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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 7, 2014 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," breaking news from hollywood. this morning on "world news now," breaking news from hollywood. legendary actor and funny man, mickey rooney has died. >> you were the most terrific, most marvelous, most sensational girl that ever lived. >> memories of an actor that starred in more than 200 film. major developments in the search for flight 370. what american equipment is finding in the indian ocean. can crews be closer to finding the jumbo jet's black box? and later, tasty kitchen. it combines chicken, bacon and coca-cola. it's barbecue master's enticing recipe and we're in for a treat. it's monday, april 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is world news now with john
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muller and diana perez. good monday morning. we begin with breaking news. a promising, new lead in the search for malaysian airlines flight 370. >> within the last 24 hours, the u.s. navy pinger locator has detected signals consistent with transmissions from black box recorders. the signals are coming from the northern part of the search area that's nearly 3 miles deep. officials are calling this latest lead encouraging. but they warn nothing is sure, just yet. >> it could take some days before the information is available to establish whether these detections can be confirmed as being from mh-370. >> houston adds, once they narrow the signal locations, underwater drones will investigate. but they can't confirm anything until some wreckage is actually found. possible detection of the black box signals from flight 370. we'll continue to track this story all morning long. now, to some breaking news from hollywood. the passing of a screen legend. >> mickey rooney, whose long
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career began as a child actor back in hollywood's golden age, has died at the age of 93. abc's linsey davis looks back at the man and his movies. >> the incomparable mickey rooney. >> reporter: with 2 oscars and 200 films to his credit, mickey rooney was a hollywood institution. >> in our business, we're the luckiest people. we're grown-up children making believe, still being children, saying, you be the bad guy. i'll be the good guy. >> reporter: acting was quite literally in his blood. the son of vaudeville performers, rooney got his start in showbiz when he was still in short pants. it was the all-american teenager, andy hardy who got rooney his big break. >> marion, any grub ready yet? >> reporter: mgm turned the hardy family adventures into 15 films. young andy found love with judy garland. >> you're the most terrific. the most marvelous, most
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sensational girl who ever lived. >> reporter: and young mickey found stardom. in 1939, he was the biggest box office draw in the country. there were a string of hits. boys town and babes in arms. ♪ in 1944, he starred with elizabeth taylor in "national velvet." >> velvet, you'll be disqualified at the end when they find out you're a girl. >> reporter: it was hollywood's golden age. and the best of times for rooney. but world war ii intruded. he was drafted and when he returned all grown-up, his career took a downturn, his movies flopped and so did seven marriages. including one to ava gardner. rooney found happiness with his eighth wife, jan chamberlain. and he found success on screen again, in films like "the black stallion." >> sure, he's fast. all right. sure, he's fast. he hasn't got any papers. fast or not, i don't think they'd ever let him run. >> reporter: rooney won an emmy for his role in the tv movie "bill."
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in 1983, the academy gave him an honorary oscar for lifetime achievement. despite the recognition, rooney felt cheated by hollywood, bitter he was never able to capitalize on his early success. >> we didn't make big money in those days. i never made big money in my life. >> reporter: out of necessity and love, rooney acted until the end. when asked how he wanted to be remembered -- >> i said just two words. i tried. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news. he was something. it's hard for us, being from a different generation, to imagine how big he was. they say he was like tom cruise and brad pitt rolled into one in 1942. >> he was it. imagine this, how big was elizabeth taylor. >> right. >> he launched her career in "national velvet." he's the one that launched her career. he was diminutive guy, he stood 5'2." a really little guy. by the way, it was after his
