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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning. i'm katie marzullo. so glad to have you with us at 6:00 a.m. on saturday. we will start you off with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. starting out with partly cloudy skies. some fog around the bay. and that will stay with us for the next couple hours. impacting the visibility along the coast where it is milder in the low 50s. but it's cool in the low 40s north bay. and in between hayward you have 45. good morning san ramon, 42 for you. so as you go through the morning hours, temperatures will slowly climb to seasonal averages today. inland upper 60s to near 70
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around livermore and concord today. around the bay oakland should be about 65 with upper 60s as you head out toward palo alto perhaps, and along the coast. breezy northwest win from point reyes, about 59 there. mid-60s through santa cruz. we will talk about an offshore flow arriving tomorrow and what impact it will have on your temperatures and the week ahead. that's all coming up. katie. >> thank you. this morning ground crews at the oakland coliseum are doing everything they can to get the infield ready for play after last night's game was cancelled unregrettably. >> regrettably, due to field conditions, tonight's game has been postponed. [booing] >> the infield was just too wet to play on, all because of a embarrassing mistake. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson has details. >> the worst seat in the house has to belong to this guy, driving an the infield when the a's should be up at-bat. athletics management said the
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tarp was left off the field overnight hoping the field would dry out. instead a morning downpour made the situation first and by game time the field wasn't ready. the field looks fine now, but dave, the vice president of stadium operations, said everyone felt conditions were dangerous. earlier you could see manager's bob melvin's foot sink into the field. >> frustrated fans congregated in the parking lot. >> we're bumped. bummed. >> we are playing the mariners seattle, washington. the wettest place in the world and they postpone the game down here? give me a break. they are a bunch of sissies. >> james davis had 40 relatives in from across the country to celebrate his birthday at the game. >> it's really disappointing that the grounds crew didn't get it together today to figure out how to cover up the infield. >> water forced the cancellation of tuesday's game and the bay
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bridge finale saturday. then there's this. a sewage problem in the clubhouse last saturday when toilets were actually gurgling. fans hope this isn't a sign the season is about to head down the tubes. >> in oakland, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. some a's players made the best of the cancellation by heading over to the warriors game next door at the arena. the warriors tweeted this picture of josh redding and nick punto hanging out at the game. developing news in berkeley. a second student in two months has been diagnosed with measles. to make matters worse, the student may have exposed an unknown number of bay area residents to the highly contagious disease. the student rode bart and then attended classes before being quarantined on april 3rd. the city health department is notifying classmates and others who may have been exposed to the disease. firefighters have rescued man from the san francisco bay at the end of the berkeley pier. it appears he was in distress when someone spotted him in the water clinging to the pier around 10:00 last night.
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paramedics wrapped him in blankets before taken to the hospital to go checked out. a national guard rescue team based out of moffett field is on a mission to dave a sick baby on a boat. they are nearly 1,000 miles off the coast of mexico. we have more from moffett field. >> it was supposed to be an epic adventure. the kauffman family on their boat, the rebel heart, sailing around the world. but three weeks in, the one-year-old developed a large rash. she started vomiting and got diarrhea. with no sign of improvement, they called for help. a rescue wing out of moffett field came out. they flew to the locations. it was almost 1,000 miles southwest of cabo san lucas. >> we parachuted a four-man rescue team and an inflatable boat to the location of the sailing boat. >> the team boarded the sailboat and stabilized the little girl but the rebel heart seen in the
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video became disabled. the kauffmans and the rescue team wait for the uss vander grip to arrive from san diego. the ship will pick them up and bring them closer to shore so the helicopters can reach them and fly the baby to a hospital. a complicated and dangerous mission in practically the middle of nowhere. >> in cramped and uncomfortable conditions and they are very far out to sea, but everybody is doing fine at the moment. >> a relative in san diego is worried about the family. >> i want to make sure the baby is okay and find out what is wrong with the baby, because she's one, and i'm a mom so my instinct is to make sure the baby is okay and my next thought is what is going to happen now. >> the navy ship is expected to arrive either tonight or sunday morning and then it should be just a few more hours before she can be airlifted to the mainland. from moffett field, ama daetz abc7 news. a teenager who ran over and killed a father and daughter in
