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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 27, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. developing overnight -- the nba investigating a racist rant allegedly by the owner of the los angeles clippers caught on tape. >> it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. >> plus, the shocking comments about hall of famer magic johnson and the angry reaction from around the league. even the president weighing in just hours ago. outbreak. 60 million americans in the crosshairs as a nasty round of severe weather moves in. forecasters calling for high winds, heavy rain, hail, even tornadoes, and this thing could last for days. historic sainthood ceremony. ♪ the faithful flood st. peter's
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square as for the first time ever, two living popes canonize two of their predecessors. a live report from the vatican. off the market. could america's most eligible bachelor be poised to walk down the aisle? the british beauty who has reportedly inspired george clooney to rethink his vow never to get married again. we were just talking about it, the burning question out of hollywood this morning. did he put a ring on it? the last time george clooney was married was to this woman. you may recognize her from "madmen." >> that's the "facts of life" george clooney. and after that, he vowed publicly and repeatedly never to marry again.
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he had running bets with former co-stars nicole kidman and michelle pfeiffer for $80,000 that he would get married. he said i'll take that bet. he's breaking that vow sand preparing to make some new vows. coming up, we'll tell you all about the who just may have hooked the big star. >> she's a very interesting woman, a very accomplished person. we'll talk about her coming up. but we'll start here with those new developments with those explosive comments rocking the nba right in the middle of playoffs. overnight, the league launching an investigation into donald sterling, the owner of the l.a. clippers who was allegedly caught on tape making racist comments. even president obama from asia weighing in with a statement. abc's clayton sandell is on the story. from the clippers home turf, the staples center in l.a. clayton, good morning to you. >> reporter: and good morning. overnight the calls got louder for sterling to either step down as clippers owner or for the nba to force him out. >> it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. >> reporter: that is allegedly l.a. clippers owner donald
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sterling, arguing with the woman believed to be his girlfriend, v. stiviano, in a recording obtained by tmz sports, he's apparently angry over a photo she took with hall of famer, earvin "magic" johnson. >> don't put him on an instagram. don't bring him to my games. okay. you can sleep with them, you can bring them, you can do whatever you want. the little i ask you is not to promote it and not to bring them to my games. s. >> reporter: on kcbs tv, johnson fired back. >> i think he should step down. if you feel like that in a league that's predominantly african-american, you shouldn't be owning the team. >> reporter: the clippers say they have not verified whether the recording is real. but reaction from nba stars has been swift. >> it doesn't matter if you're black, white, hispanic, we can't have that as a part of our game. >> reporter: clippers coach doc rivers is blasting the recordings. >> the biggest statement that we can make as men, not as black
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men, as men, is to stick together and show how strong we are as a group. >> reporter: even president obama weighing in. >> when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance you don't really have to do anything, you just let them talk. >> reporter: in statement, the clippers vowed that the girlfriend wants to get even. for a lawsuit filed against her by sterling's wife. she could not be reached for comment. as for sterling, the team, says what's reflected on that recording is not consistent with his views, beliefs or feelings. the nba is promising a swift investigation to an allegation that's heating things up on and off the court. >> it's truly offensive and disturbing. and we intend to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible. >> reporter: this morning, we're told that sterling has agreed to stay away from today's playoff game between the clippers and the golden state warriors. just hours from now. and in another bizarre twist, the local l. chapter for the
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naacp was set to honor sterling next month with a lifetime achievement award. there's no word yet on whether that will still happen. dan, bianna? >> lot of irony there. clayton, our thanks to you. joining us now from washington is co-host of espn's "pardon the interruption." michael wilbon. good morning. thank you so much for joining us. if this scandals proves to be true, how damaging is it for the clippers and the league itself? >> oh, bianna, donald sterling has no idea what he's wrought here. you heard the comments from the most prominent members of the nba community. we heard from president obama this morning, out of the country. it's going to be a difficult time for the nba, first of all, with adam silver, the commissioner and the investigation, which has to wrap up quickly. because that series is going to move back to los angeles. the investigation is whether or not that's donald sterling's voice on the tape. if it is, so much pressure for donald sterling to step down. there are complications. pro-basketball, nba is not major league baseball which has anti-trust exemptions.
