brake defect. officials say vehicles have brake parts that can corrode. they'll do this for free.
4:48 pm
general motors ceo returned today where members of a senate panel accused the auto maker for ignition switch problems now tied to 13 deaths. >> ford decided it was cheaper to pay off families of the dead than to pay $11 per car did you make that calculation? >> i did not. >> do you know of anyone who did make it? >> that is the purpose of the investigation. >> you don't know? do you know if gm ever used this analysis in its history? >> barra said any such action could have been acceptable just as she did yesterday that
4:49 pm
mistakes won't happen again. >> fda approved a fab let for reducing hay fever symptoms. it's approved for patients. officials say it's to be taken daily. >> well, the search is on for a stolen pug that is an important member of a family. olivia has special needs and the special needs dog. a man asked if he can hold the dog the man took off with mily. >> please bring mily home. please call.
4:50 pm
we need her and miss her. she needs to come home. >> the family posted flyers around mission and 2424th street. >> a rescue abc7 is earning ak yoel yeaheds now for firefighters. a puppy fell 200 feet down a cliff. people for ethical treatment of animals has now bifen it's fire department award to the southern marin fire protection district. well deserved. >> that is good news. >> a woman got a shot on the
4:51 pm
job. >> yes. >> she answered a call, her aunt making a call for help for her father. >> i heard her voice and i saw her name pop up. >> are you with him now? >> yes. >> is he breathe something >> yes. >> my hands froze over the keyboard. >> she may have frozen but was unwafering in terms of instructions. crystal tried to remain calm, walking her aunt through steps and good news is that her dad
4:52 pm
will be okay. >> she did it. >> yes >> coming up at 4:00 lost two days in the snow and coming up a turning noint a small space sending a big deal. and lines are open. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey.
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watch abc is now available to dish customers. just go to abc7 and click on watch abc logo to find out how to access it. >> well, remarkable story the 55-year-old survived two days with freezing temperatures is talking about his ordeal.
4:56 pm
>> he got lost when he took a wrong turn. >> a kiss from a girlfriend and a word of thanks for rescuers. >> that is how the story ended he tells us how he began and lived. >> i was running and got lost. sunday morning the 55-year-old found himself alone in the woods after getting separated from his running he survived 51 hours in the woods wearing only running shorts and a jacket. head hudelling in bushes at night to stay warm. . >> i curled up to stay warm.
4:57 pm
and it was raining. >> she had athletic energy supplements. more than 100 volunteers were searching for him when he spotted their brightly-colored uniforms tuesday afternoon. >> some people were there and said hi. >> he is just fine and will not stay off his feet long. >> they'll be out running this weekend. >> he said he's looking forward to a burger at in and out. >> don't forget animal style fries. >> yes. >> the news at 5:00 begins right
4:58 pm
now. >> thank you. >> breaking news in texas. shots fired and casualties are mounting. >> why the mayor is so angry. plus... >> amount of money going in is on scene. >> it's a great day for americans to get freedom back. >> that is just the tonight. >> live here on the roof we're getting a nice break now but there is more rain coming up in the forecast. i'll have details coming up. >> that breaking news out of forward hood, texas. one person is dead in a shooting in an army post. >> you can see thr mofrs there
4:59 pm
now >> we have confirmation the gunman is dead and a report says it was self innikted >> police and fbi are making sure there are no other phone shall threats they're trying to lift that shelter in place order. >> it's also the scene of massacre. >> the gunman found guilty and sentenced to death. >> we're waiting tonight for a news conference and will bring that to you and will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >> now to another top story, paving the way for honors to spend millions on campaigns.
5:00 pm
>> this will allow more money throughout the system. >> the decision likely to reshape the political landscape for elections and beyond. this sf in washington, d.c. one justice said the ruling will allow one person to contribute millions. there are three protests in the bay area. leanne? >> yeah. the one here is just about starting. there are 140 protests across the nation in 38 states the decision reopens the debates over how money plays a big


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