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concord two years ago is now being sued by the family. in april, 2012, the 17-year-old was driving more than 70 miles an hour. his s.u.v. swerved on the sidewalk, hitting and killing the man and his daughter. they were riding their bicycles. the suit also names the boy's parents. he will be released from prison in two years. his father would not comment on the lawsuit. >> knew this morning a san jose county sheriffs deputy is looking for funds to help his daughter, who is battling cancer. the baby had surgery monday to remove a cancerous kidney. she's set to start radiation and chemotherapy soon. the organizers are trying to raise $10,000. it was set up yesterday. for a link to the go fund me page visit new details about the sexually violent predator known as the pillowcase rapist who terrorized the bay area in the
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late '730s. the man will live in the southern california community of palm dale after being released from state custody. he has admitted to raping as many as 40 women. he used a pillowcase to must muffle their screams. he moved to the bay area on parole in 1979 and assaulted 16 women. he was convicted again and moved to the city of claremont in 1993. he has been in state custody since 1996. san francisco police have confirmed threats have been made against the department following a fatal officer-involved shooting. a 28-year-old was shot and killed by officers last month. police say he pulled out a stun gun and pointed it at officers who thought it was a real handgun. an anonymous threat vowed revenge for his death. the call has prompted the department to warn officers to be on high alert while doing their jobs. san francisco will be holding a gun buy-back today and
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it's the drive-through kind. from nine to two people can go to the new grocery outlet store in the city's visitation valley neighborhood. participants must have the unloaded guns in the trunk of their car. guns in working condition, up to five per person or car will be exchanged for cash. no questions asked. bart is looking everywhere they can, even on the internet to find the parts any need to get trains moving at full speed. an equipment problem that started yesterday means trains have to be driven manually. that's instead of the automated mode going through the tube. nobody makes that device anymore. trains were delayed for much of the day yesterday. 6:08 on your saturday morning. shaping up to be a nice day. >> we have fog in the north bay but elsewhere it is cool with 40s and 50s. and from our roof camera temperatures near 50 in san francisco. so we are all about the average
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today. that changes as soon as tomorrow. i'll explain next. >> thanks lisa. sticking with weather, check this out. incredible surveillance video of a tornado tearing through a neighborhood and you will never guess what the twister was carrying. also millions of social security numbers stolen and sold. why you may be a victim and not even know it.
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s. >> now to the deadly shooting at fort hood. the army said the massive shooting was not set off by the soldier's mental state.
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he killed four and wound 16 others before killing himself. now some of those have gun to tell their stories. mary bruce is in texas. >> he was one of the first to be hit. >> i wanted to stay alive for my mom and dad and that's what he did. sergeant jonathan westbrook. shot four times by specialist ivan lopez. >> westbrook was working in the human resources department wednesday when lopez came in to request a leave of absence. westbrook's father relayed to abc news who lopez did next. >> they suggest he come back the next day. he left just as they had suggested that he leave, but only to return with the weapon, a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol, a handgun, and shot one person right in the front and then turned the gun on my son, shooting him four times. >> officials said lopez had been arguing with soldiers from his
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unit. things escalated shortly after he opened fire, king three of his own and wounding 16. authorities don't believe lopez's mental health played a direct role. >> we believe the immediate precipitating factor was more likely an escalating argument in his unit area. >> another father, ivan lopez senior, said his son must not have been in his right mind and when he killed his fellow soldiers. >> they are looking into his combat record. he served four months in iraq but had no direct contact with the enemy. no specific traumatic he vent. fort hood. >>ed federal government and several states are investigating the illegal sale of personal information for as many as 200 million americans. the theft of social security numbers and bank data is linked to a vietnamese man. he pleaded guilty to selling personal information. the man posed as a private investigator. he was even hired as a
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contractor for a website called court ventures. experian bought court ventures last year. a local cyber security expert has tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. >> we need to really think about which websites we register with, my merchants we shop with, which companies we ultimately do business with. >> prosecutors have not said how many people actually had their sensitive data stolen. new this morning, a volcano in ecuador was spewed an -- a column of ash six miles high after an eruption yesterday. it erupted yesterday and it was followed by a second four-minute explosion and five lesser tremors. the 16,000-foot volcano located 90 miles away from the capital came to life on february 1st with eruptions that affected a third of ecuador's provinces and temporarily closed a regional airport. federal authorities have uncovered two sophisticated drug tunnels that led from san diego to tijuana.
