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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 27, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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world news is next. welcome to "world news." tonight, on alert. the tornadoes touching down. the homes wiped out. the severe weather warnings and watches. tonight right into tomorrow morning. >> i lost everything. everything. >> our extreme weather team on it all just as we start another workweek. crying foul. the explosive tape and the growing backlash tonight. the owner of an nba team allegedly recorded making racist remarks. tonight, the part of the tape you haven't heard. and what the players did this sunday as they walked on to that court in protest. a son's regret. what the president has revealed about his mother. what we never knew. and by george, hollywood abuzz tonight. the actor who once said he would never get married, reportedly engaged. >> i gotta make this quick. i came here for you. >> the five things we learned about the bride-to-be with star
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power of her own. good evening. thanks for winding down your weekend with us here tonight. we begin with the images of a dangerous system on the move. reports of more than a dozen tornadoes this weekend already. new reports coming in as we come on the air. this twister, in fact, captured as it touched down in north carolina. there are new watches and warnings up across several states tonight. in missouri, the wind so strong this sunday, this tractor trailer toppled right over. tonight, take a look at the map. the red, the danger zone. 17 states on alert all the way into tuesday and wednesday. in a moment, we'll pin-point where the new reports are coming in. but we're going to begin with alex perez, in little rock, arkansas, tonight. >> a severe thunderstorm warning. >> reporter: tonight's tornado outbreak has already turned deadly. touching down in quapaw, oklahoma, killing at least two.
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near odessa, missouri, visibility near zero. blinding, heavy rain making driving nearly impossible. the strong winds along i-70 flipping this semi on its side and damaging several homes. from nebraska all the way to louisiana, residents are preparing for a potentially dangerous storm that could spawn violent tornadoes and lead to heavy flooding. in the crosshairs, arkansas, where a tornado watch already has many on high alert. in drasco, arkansas, and parts of oklahoma, golf-ball-sized hail. across tornado alley, a rush on tornado safe rooms, virtually indestructible shelters that could survive the fury of an ef-5 tornado. in north carolina, the cleanup just getting started after an ef-3 tornado touched down in beaufort county saturday damaging or destroying more than 200 homes. some lost it all. >> it broke my heart because i lost everything. i thank the lord for not having me here, because i probably wouldn't be standing here right now. >> reporter: and with this new
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storm headed east, north carolina hoping for the best, but preparing for what could be another round of angry storms. here in little rock and the rest of arkansas, they're preparing for what could be a long night. this storm expected to batter some areas into tomorrow. david? >> alex, thanks. i want to bring in meteorologist jason nicholas from wews back with us here tonight. >> good to be here. >> what a weekend this has been. families are bracing themselves for tonight right into tomorrow. >> very busy today. already individual storm reports. david, take a look here. we've got 80 and counting. most of those wind and large hail. also some tornado reports. and those reports will continue to grow as we head through tonight and into tomorrow. this severe weather is not over by any stretch. take a look at tomorrow. nashville to jackson, birmingham, you're included as well. large hail, strong winds, potential for tornadoes. david, see that dashed line? the dashed yellow line is the progression of storms. as we head into tuesday, even into wednesday. we're talking charlotte into atlanta.
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more severe weather for the southeast. >> all right, jason, we appreciate it tonight. next to the explosive recording and the firestorm that's followed. reportedly the owner of the los angeles clippers making comments about race. the reaction has been swift and loud. prompting the president to speak out tonight. here is donald sterling. where he usually sits courtside. he was not in the chair today. we have reports in the stands with the fans in a moment. first, the part of the tape you haven't heard. abc's clayton sandell outside the clippers stadium tonight. >> the unified statement. >> reporter: just before tip-off, the l.a. clippers took to the court with their warmup shirts inside out. the team name hidden in protest. donald sterling was nowhere to be seen either. fallout over what tmz sports says is a recording appears to catch sterling on a risist rant. he's allegedly heard arguing
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with girlfriend v. stiviano about her photo with magic johnson. >> don't put him on an instagram for the world to have to see. don't bring him to my games, okay? >> reporter: the clippers have not verified if the voice on the tape is sterling. but says the team owner is emphatic that what is reflected on the recording is not consistent with his views, beliefs, or feelings. the recording was first posted by tmz. stiviano's attorney says this is her voice. >> people call you and tell you that i have black people on my instagram and it bothers you. >> yeah, it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. do you have to? >> reporter: a longer version popped up today on this is what you didn't hear. >> do you know that you have a whole team that's black that plays for you? >> do i know? i support them and give them food. and clothes. and cars, and houses. >> reporter: why is the recording surfacing now? the clippers suggest revenge, claiming stiviano said she would get even because she's been sued
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by donald sterling's wife. rochelle sterling wants back everything her husband allegedly gave his mistress. a $1.8 million duplex, expensive cars, and cash. today, stiviano wasn't talking. through her attorney she denies the allegations. and wants the lawsuit dismissed. >> i have no comment. >> reporter: magic johnson today says it's sterling who should be dismissed. from the nba. >> he shouldn't own a team anymore. he should stand up and say i don't want to own a team anymore. >> reporter: the nba promising a swift investigation. into what has become a major distraction in the playoffs. even basketball's first fan is weighing in. >> when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't really have to do anything. you just let them talk. >> reporter: and in an ironic twist, sterling was set to receive a lifetime achievement award from the naacp. the civil rights group now says that award has been canceled. david? >> clayton, thank you.
