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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 7, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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p. >> sta good morning, america. happening now, americans on the ground in nigeria, trying to help bring home those nearly 300 kidnapped schoolgirls. we hear from president obama after even more children are now taken. abc news reporting from nigeria this morning. new video of the teen stowaway emerging from the wheel well of that flight in hawaii, /* somehow surviving that trip from california. appearing disoriented on the tarmac. talking to an airport worker. surveillance tape, showing it all. monica lewinsky breaks her silence. writing about the scandal still making her life difficult. calling her relationship with president clinton consensual. what she had to say about hillary clinton. and why she says it's time to
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bury the beret and burn the blue dress. and this acrobat injured in that horrifying circus accident speaks out. the first performer to describe that heart-stopping moment caught on tape, plunging nearly 30 feet to the ground. the abc news exclusive break this morning on "gma." and good morning, america. and there she is, samantha, the young performer standing by to tell us about the frightening moments when a small clamp failed. they all crashed to the ground. a huge 350-pound chandelier on top of them. >> these performers specializing in holding on with their hair. amazingly, she says she wants to perform again. also this morning, clay aiken making the transition from pop star to politician, running for congress. his first primary, too close to call, after a tight overnight race.
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>> about 270 votes right now. we begin with the u.s. taking action, trying to help save the kidnapped schoolgirls in nigeria, and bring them home. martha raddatz is in washington with the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. president obama telling abc news, that a u.s. team is already on the ground this morning. that team will grow in the coming days. all part of a coordination cell that the president is authorizing to help find those girls. for the first time since the mass kidnapping, 23 days ago, and with even more girls now seized from their schools, president obama is speaking out about the missing girls, telling our ginger zee, the u.s. will do whatever it can to help the nigerian government's rescue efforts. >> it's a heartbreaking situation. outrageous situation. this may be the event that helps mobilize the international community to finally do something against this
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horrendous organization. >> reporter: the coordination cell will include u.s. military, the fbi, and will provide expertise on hostage negotiations, communications and intelligence, which may include reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft. traveling with the secretary of defense, i asked if americans would be involved in an actual rescue if the girls are located. >> the nigerians have their own force. and going beyond that, until we get a better -- until i get a better interagency understanding of the requirements, i don't know what's going to be required. >> reporter: the u.s. senate even passing a resolution tuesday, condemning the kidnapping. and members of congress holding a moment of silence on capitol hill. abc's hamish macdonald is in nigeria, at an economic forum. >> right now, the power leaders are here in nigeria for the
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world economic forum. that's why there's so much security right now. but it will increase the growing pressure on nigeria's government to act to bring these girls home. >> reporter: nigeria's first lady, patience jonathan, breaking down during an official meeting. while everyone tries to find these missing girl, the state department warns there may be more kidnappings to come. george? >> real fears those girls are separated and sent far away. martha, thanks. now, to new video of the california teen who stowed away on a flight to hawaii. it shows the moment he emerged from the plane's wheelwell after miraculously surviving the five-hour flight with little oxygen and sub zero temperatures. david kerley is at reagan national airport with more on this. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. these are the first images we see of the teen. and it's remarkable to watch him climbing out of a wide-body jetliner. look closely.
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it starts with a dangling leg. then, the 15-year-old stowaway, lowering himself to the tarmac below and appears to be coming from the wheelwell of that hawaiian airline 767. you can see him emerging beneath the wing. disoriented, wobbly on his feet. seconds later, he talks to an airport worker. who appears to be in complete disbelief. that worker alerts security. >> it's hard to tell what position he's in. but clearly, he's able to walk. that alone is a miracle. >> reporter: the newly released surveillance footage was taken before 11:30 in the morning on april 20th. that was an hour after the five-plus hour flight landed in maui from san jose, california. and it seems to confirm the story. nearly no oxygen at 38,000 feet and temperatures 50 below zero, he managed to survive.
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his mother said when i learned of my son's attempt to come here, i cried a lot. the fbi says he stowed away after fighting with his family and ran away from home. this morning, he is back in the san jose area and is in the custody of social services. police there want to talk to him and find out how he got over that fence at the san jose airport and hid in that plane. >> it may be there's no charges that will be filed. but we have to do a thorough investigation. >> reporter: now, we may actually hear from the boy himself about his story. police tell us, they're negotiating with the attorney to try to get him to talk to the media sometime soon, robin. >> remember how many people were skeptical. >> and i sure was. >> and you see the video. >> i'm surprised no charges may be filed. we'll have a lot more to that coming up. we're going to turn to monica lewinsky, speaking out for the first time in years about her affair with president clinton and all the trouble it caused. she writes in the new issue of "vanity fair," that it was a, quote, consensual relationship, one she deeply regrets. jonathan karl has more on the fallout from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning,
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george. the world has not heard much from monica lewinsky,al the days after her affair with president clinton rocked the white house, but she is now speaking out after more than a decade of silence. she was just an intern back then, now monica lewinsky is 40 and looking back at a scandal that almost took down a president and shook up her life. sure, my boss took advantage of me. she writes of her relationship with bill clinton in "vanity fair." but i will always remain firm on this point. it was a consensual relationship. any abuse came in the aftermath, when i was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position. she reacts to recently released clinton white house papers, that quote, hillary clinton, calling her a senatnarcisse sissic loon
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tune. courageous or foolish. but narcissistic and looney? i find her impulse to blame the woman, not only me, but herself, troubling. back in 1999, lewinsky spoke to barbara walters about the affair, in one of the most-watched television interviews of all-time. >> what will you tell your children when you have them? >> mommy made a big mistake. >> reporter: since then, lewinsky spent time as a handbag designer, got a masters degree in social psychology and pursued a career in communications. lewinsky is not married or had children. and writes that she even had a hard time getting employment, although she said she turned down offers of millions of dollars sell her story. she said she stayed reclusive, especially after hillary clinton ran for president in 2008, for fear of becoming a political issue. but she says she will be reclusive no more. writing, it's time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress. she promises a media project in the future. to help victims of online harassment and humiliation.