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each tunnel is more than a third of a mile long running between warehouses on each end. on monday agents smashed through a hatch door that was pinned to look like the area around it. once down they found a second tunnel equipped with a tiered electric rail system. agents have spent months investigating in an effort to uncover the tunnels. they have now discovered and shut down seven of them in the last two years. happening today, advocates in san jose plan to hold a rally protesting deportations. it's all part of the national day of action for deportation relief. advocates are calling on congress and president obama to halt the deportations which they say has neared 2 million under this administration. attendees at today's rally includes hernandez chavez, the elder son of the civil rights activist cesar chavez. it gets underway today at story and king roads in san jose.
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a federal grand jury has returned an indictment in a corruption case against state senator leyland yee. senator yee along with raymond shrimp boy chow, a political consultant keith jackson and 26 others are named in the indictment, which was released yesterday. most were arrested last week on a criminal complaint filed by federal prosecutors, who have since taken their case to a grand jury. the indictment supersedes the complaint, but the charges remain virtually the same. it does add three new defendants and an additional charge against yee. yee is accused of fraud and conspiracy for trading his political influence for cash. in one case he tried to hook up an undercover agent with an illegal arms dealer. shrimp boy chow is being held without bail on charges that include $2.3 million in money laundering. it was judgment day yesterday again for disgraced
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san francisco politician ed ju he was ordered to spend one month in jail and the rest in home confinement on be a ankle monitor. he was released from federal custody in february after serving almost five years on a bribery conviction. he will spend time helping programs in chinatown. >> work with older people who need help, younger people needing help in education getting geds and things like that. >> the judge originally imposed a 60-day sentence on ju, but is allowing him to be released 30 days early on good behavior. he's been ordered to perform about 2500 hours of community service. check out this home security video showing the power of a tornado. you can see the wind picking up speed quickly in the dallas area on thursday. leaves and other small items start to whip up. and then big stuff like porta-potties start flying along the streets. win comes out of nowhere and
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bounces off a parked s.u.v. yikes! all the rain this we saw this week brought heavy snow to the sierra. here's video of interstate 80 at castle park. the roads clear, no chains required on 830 or highway 50. but you may notice a few more cars than usual to go up the mountains to take advantage of the new snow. this may be one of the the last weekend to hit the ski slopes. most resorts wrap-up their season near the middle of april. time running out. and here we sit. >> this is the best snow of the season probably. we waited all winter long. yeah, the % i% % >> it's getting late in the season. it's going to feel like summer. we won't have the fog. temperatures will be well above average beginning tomorrow. live doppler 7hd wide-ranging rainfall amounts yesterday with nearly a half in inch napa a couple hundredth in sonoma. and fran did well, as well as concord with nearly a third of an inch. the sun comes up in about 30 minutes. we are already looking at some clear areas, but there's fog in the north by. here's a look at one of the clear spots from our
6:19 am
exploratorium camera san francisco. temperatures here in the upper 40s. it's 46 in oakland. good morning san owes h cloudy skies in the south bay at 50 degrees. and we are looking from our roof camera where it's turning out to be a nice morning for some of you, although the fog is limiting visibility for santa rosa and napa. if you are out for an early morning bike ride or jog, you know you have to navigate some of the poor conditions out there. anywhere from a quarter to half-mile visibility. santa rosa and napa. here along the coast it's a little better but we will have the fog linger for the next couple of hours. and then the onshore winds kick in. actually out of the northwest. so it will be breezy, kind of choppy and cool at the shoreline. this morning 9 degrees chillier in napa, 4 degrees cooler in hayward." just 59 degrees around fremont yesterday. so it was a chilly afternoon. almost 10 degrees warm he for you today. from our sutro tower camera you see the beginning of dawn and it
