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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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at 6:00, a deadly crash shuts down a busy san jose road and what we are lending about the driver and the impact on traffic. >> a sordid from santa cruz involving drugs, a millionaire, and a prostitute and a yacht. and a supervisor who resigned amid scandal breaks her back and is explaining how it happened. it is wednesday and 6:00. >> we will see how the weather will unfold starting out with blue clouds. good morning, we are starting off with cloud cover with many layer is back and getting back to a normal pattern with morning clouds and afternoon sun away from the coast. 59 this morning and breezy this afternoon and 65 at noon and 76 at 4:00 and 66 at 7:00 with lingering clouds along the golden gate bridge to emeryville. as far as inland valleys it is 59 and cooler and sunny and 75
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at noon and low 80's and not so warm and comfortable mid-70's at 7:00 and at the coast, mainly clouds with temperatures right around 60 degrees. now that we are getting into the thick of the morning commute it is 6:01 we have a your closure to warn you about and amy hollyfield is on the scene bringing us the details in a few minutes. at santa teresa the intersection is shut down because of an early morning fatal crash with a vehicle that hit the tree. santa teresa is shut down in both directions with detour in place. it will not prevent you from getting to the highway. over the altamont pass we have 42 minutes from tracy to dublin so slow and go through livermore into pleasanton. we continuing to follow breaking news from south bay as leyla gulen has been telling us a key road in san jose is shut down in both directions while
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police investigate a fatal accident. amy hollyfield is on santa teresa boulevard with the details. it is getting busy as the sun comes up and cars are having to u-turn. one car did not see there and crashed into one of the police cars. they are asking you please be careful in the area. here is what happened, all closed down because of a fatal accident, a man crashed into a tree at 2:00 this morning on santa teresa boulevard. they looking into what happened, whether he was speeding or he was impaired in some way. that is why though are still here investigating. while they were investigating, a driver who didn't see the officers, blocking off the street crashed into one of the police cars blocking the road. an officer was inside the car and he was pretty shaken up.
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the cars were banged up. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out but he and the driver are going to be okay but they had to tow away their cars. santa teresa is an area to avoid. one block is shut down. not a human section but, city, inconvenience. can you not move through either direction. avoid the area entirely. they do not have an estimated time to re-open. high priced prostitute for injecting a technical executive with a lethal dose of heroin and leaving his to die on his luxury yacht. we know that the victim was 51-year-old forrest hayes a google executive who died in november. they believes it was suicide overdose but the surveillance video shows the 26-year-old alix tichleman did not try to help
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him or call 9-1-1 after he suffered complications. she was arrested and faces murder charges and more. she will be in court today. katie marzullo will have a report in the next half hour. rallies are planned in the east bay today over $1 billion moddennization project at the richmond refinery. supporters and were on popes are holding demonstrations ahead of a richmond city planning commission hague on the project and chevron wants do replace aging equipment with more modern technology and the oil company says new processing equipment is safer and cleaner for the environment and the collision will meet today to certify an environmental impact report and consider approving permits were the city council gets the final say later this month. the jury continues deliberations in the civil lawsuit filed by the family of beaten giant fan bryan stow. the jury consent a question to
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the judge. tones spent 10 minutes reviewing the case documents to find an answer. question remains private the first note in three days by the jury. he is brain damaged after an attack outside dodgers stadium in 2011 and the family suing the team and foam owner for millions saying there was not enough security at dodger stadium. >> the commissioner of the california highway patrol deeply concerned of the actions of an officer caught on video repeat they punching a southern california. his comments came after a private meeting with los angeles area civil rights leaders who called for the meeting. this was captured by a driver last week showing the for hitting a female pedestrian he was trying to detain. he says the agency is launching an investigation and the for involved has been placed on leave. >>the wife of state treasurer is
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recovering in the hospital after a fractured vertebrae and she posted on monday on facebook she accidentally tripped on a narrow spiral staircase at their home on saturday. she was taken to son california for care. she has been in recovery for meth addiction since resigning from the alameda county board of supervisors two years ago after a drug and sex scandal. the debate over controversial new home development continues as they need more time to analyze the project. the website reports that the city council discussed the proposed residential development for four hours last night before it continued a public hearing later this summer. hundreds of residents have signed petitions against the development that called for the willing of 740 new homes on the hillside of san ramon. critics are concerned because it does not include plans for new schools.