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the clintons have had no comment on ms. lewinsky's article. it comes as hillary clinton is about to launch a media blitz of her own. she has a book coming out in june, followed by a series of national interviews, and a national book tour, that will look, george, a lot like the beginning of a presidential campaign. let's get to amy with the other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news. an fbi agent is under arrest in pakistan at this hour. the agent was detained at the airport in karachi while on assignment, after he was found to be carrying ammunition in what police are calling very sensitive material. no further details on what that material could be. and the agent remains in police custody. u.s. officials hoping to negotiate his release soon. and a security scare forced a lockdown at the white house. a car following the motorcade carrying the obama daughters made it through a security checkpoint on pennsylvania avenue. that vehicle quickly surrounded by secret service and swept for explosives.
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the driver, turns out, a long-time irs employee, apparently who got lost in traffic. he will be charged with unlawful entry. deadly clashes are erupting across eastern ukraine as the country inches closer to civil war. the white house is denouncing a referendum scheduled this weekend by pro-russia fighters who are demanding independence. u.s. officials accuse russia of sparking the violence and disrupting ukraine's upcoming presidential election. and on wall street, shares of twitter have dropped to an all-time low. the stock once at $75, has now plunged to $31. company insiders are allowed to sell shares for the first time. and there's concerns about a lack of new twitter followers. and the new wall street darling is alibaba. think of it as china's version of amazon but with bigger profits. its ipo could be historic. and as more people shop online, sears is preparing to close more stores. it's closed more than 300 since 2010.
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and a tense, four-hour police standoff in suburban san francisco, finally over, but the captured suspect isn't human. it's this mountain lion, walking streets and forcing police to evacuate a park. warning people to stay indoors. it was finally cornered in a parking garage under a van, where it was tranquilized. and finally, a chaotic commute in sacramento as a small dog was loose on the freeway. and police were chasing him. and chasing him, to no avail. and he is still on the run today. the small puppy. that is in stark contrast to the scene outside chicago, where a family of geese was crossing the highway. but they were happy to accept a police hand. look at that. safely made it to the other side. but animals running amok in suburbia. >> oh, my. >> the geese are stately. >> taking their time. ginger, stay right there. now, there's an alarming, new warning this morning about extreme weather across the u.s.
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a new report saying climate change is real. and it's having a huge impact on our lives right now. ginger, you had a chance to speak with the president about this yesterday. >> i did. and it was an honor to get in there and ask some questions. not only of him, but his staff, too. because it's a crucial time for the president. climate change is one of those issues that he promised to attack. to get something done now, it has to happen right now for the entire administration. and the report says, it needs to happen, too, for the planet. the extremes you see today. this is as close as we are going to get to this fire. will get even more extreme. that's the basis for the new national climate assessment report, released by the white house tuesday. a report president obama told me, we must act on. the new report, the climate situation we're in, seems pretty dire. what do you think you can get done in the next two years? >> the climate assessment that's been done over the course of four years, really establishes that climate change is already affecting americans, all across the country, in every region, in different ways.
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>> that's how the report is layed out. if you live in the northeast, the report says you'll see rising sea levels and a coast vulnerable to disastrous flooding. every street in atlantic city is almost underwater. southeast, facing sea level rise. >> the rain here is absolutely relentless. >> and for those in the southwest, drought and extreme heat, which could mean more intense wildfires. but the report isn't being celebrated by all scientists. >> the administration prefers to address climate change by imposing regulations to try to reduce carbon monoxide emissions. i don't think it's going to pay out again, because you're not going to see the effects. >> reporter: the president believes we should lead others around the globe. and i wanted to know if his legacy would include a decision on that controversial proposal to expand an oil pipeline from montana to louisiana. it's a project called keystone. >> keystone will probably not be
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the determinative factor. we have to increase the solar and wind power we're using and other renewables. this is not some far-away thing. we can do something about it. >> and the president had a question for me, which was kind of cool. as i was walking away, he wanted to know what was the worst storm i ever covered. my answer, hurricane katrina and sandy. and the other cool part is, i did get to meet the dogs inside. >> they're very well behaved. >> they are. they're so stoic. they're ready for pictures anytime. >> thank you, ginger. we're going to turn to oscar pistorius. more pressure for him this morning, after a new allegation that he made a, quote, sinister remark in the courtroom, to a friend of reeva steenkamp who testified against him. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: on trial for murdering his girlfriend, this morning, oscar pistorius is battling accusations that he snapped at her friend in court. on tuesday, kim myers, one of
7:15 am
reeva's closest friends, sitting front and center in the court, accused pistorius of confronting her. myers' attorney called the blade runner's tone sinister. reeva steenkamp lived at the myers house at the time of her death. and myers has been critical of pistorius. even speaking out after his arrest. >> we hope that justice will prevail. >> reporter: if it's true, it's the kind of remark that reeva complained about just weeks before he shot her in his bathroom last year. >> i'm scared of you sometimes and how you snap at me. >> reporter: pistorius who pleaded not guilty, flatly denied the incident, telling reporters he hasn't talked to myers in weeks. and no one but myers claims to have heard anything said to her. >> tensions are going to be high at any trial at this point. and you can see it from this accusation today that tensions are really starting to explode. >> reporter: tensions, perhaps heightened by pistorius' need to raise cash for miss legal fees. he put his house up for sale.
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the house where reeva died. it was sold tuesday at a discounted price. with the defense wrapping up its case, court sorts tell abc news, that a verdict is possible by the end of the month. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, pretoria, south africa. >> close to decision time. >> keeps going and going. many make that transition from the stage to the public office. and we have the story of one such person. >> i do. clay aiken, making headlines for his songs, his personal life and now a run at the united states congress. ♪ is it me you're looking for >> reporter: he was a memorable runner-up once before. ♪ i can tell you where i stand >> reporter: now, eight years after placing second on "american idol," clay aiken finds himself in a neck and neck fight to the finish, once again. >> a razor-thin margin. >> reporter: overnight, the 35-year-old who's running for a congressional seat in his home
7:17 am
state of north carolina, locked in a too close to call democratic battle. receiving 272 more votes than his opponent. abc news speak with aiken at the polls before the numbers came in. >> i'm used to putting myself in situation where's it relies on the public vote in some way. >> reporter: he was considered by many, the underdog. chr chrisco outspent him by nearly $500,000. >> you have a fund-raising base. >> reporter: if he does pull off this primary nail-biter, he has a tough battle ahead. facing republican congresswoman renee elmers in november. the favorite in the district. so, it's going to be tough. >> it is going to be tough, but for him to get this far is really something, his first time out. now, he has to go through a recount and general election. still has a way to go. >> surprising he's come this far. another check of the weather. the record heat going on, ginger. >> this is the third or fourth
7:18 am
day for a lot of folks for the record heat. so, yes, we can officially call it a heat wave. looking right there at oklahoma city to go to 93. omaha, the same number. and then, this will shift east. you will see a cold front slip through. abilene, some relief in sight. it will come with a price. that would be severe weather. anywhere from northeastern colorado, through minnesota and wisconsin, back from kansas, into texas, there's a potential for severe weather this afternoon and evening. you want to watch your local abc stations. you could see damaging winds, hail or an isolated tornado. i'll leave you with a look there.