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the commissioner has wider ranging powers to affect the game than the nba commissioner does. but still, there could be economic sort of unofficial sanctions, if you will, people are up in arms, there's legitimate outrage, the kind of which you rarely see in american sports for an owner of a franchise so prominent. >> and this is a situation that we haven't seen before, dealing specifically with a team owner as opposed to the coach. how did the commissioner silver perform yesterday? i know that he was late to that press conference, that wasn't a great start. >> no. but there was also a death of another former owner. he explained why he was late coming in. you know, i thought that adam silver, who's in an impossible situation following david stern who certainly has had a command in his 30-plus years as nba commissioner, i thought he was a little lawyerly. and i thought there could have been more outrage expressed. and i understand, though, what
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adam silver was attempting to do, but, you know, coming forward, moving forward, if that's his voice, if that tape is authenticated, we'll have to see not just a different adam silver but a different nba. there will have to be sanctions. if donald sterling does not step down that are severe. there has to be a suspension, so severe that he will then think about stepping down. and the nba has nowhere to go but to go there. they'll have to demonstrate zero tolerance. and as much outrage as some of the players and fans are expressing now. >> could have a big implication for the team itself. he will not be at the game today. michael, we appreciate you joining us this morning and this controversy will continue. >> absolutely, they have to find out was that his voice on the tape. the investigations continue. thanks to michael wilbon for being on the broadcast this morning. we move on, now, to a big weather story this morning, we're heading into what could be really a dangerous few days, with a violent storm system threatening upwards of 60 million people. meteorologist jason nicholas is with us from cleveland.
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good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, dan, great to be with you. this severe weather season has begun so softly is. in fact, our strongest tornado of the year, a strong tornado, an ef-3. the first one was on friday. that's the latest into the year that has ever happened. but already strong storms going in the overnight hour. take a look at some video, this outside of oklahoma city this morning. some hail reported. severe thunderstorm watches are already out, early, early this morning. let's take a look at the maps, show you what's going on here. we'll put it into motion for you. as you head through the afternoon here, notice the explosion of showers and thunderstorms from shreveport and little rock. and springfield. that's at 6:00 tonight. just because the sun sets doesn't mean the storms will end. in fact, these storms will continue into tonight and tomorrow. where are we talking about for the greatest risk of severe weather -- here's the bullseye. southern missouri through arkansas, northern louisiana as
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well, strong winds, large golf ball sized hail as well as the potential for some tornados. we've only had 25 tornados this year. we could easily double that amount in the next couple days. national weather and a look at your local weather coming up. bian bianna? we're going to turn, now, to history being made at the vatican this morning in front of a million pilgrims for a joint canonization for pope john paul ii and pope john xxiii. not only has the elevation of two popes to saint hood never happened before, but it's the first time two popes were there to witness it. abc's terry moran has the story from vatican city. good morning to you, terry. >> reporter: good morning, bianna, the day of four popes they're calling it. what a morning it's been. pope francis, now, just having gone past us in his popemobile. after presiding with pope benedict, as you mentioned, over this remarkable moment. what does it mean? it's been summed up by several people i've talked to say these two new saints men to them they
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have two new friends in heaven. a gray dawn broke over vatican city this morning, thousands streamed into st. peter's square and all down the long avenues, as far as the eye could see, a sea of pilgrims. breathtaking panoramas. bishop and cardinals couldn't resist snapping a few photos. before the ceremony. then, pope benedict the xvi emerged in a rare public appearance since his resignation last year. and pope francis greeted him minutes later on this day of four popes. last night, the streets of rome became a vast campground. pilgrims sleeping on the cobblestones and sidewalks and thousands more arriving by the hour. and this was the moment they came for, simple really, solemn and prayerful. pope francis declaring the popes saints. a million pilgrims, and a billion catholics around the world have two new saints. then, came the relics, vivid signs for catholics. of the nearness of the saints.