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in southern california, the anyone.roller coast at at six flags remains closed for inspection after it derailed and sent four to the hospital. state inspectors are investigating monday's accident north of los angeles. similar rides at other parks are now also under review. a tree fell on the tracks derailing the first car and leaving two dozen people dangling. firefighters struggled for get them to safety. rebound heads to texas to discuss the crisis at the border and here in california we have a look at the temporary shelter where some children caught crossing into the country illegally are housed at a naval base in ventura county. protests showed up for and against the teens housed in the united states. inside the base members of the latino legislative caucus can religious heres toured the facility.
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>> they saw the kids i knew they were scared. they are alone. as a parent, you have to make difficult decisions. >> they get in the country they are not going to leave. we don't even know what kind of people they, they could be persecuted or going members. some of the kids are almost 18. rebound is asking congress for $1.1 billion to increase enforcement along the border. $433 million coughs overtime in facilities to detain unaccompanied children and another $1.8 billion for care of the concern including shelter and medical needs. develop now in the middle east ancient feud between israelis and palestinians is rap setting -- ratcheting up with the israeli army attacking 160 siteness gaza intensifying the intensive on hamas. a gaza health officials say eight people have been killed in
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airstrikes. yesterday, israel engaged the iron dome missile defense system up for 40,000 reservists have been activated by the israel defense forces in preparation for a possible ground invasion of gaza. it is now 6:309 and the wednesday forecast is important as we have game three of the bay bridge series. >> it moves then over to at&t park where it will be cooler at the cove upper 50's. 52 in alum rock and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's in the south bay until mountain view and sunnyvale around 60 to 62 and 61 in newark and redwood city and 60 in brentwood and the prosecute of us are in the mid-to-upper 50's and temperatures you can see where the sea breeze is pushing inland now it is around 2,000 feet we are cooler inland. san jose, the clouds have not made it to 87 and you will be
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from four degrees cooler on average to two degrees cooler in livermore and napa at 77 and 78. leyla gulen? >> it is light. we are looking at top speeds across the bay area but for the altamont pass but that is not looking too forbly busy and we are well under 50 minutes to head from tracy to dublin. the bridge across the bay area she the benicia bridge is 75 miles per hour in both directions and the cartinez is looking nice can clear over the richmond can san rafael at 65 miles per hour great east to west and west to east and only five minutes gets you across and to the bay bridge it looks slow approaching treasure island and then it loosens up headed into san francisco and as we drop down to san mateo and dumbarton bridge we have a mat depress in the lanes eastbound along the dumbarton bridge near the toll plaza but all in all, at top
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speeds. coming up, anger over a d.a.'s decision not to prosecute a sheriff deputy for the shooting death of a 13-year-old. it will not go away with new action activists are landing for the weekend and calls to federal authorities. >> one of the biggest a list stars issues a rare response to a tabloid report. why george clooney says it is a matter of safety. >> this could be the best job ever, get, paid to watch net phlegm all day? eric, there is a cash. >> always. >> that is ahea
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is wednesday morning, thank you for jointing us. you can see the cloud cover with winds and meteorologist mike nicco has how warm it will be. >> the adopted son of former pennsylvania state jerry
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sandusky is speaking out about sexual abuse by his father when he was a child. oprah's interview will be aired where he gives a personal account of abuse that started when he was eight. sandusky is serving 30 years to 60 years for sexually abusing ten boys but never charged with abusing his son. the interview is thursday, july 17 on oprah's network. >> thursday brought out big clouds at seattle including the city attorney to buy his mayor one, legally, and he wanted to personally exercise the new freep. the city attorney purchased two, two gram bags and says he keeping one as a momento and another to enijoy when it is appropriate. he hopes the d.e.a. doesn't mine. >> if you want to earn a living
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by watching netflix, this job is perfect. eric? >> there is a catch. the los gatos company is hiring a tagger that will watch the content and assign video to categories leak drama or quirky or hopeless romantic. >> successful applicants can deconstruct what they want and give objective tags and the job is only available if the united kingdom. >> i have to move? >> they are looking for someone with knowledge of u.k. period of republicans. no word on what you get for referring qualified candidate. >> george clooney is lash out against a british newspaper over a story about his fiance's mother saying it is not true. the 53-year-old is refuting a story that says his future mother-in-law is against the impending marriage for religious reasons. in a statement to "usa today" he says the future mother-in-law is in no way again the wedding and
