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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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begins >> breaking news in san francisco where a woman trying to stop a fight apparently outside at&t park ends up becoming part of it. >> she was knocked unconscious and rate now police are searching for whoever threw that punch. >> good evening. >> abc 7 news reporter laura is live at at&t park with the story. circumstances hi. this happened right here where i'm standing second and king street at about 5:50 tonight. now that is a couple of hours after the ball game between the a's and giants ended but certainly there would be plenty of fans from both teams in this area. now while sun fran police have not specifically said it was a sight among fans we know that a woman described as 30 years of age was transported to san francisco general after being knocked unconscious while
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police say she was trying to break up a fight between her boyfriend and 2 other men. >> i have a female about 30 years old who was knocked unconscious and hasn't regained conscious nechltz. >>reporter: now that was audio dispatch audio from san francisco police. incident happened just one day after los angeles jury awarded brian stowe and family 18 million dollars for the 2011 beating he sustained on opening day in the parking lot of dodger stadium last september not far from here after game dodger fans january thon denver was stabbed to death after getting into an altercation with another group of men on the sidewalk. now in this case police are lacking for 2 suspects. descriptions are not very detailed but they drove away in a gold toyota tundra truck and again right from this area a little bit before 6:00 p.m. and again this woman is being treated.
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for serious injury tonight at the san francisco general hospital. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you low pressure 8. at least 5 oakland school employee have become victims of identity theft over the past two weeks and they blame the district for failing to protect the payroll information. >> 7 news i-team found thousands of pages of accept acceptstive document left in the old abandoned school administration building. >> dan is here with a story you see only on 7 news tonight. >> this controversy may grow far beyond the 5 employee we know about at this point who are victims of i.d. theft. i found rrdz for many more employee but also students, their dresses their birthday and social security numbers all criminal need totorment them for years. spichlt oakland unified school administration abandoned the headquarters in january 2013 after janitor left this faucet on overnight flooding the building. since then school police staff played
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a cat and mouse game with the homeless i watched it over the past week. last thursday they boarded up a window where someone got in. i went back at 6 monday morning to find someone had broken in again. >> i'm a reporter can i talk to you for a minute? are you living in here? yes? >> chris generals told me he stays on the third floor. >> have you seen the payroll records in there. anybody you necessity about anybody taking those out. >> just inside the window i found the area where the district kept the payroll records. boxes and boxes of documents are still there. here are the unemployment records and w 2. the district legal department store confidential records in this area all still there and i found student records their names addresses birth dates even the social security numbers. the district left the sensitive information behind when it moved out 18 months ago and with all the break-ins, who
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knows what criminal now have the information. >> that's not right for our personal information just to be left laying behind. anybody can get into it and do with whatever they want to. >> school district carpenter darrell hodges believes someone got the information from the old ad minibuilding making inquires about the bank account last month and two weeks ago they finally struck. >> some had with drawn by whole checking account. >>reporter: entire checking account. >> they got to the penny. >>reporter: how far money. >> almost 1500. >>reporter: hodges is among 5 victims so far who had their i'd ty stolen. several credit card taken out in their names. store accounts and inquirey that their retairment accounts. the school district risk assessment team now investigating why the 5 i.d. theft victims are carpenter for the district. they don't know why other types of district employees have not been hit. wilson took over as oakland school superintendent july 1st
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and held first news conference. >> we also want to put ourselves in the position to be smarter today than we were yesterday. but wilson refused to be interviewed for this story. first controversy of his administration. he directed me to troy flint the district spokesman. >> certainly this wasn't handled in the best manner possible. there were some mainly shortcomings in the way we dealt with it. >>reporter: within hours of that interview the district hired restoration company to clean up the mess and box up the documents. they wouldn't let me inside to see the work. flint tells me the district will have the documents safely out of there by early next wee week. and will take care of any employee who has been affected including paying for credit cleansing or protection service. >> it's not just payroll records. also student records there with their social security numbers. what do you say to the parents whose child information has been exposed like this? >> i would say the same thing to parents i say to the employees that we offer deep apology.
