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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 17, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, i'm eric thomas >> i'm carolyn johnson. a san jose family is mourning the death of their youngest child, a 9-month-old boy. his father left the child in the parked car all day near payne avenue while he went to work. >> david? >> this happened in this neighborhood in san jose, bordering campbell. the infant was supposed to be with the baby-sitter the father discovered his son dead, still strapped into his seat. the father parked his suv and
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went to work in this van restocking vending machines that took him from san jose to gilroy. but he forgot his 9-month-old son was still strapped in the back. the brother of the vending machine owner feels badly because he was working just feet away for part of the day but never heard or noticed the infant. >> tinted windows we couldn't look inside. there is no reason to look inside i know that he takes very -- his baby is more important than anything else in the world for him >> the father was supposed to drop off the infant at the baby-sitter. >> she said someone else was taking care of the baby. she couldn't get ahold of the father. she thought the baby was with another sitter. >> this thermometer went from 80 to 100 in the sun. in the vehicle the temperature rose to 166 in an hour, emergency room physician at valley medical center says a child can suffer heat stroke
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quickly. >> causes damage to the brain and vital organs children can become unresponsive rapidly. >> that could explain why no one heard the infant the child was locked in the car about ten hours. >> i can't find an excuse for it all day long. >> but it happens this woman lost a 9-month-old daughter after leaving her in the car all day while at work. >> i thought the same thing. i never would have thought i could for get the most-valuable thing in my life. >> and here are tips put the things you need for work in the back seat next to your child keep a stuffed animal in the car seat when empty. when you buckle your child put the stuffed animal next to you. ask your baby-sitter to call you if you're late dropping off your child. >> we're hearing for the first
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time, some of the frantic 911 calls made in a moment after last week's tour bus crash that killed ten people, including five high school students who are on a trip to humbolt state university. >> chp is conducting a re reenactment they're trying to figure out how fast both were going >> we're hoping to learn how it happened so we can identify what to do to prevent it from happening again. >> investigators said they completed autopsies on victims,
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all but two have been positively identified they're awaiting results of toxology tests on all victims, including the two drivers. >> bart hit with a fine today the state agency claims they did not have proper kor controls in place. today, no comment at all regarding the ruling. 18 floors up in bart headquarters doors are locked and no one is taking questions or talking for critics it's now open season on the transit agency. >> what would you like to ask? >> why? why? they know we know it's unsafe. >> but it, it means manlt nens
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work that led to the deaths of two manager who's are working on the tracks and hit by a train. and an accident for which cal osha fined bart $210,000. >> in this situation, workers did not follow they're proeto calls. >> saying bart embraced regulations, these requirements will add extra procedures and protections for track-site crews. representatives say bart gambled with, and lost, two lives as part of a negotiating practice. >> they wanted to have the upper land and say we're going to run trains knowing they weren't going to be able to do service.
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just a -- a way to take lever waj away from a strike of the workers. >> families of the victims declined to comment today. in oakland, abc7 news >> a boat's mast fell onto the deck. we're live with >> there is police tape and they do not believe alcohol was a factor but there is an investigation underway to find out what happened. the this caused a mast to come crash down on a 39-year-old from
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burlingame. he was a passenger. this video shows him at the port but it's too late. >> it appears it's an accident we're trying to determine if there is negligence prior to the accident >> police are now combing over the area, looking for clues. bella was in the middle of a race with 25 other vessels from the sequoia yacht club. i says the owner is skilled and responsible. >> he's a great sailor. he does a great job. >> many say the best sailors can run into trouble when navigating to the bay. >> if you catch a shroud on that, you can tear a sail. >> for now, future races have
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been called off. >> prosecutors will ask for the death penalty for a man charged with shooting an 8-year-old during a sleepover. darnel williams is also accused of wounding two other children and their grandmother. prosecutors say he fired shots into the apartment trying to avenge a murder of one friend in berkeley. >> cadaver dogs are combing through debris in a burned out building in downtown san jose, searching for scents of human remains police confirmed one hit was a san jose fire says that person witnessed the person starting the blaze. >> an overturned big rig delayed driver twoz hours in san jose this after the noon. sky 7
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arrived on the scene just as a tow truck was near the interchange. right now the patrol is hoping to figure out what caused a trash. all lanes did reopen around 2:30. >> san francisco mayor plans to spend $5.4 million to fix elevator as cross the city. some have constantly malfunctioned and leaving seniors stranded for days. the commitment isn't enough to stop a lawsuit filed on behalf of two dozen tenants south of market saying years of dealing with broken elevators caused them emotional distress. >> mi ps pueblo submitted a plan to get out of bankruptcy, replacing 80% of the work force.