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calls the report "criminal," and puts his family at risk. he write "it is irresponsible to exploit religious differences where they do not exist." >> i wouldn't want to go up against clooney in a legal fight. >> in fight. he has "friends." in fighting here, maybe across the bay, the oakland giants fans are in the middle of the series. >> who won yesterday? >> it was 6-1a's. you want both to do well but... >> the a's are in the toughest division and they and the angels are doing the best but eyeans before giants are in first place maybe if they can supply the series and everything goes home not: the happy but not mad. >> six miles is the visibility
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in santa rosa and eight at half moon bay. a thicker main layer so there is less moisture and we do not have the fog. the wind at fairfield is 21 miles per hour. that is the saw breeze that will bring cooling temperatures inland today. san rafael is looking quiet but cloudy on 101 with in fog to speak of. the cloud deck is before the road deck. afternoon sun but the clouds are stubborn and drizzle possible the next couple of nights and summer heat develops away from the coast sunday, monday can tuesday. today we will talk about mid-80's, low-to-mid 80's los gatos and gilroy is as warm as it gets and 74 at milpitas and 79 in cupertino but clouds headed to santa cruz today, the boardwalk. 69 in millbrae and upper 50's to federally 60 along the coast and more sunshine downtown can south san francisco and sausalito
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mid-60's and money 70 through the north bay valley and only 60 at the beach and cool breach keeps linger clouds in the upper 60's and the rest of the bay shore in the low-to-mid 70's and mid-80's to nearly 90 degrees in the east bay valley. most of us fall into the 50's again tonight and the 60's becoming more...nonexistent during the morning hours. typhoon, next 24 to 48 hours it will rain heavy in japan. for us, a couple of degrees cooler and morning clouds and afternoon sunshine continuing through sunday and high pressure building and sunshine everywhere in the 80's and 90's away the coast next week. have a good one. >> ace trains 3 and 5 on time and bart has 52 trains rolling right new. we are light as far as traffic is concerned and we do have one serious accident resulting in a fatality in san jose and amy hollyfield is on seen at the
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intersection of santa teresa boulevard so that intersection is going to be shut down and we hear for a couple of hours, possibly, so there is a detour in place so avoid the area. elsewhere, we are maintaining an accident-flow state and that is excellence news much if you travel along highway fur and the drive from antioch and down to 20 miles per hour to a and then it picks up into pittsburg and headed over to pleasant hill and walnut creek top speeds and you make it to highway 24 into the caldecott tunnel and oakland we have clear conditions. the san mateo bridge crossing the water just 12 minutes gets you there. you have heard of the three r's, right? how about the three s's, saving and spending and...what is the other "is." how we compare to other countries around the world.
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time for summer. "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" have panned to find out. >> with grilling heating up your grill can be take ton a new live. we fested self gadgets. >> looking for more from the grill in consumer scum tested three gadgets that are supposed to make grilling better. first, grill gait that sit on the grill perhapsing to help it cook more evenly and keep the food justcy and reduce flareup. "consumer reports" laboratory found the grail grates improved evenness and one of the two grills it tested. although the grill grits did not totally eliminate flareups they delivered nice grilled food. >> if you are heating uneven and are thinking of replacing the grill, this would be a less
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. on when morning, it is 6:29. there are clouds but it will burn off. we will find out how warm if a couple of moments but right now thanks for being here and providing company. i am eric thomas. >> it looks like the summer pattern is back. mike? >> it is back. the moisture from the monsoon is
6:30 am
gone and now we have summer pattern of clouds in the morning and sun away from the coast in the afternoon. you can see it is quiet. we have patchy drizzle possible but the commute will be dry. you could drive into the clouds in the caldecott tunnel where it could be moist. we in the 50's to nearly 60 with gray conditions. by noon we are showing emtemperatures from 60 to 76 inland and by 4:00 we are up to 82 inland and 60's and 70's through the evening. injury. leyla gulen? >> it is summertime lite with light out here and mostly green conditions. now we are seeing a buildup of traffic along the nimitz. southbound direction is 29 american approaching highway 92 and it eases up between
6:31 am
we have a serious accident south of highway 85 at the intersection of santa teresa boulevard with more details ahead. we have breaking news from solano county where a dead body has been found inside a burning grapevine nursery. the fire broke out after 3:30 this morning at the nursery burning a shed that is used to store tractors. the fire is out and crews discovered the body when they were mopping up. arson is headed to the scene. this is being treated as a criminal investigation but it is too early to tell if the fire was suspicious. a deadly crash shut down santa teresa believe in san jose. we have amy hollyfield on the
6:32 am
scene. let me show you the shutdown. this stretch of santa teresa is one block, not a huge chunk but enough to cause inconvenience and confusion and danger. there has already been an accident involving an officer. let me tell you of the fatal accident that started it. a drive crashed into a tree at 2:00 this morning on santa teresa road. they trying to figure if speed was a factor. did he have a medical condition in were drugs or alcohol involved? it is too early to tell. they are conducting the investigation they have the street closed. one block stretch is closed. this was confusing for a driver or the driver did not see the officers blocking the street because a car crashed into one of the police cars blocking the road. an officer was in the car.