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looks nice from this vantage point. we call it partly cloudy overall with patchy fog this morning. sunny and warmer not only today, but another 10 degrees of warming for the second half of your weekend. we are going to keep the warming trend going at least through tuesday. is and then by wednesday looks like the on shore flow will be coming back. so right now it's all about high pressure that sits well into the pacific. but it will begin to build and nudge a little closer to the east. as that does, this creates a myriad of changes. but building will also bring the northwesterly swell in, and that's going to create some of the sneaker waves with the fast-moving westerly swell. this maps all day tomorrow. it will build build tonight and that will produce dangerous conditions at the beach. temperatures warm up another five to six degrees at the shoreline tomorrow. warmest numbers coastside today will be in santa cruz at 65. 68 santa clara, as well as
6:21 am
palace malice. 61 milbrae. san francisco in the low 60s. plenty of sunshine and inothe north bay northwesterly winds keeping it cool from bodega bay. 58 there. 68 in sonoma. you head to near east bay, a pleasant afternoon with plenty of sunshine in oakland. fremont there's your 67. as you head inland look at the upper 60s. a few degrees of warming here. nearly 70 in antioch. about the same in livermore. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. 60 to 70 today. breezy out there. look at that 80 tomorrow inland with mid-70s around the bay. the armest days will be monday and tuesday with that offshore flow. then we will see more of an on shore component cooling the numbers down wednesday and thursday with partly cloudy skies returning on friday. so can we hope for any more rain? we can hope. >> that doesn't usually work. >> i don't know. >> thanks lisa. up next, furry photographers are stealing the showdown under. how these cute critters have mastered the art of the selfie.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> dan harrison joins us now live from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning, dan. >> katie good morning to you. come up on gma this morning look at this amazing video of matt, robbing a jewelry store in broad
6:25 am
day light. smashing through the windows before they grab the goods. coming up, what they got away with it. and coming up the powerful painkillers some states are actually banning. it's addict i have. what is being done to stop the sale? the doctor is here with everything you need to know about this drug. and the new accusation against the founder of the popular greek yogurt brand. his own wife said he bought the recipe from his rival. and for sale this, megamansion featured in the "the godfather" and" the bodyguard." you won't believe how many bedrooms and bathrooms are feature here. how much does it cost to buy california's most expensive home? the answer coming up at 7:00. >> the answer, way out of our price range, right? >> correct. correct. >> even if we all go in on it. >> unless you have cash i'm not aware of. >> no, i do not. but you will the first to know.
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thanks, have a good day. >> you too. thanks >> look at these koala bears. the wildlife sidney zoo. they have learned how to take pictures of themselves. it is triggered when they get close. they seem to be getting pretty good at posing. the camera is hooked up to a screen via wi-fi allowing visitors to see the adorable pics. way better than any selfie i have ever taken. a former running back will do lots of running this weekend on the streets of san francisco. roger craig will be one of thousands of runners taking part in the rock n' roll marathon. he's a promoter of the event. he said listening to the bands along the way is inspiring. >> when you get to certain miles, you blank out a little bit. and you might hear an old song that you heard in high school
6:27 am
and, okay, i can pull through this thing now. whatever it tis. >> the race begins on the great highway at 6:30 a.m. it goes across the golden gate bridge and ends at the civic center. if you are interested, you can still sign up for the rock n' roll marathon. it's at the months zone any center. good luck. >> coming up, the search for a missing malaysian flight 370, a bay area company with the know-how to find and recover it. and the science of snails. you will see how this exploratorium experiment is closing a local language barrier.
