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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 11, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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montana and dan marino. and before that, the san francisco plays firefighters at tonight, return of the king. basketball's biggest star, lebron james. the 6'8" player announces he's going back to cleveland. and in one instant, changing the fortunes of a city. and shutdown, two labs at the cdc shut down after another mistake with a deadly virus. and willie nelson, another number one album. but do you remember when he started? how he sang? ♪ you'll hear it, because he's our person of the week. a good evening to you on this friday night. the king is coming home.
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lebron james, not just the king of basketball, also arguably the superstar that could change the economic fortune of an entire city. today, he announced that he's chosen to return to cleveland. the city he was four years ago. he says in northeast ohio, you work for what you have, and he's ready for the challenge. tonight, cleveland is rejoicing, and linzie janis is right there. >> l.b.j.! l.b.j.! >> reporter: joy in cleveland tonight, as fans celebrate the news. king james is coming home. the greatest basketball player on the planet, announcing his decision in a letter on sports saying he now realizes his relationship with northeast ohio is bigger than basketball. the two-time nba champ devastated cleveland fans four years ago.
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leaving for the miami heat. breaking it to them on live tv. prompting the cavaliers' owner to call him a coward. and some fans to burn jerseys in streets. but tonight, become welcomed with open arms. even our meteorologist at our local station. >> the best player in the world coming back home. it's awesome. >> reporter: in his letter, 29-year-old james putting himself in their shoes, saying who am i to hold a grudge? and this news making it to a white house briefing. >> the president is a big fan of lebron's. i think it's a powerful statement about the value of a place that you consider home. >> reporter: the four-time league mvp's return, expected to be a boost for the city of cleveland. and he says he wants to win a trophy for a city that hasn't had an nba title for 50 years.
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and in miami, fans are feeling rejection. this mural of the team defaced within hours. fans feeling rejection. but james paid tribute to miami, saying for him, it's been like college is for other kids. made him a better player and man. he said he would not have left miami for anywhere but cleveland. he said it felt like the right decision. he says this is what makes him happy. and i can tell you that's how fans feel tonight. >> what a day in cleveland. thank you so much. now to a developing story. a new scare about the handling of potentially deadly viruses in one of the nation's top labs. anthrax, smallpox, and now the flu. tonight, two labs forced to close after the third close call uncovered in just one month. abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser investigates why this keeps happening. >> reporter: tonight the centers
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for disease control's bioterrorism lab and flu lab -- shut down. after yet another frightening mistake. this time, a sample of the deadly h5n1 bird flu mistakenly shipped out to another lab, potentially putting other scientists at risk. it happened in may, yet the cdc director informed just two days ago. >> when i got the call and i just couldn't believe it. i was stunned and frankly appalled. >> reporter: this latest failure, discovered during an investigation into how 75 scientists were potentially exposed to anthrax in a cdc lab in atlanta. the revelation coming just two days after we learned dried smallpox samples were discovered and only stored in two containment labbed. were discovered in an unsecured box in maryland. today we learned those samples were alive and potentially deadly. this string of incidents occurring at the top labs in the nation. >> this is the laboratory we expect to have the highest level
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of safety in the world. if it can happen there, it could happen in almost any other lab. >> reporter: tonight we asked the head of the cdc what went wrong. is there a cavalier attitude in the laboratories? two laboratories that basically were not following the rules in terms of handling dangerous germs. >> we clearly need to improve the culture of safety and make sure that that's there in every single one of cdc's labs. >> reporter: these incidents are a wakeup call. >> you were once acting head of the cdc. what's next? >> well, the senate is demanding answers. the cdc is asking an outside group to investigate. and a big question tonight, who is really monitoring cdc's labs? >> thank you so much on this big story. and another big story overseas now. all eyes on the middle east, and the real possibility that israel will send ground troops into gaza. the tension when israelis and palestinians at a breaking point. the death toll in gaza rising. we have two reporters on the ground tonight. they spent the day with families on both sides.