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>>reporter: i also reached out to the oakland school governing board. each of them failed to respond to my e-mails and phone calls. so i contacted former school board president dan seigle. >> the fact it has gone on for 18 months flabbergasting. >> former oakland yawn fight general council and now running for mayor of oakland. >> school district has an absolute legal responsibility to safe guard the personnel information of its employees and to safe guard student record as well. >> there's one other part to the story. have been today have stripped all the wiring out of the old add minifrom the ceiling walls elevator. this is another tremendous waste of public assets your money. i asked why the district simply didn't post security guard there after the nruchltd the answer they have to concentrate the guard on the schools where the vandalism is common. tomorrow at 6:00 the district takes us on a tour of the building to show how they are now taking customer of the documents but you know it
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raises even more questions. >> all that stuff would be there for that long. >> absolutely the story is not over. this is going to keep going on and on i think. >> new details tonight about the woman accused of giving a google executive fatal over dose of heroin. 26-year-old alex tickle man charged with felony manslaughter as well as other drug rae lateed charges. police say it's not the first time she's been present when someone overdosed on heroin. is 26-year-old alex tickle man facing manslaughter charge in santa cruz. this is her in court yesterday. police say she injected a client forest haze with heroin and left him to die on his why the after he lost consciousness. just days before arrested tickle man posted on facebook really nice to talk with someone about killing spree and murdering people in cold blood. they love it too. tonight in milto milton, georgia police are examining the death of her boyfriend f.boyfriend atlanta
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nature club owner also died of heroin over dose n.that case she did cull 911. >> i don't know what happened. my boyfriend overdosed or something like he's he wbt respond. >> by friend death was ruled an accidental over december but now police giving the case a second look. >> no conjecture just lacking at the similarity of the 2 situation. obviously we'll go back and look at it make sure everything we determine to be correct spl year ago is still factual and still accurate. >> an investigators say after this most recent death tickle man did on line searches on how to defend herself after leathe leatheral dose of heroin. >> new at 11:00 police investigating a shooting at wendy drive through in oakland. happened just before 9:00 p.m. on international boulevard. man was shot in his car while placing an order. no word on the accident of his injuries. >> armed robber still on the
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loose tonight. his alleged partner in crime in the hospital with gunshot wound to the khingt and bad shape we understand. he was shot reportedly by the owner of the jewelry store at shopping center in santa rose. l leslie live tonight with the story. >> that's right. folks have been here all night long collecting evidence and shell casings recovered and started at 1:50 this afternoon when witness saw tell brazen suspect walk into this jewelry store. mask and gun in their hand when she said you need to call 911. >> witness heard 10 to 15 shots fired at beebee jeweler. armed robbers hit there a year ago and this time the hones a gun e.i hear the owner of the jewelry store yelling at the people standing by t.armed robber armed robber. >> shot got 12 and 12 again. >> 2 men pin him to the ground
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and another suspect escaped in stolen red convertible. found abandoned quarter mile away. massive man hunt with canine and if got upped way in neighborhood and park. >> young lady came did you know and toll us suspect with a gun. that the cops were evacuating everybody. >> quiet shopping center the target of other recent crimes including a car jacking and bank robbery. woman employee at the jewelry store was hospitalized with gunshot wounds to her arm. the owner of the store with not discuss what witness describe as potential shoot out scenario. he was emotional about the encounter. >> traumatic seeing people come in so aggressively like that. not caring about people lives. >> santa rosa i'm leslie abc 7 news. >> tell baby on board. next on 7 news. she made head lanes for running while 8 most pregnant tonight the strong word this local track star has for those who say she put her child at risk. >> mad dash delivery room cut
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open camera. speed bump at the new mom and dad will if he ever forget. >> bay area institution that says it will close at the end of the month. l. >> many parts of the bay area starting to look like this as low clouds pushing in quickly. i let you know about warm-up on the way but first we have to deal with some drizzle tomorrow morning. i have dils on that. here's a look at jimmy kimmel. >> here's a sample what's in store tonight. >> you look fantastic. >> thanks. >> you look really gritty love
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>> developing news in the east bay. chevron plans to moder modernize the refinery and final vote and not the plan the company initially wanted. the planning commission improved impact report and the rae finery will reduce emission particularly green house gases in the local area. chevron says while rehave you gone the options it has grave concerns about the regulation. >> after a long legal battle the drake bay oyster company announced date will close bit end of the month. federal government ordered the facility near point reyes to close two years ago sought property can be returned to wilderness. drake's bay produces a third of the oyster sold in california. >> bay area athlete was eight months pregnant and ran an 800 meter nraes an amazing time. but now that the race is done the question and criticism are growing. was it health and safe? for this professional run tore race?
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that far along in her pregnanc pregnancy. here's l lisa. fight she is used to being active. she is a professional runner. she trains every day and two week ago there she was running the 800 meter race at the u.s. championships. by the way, she's 8 most pregnant. >> this is what pregnancy looks like. it's not an illness. not a disease. the keep going. keep manufacturing. >>reporter: the crud went crazy when the olympic track star crossed the finish line. but since then on line comments have been running wild. most think she's amazing. epitome of strength. while others do not. the critic are coming out of the cyberwood work. one person posted ridiculous. is it really worth the risk? another says all it take thes is a misstep and down she goes. her doctors gave her the green light before running the race. 28-year-old isn't phased by all the naysayers.