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>> good morning. coming up at 6:30 and starting the half-hour with a quick look at the weather, here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning katie. this one purpose toll blue. official sunrise 6:39. certainly a nice look from mt. tam. a little breezy on top there with those winds gusting out of the northwest at our beaches. right now the cool spot santa rosa aand napa with the fog. it's 43 in concord. good morning livermore. 49 for you. we are looking at temperatures not only cooler this morning, but fog from novato to santa rosa and napa. cloudy in mountain view and san jose. here's the plan for the rest of the morning. we will look for the sun to increase around the bay. but by 9:00 the fog continues to pull back. still having some around hayward and fremont. but after that 10:00 11:00, it will still remain cool with breezy winds at the coast. 50s there. 60s elsewhere around the bay and a couple 70s around the
6:31 am
livermore valley. we will pinpoint the second half of your weekend and talk about the big warmup on the way coming up. katie. >> lisa, thank you. new this morning, president obama says the republican budget proposal would shrink opportunity and make it cuffer for hard-working americans to get ahead. in his weekly' dress the president says house budget chairman proposal would shrink opportunity and make it tougher for hardworking americans to get ahead. in his weekly address, the president says house budget chairman paul ryan's budget gives massive tax cuts to the rich while cutting programs like education and research that spur job growth. >> the republican budget begins by handing out massive tax cuts to households making more than $1 million a year. then, to keep from blowing a hole in the deficit, they will have to raise taxes on middle class families with kids. next, their budget forces deep cuts to investments that help our economy create jobs. >> the president says republicans would also take away insurance from 7 million people who enrolled through his healthcare law and would gut financial protections. we have developing news
6:32 am
right now this morning china's news agency reports a chinese ship searching for malaysian flight has detected a post signal. they are facing a new time crunch to find it. batteries in the black box that is are supposed to give up out an audible ping are only supposed to last for 30 days. that means the pings could fall silent by tomorrow. high-tech equipment aboard ships searching the deep waters are being dragged through the indian ocean hoping to catch some of the pinging. the plane disappeared four weeks ago after leaving beijing. when the batteries run down it will be more difficult to find the plane. however, as abc7 news reporter wayne freedman found out in almeda, it won't be impossible. >> it's a contraption that appears utterly unsuited except for toppling over but it's a remotely operated vehicle that could help and find malaysian
6:33 am
flight 370 behind the surface of the indian ocean. >> we can bring up piece that is are larger. >> liz runs the research in alameda. she's intimately familiar with the difficulties of searching in deep water with a black box that is soon to go silent. it doesn't get easier with time. it took two years to achieve success from air flight 447 from 1600 feet below the atlantic. >> now you have to consider the ocean currents, the depth of the area that it's in. it is, you know, the proverbial needle in the haystack. >> a dark, wet one in extreme conditions. >> 16,000 pounds were square inch bearing down on everything. >> the challenge will be tougher than an already month-long search that has essentially come up with nothing but garbage on the surface of the ocean. now vehicles like this will use multi-beam bottom painting sonar and will likely chase more false leads. >> almost every dive and project we work on, we find evidence of human garbage behind.
6:34 am
>> what we are looking at is an expression of art and science and technology combined. more than 90% of this device was handmade and fabricated right here. talk about made in america. engineers like joseph conceive of a part and third generation machinist robin best fab -- fabricates it. >> he wants perfection. he wants things to be built the way they are designed. >> they have no choice because miles beneath the surface of the ocean there can be snow more gin for error. especially when trying to solve one of their great aviation mysteries. in almeda, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> a concord police officer charged with burglary and elder abuse after taking drugs from a senior complex has resigned. the 38-year-old matthew switzer, a twelve year veteran made his first court appearance yesterday. he's being held on $400,000 bail. he is accused of entering a senior housing complex called the heritage and stealing the
6:35 am
prescription drug norco from residents. he's schedule for arraignment on tuesday. 47 badly needed officers join the oakland police department yesterday. the largest ever group of recruits to graduate and one of the most diverse. officials also said it was the largest crowd ever to pass the scottish white center. the graduates survived six weeks of training at the academy. including the graduates there are now 659 in the ranks. experts say oakland needs 900-plus to properly serve the city. the new recruits will hit the streets starting today after six months of field training osh today begins their six months of field training. their training begins the same day oakland mayor jean quan plans to hold a meeting on safety. it talks about connecting residents to jobs and improving work within the school system. today's town hall meeting is from 10:00 to 12:30 at fremont high school.