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vaudeville actor parents split up, that his mom moved the entire family to california and encouraged him to become an actor. >> born in brooklyn. and his last name was yule. joseph yule jr. how about that? what a career. moving on after a ten-day recess, the defense begins its case in the murder trial of oscar pistorius. the pathologist is expected to be the first witness called. he's expected to refute prosecution theories about the position of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. when pistorius fired his gun through his locked bathroom door. pistorius is likely to be on the stand next. >> you always want the defendant testifying at the end, rather than at the beginning. >> pistorius claims he fired through the bathroom door mistakenly. he believed he was shooting at an intruder. prosecutors saying he intentionally killed steenkamp. a california couple trying to fend off criticism after a rescue mission to pluck their family from the pacific ocean. they were sailing around in the ocean. their 1-year-old got sick and
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their sailboat lost steering. national guard medics had to parachute down into the water and put the family on a navy warship that's due to arrive in san diego as early as tomorrow. the baby's condition is improving. the couple remains confident they were well-prepared for the trip. there's new concern over the increasing number of drones being flown over the u.s. this comes after a crash near a pennsylvania elementary school. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: from war zones to school zones. the skies are increasingly filling up with drones. this unmanned and unauthorized joyride over new york city, was up for less than three minutes before crashing to the sidewalk and almost hitting a man. the operator, arrested. and just this week, a 375-pound military drone used for training exercises. in pieces, after going down just yards from an elementary school in central pennsylvania. >> listened to it for the past couple of years. and i was a little unsteady with
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it going over my house because look what happens. >> reporter: this plume of smoke, the result of an air force drone, spiraling down and blowing up next to a florida highway. these unmanned aircraft are already used by police for surveillance. and by emergency crews to get a closer look at natural disasters. and some of these drones can be purchased from hobby stores for around $1,000. but the faa is working on guidelines that would eventually allow the commercial use of drones. making delivery envisioned by companies like amazon, a possibility. safety is a real concern. this is close to where that small and mysterious drone crashed during manhattan's rush hour last year. the worry is, as more drones fill our skies, we could see many more of those accidents. linzie janis, abc news, new york. two new york city police officers are fighting for their lives after being overcome by smoke from an apartment building fire. they rode an elevator to the 13th floor of a building in brooklyn. they were found unconscious and unresponsive by firefighters.
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both suffered carbon monoxide poisoning. they're listed in critical condition. the colleagues of the first responders got into a bench-clearing brawl during a hockey game between the police department and the fire department for new york. can you believe that? it's a charity game. the game was played in an arena used by the new york islanders. the brawl took place during a play that -- a game that's played always for charity. it is hockey, after all. >> i guess it's hockey. i didn't know there was beef between fire and police departments. >> they're competitive guys. i don't know if it's so much that. it's just, they're on the other team. >> new york's finest and new york's bravest? >> dropping the gloves. goodness gracious. let's hope there's nothing like that tonight when uconn and kentucky get together for the national championship. uconn got there by beating florida by ten points on saturday night. kentucky won a nail-biter against wisconsin. tonight is the first time that the two teams playing in the title were not in the ncaa
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tournament in the previous season. that's since 1966. and somebody get this guy more popcorn. look at this. a fan in pittsburgh had the chance of a lifetime. but he didn't have a glove to catch that ball. so he did what any man would do. caught it with his bucket of popcorn. >> then got showered with it. i love it. >> he had a little bit of popcorn left to enjoy. good going by him. >> that's awesome. >> you can always buy popcorn. you can't always buy -- >> as kids, we take off our hat if the ball is coming. a bucket of popcorn, that's something. >> you don't have a lot of time to think. >> you don't. that's awesome. we should say, ahead of the next video, it's not for the faint of heart or don't like heights. >> so it's not for us. come on. the stars are a bunch of russian guys. take a look at this. they were throwing themselves off of a sheer cliff in the remote part of jordan. some had parachutes, others in wing suits.