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a piece of john xxii's flesh. a drop of pope john paul ii's blood. brought forward by the costa rican woman who said she was miraculously cured after praying to john paul. pope francis praised both men. saying, may these two new saints be shepherds of god's people. interseed for the church. this is really sainthood by popular demand in a way, you may remember at john paul ii's funeral, a crowd chanting, make him a saint now. they did, as well as john xxiii. bianna? >> i'll pick it up from here, terry. thank you very much for your reporting from vatican city. overnight, moving on now, tough talk from president obama directed at the russian president vladimir putin. mr. obama on his overnight trip to asia saying, quote, that putin hasn't lifted a finger to deescalate the situation in ukraine but is, in fact, fueling it. let's bridge bring in abc's
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george stephanopoulos from "this week." more tough talk from the president, we heard this before. he continues to make mischief in the eastern part of the country. so, is he by which i mean president obama running the risk of developing a credibility problem? >> it's possible. he's running into the limits of the power. one of the things we're seeing with the situation in ukraine right now, the president is pushing harder for tougher sanctions, broader sanctions against russia, but not all of the european allies are going along with it. businesses are fighting back against that in europe as well. not enough consequence. he's not able to follow through in getting a new trade agreement with japan, you know, in a second term, in a world where america is one of many powers, the president can't just dictate an outcome. >> he cannot. and it does raise questions about his legacy given that he has a couple of years left.
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>> a couple years left. i think he's well aware of that but not going to stop pushing. one thing to watch for, does the united states start to push for a more direct targeting of putin himself? putin, personally, his own reputed personal fortune. >> right. that may be the next step and the next shoe to drop. but as you said, he has to get his allies on board. george, thank you. george has a big show coming up this morning. his guests include new homeland security jeh johnson and massachusetts senator, elizabeth warren. meantime, there are more stories developing overnight. hey, ron. >> good morning, everyone. we begin in texas where a massive explosion at a plywood plant has left several workers fighting for their lives. it happened at the georgia-pacific company, this was saturday night. eight workers were hurt. four suffered serious injuries. they had to be air lifted to area hospitals. firefighters say there may have been a problem with a sawdust collection system. causing the dust to go up in flames. the company said it will be shut down for an undetermined length of time. political shock waves across south korea as the prime
7:14 am
minister abruptly resigns over that deadly ferry boat accident. in an extraordinary resignation letter, he blamed deep-rooted evils in society for the ferry sinking. his resignation comes amid increasing claims by victim's relatives that the government did not do enough to rescue or protect their loved ones on the boat. the ferry sinking 11 days ago. led to wide-spread shame, furry and finger pointing inside of south korea. more than 300 people, most of them high school students are dead or missing. and in connecticut, an emotional tribute to the victims of sandy hook school mass shooting. it happened at the second annual bass fishing tournament. hundreds of fishermen all around the northeast came out for saturday's event. held by the 26 angels foundation, which was established to help survivors and the victims' families. kids from sandy hook elementary school also took part in a trout competition. natalie hammond, the teacher at sandy hook who survived the shooting spoke about the event.
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>> today, we're hoping to give back to newtown community. and we're hoping the kids come have a great time out here. >> proceeds from that tournament will go to anyone affected by the sandy hook tragedy. as well as newly created scholarship fund. now, to a frightening scene from the baseball diamond, a dugout knockout, ryan braun from the milwaukee brewers, he was practicing his swing in the dugout, he clocked shortstop segura in the head. he had to been helped off the field. the brewer's manager said he did not have a facial fracture but did require some stitches. pretty lucky there. and finally, near minneapolis, talk about some real-life angry birds, we're talking turkey -- turkeys -- >> get out of the road. >> was that a turkey speaking? >> that was not a turkey speaking. this is a guy, a motorist, the turkeys took over the road. they want drivers to know who is boss. very obstinate and obdurate turkeys. >> obdurate?
7:16 am
>> wow. they're causing major problems for motorists by refusing to yield. that's what obdurate means. police officers tried to persuade them to get off the road. that motorist was yelling, "get off the road, turkey." it didn't work, it never does. >> speaking from experience. >> not a good idea to mess with these guys. apparently it's mating season. the male turkeys, we believe those are male turkeys, bet rather aggressive this time of year. and obdurate. >> allegedly male turkeys. >> allegedly. >> what would we do without this guy? >> this would be a shorter show. >> my vocabulary would be much poorer. i can tell you that much. >> thank you, ron. >> thank you. we're going to turn now to the revved-up action at a nascar race, way after the checkered flag. fists went flying between two drivers over what happened early on the track. abc's michelle franzen has more on the guys gunning their tempers. >> reporter: the heat of the moment captured on video.
