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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 14, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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investigation. we we are at an apartment building in vallejo, a woman in her 50's was shot can kill on the balcony of an apartment unit in the building and police arrested a man who lived here. witnesses say after he shot the woman he then opened fire in front of the apartment building. a woman and a child were sitting in a car and we toll the child was hurt by flying glass. the man yell a racial slur at the woman and child before he started shooting. we told the woman and the child are black. the suspect is white. this happened at 10:30 last night in vallejo. miss have not said what the motive was behind the attacks. a captain hopes to brief us soon. right now the captain is inside the crime tape busy trying to talk to whens and gather
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evidence. >> police investigating the shooting of an armed suspect by an officer last night that happened at mark avenue and leonard street at 9:00. police released this picture overmight and they say it is the gun the man was holding. the sheriff deupties and the california highway patrol were called in after a crowd of bystanders were unruly. paramedics rushed the wounded man to a trauma center. there is no word on his condition. breaking news. in oakland, highway 13 is open again after a fail accident closed the southbound lane for a short time overnight. the highway patrol says the driver crashed near the redwood off-ramp and was killed. southbound drivers were detoured while the investigation was underway. no word on the cause of the crash. palo alto police are wanting the public of a groper after a woman reported being found by a stranger at a popular park.
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police released this sketch. the woman said she was sitting on a bench just south of stanford campus on friday morning and a man approach her and he touch her aggressively and tried to kiss her before she got away. nick smith is in palo alto with more at top of the hour. >> two officers are of rolling from injuries while trying to arrest a suspected shot lifter in santa rosa yesterday morning at k-mart on cleveland avenue off of highway 101. santa rosa police say employees spotted the man cutting open boxes. when officers tried to arrest him michael lee joseph starting fighting, and hibitane for and tried to pull a gun from the we holster. he was arrested. joe self has a loaded handgun and is a convicted felon with a warrant out. this morning, the middle east is on the brink of all-out war.
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israel says it shot down a drone fired from gaza the first of its kind tel aviv has faced. hamas faced more punishing airstrikes from israel. secretary of state john kerry is offering help from the united states to restore calm. neither side seems interested in stopping what is going on. >> the attacks keep coming. minutes are flowing northern gaza by the thousands. some are headed to the border. this convoy of 150 americans received per mission by israel to flee. a woman from louisiana was in gaza to visit families. >> the bombs are come asking we would not know where or why they were bombing. >> the violence killed 150 palestinians but no israelis because of the multimillion dollar iron dome. the defense system was partly funded and developed by the united states intercepted
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incoming rockets but the consul general says the situation is stressful. >> my father is over 80, my mother is over 70, it is difficult to run to a bomb shelter at their age but that is what they have to do. >> israel is intent on destroying the hamas 0,000 long-range rocket launchers. this raid by several dozen navy commandos was part of the effort to get rid of them. still, 80 percent of the hamas stockpile is believed intact. a law professor and middle east expert. >> i expect a number of palestinians are going to be killed. there will be a point which the international community will say, this is intolerable. it has to step. >> for now, neither side is interested in a cease-fire. instead, israelis and palestinians are teetering on the edge of all-out war. >> california lawmakers will travel to central america today to meet with officials about the
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wave of undocumented children crossing the border into the up. a senator from san leandro is one of two senators meeting with salvadoran and guatemala officials. the trip includes talks on mission, trade, and port security. the delegation will also get a closer look at the political social can economic issues in the countries. the vast majority of central american immigrants settle in california. deportation are beginning for illegal immigrants who crossed the border recently. the department of homeland security says a majority of those who enter the united states illegally are going back. hundreds of people at a federal facility in new mexico will be processed first. 57,000 unaccompanied children are among those who could be sent home. president obama asked for nearly $4 billion to deal with the problem. >> union members will meet to vote on a new contract with muni on the table is a 14.25 percent race spread out over three years
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two week after a tentative agreement on wages and pension the co-s announced. the sickout by drives last in forced muni to cancel two-thirds of the routes and forced passengers it find other ways to get an. if the union approves the deal leaders will vote on it next week. >> high end retailers are mopping up from a water main break. a contractor working on the union square station central subway project hit an 8" main on saturday morning. that sent 100,000 gallons of water into the stores like vera wang and niemann's. there is in estimate on the dollar a damage. >> a group of home owners is breathing a sigh of relief after a grass fire forced evacuations after 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. the fire was dangerously close to homes and firefighters told residents to "get out."
