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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 15, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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for up to 50% off department store prices. t.j. maxx. good morning, america. breaking overnight -- misfire! grade school children injured after a cannon creates a fiery explosion at a parade. >> you could see the kids off to the side, on fire. >> what went wrong here? caught on camera. midair meltdown. a passenger loses it on a cross-country flight, terrifying other passengers. >> [ bleep ]. all of a sudden, this guy who was sleeping, woke up and started flipping out. >> what the pilot decided to do next and why this is happening more often these days. ready for action. on the eve of their first world cup match, we go behind the scenes with team usa, the insane travel schedule, and what it's like to be playing in the so-called "group of death."
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and show me the money. the mad dash to find hidden cash spreads across the country, and it's even going global. the frenzy, the clues and the way people are paying it forward. good morning, everybody. bianna and sara are off this weekend. we're very happy to have rebecca jarvis and rachel smith with us. classing up the desk on a sunday morning. we want to wish a very happy father's day. we asked you to send us your favorite father's day pictures. we got a great response from all of you, including a special entry, from a guy you may have heard of, his name is ron claiborne. there he is right there and his dad, earl. >> he passed away, it's coming up on 20 years. i miss him every day, really. a great guy.
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>> well, if he raised you, he's definitely a great guy. >> thank you. >> thinking of earl and all of the dads out there. happy father's day to all of you. and we have a special edition of our "gma" mom testers segment, in honor of those dads, this time it's the dads putting those as-seen-on-tv products through their paces, including something called the bacon bowl, which seems great for dads. >> i find the idea extremely compelling. we're going to start here with a parental nightmare, three kids at a father's day weekend parade, catching fire at a mishap involving a cannon. you can see it right there. and abc's, mara schiavocampo is on the story this morning. mara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. almost the unthinkable. those in the crowd rushing to help. dousing the children with water to help ease their burns. that terrible accident happened at the beginning of the parade. the children were marching with a group when the sudden explosion turned the celebration into chaos.
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overnight, three kids hurt in a cannon explosion during an historical re-enactment parade. in utah. pandemonium erupting after a spark from the first discharge caused an explosion. reportedly burning the three 10-year-olds. watch as people rushed to help them. >> we saw people start to yell, stop, drop and roll. and you could see the kids off to the side, on fire, there were three of them, they were actually on fire. >> reporter: according to the police department, the children were part of a group of civil war re-enactors who were in the parade. after the group fired the cannon, a spark landed in the pouch that contained additional charges. the pouch blew up creating this shocking scene. the children, two 10-year-old boys and one 10-year-old girl, were treated at the scene and then taken to a nearby hospital. while their exact conditions are unknown, all three were stable when taken away by ambulance. now after the ambulance took the
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children away, the parade did continue. we're still waiting on further details about just how the children are doing this morning. we certainly wish them the best. terrible accident. >> absolutely. thanks, mara. >> thank you. now, we want to turn to the mile high madness on board a flight from new york to las vegas. a passenger freaking out. the pilot diverting the plane and landing in detroit. abc's linzie janis has the very latest at jfk international airport where it all began. she has the latest on what happened. good morning to you, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, rebecca. we're told that the passenger lost it, about 90 minutes into the flight, yelling at family members and at crew and scaring everyone onboard. overnight, passengers are thankful to have escaped this horrific scene. an agitated man, who onlookers say, woke up in the middle of the flight and lashed out. >> all of a sudden, this guy who was sleeping, woke up out of nowhere and started flipping out.
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>>reporter: shouting while standing over his neighbor's seat and then lun nling at the flight attendant trying to calm him down. listen, again, you can hear the man's daughter pleading with him to stop. >> dad, dad! >> reporter: passengers watching and listening, fearing for their safety. >> everyone was freaking out. >> i was a little nervous. i wasn't sure what the guy was actually trying to do. >> reporter: the flight attendants taking control, handcuffing the man and then pinning him down to the seat. >> he started to try to hit the flight attendants. they were very good. they subdued him very fast. >> reporter: jetblue said the captain diverted the plane to detroit out of an abundance of caution. >> as soon as we get the passenger off, we'll be right back on our way. >> reporter: all on board were forced to leave the plane, while authorities removed the unruly passenger. after two hours, he was off the plane and they were back in the air to las vegas. >> it's nerve-wracking. because it seems to be happening more and more. >> reporter: reported incidents of unruly behavior are up 57% worldwide since last year.
