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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 16, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> momentum may have shifted in oakland's favor. and the team confirmed it wants to play the mayor says she wants something from lou wolf in return. >> the joint authority will be talking to him but what we agree those of us in elected leadership is that it should be tied to them deciding where they want to sight a new stadium. >> i believe he wants to go but i think options are being limited and the fact they haven't been able to move down there, he's been trying to fight
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this since they bought the team. he's looking at long term options. >> that would maybe set the ground. >> a source tells abc7 news lou wolf and ownership believe the best option is a stadium in san jose. we believe a's remain committed to san jose. and that there is pressure to sign a highways extension >> one concern is that a lease may compromise its relationship with the raider who's shared stadium and have a one year lease currently.
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>> 14 people are hurt after two fire trucks crashed in southern california around 3:00 this afternoon. two fire trubs were heading to a hues fire when they slammed into them. nine people were taken to the hospital including five firefighters. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> the deadly crash between a tour bus and a truck happened week ago tomorrow, that is when the chp announced it will conduct this recreation near the crash site hoping to get more information about visibility and breaking by doing so. ten people died if the collision. >> cadaver dogs appear to have found remains inside of a
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television station that burned down over the weekend. this man police say used an accelerant to torch the building. the d.a.says he'll be facing more charges if they find more victims. >> tonight, fire investigators trying to find a cause of a fire that killed a woman and her child as a fire raced through a public housing complex. you can see there, firefighters had to chop a hole in the roof to let flames out. the victims have not yet been identified. one resident says her 33-year-old niece and niece's 3-year-old son. >> my niece is good at
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things unattended on the stove. >> the complex made up of former military barracks the residents displaced by the fire have been moved to empty apartments in the complex. >> a man managed to stumble into a store. police called to the corner of 11th and willow streets and found witnesses stayed to talk with mes. officers are accessing video to see if they can identify the suspect or suspects. >> leaders say the public corruption case involving leland yee ask raymond shrimp boy chow
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is affecting the community at larnl. >> chinese american leaders want the public to know the community was just as shocked as everyone else now they're concerned about comments they've heard and read. comments that are offensive to them. >> they say the corruption and gang scandal has cast a dark shadow over a community. >> the level of virulence is troubling. >> we've got to cool it on stereo typing going on. >> organizations should not be wrapped up into the discussion of shrimp boy or leland yee or
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gang warfare. >> they say all of the publicity stirred up old stereo types. and secret societies. >> that stuff got cleaned up a whiles back. >> you heard it before, and now, again. >> is chinatown that bad? did leland control things? >> point of fact suspended senator is from district. and they're worried all tongs are involved. they're pa tern nal organizations that care for member that's may have the same surname even a church is called a tong. they worry the scandal cast
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doubts over integrity of chinese american politicians >> there are elected officials doing the right thing. >> leaders said two people, innocent or guilty do not define a community. >> a twist in what started out as a kidnap lg ring report. police say it may be a case of sex trafficking the girl said she was kidnapped, robed and dropped off naked in a berkeley neighborhood. witnesses say they woke up around 5:00 a.m to the sound of a girl screaming that something had been sprayed in her eyes. they say it appears to be a sex trafficking case from another jurisdiction. >> early morning raid took
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accomplice in a live oak neighborhood. neighbors say about 60 agents set off explosive devices and collected evidence. a source says he was taken into custody on a weapons charge >> san francisco planning a crack down on a marijuana celebration that left mounds of trash in golden gate park. abc7 joins us live with this story. carolyn? >> it's weekend in golden gate park. this high holiday known as four to does not have a permit or a sponsor, it created a challenge for the city last year. so yes, there will be a crack down this time ash.
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this is the mess left after the party known as 40. 10,000 pounds of trash. it's just awful. >> 420 celebrated every april 20th by pot lovers world wide. originators called themselves waldos because they gathered on the wall outside of this statue at 420 most afternoons. >> we use it as a secret code. >> teachers didn't know what we're talking about. and that became a joke. >> the ganlerring of ten last year caught officials off guard. this sunday sh they promised a crack down.
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there will be more police, probation officers, parking control officers to ticket and tow and there will be no concession stands >> i don't think we're naive to think we can stop everybody in san francisco. from smoking marijuana on sunday but there is other thing that's came with it we'll not have. >> we're not here to judge recreational activities but we want to make sure people in the city respect one another and remain safe. >> and everybody, be kind, pick up after yourselves. >> a pick up wreaking of pot near santa rosa.
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they caught up with it and found 99 pounds of weed in the back. >> still ahead tonight bay area real estate and value of your home prices, when will more people be willing to sell? >> following up on a ferry boat tragedy the navy is now responding >>
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bay area home prices have been on the rise not just talking about san francisco. buyers are experiencing a case of housing sticker shock. >> yes. that is right i'm standing in front of a house that hit the market for just a hair under $5 million and sold within a week. there are fierce bidding wars going on and perspective buyers are having to suit up for battle. >> how would you like an extra million dollars for a house with holes in the garage wall ask a lawn in need of work. >> really 4 to 5 months have been a market that we haven't sfeen a very long time.