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some lanes of highway 12 were closed for several hours. the fire d had a tough time knowing down flies so cal fire was called in to assist. it was due to a lack of resources. the fire burned 15 acres before it was contained. sin the weather is similar today, mike, i assume the fire danger will be, too? >> it will be similar. we probably will not have the breezes as gusty as yesterday but they will come back again tomorrow. good morning, everyone, if you come to the city through the ferry building, 60 degrees headed downtown and 57 across the golden gate bridge to 56, and looking a the our golden gate bridge camera, it looks clean. mid-to-upper 50's everywhere and will you get to half moon bay and lack clouds and 48, and we are in the mid-60's walnut creek fairfield and pleasanton and 70 in pittsburg and tracy with the temperatures running up to ten degrees warmer than yesterday morning and that is a nice
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spring board for warmer than average temperatures. the day planner is in the 50's and 60's where we will stay, high clouds and sunshine throughout the day and not many low clouds at coast and hitting 90 by noon and 74 around bay and 64 at coast and hanging in the mid-60's throughout the afternoon and dropping to circuit by 7:00 so pleasant to cool. 74 to 80 from noon to 4:00 temperatures around the bay to 72 by 7:00 and 96 at 4:00 but 82 in the evening. we going to take you back into san jose where we have an accident that is still blocking one lane, northbound on 101 coming up to the 280/680 split blocking a lane and possible injuries involved but in delays. as you continue up to the san jose airport, you are not going to be on the bricks, at all. as we look at dublin we have construction project that is going to be around until 5:00 this morning, westbound 588, at
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san ramon causing a backup as you push away from highway 84 and it will be slow-and-go squeezing bit construction crew. remember to slow for the concern zone. the golden gate bridge, as promised, we do have construction crews in the northbound direction you could see flashing lights as they make it around the curve and that is currently in the pick medium stages so all construction work is closing this morning. next, bay area fans go wild as germany takes the world cup over argentina. some people in the losing country, they are not taking it very well. >> san jose sharks plan to get women out on the ice and that gets cold reception. what the team has in mind causing an uproar. >> the inspirational journey hundreds took this weekend to save lives.
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a huge fire near boston destroys 2 1/2 story house under construction in beverly could be seen for miles away. the flames were so intense that neighbors were asked to evacuate. winds fanned the fire so much that firefighters were worried it would spread to other homes. the cause is under investigation. >> massachusetts wind storm is part of a pattern causing major problems in the midwest and northeast. in ohio winds flipped over campers an at rv park and in upper new york state, these homes southeast of buffalo could have been it by a tornado. the roof was torn off a house and others were partly torn apart. >> riot police in argentina are watching for flareups of violence after the world cupless
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to germany. average tone's best world cup run in 24 years but the 1-0less thousands of fans gathered to celebrate. but it was marred when groups of young start started throwing rocks and vandalizing stores. local media reported eight police officers were injured in violence last night. >> it was the reverse in germany where world cup victory celebrations continued into the morning. tens of thousands gathered in the streets, many watching the game on big scene tv and this is the first world couple victory since 1990 and thousands in the bay area came together to watch the match. we have fan reaction from san francisco's civic center plaza. >> for 113 minutes argentina and german fans looked alike, anxious, excited, hopeful they would prevail.
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then, goal! >> we did not want it to go into penalty kicks. is nice to have a win that was with a real goal. >> germ any celebrated. average attend collapsed. >> the best ever. >> fans from both sides entered day with anxiety, many germans drinking beer at schroeder's restaurant. >> this is the super bowl and the world series all wrap up into one? >> exactly, probably also your personal birthday and the birth your child, everything in one. >> graduate student said that it is part of the german soul. >> this is where we get... >> go! >> blue and white jerseys
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rallied around the drumbeat. >> the argentina >> germans add another star to their collection. expect celebrations an the world. >> as for the host country, the head coach is out of the job. the soccer confederation decided to drop the head coach after failing to win the cold cup on its home turf. brazil fell 3-0 to third place. command of the team was left to the bosses. >> at the shark tank they want to make ice girls part of the
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home game and opposition is being voiced. ice girls usually wear cheerleader-style uniforms. opponents say they will alienate shark fans who feel it object files women. sharks say that the protesters are unfounded because men will be part of the squad. the women's uniforms are more tasteful than those of other teams. >> did you hear that? thousands are resting their tire feet and their voices, possibly, after another hugely successful avon walk for breast cancer. 1,800 walkers crossed the finish line in san francisco at ft. mason and 200 were breast cancer survivors. the two-day walk covered 40 miles from san francisco and
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raised we $4 million to find a cure and help patients get treatment which stays in the bay area. >> congratulations for the effort and your generosity. we always come through in the bay area. >> we do. you came through, too, a little windy but way to support, mike. >> we had several walkers from the station and that was the >> that is a long, long walk over two days and we appreciate that. >> live doppler 7 hd shows a few clouds. not too many low clouds but you around half moon bay and the winds are very light with high pressure dominating our weather forecast. this is how it looks from sutro tower, sits clear to the east bay hills and not much of a