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caught in the cross fire. we begin with martha raddatz in israel. >> reporter: tonight, a burst of rocket fire over israel's biggest city, as hamas now takes aim at tel aviv's international airport. minutes after we landed today air raid alarms wailed. we were rushed to a basement shelter. but the rockets near the airport were all intercepted by israel's famed iron dome defense system which we saw today. >> it's scary. it's scary, the alarm goes on and you feel death is coming upon you and this is 5 million people right now having this feeling on a daily basis. >> reporter: like this israeli family huddled on the side of the road, a mother telling her children, "just lower your head, okay? everything will be okay." but no israelis have died in this conflict. it is gaza where the casualties have mounted.
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with israel launching more than 1,000 airstrikes there. and it is now increasingly likely israel will launch a ground operation in gaza. 30,000 israeli troops have been called up. now assembling at the border with heavy artillery. israel's prime minister today making clear he will do whatever is necessary to stop the hamas rocket fire. operating, he said, with full force. tonight the united nations has warned the israelis may be violating the laws of war for striking homes in gaza where civilians have been killed. my colleague alex marquardt is there. >> reporter: the death toll in gaza has now passed 100. anger rising. saying they have nothing to do with rocket fire, as we saw today. hurtling through the streets of gaza, there's just been a strike.
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this crowd is pulling out what is clearly a very wounded man out of a mosque that was struck just moments ago. he and another are quickly loaded in. the driver is calling ahead to the hospital. we're racing there incredibly fast. it's the biggest hospital in gaza. where most of the wounded are taken. in the back, the friend of the wounded man tells him to say the muslim prayer before death. the two men we were with just got wheeled into shifa hospital, but the cars and ambulances keep coming. inside, some of the more than 20 wounded in this attack. but despite the rising death toll on the streets of gaza today, strong support for hamas and their rockets. gazans telling us it's a matter
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of self-defense. >> we are thanks hamas, and we put our hands over hamas hands. they're supporting the people here in gaza. >> reporter: the united nations said today that more than 500 palestinian homes have been destroyed. so far displacing more than 3,000 people. >> thank you alex and martha. back here at home to texas, and a dramatic scene inside a courtroom in houston. the suspect collapses as the charges are read. he is the man accused of forcing his way into a home and killing six members of a family. tonight, new questions about mental illness. abc's ryan owens is back on the story for us. >> reporter: the man prosecutors say executed six members of this texas family could not even stand on his own two feet to face those capital murder charges. 33-year-old ron haskell collapsed twice in a houston
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courtroom. deputies finally had to wheel him away with a blank look on his face. >> maybe reality is finally setting in. he is facing his consequence. >> reporter: a consequence that could include the death penalty if he's convicted of shooting his ex-wife's sister katie stay, her husband stephen, and four of their young children. haskell's attorney says his client was dizzy in court and off his meds like the day of the rampage. >> our legal system recognizes that a person who is suffering from a mental illness, and can't distinguish right from wrong, is not criminally responsible. >> reporter: haskell had been arrested for assaulting his ex-wife before, and until last year she had a protective order against him. but still, he somehow got a gun and allegedly murdered this family because they wouldn't tell him where to find his ex. only 15-year-old cassidy stay made it out alive. a bullet grazed her head. >> i said i was so sorry about everything that's happened, but
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i'm so thankful you're still here with us. but she said my mom and dad are in a better place. >> reporter: tonight, a lone survivor released into the arms of her family. ryan owens, abc news, houston. next, families from florida to pennsylvania facing an obstacle course of fallen trees, floods and roads covered in mud. abc's david kerley takes us out to see the families caught in the mess tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the country's heartland bracing for what we saw last night on the east coast. flooding rains. and in virginia beach, winds up to 70 miles an hour. even a tornado, which lifted travis prezko's car off the ground. >> it was like a spin cycle. everything in my car, just flying around. >> reporter: if that wasn't enough, a church steeple fell. just missing his car. then there was lightning. 165,000 hits yesterday.
