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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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the indictment of the man accused of killing sierra lamar released tonight. >> the transcript nearly 2,000 pages long filled with disturbing new details. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. the document explains the evidence against sierra's accused killer even though her body has never been found. >> sergio is live in san jose tonight with the story. sergio? >> dan and ama, this was the disk that was release by the grand jury court reporter. it contains the more than 1900 page transcript of the proceedings and reveals new details in this case. according to the evidence presented to the grand jury torres was quickly identified as a suspect. he was interviewed twice by
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detectives nearly three weeks after 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared in march of 2012. legal analyst steven clark said it was in those interviews that torres implicated himself. >> he started to volunteer answers to questions that weren't asked. the most damaging of which is regarding how his bodily fluids could be contained at the sierra lamar crime scene. >> his dna was found on a pair of her pants recovered in a field near her home in morgan hill and his clothes had fibers from her red volkswagen jetta. they also found her dna on an armrest in the car and her hair was found on a rope discovered inside the trunk. clark says that is a key piece of evidence. >> the defense will have a big fight as to how there is an explanation for that huge piece of evidence for the prosecution. >> lamar's body has not been
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found so detectives and prosecutors assembled this case mostly based on dna, but they linked garcia-torres to a series of attempted carjacks in 20039. they were -- 2009. they were violent attacks on women in the parking lot. his fingerprints were found on a stun gun at one of the attacks and they placed him there by tracking the safe way car hue used. >> they are putting the three other attacks that garcia torres is responsible for as part of a bigger picture. he is a sexual predator. he preys on women. >> garcia-torres was indicted by the grand jury in february. his attorneys tried to keep the transcript sealed saying details could unfairly bias potential members of a jury in his trial. in san jose, abc7 news. >> our media partner, the san jose mercury news won a court battle to make the testimony made public. this is a case that has been going on for more than two years. stey yarr raw
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lamar -- sierra lamar disappeared in 2012. they started watching him after finding evidence linked him to the teen's disappearance. two months later they arrest edgar see yaw torres -- garcia torres. and then this year he pled not guilty to kidnapping and murder charges. breaking news in contra costa county where cal fire crews are battling a growing vegetation fire off marsh creek road east of clayton. officials say it started after a car crash. so far cal fire says it is about 50 acres. we will have updates during this newscast and on our twitter feed at abc7 news bay area. breaking news in san francisco where a car crashed into the steps of a hall of justice. an officer reports seeing it happen. right now police are working to determine if the driver had been drinking. it happened before 9:00 when police say the driver drove
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the wrong way up bryant street and turned on to the steps in front of the building. no one was hurt. san francisco police released new details tonight. they announced a second arrest in a fight near at&t park that left a woman unconscious happened yesterday in front of of -- it happened yesterday in front of mo-mo's restaurant two hours after the giants-a's game. the victim tried to break up a fight between two groups of people when she was hit in the face and knocked out. one suspect was arrested in sacramento last night and a second man was taken into custody tonight. she facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. police say the fight was not caused by fan rivalry. the long-awaited police report involving oakland mayor gene quan has been released, but investigators were not able to determine who caused the crash. one driver said quan caused the red -- caused the crash running a red light and on her phone. she denies that and phone records show neither driver
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was on their phone. quan released this statement in part, as the investigation found and as was substantiated by my cell phone records i was not using my cell phone and it was not a factor in the traffic accident. i stand by my original statement that i do not believe i ran the red light. new at 11:00, abc7 news spoke to a man considered a hero tonight for helping rescue his neighbors from their burning home. it happened around 1:00 at this a you part meant building. neighbors across the street heard breaking glass and saw black smoke and ran to help. they say they found their neighbor outside badly burned and disoriented saying his wife is still inside. >> i bust out the windows and ask if you hear my voice. she grabbed my hand and we got her out of there. >> alameda county firefighters arrived minutes later. the man suffered severe burns and his wife smoke inhalation. firefighters rescued and revived the couple's cat and
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dog. both suffered smoke inhalation. they believe it started as a a cooking fire. new details about the accused prostitute police gave two men pay tall doses of heroin. an atlanta tv staigs is reporting tichelman said she gave heroin to her boyfriend before he overdosed. tichelman's boyfriend died last year at his home. tichelman told 9-1-1 it was accidental. but one of his friends is suspicious. >> he would never, ever do that. put two and two together and you get four. i think absolutely she definitely had something to do with. like i said, dean would never go down that road. >> two weeks before his death she was arrested for biting him during an argument. she was not charged in the death, but facing felony manslaughter charges after police say he injected google executive forest hayes with
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heroin and left him to die on his yacht last november in santa cruz. >> this case has shed light on the booming sex trade in silicon valley. sex trade workers have benefited from the tech clientele with a lot of money to burn. tiffany wilson has the story. >> reporter: unable to find a job in 2009, joleen turned to dancing at the lucky lady. >> what i heard from those who were working before the recession it was insane how little money we were making. the tech boom in the late 1990s and the early 2000s had been great for the sex industry. >> today she sees a similar resurgeons thanks to new money and new customers. >> around here we are getting an influx of people moving to the bay area and getting paid lots of money which is great for any industry, especially direct service industries. >> another sex worker based out of sacramento says she commutes to silicon valley because she can charge higher rates to customers who have more money and social