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the most daredevils were hooked on to a rope. >> wow. >> the gopro cameras were all rolling for it. please, don't try this at home, folks. those guys are pros. >> i know. >> every time, yep. sound effects. that's what i would hear in my mind. no thank you. >> i wish i was one of those guys. i wish i was like a freefaller. but not so much. >> i wonder if people at home are tired of seeing those. we say the exact same thing when we show those videos. not for us. we wish we could. >> coming up. we'll try to think of something more original. coming up, life with an early riser. one dad's hilarious video with a daughter who is a little too energetic in the morning. >> documenting a presidency on canvas. george w. bush remembers world leaders through his own art. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol no mess toilet bowl. weather brought to you by lysol, no mess
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♪ one american president is putting a fresh spin on his perspective of fellow world leaders. >> doing it without engaging in politics or without using a single word. this time, it's all about images. it makes it our "favorite story of the day." here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: vladimir putin, you
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recognize the leader. but do you recognize the hand? the painter. it is george w. bush, who has been at his easel again, four hours a day. turning out, in addition to his earlier work you may have seen before, like the portrait of his feet. his dog. and watch this. jay leno. >> i brought a painting for you. >> you did? >> yeah. >> did you paint that? look at that. >> reporter: now, it is world leaders. britain's tony blair. china's jiang zemin. gavin stand's hamid karzai. the former president took a painting, inspired by winston churchill and helped with art lessons as he told diane sawyer. >> i have a wonderful instructor here in dallas, that comes on a weekly basis. it's been eye-opening for me. i look at colors differently. i see shadow. >> reporter: and he sees something in each of the world leaders whom he actually met during his white house years,
3:16 am
making the exhibit at his presidential library, sort of a scrapbook on public view. except he gets to put his own take on it. back to putin, now. is that a challenging look in his eye? or the dalai lama? do we see respect in this portrait. then there's his dad, the first president bush, a complicated that the son insists was shaped by love. >> i love to paint. painting has changed my life in an unbelievably positive way. it lets him tell a story. no words, just pictures, his way. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> check it out. >> i love his paintings. >> you were saying, they're like a combination -- >> they're like a combination of a realist painting and a cartoon. it's like an impression. it's very charming. >> it's kind of what you do, right? you you do that in your spare time, right? >> oh, yeah. there you go. i got it. i know how this works now. that's my studio. >> you're an artest -- artiste. >> i use a house painting brush, had which is really tough to
3:17 am
make those fine lines, by the way. >> i love how you're painting with a house brush. and you have a marker dog on the wall. >> that's the art. >> oh, is that the art? you painted it to make it look like you painted that with a marker. >> don't try that at home. i'm telling you what. >> impressive. you know how it is. thank you. coming up, combining three of our favorite foods into one yummy entree. >> coca-cola, bacon and chicken. we can't wait to taste the samples. "insomniac kitchen" is straight ahead. ahead in the next half hour, the makers of another perennial american food shows us how they're getting negative response of an ad campaign into a positive message. you're watching "world news now."
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coca-cola, wrapped into one yummy taste sensation. brought to us by myron mixon. he's a judge on destination's america barbecue pit masters. he met up with us for this edition of "insomniac kitchen." >> hey, john and diane, today we're going to do bacon-wrapped coca-cola chicken breast. it's so easy, we can do it right in the oven. don't need a smoker. get started right here. going to get you a good, plump chicken breast. to give us flavor, we're going to do a marinade. the marinade is going to be combined with some garlic cloves, some onions, and of course, the key ingredient, coca-cola. this is going to be our marinade. you see the fizz right there, the carbonation, that's going to help tenderize the chicken breast, also the onion, garlic,
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flavor our chicken breast. going to cover it. place it in our fridge. get the chicken breast out of the marinade. clean all of the garlic and the onions off. next thing for us to do is season our chicken breast. you take the rub. give a good coating all the way around. top and bottom. going to give you some good flavors in here. the paprika in just about every rub, going to give you good color. it has to look good. don't miss a step. all right. now, we got our rub on it. we take our bacon. we're going to wrap it. this is smoked bacon. you can find it in any grocery. we have our bacon on. we're going to come back. one final dusting of rub on top of the bacon, give a little crunch, a little pop. ready to go into our 325-degree oven for one hour. we check and get 165 degrees internally.
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got them out of the oven. got them on our cutting board. they're ready to be sliced. plump, juicy, moist. winner, winner, chicken dinner. that's bacon-wrapped coca-cola chicken breast. best thing about it, it's got two of my favorite foods. it has bacon. it has chicken. i love me some chicken. >> go, myron. see him in the new season of "barbecue pitmasters." it premieres next saturday 9:00 p.m. on destination america. we've been cheating. it's delicious. the coca-cola, i don't know about this. you don't taste it. you just taste the bacon and the garlic and the stuff he's talking about. >> it's almost like honey bacon. there's a sweetness to it. it's absolutely delicious. this guy, he's like a legend. he learned how to barbecue from his dad when he was 6 years old. his dad, one thing he taught him, cook it until it's done. which means never overcook.