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a private firm will provide $56 million to help pay debts and will get a 5% stake in the company. >> it's still comfortable on the roof. sunshine about 62 degrees here. we'll talk about low clouds banked up against the coast fm san francisco to san mateo county. high clouds going through. light rain is expected to stay. a beautiful view from san jose. sun, high clouds and temperatures 62 in san francisco. 64 oakland, upper 60s around san voes yeah and redwood city. nice view there. 77 in santa rosa.
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warmest spots have been into upper 70s so far. and if stepping out, mid 40s to low 70s. cool and mostly cloudy tomorrow morning. we're going to drop highs a few more degrees. i'll be back with a look at the easter forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> still ahead at 4:00 caught on video, one teenager's brazen act causing millions of gallons of watter flushed out. >> plus, damages facing rescue efforts in that korean ferry disaster what. we're learning about the captain. >> and at 4:30 marathon talks. actions to help ease tensions in ukraine. >> leaving san francisco not quite a parking lot but close
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enough for work. more news is ahead when we come back.
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>> in south korea a seoul based crew posted this footage showing students with the ship beginning to tip over. the toll climbed to 25 the number is expected to rise there are fears nearly 280 passengers, including many high school students, are dead. today, the president offered his
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condolences. >> on behalf of the american people, our deepest condolences to the republic of korea and families of those who have seen their loved ones lost when the ferry sank. >> today the ferry captain is apologizing to families and is under criminal investigation for actions. >> abc news reporter is in south korea. >> here, anxious families wait for news of loved ones many exhausted and angry officials are not keeping them informed on bee hai hails -- it sank on the way to a popular island. nearly 300 people are still missing. ships and divers battled currents, rain, and poor
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visibility. a test to eject oxygen into the ship failed today, hampered by bad weather. some begging officials to get divers back into the water. now, officials say the captain was one of the first to escape getting into a life boat about a half hour after reporting the incident. abc news learned just one of 46 life boats were ever deployed hiding his face in a hoody he offered an apology. passengers were told to put on life vests and stay if place that may have deprived them of chance of escape. some small rays of hope. rescues, including this brave 6-year-old girl >> that little girl you just saw was alone when rescued her parents and brother remain
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missing. police put out a tweet ask they did. a couple responded and the 6-year-old is now with them as the search continues. >> portland water officials say there is nothing wrong with water flushing from a reservoir after a 19-year-old was caught urinating it in. two teens tried to scale the fence ask one got into the reservoir. they were caught, cited for trespassing. officials say the health risk was minimal they drained the reservoir into the sewage system. test samples came back clean and environmentalists are criticizing the decision to drain that reservoir. >> oh, my. let's get another check on the forecast right now. sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> temperatures are down and the breeze is up. checking out live doppler 7 hd, we'll talk about what is coming
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up for easter weekend tracking clouds here in the bay area low clouds, high clouds looking at live doppler 7 hd. wind has been kicking up. a breeze gusting to 32 miles per hour. he seeing blue skies and cheering and breezy and we're looking at sunny, warmer weather just in time for easter. this cold front brought about cooling that will continue heading into friday. tonight not only seeing high clouds but low clouds then, tomorrow, breeze kicking up, sunshine, and a nice-looking day for friday. but temperatures held down. check out what is going to be happening the sierra. they'll be seeing snow.