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and some close calls this week for people who thought they were safe. watch this, outside denver. >> time for hail. i think. >> reporter: a man standing in his garage with the door open. he suffered a concussion. >> i thought i was safe. >> reporter: in atlanta, a 7-year-old suffered burns. he and his mother slammed backward by a strike that came inside their house. >> all i could see was my son on the ground. his foot was smoking. >> reporter: here and near denver, the same lesson. stay away from doors and windows during a lightning storm. the electricity can enter your home. which is why you should stay off the landline phone, or handle appliance cords, and avoid plumbing, washing, or showering. because the lightning can travel along pipes. simple safety steps the next time the sky lights up. david kerley, abc news, washington. and the countdown is on tonight to the world cup final on sunday. germany versus argentina.
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setting up a kind of holy rivalry from rome. pope francis is from argentina, and pope benedict, from germany. but the current pope has promised not to use his pull to pray for his team to win. you can watch the world cup on espn and right here on abc. next, the nightmare nanny fired by the family but refusing to leave the home. tonight for the first time she tells us why she thinks she has the right to stay. and take a look at the young crooner that grew into an american icon. ♪ >> tonight we're on the bus with willie nelson, and we'll tell you why he's our person of the week.
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call the nightmare nanny. the family that hired her fired her, but she refuses to leave their home. now. she speaks to nick watt. >> reporter: marcella bracamonte, a young mom of three from upland, california, says she fired her live-in nanny over a month ago, but the nanny refused to move out. >> she said, "if you want me to leave then you're gonna need to evict me." and slammed the door in my face. >> reporter: branded the nanny from hell in the media, she says she's really the victim. >> fired by a local family. she refuses to go. >> reporter: her things are still in the bracamontes house, she still has a key, though not to the now-padlocked fridge. technically she's a tenant with a legal right, she says, to be there. now sleeping in her car, and exclusively breaking her silence to abc news. >> i was giving them way more hours than they were entitled to for the value of the room. they were exploiting me, they just thought they could have me
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24/7. >> reporter: how many hours were you working? >> between 50 and 60. >> reporter: the bracamontes, who were giving diane stretton room and board but no wage, strenuously dispute that. >> i would say she probably, a week, maybe ten hours, if that. >> it was to help out as my wife needed. >> reporter: nothing was really written down. >> and that's what's biting us in the butt. >> reporter: stretton is no stranger to lawsuits. you've filed a number of cases for medical malpractice, various small claims, personal injury. you know, i mean, i found 20 or more. i mean, you are a vexatious litigant, right? >> all of those, well, i would strongly disagree with that. >> reporter: but, that's what you officially are. >> officially i am, but i shouldn't be. >> reporter: why not? >> because -- a lot of those cases -- first of all, i won. >> reporter: we've been inside the house for this legal stand-off between a family and a nanny that could drag on for months. the lesson you've learned is what?
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>> when i get my pension, i'm gonna get a place and live by myself. >> reporter: are you gonna hire another nanny? >> never. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, upland, california. >> and you can see his full report on a special "20/20," tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. when we come back here, george clooney makes a new move in defense of his fiancee and her family. and a moment that makes everybody cheer every step he takes. it's our friday "instant index," coming up. he takes. it's our friday "instant index," coming up. ths her at a greater risk of stroke. rome? sure! before xarelto®, mary took warfarin, which required monthly trips to get her blood tested. but that's history. back to the museum? not this time! now that her doctor switched her to once-a-day xarelto®, mary can leave those monthly trips behind.