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opportunities. >> it would be ridiculous if i did not respond to the economic boom here in the silicon valley. >> she noticed a shift in her clients in the past year. >> i have gone of having a handful of maybe my best clients being in the tech industry in some capacity to the majority of my clients being in the tech industry. >> the sex workers told me recent publicity surrounding a embog gel exec's death has not slowed down the sex workers and there is a forum where they can communicate about safe practices and blacklisted clients. >> can you imagine what small businesses here in the bay area would do if yelp was shutdown? >> she expects they will come up with creative alternatives and hopes sex workers will operate legally in the open. >> when the work is not criminal sized, it does not
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attract criminals. >> there has never been an exact count of the sex workers, but those in the industry say there is about 10,000. even though business is booming, they can charge higher prices in new york city. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. he woo light up your day with a single waive. next on abc7 news, a beloved member of a local community tragically killed. the special tribute for a man who touched so many hearts. >> and it was like a scene out of the show "lost." the terrifying ordeal that passengers of this flight will never forget. >> and in just 90 seconds, a parking valet's very bad day. you really must see this video. >> and i am meteorologist sandhya patel. low clouds are back like clockwork, but the summer heat will be returning soon. details on your weekend forecast. first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is a look at at the nonsense we have for you. >> you threw out the first
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pitch at the dodgers game. i can't tell if you have great form or
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surveillance cameras capture a fender bender in india. a parking attendant lost control of a lamborghini outside the main entrance in nu deli. >> and what is worse is the driver barrowed the car from a friend. it is worth a half million dollars and the damages total about $330,000. tough break. >> certainly is. and coming up in two minutes, why this 20-year-old picture from the set of "jurassic park
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users helped a joke go viral. this some steven spielberg next to a tricer atops from "juror rase sick park." this week a man posted it with a caption asking people to share this photo with a hunter next to a triceratops he slaughtered. many said it was animal cruelty. alas, it died out 65 million years ago. well, this is a very difficult time for a lot of people in one bay area community. they are devastated by a tragic and unexpected loss. barnaby made this world a better place to be sure. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live in san bruno to explain what happened to him and why he was so beloved. >> dan, the man known as
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barnaby was struck and killed at this intersection and tonight there were a lot of tears shed. his friends are at his favorite karaoke bar where he sang one song, johnny cash's "ring of fire." he had a child like innocence and a contagious personality. you are witnessing what one man with an unchallenged heart can do for a community. >> he made friends in three seconds. you don't know him in three seconds and you will be his friend. >> he was a fixture on this stretch of el camino real and san bruno. and though he was mentally challenged he remembered the names of every person he met here. the man made his rounds with his replica wrestling belt in hand waiving to cars and greeting people with a smile and a hug. >> he lost his belt and our guys ordered a new one for him and gave him a new wrestling belt. >> barnaby's friends responded
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to a man fatally struck by a car on el raw mean know rey'all. it was barnaby. the community marched in his honor. >> if i went to every place where barnaby touched somebody we would have been walking 50 miles. >> we need to say goodbye to each other. >> barnaby's caretaker was overwhelmed with the stories of barnaby. >> in -- this is what he came up with. >> she knew he was making friends, but she had no idea barnaby was uniting a community. in san bruno, alan wang, abc7 news. passengers said they felt leak they were in a scene from the show "lost." united flight 201 from honolulu to guam had to make a middle of the night emergency landing on midway island after
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reports of a burning smell and mechanical problems. passengers say the flight was delayed in hawaii about three hours last night because of the smell on the boeing 777. then about five hours into the flight the smell grew vonger. >> i overheard some of the steardesses talking about the smell getting stronger and they were whispering that we were going back to hawaii. another stewardess came up and shushed them. >> the pilots said they lost radar. the passengers had to spend the night in an abandoned gym on the military base. they were flown back to hawaii and then to guam. the weekend has arrived. >> that's right. sandhya paw -- sandhya patel is here. >> i have spectacular weather to tell you about, but first a scene you have to see. this is a time lapse from our kgo roof camera. this was earlier tonight and
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our moon coming up despite the cloud cover. it is a super moon. you got it, dan. it is coming up tomorrow morning officially at 4:25 a.m. our time. and here is a closer image that we captured from our same camera. you will want to check out the super moon at 4:25 a.m. the reason it is called a super moon is the moon's distance differs from time to time and when it is closer to us it is known as a super moon and appearing brighter and bigger and anyhow go check it out. we will talk about what is going on right now. live doppler 7hd and tracking the low clouds and remember earlier today we saw all of this breaking up. many of the coastal areas saw the sun as well. it did start out with measurable drizzle this morning along the coast and the south facing places. the low clouds are starting to push back in. you will see them tomorrow morning. i am not expecting a round of coastal drizzle. there are changes coming.