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snow levels will be running high for friday afternoon. livermore's trend into tomorrow, into mid-70s. sunday, a nice spike there. 82 degrees. cooling down going into tuesday and wednesday mid-40s to low 50s. mostly sunny skies, 71 in san jose. breezy, staying about the same along the coast into upper 50s. breezy along the coast there for stintson beach. out towards east bay, near normal. inland spots a mild day. 74 degrees in walnut creek.
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second half is what counts kids taking part in egg cooling down tuesday. so we have a little bit of everything for everyone. and easter looking good. eric? carolyn? >> thank you. >> it's a question for you. how long has it been since you parked your car in the garage? >> our cars don't go in there. >> that stuff could be making you unhappy. tonight the minimalists. trends that encouraging all of us to declutter our lives. >> i sort of looked around at what had become my life focus ask realized i didn't know what
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was important anymore. >> find out how you simplify your life and be happier tonight at 11:00. i forgot the garage is where the cars go i thought they go on the street. >> that is for us. >> this l be interesting to see tonight. >> my, my next is next to ama's so now, i have a hill to climb. >> up next an announcement from the clinton family today that will impact their future. >> an expensive mistake. why a soda almost cost more than $500. >> ask a look at interstate traffic is slow and getting out of san francisco is the problem now. more news when we come back.
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other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva. pope tranceis spent part of
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the time washing the feet of elderly individuals. francis washed, dry asked kissed their feet the 12 people included women and even noncatholics that angered some traditionalist who's believe rituals should only be performed on men. >> that is the sound of a horn the president used to start the second leg in a 60 mile ride for wounded warrior soldier right. >> big announcement today from former first daughter chelsea clinton. >> mark and i are very excited we have our first child arriving this year. >> they shared the news in an
4:25 pm
event in new york city she says she hoped she would be as good of a mother as her mom was to her they don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. former president and his wife made no secrete of their wish to have a grandchild. >> mrs. clinton tweeted this out. most exciting title yet, grandmother to be and president clinton wrote excited to add a new line to my twitter bio, grandfather to be. we're so happy for chelsea and mark. and apparently chelsea said the baby is due in the fall. >> there you go. >> yes. >> astronomers just found the most earth-like planet ever discovered. >> take a look. the artist concept on the right. >> it's about the same size and orbiting it's sign.
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that is a year is so it's tougher to get a tan. >> no visiting yet. >> that we know of. >> right. >> still ahead efforts to fore call a war in ukraine. >> legal battle in the a corruption bust scandal giving the public full access to the investigation. >> a ceremony today ahead of the 108th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake.
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a story sounds like a gangster movie screenplay has become a criminal case in san francisco. >> that is how one person described the case involving awes spended state senator leland ye sxechlt reputed gangster raymond shrimp boy chow. all 29 back in court today. >> abc7 news was there and is here now with the developments for us. vic? >> the judge trying to set up a system to manage what could be an unwielding trial with many lawyers and documents the hearing all about how to
4:30 pm
protect identities of under cover agents and others who are recorded. >> only it's a nightmare case. >> this is a dinosaur that can't survive. >> frustration beginning to show. 29 defendants more lawyers a 137-page indictment. evidence from a five-year investigation including recorded videotapes and wire taps the question now, is discovery how will the government present all that have information to the lawyers? prosecutors want the judge to issue a protective order. a ruling keeping evidence confidential once given to the defendant lawyers.
