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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 9, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a suspected high-priced prostitute appears in court charged in the death of a google executive with the encounter happening on his luxury yacht. thanks for joining us. >> developing news, the court appearance comes as police reveal the d.n.a. evidence that help track down the accuse killer call girl. >> katie marzullo is at the courthouse in santa cruz. katie? 26-year-old alix tichleman is charged with multiple counts including manslaughter not
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murder. the district attorney telling us after the court appearance, it is all they can do. >> sitting in court she stands out, alix tichleman wearing a bright red jump suit and bright lipstick charged with felony manslaughter and distributing drugs. >> this is a felony manslaughter. >> police say alix tichleman is a recent institute who advertised promising heroin as part of the deal. in november she injected forrest hayes with the drug while they were on the yacht in santa cruz. at some point the 51-year-old, married, father of five suffered a medical emergency. she cleaned up and left with total disregard for his life. police have watched the whole thing from surveillance video on the yacht. >> she was so callous that in gathering her things she was stepping over the body and stepped over the bed to grab a glass of wine and finish the glass of wine.
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>> the wipe may have been the undoing. they lifted her prints from a wine grass and an officer then later posed as a client and arrested her on fourth of july. the district attorney says despite the evidence it is not enough to charge with murder. >> the investigation is on going and when it is concluded we will evaluate the evidence and consider it. at this time, the charge that is filed are based on what we have received so far. alix tichleman did not enter a plea today and her case has been continued until july 16. her bail remains at $1.5 million. also, police say neither investigating her in a similar death in another state. thank you, new this morning, a san jose police officer is involving after he was hit by a car while securing the scene of a fatal accident on santa teresa boulevard at 2:00 this morning when the van crashed into a tree
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and the man died. no word whether alcohol or druze were a factor. an officer blocking off the road in the police car was hit by another driver who did not realize the road was closed. the officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. an investigation is underway after a firefighter discovered a burned body in the rubble of a fire near vacaville that broke out at the california grapevine nursery after 3:30 this morning. there is no word on the victim's gender or able. firefighters say a tractor shed behind the nursery was engulfed in flames. investigators are talking to employees of the winery and they say everyone is accounted for. fire investigators in vallejo say squatters may have started the two alarm fire in an old fire station this morning. the fire was reported around 6:00 at the old fire station on railroad and g street in vallejo. you can see flames shooting out of the building's top story in
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the photos and firefighters used a ladder to attack the fire and broke out the ones to vent the building. the exact cause is under investigation and investigators say it does appear "suspicious." firefighters in san leandro say a vacant home torched by fire has burned before. this fire broke out before 9:00 at the corner at castro and control in 20 minutes. there was a destructive fire at high end restaurant if los gatos, the fire department says it started early monday morning just before 4:00 a.m. and near garbage cans. the restaurant was closed at the time for the long fourth of july weekend. damage is estimated to be at least $240,000. there is a get tough plan to stop people from wasting water because we are in the middle of a historic drought. if the plan is approved, it will
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hit folks in the wallet with huge fines. amy hollyfield joins us with more on that story from dublin. your lawn should not look this good. if it is this green, water officials say it better be because you are using recycled water. otherwise, your yard should be pretty brown by now. or you might soon be facing a steep fine. >> this precious commodity is running out. we ask: are you doing your part to save water during the drought? >> it is difficult because i like my garden and my grass to be green. >> i have a big backyard and i cut back by 50 percent and i don't water the front at all. >> these are dream customers. the state of california says they are the exception. state folks say that california
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folk have only cut back by 5 percent and they are considering fining people up to $500 for using too much water. >> they kneed to do that a while back but now it is never too late if we can all work together and do this ought proposal prohibits overwatering lawns that creates run off, washing sidewalk or cars without a shut off nozzle and using drinking water in a decorative fountain. >> the general manage of the services district worries that the fines could be harsh but his customers are cutting back by at least 30 percent. he understands the need to punish those who are not saving water. >> the reaction i seem to be picking up is that the community as a whole believes it is fair because they doing their part and they want to encourage the person that is wasting the water or using a lot more water to get in line with the program.