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>> there's a bomb on the plane! >> reporter: this flight had police waiting for the passenger at the gate in atlanta. this drunk air traveler was so violent, fellow passengers duct taped him to his seat. >> somebody who goes to berserk, you don't know what's behind it. you don't know how much more effort they'll put into it. that's one of the reasons you want to get off the airplane now. >> now, it's not known what caused this man on that flight to freak out. but we were told that detroit authorities took him to a local hospital, but this problem is becoming so big that airlines are considering charging unruly passengers up to $200,000 for diverted flights. dan? >> makes sense on a lot of levels. linzie, thank you. you're about to see a social media campaign launched by the blood-thirsty insurgents who have taken over huge swaths of iraq. they're apparently documenting their own atrocities. as president obama weighs on whether to intervene. our coverage begins with terry moran on the ground.
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terry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the battle for iraq is changing today. the lightning advance by the jihadists have slowed down, the iraqi forces are finally fighting back. they have seized the initiative. they have retaken some territory around baghdad. but the iraqi government is still pleading for the u.s. to help and the situation remains desperate. this is the view from the iraqi soldiers' perspective, a video posted online unverifiable, apparently showing iraqi forces engaged in a fierce fire fight earlier this week. if they lose, they face unspeakable horror and they know it. the jihadists of the islamic state of iraq and syria, known as the isis, used social media as a weapon, a terror weapon, these images posted last night on a twitter account reliably linked to isis but unverifiable, show iraqi soldiers in civilian clothes, taken by prisoner,
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bound, packed into trucks, laid out on the ground and mercilessly executed. isis claims they boast they executed 1,700 men like this. the leader of isis was in u.s. custody in iraq for four years, when he was released in 2009, his parting words to u.s. troops, "i'll see you in new york." the u.s. has sent the aircraft carrier george h.w. bush into the persian gulf, in case president obama decides to take military action here to protect american lives. and one more development in these fast-moving events, iran's leaders have said they are willing to work with the united states, the great state in their view, in order to fight isis. u.s. officials say there have been no contacts between u.s. and iran, yet. dan. >> giving new meaning to the old cliche the enemy of my enemy is my friend. terry moran, thank you. president obama's national
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security team is meeting throughout this weekend, trying to figure out how to respond. a short while ago, i spoke with abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. jon, good morning. we know the president has ruled out sending in american ground troops. what are the options on the table and how quickly can they move here? >> the president personally approved of the movement of the ussh.w. bush the aircraft carrier into the persian gulf. that is happening now, the president is looking at a possible range of air strikes, manned and unmanned air strikes over iraq. but i've got to tell you, dan, the president put a serious condition on it, before any u.s. military action, the iraqi government, president malaki, has to put together a plan to solve the political problems that led to this crisis in the first place. white house officials are telling me this weekend, they see zero indication that malaki has moved in that direction. >> he doesn't have any history of reaching out to other groups. let me ask you another question. the republicans are loudly
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criticizing the obama administration for pulling out too quickly, back in 2011, are there any voices in the administration who are saying, well, maybe the republicans are right about that? >> certainly nobody saying the republicans might be right. they're defensive about this. they say two things. they say, one, having a small residual force left in iraq would not have made a difference, would not have prevented this situation, but they also make the point that it was the iraqis that pulled away from that agreement. the obama administration tried to negotiate an agreement that would have left some forces behind for training and counterterrorism. and it was the iraqis that said no. so, in other words, it didn't make much of a difference and it wasn't our fault. >> jon karl, thank you. >> sure thing. jon will have much more on this crisis when he hosts "this week" right here on abc later this morning, including a live report from abc's martha raddatz who has just arrived in baghdad. and there was a lot of other news overnight. and for that, as always, we turn it over to earl claiborne's son, ron claiborne.