4:31 pm
saying government just wants to protect it's agents. >> that is what they're seeking to suppress, i'm on the opposite side. >> other lawyers says if a protective order enables him to get evidence he probably won't object. >> we want discovery right away the government filed 137 page affidavit we question each word. and we want to get discovery z these defendants, with these lawyers are entitled to that. >> the judge seemed to agree that if there are no protective orders it would expose other figures which under cover agents may have interviewed but never charged. >> he wants everybody to get everything. so the protective order is what is going to happen >> the judge did not rule on the protective order today lawyers will meet with
4:32 pm
prosecutors on monday to try to iron out an agreement the big day in court is july, when we expect the government to come out with a indictment including new charges and possibly more suspects. >> thank you, vic. >> a new image revealing final message of boston bombing suspect before his arrest. the image obtained from a massachusetts law enforcement official written on the insidewall of the boat he was hiding in. you can see there, punctured by bullet holes and covered in red liquid the message says in part, quote, the u.s. government is killing our innocent civilians but most of you already know. that we muslims are one body and kill one of us, you hurt us all >> the trial is set is to-to-start in november. >> diplomats from yuk yan,
4:33 pm
russia, the united states and european union worked out an agreement aimed at easing tensions in ukraine. >> after months of rising tension there appears to be a ray of hope in the crisis between russia and ukraine. secretary of state john kerry and counter parts he reached a possible break through after hours of negotiations >> all sides must refrain from use of violence, intimidation or provocative actions >> if not able to see progress we'll have no choice but to impose further costs on russia. >> there is a possibility the prospect that diplomacy may
4:34 pm
deescalate the administration >> the obama administration has been warning of new safshgss he and other western leaders accused russian president putin of trying to destabilize parts of ukraine for seizing more territories beyond crimia. a claim putin denied. hundreds of men attacked the ukrainin national guard base on the black sea ukrainian officials say their service men returned fire. the united states announced it's sending new, nonlethal supplies to the ukrainin military. >> russian president vladimir putin responded to a question by edward snowden. >> does russia intercept or analyze the communications of
4:35 pm
million of individuals? the question came during a call that show the president hosts in moscow. russians submitted 2 million questions, many focusing on ukraine and crimia. he appeared from a video link and russia granted snowden asylum last year after being charged with espionage in the united states. >>' moment of a deadly fertilizer explosion. this is the anniversary of the blast. he says he was on his way back to work when hearing the plant was on fire. >> and you can see many people have begun to rebuild.
4:36 pm
>> so far, 25 new homes have been finished. city leaders face a major decision. if they rebuild they promise it will be far from homes >> there is a special ceremony to honor two hydrants that helped save san francisco during the great fire. when the quake hit, only 23 of the 4500 hydrants pumped water and this is one of them. >> they did the same amount of work the gold hydrant did. these two here saved western edition and western half of san francisco. >> this hydrant is used during
4:37 pm
the fire 108 years ago. the second used by firefighters was also dedicated >> it's a good reminder to be ready for natural disasters. and we're encouraged to have emergency kits stocked. a three-day supply for everyone in the family, and a man yule can opener. guidelines for stocking your kit and developing a plan for the family are posted on our web site abc7 look under see it on tv. >> coming up on abc7 news, unforgettable reaction to a college acceptance. letter. >> idea of one old firefighter >> sandhya patel, breezy and cool. i'll let you know how the end of the week is shaping up. and what is in store for easter
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coming up >> and a gorgeous view at the golden gate bridge now. you can see where those drivers across marin county. it's slow going. abc news at 4:00 continues right after this. don't. i want you to be kind.ff i wantsuper o be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive.
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take a look at this. a fireman figured out how to levitate using water hoses.
4:41 pm
experts say he's not necessarily wasting water. crews do have to flush sediment out of the water from time to time. >> he is a firefighter and can rescue himself. >> a high school student with down's syndrome just achieved a dream, getting accepted to college. >> it was caught on video the letter means he will start classes at edgewood college in wisconsin this fall. offering a college education to students with developmental disabilities
4:42 pm
>> he says you can don't have to use real words to make your point he's got gestures down. >> he does. i think he won. >> yes. sandhya patel is here now with an accu-weather forecast. >> weather looking fantastic. we're watching the marl. we've seen sprinkles and towards eureka area, if you're doing traveling.
4:43 pm
55 in atlanta. out west, we'll see snow showers in the sierra. so here in the bay area, it's going to start out cloudy tomorrow morning. a mild afternoon. low to mid-70s. upper 40s to low 60 and tomorrow night, it's going to be breezy. partly cloudy and 60 degrees down to 55. just make you grab a sweat shirt there. and enjoy the game.