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just bowls me over for something that needs a substantial renovation. >> since moving in i would say 2 or 3 properties every couple months come on the market they're, they sell in, basically, overnight. >> this cabin sold for $2.5 million. >> they're settling for something they don't like. and paying more than they feel like they have to. >> liz franks is one of them. >> we have a ill girl on the way. that was the catalyst to move. >> they find a house they liked after making four offers. this house had 18 offers she says a lot of offers were in cash. >> we tried to cut down our time line, write a personal letter about the family. >> in the end? >> more money, more money was
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key. >> what is onning on here? >> there are people that want to move here. so few people who want to leave. >> and buyers can only hope the market keeps growing up. >> the call for a cut back wasn't enough in livermore, officials say they didn't see the type of conver vacation they'd hoped for. tonight nick smith joins us from that city. >> one of the most-popular attractions
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me. . >> i drove by it today. just to see p it's turned on. >> at two years old, there is a fountain, you never want the fun to stop. >> i would been disappointed if it had been turned off. >> we have water in the ground water basin. a small remaining amount coming in from the state department. >> that is the public works director. he says if things don't change, the water supply will be in jeopardy. >> this is the first time the state department said they're going cutoff water supply to tri valley. >> the city says it had to act. and calls for a cut back resulted in a savings of just
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4%. they're imposing a 50% cut back. >> if you took my yard i'd probably wither away. >> for jim that is not likely to happen. years ago he replace his lawn with this landscape they continued their >> a list can be found on our web site. we encourage you to read it so they can do what he and other little ones love. >> we can use showers now. . >> i know. >> here is a look at
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doppler 7 hd. high clouds inland. we've got blue skies over the bay area. 79 in redwood city. how about this view from our camera looking at western sky over the golden gate? bright, sunny and 77 degrees in santa rosa. petaluma, and minor cooling nothing dramatic. temperatures rebounding for easter week then turning cooler next week. no, well, i shouldn't say no
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rain in sight. that could bring showers or two. but no slightly cooler conditions in san jose this is the roller coaster ride we'll see highs up to about 75 in san jess yeah tomorrow. 78 sunday then there is a charp drop occurring on tuesday. high only 63 then more clouds around then maybe a shower or two. here is our summer cast you'll see coastal clouds
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getting swept away ask a few returning. highs on the coast upper 50 about 77 in morgan hill. breezy on the coast. 65 degrees downtown tomorrow. 74 in the north bay in santa rosa. generally mild, easter with highs around
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there are $3 billion investment. >> it's still out. at justin that is it over the shoulder. what we had is walking into a showroom but more like a bart car showroom you walk in, touch stuff and look at stuff. it is the bart train to nowhere. >> first thing is what? >> how bright it is. >> the second is how crowded it was. bart went public with the car it's built for commuting. the dreamy handout video showing
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cars all fresh and space age. improving ventilation. iets impossible. riders describe it as a step backyard >> i've got no place to go. >> they're concerned about this poll. >> it's a mess. there are people trying to get in and out. >> well, we've had plenty of conversations from them. >> that doesn't help. >> not ef one
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i like change. >> if the rest of the world could be so easily satisfied. >> the new car will be open until 7:00 tonight or at the west oakland station this friday then in fremont and at san francisco civic center a week from friday. most will rub run from 2:00 until 7:00 p.m . >> there is more just ahead people are eager to iend out what caused a ferry to cap size >> sentencing of a former city bureaucrat. >> and a warning tonight to a
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medium cheddar with your bare hand. i didn't say tough, i said hungry. if you're so hungry, eat this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare mouth. tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better. families in korea waiting word on the fate of hundreds of passengers, most young people, missing overnight after the sinking of a korean ferry woet.
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so far six people are confirmed dead. that boat went went down 60 miles off the korean >> detail for the list of those passengers rescued are coming into the community that is very concerned about loved ones they'd like to help but aren't sure what role they can play. >> cell phone video shows some had time to put on life vests they stayed he dry others found themselves possibly trapped. many began to text furiously in case they did not survive the ferry began to shake and
6:32 pm
take on water. sarah chung and her friends have been texting about the the south bay is home to a large korean american community. being will look for guidance on what they can do to help grieving families >> i'm sure they'll talk about it. yes. i think so. >> how could you help? >> may for them they decide what to do. we're going to follow them. >> the u.s. navy is supporting the operation. beyond that an american community is uncertain what they
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can do. >> we have fund-raiser asks events. three are young men and high school students and two, young women, one is a crew member and the other remains unidentified. >> yefr night a 750 cargo ship ran ground the result of heavy winds. 22 people were left police stepping up patrols in boston a day after a masked man walked in a street with a rice cooker on his back. a judge ordered him to be evaluated in a psychiatric hospital. his mother says he's battled
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bipolar disorder for years. 36,000 people are expected to run in the marathon. a los angeles county judge gave a former city manager of bill a sentence. robert rizzo ordered to make restitution of $8.8 million in addition to a 2-year prison term. >> i breeched the public's confidence by starting to look at the position for myself. i am very, very sorry for. that i apologize for that. >> he pleaded no contest to
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counts. a seventh bear has been captured ask killed in a florida neighborhood where a woman was mauled over the weekend she was dragged out of her garage by three bears saturday night. officials say they had been forced to kill seven bears because they had been fed by humans and no longer afraid of people. >> people that are feeding these bears are not doing the bear any favor. if anything they could be signing the death warrant. >> officials say they will take anyone feeding bears to jail >> the city wants to give drivers a smoother ride around town. and it's to fill in small pot
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holes 400 blocks will be resurfaced in this fashion the project being paid for with gas tax money the city did repave 854 blocks >> a woman headed most of the way home on foot. >> why she hopes to do it faster than any other woman ever has.