6:33 am
he was shaken up and taken to the hospital to be checked. he and the driver are going to be okay and their cars were towed. we have seen many u-turns. you cannot go through here. it is closed in both directions. avoid santa teresa boulevard. officers say it will be closed down for at left another hour or two, maybe longer. factor this as part of your morning drive. a woman police call a high-priced prostitute is wake up in jail on bond more than $1 million in the delegate of a google executive, a case that reads out of a crime novel. katie marzullo is at google mountain view headquarters. katie? more complicated because this woman, the high priced prostitute is actually being investigated in a similar death
6:34 am
in another state. investigators will not talk about that. in this case her actions leads to the death of an executive working on google x at the time. the 51-year-old forrest hayes had worked as the senior director of apple's worldwide operations. he was murdered in november on his yacht by 26-year-old alix tichleman. they watched surveillance video from his yacht and alix tichleman injected him with heroin she brought and she clean up and left after he suffered a medical emergency. investigator say she never tried to help him or call 9-1-1. >> she was so callous in gathering her things she was literally stepping over the body and instead reached over to grab a glass of wine. >> the glass of wine had her fingerprints which led investigators to alix tichleman
6:35 am
and police posing as a client as a hotel lured her there and arrested her. alix tichleman is expected in court facing multiple charges including murder, prostitution, drugs and destroying evidence. forrest hayes was married with five children. only on abc7 news, terrifying moments for a san jose man rocked at gunpoint by three men in his home. we have obscured his face to protect the 78-year-old who ran errands on sunday and three men walked up the street and followed him into the garage in the silver creek neighborhood and held him up demanding the valuables and took off. surveillace camera caught the escape of trio. >> there was a gun on my face and they said "give me your wallet and watch." >> these are violent criminals. >> police are looking for those three. this is rare in the
6:36 am
neighborhood. concerned neighbors are meeting to discuss forming a neighborhood watch group and hiring private security. >> another story only on abc7 news a key witness to the shooting death of a teen by a sheriff deputy says he doesn't think that erick gelhaus was justified. the district attorney cleared erick gelhaus of wrong doing in the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez sparking protests. the witness saw lopez with the ak-47, a toy that looked like the rifle and the witness said he wanted lopez that a patrol was approach. >> i told him to throw that thing away because the police were behind. >> did he pay attention? >> no attention. no attention to me. i don't thing it was necessary to kill this guy. >> the family believes that erick gelhaus overreacted although the district attorney has ruled he acted in sell
6:37 am
defense. year, a crowd proffers staged a rally in front of the d.a.'s office calling for federal investigators to lock into the shooting of lopez and the resignation of the d.a. with another rally at old courthouse square. >> a san francisco tourist decides to go surfing. things did not go as planned. he ended up stranded along the water and a rescue to bring him to safety the. >> heartbreak in brazil losing an ugly, ugly world cup match and the internet buzz is deafening. the san mateo bridge show tail lights headed west and you can see the overcast skies this morning. stay tuned.
