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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 31, 2014 1:07am-1:31am PDT

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happening in the east bay.
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bart service has been interrupted after a train hit a person on the tracks near the west oakland bart station. they say that person has died. >> this is the crowd of people waiting near the embarcadero in san francisco. emergency crews are responding. stay tuned for updates on the shutdown and you can follow-up on our twitter feed abc7 news bay area. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. our other top story, a third grader beaten with a hammer in a local school restroom. the woman police say is responsible? another child's mother. >> and police say an old grudge may have been what fuelled the attack. alan wang is live in children's hospital in oakland where the girl was taken. alan, how is she doing? >> dan and ama, the 9-year-old girl was taken to the er here, and we are told her injuries are not serious. the school district says she may have had an argument with that woman's daughter, but the
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motive behind the attack goes much deeper than that. >> parents at laugh lafayette elementary school are finding out a mother attacked a girl with a hammer at 10:30 in the morning. >> that's very scary. i would have taken my daughter out right away. that's scary. >> but the oakland school district officials say the woman concealed their hammer until they lured the third grader into the restroom and struck her several times. she was taken to hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> the child was conscious during this pros vees and in remarkably good spirits. >> the school district identifies the woman as a well-known volunteer at the school. they are new immigrants from yemen. >> there is some sort of family food and it was perpetrated as one of
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vengeance. >> they are now in the alameda county jail facing charges of assault and a deadly weapon. in eke on land, alan wang, abc7 news. family of an oakland stuart is filing a lawsuit after he was attacked by a security guard. sursurveillance video shows the guard hitting francisco martinez who has care balance palsy and then throwing him to the floor. the guard has since been fired and has been charged with felony corporal injury to a child. students passed a petition to get mitchell rehired. they say he was provoked after the teenager spit in his face. >> he was brought out of his character. >> he was not supposed to snap. i was brutalized and thrown on the floor with his knee on on my neck. >> the adult has the higher responsibility and obligation to act maturely and exercise restraint. >> martinez told us he had to
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return to the hospital last night for headaches and some back pain. a father in richmond was arrested on suspicion he attacked a special needs child on a bus. police say he went after an 11-year-old boy yesterday who may have been picking on his 9-year-old son. both are special needs kids at wilson elementary. the bus driver intervened. the 11-year-old had been scratched, but did not need any kind of medical care. hurd faces a felony charge. >> the medical marijuana dispense res are of onerring a discount on -- dispense res are offering a discount on pot. all club employeesees are handing out a list of candidates. some of the candidate listed report eager to embrace the support. david cortezi wouldn't comment. he did say the city needs to adopt workable rules for marijuana use. developing news, federal investigators havehey call a ma what they call a major insider
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trading probe involving activists investor carl icon and phil mickelson. there was suspicious trading in clorox. the fbi and the sec want to know whether icon told a well-known vegas gambler insider information about a bid to buy clorox and if walters passed it on to mickelson. they say they are unaware of any investigation. the money drops are growing and so are the crowds. the hidden cash phenomenon that invaded california and now thousands are following the mysterious donor on twitter. this is video from tonight. hundreds of people swarmed a los angeles park hoping 20* find some money in an envelope. now the promise that tomorrow's drops will be the biggest scavenger hunt in l.a. history all along a a stretch of beach. the police are monitoring social media. they worry the large crowds could turn rowdy.
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well this is the last weekend to take in a san francisco landmark. for 17 years furniture has crawled out of the vai president cay hugo hotel at 6th and howard. on tuesday it comes down. tiffany wilson explains why. >> what started as a six-month exhibit stretched into 17 years of furniture dangling, drooping and dancing across the hugo hotel. >> he says it is says it is a lk more than a hundred volunteers helped with the installation in 1997 and more recently the community came together to try and save it. on tuesday this tub will land on solid ground. >> i am a little sad and i wish that it could remain longer.
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>> it will make way for new, affordable housing. the decision has split the maybe. >> the building itself is an eyesore. >> varnished fine art is selling the sculptures. >> the prices range from $sift fix for a -- $650 for a lamp and a working lamp to $35,000 for the crane and clack. >> they call it a priceless space. >> i think it will be a sad thing to see it go. >> it is your chance to say goodbye. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> tonight we have an update on east bay elementary students we interviewed eight years ago. in 2007 they were fourth graders . the school hasis emphasis of college prep with almost all minority students and most are at or near the poverty line. in june the students who attended the school will be the first to graduate high school. a goal that was put in their
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heads from day one. >> i want to be a doctor. >> do you know what college you want to go to? >> berkeley. >> we are graduating to go to college. my parents are proud of me. >> they should be proud. claudia actually picked uc santa cruz and joined dozens of graduating seniors to share their choices at a special gala. they celebrated the soon to be grads and the school'san a versr an a verse re. tory frthey watched the story fm eight years ago to show how far these kids have come. >> this and a dream come true for us. once they go to college and graduate from college, that will have generational change across our community. >> in 2007, the principal david silver said he would do anything to help get his kids to college which included dancing on the roof as a reward for reading. there he was cutting the rug. >> good moves.
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next on abc7 news, the controversial diaper commercial that some are calling sexually suggestive. >> and can those healthy diets like juicing and palio be helpful? >> and changing the logo for the big game. why the super bowl stadium may look different. >> and life is rough when you are a bear. this guy was taking time out to hibernate. >> i'm stand yaw patel. here is how your mornings are going to start out with shades of gray and spotty drizzle. how the rest of the weekend is shaping up. >> here i what we sample of whae have in store for you tonight. >> ashton kutcher needs to get hit by a bus asap.