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marine layer. we will have high clouds quickly this morning and that will temper our highs a hilts bit but, still, above highs and in the same ballpark as yesterday. cooling trends tomorrow and bit weekend temperatures are close to where they should be, seasonal is what we call it. here is what is going on, you can see the mass of moisture coming up from the south but to time it is in the upper part and not the mid-part so the monsoon moisture will not have a profound coming affect on us. it will be around not only today but, also, tonight, so it will be more stuffy than this morning and you can see the thunderstorms that are sporadic across the sierra and are more numerous tomorrow. remember the lightning safety tips in the high country. upper 80's in milpitas and sunnyvale and low-to-mid 90's in the south bay and way in the santa clara valley, morgan hill and goal provide, upper 90's and low-to-mid 80's for most of the
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peninsula and 77 in millbrae and the mid-60's along the coast coo the coast with disturb on crowds and mid-to-upper 70's for richmond, and mid-80's -- mid-90's for 100 inland for the warm spot. 60's tonight, and antioch at 70 so you will be running the air conditioning. back to average temperatures on wednesday and below average on thursday and friday and saturday and coming right back to average on sunday. quiet forecast after that. >> as you travel in and out oakland along the nimitz you will find construction crews until 5:00 this morning and picking up things on the roadway southbound 880 we have
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construction crews taking away a couple of lanes and in the northbound direction to davis street we do have work being completed and the rest of the travel, though, headed in and out of the oakland through san leandro, no delays and we have a big project today in downtown concord and willow pass road is where we have the sewer line project and that will run through, possibly, august 29, monday throughu! friday from 6:0 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and that will slow traffic down and willow pass remains open, however, traffic is slow so be prepared. give yourself extra time. >> thank you, it is 4:50, the major step that republican amend mcdonald house is taking to comfort more families with severely ill children. >> reaching for your favorite comfort food could be bad for your waistline
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a man is celebrating a major accomplishment. he completed 309-mile swim to the south tower of the golden gate bridge over the weekend and only the second person to do it swimming starting at midnight on saturday with no whet suits and only swim scan and goggles and briefs and it took 14 hours. he made it to the golden gate bridge but he swam under it to tap the concrete base of the south tower making his marathon swim official. this is his 7th attempt at the swim. >> a ground breaking will take place at stanford so work can begin on the largest ronald reagan house in the world. the expansion ats 67 guest rooms and giving it 123 total rooms. right now the house has a nightly waiting list of 40 to 50 families with families staying
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at the house while severely ill children receive care at the hospital. and the ground breaking is at 10:30 this morning. >> now a check on the with the forecast. mike, it will be warm inland. it will be warm, yes, and at 9:00, everyone will gather and at 10:00, it will be up to 776 and by the time they dig around 11:00 it could be 80 degrees. we are very proud to raise manufacture the money for the, expansion. the moisture is coming from the south and here is what is going on around the day with thunderstorms alonged sierra and the sheet 102 in pam springs and 104 in sacramento and a record high 91 in lake tahoe.
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be careful. it is quiet with an early accident if san jose can now is cleared but everyone else is cleared, too, and southbound 680 from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 51 minutes from national highway administration one to los gatos. >> in san jose, 87 and moving along without any problems southbound traffic past julian street so we are remaining accident free along highway 87. work began in italy this morning to get the doomed cruise ship floating again with a process of raising a ship involving pumping air into the vessel. that will dry out the seawater so engineers can check out one deck at a time. 32 people dies when the ship capsized in 2012. officials will search for the
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body of the waiter, the only victims would body was not been found. >> everything is a go for the launch of six satellites by the private company spacex. the mission is to place the communication satellites has been delayed three types since the original launch date of june 20. all three early families were scrubbed because of mechanical problems or the weather the after putting the satellites into orbit the rocket will return to earth where it will be prepared for reuse. >> next time you get a skin rash turn to your ipad for a culprit. doctors say the popular tablet contains a common allergy-causing metal found in laptops and cell phones. the pediatrics european has an journal about an 11-year-old boy who developed a body rash from ipad use. he got better after putting the device if a protective case. apple has no compensate. the metal is found in jewelry
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and eyeglasses. >> comfort foods can cause a double digit weight gain. researchers at he state university studied 258 healthy women and found those who ate a high fat meal after stressful events gain 11 pounds a year. the meals included 930 calories and 60 grams of fat close to what is in a burger king double whopper with cheese. the stress itself can cause a boost in insulin and that can cause women to burn calories more loosely the studies in the journal of biological psychiatry. >> a woman is aggressively groped at a park in palo alto and we have the suspect sketch that people want everyone to see. >> lawmaker takes bart to task. the critical information he claims that bart directors are failing to tell the public. thousands of palestinians flee gaza as israel continues the relentless
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 on monday morning. hope you had a great week. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we start with the forecast. hope you liked yesterday. today will be close other than the fact we have more in the way of high clouds. probably less of a breeze to keep you comfortable. right new we light and variable and less than ten miles per hour but for fairfield, barely 12 miles per hour out of the southwest. as we move forward through the day, it is going to warm significantly and well will tack


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