7:17 am
nascar drivers casey mears and marcos ambrose go from the finish line to an all-out brawl. following the toyota owner's 400 race in richmond. >> there's some shoving going on. there's a punch. a swing. >> reporter: watch closely in the garage after the race. an exchange of words, then shoving, that quickly amps up with ambrose pushing mears in the face. mears doesn't back off. crew members separate them. that off-track rumble spilled over from the raceway where the two drivers mixed it up. bumping, rubbing rubber as it's known in the racing world and movies like "days of thunder." it's not the first time tempers have fueled nascar's feuds beyond the track. a war of words erupted after brad keselowski accused denny hamlin of slamming into him during a 2010 race. >> it's not cool to intentionally wreck somebody at 195 miles an hour. >> reporter: take a look. last year, joey logano confronts denny hamlin, following a brush that sent logano into a tail spin. and in phoenix, 2012, jeff gordon and clint bowyer go at it
7:18 am
and crews pile on during their high octane bump during the race. but after saturday night's trackside smackdown nascar said it's launching an investigation. >> we have our own replay system. then we have other cameras that are out there that we don't have available right away. so it takes time to get the proper information. >> the fight capped off a wild night of racing. joey logano prevailed at the finish line. meanwhile, ambrose and mears finished 18th and 19th. in a tweet mears called it was an interesting end to the night. >> a night filled with adrenaline. >> they didn't even finish first. >> thanks, michelle. now to a sports story of a positive variety. it's about this guy right here, a former riker's island prison guard. with biceps the size of tree trunks, he used to be an arm wrestling champ. he's gone viral today. today he's coming out of a retirement for a big throwdown against his own mentor. and abc's sara haines is on the story. >> yeah, after 13 years of
7:19 am
retirement. >> reporter: you have to be in good shape to arm wrestle and in good shape to be in law enforcement. so, it seems the two go hand in hand. but today, he's getting out on retirement and back on the table. vinny vetere isn't your ordinary sunday schoolteacher, the 46-year-old husband and father is also a magician, a retired guard at new york's infamous riker's island jail. an arm wrestling champion. just like in the amc reality show, game of arms, vinny, even though he's retired, is a legend on the arm wrestling circuit. >> a little over 100 competitions, arm wrestling. i won probably 98%. >> reporter: and today, he's coming out of retirement. fighting to win the big apple grapple championship in yonkers, new york. >> reporter: and his arm, a good luck charm. >> when somebody saw me, they
7:20 am
saw it wasn't actually 5'4". i'm 5'8," they were like no way is this the guy has beaten all of these people. >> reporter: he invited us to show us to his home arm wrestling gym to show us how he's been training for the big match. >> you never want to get in a bad position. you can hurt your arm or shoulder and break it. you stay nice and tight. you lock it up. >> reporter: more than glory is on the line at tonight's throwdown showdown. to claim the title, king of arms, vinnie will have to go through his longtime friend and mentor. >> i was beating everybody. but he totally destroyed me. anyway, we became friends. he taught me how to arm wrestle. >> reporter: even his family and friends got in on the arm wrestling action. >> a match can last anywhere from one second up to a minute. >> ready, go! >> that was about one second. >> reporter: he also told us that his secret weapon is to pray before he does everything. and leaves it in god's hands after that. what a fun guy. you wonder what's next. >> describe him as obdurate. no? >> we'll try next time to use
7:21 am
that correctly. >> i was trying to use it in a sentence all morning and apparently i failed. any way, time for a check of the weather. back to meteorologist jason nicholas. hey, jason. good morning to you. okay, we already talked about the severe weather. add to that now, heavy rains from the gulf of mexico, ample gulf moisture. some areas like chicago could use the rain. other areas like memphis don't need the rain. flood watches are out there. one to two inches possible by this time tomorrow. so of course that means be careful out and about this evening. temperatures across the midwest and the great lakes, chilly. chicago only in the low 50s. cleveland, my hometown, mid 50s. we should be in the 60s. warmth across the south and southeast. mountain snows across the west. in the middle, severe weather. more on that and another look at your nation's weather.