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good wednesday morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. microclimate forecast, partly cloudy, seasonal temperatures and a little breezy this afternoon. chance of light showers tomorrow, above ample temperature saturday through tuesday. today 50s low 60s along the coast. mid 60s low 70s around the bay. low 70s inland. cloudy, milder tonighten upper 40s to 50s with drizzle top. >> the big question i have on the clay aiken thing, what does ruben studdard think? he's running, correct? >> let's find him. ginger, thanks. coming up, the first of the
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circus performers injured in the horrifying fall speaks to us in an abc news exclusive. answering, if she'll be going back in the air and whether she feels safe. also ahead, one of america's toughest new fitness crazes, tough mudder, now under fire. one mother claiming it killed her son. plus nba superstar, kevin durant's, emotional speech is going viral right now. who he says is the real mvp in his life. >> one of the best speeches i've heard of the year. and the hot actress who says eating clay is her secret to staying healthy. yes, i said, clay. >> we're going to get the details on that one. and early favorite for father of the year. meet the dad who built a roller coaster in his backyard. all it takes is a little advice and a lot of planning. a retirement income from pacific life can help you live comfortably after you stop working. for more than one hundred and forty five years, we've been helping people achieve long-term financial security.
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. good morning. i'm eric thomas. the plan is to release the 110-pound cat back into its
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natural habitat. in the east bay, an overnight high-speed police suit came to a violent end. it starded in concord when a 19-year-old driver in a stolen vehicle refused to stop, eventually went off the road on 680 in danville. the teen is in the hospital with major injuries. let's check the commute with leyla. >> we have an accident involving a hit-and-run it sounds like westbound side of highway 24 right past the caldecott. we are seeing some delays there. we do have one lane blocked and as we take a look at the san mateo bridge, a high wind advisory there, very busy from 880 up to the tolls and slow and go to the peninsula. eric? >> when we come back, meteorol
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good morning. if you're about to leave the house or go outside, mid-40s in the north bay, upper 40s to mid-50s for the rest of us. temperatures today under low clouds this morning, high clouds this afternoon. be about the same, up to 4 degrees warmer as you head through petaluma. double-header at the, 12:35, 62 warming up to 68, back down to about 62 by the end of the second game. accuweather seven-day forecast, chance of scattered light fly all over town to find the best deals. ots of ways to save. ots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. for mother's day weekend two pounds of driscoll's strawberries are just $3.99 moms love tulips. they're just $5.99 a bunch.
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you're looking at that heart-stopping video of the horrifying circus accident, plunging more than 30 feet to the ground, during a stunt that went terribly wrong. it's stunning that they all survived. >> thank goodness for that. one of the performers out of the hospital, speaking out with us in an abc news exclusive. we begin with the latest on the investigation. it's the heart-stopping moment when whimsy turned to terror. eight female acrobats hanging by their hair at the ringling brother circus performance on sunday. plunging 28 feet to the ground.
7:31 am
the chandelier crashing down on them. >> please enjoy the intermission at this time, while we situation ourselves during this accident. >> reporter: nearly 4,000 audience members, many of them children, watched in horror. all of the performers survived. samantha from illinois, seen here in the formation, has been with ringling brothers since 2012. the investigation into the failed clamp continues. and samantha joins us, now. good morning, samantha. first things first. how are you feeling the. >> i'm a little bit sore this morning. but overall, i'm feeling okay. >> what were your injuries? >> i got a couple small fractures on my spine, which i actually really can't feel. so, that's kind of nice. i got a cut on my head. i got three stitches. and i bit my tongue really hard when i came down. my tongue's kind of messed up. >> you sound okay.
7:32 am
how are your friends doing? >> they are all going to recover just fine. they're all being taken care of really well. but everyone, thankfully, is expected to fully recover, which we are all incredibly, incredibly happy about. everybody's been in such good spirits. so -- >> that is great news. take us back to that moment. any sense at all that day that something was wrong? >> absolutely not. we did our normal thing. it was just like a normal day. i mean, we've done this show hundreds of times. there's a big -- we go inside a big curtain that will eventually drop to reveal us hanging up there. all eight of us, hanging by our hair. we went in, got connected up. everything was just like any normal show. and -- >> the curtain went down. you all went down, too. >> the curtain went down. and we got to about the third,
7:33 am
like, position. hear a huge popping noise. and then, just plummet to the ground. >> the next thing you know you're on the ground. what did you see? what did you hear? what did you feel? >> once i caught my breath, i was actually -- i landed sitting up. and i was looking around, just to see if i could tell how the other girls were. the paramedics were like, you need to lay down right now. i said, i think i'm okay. no. just lay down. i laid down. >> what would you tell about the others? >> i was asking. is everybody alive? and they were able to tell me, yes, everybody is alive. everybody is conscious, which is incredible. i don't know how. somebody was watching over us, for sure. >> nothing like this has ever happened before, right? >> no. i mean, we've been practicing this act since last year. our troupe leader is huge on
7:34 am
safety. huge. like, that is his top priority. so, like, we all feel very safe with him. we feel very safe in the troupe. and personally, you know, i feel safe. >> it's surprising to most of us that the steel clasp would break but your hair would hold out. what is the secret to your strong hair? >> we have to take really, really good care of it. use really nice shampoo. take lots of vitamins. eat healthy. you have to have the right hair, the right thickness. the right strength. the big thing is, to take good care of it. you can't dye it. you can't use product in it. you can't blow dry it. you can't straighten it. it has to be just natural. >> you'll be going back in the air? >> yes. now, i mean, for now, it will be
7:35 am
a while. and it's not sure if, you know, any of us will be doing hair again. so, i will eventually, not sure when yet, eventually go back to the show. for the time being, i'm going to be staying here with all my girls. >> we're so glad you're doing better this morning. and please give our best to all of your girls. >> i will. i will visit them in a few hours. >> thanks a lot, samantha. >> thank you. >> it's amazing how well she's doing. >> it's great she's talking. hope they all make a full recovery. now, to the powerful speech this mother's day week from the nba new mvp. kevin durant of the oklahoma city thunder, taking twitter by storm with most of the hot-trending hash tags coast-to-coast were his emotional tribute to his team and his mom. take a look. >> you wake me up in the middle of the night in the summertimes.