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news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. eating disorders can be disguised as healthy eating. there are posts about so-called clean diets. therapists say the diets can lead some people to an unhealthy obsession. abc7 news an a customer kristen sze has the story. >> reporter: alicia now enjoys making lunch and spending time with her dad in their northeast fresno home. for years the 25-year-old fresno state student dreaded meal time because of her eating disorder. alicia wasn't eating bad food or not eating at all. she was eating too much good
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food. >> i used to obsess about food and what i was making and what i was eating basically all day. it consumed me. i cooperate focus on work or -- i couldn't focus on work or school. >> she suffers from orthorexia an extreme fixation on eating healthy food and having a clean diet. it started at the age of 11 after a childhood trauma. >> it is more than about the food jie. they are seeing a rise in orthorexia and at the same time trendy diets focus on eating rights, diets like juicing, the palio do yet and the raw food diet, no fat and gmo free diet have driven up the demand for organic food. >> we live in a culture that really is focused right now on even eating healthy and eating right and eating the right kinds of foods. that's great and there is nothing were that on the surface. when it becomes unhealthy
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physically for somebody, that's dangerous. >> licensed therapist at the fresno office says many times family member rtz first to call for help for a loved one who shows signs of orthorexia. >> they are dropping ought lot of weight and cutting out food groups and refusing to any anywhere except at home with fad they cooked. >> orthorexia can lead to malnutrition and heart problems and self-esteem is often tied to the disorder. >> you notice they beat themselves up if they eat anything that they deem to not be pure healthy. >> some organic store owners believe it may turn people away from healthy eating, but experts say many orthorexics eliminate one or more of the food groups even if they are organic and lead to extreme eating habits. >> it is about eating a balanced diet and making sure
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you have the correct proportions of food throughout the day. >> alicia can do that now after finding she needed help. >> she continues her therapy and it helped her return to more balanced eating habits. >> now i i can go and enjoy everything in moderation. >> a healthier outlook on life and not just what is on her plate. >> a new ad campaign for diapers is being criticized for being too sexual. look at this. this is the ad for the denim diapers in israel. some compare it to hyper 6 liesed clothing ads with adult super mod 2ke8s. models. the ad has not run in the united states. a bear in florida proved hammocks are comfortable no matter how hairy you might be. a man in daytona beach snapped
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these pictures of a black bear that came out of the woods near his home. the bury laxing -- bear relaxing in the hammock and then oralling up for a -- and then curling up in a relaxing pose and then just walked away. >> that's what i'm doing. >> the weather sounds nice. sandhya patel is here with that. >> it will be nice, dan and ama. if you are chilling like the bear especially near the coast that's where you will find the coolest weather. right now speaking of the coast, live doppler 7hd tracking low clouds and fog right there and also in over the bay. san jose is already reporting partly cloudy skies. the roof cam is showing you the view and looking toward the embarcadero. it is still breezy in some areas. it is the sea breeze and the deepening drne layer that drove the temperatures down. take a a look at the high temperatures today compared to
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yesterday. it was a significant drop. santa rosa went from 83 to 71 and 12 dries cooler. san francisco a 14-degree drop. oakland was down 17 and only 63 after a high of 80. san jose dropped 14 degrees coming in at 69 this afternoon. here is a view from our exploratorium camera. we will see this first thing tomorrow morning. low clouds. 53 in san francisco and mid50s oakland. half moon bay and morgan hill. here is a view from the emeryville camera. this pretty much tells you we have a strong marine influence. santa rosa and napa in the mid50s. sfo has been on delays due to the lieu ceiling and -- the low ceiling and that will be a problem again tomorrow. low clouds and fog. warmer inland and cooling again early next week. when i say warmer and cooler we are really talking about minor changes.
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we have a minor dip. here is what will happen. tonight we are expecting a pretty good push into the valleys by morning. spotty drizzle is possible tomorrow morning. don't be surprised if you have to use your wipers. if you step out and are driving out for your early plans mid40s to mid50s dress warmly. it is going to be cool out there. and then the clouds do peel away from our bay and inland communities. it will be a nice sunny one. 50s coast side. the fog will linger well into the afternoon that's where the temperatures will be upper 50s and low 60s. out toward livermore and antioch low 80s. 79 santa rosa and 62 for you in san francisco. if you are going to the greek festival this weekend the weather looks fantastic. it will be mild and sunny. make sure you have your sunscreen and if you are going to the a's game tomorrow night, low 60s and getting breezy and cloudy. mid50s by 10:00 p.m.
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you will need a sweatshirt. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. warmer inland on sunday and then only to see a rebound close to 90 inland by friday. i wouldn't call that june gloom by friday. we will have to wait. >> the summer sizzle. thanks very much. when the super bowl comes to levi stadium in 2016 it may come without the roman numeral for 50 which is an l. the bay area super bowl committee says it wants to ditch the l and go with the typical 5-z for the logo. 5-o. some say they want to ditch it because l stands for loser or loss or on you about levi? >> you can tell this will be a huge scandal. >> so when people see me in the street and they go like this -- >> they are not talking about super bowl. >> it is not hey, larry.
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it is not for larry? >> at least it is not in three-d. in sports, this was josh donaldson head on nigh stick night which we all enjoy. and the real josh donaldson
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