7:22 am
>> and there's your local forecast. again, another update on that severe weather threat for today coming up in the next half-hour. dan, bianna. >> big day in the weather department. we know you'll be on top of it. and coming up here on "good morning america" -- new developments in the case of two prep school scandal. a wealthy community when they're accused of master minding a drug ring. what their lawyers are saying now. blockbuster news out of hollywood, is george clooney ready to tie the knot? the new clues this morning. suggesting the superstar is engaged after years of vowing he would never marry again. >> i've been waiting for that
7:23 am
one. >> sara has tears in her eyes. >> emotional morning here. and house of cards deal that hit netflix series works out an agreement over where it will be filmed. what it means for frank underwood and the gang ahead in "pop news." i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get 10% off in-stock wood fence pickets and panels at lowe's.
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♪ ♪ ♪ want to be happy ♪ that is talent. if these guys don't get you off the couch, nothing will this morning. check out the amazing moves these two showed off at the urban dance camp. grooving to "happy." of course, any time we hear the word "happy". can you do that? >> i would pull a hamstring so fast, i'd be in the doctor's office. >> i have a feeling that ron could, though. >> i don't know. maybe. >> i'm going to go with ron over dan. >> yes, ron has higher odds of pulling that off. also, coming up, the news that's rocking hollywood and damaging the psyches of millions of women worldwide, including sara haines, george clooney may
7:31 am
be preparing to get married. who is the woman locking him down? we'll tell you coming up later in this half hour. but first, a story about money, guns, drugs and prep schools. >> yeah, two former students charged with using their lacrosse team connections to create a massive drug ring. that operated at local colleges and high schools. now we're getting another side of the story as lawyers of the alleged ring leaders are speaking out. abc's ryan smith is here with more. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning. the lawyer for neil scott, says his client told police that he was involved in trafficking marijuana. now, that lawyer is speaking to us exclusively as the two men accused are now distancing themselves from each other. this morning, new details about two men, who some are calling prep school drug perps. >> it's more going to be negotiations designed towards making sure we get to the bottom line of the truth and not some of this supposition and half truth. >> reporter: that's the lawyer for this man, 25-year-old neil
7:32 am
scott, the man accused of fronting a prep school drug ring. with 18-year-old timothy brooks. in a "gma" exclusive, the attorney is speaking out on behalf of scott, saying prosecutors got it wrong. >> they're getting some bad information from some of their informants. >> reporter: prosecutors allegedly that the duo started the main line takeover project. a no nop monopoly that dealt drugs into the ritzy suburbs of philadelphia. including three colleges and five prestigious high schools. now the alleged partners rolling on each other. after brooks' parents posted his $250,000 bail. >> brooks already had his own network, already had his own suppliers, his own sources within those schools to deliver those drugs for him. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, brooks' lawyer blames "depression". and says his client is, quote, remorseful with his involvement in dealing marijuana. adding, quote, tim brooks was involved in a conspiracy for a relatively short period of time, less than three months.
7:33 am
he didn't possess any guns or weapons. police raided a number of locations where the duo allegedly ran their operation. seizing 8 pounds of marijuana and $11,000 cash and weapons in one day alone. prosecutors added that the two former lacrosse stars networked their way into area schools through sports. including their alma mater, $35,000 a year haverford school outside of philadelphia. with the drug ring busted, scott, if convicted, facing hard time behind bars. >> in pennsylvania, mandatory minimum, he would be starting most likely five-year mandatory minimum. >> reporter: scott's lawyer said that there's no way his client can post bail at this point. he said it's premature to decide whether a trial will occur right now. as for who did what, prosecutors say they have text messages actually linking the two. dan and bianna. >> really scandalized an upscale community. >> it's just getting started. >> just getting started. thank you very much for your story this morning. and lots of other news this morning and let's check back in
7:34 am
with ron for the morning headlines. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, we begin with the growing outrage over racist comments allegedly made by donald sterling, the owner of the l.a. clippers basketball team. the nba is investigating the authenticity of the audio tape where sterling allegedly goes on a racist rant. including comments attacking the magic johnson, the basketball legend. even president obama who is in malaysia calling the reported remarks, quote, incredibly offensive racist comments. and history at the vatican, as pope francis declared two of his predecessors, john the xxiii and pope john paul ii, saints. more than 1.2 million people flooded st. peter's square to witness the unprecedented celebration. taylorsville, north carolina. the pilot of this plane had to make a crash landing. the pilot never saw john ruffy. sitting on his lawn mower who was in his path. the plane wound up crashing into him, se vering his hand.
