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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 23, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to run away against his stepmother. the teenager appeared to have stieded live would be better teenager of the stepmother is a insurance broker in san jose. >> said have to watch the house. and clean it. and he didn't want tochlt other children would take it. he wasn't >> the resisting from listening his stepmother he only learned recently the woman was not his biological mother. >> this woman is not my mother, treating me like this, i need my mother. >> the student jumped a fence and hid in the wheel well of a 767. >> he was running from pain.
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will his parents reject him? >> 48 hours after the report, they never reported it to the police. >> police tell us there is no missing persons report for the teenager. the run away's father spoke to a reporter at voice of america about his son. the paem immigrated from somalia seven years ago. he transferred to san jose high school he had a tough time with school work. math class, science, he said he started high school here was difficult. we're told a stowaway has an older sister and younger brother staying with relatives in a san jose apartment. in santa clara, abc7 news. >> let's go back now to our top story. a shooting scare in daly city. >> abc7 news has been at the
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scene. there is a lot of confusion out there. >> there is this neighborhood remains evacuated the search continues here on south gate avenue. so far, we can tell you that there are no signs of the gunman, anywhere. they got reports of a man with a gun doctors reported seeing a man with a gun inside of the building. then, told police he heard gunshots a short time police couldn't find a suspect. the building has been evacuated.
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and police are clearing the scene. most of south gate avenue is closed people here are out of their homes. some have been told to shelter in place there is a preschool parents were called. please come get your kids. there are no signs of a suspect. no victims the search continues and police say new there is a mystery on their hands. >> thank you very much. a pedestrian in critical condition after getting a hit by a car the man believed to be in his 30s in the crosswalk in the sunset district.
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police say she appeared to be going the speed limit. >> a war of words between a's and oakland coliseum authority tonight. that is just the tip of the iceberg for teams having trouble with sports teams. >> this to put it in sports terms, the a's 0-3 this afternoon to rangers and it appears the city may go 0-3 to keep sports team. s oaklandfu are not pleased about the way the teams have turned on their city. >> i wish they'd listen to fans
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it's who -- we're impacted by what goes on. oakland mayor trying to stay optimistic in the face of new snubs from the teams. >> we're still hopeful. this is going take time. >> a lot happened. warriors announced a team purchased land in san francisco to build their new arena the raiders missed a deadline to give the coliseum authority their letter of intent to stay. and rejected a lease offer. >> does it feel like everything is unravelling? >> it's been my position not to fight warriors >> supervisor chairs the authority board. mily says he can't do much about
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the warriors. they say they want 5 million in back rent forgiven as a condition. >> that is important. that is taxpayer money. >> the a's released a statement, quote, we owe no back rent we did deduct payments for items awill youed under the lease but that is our negotiated right. the fans just want teams to stay >> the authority expects the rent despite to go to arbitration in june. >> investigators searching for the cause of a home fire that led to the owner getting punched in the head. he says he found his detached
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garage on fire. firefighters say they were surprised to hear neighbors yelling "let it burn". one neighbor upset and punched him in the head. iet felted. it's more than i can take. . >> i don't agree. it's in the heat of the moment we've had enough of this. >> several of the neighbors say they're frustrated after witnessing what they claim is ongoing illegal activity in this home. a fire that burned three houses tuesday caused $3 million damage. it started in this victorian home, displacing ten people, injuring two firefighters one burned from melting roof tar, another suffering a cut to the hand. >> a big day for facebook. earnings nearly triple.
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revenue beats forecast the revenue grew 72% to two and a half billion dollars. the sfo is leaving. eversman took the company public and attracted some scrutiny, replaced by david wenner, who has been everson's second in command. apple announced a seven for one stock split today making shares more accessible. tonight we'll explain reasons for and affects of this stock split. >> san francisco officials are hoping land lords will learn from legal action they took today. the city attorney filed lawsuits against two property owners.
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herrera says defendants violated the spirit of the ellis act and the state law allowing land lords to evict residents is taking them off the rental market. >> i understand it can take time. these individuals want to make a quick buck. >> ate cueses land lords of the planning codes. >> stay with us more to get to tonight on abc7 news at 5:00. >> almost had cut the ship in half. >> the ship wreck of 1888. discovered off the golden gate. the find wrooits rights a wrong about the chinese community. >> a little known shipping pub gets a big lift.
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>> and the state that just allowed guns to be carried just about anywhere. >> abc7 news at 5:00 continues in 60 second
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another jump in the death toll from a sunken ferry disaster. 143 people ever still listed as missing. reports out today say many recovered in two days had broken fingers, suggesting the victims had tried to climb walls or floors to escape in final moments the ferries sank a week ago today during a voyage to the resort island. most were high school students on a field trip
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>> a sacramento man a contestant on the batch lower yet died he was hospitalized after his parachute collapsed in utah. abc is not saying what his death will mean for the show. eric hill was 31 years of age. >> georgia's governor signed a controversial gun bill foo law. yikts calling it guns everywhere bill. awill youing to carry weapons in bars churches and certain parts of the airport. >> so people who follow rules can protect them selves and families from those who don't follow the rules. >> the law amies to visitors
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from 28 states. >> a religious group is providing $4 million worth of free medical care this week. hundreds of people lined up as early as 3:00 a.m to see a doctor. dentists were on hand and route canals. patients able to get eye exams and a free mayor of glasses. >> i don't know what this is going to cover on the dental. >> all doctors and staff are donating their time. >> scientists discovered a 19 century ship wreck near the golden gate bridge.