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good morning wups again. good morning, everyone. we begin where israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the militant palestinian group hamas is behind the kidnappings of three teenagers on the west bank. one of them an american. israeli forces are working around the clock in the search for the three boys. the teenagers were reportedly hitchhiking home thursday night after leaving their jewish seminary when they disappeared. a new social media campaign has been launched, called bring back our boys, calling for the safe return of those teenagers. back in this country, the trains are rolling again in philadelphia area, after president obama intervened to end a rail workers' strike. the president signing an order establishing an emergency board to resolve the dispute between the philadelphia transit agency and the labor unions. workers were ordered back to work as of midnight saturday. they will work through the entire negotiation process. and in california, hundreds of people have been evacuated because of a fast-moving wildfire near bakersfield, the
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so-called shirley fire has scorched more than 800 acres. it's just 5% contained. fire officials say no structures are currently in danger, but people have been ordered to stay away because of potential health risks from the smoke. and former secretary of state, hillary clinton got a supreme surprise during her book signing at a costco in virginia. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor was shopping at that costco. when she stumbled on to the signing event. they greeted one another. then the justice grabbed a copy of clinton's new book "hard choices." we believe she paid for it. meanwhile, pippa middleton is on a biking trek across the u.s. pippa, the sister of great britain's duchess, kate middleton, is joining eight-person relay in the race across america, the grueling
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race stretches 3,000 miles california to annapolis, maryland. pippa is expected to pedal at least 300 miles during the nine-day relay. she and her brother james are taking part of the riding event for charity. and finally the nba finals, the miami heat, they are on the brink of elimination, as they face the san antonio spurs, in game five, later today. the spurs have dominated the finals. they lead that series, three games to one. and lebron james, who of course plays for the heat, said that he needs to step up his game tonight. >> i'm here with a 3-1 deficit. and you know, as one of the leaders of the team, i have to try to figure out a way to get us to a 3-2 deficit. >> be sure to watch tonight. game five begins at 8:00 eastern time on abc. also catch today's game on watch abc app on smartphones or tablets. rebecca, you know about dan and i vowing that we would shave our heads if the spurs win. >> what. >> a rash vow made about a month ago. >> it's going down. >> one of us made the vow and the other one disavowed the vow. >> this is going to be ugly. >> i look forward to that.
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>> dan is going first and i'm right behind him. >> don't we have a commercial break we need to head into right now? we got to check in with paula, because the clock is ticking down to the world cup kickoff for team usa, they face ghana tomorrow, with a rough road ahead, both on and off the soccer field. love that music. abc's paula faris is in rio with a behind the scenes look of how the players are prepping for the challenge. paula, great assignment. as always, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm still scarred from that visual of dan and ron with no hair, guys, so let me recover for just a moment, but good morning from rio. another beautiful day here. team usa not a lot of people believe they can pull this off. you're going to see a lot of new faces on this team. in fact, only five players have been in a world cup before that is the least experienced team usa in a world cup in the last 20 years. touching down in natal late friday evening, team usa enters this world cup as proud underdogs. their coach doubts their chances
7:15 am
this year. >> for us, now, talking about winning a world cup, it's just not realistic. >> reporter: but don't tell that to the fans of the stars and stripes. >> usa, usa! >> reporter: of team usa's 23-man roster, 18 will be making their world cup debut. one of those newbies, graham zusi. >> we're always that team who overachieves at times. it's always that storybook finish from us that makes people believe. >> reporter: and they believe they can beat ghana on monday, a team that knocked them out in 2006 and in 2010. if they don't beat ghana, game over? >> i think so. because you have to come up against portugal and then obviously against germany. if it's down to germany that third game, germans are very very good. >> reporter: on top of their grueling schedule of play, they're traveling nearly 9,000 miles back and forth from their home base in sao paulo.
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to playing sites. that's more than any team in first round and equivalent of flying from new york to l.a. nearly four times. the team taking "good morning america" behind the scenes. and along for the ride to their rainy practice in natal. only a few more practices before the big game. and the team is in natal, which is about 1600 miles northeast of us here in rio. it's been raining the last couple of days. it's very humid. but come game time, tomorrow, it's supposed to be around mid-80s. a reminder, it's winter here. but, it sure doesn't feel like it. >> it doesn't look like that. >> not at all. >> can you imagine all that travel, all that work and you get one game. if the one game doesn't go right, you're done. paula, i want to talk to you about the big game tonight in rio. argentina against bosnia, fans must be ready to cheer their teams on. >> reporter: right. well, this will be the first game that's played here in rio.