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♪ all right. time, now, for "the mix," everybody. we're going to start out with a hilarious video that i think every parent can identify with. you know, on saturdays when we try to sleep in, because that's the only day we can sleep in? >> yeah. >> there's a dad out there with a 4-year-old toddler. that's all i need to tell you. he's is not sleeping in at all. he strung together all of the videos of every saturday morning for three months. and it's his 4-year-old daughter and all of her youthful energy. and his reaction to it. take a look and a listen. ♪ ♪ >> clearly, you can see he is just as energized as she is and just as happy to be awake on a
3:26 am
saturday early morning as she is. this has been viewed, by the way, 900,000 times. >> that's a patient daddy. >> she's awesome. she's 4. she's adorable. his user name on vine is bottlerocket. she's the one that's the bottle rocket. with all the energy. he doesn't have any of it. >> unbelievable. let's check out this next one. this is a prom dress. talk about being creative. this is a woman, 19-year-old, from the l.a. area. her name is brie. and she put together this dress. check it out. it looks kind of elegant. >> yeah. >> made it with tabs of soda and beer and energy drinks. can you believe that? it became a community project collecting these. her whole family was in on it. it took months to make. but look at that. >> wow. that is amazing. >> don't try going through the metal detector. it's not going to work. it's like chain mail soup. looks awesome. wear it to the prom. >> good for her. that's really cool. kids these days are so creative.
3:27 am
your daughter -- >> duct tape. >> really into the duct tape. she's past the duct tape stage. but she was great at it. here's another cute video we want to show you. this one, also parents can relate to this. try to get your kids to sleep, right? not very easy. they protest throughout the entire thing. this is a little bit different. this is a dog protesting going to sleep. he's a puppy. but he is just like a little baby. take a look. >> you need to go to bed now. come to bed. come on. get into bed. it's bedtime now. no. go to sleep. >> on cue. this adorable pooch goes to sleep. check him out. his name is frenchy. he's so cute. >> that's maybe one of the cutest dogs of all-time. do you agree? that noise he made -- >> i don't want to go to bed. i want to stay up and play. >> and out like a light.
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breaking news this morning on "world news now." new developments for the search for flight 370. what search crews are discovering using american equipment in the indian ocean. the compelling, new leads from a news conference just wrapping up. daring rescue from the high seas. how the u.s. military used its expertise to evacuate a sick baby from her family's sailboat. the baby's condition and tough questions, now, for the family. historic journey. prince william, kate and baby george begin their first international trip as a family. the eyes of the world on the royals maybe visiting this country soon. and remembering mickey rooney. the hollywood funny man and actor and the star of more than 200 movies. tributes coming in on this monday, april 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good monday morning,
3:31 am
everyone. we begin with breaking news in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. the head of the task force says in the last 24 hours, u.s. navy equipment has detected new signals in the indian ocean that are consistent with black box recorders. >> the signals were picked up by a navy pinger locater in the northern part of the search area nearly three miles deep. the new lead is being called the most promising yet. but it could take days before anything is confirmed. >> there's many steps yet before these detections can be positively verified as being missing flight mh-370. >> part of the problem is that the batteries on those black boxes are running dry. and the only real confirmation will come when actual wreckage from that jet is found. >> we have to be cautiously optimistic. there's been so many false starts in this one. but people are very excited about this. as one of the experts on the scene said, an american, we may have found the haystack. again, we don't know for sure. what you're looking at right there, that's a very interesting piece of equipment.