7:35 am
he's expected to be all right. the pilot was not injured. finally, the urban legends of the atari grave, yes, sara, has been put to rest. a documentary film crew unearthed the e.t. cartridges from a heap of garbage buried deep in the new mexico desert. as legend goes, 30 years ago, atari sent about a dozen truckloads for the e.t. cartridges to be hidden forever. e.t. has been called the worst game in history, of the world, of the universe, that led to the demise of the company. >> e.t. >> their technique was to hide it all in the desert? >> bury it and forget about it. >> low-technique. >> the worst game in the history. >> what an honor to have. thanks, ron. time now for the check of the weather once again and back to jason nicholas from our cleveland station, wews. good morning, jason. good morning, everyone. we're tracking severe weather. it's been so quiet this year. we don't want to make sure you let your guard down because this is severe weather season.
7:36 am
so here we go. let's put it into motion for you. today, arkansas, southern missouri, tomorrow that shifts the east through portions of mississippi, alabama also into tennessee. tuesday, still hanging on across the carolinas and even into georgia. on the backside of this storm system, winter, 6 to 12 inches possible snow there, as you head through portions of northern new mexico and the mountains of colorado. across the southwest, things are looking better. severe storms possible again across the middle part of our country. that's a check of weather across america. >> and that weather report brought to you by dairy queen. dan, bianna. >> thank you. lightning round, favorite atari game? >> space invaders.
7:37 am
>> pong. >> pong. >> space invaders. we're together. >> nice. that's a first moment of connection across the desk. >> we have them a lot more now. >> all right, coming up on "good morning america" -- speaking of unscripted, something people never thought would happen, a certain hollywood star could possibly be engaged? is it true that george clooney is ready to settle down? we'll introduce you to the woman who reportedly stole his heart. and "house of cards" makes a deal, where they're filming the next season, up ahead in "pop news." filming the next season, up ahead in "pop news."
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♪ it's a beautiful night he claimed repeatedly that he would never get married again. but this morning, could george clooney be discussing invitations, guest lists, flower arrangements, doilies, all the things you talk about when you're getting married? i don't know. >> this is what happens when you're in love. right? whatever you said in the past goes away. >> yes. >> there's word that confirmed bachelor has been bitten by the marriage bug. abc's linzie janis has more. were pigs flying when you came this morning? >> say it isn't true, ladies. it's true. it seems the 52-year-old may finally be spoken for. a 36-year-old british lawyer
7:42 am
with a killer combination of beauty and brains appears to have stolen clooney's heart and convinced him to finally burn that little black book or shall we say big black book. >> oh. >> the o. >> reporter: he's the kind of man that makes any woman swoon, even our own lara spencer. so, is it really true? america's most eligible bachelor, george clooney, is about to tie the knot with girlfriend amal alamuddin. >> i have a bad feeling about this mission. >> reporter: and so do we. it looks like the megamovie star might officially be off the market. >> this is a major surprise, because no one expected george clooney to put a ring on anybody's finger. this is hollywood's eternal bachelor. >> reporter: this isn't the silver fox's first time thinking about marriage. he trotted down the aisle in 1989 with mad men's talia. and in 1995 told abc's barbara walters that he would never want to do it again.
7:43 am
>> no, i'm never going to get married again, because i wasn't very good at it. >> reporter: twice voted "people" magazine's sexiest man alive, clooney's had more than his fair share of beautiful women on the red carpet. but could he finally settled? >> george clooney found a match. they're very similar. she's an activist. he's an activist. she's a lawyer. she's not just a beautiful woman to have on the red carpet. she has brains and beauty. >> reporter: clooney and alamuddin were first photographed together in london in october. and have been spotted together ever since. >> george and amal were spotted out at l.a. restaurants last week allegedly celebrating their engagement. >> reporter: it seems the news isn't affecting his last girlfriend, stacey keibler. since splitting with the heart throb in 2013, she has since gotten married and is expecting her first child. now with baited breath we wait for the official announcement
7:44 am
telling us it's truly time to fold them. >> unless when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big and then you take the house. >> reporter: reports that alamuddin was wearing a large rock on her left finger. but no photos yet. as soon as we get them we'll bring them to you. guys, this woman has some serious credentials, born in beirut, speaks three languages, went to oxford law. and nyu law. in 2011 began representing julian assange. in his extradition case. and she's an adviser to the former un secretary general on syria. >> so, it could have been me is what you're saying. [ laughter ] >> you're one credential away. >> how different is that to his other girlfriends? >> closing the deal is intelligence. good for him. >> if true, this will definitely be the wedding of the century. we'll be following this story.