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limited time sale fares starting as low as $69 one-way. if it matters to you, it matters to us. book now at ♪ we back at 6:40 at at&t park. a's are crossing the bay bridge and will find cooler conditions and start ten minutes later at 7:15 dropping to 57 at end of the game. there is bluegrass music in the park at 76 at 5:00 dropping to 74 at 6:00 and sunday at 7:00 and 66 cool by the time it wraps up. a few thunderstorms are
6:41 am
lingering across the sierra and 85 in yosemite and rip currents are gone and 76 in los everything on the shoulder at sfo so you may need extra time with that extent. >> with the maze, it look light. with clear conditions. from berkeley up to 580 winding your way around this is what you will find. however, it is busy at the bay bridge toll plaza but we do have gaps in the traffic if you have a car pool, three or more people you are moving along like a breeze. the rest of the traffic is stop-and-go and it is 17 minutes from the maze to san francisco. ahead, good news if you still plan a summer road trip. new this morning, ranking
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teens and how we compare for saving and spending and investing. >> president obama takes a break for a game of pool one-on-one
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so why are we so obsessed with turbo? card with a new volkswagen turbo. a 0 because there's nothing more exhilarating than a powerful ride. and you can get that in places you might not expect. like the passat. and also in the fun-to-drive jetta. in fact, volkswagen has sold more turbos than any other brand over the last ten years. that is a lot of turbo. hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 passat s for $219 a month. >> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area there is abc7 news. 6:44, a conserver was rescued from san francisco's
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ocean beach after being tripped by the tide near the cliff house before 7:00 yesterday evening. can you see him sitting on a huge rock as the waves crash and a fire crew arrived and set up ropes. a firefighter scale down and scrapped the suber into it and the rest of the crew and another surfer pulled him up and they were able to get him over the sea cliff. the surfer is from belgium and was knocked off the board and could not retrieve it. >> another twist in the ongoing story of the oakland coliseum for the a's and raiders, our media partner, oakland tribune working to build the new raiders stadium is urging rejection of the lease extension for the a's. the raiders hope to have a null -- new multi-use stadium constructed by 2018. the plans with developers from the city project call if the current stadium to be demolished
6:46 am
in 2015 and the city council members are still trying to decide whether to aprove a lease deal that could keep the a's at the coliseum through 2024 with the proposed lease not requiring vacating the coliseum until after the 2016 season. >> president obama is headed to dallas, next, to met with governor perry of the ongrowing crisis on the border and will be jointed by religious and local leaders during a discussion of the humanitarian crisis where unaccompanied children have been showing up by the thousands along the border with mexico. he rejected an officer to see the problem firsthand by taking a visit to the border and the president asked conditioning for $3.7 billion to deal with the problem. the president spent time rubbing elbows with locals in denver yesterday and made a surprise stop at a vaunt and -- restaurant and poolhall.
6:47 am
the colorado governor was there to get him. -- there to greet him. the two played a game of pool. the president won. >> trading is underway on wall street and the dow has been on a losing street lately but it is positive territory right now and the dow is up 42 points to 16949. >> when it comes to money matters a new report nines teens in the united states have an average knowledge of saving and spending and investing. the results are based on study on financial literacy. 15-year-olds from 18 different countries took part. the united states was 8 and shanghai and thigh -- and china were number one. >> welcome news at the pump, analysts say fuel prices appear to be slowing down. the price a gallon the holiday week was the highest for fourth
6:48 am
of july since 2008. drivers are pagan average of $3.65 a gallon down to cents sin fourth of july and the average price in northern california is more than that, about $4.14 a gallon. >> germany finds out without they play in the final after trouncing brazil. >> she got four goals in seven minutes scoring five goals in the first half and the gale -- game was never in doubt. germany beat brazil 7-1 and advance to the world country final. >> the brazil loss is quite the buzz including a new page on tumblr. look at the ipad, agony,ing a nbc agony of defeat. >> it is clever. the headlines, sadness level, is eleven, and this one "all those tears, take a break."
6:49 am
today and kickoff is at 1:00 o'clock p.m. on espn. what is worse, a really close game or to be bombarded? >> ask the giants. >> you said that about the giants? >> i feel for them. oak lamb a's -- oakland a's fans probably feel that way, too. >> they don't. they don't. >> the bay series returns to san francisco today. here is what will happen with the temperatures about 60 at 7:00 and dropping down to 57 with increasing clouds and breezy. they have to play again, for
6:50 am
third place, and it will be interesting to see if brazil is up for that. nine miles is the visibility and six at santa rosa and the marine layer is extended up to 2,000 feet and not 80ing fog because there is more atmosphere to infuse the moisture. you can see the cloud deck above the golden gate bridge bridge and you do have a stuff cross wind from the west at 17 miles per hour and in the east bay hills to know how high the marine layer is, this is 2,000 feet. right now, we cannot see the ground. summer pattern today is morning clouds and afternoon sun but the coast is show drizzle possible and her heat on monday and tuesday away from the coast. the cloud cover rolls back to the cost by 11 o'clock and we will have cloud cover across the golden gate bridge to emeryville in the afternoon but mostly, it will be stubborn along the coast 50's and 60's and 70's and 80's the rest of us.