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voters may have to revisit prop 227 banning bilingual education in california schools a bill would undo parts of prop 227 including a provision holding schools liable if students suffer learning problems. it allows schools to offer multi level classes. >> every science out there indicates that students are able to decipher more complex ideas and be better students. >> a study showed english
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learners in bi-lang wall problems do better in academics than english only classes. >> one athlete plans to run aconsiders the united states to raise money for brain injury association of america. she's headed to new york city hall. >> he's using this opportunity not only to bring attention and support for the association and people who need help, but also using the opportunity to break a world record at the same time. and this is the closest i'll be to forest gump. >> just ahead the scene of the
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rim fire. >> local students launching a reforestation effort, still to come.
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>> simple supply and demand could make produce prices higher. fruits and vegetables sensitive to water will be most affected. >> should have enough water for this season anyway. a study estimates avocado prices could jump by $0.35 each. let us prices could jump by $0.62 per head. >> a group of students will be planting 2000 pondarosa pines for many, their lives were great limb pacted by the fires.
6:45 pm
two major wildfires tore through mayora posa county. the carson fire forced nearly 2000 people to evacuate. >> we adjusted our measurements. >> the house was covered in smoke the area was a thick fog of smoke. we can watch the fire happening >> countless trees burned to the ground now, blackened landscape inspired students and staff to grow thousands of new pines to replace what is lost. >> so i get excited there is
6:46 pm
four in one crate there. >> they say the state gave the school 5,000 seats collected before the trees burned. >> these seedlings are the babies of the trees. >> once big enough those with red flags will be given to fourest service to plant and they're using a $5,000 pg&e grant to build a pump. >> we're going to use the sun, the rain to forest. >> to be able to tackle this? wow. it's amazing.
6:47 pm
>> good to see how enthusiastic they are. >> yes. >> let's check on the weather. >> well, things looking good. sunny skies now. elsewhere, sunny and warm including the bay area, sunny and mild 60s and low 70s around the bay. game time 12 condition 45. sunny and might be advisable to put on sun screen. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. sunday will be warmest day with inland highs around 80 degrees, temperatures dropping on tuesday. there is a chance of showers tuesday but probably won't amount to much in terms of the drought. >> right. >> let's turn our attention to sports. oh, part onme we have a pregame reception. donating $500 for each three-point shot. and they made 721 so far. that is a money shot. >> how much have they pulled in
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>> never mind. >> playoffs tonight where they played but we're going to start with giants. you know? when it comes to hitting his dad was one of the best. can he be one of the best? sports is coming up ne they'they're big. fast. andsom. dependable. and at net10 wireless, we let you tweet, text, talk and surf...
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if you happen to a game that begins one day and ends on another you hope your team wins. the giants were that team this morning. for those that fell asleep, we pick it up in the bottom of the 9th. no effort to run. what if hunter pens dropped
6:53 pm
tom mcclellan playing this one close to the vest whochlt will be the goalie? consider this about the 26-year-old in 18 starts had a better goal and better saved average regard ls who he chooses. >> ten games ago, we're really firing on all cylinders. i was happy with efforts we got in first 2 or 3 games. >> game one tomorrow night. the final 86 minutes.
6:54 pm
like in as dar drivers, the injured reynaldo celebrating like any other fan. there have been great combinations. and perhaps the next in line chilly davis and a son, kai. >> his father played 19 years, including giants now the a's hitting coach. it's been tough living in his dad's shadow. >> i tell them he can be better. you know? >> like most, he wants to prove he can do it himself.
6:55 pm
>> he's telling me like your dad is one of the smartest hitters i've seen. he is working hard for more playing time >> he's got real good skills. and he wants to earn everything he's got. >> he goes over to get tips. >> as far as i'm concerned work hard at the right thing. >> he's got a lot of ways and helps me as much as he can.
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>> mike shumann abc7 sports. >> great story there. you can see how he does. >> fun to watch them >> yes. >> thank you, collin. >> what a way to mick a living yahoo executive got $58 million after working just 15 months, at 9:00 >> and a local toddler just moments from death, saved the boy and doctors that made the right moves. >> from the abc7 news team thank you for joining us 8 have a great night.
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