7:17 am
i want to show you this video, we tailgate in america, but it's next level here. we captured some fans. some passionate fans, bosnia herzegovina just chanting. singing. dancing in the streets. this was all last night, ahead of tonight's big game. it's the first game in rio. as you are probably already aware of, there are 12 stadiums, if 12 playing sites throughout this country. so, this will be the first time, in rio, and stadium here, is on display. >> we won't press you whether you're engaging in the parties. let me ask you again about team usa, the coach has been out there, saying that he doesn't think that his team can go all the way. in all of your years of covering sports, have you ever heard a coach be that honest? >> you know what, i was actually discussing this with my husband, a former basketball coach.
7:18 am
he said that's the kind of thing that a coach says to the public and then behind the scenes, he's actually reinforcing his players. just to clarify, he said winning the world cup this year may not be realistic, but we can do it if we play the best seven games of our life. and that's really all we need team usa to do, just put it all on the line each time they play. and it all begins tomorrow night against ghana. >> thank you so much, paula, can't wait to watch that game. hope you actually are enjoying things behind the scenes. and by the way, the big match, the big opening one for team usa, against ghana, is tomorrow, 5:30 p.m. eastern, on espn. there's a tripleheader of world cup action on tap today. it starts at 11:30 a.m. this morning right here on abc. and this morning, we're going to take you inside a big bout of pay it forward fever. remember that guy who started hiding cash in california. he's now spreading the wealth across other cities now. one of our own abc news interns
7:19 am
cracked the clues and found this envelope here in new york city, with $50 and a silver dollar inside. and rachel smith stole that money from her and has it here on set. in an act of cruelty. take it away, rachel. >> i'm going to give it back, i promise. >> we believe you. >> dan, it's out of control. people here were searching central park saturday like money growing on trees. in new york city alone, there were 40 envelopes like this one, containing $50 and a silver coin, which is worth around $23. in the end, it's the thoughts not the amount that matters the most. it all started as a social media experiment. and then an idea -- >> i'm trying to find the hidden cash. >> reporter: a twitter-fuelled treasure hunt. the prize -- cold hard cash. >> anything is better than nothing. >> reporter: using the twitter handle hiddencash. sparked the craze in california. that's spread across the country and beyond. the man hidden behind all of the cash, jason busi, says the goal is a simple one. >> we're doing it to give back
7:20 am
and put a smile on people's faces. that's the point. >> they just want to do something good for other people. i think that's something that we need in today's world. >> reporter: saturday was hidden cash's biggest day ever, the cash and the kindness spilling over into multiple cities at once. houston, mexico city, brooklyn and central park, manhattan. this clue from nyc going at 10:00 a.m. mr. grant and miss liberty invite you to attend their wedding in the large garden in the middle of town. people searching high and low, cashing in on that hidden stash. in brooklyn, he hit another jackpot, with 50 cash and a silver dollar. >> do for somebody else. >> reporter: that something nice, taking his payday and paying it forward to those in need. overnight, buzi asking others to join his cause with a tweet. quote, want to encourage those who can afford to, to start leaving cash in random places. not kidding. do it. >> i'm not sure where it will
7:21 am
go. but with this kind of response, you don't want to stop the momentum. >> it brings everyone together. >> it sure does. >> if you didn't win saturday, don't despair, the clues continue today, the next spot is chicago. so, get ready, windy city. you better hope the cash doesn't blow away there. right? >> love this story, rachel. thank you to your intern stephanie for beating everyone and going out and finding it. >> nice work. >> if the spurs wins, ron is actually going to triple that money. >> yeah, that will be the day. enough problems with the haircut. we turn now to our weather and we say good morning again to meteorologist stephanie roberts, back with us from our sarasota, florida, station. wwsb. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning. it was kind of a rough overnight in the middle of the country. lot of the storm reports coming in, eight reported tornadoes and 86-mile-per-hour wind gusts being reported in kansas. these severe storms will continue be a concern now even
7:22 am
as we go into father's day. i want to show you some video out of nebraska, where the rains just poured down overnight. more than 2 1/2 inches of rain reported there in grand island. we're also looking at hail, baseball-sized hail, being compared to a baseball, being compared to an apple. measured on a ruler. obviously, that causing a lot of damage. for today, the severe weather threat is going to push to the east. we're already starting to see the showers moving into minneapolis, milwaukee, chicago, stretching down to st. louis. the area is still widespread, all of the way down into north texas. i don't think the storms will be intense. we'll still be watching for damaging winds or few tornadoes. fire dangers stay present in the southwest. 102, once again, in phoenix. but picture-perfect for days in the northeast. the coasts look great. beautiful in l.a. as well. we'll stay stormy in the middle of the country.