3:32 am
that torpedo-like thing -- that's the black box. that's yellow thing, that's a blue fin 27. it's an automonous vehicle that is being brought to the area where the pings were located. it will sweep the floor for debr debris. take still pictures and use sonar to try to find the debris field and try to transmit it back to the ship. >> the reference to the haystack is we need to find the needle, which is the plane. it's a vast area. we're talking -- as far as how deep it goes, it's 14,000 to 15,000 feet. so, just to get there is going to take an incredible amount of time. >> could take days to get there. the blue fin, its capabilities are right at about 20,000 feet. basically on the edge of it. again, the drama going on within this, the pinger, the batteries basically could give out at any time now. the black boxes. what they've found with the
3:33 am
pinger locators, are sounds that the experts are saying are consistent with what could be a flight data recorder and the black box, as well, the cockpit data recorder. so, this is encouraging news. >> not only have they found it. they were able to hold on for that signal. the first signal was held for 2:20. and they lost contact. and they were able to get a return signal. they went all the way they were going and turned around and they were able to hold the second signal for 13 minutes. they're working on recapturing the signal. haven't been able to do that yet. but the latest update, they've found something that's sending them a ping from underground. >> stay with us, with this compelling new lead in the search for flight 370. abc news will cover all of the developments. our next updates will be on "america this morning" and "good morning america." and we have more breaking news this morning. the passing of a hollywood legend. mickey rooney, the child actor, who went on to be the biggest box office film star has died. rooney's career began when he was a baby, appearing on vaudeville in his family's act. appearing in more than 200
3:34 am
films, rooney was twice awarded special oscars. he married eight times, first to his studio co-star, ava gardner. he's probably remembered for the andy hardy movie series in which he co-starred with judy garland. he was 93 years old. anna nicole smith's daughter may soon be a multimillionaire. dannielynn birkhead would get the estate. the will has been a subject of dispute since the death of marshall back in 1994. marshall's son argued that smith and her daughter were entitled to nothing. now a judge decided otherwise. a california family is heading home on a navy warship after a daring rescue in the middle of the pacific ocean. they were saved in dramatic fashion after their baby had a medical emergency and their sailboat lost steering. now, they're answering their critics saying they were not reckless. more from our reporter. >> reporter: the high-seas rescue. video showing national guard
3:35 am
medics in flippers and wet suits parachuting down into the ocean. part of an urgent mission to reach a california family, stranded 900 miles from the post -- coast of mexico with a sick 1-year-old baby. officials say the family has safely boarded the u.s. navy warship sent to recover them. the kaufmans set sail two weeks ago to cross the pacific but thursday sent a distress signal from the boat, when they're youngest child, lyra, fell ill. a rash, fever, vomiting and not responding to antibiotics. >> we have high seas. we have winds. a 1-year-old that's injured and now, we have a sinking boat. so, a lot of things happening. >> reporter: the rescuers providing medical care, stabilizing the 1-year-old. the family's website, about the round-the-world adventure they had been planning for a decade, are flooded with comments, including criticism over their decision to sail with two young
3:36 am
children. >> ultimately, there's a sick baby out in the middle of the ocean that we're trying to rescue. >> reporter: family members say eric kaufman is a coast guard licensed captain. and the couple had carefully planned this trip. rescuers are monitoring lyra's condition. the navy ship is expected to arrive back in san diego monday. lyra will be taken to a hospital. bazi kanani, abc news, los angeles. the faa investigating the crash of a hot air balloon over the weekend. this happened in central indiana. take a look. it appeared the balloon was descending when it struck power lines. it fell into an open field. two of the passengers refused treatment after the crash. they suffered minor injuries. 20 miles north of indianapolis. we'll have more later on "good morning america." the body of a missing michigan doctor may have been found in an indiana lake. an autopsy is scheduled tomorrow on the body that was pulled from the water over the weekend. dr. teleka patrick was last seen in december at a hospital where she worked. her car was later found off of an indiana highway with her wallet and credit cards still
3:37 am
inside. >> spectacular video from the surface of the sun. you're looking at a solar flare. a powerful burst of radiation. solar flares are common. but they can't be seen with the naked eye. this video released yesterday was taken from nasa's solar dynamics observatory last week. solar flares disrupt gps and satellite communication sometimes. the radiation cannot penetrate the earth's atmosphere. nasa, also giving us the science behind the polar vortex that had the country in a deep freeze. this blue in this animation shows how cold it was in north america in december and january. you see the jet stream pushing that polar vortex well into the deep south, shattering thousands of record lows. severe storms hitting the south after a system has dumped downpours in georgia and texas. and knocked out power in alabama. atlanta is expecting up to 4 inches of rain by rush hour. eastern texas neighborhoods were flooded by the downpours. in some places, rain fell at a
3:38 am