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the exploratorium camera showing the low clouds stacked up over the bay. san carlos and san jose, comfortable weather, 59 in half moon bay. here is the view, and in the distance there, the low clouds are pretty obvious. 57 in santa rosa and 60 in fairfield and livermore. one other live picture and fog is not going to be a problem. it is low cloudiness filling in, and we are already seeing the push into concord, hayward and oakland. warmer inland and wheeze are looking at the summer spread early next week. not everyone will see hot weather. the area of low pressure is lifting north and we will see less of a marine influence and more of a summertime pattern where you can see the heat reel reel -- really building. hot weather is expected on monday and tuesday. so if you are making plans for your sunday it will be warmer and not too hot. tomorrow morning starting out with the cloudy skies. the temperatures will be comfortable in the mid50s to
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the low 60s. if you have plans first thing in the morning bundle up. then in the afternoon look at the numbers. 88 in gilroy and 80 in san jose. cupertino and 72 in santa cruz. 78 redwood city and 64 in half moon bay. the coast will cool. daly city 62 and 66 downtown san francisco. north bay 80 in santa rosa and 79 novato and 89 in napa. nice in the east bay. 73 oakland and inland spots warm. 86 livermore and pittsburgh. just in case you will check out mike shumann it is the legends of the flag football game. mid60s and dropping to the mid50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, mid-nineties on monday and tuesday. getting hot inland. >> thank you, sandhya. >> stay with us. >> stay with us. sports is next. for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people
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from the giants the a's try to keep their winning ways going in seattle. they will have to get through felix hernandez and his court things started off well scoring two runs in the first. the solo shot and he now has an 11-game hitting streak. he was making his second start for the a's and then he gives this one up to logan morrison. he went eight striking out five. after the shaky first felix settled down striking out nine batters. the mariners take the lead as this ball goes fair down the line. two outs in the 9th and there was a runner at third. he was called out on a questionable strike. i'm sorry. that was high and inside. seattle wins it 3-2. it has been a rocky ride, but
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playing the diamondbacks is a great way to right the ship. sandoval connects for a long two-run homer. it is the 11th of the season. tim lincecum turned in another strong performance and he allowed three hits while striking out six. timmy helped his own cause putting down a safety squeeze. the giants win it 5-0 and with the dodgers losing they are once again in a virtual tie for first place. after playing in the world cup, he was back with the earthquakes tonight. bc united took a 2-0 lead in the 25th minute. he did make his presence felt in the 39th minute and off a deflection that scores his sixth goal of the season. san jose had their chances to pull even, but couldn't get the ball past hamid. the quake lose it. >> lebron james tried to prove you can go home again. and we will show you how steve kerr did in the car yes, sirs
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titles with miami lebron james is going back to ohio. today he announced she return together cavaliers. james who grew up in akron played seven seasons with cleveland after being the overall number one pick in 2003. the four-time league mvp wants to give the city its first championship in more than 50 years. according to one las vegas sports book the cavs are a 3-1 favorite to win the nba title. steve kerr made his coaching debut in las vegas. james michael mcado delivered a monster jam. the team high 17 and here is the warriors beating the hornets 70-58. we should add the rockets have traded jeremy lin to the
11:31 pm
lakers. unlike lebron he is not going back home, but he is on the west coast. >> they are happy in cleveland. >>
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wake up weather. many of you will start out with low cloudiness and some patchy fog out there. light breeze and temperatures in the 50s and 60s at 5:00 a.m. slowly coming up at 8:00 a.m. we are expecting a warm up later in the day, bay and inland and warmer on sunday. lisa argen will be here to that is our report. i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching. >> i'm ama dates. abc news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. our next newscast is at 5 uke a.m. have a good weekend. >> on jimmy kimmle, actress
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melissa mccarthy. >> have a good night. "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, melissa mccarthy. marc maron. and music from royksopp & robyn. with cleto and the cletones. and now, let's face it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. thank you very much. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being here. we're glad you're here. today was -- [ cheers and applause ] not your average monday.


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