7:23 am
>> rebecca and dan. >> thanks, stephanie. coming up a feud between neighbors turns violent. one man dad and another one on trial. why he says he had to fire his gun. plus, a special father's day edition of dad testers. will it be thumbs up or thumbs down for these crazy, new as-seen-on-tv products? and grammy winner kelly clarkson is a first-time mom, her baby girl's name, which you could say, flows off the tongue. keep it here. could say, flows off the tongue. keep it here. off the tongue. keep it here. , are the largest targets in the world,
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it'sr' >>'s it's father's day. happy father's day to all of the dads out there. we're showing you some of the dads close to our hearts. rachel is here with her -- oh. rachel and rodney. >> a selfie. >> love him. >> here i am with my dad, jim. that was taken three weeks ago. that is me. that is literally me in all denim. we were in alaska where we have family. doing some fishing. >> rocking some jean on jean. >> love it. >> pretty much every picture my dad has the minnesota twins hat from that era. i love it. >> that's really cute. >> thanks, guys. >> happy father's day. >> where is your dad? >> i think we're going to show him later on. we're not leaving him out. >> we're going to bring him out
7:31 am
live to embarrass me in a variety of ways. also coming up on this father's day, a twist on our "gma" mom testers segment, of course, it's dad on the job putting those as-seen-on-tv products to the test, including something called the chair gym, which you get a sense of. but first the case of the feuding neighbors that wound up becoming a murder trial. >> a california man taking the stand in his own defense to say he shot the guy next door because he feared for his life. abc's michelle franzen has more from the courtroom testimony. >> i shot him because i saw a pistol. >> do you feel you had any other choice? >> there was no other choice. >> reporter: michael vilkin in his own words on trial in vista, california, for shooting and killing his neighbor, filmmaker john upton. the jury deciding whether vilkin who has pleaded not guilty is an obsessed landowner who, as prosecutors allege, snapped after years of feuding with upton. >> they had their disagreements over some land, over some brush.
7:32 am
>> reporter: was vilkin the victim of bullying and threats, driven to defend himself against upton? >> i did everything reasonable to avoid deadly force. >> reporter: on the stand, vilkin recounting what he said were repeated tirades by upton. >> stop, cutting, trees. ah. >> reporter: the friction culminating last march when vilkin was out trimming shubbery and upton approached. >> he told me that this is not your land. get the [ bleep ] out of here. i saw a pistol in his right hand. it was like one second. and i pulled out my revolver and shot him. >> reporter: investigators say no other gun was found at the scene, but neighbors told abc news they heard upton taunting vilkin from his balcony on a regular basis. two very different sides to this neighborly feud turned deadly.
7:33 am
for "good morning america," michelle franzen, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to michelle franzen for that. also lots going on here this morning. we want to get another update from ron. son of earl. >> hi, everyone. in the news, we begin with that terrifying accident in utah, a cannon misfiring during an historical reenactment. at a parade in utah. one witness said that she saw three children on fire following that blaze. the kids are recovering at a hospital. and overseas, iraqi forces are fighting back against the jihadist extremists known as isis. they have vowed to take over the city capital baghdad. the extremists are now using social media, saying that they have executed 1700 prisoners. meanwhile, iran say it's willing to work with the u.s. to fight isis. and drivers in the chicago area, they're gearing up for another day of traffic, also known as carmageddon, several lanes of the busy kennedy expressway are shut down as for the of a project to demolish a 55-year-old bridge.