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believing the steamer went down on the bay side of the bridge. abc7 news is live now with the latest findings. vic? >> the ship is resting near the golden gate bridge as you said. but it took nine more months to sort out data before they can identify the ship. the city is resting 217 deep just inside of the golden gate bridge. this shows the approximately location the steam ship leaving the bay,
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the oceanic coming are from in asia. >> had a manifest of 74 had crewmen on board. >> robert sheemer is with noa >> they were close. >> there is a fierce rip tide all affecting navigation >> it was fighting that rip tide in that current. and so the bow penetrated the hall of city of chester. it was described as a knife cutting through cheese >> scientists surveyed this area. mapping where they thought the ship sank but for more than a decade no one had located the city until last may.
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one of the boats found it the discovery is also giving researchers an opportunity to clear accusations >> a lot of racism at the time the crewmen had not responded to rescuing people. >> this was a sketch on the cover of the san francisco examiner that depicted the rescue that have child. >> a report of the 17ss million wharf is located at the northern end of the redwood harbor ship channel. the wharf needs latest seismic and sea level design standards, used to dock dry bulk ships. the largest ships ever to pass through the panama canal. >> how the port is fuelling the growth and economic development
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for silicon valley z all of the concrete you can see being used on projects coming through this port >> the redwood city mayor joined the representative in this afternoon's ribbon cutting opening the new wharf. >> very great. >> when your personal information goes online, it can go into hands of companies that sell that information >> and now a bill in sacramento will protect your privacy. >> people goring to like this. a lot of people not sure. the state senate considering a powerful law regulating owe called data brokers. companies that buy and sell your personal information would it let you opt out of any sale of your data and require commercial web sites to remove your personal information if
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requested. gm repairing defective ignitions and sent kits to dealerships around the country. also telling them how to get the repair, another 1 million owners will receive letters next month. the faulty ignitions could turn off, cutting power to the car, disabling the systems new versions of the google chrome books are coming out. and are cheaper than a lap tox they operate on line not with a big hard drive. however, they're cheaper. you can get models under
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and they say they're faster. >> off line support is better. lap tops are better built now. it's a good lap top. >> saying lap tops are still better at managing files. >> good to know. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. sparkling day. >> beautiful. sleepless. 70 degrees out there. >> it's beautiful here. it's not as windy here today. i'm not seeing white caps just a blue day. some big changes coming up here. a storm going to bring fresh snow into the tahoe area.
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winter like conditions popping up. it's 66 in oakland we did manage to get up into low 70s in places like santa rosa and livermore. low 60s in petaluma. from our east bay hills camera, filtered sunshine towards mount tamalpais. wet, cooler with thunder possible. another system coming in this weekend first storm here is producing wet weather. this one gets here tomorrow night. so by 10:00 p.m some of you may be seeing wet
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roadways. friday morning, it's going to be a wet commute. ak a.m continuing into the lunch hour. make sure you have your umbrella with you. rainfall totals looking better. a tenth to a half inch. this is going to translate into fresh powder for high snow level coming down to feet and do prepare for gusting winds. then, tomorrow afternoon it's going to be similar to today.
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look at the drop in numbers on friday. a partly cloudy saturday. and that system looks weak. high pressure builds in. a warmer pattern tuesday and wednesday maybe near 90 degrees. just going to fast forward to summer buy enby then we have a storm coming our way. will produce more wide spread rain. so keeping my fingers crossed this will bring us more. >> thank you very much >> if built they will come. daredevils that just set a record with highest base jump, ever.
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>> and what led to rescue
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a new financing program will make it possible for more people to install solar panels in their home. investing $250 million to lease solar panels to homeowners >> space walking astronauts replace aid dead computer outside of the international space station. the americans hustled through the job and just under an hour, swapping out the computer with a new one and tested just fine the unit was a back up computer that failed nearly two weeks ago but it went as scripted. five people stranded on an island off australia here is what it looked like the group had gone ashore. their boat drifted away.
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the boat was found abandoned the chopper says the message was key to finding them. >> that video something else, >> a pair of base jumpers jumped from the tip of the tallest building on the planet. take a look. the top of the tower is 2722 feet high. the two daredevils and camera man jumped from a special platform. there they go. they approached the ground they landed safely. >> one last hur yeah. >> yes. get ready for super bowl 14. montana
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10 piece meal, and the kicker - free lemon cake. got this [sigh] tonight i am not mom. i am paula. so dad, what does that make you? dad. ♪ in the newsroom coming up at
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6:00 a 5-year-old what his family is doing. ask the stroll down memory lane that never happened. michael finney investigates why a woman never received alumni directory she paid for z technology looks at your golf game. it also shows you where your shot lands. . >> i know where i play out of bounds. >> well, they're known as legends of candle stick. >> those niner greats will return for final game. >> hall of famer dan marino at a flag football game. >> last time was super bowl 19. abc7 sports anchor mike shumann will play that game july 12th.
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>> he's been working out for this game. can't wait owe see. that thanks for joining us tonight new clues about the teen-age stowaway and what happened on that impossible flight. tonight his father speaks out. on edge. russia issues a new military threat. our reporter is face to face with a man holding an american captive in ukraine. hard hit. the nfl cheerleaders level a huge charge against their team tonight. and the most beautiful person. the conversation she opened about very dark skin. we'll show you stunning things the little girls say about dolls with different skin colors. >> because they don't like brown. good evening to you on this


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