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>> money is a good motivator and they are conserving but they will charge you more if you use too much water. the state is going to vote on this next week. today, two rallies are planned in the east bay over $1 billion modernization project of chevron's richmond refinery ahead of the richmond city planning commission hearing. chevron wants to replace aging equipment with modern technology that it claims to be safer and more vilely friendly. critics have concerned over safety to nearby residents and the environment. the commission will meet today to certify an environmental impact report and consider approving permits. the city council gets the final say later this month. another twist in the continuing saga of the oakland 8:00 see medium for the a's and the rateders. oakland tribune reports that
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city officials are being urged to reject a lease extension for the a's hoping to have a new multiuse stadium, hotel and office building constructed by 2018. the plans from developers call for the country stadium to be demolished in 2015. oakland city council members are still trying to decide whether to approve a lease deal that could keep the a's at the coliseum through 2024. the proposed lease would not require the a's to vacate the coliseum enough after the 2016 season. the wife of a state treasurer is involving with a fractured vertebrae in a southern california hospital and posted on facebook she accidently slipped or tripped on a narrow spiral staircase on saturday and taken to southern california for care. she has been in recovery for meth addiction since she resigned from the alameda county board of supervisors two years ago after a drug and cement scandal.
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>> san francisco resident could have a new pack in russian hill. the san francisco public utilities commission took a step to transferring an abandoned reservoir to the recreation and park department which is prime real estate in one of the most pricey neighbors. this was talk of developing housing but neighbors pushed for a mark. the mayor and the board need to approve the deal which would have the city paying $10 million. there is were more ahead at 11 o'clock including serious injury at the running of the bills in spain and one is an american with a past connection to the dangerous sport. world cup riots. police crack down on looters after brazil loses in a blow out to germany. >> looking outside at the bay, meteorologist mike nicco is up next with the forec
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in spain two men including an american are in the hospital after being gored at running of the bills. a 32-year-old from chicago was gored in the thigh and a spaniard was gored in the chest during the festival. both are expected to survive. the american who was gored is a man who wrote a chapter in "how to survive the bulls," and he plans do run again next year. >> in brazil riot were busy
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after the devastating loss to germany in the finals of the world cup. hundreds fled the beach as police responded to looting and robberies. vandals set buses on fire and officials told the gem an fans to stay in the stadium weapon the game was over so they could be escorted out for their safety. germany shocked the crowd with four goals in seven minutes of the semi final suffering the worst ever lost in world cup action with a score of 7-1. >> my goodness, it was something. that game was the most talked about system sports game ever on twitter. 35 million tweets! >> germany fines out who they will play: argentina and the netherlands. the match begins at 1:00 o'clock p.m. and you can see the action on espn. president obama will meet in texas with governor perry this afternoon and they will talk
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about the crisis along the united states and mexican border. he has criticized the president about the handling of the situation and he says he does not plan to meet him at the airport to shake his hand. last night the president shot a game of pool with governor of colorado and drank a round beers in denver. the president won. another patron offered the president a hit of marijuana which became legal in marijuana in january but the president declined. >> good move. >> he won fair and square? meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. good morning from the top of the broadcast center, we are going to center our forecast around the return to normal, if you will, and i will show you where we had measurable drizzle and the next couple of morning how much longer this cooler-than-average weather will hang around before the big warming trend in the seven-day outlook. >> a wave of deadly storms brings destruction and tragedy to the northeast. the latest on the devastation and the clean up.
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>> imagine held hostage in your home by your cat. a terror a family want through because of a little fur b
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covering walnut creek, burlingame and campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 300 storms were reported overnight mostly in the northeast. >> a strong tornado hit pennsylvania and strong winds are blamed for self deaths including one child at a summer camp. we have more on that story. strong winds bringing severe
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damage. >> still shaky. it was numb, very numbing. >> in upstate new york, four people were killed including a woman and her infant daughter when a tornado hit smithfield. teams work through the fight searching the rubble of detried home for survivors. >> it looks like a bomb went off in a house and you just see devastation everywhere. >> out of new york city there were downed trees and power outages but the dam wasp -- damage was much less severe. >> a child was killed and eight hurt at a summer camp in maryland. >> they were running for cover with 60 miles per hour wind brought a tree limb down on top of them. >> this has never happened in our history and it was freak storm that came up. >> close calls also in maryland. >> we heard a huge "crack." >> a 16-year-old just got out of her bed and this tree slammed
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through the roof. >> i cannot think what happened if she was up there. the tree is on her bed. >> in pennsylvania and ohio this damage left behind after four reported tornadoes touched down. >> i saw the tree fall and...i didn't know what to think. >> today is expected to be quieter but the plains and the carolinas are watching for the possibility of more severe weather. >> hopefully today everyone pays close attention, keep your weather radios on. new this morning a british newspaper -- first, though, we will talk about the calmer weather around here compared to back east. >> it is gorgeous. but cool. mike? >> some areas are cooling off and the temperatures are below average. that is the big story, returning back to normal with temperatures at two to five degrees cooler. live doppler 7 hd shows areas in
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the east bay hills above 1,400' where we had measurable drizzle it will be the same area and along the coast could have measurable drizzle the next couple of mornings if you are out early. now we will focus on the wind with no radar runs and all is quiet but the winds are blowing out through san pablo and the bay and the delta communities and it will be breezy through the day as the stronger sea breeze kicks up and with the sunshine developing on the visible sat light we will have temperatures below average. check out the area of low-to-upper that is spinning out there, it is bringing us the 17 miles per hour wind, not from the northwest at half moon bay but out of the south and a little bit of reversal so you are seeing a few more breaks. here is where you can see how deep the marine layer is, it moved inland and all the way into the north bay so those temperatures are running anywhere from three to ten degrees cooler.