rate of an inch an hour. flood watches and warnings were posted across a wide area last night. as for the rest of the nation's weather, it will be clear and dry from the rockies to the pacific. warming up in that region, as well. and all of the rain we mentioned, moving through the east coast. showers on the northern plains. but it will be milder there. >> it will be up to 57 degrees in minneapolis. into the high 40s near the great lakes. the kentucky/uconn fans can enjoy 70 degrees in dallas before tonight's march madness title game. 90 in phoenix. 89 in l.a. and turning back overseas. it was an exciting end to the weekend in paris. not only did about 42,000 people run the marathon, there was also this. >> check it out. a french tightrope walker going for a little stroll above the city's river seine. it took the guy a half hour to make it from side-to-side. >> here's numbers for you. the crossing was nearly 500 feet long. he was up 82 feet above the water. he has plans for a tightrope
3:39 am
walk at a massive height, but he didn't say anything else other than that. >> let's say it again. nope. nah. not going to do it. sorry. >> i will add this. it looks really great. i mean -- >> awesome. >> he looks like a pro. and he looks like he's having -- he doesn't look like he's having any fun. doesn't look like fun at all. >> the people on the ground were. >> i'd go to watch something like that live, in person. >> i would be almost a little afraid for the guy. exactly. can they play that sound effect? >> yeah. i think he needs to hurry up and do it and we'll become daredevils, don't you think? >> i didn't think about that. 500 feet above a river, might be okay. i don't know. >> no. >> i wouldn't want to find out. coming up in "the skinny," they were once fierce competitors. jay leno and letterman. hear what leno is saying about letterman's retirement. and first portrayals of a modern family seen in a graham cracker ad campaign. the diversity for trade and the
3:40 am
bitterness from critics. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by nasacourt. weather, brought to you by nasocourt. ld news now." those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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♪ the worlds of advertising and retail have crossed paths to create a controversy in the aisles of the grocery store. >> and it couldn't have happened to a more innocuous brand, honey
3:44 am
maid graham crackers. they ruffled a lot of feathers with a commercial featuring gay and biracial families. but it's what they did next that's really turning heads. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: though it's all about love. honey maid graham crackers new commercial has generated a lot of hate. posted online in march, the snack company's ad has real-life diverse families. including these two dads and biracial parents. >> everyday, wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. >> reporter: some of the responses from the more than 4 million viewers have been anything but wholesome. the commercial generating negative backlash across the country. one person tweeting, your tv commercial is awful. another writing, so done with this brand. one conservative group calling it a, quote, attempt to normalize sin. >> i would say the response has been so positive. and, sure, there's been negative feedback, as well. but the positives outweighed the negative 10-1. >> reporter: this isn't the
3:45 am
first time an ad focusing on unity has led to widespread division. there was also widespread negative reaction to this cheerios commercial, showing a mixed-race family. and this coca-cola commercial, where it shows people of multiple backgrounds singing "america the beautiful." despite that backlash, both companies stood by their ads. >> companies that stand by their ads after they receive negative comments back from them are reflecting their core values as corporations. >> reporter: honey maid is also standing behind their message, releasing this follow-up ad that's been viewed more than 2 million times. those messages of hate, roll up into messages of love. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> now, the one million moms group, the conservative group behind the complaint, about the original ad, they had only 64,000 followers on facebook. and the ad approaching 3 million views on youtube.
3:46 am
>> what's really interesting, the last clip that you saw, what honey maid did, they printed out all of the negative comments. and they rolled them up. and they had that artist create the word love, with all of the rolled-up negative comments. and they did the same thing with positive comments. and they had the word love completely surrounded. so, there were so many more positive comments than negative comments, which is what the message was they were sending. pretty cool stuff. >> they nailed it. >> oh, yeah. when we come back, rob lowe and the trouble with being pretty. >> you know all about that. i knew you'd say that. plus, jon hamm, like you've never seen him before. it's coming up in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ ♪ skinny so skinny we begin "the skinny" with news we reported earlier. hollywood legend, mickey rooney, died at the age of 93. reactions are coming in from every corner of the showbiz world. >> "american idol" founder nigel lithgow, tweeted out, one of the greatest performers all-time just passed. adding there's going to be a hell of a show in heaven tonight. actor william shatner called rooney one of the greats. and author, anne rice said it was sad to think of him as gone. but what an amazing life he lived. jay leno has weighed in on david letterman's retirement news. leno jokes that he and letterman
3:49 am
were going to do, quote, the sunshine boys on broadway. we're very excited about that. >> actually, a good idea. >> the rival comics had been feuding since 1992. but last year letterman told howard stern they had made up. when asked who should replace letterman on tv, leno said there are a lot of good people out there. >> when pushed to say whether he would fill in for letterman, leno would only say there's nothing to fill in. these guys have been at it for a long time. >> yeah. i'm really going to miss david letterman. not that i see it a lot on this shift. he's so funny. >> he really is. he was one of the classics. and it was all about his timing. >> timing was fantastic. you listen to ellen and she's just like david letterman. she always waits just a half-beat too long. >> it's hilarious. and he left on his own terms. >> that's what you like about this. >> it was a great run. and now, he's saying, i've had enough. and last night's 49th academy of country music awards in las vegas. george strait collected the award for entertainer of the year.