7:45 am
>> i think it's about time. 52 years old. it's time. >> it's time, george. >> no judging here. for the record. coming up "good morning america" -- speaking of cute, too cute for words. "gma" viewers show us their dogs and cars. plus, more straight ahead. "gma" viewers show us their dogs and cars. plus, more straight ahead. the hang of it. ing okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! hit it with the brown sugar! now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! bush's baked beans are slow-cooked according to our secret family recipe for a big flavor. high score! you get to put your name on the wall of fame! whoa! game over . . . aww, you're no fun. enjoy bush's baked beans. still made from our secret family recipe.
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thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. all right, time now for "pop news" and over to sara. we're going to start with a political story, the filibuster over where "house of cards" will be calling home sweet home is over. the hit tv show struck a deal to stay in maryland for the political drama's third season. the monthlong battle over the show producers and state leaders over millions of dollars in tax incentives has ended. the show will get $11.5 million in tax credits. which is less than expected. apparently enough to keep frank
7:50 am
underwood happy and that's good news because he will cut you. and breaking "pop news," and possibly an exclusive this morning, cowabunga style, a big announcement during last night's preshow party, that production begins in july for "teen beach movie 2." >> and you guys have some cool news, right? >> "teen beach movie 2" is a go. it's been green light. superexcited. >> it will premiere next year on disney channel. the stars will reunit. the disney music awards air tonight at 8:00 p.m. on the disney channel. and remember that amazing subaru commercial with that clever dog driving away with 6 million views on youtube. we have been asking for your photos for dogs riding in cars. you delivered. thank you. check out this little guy taking the wheel. that one sent in by desiree. this is rex. he has a thing for the sunroof. look at his lips blowing back.
7:51 am
>> looks like a camel. >> ready to call the society for prevention of cruelty to animals. >> leroy likes the top all of the way down. >> nice. >> lola loves the wind in her hair, so does oakley, his own er shelly tells us. >> objects may be closer than they appear. >> it's safety first for archie. i love that. we received so many great photos. check them out. plenty more on our website, on yahoo!. we'll be right back with more on "gma." go nowhere. >> good pop. >> thank you. >> good pop. >> thank you. try boost® original nutritional drink. it helps fill nutritional gaps in your diet. each delicious serving provides 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, and 26 vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support bone health. plus, boost® original is doctor recommended and has a guaranteed great taste. help get the nutrition you need
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you gotta reel it up now,buddy. it.creel it up.t up, [father] reel it up,you got him on there.bring him in.
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is that a bass? [boy] yeah,i got a big bass. [father]bring it up.keep reeling.keep reeling.c'mon, where is he? whoa! you caught that all by yourself? [boy] yeah! [father]how old are you to catch that? [boy]three! [father]you're three years old? show me how many fingers that is. great to have you with us this weekend. thank you for coming in from cleveland. >> wonderful for inviting me back. thank you. >> we kept you busy this thank you.
7:56 am
lot of stories to cover. >> a little severe weather to watch for here. >> big couple of days in the weather department. >> and a big basketball game for a lot of people, we'll be watching the clippers playing today. big controversy. we'll continue to cover the controversy here. in the meantime, have a wonderful day. we're always online at on yahoo!. "world news" with david muir. george stephanopoulos coming up next. next.
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starting right now on abc's "this week" -- targeting terror. >> this is my eyes and ears. >> we're all access and behind the scenes with the homeland secretary, revealing the new threats that keep him up at night. >> you had two bomb threats. >> we're looking at everything. making history. pope francis elevates two popes to sainthood. hundreds of thousands packed st. peter's square. and we're in the middle of it all. on a mission. >> come on, step up your game. >> elizabeth warren's fiery message is energizing democrats. plus, robin roberts is looking back. on her historic conversation. >> there was a point where i was thinking to myself, can someone else do this interview? from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos begins now.


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