7:36 am
make me run up the hill. making me do push-ups. screaming at me from the sideline at my games at 8 or 9 years old. we weren't supposed to be here. you made us believe. you kept us off the street. put clothes on our backs. food on the table. when you didn't eat, you made sure we ate. you went to sleep hungry. you sacrificed for us. you're the real mvp. [ applause ] >> a lot of people really moved by his speech. he thanked his teammates, by name, each one. his coaches, with such passion. but what he said about his mother, and not many people know. a couple times, he was almost quit basketball. >> and i love that combination of pushing hard but sacrificing for him. >> and he was aware of that as a
7:37 am
child. he and his brother. called her the real mvp. that's a great mother's day gift. >> i mean, i couldn't stop watching it. it was incredible. >> it was. and they're moving on. second round of the playoffs, too. hey, ginger. >> the thunder. the thunderstorms waking up folks in oklahoma, but in ann arbor, michigan. this camera from wxyz, our affiliate in southeastern michigan. rain showers and thunderstorms. but the warmer area is south. by tomorrow, you'll get into the warmer air in ohio, indiana and michigan. the northeast, we're staying on the cool side. and certainly cooler back out to the pacific northwest. in the 30s and 40s. good morning. i'm mike nicco. we have some low clouds this morning but we'll have high clouds and sunshine, temperatures pretty close to average this afternoon, from 59 at the coast to about 77 inland.
7:38 am
chance of some scattered light showers tomorrow, then warmer than average through the weekend. >> all right. this weather report all brought to you by claritin. and we want to say happy may. it's pollen time. as if you're not achooing all over the place. levels are high across the country this week. and tree pollen is kicking into high gear across the country. very concentrated, tree pollen, in utah. you want to check back next tuesday for the pollen report. >> you can just check my eyes. >> you look good. >> for all of those that are achooing. coming up, tough mudder. one of the toughest fitness crazes right now, under fire. why one mother says it killed her son. and one star says eating clay is her secret to staying healthy. woohoo!
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because change starts with us. we're back, now, at 7:42, with the tough mudder fitness craze. an oregon mother is suing for the downing death of her son on one of the courses. >> reporter: this morning, new questions about one of the fastest-growing competitions in the country is too dangerous. it's called tough mudder, an endurance competition with 35 events a year, and thousands of runners at each event. subjecting them to an obstacle course several miles long, that includes freezing water, electric shock and plenty of mud. the mother of 28-year-old avishek sengupta filed a lawsuit
7:44 am
against tough mudder and its sponsoring saying that tough mudder acted with gross negligence and indeference to the safety of its participants. and had improper staffing. sengupta died after participating in a tough mudder event in west virginia. after jumping from an obstacle called walk the plank. you can see sengupta jump from the ledge into the water and others jump right after him. but sengupta never emerged. >> he was underwater for 8 to 11 minutes. and by that time, the trauma that had been done to him underwater was too severe. >> reporter: is there real danger in these extreme obstacle sports? some experts say absolutely. >> you can't prepare for many of the obstacles. and that lack of training makes you more vulnerable. >> reporter: tough mudder and general mills declined to comment on the lawsuit. but tough mudder said the event, quote, was staffed with more than 75 a.l.s., e.m.t., paramedics, water rescue
7:45 am
technicians and emergency personnel. and sengupta's was the first fatality in the three-year history of the company. >> thank you, ryan. coming up, ricki lake is here live this morning. talking about her documentary about breast-feeding. and the early favorite for father of the year, the dad who built a rollercoaster in his backyard. at university of phoenix your education is built to help move your career forward. here's how: we work with leading employers to learn what you need to learn so classes impact your career. while helping ensure credits you've already earned pay off. and we have career planning tools to keep you on track every step of the way. plus the freshman fifteen, isn't really a thing here. and graduation, it's just the beginning. because we build education around where you want to go. so, you know, you can get the job you want. ready, let's get to work. ♪
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or you can go to t.j.maxx and you can have it all for up to 50% off department store prices. t.j. maxx. right then. here's "the play of the day." >> and just in time. all right. >> a dad in northern california is definitely in the running for father in the year, for building, a rollercoaster in his yard, for his little boy. this one, we had to see for ourselves. so, abc's nick watt went to check it out. ♪
7:50 am
>> reporter: will makes every other dad in the world look bad. >> bam. >> lyle asked me to build a backyard rollercoaster. and i said, yes. >> best dad ever. >> reporter: it's hand-powered. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: is it safe? >> depends on what you mean by safe. i'm just kidding. it is safe. >> we've had only one incident on it so far. >> will is responsible. he studied aeronautics in college. but he's not a professional here. it took him 300 hours to build and $3,500 in materials. >> when we built it, she was happy. >> reporter: this is now a
7:51 am
thing, the backyard rollercoaster. there are others on the internet. but none as fancy as will's. maybe he is the best dad ever. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i asked for a deck. >> he won't be best dad until he goes, depends on what you mean. >> so far, soo good. coming up, angelina jolie on marriage and movies. and jenny mccarthy is here live. stay with us.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. firefighters credit a 7-eleven clerk for calling 11. crews were called out to a two-story building on college avp near stuart street around 4:30 this morning. they quickly put the fire out. not so hot today. what's going on, mike? >> temperatures close to average but the winds will come back especially around sfo. weather weren'ting at the airport from 2:00 to 9:00 with wind gusts to 40 gusts. it will be choppy getting home on the ferry today. 60s and 70s.