6:36 am
free child care will be provided. happening today, san jose's vietnamese community will unveil a new memorial wall honoring seven men who died in the vietnam war. today's ceremony will include a marching band, a salute and moment of silence. families of the honored men will also receive a balloon to be released after the biographies are read. senator barbara boxer and mayor chuck read are expected to attend. it gets underway at 10:00 at the vet museum on central road in san jose. as california schools revalue top adjust to new state standards, the exploratorium in san francisco is ahead of the curve. the museum is working with a local school district on a pine earring program that combines language and science. they show us how hands on learning works. >> are you guys ready to be careful observers today? >> yeah. >> when you think of learning english, you might not think of snail but snails can be effective teachers or teacher aids.
6:37 am
this is a school in sonoma. 85% of the students here speak spanish as their primary language at home. the range of english skills in this third grade class varies widely. but the excitement created by hands-on science is crossing the language barrier. >> i think it's pretty cool. the exploratorium is working with the school district to use science as a tool for improving english. in this lesson students design their own experiments to find out about snail behavior. >> this one is coming out of here. >> the teacher has a huge role in this, but it's a different role than standing up and giving all the information to the students. it's really engaging the learner in taking their own responsibility for their learning. >> we are trying to figure out if the snail can get out of the maze. >> kids are messing around with stuff, trying to figure out
6:38 am
what's going on with it, and once their curiosity is activated then they want to learn more. they want to learn the academic words to go along with what they are seeing. >> did it go in or -- >> yeah, it closed. it closed. >> okay. many of these third graders have been getting this kind of less -- lessen since kindergarten. but a number of studies say most elementary schools offer little science and kids with less english skills get less. that's why they are working with sonoma valley for six years fine-tuning the program so this program want be replicated around the country. >> this is the electromagnet kit. each box is full of everything a teacher needs to make a wide variety of science lessons come alive. the money for all of this is from private foundations and the u.s. department of education. this year the program is even expanding to preschool. >> look underneath. >> it started out as a project
6:39 am
for english language learners but has grown to a program that accommodates all kinds of learners and all kinds ever language because everyone needs support with learning an academic language. >> that was dan ashley reporting. the exploratorium is our official partner. and they are about to celebrate one year on the waterfront. coming up a week from sunday, join dan ashley as abc7 presents "more to explore" and what keeps visitors coming to learn more. still ahead on the is the day morning news, an east bay student who has been overlooked and underestimated now being recruited by some of of the nation's most prestigious universities. and taking a live look outside right now. this is a view from our golden gate bridge cam. switching it up on you there. look at those colors. official sunrise at 6:49. watch abc is now available to
6:40 am
bay area dish customers who want to wash abc7 news online or smartphones and tablets. go to and click on the logo to fine out how to access it. you can also search "watch abc" in the app store. and watch all your favorite abc shows live or on demand on your mobile devic
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>>. >> doesn't sound like we will get much more rain at all. >> no, it would have to rain all month long to brings up to normal: but we are looking at clouds in the livermore valley. you can see it's sunny from this vantage point. partly cloudy and 43 in concord. we will talk about the sun, the warmth and the summer-like feel that is all ahead in your forecast coming up. >> also neck, spoiling the dodgers opening day. the giants make sure the show was over early in l.a. larry beil has highlights coming up in sports.