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the clippers playing away from the staples center in the playoffs here on abc a short time ago. cecilia vega reported from the stands on what the fans are saying. >> reporter: david, good evening to you. there's a cloud hanging over this game. the clippers versus is golden state warriors. each side cheering for their own team. few here cheering for donald sterling. what do you know about what he said? >> it was very racist. it was very disrespectful. >> i think if they find the comments to be true, he should be sanctioned. >> reporter: should he stay or go? >> stay. he's the owner. should there be sanctions taken against him? that's up to the league. but i think he should stay. >> reporter: what do you think should happen to him? does he keep his job? or does he go? >> he goes. >> reporter: you think he should go? >> yes. i don't tolerate that kind of behavior and comments. >> i think he needs to be put in his place and he needs to be gone. >> reporter: he needs to be gone? out? >> yeah. >> reporter: this is a controversy that will likely last long after this season is over. david? >> cecilia vega reporting in
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from the game just a short time ago. pressure mounting for donald sterling to leave the team. will the nba do something they have never done before and remove an owner? abc's ryan smith now. >> reporter: adam silver, a few months in as nba commissioner facing major controversy. what to do about los angeles clippers owner donald sterling. >> we do hope to have this wrapped up in the next few days. >> reporter: according to the nba, that starts with an investigation. making sure the voice on the tape is donald sterling. and then speaking to the owner. then he could face fines, suspension, or worse. >> i don't think the league wants donald sterling owning this team for another day. >> reporter: in pro sports, owners and executives have faced heavy penalties for race-based remarks. in 1987, al campanis, the gm for the los angeles dodgers made these comments about african-americans on abc's "nightline." >> i truly believe they may not have some of the necessities to
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be -- let's say a field manager or perhaps a general manager. >> reporter: he was fired two days later. in 1993, marge schott, then owner of the cincinnati reds was suspended for a year and fined $25,000 for making racial and ethnic slurs. but removal of sterling, the nba's longest tenured owner, may be far from a slam dunk. that phone call that started it all wouldn't normally be allowed in court under california law. but the nba may be able to use it in deciding punishment, if any, david. >> that's a real mess. it's not going away. ryan, thank you. overseas tonight. ukraine. the battle is moving to the air waves. the takeover of a tv station there. ukrainian police stood helplessly by as pro-russian separatists, some in masks, moved in. they switched off ukrainian programming and switched it to a russian channel. with pro-kremlin views. president obama, meanwhile,
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expected to stiffen sanctions against president putin. on this sunday, something else from the president. a rare and personal moment about his regret. all over his mother. abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl, is traveling with the president in malaysia. >> reporter: on a trip to asia dominated by crisis diplomacy, the president took a moment today to be retrospective, telling young asian leaders not to have any regrets and sharing one of his biggest. >> i regret not having spent more time with my mother, because she died early. she got cancer right around when she was my age, actually. it happened very fast, in about six months. >> reporter: the president's mother, ann dunham, died from ovarian cancer in 1995 when she was just 52. while the president titled his memoirs "dreams from my father," it was his mother who he says he should have done more for. >> i didn't always reach out. and communicate with her.