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and angelina jolie opens up. what she's saying about brad, marriage and playing the villain in disney's "maleficent." and big screen star shailene woodley reveals how her natural life is keeping her red carpet ready. and why she says eating clay is one of the best things you can do for your body. and the recipe for getting what you want out of life. jenny mccarthy reveals why stirring the pot can lead to the life of your dreams, starting this morning. all that as blockbuster singer, sarah mclachlan is here. as we say --
8:01 am
>> good morning, america. a nice wednesday crowd out there in times square this morning. real happy. look who is inside right now. there she is, ricki lake. coming in right now to our times square studio. >> looking good. >> you look fantastic. >> it's great to see you guys. >> you are here to talk about your new documentary on breast-feeding. >> i hear it's making a stink already. that's what i do around here. first, it's birth. and now, the natural progression breast-feeding. >> such a buzzy topic. >> it's really unfortunate that our society does not embrace this natural process. >> we'll look forward to talking to you about that. you know, it's also rewind wednesday. >> oh, boy. >> we are going to go into the
8:02 am
tv vault. and looky what we found. ♪ i will survive as long as i know how to love ♪ >> this is torture. ♪ i got all my life to live >> the year was 1997. and you were the youngest ever daytime television host. >> that was the year i had my son, which is 17 years old. >> yeah. everyone feels like they date themselves when they look at me. i was way back when. i started that show at 24 years old. i'm 45 now. yes. >> oh, baby. great to have you here. >> my pleasure. we're going to get some news from amy. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the intense hunt for nearly 300 girls kidnapped from school in nigeria. even as the world watches, eight more girls have been taken allegedly by the same militant group.
8:03 am
president obama is promising the u.s. will do everything it can to help. the u.s. is on the ground using expertise from the military and fbi to find those girls. and two of the three women who spent more than a decade in a cleveland house of horrors have made an appearance. gina dejesus and amanda berry were at a ceremony last night. berry broke down while thinking the national center for missing and exploited children. >> i can say only one thing, it would be this. never give up hope because miracles do happen. >> earlier, they both met with president obama and vice president biden. today, president obama will tour the devastation left behind by that tornado that killed 15 people in arkansas last month. a record crowd turned out for a charity baseball game in little rock, to help tornado victims. raising more than $100,000. well, teens at a california high school are under investigation, accused of running a draft for prom dates.
8:04 am
boys allegedly ranked girls and sold what amounted for first round drafts for prom dates. one student paid to boost his chances. the principal has threatened to cancel prom altogether. a parking enforcement officer is accused of stealing $89,000 from local parking meters over a five-year period. that's 350,000 quarters. he was arrested after allegedly making a deposit at his bank. finally, this may be the worst attempt ever to pull out of a parking space. it starts pretty badly. it quickly goes from bad to worse. the guy in the honda crv, near pittsburgh, turned sideways in this massive parking spot, by the way. he hits the suv behind him, denting it. he tried to leave.
8:05 am
he eventually waited for police to come. let's hope they took away his driver's license. how could he mess that up? >> it's not like he didn't have enough space. >> he had huge space. let's keep him far away from new york city. >> amy, thank you. "pop news" is coming up. let's get some weather from ginger. >> we have a great group of students here from new york city. they want to skype with pope francis. if he's watching, that's all they want. let's talk about the forecast. we have much-needed rain coming along the cold front with storms for areas like oklahoma, parts of texas, all the way into arkansas. some of it could come tool fast, too quickly, and too much. you have to watch out for some flooding potential. but along with that will come the warm-up on the northeastern side. we'll only be in the low 50s or 60s. the warm front, through there. not here yet. boston warms into the 70s.
8:06 am
good wednesday morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. microclimate forecast, partly cloudy, seasonal temperatures and a little breezy this afternoon. chance of light showers tomorrow, above ample temperature saturday through tuesday. today 50s low 60s along the coast. mid 60s low 70s around the bay. low 70s inland. cloudy, milder tonighten upper 40s to 50s with drizzle top. >> this is a last-minute sign. it looks very nice. you did. good morning, america. good morning, lara. >> the message loud and clear. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the new study revealing how men really feel about women and makeup. and shailene woodley is sharing her health secret. she says she eats clay every
8:07 am
day. and angelina jolie is opening up about life with brad and working with their daughter in "maleficent." all that and more coming up on "good morning america," here in times square.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
this is a maid of honor who took her wedding responsibilities to new heights. kelly, turning the traditional toast into an epic rap to the tune of, yes, "ice, ice baby." she rehearsed that special rendition for five months to help her best friend, emily's, wedding day go great. >> what a great friend. >> very talented. >> she has skills. let's do some "pop news" shall we? leo dicaprio has just bought a $10 million apartment in greenwich village. it's a green building. it's stocked with vitamin c-infused showers. circulating aroam therapy air. heat reflexology flooring. and a dawn simulator. it's a lighting system that you set the sun to rise according to your body's rhythm. when you're a big star, you
8:13 am
don't need to go outside to get the sun. the sun comes to you. >> it amazed that all those things exist. i didn't even know. >> who knew? >> it's very "great gatsby." infused water. that's why he looks so good. also in "pop news," a new study shows that putting on your face, as my grandmother used to say, may not be the way to attract a man. according to research, at bangor university and aberdeen university, men prefer women who wear less makeup. george is nodding. men and women prefer images wearing 40% less makeup than them with it on full face. women put on makeup for a perceived standard of beauty that may not exist. what do you guys think? >> i'm all for that. >> when we're not on tv, we don't look like this. >> we're wearing tons, right now. >> neither does george.
8:14 am
he doesn't look like this, either. it's true. it's perceived to be beauty. >> like my grandmother would say, have to put on my face. have to go powder my nose. >> going to get the mail. just put on a little red lipstick. >> for the mail? the mailman. oh. finally in "pop news" this morning, be ready for snack time. i know jess, buster and elmo are. take a look. so, there they are. their owners, treating them each to a sausage link. making sure they have good manners. >> wow. >> okay. we discovered that two of them do. because -- >> oh. >> the owner posted that on youtube this week. >> that's great. >> she said that right after that video, she chased elmo and got the sausages back. >> it's always the little ones.