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living in oakland, but this 17-year-old is quite extraordinary. he has a 5.0 gpa and scored 2100 on the s.a.t. he's been accepted to just about every ivy league school. and he says with great pride he's a product of the oakland public schools. abc7 news reporter has his story. >> he's been a stellar student at oakland tech. today he's a rock star among his friends. that's because he has been offered a spot at some of the top universities. >> yale, brown, columbia. >> the acceptance list is too long to include in this broadcast. it was inside the classroom that he began the path to success. >> my whole life people have been telling me to stay on this path and the cards will fall the way you want them to. >> he tells us all too often he has been judged and overlooked by his appearance. few believe him when he tells them his gpa, a 5.0, and scored
6:47 am
2100 on the s.a.t. for those who doubt him, he keeps a picture of his grades and his s.a.t. scores stored on his smartphone. yep, i'm now a believer. as an oakland teen he's witnessed several shootings and missed being a victim himself. one night his brother invited him to a party, but he skipped it because he had to write an essay. >> so i had to finish that, and he asked me that around six. at nine i got a call that he had got shot and like four others. >> both his parents work in oakland. his mother is the principal at piedmont avenue elementary. his mother said the one thing she wants everyone to know about his son is how humble he is. >> i asked him when are you getting your scores? and he said, well, i got them back. and i'm like how did you do? i got a 2100. and i'm like, wow, really? you have to tell me!
6:48 am
>> not only is he academically smart, he plays three instruments and is an outstanding baseball player. >> every school that he applied to is already division i so he wasn't a step down as far as baseball is concerned. >> yale is talking to him about joining the baseball team. he will either pick yale or brown, pre-med or pre-law. let's just say this very focused teen is for the first time in his life undecided. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> whatever he decides, i think he will be a-okay. off to a bright future. >> good for him. good morning, everyone. it's still cloudy out there. we have some fog but things are going to change. in the city we are nice and sunny. live doppler hd shows the fog is along the shoreline but our protected values, some of the fog is quite dense up towards napa and well to the east of us by stockton in the san joaquin
6:49 am
valley. if you are headed out, you are noticing the chilly conditions. here's a look at santa cruz. it's nice and quiet. going for a high of 65 today. one of the warmer beach locations. 49 in the city. it's 46 in oakland. san jose with the clouds sitting at 50 this morning. 43 in los gatos, and from mt. tam, officials sunrise right now setting at 7:36. and with the fog it is quite cool with just 40 santa rosa and napa. and out toward concord partly cloudy livermore. you have the fog and some clouds at 49 degrees. so here's a look in miles what you are dealing with. just a half-mile to quarter mile visibility from napa to santa rosa. elsewhere it seems okay but we will take you through the next couple of hours and you will see where the fog is going to sit. over into the east bay around oakland and fremont hayward, and it takes until about 9:00, 10:00 until it does evaporate. we will look for more sunshine.
6:50 am
breezy winds. in fact, out of the northwest keeping the beaches quite cool. from our sutro tower camera san francisco bathed in the morning light. we will look for the patchy fog. sunny and warmer conditions today. many of you were just in the upper 50s yesterday. so 10 degrees of warming today. another 10 degrees of warming tomorrow. that will put some of our east bay valleys up near 80 degrees. so the warming kind of getting out of control with that offshore flow headed our way as soon as tomorrow. so our radar and satellite picture shows high pressure. it's sitting far off show. that's why we were so cool. it continues to build. that's why the winds will be an issue today at the coast. but it's starting out pretty frosty in the sierra nevada in the low to mid-20s this afternoon. about 50 degrees with sunshine. low 70s in press no but we have the fog in the valley here. watch out for that. low 60s in monterey.
6:51 am
and this afternoon temperatures will be around average with 62 in the city. 65 in oakland. look for 67. so big time warmup for you in the east bay this afternoon. we will look for the numbers to be very comfortable and near average today. if you are head over to oakland this afternoon it's a little cool right now. but with increasing sunshine it will be a mild afternoon. low to mid-60s finally for a game there. the accuweather seven-day forecast mid-70s to near 80 around the bay and inland tomorrow with a little warming at the coast. but the beach weather monday and tuesday with temperatures near 70 at sin son. half moon bay. it's going to be very, very warm. but the cool down comes on wednesday at the shoreline. everyone cools off on thursday and partly cloudy skies on friday. >> what good does beach whether or not do us monday and tuesday when everyone is at work, right? >> right. >> we will have to check the hooky monitor on monday.