7:34 am
and finally, talk about looking for the bear necessities. get it, bear necessities. a young black bear was caught on surveillance camera spotted strolling a convenience store in wisconsin. apparently, he didn't find what he was looking for, because he walked out empty pawed. >> he was just browsing. >> i'll spare you all the gummy bear jokes i was test driving earlier today. >> does that count as sparing us? >> yeah. >> you still went there. >> i kind of went there. >> a little bit dad jokes on a father's day morning. let's get it over to meteorologist stephanie roberts. from our sarasota, florida station, wwsb. stephanie, what is your dad's name and happy father's day to him. >> happy father's day to eric, in chicago, he's in naperville, watching. waiting for some rain showers there, dad. sorry about that. cloudy skies to start the day in miami. if you're taking dad to the beach, a few peaks of sun. i think you'll have to have some patience across much of the southeast today with outdoor
7:35 am
plans. 88 the afternoon high in miami. we have that warm, tropical southern flow moving up across much of the southeast. a little iffy on both coasts of florida. at the beaches. atlanta, you'll be dodging some showers with a steamy 87 degrees. conditions will improve in the southeast as we start the beginning of the week. but, wow, what a picture-perfect day today in boston, philadelphia, new york, d.c., but look at what happened, heat and humidity building in for this week as well. in fact, with philly and d.c. getting into the 90s, some of the hottest air of the season is moving in as we get into the middle of week. opposite story in the northwest. temps 5 to 15 degrees below normal. it's going to be another stormy day
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by mazda. happy father's day, everyone. dan and rebecca. >> thank you. great to have you here as always. coming up on "gma" -- they call it the ez jet. is it really that easy? don't miss our special edition of dad testers. to see what the dads have to say about it. and who is alex trebek? he's the big winner on his own jeopardy show. details ahead in "pop news." details ahead in "pop news." own jeopardy show. details ahead in "pop news."
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♪ if you're a regular viewer, let me take this moment to advise that you should be, you may know that our "gma" mom tester segment, we love how gung-ho the moms are. when try out all those as-seen-on-tv products, they really get into it. >> on this father's day, we thought we would give dads a chance. and they were just as eager to get out there and give it a go. abc's becky worley has more. >> reporter: good morning, "gma." since the dawn of time, well, 2011 anyway, our mom testers have been the busy moms guide to all things infomercials. >> this is the wow cup. >> curl secret. >> i love this product. >> reporter: but this father's day -- we decided let's give the guys a try.
7:41 am
>> let's go. >> reporter: we picked three dads to take three new products for a whirl. >> aeg. >> reporter: there they get the seal of approval or leave your dads disappointed. let's get to the dudes, ohio's adam beck, dad of one. florida's jason royal, also a dad of one. and tennessee's tony maxwell, dad of four. first up. >> the bacon bowl. which is an awesome idea. >> reporter: the easy way to make delicious edible bowls out of bacon. >> let's try this out. >> reporter: with bacon on the brain, our drooling dads got cooking. >> looks like bacon, smells like bacon. >> see what we got. >> here we go. >> reporter: for jason and adam, the perfect bacon bowl proved to be a delicious bit. >> can't go wrong with bacon. >> reporter: but for tony, the bacon bowl was just too tiny. >> solid bowl. smaller than i expected. >> reporter: the company that makes the bowl says, the type of bacon used affects cooking time.
7:42 am
and bowl size as demonstrated through our research and noted in the instruction booklet that comes with every packet. but tony still gave it a thumbs down. giving the perfect bacon bowl one dad disappointed. two dads approved. next up -- >> hose. >> the eight-in-one ez jet power cannon. combines power of a pressure washer with the convenience of a pressure hose. >> let's see what we do with it. >> reporter: for tony, it was well, easy. and for adam, the built-in soak reservoir was a plus. >> it was handy. >> reporter: but for jason, while the ez jet did work -- >> i don't know if it has functionality i'm not getting from my lawn hose already. >> reporter: so, he broke from the pack, making it another 2-1 split for the ez jet. finally, the final present for the fitness-minded dad. >> chair gym. >> it's like having an entire gym in one compact, portable chair. >> it looks kind of cool. >> arm extensions.