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>> thank you. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 a possible new tool to ep fight cancer >> charges over a soda. why he's now getting a similar punishment. >> a popular food company changes its
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next tuesday, state commission will consider keeping the dome theater from being torn down. ending a 50-year run. making it prime real estate and property owners are ready to sell. some locals hope to save the dome naming it a med federal historic site >> detecting cancer may be as easy as putting on glasses
4:48 pm
doctors are using these that recognize a dive injected into a vain that shows up as a light something. >> that area that lights up, what you can see on a weather happen is that where it was picked up. >> so far glasses have been used on just ten patients. >> there is a happy ending to a case from a man fined for rebill philling his $0.89 soft drink without paying for it.
4:49 pm
there are signs telling people refills are not free. he was doing construction work and says he never noticed the signs. a federal police officer gave him a ticket and banned him. >> i want everybody to know i made a simple mistake. i'm not a thief. you know? >> he planned to fight the ticket but the medical center decided to drop the fine and allow him to come back to work. >> $0.89, dude? >> yes. >> an emergency motion designed to get recalled general motors vehicles off the road hit a road block. >> this is interesting. a judge denied an emergency motion that would have forced
4:50 pm
general moators to tell owners of 2 million vehicles not to drive the cars. they wanted the cars off the road. gm saying the judge should just let the recall run it's course saying if followed there is no risk the switch could fail. >> a new policy is causing a great deal of controversy. or linked in must agree in the to sue the company. this will also apply to people that go to the company web site to down load coupons any disagreement must be handled by binding arbitration.
4:51 pm
advocates have a long set and not consumers and one report "new york times" found 98% of the cases were found in favor of the company. >> target is expanding it's web based program toñr fight off competition from companies like amma monday. 1600 items are now available through this program. that so that is just arriving at your home, a great service. >> they are. amazon is taking a piece out of the brick and mortar guys they want a piece of amazon. >> can get ral moators get to you sign away your rights to answer a question? >> this is going to be interesting. this is beginning to push the envelope a little bit.
4:52 pm
there is a ruling a couple months ago set up arbitration in a much, much bigger way. >> yes. >> so this is the -- they're not going to be the only ones but they're going to start moving out that way. and ruling when is it legit? >> they're going to say hang on. >> right. >> we don't like arbitration. >> right. >> so reporters are going to have a good time. >> coming up next, transformation of the new niners home, what it takes to get that green field then, an investigation after a large bang during a giants-dodgers game. >> how the worse drought in a century may have just grown worse. >> and
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>> here is a look at tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 watch two hours of
4:56 pm
grey's anatomy then the series finale of "scandal" then join us tonight at 11:00. >> watch abc is now available to dish customer that's want to watch online or on smart phones just go to abc7 and find out how to access it. >> future home of the 49ers looking greener today. >> this is video showing crews at work and rolling the new turf on to the field. >> this just looks like rolled up grass on a flat bed. if you're a 49ers fan, nothing is finer than the surf for the
4:57 pm
niners. the road here was long. this is video of the turf with rye grass for color. in the end the turf says 160,000 square feet will be rolled up and installed today and tomorrow. >> we've done the north end zone and working past ten yard line, now. >> it has quickit growth regeneration compared to other areas of grass. he says he can't wait to check it out. >> so you would say that some >> it oent be a problem.
4:58 pm
>> this is a small piece of the turf here. second delivery will be here tomorrow morning starting in santa clara. >> some hearty looking turf. >> indeed, include. >> what are you reporting? >> i need to report an accident. what the chp is doing to try to prevent it. >> an investigation after a large pop at the giants-dodgers game. >> there isço[ white smoke everywhere. >> spring showers may be here in the bay area.
4:59 pm
>> looking for answers, retracing moments before a truck slammed into a tour bus a week ago today. thanks for joining us. >> the patrol is back at the scene of the bus crash, running tests in hopes of learning what went wrong. abc7 news is live near the scene tonight. laura? >> this is happened to put together a larger scenario today. we heard from victims of the crash, some students inside of the bus.
5:00 pm
>> there is an accident on i five. on fire >> the call started to come in within seconds of the collision between a big rig ask a bus full of >> some calls came from the students the bus exploded in flames. >> are you still on the bus? >> the bus is on fire. >> the chp performed tests with 200 vehicles similar to those involved in the crash. a rig went through a series of exerci exercises.


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