6:52 am
>> right. in sports this afternoon madison bumgarner starts for the giants in l.a. against the dodgers. first pitch at 1:10. yesterday san francisco won their third straight road game ruining their rivals opening day. abc7 sports director larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the dodgers held their home opener yesterday in l.a. for all intents and purposes, it was over in half an inning. the giants ruined the day, spoiling the afternoon for their rivals. vince scully, beginning his 675th season as a dodgers broadcaster. handing off the first pitch to legend sandy koufax. first inning michael morris, then brandon belt, then ryan vogelsong, the opposing pitcher and angel all knocked in runs off the pitcher. 6-0 giants after one. they should have started koufax. giants go on to win 8-4. they are now 4-1 this season. the a's-mariners game postponed because of poor conditions. the tarp was not on the infield when it rained overnight.
6:53 am
leaving it spungy. the manager looks like he was stepping into a sandbox. the field ruled too dangerous to play on. fans fuming with the cancellation. extremely embarrassing for the a's and ground crews. no makeup day announced yet. a's gm said, quote, this was an unfortunate misinterpretation of the forecast. you think? with seven games left in the regular season, the warriors trying to lock down the six spot in the west. the immediate task, take care of lowly sacramento. once again, no andrew bogut or david lee. he's back and showing up and showing up angry. kings shot only 18% in the first half. steph curry, nice pass. harrison barns with authority! kings were down 32 at the half. come on! show up! klay thompson had 21 to lead the way. and he was just warming up!
6:54 am
posterizing travis outlaw with the left hand to the face and the dunk with the right. 12 for mo. warriors 102, kings just watching, 69. suns fighting for the eighth spot in the west facing portland. look at joe green, the backboard pass. throws it to himself. like right out of the schoolyard. joe green had 32 as the suns were victorious. 109-93. tied for eighth with memphis. second round of the first major on the lpg tour. michelle we 71. 6-under for the tournament. only one back of co-leader lexi thompson who fired 8-under 64. the leader 7-under par. mike shumann will have all of your weekend highlights today at five six, nine and eleven. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next growing in popularity and it's not just play by harry
6:55 am
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let's face it, most people don't know how to choose a new dentist. that's where we come in. we've helped over 8 million people find the right dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ ♪ >> happening today, athletes from san jose state university will be in myrtle beach to compete in the quidditch world cup. the team received their first-ever invitation to compete in the seventh world cup of the harry potter-based sport in south carolina. the event is the largest for quidditch and hosts the top 80 teams in the world. san jose state is the first team in the c.s.u. system to be invited. >> good luck team.
6:57 am
and back here in the bay area in california a beautiful day. >> yeah, it is very nice. clouds hanging on to the south bay, the east bay. there's fog in the north bay right here in san francisco. it's about 50 and sunny. 62 later on. 65 over in oakland. they will have a game today. 69 concord, 70 by the delta and the accuweather even day forecast shows it will warm up a lot tomorrow. mid-70s to near 80 and the warmest day monday and tuesday with the offshore flow stayinguous. the coast cools by wednesday. everyone thursday and friday. >> good stuff. thank you, lisa. and thanks for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online on twitter facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next.
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good morning, america. this morning, do we now have the motive for the massacre at ft. hood? new information on what may have sent soldier ivan lopez on that deadly rampage. >> he cried, we prayed. >> families making emotional reunions with the survivors. caught on camera. a brazen smash and grab. thieves wielding axes stage a daring heist at a jewelry store. [ honking ] we'll tell you what they got away with it. wild courtroom drama. >> he is a time bomb waiting to explode. >> a prosecutor fears for her safety at a murder trial where the defendant is playing lawyer. the request in court that had everybody playing musical chairs. and a "gma" exclusive. movie megamansion.


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