8:15 am
jess and buster are so docile. >> i know. >> they didn't get a treat. >> their faces watching him. >> that was great. at the top of our "heat index," this morning, shailene woodley, a rising star, has a different approach to staying healthy. she told david letterman that one of her secrets is eating clay. "nightline's" juju chang here to explain. hey, juju. >> reporter: hey, george. eating clay is right. shailene's secret is generating heat in the blogosphere. from concern to snarky skepticism. plenty of people believe eating clay could have some benefits. but should we all be dishing dirt? >> unreal. >> reporter: shailene woodley is enjoying a career high, playing a fierce and feisty action hero, who is considered divergent for being an independent thinker. so, perhaps it's fitting that
8:16 am
this morning, she's making waves for what he says is her secret to staying healthy. >> you eat clay? >> i do eat clay. >> reporter: admitting to david letterman an all-natural approach to her diet. >> clay blinds to other material in your body and helps your body expel those materials that aren't the best for you. >> i get my clay when i'm ready. >> brushing your teeth with clay. >> that's not a problem. >> reporter: it's not unheard of. eating clay is a tradition, practiced all over the world. and some doctors say consuming it in moderation may help with things like digestive issues and anemia. >> pregnant women will eat clay to soothe their stomach and to get nutrients. >> reporter: this isn't something you dig up in your backyard. in companies specialize in
8:17 am
making a safe and edible product. but some medical professionals worry about potential harm to the body. >> even if it's been processed to be acceptable, it is still clay. it is still dirt from the ground. can you consistently insure that the safety is there? >> reporter: but woodley isn't the ly one. karen atkins started incorporating clay into her diet years ago. >> i kind of had the same reaction that a lot of people have. this does look like dirt. >> reporter: atkins says she starts her day by taking a sip of a mixture of clay and water for breakfast. >> i've noticed a huge change in my energy level and digestion. and a general increase in my immune system. i don't get sick as much. >> reporter: just two of many who are taking the concept of eating organic to new ground. using something that's right beneath our feet. doctors and anthropologists have studied the practice for decades. and the research is still very much mixed. but it's so unorthodox. the fear is that clay products are unregulated.
8:18 am
the health claims, the dosage, the marketing, all of it is tough to evaluate. >> let's talk about the taste. that tastes like, dirt, perhaps. >> all right, juju. >> glad it works for her. i'd be curious to have some. >> glad you didn't bring us a sample. >> that would have been fun. >> greet to see you. thank you. also heating up the index, angelina jolie. opening up in an "elle" magazine cover story. talking about everything from her relationship with brad pitt to her new movie. bianna golodryga has a first look. >> reporter: in her upcoming film, angelina jolie is transformed into the severe and devinely deviant maleficent. but in next month's issue of "elle," she appears relaxed and down to earth in the cover story. modeling st. laurent in a black and white fashion feature.
8:19 am
she also opens up about mothering six kids, wife with brad pitt and wedding plans. >> she is very devoted to her family. to her six children. and to her work. >> reporter: it's a life that jolie says she never expected for herself. having come from a broken home, you kind of expect that certain things feel like a fairy tale. and you just don't look at them. about her evolution of the eight-year relationship with brad pitt, you challenge each other. and you complement each other. drive each other beautifully crazy. after all these years, we have a history. when you have history, you're friends in a real deep way. even though jolie hasn't appeared on the silver screen since 2010, another "maleficent" actress is getting a lot of attention. vivian jolie pitt, in the role of aurora. they needed to child who wouldn't be phased by the mistress of all evil. and my little vivian, we call
8:20 am
her my shadow because there's nothing i can do to shake her. the movie includes cameos by her other children. we were so stressed, we never want to do it again. she is living a life in full, on-screen and off. for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> so looking forward to the new movie, produced by a division of our parent company, disney. and the issue of "elle," hits newsstands may 20th. opening up like that. >> beautiful people. >> and i know i'll be in that movie theater. >> with the kids. >> definitely. well, speaking of kids, breast-feeding has become such a heated topic of discussion these days. and ricki lake is here to talk about a brand-new documentary she executive produced called "breastmilk." exploring the ongoing war in the
8:21 am
mommy world. there's ricki right now. let's take a look at the film and the issue at hand. just the word breast-feeding sparks debate. and it's not as easy as it seems. >> i went into a panic about not being able to produce enough milk. >> while most of us want to breast-feed and most of us are trying to do the right thing, it is still quite hard. >> reporter: in the documentary, women in their own words, speak out about their triumphs and hardships, like new mom, colleen. >> my husband and i are both biologists and breast-feeding is what you should do. >> reporter: two weeks in, she admits that mom and baby are having some trouble. >> i haven't enjoyed the experience of breast-feeding. i was very optimistic. i was very naive. >> reporter: this dad admits that public breast-feeding makes him uncomfortable. >> i'm a shy person. so, therefore, i get shy around people that are exposed. >> i think it's a reality check for our country, what women have
8:22 am
to go through. and what kind of families we have. >> we are happy to welcome ricki lake. >> it's like coming home. i watch you every morning. i'm so inspired by you. it's great to see you. >> you had such success, producing "the business of being born," which focused on home birthing. this seemed like the natural progression. >> this is about choice. and this is also the same thing. we are not telling woman you need to breast-feed. we want to give people the options, the information. we want women to make an empowered choice, an informed choice. >> and people feel pressure. >> why is that? you look at other societies where it's the norm. it's the norm to breast-feed in public. and it's really a shame. this film is really expose about how hard it is, the struggles, the triumphs and all that is
8:23 am
included in breast-feeding. >> it remains such a hot hoff butter issue. and people want to know why. >> i think it's such an -- it's such an amazing opportunity for a mother to bond with her baby. it's wonderful if you can do it. my baby was able to breast-feed. and at the time, my doctor said, are you planning to breast-feed? i had no idea. you had struggled a little bit. >> i had major struggles. before i had a lactation coming over. you look at the average woman. 85% of women leave the hospital breast-feeding. and then, it drops off to about a third. it's really about supporting women in their desire.