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ask her about what she was doing. and tell her about things. >> reporter: he says he was too busy with his own life, a rebellious teen. >> i realized that i didn't every single day or at least more often just spend time with her and find out what she was thinking and what she was doing because she had been such an important part of my life. >> reporter: the president's mother spent nearly half her life here in southeast asia. that may help explain why a president who rarely talks about his mother has invoked her memory at virtually every stop here. david? >> all right, jon karl. we appreciate it. thank you. now to an abc news exclusive. with america's new secretary of homeland security. who took over just a few months back. jay johnson is the fourth person to lead homeland security. a department borne out of the attacks on 9/11. he's the only one to have witnessed those horrifying events firsthand. here tonight, what he told our senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas about it.
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>> i was in manhattan. i remember looking out the window. and i could see the world trade center on fire. and, within minutes, i saw the second plane hit. >> reporter: you actually saw it? >> yes. and i saw the buildings collapse. and, like a lot of new yorkers that day, i went down to the street. and literally wandered the streets, asking, what can i do? >> pierre thomas with secretary jay johnson tonight. a stunning moment in south korea to report. the prime minister stepping down over the government's handling of the aftermath of that ferry disaster. the disaster causing anger and shame throughout south korea. 187 people are confirmed dead. 115 still missing. and most of them are children. tonight, a landmark statement from the palestinian president. a recognition of the jewish suffering. mahmoud abbas calling the holocaust the most heinous crime of modern history. and he expressed sympathy for the victims. tomorrow, israel observes the holocaust memorial day. one of the most solemn days on the calendar.
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we're going to turn now to an historic day at the vatican. tonight, the catholic church has two new saints. named on the same day, a first. nuns in st. peter's square holding up a banner with images of the two popes can onized in an ancient ritual. in a modern twist, some of the faithful watching the ceremony in 3-d. terry moran is there tonight. >> reporter: good evening, david. rome is still humming tonight with the energy of nearly a million pilgrims. they came to witness a moment of history. and they experienced what, for those here and so many around the world, was a moment of profound spirituality. what a scene. ♪ stretching out from st. peter's basilica, pilgrims old and young, hundreds of bishops and cardinals, some unable to resist the temptation to take their own snapshots. and this extraordinary sight -- pope benedict xvi, in a rare appearance out of retirement, cheered warmly. and greeted by his successor,
5:44 pm
pope francis, like two old friends. and this was the moment all had come for. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: a simple, ancient, latin prayer. an immense and reverent silence in the crowd. and the two popes had become two saints. st. john xxiii, an italian farmer boy, who opened the church to the modern world. st. john paul ii, the pole who galvanized the faithful in a new era. cardinal timothy dolan of new york remembers praying with john paul. >> this was a man who was in such deep and profound prayer, you could hear him groan, you could hear him sigh, you could see him cry. yeah, i thought i was -- i thought i was seeing a saint. >> reporter: it's almost impossible to sum up what this day means for the catholic faithful. i spoke to many pilgrims who poiled it down to a simple, sweet sentence.
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now, they told me, we have two new friends in heaven. david? >> what a thought. terry moran from the vatican tonight. terry, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news" this sunday night. the father caught on tape and the debate now followed. he was pushing his son at the park. another child at the park recording the whole thing. what that father is saying tonight. and later, the five things we have learned about george clooney's reported bride-to-be. we ask, who is the bigger star? ♪ [ male announcer ] your eyes. even at a distance of 10 miles... the length of 146 football fields... they can see the light of a single candle. your eyes are amazing. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins with lutein and vitamins a, c, and e to support healthy eyes and packed with key nutrients to support your heart and brain, too. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you.
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tonight, we turn to the video captured by a boy watching another father at the park pushing his son. this evening, local authorities are now getting involved. many in that community are asking, is this another case of a parent going too far when it comes to coaching their kids? here's abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: a father coaching his 6-year-old son at the top of a skate ramp in jacksonville, florida. when suddenly, the dad loses his
5:48 pm
patience and appears to kick the boy down on to the ramp. >> ow! >> reporter: the moment, caught on camera by another skater. this dade at the skate park watching later on a phone flinched. >> ow! >> it hits you right here when you're a parent. to see somebody do that to a kid. that's somebody who just got way too aggressive. >> reporter: but it was another skater, a child, who says he confronted the dad. >> i asked him why is he doing this. and then he said, because he needs to learn. i was like, pushing him down there isn't teaching him how to drop in. >> reporter: we have all seen examples of parents being tough on their little athletes. >> you're not on a holiday. >> reporter: like this dad coaching his 4-year-old tennis prodigy for three hours in 95-degree heat. but sometimes, it clearly crosses the line. a father fearing his son is about to lose a wrestling match lunging at another child. and these parents losing their cool on the sidelines.