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about 79 in antioch and our coolest is 61 in half moon bay. we will look down south where it is already getting into the mid-70's in san jose and we never got the cloud cover this only but you will have a few more clouds tomorrow morning. you can see the clouds retreating to the coast and the golden gate bridge is not completely covered bit clouds. drizzle possible the next few nights and the heat develops through the weekend and interest next week. we will have mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay and los gatos and gilroy, low-to-mid 80's. 69 in millbrae and otherwise mid-to-upper 70's on the peninsula and upper 50's to nearly 60 along the coast and more sunshine and mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley and a cool breeze around richmond and berkeley and oakland and low-to-mid 70 for the east bay shore and mid-80's to nearly 90 in the east bay develop. we are taking the games back over to at&t park and maybe it will mean more comfort in a better chance of winning for the
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giants. the a's are doing well, 60 at 7:15 but dropping to 57 degrees. now, down in redwood city, music in the park if you like bluegrass that is what you will hear, 76 at 5:00 dropping down to 66 by 8:00. grab a coat. it will be sunny the entire time. temperatures in the 50's tonight and back where we should be this time of the year with free air conditioning. the seven-day forecast shows stronger sea breeze and maybe two or four degrees cooler with morning clouds and afternoon sun, and saturday temperatures are like today, and sunday we are back to average and you can see monday and tuesday 80's and 90's away from the coast and we will be in the 60's. today, plenty of sunshine and the coast seeing with temperatures cooler than they should be. now for the george clooney story, a british newspaper saying it has apologized to the famous actor nor -- for a story
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about his future mother-in-law which is said to be against the upcoming marriage for religious reasons, they thought her daughter could "do better." he blasted the paper saying the untrue story put his family at risk. he announced the engagement to a london attorney in april. pretty hard to do better. >> i thinked she ought to retract that if she said that. >> i am sure she didn't think that. >> a house cat went crazy and held the owners hostage in florida. >> and the woman called sunday none when she was cornered with her husband, james, and their four year old cat, a russian blue, unleashed here fury after he accidentally stepped on her in the dark.
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we hope we -- there is the picture. animal control removed the cat from the home and she will be observed and quarantined for 10 days. >> that is the mug shot. >> still ahead, practice makes perfect. >> san francisco police and firefighters are ready to go head to head on the football
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>> in san francisco, gearing up for the big game, nfl stars are not the only ones getting ready for tick stick with san francisco police and fire football teams have final practice and gathering in the heroin that, city police officers and firefighters will compete in a flag football game at candlestick at 4:00 p.m. and the legends featuring alumni of the 49ers including mike shumann start at 7:00. he has a great story on our website you can watch about him trying to practice. >> tickets;qa,ñ are selling out. >> very fast. >> i will be there. >> have a great
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>> hey! what's up? what up, buddy? everybody, what up? what up? what up, dude? what up? hey, hey, hey! hello. >> hi, nice to meet you. >> how are you? good. [cheers and applause] >> hey! >> yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant has had her hands full for the last 8 1/2 months with her new baby son, and she's now hoping to win enough money to go on a little getaway with her husband. give it up for keisha husain from south richmond hill, new york. what's up, keisha? >> hey, how you doing, cedric? >> good. so from my understanding, you've got some kind of weird baby advice. people-- >> i have. i mean, i get some good advice,


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