8:24 am
and it's about the workplace, as well. and pumping is really hard. it's about choice and education and support. >> getting the message out. and you're holding community screenings. >> it's amazing. it's a beautiful film. but it's only going to run in a few cities. it's really about the community coming together. "business of being born" had community screenings all over the world. it's been successful. and it's bringing the community together so those women in their hometowns can support each other. >> we have a big social square where we have questions coming in. so, on facebook, we have jackie asking -- what's the biggest barrier to normalizing breast-feeding in this country and breaking down the walls of this taboo? >> it's like starting a conversation like this film. it's putting iout there and without judgment. in the hospital, they want you
8:25 am
breast-feed. but they shove a bottle of formula at you as you leave the hospital. but it's about everyone coming together to support the woman's choice. >> someone at home right now, about to have a baby, what's your takeaway? what do you tell them? >> i honor that mother. that mother has instincts. and i think her desires need to be heard, whether it's in a hospital system or her family. i get chills because it's such a precious and miraculous time. and i never get sick of hearing birth stories. and people come up to me and tell me -- and i love that i get to be an advocate for women and babies. and i honor them. without judgment, support whatever choice they make. >> without judgment. >> love watching on "dancing with the stars." i want to switch gears right at the end. what do you think about this season? who is going to win? >> i've been watching. i'm a die-hard fan. i had the best -- i remember coming here two years ago. derek is my favorite. i think he's a genius. he's one of the most talented
8:26 am
people i've ever worked with in my life. i think maks and the ice skater. she does. amy purdy is so inspiring. i love the show so much. >> ricki lake, thank you so much. "breastmilk" opens today in select theaters. >> thank you. thank you.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. game wardens safely tranquilized a mountain lion after it was cornered in a parking garage at an apartment complex last night. the plan is to release the 110-pound cat back into its natural habitat. in the east bay, an overnight police pursuit came to a violent end. it started in concord when a 19-year-old driver in a stolen vehicle refused to stop, went off the road on 680 near danville. he is in the hospital with major injuries. hopefully folks are driving safely, leyla. >> yes, indeed, and all lanes have reopened. to take you into sunol, we have this accident eastbound 808
8:28 am
coming up to sue know valley road. which can out the westbound traffic. it is packed out there. how is the altamont pass doing? not so hot. tracy to dublin, more than an hour. 101 is busy. kristen. >> we'll check out your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco right after this.
8:29 am
good morning. temperatures off their morning lows from 49 in san rafael to 59 in antioch. a few low clouds on our kgo
8:30 am
camera from our roof, but we'll have high clouds this afternoon, temperatures about the same if not a little warmer than yesterday. your accuweather seven-day forecast, scattered light rain ♪ a few selfies with jenny mccarthy out here in times square. she's having fun with the crowd. she's going to be talking about her new book, "living the life of your dreams." and miranda lambert, an exclusive announcement. miranda and carrie underwood will perform together, which will be amazing, at the 2014 billboard music awards. may 18th, right here on abc. and you can catch miranda lambert here life. and i sat down with michael sam the nfl draft is tomorrow.
8:31 am
he is hoping to be the first openly-gay player in the league. it's a big conversation. and he has a big honor coming his way. and i love to come outside. you get t-shirts. i hope you get to skype with the pope. >> we want to skype with him, too. >> we have nurses week. just great to have everybody here in times square. >> hugh jackman and the cast of the new "x men" movie is here. a lot of star power on thursday. now, inside to lara. >> thank you, everybody. jenny mccarthy, co-host of "the view," and best-selling author. she has a new book called "stirring the pot." and she talks about having so much more including headlines that you've been making. good morning, jenny. >> good morning, to you.
8:32 am
and you wrongly branded as anti-vaccine. for those who haven't read this, where did this perception come from? >> i think people not doing their own critical thinking. i think people should do this own thing. everything i believe in is in that piece. in that piece, you talk about the act that many people think in black and white. but you're not the way that operates like that. you're a gray thinker. >> everyone asking questions. but i'm not against them. "stirring the pot," it's something you believe in. i love life as a recipe. >> and i thought ingredients make the perfect feel. wouldn't it be great to get
8:33 am
ingredients to get what you want out of life. my career and love life, and health and criticism. the reason i'm able to be here now and be happy because i followed these simple rules. and i put them together in a book, that's also humorous. but really has great tools on how to get what you want out of life. >> how is the recipe -- the recipe is the universe i look at like a water or pwaitress. as soon as you get specific, it's like the dreams come true. and another one i talk about, is fear. a lot of girlfriend are scared to get out of relationships. scared to move to another job. once you face your fear and run towards it, instead of moving
8:34 am
away from it, imagine the things i want to move forward. >> you weren't afraid to run toward donnie wahlberg. >> thank you very much. >> talk about putting something out there. >> i did a year. and i did the waiter thing to the universe. and i said this is what i want in a man. and there he came. and it's true. everything that's happened to me this year has really been off of the tools i've used over all these self-help books and i put into the inspiring book. >> you're almost through with your first year on "the view." >> i know. >> you said you love it. and the wonderful barbara walters. >> can i tell you the greatest thing ever. i said, barbara, i'm stealing all of your gets.
8:35 am
how do you get someone to answer a question that doesn't want to answer it? and she said, you haven't answered my question yet. but "the view" is another thing i put on that wish list and said, i deserve this in my life. and i hope people take away from this book. and you are in charge of your own destiny. >> what a gift to have barbara walters. >> right? >> to have her as a big sister. >> a mentor. i have been making notes. i'm going to miss her. i will be the first one with waterworks. we wouldn't be here, unless it was for people like her. >> i have to get to a question that has been pouring in.
8:36 am
kristen asks, were you a new kids on the black fan before you met donnie. >> my sister was into them. but he's on tour in europe. and i miss him very much. >> congratulations on your wedding. on "the view" and your book. you can catch jenny weekdays on "the view." right now, we're going out to ginger and a final look at the weather. >> thank you so much. we're getting into the weather forecast. i wanted to learn something. we have ladies from cincinnati. instead of playing "name that cloud," we'll play name that weather. look at the screen. and you have choices. a or b. it looks like a rainbow. do you think it's a circumstance m horizontal arc.