5:49 pm
>> parents get so enthusiastic, about their kids and their abilities. sometimes they take it a little too far. >> reporter: the skate park's owner said he told the dad not to come back for awhile. >> he said he was caught up in the moment. he seemed very remorseful. he understands the gravity of the situation. >> reporter: the father told our local affiliate he's been contacted by the sheriff's office. others at the park say the boy was not injured and kept on skating. bazi kanani, abc news, denver. when we come back here on "world news," could it be a medical breakthrough when it comes to repairing your knees? and later, that image we showed you here. ablgter richard gere on a movie shoot. a woman thought he was homeless and offered him food. what is she saying now that she knows it was gere?
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5:53 pm
seeming to protect him. and walker, by the way, was actually swimming to raise money for whale and dolphin conservation. next to what could be a breakthrough for a common sports injury. wounded knees. a british surgeon developed a new operation using a ligament many doctors didn't know existed until about six months ago. the new procedure leaves the knee stronger and more stable. that doctor now teaching the new procedure to surgeons around the world. he's providing new hope in the battle of saving our knees. to the unrecognizable image of richard gere shooting a movie in new york. playing a homeless man when a french tourist saw him sifting through the garbage, she offered him her leftover pizza. tonight, still stunned that that man was richard gere, the woman telling the post "pretty woman" wasn't her favorite movie. advocates for the homeless are glad the image is raising awareness. given her own generosity. when we come back, george clooney. the news we told you about last night. is he getting married? the five things we have learned about that reported bride to be.
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or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache, pelvic pain, breast pain, vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogen may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots or dementia, so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. and go to this is worth talking about. finally tonight here, he once told us he would never get married. the big headline this weekend is george clooney is reportedly engaged.
5:57 pm
who is the woman? turns out she has star power of her own. linzie janis now. >> reporter: it's been a running joke in hollywood. george clooney's been running from commitment for decades. but tonight, it seems george clooney may finally be ready to give up his title as the "world's most eligible bachelor." >> when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big. >> reporter: according to "people" magazine, the silver fox is about to bet big on his latest girlfriend, amal alamuddin. "the sexiest man alive" now eating those words he shared with our barbara walters. >> i know i'm never going to get married again. >> why? >> because -- um, because i wasn't very good at it. >> reporter: so why make an exception? >> george clooney has found his match in amal. they are very similar. she is an activist, he is an activist, she is a lawyer. >> reporter: the beirut born beauty is a british lawyer with an impressive resume. she speaks three languages. studied law at oxford and nyu. once clerked for supreme court
5:58 pm
justice sotomayor. has represented wiki-leaker julian assange. and is an adviser to the u.n. on syria. but while alamuddin may have a decidedly different profile to the 52-year-old's previous flames, she fits in on at least one front. >> "gravity" is nominated for best film. [ cheers and applause ] it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> reporter: that's right, at 36 years old, clooney's newest leading lady is 16 years his junior. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> our congratulations to george and perhaps the new mrs. clooney. "gma" first thing in the morning. diane right back here tomorrow night. have a great week. thanks for watching. good night.
5:59 pm
next at 6:00, we have breaking news after two planes collided above the san francisco bay. we'll tell you what happened. >> a dark shadow cast across the warriors-clippers playoff game. how the teams responded on and off the court to the racist comments the clippers team owner allegedly made. a father of a teen to stowaway talks about why his son stowed away on a plane to hawai'i. right now, sky 7hd is above the search for a plane that crashed into the bay after it collided with another plane this afternoon. good evening and thank you for joining us. the two planes collided over the san francisco bay a mile nor of the brothers island. sergio quintana is live from richmond with the details. reporter: right now this is
6:00 pm
still a very active search for parts of the plane, and also anyone who was in the plane. let me go ahead and show you, there's a small fleet of search vehicles right now actively in san pablo bay. a combination of police vehicles, fire vehicles, and also it looks like private boaters who are out here trying to find parts of a plane that crashed into the bay, following that mid-air collision. witnesses told rescue crews that it was a cessna and a hawker sea fury, an older model british naval fighter. a pretty old plane. that plane apparently continued on and then landed quite some time later, quite a bit away, over at ion airport. that plane likely sustained some damage but we understand the cessna basically came crashing


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