6:51 am
mid-to-upper 70's for the south bay and below average, los gatos and gilroy low-to-mid 80's in santa cruz, 9 with clouds, 69 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 70's most of the peninsula and nearly sick at the coast and more sunshine downtown south san francisco and sausalito and mid-60's for you and mid-70's to nearly 80 in the north bay valley with nearly 60 and clouds at the coast and there is the sea breeze and the long otherring clouds, oakland, berkeley, upper 60's and everyone else is sunny and low-to-mid 70's and mid-80's to nearly 90 degree inland valleys. tonight we are going to fall back and the 50's with drizzle possible again and especially in the higher elevation. the typhoon is bearing down on japan but it is weak being with a category three and category one is going to hit nagasaki and the inland flooding because of the water which is fresh water flooding from the rain curves right along japan for the next 24 to 48 hours.
6:52 am
the seven-day forecast shows a sea breeze and cooler tomorrow through friday and temperatures on saturday are the same and sunday and monday and tuesday 80's and 90's away from the coast. >> the accident near sfo is not causing delays northbound highway 101 up to sfo around millbrae avenue and this is where it is located, off to the shoulder, possibly a couple of spectators throwing down but other than that, we have clear conditions. in san jose, this new accident northbound 880 is a hit-and-run accident at 101 and the nimitz is coming in at top speeds in both directions and we are looking at low down 101 away from the 280/680 to the nimitz and slow-and-go beyond the san jose airport. start with the richmond-san rafael bay bridge toll plaza is wide open and some cars are coming into the tolls and you get across the water only five minutes it will take you to get to 101 and we are seeing buildup of traffic up to 580.
6:53 am
it is 6:53 and seven things to know before you go. >> we return in 90 seconds. stay with hey, if you could be any dinosaur, which would you be? t-rex. that's dumb, cuz when you're hungry late at night, your little t-rex arms couldn't stuff your face with - my new chick-n-tater melt munchie meal. it's got crispy chicken, hash browns, and gooey cheese on a buttery croissant. that's french. ok, i get it. so what would you be? a long armed t-rex. jerk.
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whether you are just gypping us or headed owe the door here are continue things to know, number one, a stretch of busy santa teresa boulevard is closed after this deadly traffic accident. the driver of the sedan died after slamming into a tree.
6:55 am
the roadway is expected to be closed for an hour. >> number two, traffic is light across the let of the bay area but as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see remark is -- traffic is looking heavy and the a pass is stop-and-go traffic but under an hour from tracy to dublin and by contrast, san francisco is light. santa cruz police say 51 year old forrest hayes a google executive was murdered by a high priced prostitute first thought to be a suicidal overdose but police say a 26-year-old prostitute injected him with a deadly dose of heroin and last him to die. >> arson investigators are arriving on the scene of a fire at a nursery after a body was found in the rubble. the discovery is now being treated as a criminal investigation. no word whether it was an accident or not. >> supporters and opponents of a
6:56 am
planned $1 billion modernization project at chevron refinery will hold rallies before the manning commission meeting. the city is set to approve an environmental impact report for the roth and could issue peoples by this week. california water resources board is now considering putting in emergency regulations in place to get people to cut back on their water use. violations include cleaning sidewalks with hotses, over watering lawns, so water floods the street or wanting cars without reduction nozzles. check out the sunny start in san jose at 87 near the shark tank and temperatures today are 83 to 90 inland east bay where we warmest along the coast upper 50's to mid-60's in sunny downtown san francisco and around the bay, 67 in oakland to 79 in san jose. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you in 25
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, violent storms sweeping across the east coast. four killed including a mother and daughter after powerful winds caused several homes to collapse and one child killed at a summer camp when a tree limb fell on him. all this with major flooding along the mississippi river. high alert at the world cup. riot police moving in after brazil's crushing defeat. >> this has really been an appalling display. >> german fans escorted out of the stadium for fear of their safety. we are there with the latest. >> new this morning. george clooney takes aim at one of the biggest newspapers in the world in a blistering attack accused of putting his fiancee and her family in danger. why the a-lister slammed t


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