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so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. our friday "instant index" now begins with george clooney's latest move in his feud with a british tabloid. here's linsey davis. up first on the best of this week's "instant index," one of the stories you shared the most. george clooney slamming the "daily mail" in an op-ed after the british tabloid published an article he said was fabricated about his soon to be mother-in-law opposing his engagement to her daughter. the paper apologized. clooney did not accept. this diehard mets fan, also not accepting any apologies and in agony over his team's difficulty scoring last night. but on the flip-side, pun intended, this was this 88-year-old who made a big splash in virginia. and this 2-year-old double amputee who doctors said might not survive a crippling condition.
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this week, kayden elijah walked for the first time. a little wobbly at first. but then -- >> i got it. >> his determination is evident. >> i got it. >> all the way down the hall. >> i got it. >> yeah, i think he's got it. inspiration for all of us in the "instant index." i'm linsey davis. and up next here, the man who sings a songbook of america. ♪ >> willie nelson, still on the road. we'll tell you why he's our person of the week. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene. available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel,
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and finally tonight, willie nelson, who has spent more than 60 years on the road. and you can hear it in his music and see it in his eyes. at 81, he landed another number one new album. abc's jon donvan catches up with our person of the week. ♪ >> reporter: you don't know this
5:56 pm
face, but the voice? a song called, "funny how time slips away" back in 1965. well, let's update. ♪ >> reporter: it's willie nelson, who just put on some years, is all. >> i don't think i've changed that much. i may look a little bit different, but i still feel pretty much the same way. ♪ >> reporter: his latest album "band of brothers" hit number one when it came out just a few weeks ago. his latest black belt in kung fu he earned only three months ago. he clocks in 135 shows a year, more than 200 nights on the road on this bus. >> i took on more than i could handle. >> reporter: so what that willie nelson is 81 years old? music, he says, is what keeps him living. >> my grandmother, my dad, my mother, all of them were musicians. so i didn't really feel exceptional.
5:57 pm
but i felt like i could get along. >> reporter: the truth is you endure long enough and stay original long enough people start using the i-word about you. icon. his favorite song? >> would probably be "crazy." because it was one of the first ones that did well. >> reporter: a song patsy cline made famous in the early '60s was a willie nelson composition. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: he's had ups like 11 grammys. he's had downs. like getting a bill from the irs for $16 million that he didn't have. ♪
5:58 pm
>> reporter: which is the good thing about being able to sing for your supper. he went out, earned it back, and paid it off. as for regrets? >> i wouldn't change a thing. everything is going real good. nothing i can do about what happened last year or yesterday. not a lot i can do about tomorrow. but right now, everything is good. >> and so we choose willie nelson. thank you for watching. we're always here at remember, "20/20" tonight. we'll see you back here on monday. good night. ♪ >> new at 6:00, selling sex in the silicon valley. a bay area sex worker named suzy q tells us business is booming. >> indictment of a suspect for killing a teenager whose body has never been found.
5:59 pm
transcripts from the case, released minutes ago. >> high-rise rentals. you're going to see how apartment living is fuelling the downtown economy. >> what the oakland school district is doing to save guard it's people against identity theft after an abc7 news i team investigation. >> i had so much faith in the sex worker community. >> arrest of this woman, a suspected call girl accused of watching a google executive die of a heroin overdose exposed a dirty little secret in silicon valley. good evening. >> an atlanta television station is reporting the suspected call girl admitted to police in santa cruzt she gave heroin to her boyfriend in atlanta last year and he too died as an overdose. it should come as no surprise the sex trade is booming in
6:00 pm
silicon valley. technology workers are thriving and bank accounts are swelling. >> i spoke with four sex workers between 5 and 30 years of experience each, no one wanted to discuss what happened sh they talked about the surge in the work saying business is good, but hasn't yet turned to pre-recession levels unable to find a job, she turned to dancing. >> i heard from dancers working before the recession is that it was absolutely insane how little money we're making because the tech book in the 90s had been great for the sex industry. >> today, there is a similar resurgence thanks to new money, and new customers. >> around here, we're getting influx of people moving to the bay area getting paid lots of money which is great for any industry. especially direct service


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