7:43 am
overarm lifts. >> that's good resistance, i must say. >> reporter: it wasn't just our dads. >> it beats just sitting around, watching tv. >> reporter: the whole family got into the mix. >> the whole family can workout. >> reporter: chair gym finishes strong. flexing its way to unanimous dad approved. we reached out to the company makes the ezjet, we gave them an opportunity for comment but we got no response, and with that, i'd like to wish a happy father's day to all of the dads out there, including mine, who no doubt thinks the bacon bowl is the greatest engineering feat of our time. >> it may well be. >> we're putting one in the mail. >> absolutely. better than the iphone. or skyscrapers. becky, thank you very much. happy father's day to you. coming up here on "gma" -- it's "pop news." we have the latest on kelly clarkson's new baby. plus dads of distensions. "gma" viewers showing us the love on this father's day. keep it here.
7:44 am
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miss hit. miss hit. ♪ all right, here we go. >> time for "pop news." sara is away. we're very happy to have rachel smith with us. >> pleasure to keep sara's seat warm for you all. good morning to everyone. let's get to pop, shall we? first up this morning, a big congrats to kelly clarkson, the singing star and her husband brandon blackstock, are the proud, proud parents of baby girl, delivering the good news by twitter. writing, our baby girl river rose blackstock arrived on june 12th. thank you everyone for all of your well wishes. we're on cloud nine. guys, what do you think of the name river rose? >> i think it's cute.
7:49 am
>> it flows. >> i like it. >> ron is a little skeptic. >> ron? >> we'll talk. >> all right. we'll talk later. >> okay. time now to play a little game of "final jeopardy." you guys up for it? here we go. the answer is, 6,829? the question, can you guess it? >> i could guess. >> how many times has alex trebek hosted "jeopardy"? enough to earn him a guinness world record. isn't that neat? he was presented the award on friday. he's been hosting the show since 1984. >> great work, alex. >> fantastic work. love the show. timeless. guys, i have to share this video with you. i couldn't resist. a lot of us can't wait to sit down for a great meal. but nothing beats this young guy's enthusiasm. you got to check it out.
7:50 am
i can't say exactly what's on -- i mean, don't exactly what's on the menu. >> how long does this go on in. >> for a solid minute. >> then he goes to the other side of the counter. >> i don't see any food. >> the other has figured it out. >> no, that's a sock. >> maybe he's after a bacon bowl. >> he's already burned all of his calories from his meal. >> exactly. >> that's awesome. >> all right, it's pretty genius. nice work. last but not least, our tribute to some dear dads. this father's day. we asked you guys to send in some pics. we got some fantastic ones. take a look at this one. they're enjoying a nice mellow day. that's super cute. this here is louie sadler and his daughter, kathy. louie is 90 years young. he's a retired air force pilot and his daughter is a current airline pilot. next up, we got alexander perez and his family. great-looking family. >> nice.
7:51 am
>> then there is daddy with his kids gia and domos. that's such a cute shot. i love that. we got james joseph mcginley iv holding his baby boy. okay, we got one last one for you guys, this is vintage family photo. recognize that little man? >> oh, my gosh. >> that's dan harris. >> can you wear your hair like that? >> i don't have that much hair unfortunately. >> that's my dad, dr. jay harris in the middle, and my brother matt on the other side of the screen wearing the collar out of the blazer which is a really hot back in the day. >> look at the fashion. >> which was fashionable at the time. >> can we get that off the screen? >> very happy father's day to all of you. >> great job, thank you for embarrassing you thoroughly. we'll be back with more "gma" after a quick break. r a qu
7:52 am
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there it is, the newest edition to our abc news family. our senior producer welcomed aaron miles on wednesday weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces. big brother rex obviously thinks he's a great baby. happy father's day to jason bernstein. bye, everybody. bernstein. bye, everybody.
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