8:37 am
or sundog. >> we would say sundog. >> we'll go to the answer after the break. let's check the forecast. that would be a severe weather potential, back into northeastern colorado. and another segment from wichita, down into texas. so, you could see some spring good morning. i'm mike nicco. we have some low clouds this morning but we'll have high clouds and sunshine, temperatures pretty close to average this afternoon, from 59 at the coast to about 77 inland. chance of some scattered light showers tomorrow, then warmer than average through the weekend. >> and the answer is, circumhorizontal arc. not the sundog. you have to share that. all that weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. and may is foster care awareness
8:38 am
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back here, live, in times square. michael sam is used to taking headlines on the football field. the s.e.c. defensive player of the year at mizzou. when he came out in february, he made history. and with the nfl draft tomorrow, he's hoping to become the first openly-gay football player. i had a chance to talk to him
8:42 am
about his coming out and the possibility of playing in the nfl. so good to have you here, michael. >> thank you, robin. >> thursday, draft day. how long have you been thinking about that? >> i've been thinking about this moment since junior year of college. it's a very nervous time and exciting time. i'm ready for it. >> nervous and exciting, all at the same time. those are good emotions to have. >> this whole process is just amazing. i'm glad to be a part of it. >> mow important was it for you to make the statement that you did, that you're a proud, openly gay man, before the draft? >> i came out to my team during camp. and they didn't have a problem with it. they helped me. i gave it all to those guys. and the end, that was amazing.
8:43 am
>> in m, they took the "m" from missouri and spelled sam. >> when i saw that, i had tears in my eyes. >> defensive player of the year in the s.e.c. how does that translate into the nfl franks? >> the coaches know i'm a great football player. where i go, it doesn't matter. as long as i get to put a jersey, that's going to make me happy. >> this big honor in july, arthur ashe award for courage. >> yes. >> what does that say to you? >> it's a great honor to be presented this award. it's a great on honor. you yourself won this last year. >> thank you. >> i came out and was the first
8:44 am
one to do it, i think shock can be a beacon for others. when young athletes maybe gay or maybe not. and i think i can be a beacon for those people. i can be comfortable in my own skin and be like michael sam. >> was deion sanders on point with his statement that all locker rooms, high school and the professional leagues are occupied by players that are afraid to come out? >> on the night of my announcement, i got messages for college and nfl players in a sport industry. about how courageous i was. they themselves are closeted homosexuals. i'm not the only one. there's a lot of us. >> you heard from some. >> i heard from a good portion of them. >> what do you want people to know, on the eve of the nfl
8:45 am
draft? i'm here to stay. i'm not going anywhere. i want to thank everyone for their support. and it's okay if uruguay. if someone disowned you, you can be a part of my family. i accept you. >> that's beautiful. hey, ikele sam, thank you for being who you are. i'll see you at the espys. >> yes, ma'am. >> and kudos to his university, missouri. he told his team last year before he went public. they voted him mvp. >> wasn't a big deal at all for him. >>
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're joined by multigrammy-winning singer/songwriter, sara mclaughlin. she's here to perform a brand-new track from her eighth album, "shine on." we're looking forward to talking to you first. you say this album is more hopeful. and its message is about shining on. tell me what inspired you. >> well, i'm 46. in the past six years, huge changes in my life. i lost my husband. i separated from my father. and there's a huge shift of anchors and say what is the rest of my life going to look like? do i want to be complacent? or do i want to shine? >> you're the proud mom of two daughters. almost 7 and 12. and the song year about to hear,
8:49 am
"beautiful girl" was inspired by them. >> it's about unconditional love. the trials and tribulations for it. >> one of your fans is requesting, when are you on tour again. >> on the 20th of june in seattle and heading across the weekt and all across america. her album "shine on" is in stores now. and performing "beautiful girl," sarah mclachlan. each and every drought ends in the river ♪
8:50 am
♪ if i were a be awash in rain ♪ ♪ to cool your fire cool your fire ♪ ♪ there could be winds of change in my auburn hair ♪ ♪ but i'll tie it back for you ♪ and when the bitter breeze carries the trace of tear ♪ ♪ we'll preserve some how ♪ ♪ we're gonna push on through pretty girl ♪ ♪ just like we always do beautiful girl ♪ ♪ i know the world can be cruel,
8:51 am
pretty girl ♪ ♪ you're gonna make it 'cause you've got love on your side ♪ ♪ the truth of letting go lies in the answer ♪ ♪ that when the storm subsides i'll still be there to hold you ♪ ♪ there's beauty in your violence and the dissonant melody i hear you sing oh, i love to hear you sing ♪ ♪ there could be winds of change in my auburn hair ♪ ♪ but i'll tie it back for now ♪ and when the bitter breeze carries a trace of fear ♪
8:52 am
♪ we'll preserve somehow snooet we're going to push on through pretty girl ♪ ♪ just like we always do, beautiful girl ♪ ♪ i know the world can be cruel, pretty girl ♪ ♪ you're gone that make it 'cause you got love on your side ♪ ♪ pretty girl ♪ one thing that i know is it will get better ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
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that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. we have a special guest. i shouldn't say little. a special guest for tonight. the nfl draft tomorrow. your mom, susie.
8:56 am
going to be part of "gma live!" coming up now. >> very excited. >> looking forward to talking to you on "gma live!" in a little bit. >> show yourself. >> thank you so much for watching, everybody. we're always online at on yahoo! we'll see you tomorrow. >> good-bye.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. doctors medical center in san pablo is a step closer to shut do you think. voters rejected a mail-in partial tax measure to fund the hospital. 52% voted to support the tax but it needed two-thirds to pass. meteorologist mike nicco, are we any warmer today than yesterday? >> by a couple degrees. still breezy this afternoon. good morning, everybody. we have an airport weather warning 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. today for west winds gusting up to 40 knots. it will be choppy on the bay waters getting home this afternoon. 60s and 70s for the highs today. accuweather seven-day forecast, a chance of scattered light rain tomorrow, warm for mother's day. leyla? accident in the east bay eastbound on 580 as you come up to central. that's where we have a motorcycle accident blocking one
9:00 am
lane. west bound along 80 we have another accident slow and go to the north bay. kristen? >> thanks, leyla. join us for the midday news announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, host and author, jenny mccarthy. and "moms week" continues in the kitchen with a recipe from michael's mom. plus, mkto perform their big hit, "classic." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: what's going on back there? ♪


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