3:50 am
casey musgrave, picked up album of the year. >> last year's winners, miranda lambert and jason aldean were best female and male vocalists. and it was a night representing crossover as well as pure country. including shakira, and a rare performance from stevie knicks. ♪ where the sky is starlet once a million years of lady like courage right there ♪ >> very nice. country stars, luke bryan and blake shelton, continued the night's crossover theme. getting laughs, coming out at one point, disguised as daft punk. >> that's good. >> very cute. >> we finally know now. >> we know who they are. speaking to "the new york times" about his second memoir being released. most of us are only good for one memoir. but rob lowe took to a second one. complaining about being a good-looking actor.
3:51 am
>> rob talked about the, quote, unbelievable bias and prejudice against, quote/unquote, good-looking people. they just can't be in pain or can't have rough lives. lowe does confess that in his teen idol years, he was, quote, so pretty, i wouldn't have taken myself seriously. >> fear not, america, lowe says he is finally getting painful roles. and he loves it. he is ageless, that guy. he still looks like he always does. >> don't talk about how good-looking he is. we're supposed to be mad at him for saying he's so darn good-looking. >> oh, well. he is. next, not only is this about a woman with no regret, there's not even recognition. >> here's a very young jon hamm years before becoming a breakout star on "mad men," on a show called "the big date." this is back in 1996. here's what he promised a young lady named mary carter. >> well, i would start out with a little fabulous food, with a fabulous confers conversation, fabulous foot massage.
3:52 am
for an evening of total fabulousness. >> mary wasn't impressed, by the way. she chose another guy. this morning, 18 years later, mary's married. pplement insuran,
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♪ and we'll never be royals ♪ and we'll never be royals royals ♪ ♪ it don't run in our blood that kind of luxe ♪ ♪ just ain't for us royals on the move this morning. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge along with baby prince george have arrived down under in new zealand. it's their first overseas trip since prince george was born.
3:56 am
abc's cecilia vega, has the latest from wellington, new zealand. >> reporter: he's the most famous baby, rarely seen until now. prince william and kate and 8-month-old prince george on a three-week tour of new zealand and australia. it's a royal family affair, with an entourage that includes the royal nanny. if there's one theme about this trip, what is it? >> this trip down under is all about prince george. it's the prince george tour. he's going to be the star of the show. >> reporter: a show that could come with a repeat performance of cuteness. prince william made his first visit down under when he was just 9 months old. 25 engagement in all. from fun, the family that loves friendly competition, will be racing america's cup yachts. to serious. visiting christchurch, demolished by an earthquake just three years ago. and there may be another trip on the horizon soon. william, kate and harry reportedly planning to attend a
3:57 am
close friend's wedding in memphis, next month. royal protocol doesn't allow immediate heirs to the throne to fly together. so, the queen had to give special permission for prince william to make that very long journey on the same plane as prince george. cecilia vega, abc news, new zealand. >> cute baby. >> i was thinking about this with the baptism. the child never looks like he's in distress. i can't take my baby anywhere. even my 18-month-old. usually there's a breakdown along the way. that child never breaks down. we're actually traveling with the royals. did you know that? >> bodyguards. >> we're a part of their 11-man crew. they're traveling with 11 people. >> we're friends. we show them how to party. >> that's what we are. we're prince harry when prince harry's not around. >> i like that. i'll take it. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
3:58 am
insomniacs for two decades.
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking right now, the search for flight 370 after weeks of searching, authorities are calling the latest discovery the most promising lead yet. did the right clue finally surface with little time left to spare? a legend lost. the world says good-bye to mickey rooney. overnight we remember the actor who mastered putting on a show. what caused a hot air balloon full of people to burst into a ball of fire? and perfect prince. nearly 9 months old and cute as a button, this morning a new look at the royal baby. good monday morning. we do begin with that breaking news overnight.


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