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>> they are just misinformed. i'm not mad at them at 8. downtown yoeing san jose those taking prenatal yoga watched the video of her running. and were proud. >> pressed i questions because it's pretty brave i would say. she knows what is best for her body. >>reporter: she is due august 13. lisa abc 7 news. >> now to mad dash that ended with a texas dad having to deliver his son in a hospital driveway while his go prosecute was rolling. must warn you may a little hard to watch. >> he's coming out. >>reporter: eraceed his wife to the hospital recording everything on his go pro. when they got to the hospital there was no time to get kristen upstairs or for a doctor to get to them. kristen delivered her son at the curb. >> a little bit of shock wore off in the beginning i felt really rae $11 for him to
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finally be in my arms. >> baby boy is named true it. >> wonder if she knew it was being documented. >> i know, right. >> all right. let's turn our attention now to the weather forecast. >> hi sand yichlt hi. we have seen our high pressure inland. remain below normalless couple days today they dropped some inland community in the 70's to low 80's. only 85 degrees in livermore. well below the average today. things have really been because of the deep marine layer and strong sea breeze. you can see the delta breeze gust to go 38 miles an hour. on shore breeze is really helping to push the deepening marine layer 3000 feet as you look at live doppler 7hd. into some of our vaechlt close-up view here. concord writ now actually seeing cloud cover out to fairfield, so this is making a pretty good push all the way up that santa rosa and you know what it means. tomorrow morning you wake up to gray sky and drizzle around here. in
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the sierra nevada we see showers last 6 hours. that's what i show you. afternoon showers thunderstorms which of course was a concern we see another round of it tomorrow for red flag warnings in effect rate now until tomorrow morning for the central sierra tomorrow evening for parts of northern california including the northern sacramento valley so just keep tonight mind. dry field. beautiful have you as the sun went down from the like tahoe cam. they had a few showers out there then just some cloud cover. isolated thunderstorms is pop possibility tomorrow but really we are going with the sun pattern for tahoe over the weekend. exploring camera overcast sky looking to the financial district. temperatures are quite comfortable rate now. low to mid 60's from san francisco oakland san jose. 59 gilroy. 57 in half man bay and here's view from emeryville camp are look across the bay very gray here. the solid tomorrow morning. 59 in napa. all of the rest of you in the low 60's. and the breeze is still
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going from our kgo roof cam are in some parts drizzle. mild tomorrow afternoon looking at it to warm-up over the wean. here's a look at the water vapor imagery. circulation off the coast line. this is what kept us cooler than average in the inland area. drew up the moisture today to trigger the thunderstorms and once again tomorrow that monsoon moisture will get pulled up with the counter clocks wise circulation around the low. that bring thunderstorm possibility for us there's very small chance for northeast napa county overnight tonight. isolated thunderstorm but i don't see the moisture quite coming in to our area. we keep an eye on it in case it happens. cloudy tonight. clouds around first thing tomorrow morning. area of drizzle showing up along the coast. bundle up in the morning. temperatures in the 50's and then for the afternoon we keep it comfortable. going with mild weather. 60's to 80's breezy along the coast with some lingering clouds. accu-weather 7 day warmer for
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the weekend which i know a lot of people look at. guest hot monday tuesday mid 90's inland. mid 60's. >> i'm already counting down. >> let's turn to sports. >> she was here and talking about the bay bridge series. >> a's now have the bragging rights against the giants as best team in the bay area as we speak. hudson former a's trying to help own cause at the plate but like baseball he came up short. highlights and reaction today game next in
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uniform smiling. billy bean smiling. improve to 11 and 3 and scoreless inning striking out 9. struck out 35 times with 4 games. hudson nation the former team. only second time since he left. gives up the rbi single in the fifth. top of the 6. man on for donaldson out of here two run shot 20th of the year. 4 nothing a's allow 6 runs 5 and 3rd inning because he loves the bases. 2 more with business hit off lopez. 2 for 5 3 rbi. 3 out of 4. 6-1 the final. >> almost play off atmosphere the past 4 games. it gets you up if you pump for the series. first time i experience it and it's everything that i heard about everything that i expected so. >> i know i hit it well. the wind hear is just contained of blow straight in and thankful that it did.
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>> use my final time out before we key it up. we'll
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>> tee up the british open. current u.s. open champ. 3 over 75 for weigh. another american stacy will you is shot a 71. 3 back at 1 under. morgan 4 birdie 2 bogey. long putt on 11. she got it. 2 become. leader japan here. bogey on one and 5 birdie the rest of the way nearly holds out on 5. one shot lead over martin. 6 of the tour de france. dangerous conditions for lieders and fans and off road racing much everyone okay.
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can't say the same about this wreck. several riders limping and following this crash. took the stage with the victory and they retain the yellow jersey and lead 5-2. going to practice. >> excellent good luck. >> all right thanks. great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. ♪
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. postscript pass i. >> that is our report. we prern you being here. >> i'm amma. 7 news continues on line on twitter face back and all the mobile did he vase with our 7 news app. next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> but writ her and writ now on jimmy kimmel, rest anbar thanks jimmy kimmel, rest anbar thanks for joining
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, roseanne barr. eric dane. and music from tech n9ne with cleto and the cletones. and now, get it together. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show. thank you for coming.


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